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                            Sam & Max Hit the Road
                                       by Spatvark (spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk)

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                    <          [01] Introduction          >
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Welcome, Crimestompers! Before we hit the road with Sam & Max in pursuit of
hyperthyroid thugs and sinister Sasquatch-nappers, you need a few facts on the
case from the files of the Freelance Police:

It started simply enough with a call from the Commissioner. Soon Sam & Max
were screaming down the highway (they have to scream since their siren broke)
to the Kushman Bros. Carnival, where they learned that Bruno the Bigfoot and
Trixie the Giraffe-Necked Girl had disappeared. They soon discovered this was
part of a larger pattern of bigfoot disappearances, and all the clues would
take them on a meandering romp across tacky U.S. tourist traps.

Solving this case is up to you! You direct the actions of Sam & Max, tearing
down the road with mayhem on their minds and Corn Duds on their breath, on a
peril-fraught mission to make the world safe for Sasquatches and sentient
mammals everywhere!


The ninth game to use Lucasart's SCUMM engine, Sam & Max Hit the Road is a
classic example of the genre. Based on the hit comic series by Steve Purcell,

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                    <           [02] Disclaimer           >
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Listen up you mangy lot, this bit is important. You are free to use this FAQ
for personal reference but if you plagirize any sections, well... I'll have to
come up with something evil to do to you...

The only place allowed to host this FAQ is:

GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com

If you see it anywhere else, please contact me at: spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk

You can also contact me with any questions that pertain to Sam & Max Hit the
Road that AREN'T answered in this FAQ, or any corrections to mistakes I've
made (this does not include typographical errors; I'm not THAT anal retentive
about my work).

Also, do not bother to email me and ask whether you can host this FAQ on your
site, the answer is no. GameFAQs is the only place I particularly feel like
trusting, while sites that have to go soliciting for FAQs strike me as
desperate to get a reputation even a tenth of that GameFAQs has. So don't
bother, I won't even reply to your emails.

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                    <        [03] Version History         >
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v1.05 - Updated the Copyright. [09/01/09]

v1.00 - And it's done! Removed the Locations section, since I realised I had
        nothing particularly funny to say. Ah well. [07/03/08]

v0.80 - Didn't really add anything to the walkthrough, though the Mini-Games
        section was added. [06/03/08]

v0.75 - Walkthrough complete up to the Savage Jungle Inn, Locations section
        added, FAQ section fleshed out, and finger still hurts, but I'm
        toughing through it. Just for you. Honest. I'm not bored senseless
        here at work, and playing these old games via SSH-ing into my home
        computer. [05/03/08]

v0.10 - Just the formatting. Had a shopping trolley incident and the index
        finger on my right hand got kinda mangled, so I'm trying not to type
        with it, which is just causing a ton of problems XD [04/03/08]

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                    <            [04] Contents            >
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    **>Introduction -------------------------------------- [01]
    **>Disclaimer ---------------------------------------- [02]
    **>Version History ----------------------------------- [03]
    **>Contents ------------------------------------------ [04]
    **>Characters ---------------------------------------- [05]
    **>Walkthrough --------------------------------------- [06]
      ==>The Scene of the Crime ----------------------------- [06a]
      ==>The Search for Shuv-Oohl --------------------------- [06b]
      ==>Bumpus Ain't Worth Bubkes!-------------------------- [06c]
      ==>Gate-Crashers -------------------------------------- [06d]
      ==>Sasquatch Shindig ---------------------------------- [06e]
    **>Mini-Games ---------------------------------------- [07]
      ==>Hiway Surfin' -------------------------------------- [07a]
      ==>Wak-A-Rat ------------------------------------------ [07b]
      ==>Gator Golf ----------------------------------------- [07c]
      ==>Car Bomb ------------------------------------------- [07d]
      ==>Sam & Max Dress-Up Book ---------------------------- [07e]
      ==>Max's Wax Paint-By-Numbers Book -------------------- [07f]
    **>FAQ ----------------------------------------------- [08]
    **>Thanks -------------------------------------------- [09]
    **>Legal Stuff --------------------------------------- [10]
    **>Next Version -------------------------------------- [11]
    **>Working On... ------------------------------------- [12]
    **>Goodbye! ------------------------------------------ [13]

