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                      Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
                            Complete Walkthrough
                       By: Felipe ''WallsOfEryx'' Gaboardi
                    E-mail:  felipecamposgaboardi@gmail.com
                            Twitter: @GriloGabo
                                Version: 1.0

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*         CONTENT          +
1-0 - Introduction
  -1- Interface
  -2- General Tips
2-0 - Walkthrough
  -1- Day 1
  -2- Day 2
  -3- Day 3
  -4- Day 4
  -5- Day 5
  -6- Day 6
  -7- Day 7
  -8- Day 8
  -9- Day 9
  -10- Day 10
3- - Credits
*   1-0 -- INTRODUCTION --   +
Before anything, I'd like you to do something. Grab a pencil or a pen. Don't
just do it. Now, place it between your index and middle fingers and squeeze them
inwardly. Hurts, doesn't it? Well, you don't have to worry anymore, because you
have just received your punishment for not playing Gabriel Knight until now.
game is just fantastic. The puzzles are good and it has probably the best plot I
have ever seen in any game. But noooo. You damn kids just want to play your damn
Halo and ignore one of the greatest games EVER. Stop anything you're doing and
play GK. Now. My guide will be here if you need it. And I know I stole the pen
idea from Yahtzee but shut up, it works.

*   1-1 -- INTERFACE --    +
Oh yeah. Good old point 'n click. You never let me down. If you set your cursor
at the top of the screen, the game will pause and you'll open a mini-menu of
sort. There'll be several icons here. The eight icons to the left are command
icons. Select one of them to make it your current command on the game. They are
the following:

Boot: Walk to
Mask: Look at
Question Mark: Ask someone
Exclamation Mark: Talk to
Open Hand: Pick up
Door: Open/Close
Gears: Operate (also known as ''use'' command)
Hand Poking Bar: Move (also known as ''push''. You won't use it very often)

Just pointing out, you can scroll through the commands by pressing the right
mouse button. You don't have to open the mini-menu everytime
You must be asking yourself what's the difference between the Ask and the Talk
commands. Well, when you use the Ask command on a character, the screen will
switch to some sort of conversation screen in which you'll have several topics
to talk to the person. When you use the Talk command, the screen won't switch
and it'll be just small talk, usually without showing conversation lines for you
to pick. You'll be using the Ask command a hell lot more often.

In the middle, you'll see two icons: an envelope and a tape recorder.
The envelope opens your inventory. There, you'll have the open and look at
and also a book icon. It's the Read command. You'll find several notes, books
letters throughout the game, so you read them here. To choose an item to use,
just have to click on the arrow on the right and select the desired item, then
choose Play to exit the inventory. The selected item will be ''stored'' in the
square to the right of the mini-menu, so you don't have to bother opening your
inventory all over again if you want to use it.
As for the tape recorder, if you click it, you'll open a menu with several
These are used to record the conversations you have with people. If you want to
hear a conversation with someone again, just click the tape with the name of the
person written on it.

On the right, you'll have your score (X out of 342), which is just an additional
feature and doesn't have any real purpose on the game, a question mark, which
use to check the command of each icon if you forget it, and the lever with the
three lights take you to the main menu, where you can save or load your game,
the music volume, etc.

*   1-2 -- GENERAL TIPS --    *

- Talk to everyone about all topics, look at everything and try to pick up
every item.

- You can die in some parts of the game, but thankfuly it's not like the damn
stupid deaths you find on most Sierra games, so you should be fine if you are

- If you get stuck, rubbing every item on every person and/or object might be
effective, but it's so frustrating and dull you'll stop having fun. Just check
this guide to be able to keep going. There's no reason to be ashamed about it.
Sometimes adventure games have a really weird line of logic...

- If you get stuck, first try asking Grace for messages or request researches.
might be what's left for you to finish the day.

- After playing this game, play all of it's sequels! True that the third game is
a bit weak in comparison, but it's still good to play!

*   2-0 -- WALKTHROUGH --    +

NOTE: This walkthrough has spoilers! Read it at your own risk!
NOTE 2: Most of the time I tell you to talk to someone, I mean to tell you to
the Ask command. I'll clearly state whenever you have to use the Talk To

So, you start by seeing some guy next to some bonfires, and then a woman turns
into a leopard, and then there's a medallion and blood, and then there's a
man! Holy crap! But it was all a dream...

*  2-1 -- Day 1 --  *

"I dreamt of blood upon the shore, of eyes that spoke of sin.
The lake was smooth and deep and black, as was her scented skin..."