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                    <           [05] Characters           >
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    One half of our intrepid duo, Sam is an anthromorphic dog, though his
    breed is somewhat unspecific. The sensible one of the pair, he does the
    thinking and problem solving (usually), while letting his partner handle
    the fisticuffs.  While he's quite happy to indiscriminately use Max, quite
    literally, he does rather care for his lagomorphic companion, looking out
    for him a lot. He's quite verbose, a fact his partner hates, and likes to
    tell stories.

    A hyperkinetic rabbity thing, Max is a psychopathic amoral thug, without
    even the slightest semblance of a conscience. But that's okay, 'cause he's
    cute and marketable. Really though, Max is more like a little child than a
    serial killer, he just doesn't know any better than to behave the way he

Bruno the Bigfoot:
    Encased in ice at the Kushman Brothers Carnival, Bruno spent many a year
    as their star attraction. One night though, he somehow managed to escape,
    kidnapping the Carnival's second largest attraction, Trixie the
    Giraffe-Necked Girl. In reality though, she helped free him, and the pair
    are in love, and heading around the United States, freeing all the other
    imprisoned Sasquatches, so they can attend the Bigfoot Party.

Trixie the Giraffe-Necked Girl:
    Hailing from Scranton, Trixie is one of the abominations of nature at the
    Kushman Brothers Carnival. However, unlike the others, her disfiguration
    is self-inflicted, leaving one to wonder about her state of mind. She's
    otherwise a fairly simple girl, who likes to bake, sing Scrantonese folk
    songs (which are utterly execrable), and tends to like "tall and dense"

    I should note that it is never specified WHICH Scranton, since there's one
    in Arkansas, another in Iowa, a third in Kansas, the fourth is in North
    Dakota, the next one is in Pennsylvania, and the last one is in South
    Carolina; and being Welsh, I can't tell the difference too well from her

Conroy Bumpus:
    An internationally reknowned Country and Western singer, Conroy Bumpus is
    in actual fact a short, bald, Liverpudlian egomaniac. So, not all that
    different from most real C&W stars. He is currently seeking a Bigfoot to
    purchase, with the intent of enslaving it into his singing menagerie.

    Conroy Bumpus' lackey, he was recently freed from the Pensacola Camp for
    Problem Children by his employer. While rather dim-witted, he has very
    large hands, and is extremely skilled at fighting, managing to take on
    both Sam & Max at the same time, and actually won, multiple times!

    One of the reclusive Mole Men, Shuv-Oohl is a bit of a conspiracy nut, or
    so it seems at first. While distinctly new-agey and hippyish, Shuv-Oohl
    seems to actually be right on the money when it comes to the weird and the
    wonderful. Able to use karmic powers and glow many bright colours, he's

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                    <          [06] Walkthrough           >
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Sam & Max Hit the Road's user interface is somewhat different from the earlier
Lucasarts SCUMM games. Gone is the sentence parser, replaced by a cycling
cursor that contains the different actions:

Fingers     - Walk To
Eye         - Look At
Hand        - Pick Up
Mouth       - Talk To
Stress Doll - Use

The bottom-left corner contains the Inventory box; click on it to access
whatever Sam's holding, and you can then either try to combine items, examine
them, or grab one. Clicking on the Stop button (the miniature Inventory box)
will take you back to the main screen, with the selected Object as the sixth
position on the cursor's cycle.

Here's a table with the control shortcuts on, they'll make your life a lot
easier whilst traversing the world in Sam & Max Hit the Road:

  |                 Controls                  |
| W | Walk To   | L | Look At   | P | Pick Up   |
| T | Talk To   | U | Use       | O | Object    |
| E | Eyeball Object            | I | Inventory |

When talking to someone, you'll initially have four options:

?    - Question
!    - Declaration
Duck - Non-Sequitur
Hand - End Conversation (Or click elsewhere on the screen)

After initiating a conversation with one of the first three options, other
icons often appear after the Hand, subjects you can discuss with the person
whom you're talking to.

<--[06a] The Scene of the Crime--------------------------------->

  | Items              | # | Description |
| Max                  | 1 | Sam: It's my lil' buddy, ready for action.      |
| Cash                 | 1 | Sam: It's more money than we'll ever need.      |
| Black Light          | 1 | Sam: It's a black light.                        |
| Orders               | 1 | Sam: It's our orders from the Commissioner,     |
|                      |   |      telling us to high-tail it down to the     |
|                      |   |      carnival.                                  |
| Free Pass*           | 1a| Sam: Hey! This means we can ride free all day!  |
|                      |   | Max: Does it say anything about corndogs, Sam?  |
|                      |   | Sam: Sorry, little buddy.                       |
|                      |   | Max: WHY YOU DIRTY LINT-SNIFFING MAMA'S TWINS!! |
|                      |   |      I OUGHT TO STRETCH YOUR LEGS AROUND YOUR   |
|                      |   |      HEAD AND MAKE YOU DO THE LAMBADA!          |
|                      |   | Sam: Gee, maybe you shouldn't be eating         |
|                      |   |      corndogs anyway.                           |
|                      |   | Max: Yeah, I guess you're right. I don't need   |
|                      |   |      the cholesterol! Forgive me for my         |
|                      |   |      senseless reasoning, Sam.                  |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 1b| Sam: Hey! This means we can ride free all day!  |
|                      |   | Max: Does it say anything about corndogs, Sam?  |
|                      |   | Sam: Sorry, little buddy.                       |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: Hey! This means we can ride free all day!  |
| Sasquatch Hair       | 1 | Sam: It's a mange-ridden tuft of Bruno's        |
|                      |   |      sasquatch hair.                            |
|                      |   | Max: I think it would make a swell toupee for   |
|                      |   |      balding computer programmers.              |
|                      |   | Sam: Don't be stupid, Max.                      |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: It's a swatch of Bruno's fur and mange.    |
| Hand in Jar          | 1 | Sam: Jesse James' severed hand... and it's      |
|                      |   |      stilltwitching.                            |
| Claim Ticket         | 1 | Sam: It's a Lost and Found Claim Ticket.        |
| Lens                 | 1 | Sam: It's a fishbowl magnifying lens.           |
|                      |   | Max: My head's already shaped like a fishbowl.  |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: It's a furshlugginer magnifying lens.      |
| Flashlight           | 1 | Sam: Hey, this crummy prize doesn't come with   |
|                      |   |      any lightbulb!                             |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: It's a crummy flashlight with no           |
|                      |   |      lightbulb.                                 |
| Black Flashlight     | 1 | Sam: It's a nifty flashlight equipped with a    |
|                      |   |      black light.                               |
| Fish Magnet          | 1 | Sam: It's a powerful refrigerator magnet that   |
|                      |   |      says "World of Fish" on its side. I wonder |
|                      |   |      how that got in there?                     |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: It's a powerful refrigerator magnet that   |
|                      |   |      says "World of Fish" on its side.          |
| Snuckey's Cup        | 1 | Sam: It's one of those jumbo size               |
|                      |   |      all-you-can-drink Snuckey's cups.          |
|                      |   | Max: It's almost as big as my head.             |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: It's a large, sturdy, Snuckey's cup.       |
| Candy                | 1 | Sam: It's a box of pecan-flavoured candy.       |
| Carbomb              | 1 | Sam: It's the portable carbomb game.            |
| Paint-By-Numbers     | 1 | Sam: It's the Official Bootleg Sam and Max      |
|                      |   |      Paint-By-Number Book.                      |
| Dress-Up Book        | 1 | Sam: It's the Sam and Max Dress-Up Book.        |
| Severed Hand         | 1 | Sam: Jesse James' severed hand... and it's      |
|                      |   |      still twitching.                           |
| Rasp                 | 1 | Sam: It's a rasp.                               |
| Crowbar              | 1 | Sam: It's a key's key.                          |
|                      |   | Max: No Sam, that's a crowbar. Let's pummel     |
|                      |   |      someone.                                   |
|                      |   | Sam: You're such a cute, misguided little       |
|                      |   |      bunny.                                     |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: It's a key's key.                          |
| Costume              | 1 | Sam: It's a stiltwalker's costume.              |
| Score Card           | 1 | Sam: It's a score card from the Gator Golf      |
|                      |   |      Emporium in Rheumy Eyes, Florida.          |
  * = Depends upon your location. If in the Hall of Oddities, it's 1a,
      elsewhere it's 1b.