St. George's Book Shop

So, you wake up on your old bookstore. Your assistant Grace has been taking a
messages from phone calls and you'd like to check that later. She'll hand you a
tape recorder Gabriel has ordered (check the Interface section for details).
After you're done talking (and a bit of an exposition on how Gabriel is writing
book about voodoo), pick up the newspaper to read it. You'll usually won't
have to read it, but it's good to follow the plot. Also, it'll give you points.
Today's newspaper talks about some sort of voodoo murders, which is pretty good
for someone who's writing a mystery novel about voodoo. Anyways, talk to Grace
after you're done. Ask her for messages four times. The first one is useless.
The second one is from your grandmother and you'll open a new location (Grandma
Knight's house). The third one is from a German guy called Wolfgang Ritter. He's
not important... for now. The last one is from your pal, Detective Mosely. He
a package with a few pictures for you. You'll also open a new location (Police
Being done with the messages, pick up the tweezers and the magnifying glass
on the same table where the newspaper is. Open the cash register. You won't be
able to grab the cash in there, but you can pick up the gift certificate to the
left, so do so. Now, go through the door with the curtains, on your right.
You'll be in Gabriel's room. Grab the hair gel in the medicine cabinet in the
bathroom and the flashlight on top of the dresser. Return to the store.
You'll want to do some reading before you leave. Grab a book on the high part on
the right of the shelf. You'll read a book about snakes and you'll learn that
constrictor snakes are sensitive to vibration. Believe it or not, this piece of
information will be vital later in the game. Now, get a book on the higher part
of the shelf, but to the left of it this time. You'll just read some poetry in
German. If you can't read German, grab the book on the small shelf right next to
the door. You'll get a German to English dictionary. Read it a few times to
the meaning of some of the words from the poem. It'll be important in a little
while. After you're done, open the main door to go outside. On the overview, go
to the Greater New Orleans Area Map and go to Grandmother Knight's House.

Grandmother Knight's House

After Grandma greets you and stuff, head up the stairs on your right. You'll be
on the attic. There'll be a sketchbook on one of the arms of a chair. Pick it up
and read it. Yeah, it looks like your father didn't get decent sleep, either.
Now operate the clock on top of the old trunk. You can move the weird pictures
and the hands using the move command. Remember the poem you've just read? Well,
just set it to three o' clock and put the dragon picture on the uppermost
position. Try operating the key on the left of the clock and it'll open! Pick up
the picture and the letter that were inside the clock and read them. Now go back
downstairs and talk to your grandma.
Ask her about all members of the Knight family as many times as you can and she
will tell you where your family is buried, opening a new location (St. Louis
Cemetery). Ask her about Heinz Ritter a few times and you'll learn that it was
your grandfather's real name. He despised it because of some old family curse of
some sort. Hmmm... odd. After you're done talking, leave and go to the Police

Police Station

Talk to the officer by the counter. Ask him about Detective Mosely and he'll say
he's at the crime scene. Ask him about the photos and he'll say he'll give them
to you when you're done talking. Try asking him where the crime scene is and
he'll tell you it's confidential. Ah, well... when you're done, he'll give you
envelope. Open it up to find two pictures. One of the murder scene and one of
Mosley after he gratuated from the police academy. After you're done, leave the
station and go to Jackson Square.

Jackson Square

You'll be at the south-east quadrant of the square. You'll notice there's a cop
here. Head left and then up. There'll be a mime pestering people here. Walk
to him so he starts following you, then go back to where the cop is, making sure
the mime follows you all the way. Get close to the cop and the mime'll drive him
away. While this happens, operate the bike to know where the murder happened.
that you know where the place is, head there.

Crime Scene

The police's still doing a bit of work here. Gabriel will have a bit of a chat
with Mosely. A car will stop by. There'll be a woman inside (making Gabriel
quite a lot). After she leaves, Mosely will mention her surname is Gedde and
she's very wealthy. After a bit more of small talk, Mosely and the rest of the
cops will take the body and leave. It's your chance to poke around, now.
There'll be part of a pattern on the sand. Use your skecthbook to copy it down.
Pick up some of the mud next to the water. Now, pay attention to the grass to
right. Did you notice there's a part of it that looks rather different? Use your
magnifying glass there. You'll notice a scale lying there. Use your tweezers to
pick it up. That's all you needed to do here, so leave and go back to the book

St. George's Book Shop

Talk to Grace and request a research on Malia Gedde, the woman you've just seen.
That'll be all for Day 1.

*  2-2 -- Day 2 --  *

"I wore a mask as I approached, I was what I am not.
And though the pattern was unclear, it's meaning could be bought."

St. George's Book Shop

After another horrible night of sleep, you'll meet Grace and she'll give you the
address of Malia Gedde. Read the newspaper, even if it doesn't bring anything
really interesting, and head to the police department.

Police Station

Talk to the Officer by the counter and tell him you're here to talk to Mosely.
He'll let you pass. You've probably noticed there was a repair guy repairing the
temperature gauge next to Mosely's office. Open the swing door to go through and
operate the gauge. Set it to the highest temperature and open Mosely's office
door. He'll be here, and he'll take his coat off because of the heat you caused
when you messed with the gauge. Talk to him and ask for some coffee. While he's
away, ''borrow'' the badge on his coat. When he gets back, talk to him and ask
about the pattern you saw around the body. He'll mention all seven murders had
the same pattern and that they have some pics of them. Ask him to see the other
six patterns and he'll let you check them out. Leave his office and talk to the
female officer using the ''!'' command this time and ask her for the file.
give it to you to look, but you can't have them or take copies... too bad. Take
look at it and when you're done, leave it on the in box next to her.  Get back
Mosely's office and ask him for a cop/author photograph. The female officer that
was outside will come to take the pictures. Tell Mosely you'll go outside to
check your hair and they'll wait for you inside there. Pick up the file, use it
on the copy machine and put it back on the inbox when you're done. Get back to
the office, get the picture business over with and leave the station. Head to
Dixieland Drug Store.

Dixieland Drug Store

Some old lady with a yappy dog called Madame Cazaunoux will come by and have a
chat with the storekeeper. After she leaves, talk to him. Ask him about the
voodoo murders and he'll say Cabrit Sans Cor', which is French for... something.
He won't tell you what it means. Leave the store and go to the Voodoo museum.

Historical Voodoo Museum

You'll meet Dr. John, who seems to know plenty about voodoo. Before talking to
him, try flicking the switch that turns on the fan above the window. You'll
notice that it makes that huge snake to the right go crazy. That will be vital
later on. Anyways, talk to Dr. John. Time for a Voodoo class. Ask him about
Voodoo and he'll ask if you want to know about historical Voodoo or current
Voodoo. Ask him about the historical one five times and he will mention Marie
Laveau. Ask about her about six times and you'll learn that she's buried in the
same graveyard as Gabriel's parents. Ask him about current Voodoo twice and
give you the address of someone who can help you better than him about this.
You're done here. Leave the museum and go to the cemetery.

St. Louis Cemetery #1

There'll be some odd markings written on Marie Laveau's tomb. Use the sketchbook
on them to write it down. Pick up the brick lying on the floor. Talk to the old
man here. Ask him about Marie Laveau and then about the other marked tombs.
like some people like to leave offering around and such. Leave the cemetery and
head to the Moonbeam Residence.

Moonbeam Residence

The lady here will greet you and ask how she can help. Hand her the symbols you
have just written down and she'll translate them for you. Ask her about snakes
and she'll talk about Grimwald, her pet snake. Talk about Grimwald and ask her
show you how she handles it. While she dances around with that snake, pick up
skin inside the cage. Use the magnifying glass on the skin and you'll learn that
Moonbeam's not responsible for the Voodoo murders. Leave and go to Gedde Estate.

Gedde Estate

Knock the door and the butler will take it. Tell him you're here to see Malia
that you're here on official business, then show him the police badge. He'll let
you in. Malia will come down, eventually. Talk to her about anything you like
then try flirting with her. She'll find out who you really are and then she'll
kick you out. Well, that was entertaining. Go to Jackson Square.

Jackson Square

On the upper right corner, you'll find an artist drawing. Eventually, his work
will be blown away by the wind. It'll get stuck next to the statue in the center
of the square and you won't be able to reach it. Go to the lower left corner.
Give the vendor the gift certificate in exchange for a Lucky Dog. Give it to the
kid tap dancing right next to the vendor. Talk to him using the ''!'' command
ask him if he can fit through the bars around the statue. He'll get the drawing
for you. Go back to where the artist is and hand him the drawing. He'll be very
thankful and that he's willing to pay back. Give him the patterns you've copied
at the police station and the one from the murder scene and he'll promise to
put them together by the day after. With all done here, go back to the book

St. George's Book Shop

Talk to Grace and ask her to do some research on Madame Cazaunoux. After you're
done talking, it's time to close the shop and it's the end of Day 2.

*  2-3 -- Day 3 --  *

"Drawn to Bacchus's abode, I sought there to conspire.
But it was in the city of the dead that I found my heart's desire."

St. George's Book Shop

After you wake up from your usual nightmare (now featuring knife turning into
snakes!), Grace will hand you a piece of the white pages: several phone numbers
for Cazaunoux. Read the newspaper and you'll learn that there'll be a very
interesting lecture about voodoo being held on the local university, which will
be open for you to visit now. Ask Grace about new messages and she'll tell you
about Mosely having a suspect you might want to meet (and he probably wants his
badge back, you little thief). Ask again and Grace'll tell you the guy from
Germany has called you again. Ask her for his number. That's all the messages
now. Go through the door to Gabriel's room and take a read the phone book page
Grace gave you. You'd usually try all the Cazaunoux numbers until you got the
right one, but I'll be straight and tell you it's the third one (555-1280) just
operate the phone, switch it on and dial the number. You won't get the old
address, but you'll learn that her yappy dog's name is Castro and, believe it or
not, that's actually important information. If you read the page again, you'll
notice there's a veterinary clinic's number there. Try dialing it (555-6170).
Ask the woman if they have Madame Cazaunoux as a client. Tell her you're worried
about Castro because he's missed three dance lessons (lol wut?) and she'll give
you the address. Now dial Wolfgang Ritter's number (49093243333). The man on the
other side of the line will tell you he knew Gabriel's grandfather, that he was
related to him and asks Gabriel to leave the country and fly to Germany. Since
Gabriel is pretty much broke, he refuses. The old man promises to send him a
journal to make him change his mind. He really seems scared... Anyways, with
done, time to leave the book shop. Go to Jackson Square.