Fresh from their victory over the robotic mad scientist, Sam & Max return to
their office. After disposing of the time bomb, their phone rings. Winning the
tussle to answer it, Sam is given a new mission by the Commissioner; they're
to meet a bonded city courier out on the street to get the details. First
though, let's raid their office for whatever we can grab. Move over to the
right and Pick Up the Black Light in the closet. Look At the Tuna Sandwich and
Max feeds it to his Roach Colony. If the light on the Answering Machine is
flashing, you can Use it to check the message; there's generally a new one
every time you return to the office. Finally, Look At the Rat Hole, and note
what Sam says. There a lot of hints throughout the game like this, so try to
Look At everything there is on each screen. Use the Rat Hole to pull out all
of the Cash the pair have. With that done, let's leave the office.

Out in the hallway, head downstairs, but as you go, you're interrupted by a
flying goon bursting through the glass in the door of Flint Paper's office.
As gun shots ring out, Sam & Max look on aghast, until the final two shots
ring out, completing the smiley face. What DON'T smiley faces make right? Use
the Goon and Max will poke him (*poit*) off the balcony. Continue on down the
stairs and outside.

On the street, Look At the disfigured Kitten, and then Talk To it. Turns out
that it's the bonded courier sent by the Commissioner. However, it swallowed
the Orders for safekeeping, and now can't cough it back up. Use Max on it, to
retrieve them in a somewhat grotesque, yet awesome, scene. Apparently,
bizarre(r) things have been happening at the Carnival, so you're to get down
there on the double. Head to the right and enter Bosco's for another fun
scene, and then Use the Car to head out onto the highway.

On the Map, there are currently six locations; three Snuckey's, the Hiway
Surfin' mini-game (See section [07a] for more details), Sam & Max's office,
and the Carnival. As they get deeper into the case, more locations will be
discovered and added to the map. Anyway, we want to head for the Carnival

After the brief cutscene introducing some more characters, talk to the
Fire-Breather, and he'll refuse you entry to the Carnival. Give him the
Orders, and after he accidentally incinerates them, he decides to let you in.

Inside the Hall of Oddities, you find Shep and Burl Kushman, conjoined twins
who own the Carnival. They tell you about Bruno the Bigfoot, their main
attraction, who has now somehow escaped, kidnapping another of their
attractions, Trixie the Giraffe-Necked Girl from Scranton. They'll also give
you a Free Pass, allowing you access to all areas of the Carnival. Talk To the
brothers and ask them about Trixie and the short guy, who they'll explain is
Conroy Bumpus, a famous Country & Western singer, who's also after Bruno and
Trixie. Check out the Sasquatch Hair by the exhibit, and pocket it for later.
Over by the entrance you came in is a jar; look at it, and then Pick Up the
Hand in Jar. Leave by the entrance.