Jackson Square

Go to the upper right section of the square and talk (! icon) to the artist from
the day before. He'll hand you the complete pattern. Go to the upper left part
the square and wait for the lady with the snake start dancing. Use the hand icon
on her while she's dancing. After she's done, pick up the veil from the floor
use your magnifying glass on it. You'll see a snake scale on it! Use the
to take it off. Use the magnifying glass on the scale and you'll learn that it
doesn't match the one from the murder scene. Hand the veil back to the woman and
she'll read Gabriel's palm. All goes well until she gets scared sh*tless for
reason. Nice going, Gabe. From where you are, head up to the cathedral.

St. Louis Cathedral

Open the door to the right. You'll get inside a small room. Steal the priest's
shirt and one of his collars and leave the Cathedral. Time to go to the Police

Police Station

Head straight to Mosely's office. After you give him his badge back, he'll show
you some kid named Crash. Looks like he's not willing to tell you anything about
the murders out of fear of getting killed. With that done, leave and go to the
university. You don't want to miss that lecture.

Tulane University

You'll watch a pretty interesting lecture about voodoo rituals. Eventually Gabe
will fall asleep and we'll have a brand new nightmare! Yay! Anyways, after that,
go through the door on the stage. Talk to the professor and ask about Cabrit
Sans Cor'. He'll explain to you it means ''goat without horns'' or, in other
words, a human sacrifice. Hand him the vévEpattern you got and boy will he get
excited about it! He'll take a copy of it and tell you he's going to give a call
when he figures it out. That done, time to visit old lady Cazaunoux.

Cazaunoux Residence

Time to put a priest disguise. Use the priest shirt with collar on Gabriel and
then the hair gel. Operate the knocker and Madame Cazaunoux will answer it. Tell
her you're Father MacLaughlin and she'll let you in. Ask her about Cabrit Sans
Cor' and she'll ask you what it means. If you asked the professor from the uni,
you'll know it means ''goat without horns'', so pick that one. Now ask her about
human sacrifice, then about the real Voodoo Queens and finally about the Voodoo
Hounfour. She'll show you a bracelet used on the rituals so you can bless it.
While you're praying, use the clay you got on the murder scene on the bracelet
get a mold of it. That'll be all for now. Leave the Cazaunoux Residence and head
to Grandmother Knight's House.

Grandmother Knight's House

Just ask her about Wolfgang Ritter and she'll confirm it's probably Gabriel's
Grandfather's brother. That done, head to Dixieland Drug Store. (you don't
have to talk to Grandma Knight about this, but it gives you points, if you're

Dixieland Drug Store

Talk to the proprietor and ask about animal masks and he'll say the only one
got left is Willy Jr. Ask him about it and he'll be willing to sell it for 100
bucks. I don't think this guy will take gift certificates, so go back to the

St. George's Book Shop

Just stick around for a bit until some guy called Bruno shows up asking you to
sell the creppy painting on the wall. Ask how much he's willing to give for it.
Grace will try to butt in, but just tell her to mind her own business. Bruno
offer 100 dollars for it, so take it. Head back to the Drug Store.

Dixieland Drug Store

Hand the 100 dollars bill and the guy will hand you not only the mask, but also
a Master Gamblin' Oil. The sign says you'd get a Lady Luck Oil, but it seems to
be some sort of Voodoo Viagra and you don't need it. With that done, leave and
to Napolean House.

Napolean House

Talk to the bartender and ask about the Bar Patrons twice, then about Voodoo
finally, about Sam and Voodoo. Looks like the guy really believes in that stuff.
Give Sam (the bald guy in the purple suit) the Master Gamblin' Oil. Tell him
a powerful Voodoo oil, ask if he's ever wondered why Markus wins every time and
say it'd make a NUN get lucky. He'll try it out and FINALLY win the chess game.
He says he'll do any favor for you, so show him the mold you got from the snake
bracelet. He'll tell you he'll make a bracelet out of it and give it to you on
the following day. We're done here, so head to the graveyard.

St. Louis Cemetery #1

Keep heading right and you'll eventually bump into Malia Gedde. After a very
interesting platonic love scene, leave the graveyard. Gabriel will go home
straight away. After a very special visit from a certain someone, the day will

*  2-4 -- Day 4 --  *

"I spoke to one who smelled of death, he gave to me his ears.
And crosses that were marked were made into a veil of tears..."

St. George's Book Shop

This is a pretty short day. You won't even have a nightmare because of the visit
you got last night. Anyways, the first thing you'll notice is some creepy guy
glaring at you through the window... weird. Anyways, read the newspaper. They've
closed the Voodoo Murders case! Goddammit! Better leave and have a chat with
pal Mosely.