Talk to the Fire-Breather again, and ask him about Trixie; his answer is
somewhat suspicious... Head down the path to the right of the Hall of Oddities
and you'll spot Trixie's Trailer, but the padlock on the door prevents you
from getting in. Go over to the left and Talk To the Cone of Tragedy Operator,
asking about Bruno, who apparently has a friend who hangs out in the Tunnel of
Love, and the Cone of Tragedy ride, to have a turn on it. After the ride ends,
Sam comments that he feels something is missing; check the Inventory to find
that he's literaly right! Talk To the Cone of Tragedy Operator again, and this
time ask him about your Inventory; he'll give you a Claim Ticket to get your
stuff back from the Lost and Found tent.

First though, Pick Up the Lens in the games tent, and then Use the Wak-a-Rat
machine (See section [07b] for more details). Hit twenty or higher to win, and
a Flashlight will pop out of the prize slot. Pick Up the Flashlight and Look
At it to find it's missing a lightbulb. Use the Black Light with it to make it
operational. Head back to the entrance, and go into the Lost and Found tent to
the far-right. After getting all of your stuff back, check your Inventory and
Look At the Fish Magnet, to note another location on the map, the World of

Let's hunt for Bruno's friend in the Tunnel of Love next. Walk down the path
to the left of the Hall of Oddities, and Use the Swan Carriage to take a ride.
However, there's nothing particularly obvious within, except for that
crackling area. Ride the Tunnel of Love again, and this time, Use the Black
Flashlight to illuminate the dark areas between the displays, and note the
Fuse Box. With the Black Flashlight activated, you can switch to a different
item, so Use Max with the Fuse Box to shut down the ride. If you're having
difficulty getting the timing right, you can successfully do it when Sam is
level with the fake palm tree in the swamp monster display.

In the Henry the VIII display, Look At his Beard to trigger a small sequence,
opening the Door at the back. Go through, and you'll find a strange looking
fellow sat in front of a TV. Talk To him, and he'll introduce himself as Doug,
the Mole Man. Ask him about Bruno, and he'll launch into a rather lengthy
spiel about the two of them. Eventually, he'll mention that he doesn't know
where Bruno is at the moment, but that they should ask his uncle, Shuv-Oohl,
last seen at the World's Largest Ball of Twine. He also says that if you give
him some pecan-flavoured Candy, he'll give you his key to Trixie's trailer,
and some more info on Bruno's escape. Use the Reset Switch by the Door, and
leave, making your way out of the 

Head to the nearest Snuckey's and Pick Up the Snuckey's Cup outside. Inside,
Pick Up the Carbomb Game (See Section [07d] for more information) that's on
the carousel, and the Candy on top of the second aisle. Wait for Max to
mention he needs to go to the bathroom, and then Talk To the cashier. Ask him
the Question, and he'll tell you about his training at Snuckey U., including
the course on Pickle Jar Opening, giving him the mighty ability to open any
jar in the country. Ask him about the Hand in Jar and he'll liberate it for
you. Next, the Carbomb Game or the Candy, and he'll sell them to you. Ask
about the Toilet, and he'll hand the key with the rather large Rasp attached
to it to Max, who promptly scurries off to evacuate his bowels. Yum. Ask about
Bruno and then leave the Snuckey's before Max gets back. Outside, Talk To Max
and tell him to keep the Rasp. At this point, you might as well visit the
other two Snuckey's and buy the Dress-Up Book (See Section [07e] for more
information) (West Snuckey's) and the Paint-By-Numbers (See Section [07f] for
more information) (South Snuckey's).

Return to the Carnival and the Tunnel of Love. Give Doug the Candy, and he'll
give you the Crowbar in return, and tell you the truth of Bruno's escape.
Apparently, Trixie had fallen in love with the Sasquatch, and had begged
Flambé, the Fire-Breather, to free him from his icy prison. Huh. Funny, he
said that he'd never talked to her, ever. Leave Doug and outside, continue on
towards the back of the Carnival. Use the Crowbar with Trixie's Trailer to
gain access. Open the Hope Chest to find the Costume, and Open the Closet to
discover the Score Card, adding the Gator Golf Emporium to the map. Go back to
the front of the Carnival, and talk to Flambé once more, asking about both
Bruno and Trixie. With that done, we're finished with the Carnival, so let's
hit the road!