Police Station

Head to Mosely's office and talk to him. Ask about reopening the case and he'll
say you'll have to prove that the Voodoo is real, that they're a threat and give
him a lead. But this is all a problem to solve on Day 5. Leave the Station and
head to Napolean House.

Napolean House

Sam will give you the bracelet right away. That done, head to the Jackson Square

Jackson Square Overlook

Use the binoculars on the left. You'll see Crash talking to the drummer and then
heading to the cathedral. Hmmmm... Head to Jackson Square.

Jackson Square

Go to the upper-left part of the square. Remember the lady from the other day?
She'll be there. Talk to her (! icon) and she'll tell you to stay away from
in a very scary way...ok... head up to the cathedral.

St. Louis Cathedral

Crash will be here. If you try to talk to him, he'll just say you don't anything
about what's happening. Show him the snake bracelet to prove that it's not quite
like that. NOW he's willing to talk. Ask him about the drummer and he'll say
communicate through the drums, like some sort of code. Ask him about the animal
masks, Voodoo, the Voodoo Murders and the Voodoo Hounfour. He'll tell you the
hounfour is somewhere near here and that they control EVERYTHING that happens in
the city. Then Crash will... die. Poor guy... Look at him and open his shirt.
your sketchbook on the tattoo on his chest to copy it down. We're all done here.
Go back to the book shop.

St. George's Book Shop

Talk to Grace and ask her to do a research on the vévEpattern you've got and on
Rada Drums. That'll be all for today.

*  2-5 -- Day 5 --  *

"The road was blocked, the truth was shunned,
the white flag had been waved.
Reversal cost me all I had, everything I've braved..."

St. George's Book Shop

This is going to ber a veeeery interesting day. Right at the beginning, you get
the journal Wolfgang sent you, a book on Rada drums and Grace'll also give you
a newspaper clipping on Voodoo murders that happened before. You'll also get a
call from that university professor whose name I never seem to remember saying
figured the pattern out! Holy crap, that's a load of stuff and the day is just
starting! First of all, read the newspaper, as usual. Now, read Wolfgang's
and the journal he sent you. It's about a witch hunter who fell in love with a
slave which turned out to be a witch he was hunting. He captured her, but then
gave her his family's power to aid her. Wow, that seems pretty heavy. With that
done, go to the University to learn the good news.

Tulane University

Go to the professor's office. You'll find him apparently asleep. After poking
you'll learn that he's not really asleep... he... he's dead. Just like Crash.
Damn, things are starting to get really nasty. Pick up the notes on his desk and
leave as soon as possible. This place got really creepy... Head to the Voodoo

Historical Voodoo Museum

Odd... the lights are all out... Well, Gabriel will walk in a little and OH
HE'S BEING STRANGLED BY THE MUSEUM'S SNAKE! Quick! Remember the book you read at
the beginning of the game? Remember what happened when you turned on the fan? Do
it! Do it now! You can reach the switch! Phew, that was a close one... Doctor
John will show up and kick you out right away. He doesn't seem to be amused by
the fact that you almost got killed. Hmmmm... Go back to the book shop.

St. George's Book Shop

When you get inside, Grace will find something on your face, pick it up and put
it on an ashtray. Use the magnifying glass on the ashtray. There's a snake scale
in it. It's probably from the museum snake. Use your tweezers on the ashtray to
pick it up. Use the magnifying glass on the scale you've just got. It looks
exactly the same as the one from the murder scene! That no good Dr. John tried
kill you, just like he killed that guy by the lake! That's it! Time to reopen
case! To the police station!

Police Station

Go straight to Mosely's office. Let's reopen the case, shall we? First, proving
that it's real voodoo. Show him the notes Professor Hartridge wrote down. Mosely
will ask how would he know the professor got the right pattern. Show him the
pattern you've got. He's now convinced it's real Voodoo. Now, to show they're a
threat. Give him the newspaper clipping. If they murdered before and then are
doing the same now, they can start killing again in the future. And finally, the
lead. Show Mosely the snake scales. The case is reopen! Horray! Now Mosely will
lock up his office and leave, telling you to let him handle everything. As soon
as you leave the station, the day will be over.

*  2-6 -- Day 6 --  *

"And then the night became as day, I glimpsed nature's reddest claw!
And the face of fear looked back at me, as I gazed into the maw..."

St. George's Book Shop

Well, we're back with the nightmares... anyways, you'll wake up and HOLY COW
IS THAT STUFF ON THE FLOOR??? Well, after Gabriel cleans... that thing up, read
the newspaper. Looks like it's St. John's Eve! You've got a party and you're not
invited! Show Grace the snake tattoo you've got copied down. Tell her you've got
a party tonight and that it's a costume. Then tell her she's jealous of Malia.
(hehehe). She'll finally do it. Try to leave the shop. Someone will drop a
through the door. Pick it up and open it. There'll be a a key and a note written
by Mosely here. It looks like he had to go underground on the investigation and
that he's already being watched. Uh-oh... Anyways, the key he sent you is his
office's, just in case. Leave the shop and go to Jackson Square.

Jackson Square

Go to the lower left section. There'll be a vendor here, taking the Lucky Guy's
spot. Talk to him with the ''!'' icon. Ask what happened to the other guy. Ask
if you've seen him before and ask if he said he used to be at Royal and Conti
(that's in front of the police station). Ask him to go back there and say he
should definitely do it. He'll do it. And so will you, but before that, head to
the upper-right section. Use your Rada Drums book on the drummer to translate
message. It should read ''Call conclave. Tonight. Swamp.''. They're meeting at
the swamp! With that done, go to the Police Station.

Police Station

As soon as you arrive, the vendor guy will show up and both officers around will
go out to buy his stuff. Take the chance to head to Mosely's office (using the
key to unlock it). If you missed the chance while they were out, just wait for
the cop by the counter to start falling asleep to go through the swinging door.
You can't get in like you used to because they'll pretend Mosely never existed.
Hmmm... Anyways, once you're in his office, open one of the drawers on his desk.
There'll be a tracking device inside it. Pick it up and leave. Head to the

Historical Voodoo Museum

Hello Dr. John, you no good son of a... anyways, beneath the fan switch is a
small coffin, which is called sekey madoulE if you remember the lecture. Put
of the tracker's signal devices inside it. Dr. John will close the place right
after you do so. Now you must make sure they take the coffin to the party! Head
to the graveyard.

St. Louis Cemetery #1

There'll be a new message written on the wall. Use the sketchbook on it to copy
it down and use the new message with the one you've already got to translate
of it. There'll be three symbols you won't be able to translate, but it won't be
hard to figure them out. They translate to, respectively, ''y'', ''u'' and
Now it's time to write your own message! Wait for the gardener to leave and use
the brick on the wall. Write ''DJ bring sekey madoule''. If you got it right,
Gabriel won't erase it after. Now, time to crash into the party! Leave and go to
the swamp.

Bayou St. John

Use the tracker on Gabriel to take it out. Try to follow the dot the most you
and you'll eventually arrive next to the ritual place. You'll know it when you
get there. Before going in, put on the crocodile mask. Gabriel will also take
shirt and shoes off. Dr. John will greet you and ask you a couple of questions.
First answer Damballah, then answer Ogoun Badagris. Notice that if you answer it
wrong, or show up without either the crocodile mask or the snake tattoo, Dr.
will strangle you. Anyways, he takes you into the party. Gabriel notices that
his dreams were related to this specific moment! And, worse of all, he'll find
that the priestress doing the ritual is Malia! OH SHI-. Soon after, Malia will
get posessed and Gabriel will run like hell. The day will be over.

*  2-7 -- Day 7 --  *

"My last ally laid to waste, I ran toward the light.
I prayed for one to change my path, to give me strenght to fight..."

St. George's Book Shop
Fortunately for you, Grace had followed you the day before and got you out of
messy situation. I guess it's about time you call Uncle Wolfgang leave this
country... Pick up the phone and call your greatuncle (49093243333). Ask him
about Schattenjäger if you want to clear things up, then ask about Tetelo. He'll
mention she got her power through a talisman. Ask about it. It used to be in
family, and now you need to get it back if you want to fight Tetelo. Ask about
again and you'll learn it's most likely buried with Tetelo's remains. Ask about
Tetelo's remains. It looks like they have no clue of where they are. Ask about
African homeland and Gabriel will talk about professor Hartridge's notes. Uncle
Wolfgang will get so excited with the information that he'll go research right
away and hang up. All done here, leave the bedroom, read the newspaper and head
to the graveyard.

St. Louis Cemetery #1

Head all the way to the right until you find the Gedde's tomb. You'll notice you
can press the button to the left, so do it and Gabriel will enter the tomb. It's
pretty dark in there! Remember the flashlight you got at the beginning of the
game? Use it. Wherever you click, you'll iluminate. Have a look at the wall
in front of you and open the drawer in the middle. Mosely's in there! Oh, no!
Gabriel will get so scared he'll drop the flashlight and then someone will knock
him out. After you wake up, open the middle drawer again. Mosely's body will be
gone, but his wallet will be there. Pick it up press the button on the right
to open the tomb and head back to the book shop.

St. George's Book Shop

After you arrive, Grace will tell you Wolfgang called saying he found what he
seeking and that Schloss Ritter is now yours. Yay. Head to the bedroom and open
the wallet. You'll find a credit card inside. Looks like you'll be able to
that trip to Germany after all. Among the phone numbers you found on that phone
list will be one of a travel agency (5851130). Call them. Ask for a trip to
Rittersberg and tell to charge it on Mosely's credit card (I bet he won't mind.
He's dead, after all). Now head to the airport and off you go to Germany!