<--[06b] The Search for Shuv-Oohl------------------------------->

  | Items              | # | Description |
| Bent Spanner         | 1 | Sam: It's a perfectly good metric left-handed   |
|                      |   |      spanner that's been bent out of shape.     |
| Bucket of Fish       | 1 | Sam: It's a bucket of fish.                     |
|                      |   | Max: Actually, Sam, it's a slimy bucket of      |
|                      |   |      fish. I wonder if this will in any way     |
|                      |   |      shape our thoughts on today's lunch.       |
| Twine                | 1 | Sam: It's 91 yards of twine.                    |
| Golf Ball Retriever* | 1 | Sam: It's a broken golf ball retriever.         |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: It's a broken golf ball retriever with a   |
|                      |   |      severed hand attached to it.               |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 3 | Sam: It's a broken golf ball retriever with a   |
|                      |   |      magnet attached to it.                     |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 4 | Sam: It's a broken golf ball retriever with a   |
|                      |   |      cup attached to it.                        |
| Bucket of Golf Balls | 1 | Sam: It's a bucket of golf balls.               |
| Sasquatch Hair       | 1 | Sam: It's a hunk of bleached blonde sasquatch   |
|                      |   |      fur mange.                                 |
|                      |   | Max: Suitable for framing.                      |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: It's the fur and mange from the Gator Golf |
|                      |   |      sasquatch.                                 |
| Sno Globe            | 1 | Sam: It's an empty sno globe without a stopper. |
| Sasquatch Hair       | 1 | Sam: It's another tuft of sasquatch hair and    |
|                      |   |      mange.                                     |
|                      |   | Max: My rabbity instincts tell me that this is  |
|                      |   |      NOT Bruno's hair and mange. Or maybe I'm   |
|                      |   |      in love.                                   |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: This fur and mange must've belonged to the |
|                      |   |      sasquatch at the Mystery Vortex.           |
| Mood Ring            | 1 | Sam: I must be happy.                           |
| Mole Man Powder      | 1 | Sam: It's a charming decanter filled with vile  |
|                      |   |      and mysterious liquids.                    |
|                      |   | Max: It could be my long lost twin brother,     |
|                      |   |      Sam.                                       |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: We're supposed to spill this stuff on Frog |
|                      |   |      Rock, God knows why.                       |
  * = With various differnt items attached to it. 2 is with the Severed Hand,
      3 is with the Severed Hand and the Fish Magnet, and 4 is with the
      Severed Hand and the Snuckey's Cup.

To find Bruno, we need to find Shuv-Oohl, who was last seen at the World's
Largest Ball of Twine, so let's check that out first.

Head to the small building at the ball's base, and Look At the Fish Guts
raining down past the window. Talk To the Docent and ask him about Bruno.
Apparently, he, and several other Bigfoots, helped build the Ball of Twine
back in '56, but the Docent hasn't seen Bruno sine. Next, ask about the Fish
Guts, and you'll be told that the Restaurant on top of the ball gets
deliveries of fresh fish several times a day from the World of Fish. Leave the
Museum, and ride the Tram up to the Restaurant.

As they reach the top, Max spots the end of the Ball of Twine hanging loose.
Unfortunately, they can't reach it from the side of the deck they're, on,
needing to be on the same side as the Chef and his fish deliveries. Go into
the Restaurant (by clicking on the building itself, inbetween the two sides),
and talk to the man to the right. Ask him about the tools, and he'll give you
a Bent Spanner. There's a set of Mounted Binoculars to the right, but we've no
use for them at the moment. Use the Elevator to get back down to the Tram.

Next stop is the World of Fish, since it was mentioned by the Docent. Move
anywhere on the screen, and a Helicopter will come along and pick up the next
delivery of fish for the Restaurant at the World's Largest Ball of Twine. Pick
Up the Bucket of Fish by the Fish Feed Stand, and then talk to the Fisherman.
Ask about the Helicopter, and anything else you want to. Look At the Fish Net
and then Use it; unfortunately, Sam doesn't climb inside - we need some other
scheme to get taken by the Helicopter.

Look at the Fiberglass Fish to the left of the Fisherman, and then at the
(hard-to-reach) Bolt beneath it. Use the Bent Spanner with the Bolt to loosen
it, and then Use the Fiberglass Fish. Once Sam's inside, Use Max on it too, to
get him to leap inside. After a scuffle, the Fiberglass Fish falls free from
it's post, floating downstream towards the Fisherman. Max snatches the fishing
line, pulling it into the fish's mouth, at which point, the Fisherman hauls it
into the Fish Net. Picked up at last by the Helicopter, you're taken to the
Restaurant at the World's Largest Ball of Twine, dropped atop the pile of fish
in the Chef's area, who goes inside to get a bigger knife. With the Max icon
still on screen, Use it on the Twine below you to get Sam to lower his
lagomorphic pal over the side, snapping it off with his teeth. Unfortunately,
the Chef picks this moment to return, wielding a knife twice the size of his
own head! After tumbling all the way down the side, we now have a large piece
of Twine in our Inventory. Get back into the Car once it's been dropped off.

We only have one main location left unvisited: The Gator Golf Emporium. Pick
Up the weird green item (Golf Ball Retriever) in the trashcan, and then Talk
To the Emporium Owner. As about the green thing, and then Bruno; it turns out
that this guy had a Bigfoot as his main attraction as well! However, he was
set free with someone's help, though the Owner has no idea whose. Head over
to the driving range, and there's a cutscene of Conroy Bumpus, and his
assistant Lee-Harvey. Apparently the short Country and Western star came here
looking to purchase the Gator Golf Emporium's Bigfoot, after failing to get
Bruno from the Kushman Brothers. When Sam & Max arrive, the lagomorph makes
several jokes at the expense of Bumpus' hairpiece, finally instigating a brawl
between Lee-Harvey, Sam & Max. The big-handed assistant wins, and Max is hit
with a five-iron, sent sailing into the "Dunk the Beast!" booth.

After they leave, Sam needs to work out some way to rescue Max from the booth,
without getting chomped on by the Alligators. Use the Bucket of Fish with the
Bucket of Golf Balls, and then Use the Golf Clubs to start the next mini-game,
Gator Golf (See section [07c] for more details).

The trick is to set the flag in the general direction you want each Alligator
to go. Numbering them 1 through to 5, 1 being the closest and 5 the furthest,
here's how to sort it out:

A) Aim to the right of Gator 1.
B) Aim to the left of Gator 1.
C) Aim to the left of Gator 2.
D) Aim to the right of Gator 2.
E) Aim to the right of Gator 4.
F) Aim to the left of Gator 4.
G) Aim to the left of Gator 5.
H) Aim to the right of Gator 5.

On the "Dunk the Beast!" Booth island, you can Use the Target to dunk Max as
many times as you want. Once you're bored of that, Use the Door on the plastic
cell to get Max free. He'll give Sam another hunk of Sasquatch Hair, from the
booth. Open the door in the booth's base and Pick Up the Sno Globe within; it
was given to Elmo the Bigfoot, presumably the booth's previous inhabitant, by
Shuv-Oohl, who we're still searching for. Maybe he's at this Mystery Vortex
that was just added to the map...

The place is pretty darn weird looking, as we arrive. Head on indoors, where
it gets stranger still. Try to use any of the doors, and you'll find that
you're the wrong size to get into any of them. Bah. Go through the curtain at
the back to yet another bizarre room. Talk to the woman and ask her about
Bruno; she too (as if we hadn't already noticed) had a Bigfoot in a large
block of ice, but he escaped while she was out having her spine recompressed.
Next, ask her about Conroy Bumpus, and she'll tell you that he was here
already. Finally, ask about the Sno Globe, and she'll tell you about how they
kept absorbing the magical, mystical, mysterious power of the vortex, and so
she doesn't sell them anymore. Grab the third hunk of Sasquatch Hair from the
exhibit, and then return to the previous room.