Schloss Ritter

Oddly enough, when you arrive it'll still be day 7. Ok... Anyways, the maid will
greet you and tell Wolfgang is nowhere to be seen. Since he left the whole place
to you, you can poke around as much as you like. Pick up the dagger on the wall
next to the stairs and head right through the archway. Take a look at the panels
and head back. Talk to the maid and ask about the panels. She'll say they have
the purpose of describing the Schattenjäger initiation ritual. Ask about it.
With that done, pick up the salt shaker on the floor. Head upstairs. This is
room. The door to the left is locked, so don't bother with it for now. Open the
window and operate the snow to wash your hands. Take the scissors and the
from the cabinet next to the door. Pick up the scroll next to the mirror. Now
the scissors on Gabriel so he cuts a bit of his hair. Head back downstairs, into
the room with the panels. Put the chamber on the altar and throw some salt
it. Use the dagger on Gabriel to pour some blood into the chamber. Operate the
altar to kneel down and use the scroll on Gabriel so he reads it. Apparently
whole stuff did nothing, so Gabriel just gives up and goes to bed... but it
like something DID happen! He'll have a dream with a dragon, in which he's being
purified by the dragon's flames and he can finally turn into a shadow hunter!

*  2-8 -- Day 8 --  *

"Inside a hidden chamber, where I had no right to be,
I found the wheel at last, or could it be, the wheel found me..."

Schloss Ritter

You'll notice there's a key on the table at the foot of the bed. It unlocks the
door on your left, so pick it up and use it. You'll be in a library. Pretty much
the whole day will be based on researching. First, pick up the book from the
bottom of the shelf in the middle, ''People's Republic of Benin''. It'll
a book called ''The Primal Ones''. It's on the top of the right shelf. It'll
indicate a book called ''Ancient Roots of Africa''. It's on the top of the shelf
on the left wall. It'll indicate another book called ''Sun Worshipers''. This
is on top of the left shelf. It'll indicate a book called ''Ancient Digs of
Africa''. On the bottom of the right shelf. You'll finally find what you've been
looking for! A double snake mound! You know where to go now. Leave the library
and go to the main hall. Gerde will be sitting around (still) peeling potatoes.
Show her the book you picked up at the library, so she can plan the trip. Tell
her she can put it on ''your'' credit card. Shortest day EVER.

*  2-9 -- Day 9 --  *

"And then the wheel went round and round, I could not find my way.
Twelve and three and turn the key, I heard the madman say..."

Snake Mound

Head into the snake mound. This place has 12 rooms, and each are labeled sort of
like a clock. Every time you go left (clockwise) you'll go up one number and
you reach room 12, the next one is room 1 again. The room you've just entered is
room number 6. What you have to do is to go around all rooms and pick up all the
stone tablets you can, including the ones on the walls (there'll be a couple you
won't be able to grab. That's because they're already in the right place).
also find a rod in room 9. Pick that up, too. Now, after you got all the
have a look at them. Notice how each one of them have a different number of
snakes? That's right, you'll have to put the tablets on the slots of the right
rooms, being the tablet with six snakes belonging to room 6, 5 snakes to room 5
and so on and so forth. You'll know you got all the tablets right when you hear
the sound that plays everytime you solve a puzzle. Now, head to room 3.
Now, this is very important. Before doing anything else SAVE YOUR GAME! This is
the part in the entire game in which you're the most likely to get killed! After
you save, use the rod on the hole on the wall. You'll hear something opening
door in room 7) and also, ALL THE MUMMIES WILL COME TO LIFE! And needless to say
that you'll die if they reach you! You must quickly go through all doors! (go
through the clockwise path. Trying counter-clockwise is sure death). The mummy
room 5 may seem a little tricky, considering it's blocking your path, but if you
try going just slightly to the right and straight through the door you should be
fine. On room six, there'll be THREE of them! What now!? Quickly operate the
vines next to the door to room 7 (cue to Indiana Jones theme). Oh no! More
mummies! But fear not! Uncle Wolfgang will show up to distract the monsters!
Quickly, use the snake rod on the hole on the wall and the mummies will be back
to their previously dead form! Talk to Wolfgang if you want, but he won't have
anything useful to say. Go right and take a look at the table. It looks like the
Gedde had once found a powerful idol inside this place... it must be destroyed!
Try to pick up both iron bars to set them through the table. Try to operate
The lid won't come off because it needs a human sacrifice... a heart. Wolfgang
sends you to grab the heart from the mummy lying on the left side of the room.
there and try using your dagger on it. While your cutting the monster open,
Wolfgang will rip his own heart out and use it on the table! Gabriel will open
the table, recover the talisman at last and swear revenge on Tetelo! That b*tch
is going to pay for this!

* 2-10 -- Day 10 -- *

"Deep in the earth I faced a fight that I could never win.
The blameless and the base destroyed, and all that might have been."
--Gabriel Knight--

You'll start the day on the overview. Head to the book shop.

St. George's Book Shop

Oh no! Someone has kidnapped Grace! What are you going to do!? Why, read the
newspaper, of course! After you're done, notice the envelope sitting next to the
cash register. Pick it up to read it. It's from Malia! Tetelo is taking over her
and she has kidnapped Grace! Also, Tetelo knows you have the talisman. Malia
you to return the talisman and leave forever. Hey, screw you man! After all the
trouble I went through to get it? After you're done reading, you'll hear a
It's... Mosely! He's alive! Looks like he was looking around the tomb when you
got there and, when you showed up, he broke his lamp and got inside the drawer.
Well, at least he's fine... You don't have to, but you might want to give him
credit card and wallet back. Talk to him. Tell him to fill you in and he'll tell
pretty much everything Crash said. They are into EVERYTHING, and people are
either scared senseless or oblivious to them. Now it's time to fill him in. Now,
it's time to make a plan. You'll need to get yourself inside their headquarters.
But do you know where it is? Well, of course you do! Didn't you notice the smirk
on Gabriel's face when he was flying over Jackson Square? Anyways, you'll give
Mosely the tracker and you'll have to place the tracking device in the entrance
to the headquarters. Now that you're done, leave and head to the Cathedral.

St. Louis Cathedral

Go through the right door with red curtains by the left side of the building. It
is a bit hard to see, but there'll be a small knothole on the booth's wall. Use
the rod you found in the snake mound on it and the booth will go down! It's an
elevator! Before leaving, place the signal device and the rod underneath the
kneeler so Mosely can find the place and get there. As soon as you leave the
elevator, it'll go back up and you'll get stuck down here...

Voodoo Hounfour

This place looks a bit like the snake mound. It has 12 rooms going clockwise and
a inner circle with a sacrificial table. Each section will have it's own room,
which I'll list here. Notice that each door has a number above it:

Room 1: The room is locked.
Room 2: This is Dr. John's room and he'll be in there. DO NOT go inside yet! If
you enter by accident, it's ok, leave as soon as possible or else he'll kill
Room 3: You'll see a very interesting scene with Malia talking to Tetelo here,
but other than that, nothing to do here.
Room 4: You'll be in a office of some kind. Pick up the black book on one of the
desks. It's the Gedde record book. The FBI might want to have a look at it. It
also has the Rada Drums code for each member.
Room 5: Another office. This one has nothing of interest, though.
Room 6: This is where you came in.
Room 7: This room will have several animal costumes. Pick up two robes (one for
you and one for Mosely), a wolf mask and a boar mask.
Room 8: This is where Grace is. Don't bother trying to get inside for now. You
need a keycard. Also, those balls freak me out...
Room 9: This is a bedroom. It doesn't have anything important.
Room 10: This is the animal room. It has chickens and goats for sacrifice and a
HUGE snake. There's nothing to do here.
Room 11: The room is locked. Leave it alone for now.
Room 12: Just another empty bedroom.

After you're done checking the rooms, go to the inner circle. Save the game!
Operate the drums and play ''summon Brother Eagle''. You'll notice a sound of a
door opening and the music changing. As long as this song is playing, Dr. John
will be out of his room. Quickly! Go through the corridor on the upper right, go
up to room 2 and pick up the keycard! After that, it'd be better to wait for Dr.
John to get back to his room. Wait anywhere, except in or next his room or next
to the hallways to the inner circle. If he finds you, it's game over.
After he's back to his room, head to room 1 and use the keycard to open it.
That's a LOT of money! Grab as much as you can. That should cover those trips to
Germany and Africa you did on Mosely's card. Leave and head to room 11. It's
surgery room. It's also incredibly creepy. Leave it. It's time to get this all
over with. Go to room 8 and use the keycard to open it. You'll find Grace out
cold. Mosely will show up, but Rada drums will also start to be played! Uh-oh,
things are really getting hot here! Use the talisman on Grace to break the spell
on her. Well, you'll crack up a plan to infiltrate the ritual. Give the boar
costume to Mosely and put the wolf one on yourself. Dr. John will show up and
drag you to the inner circle. The ritual has already started! Malia has been
taken over by Tetelo! Quickly, use the talisman on her before she stabs Grace!
The talisman won't protect Grace from that far, but she'll be able to dodge the
knife! Dr. John will try to hurt her, but Mosely will be able to take a shot at
him! Everyone will run away, except Malia and Dr. John will drop dead on the
ritual table, making it open. Malia, or should I say Tetelo, will threaten to
hurt your friends if you don't give her the talisman. Quickly, throw the
to Mosely! Tetelo will grab you by the throat, but you'll be lying right next to
the open table with the idol in it! Pick it up and Gabriel will break it, which
will make the whole place start to fall apart! Malia will be hanging on a crack,
almost falling to her doom! You have the choice of either saving her (which will
take to the good ending) or stabbing her (bad ending). I suggest taking the good
ending, obviously, mostly because you'll create a time paradox if you let
die, considering that sequels are already out. Congratulations! You've just
beaten Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers!

*   3         --CREDITS--          +
Thanks for all the FAQs writers out there for
inspiring me. Thank YOU for reading it, or else there wouldn't be any point on
writing it in the first place. Very special thanks for the three-headed monkey.
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