We know Shuv-Oohl must be in the Mystery Vortex somewhere since there isn't
anywhere else we can go, so he must be behind one of the four doors in this
room. We just need to work out how to get into them. Look At the Mirror for a
vaguely creepy scene somewhat reminiscent of scenes in Stargate and Donnie
Darko, and then Use it to clamber inside.

The secret of the vortex revealed, Use the Lever on the first Magnet to
activate it, casting the room in a red colour. The second Magnet is Blue, and
the one to the far-right is Yellow. Make sure only the Red Magnet is on, and
leave the underground chamber. Try all of the doors, and you'll find that you
can now enter the Red Doors, but not the Orange ones. Return to the Magnets,
and turn the Yellow Magnet on as well, to create an Orange hue. Back in the
main room, enter the left Orange Door to find Shuv-Oohl!

After introductions all round, ask Shuv-Oohl about Bruno; after he "karmically
aligns" himself with his old Sasquatch friend. In his vision, he sees Frog
Rock, located between the Enchanted Argyle Forest and the Inexplicable Valley
of Lights, and picks up that Bruno's in some kind of trouble. However, he
can't get a clear read on the Bigfoot without his Mood Ring, which he lost way
back when he helped build the World's Largest Ball of Twine. Guess where we're
headed next?

Head to the Museum at the base of the Ball of Twine. Use the Severed Hand on
the Golf Ball Retriever, and then Use it on the Ball of Twine. A miniature
cutscene shows we're just short of grabbing the Mood Ring. Use the Fish Magnet
on the Golf Ball Retriever, and then use it on the Ball of Twine, to finally
get the pesky little accessory.

Return to the Shuv-Oohl at the Mystery Vortex, and give him the Mood Ring. In
return, he'll give you some Mole Man Powder to sprinkle on Frog Rock, after
you smear the three samples of Sasquatch Hair on it. Now we just need to find
Frog Rock.

Back at the World's Largest Ball of Twine, take the Tram up to the top and
enter the Restaurant. Grab the Wires and hook them up to the Mounted
Binoculars, to now be able to control the movement of the Restaurant. However,
everything still looks too small through them. Use the Lens on the Mounted
Binoculars, and then take a look. Control the movement by left or right
clicking on the lever below the viewing thingamybobs, and exit by pressing
both together at the same time. The locations you can spot are as follows:

Enchanted    Inexplicable       Mount         Largest        Eternal
 Argyle   <==> Valley of <==>  Badrich  <==> Stump in  <==> Plane of
 Forest    ||   Lights                       the World      Acid Rain
        Frog Rock       (The Eternal Plane of Acid Rain and the Enchanted
                                         Argyle Forest link to each other)

Look at the Rock between the Enchanted Argyle Forest and the Inexplicable
Valley of Lights, and Frog Rock will be added onto your map.

After leaving the World's Largest Ball of Twine, head to Frog Rock. Use each
piece of Sasquatch Hair on the Rock, and then Use the Mole Man Powder on top
of all of that, to see "something wonderful," in Shuv-Oohl's words. We now
have another location on the map, Bumpusville!

<--[06c] Bumpus Ain't Worth Bubkes!----------------------------->

  | Items              | # | Description |
| Soiled Pillow        | 1 | Sam: It's a pillow, and... Ewww, it's got       |
|                      |   |      Miracle Grow Hair Tonic all over it.       |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: It's a pillow with hair tonic all over it. |
| Droid Manual         | 1 | Sam: It's a guide to the operation of Macrohard |
|                      |   |      Maintenance Droids.                        |
| Sword                | 1 | Sam: It's a cheesily-polygonned sword.          |
| Heart                | 1 | Sam: It's a chunky, hovering dragon's heart.    |
|                      |   |      Just like the one I have at home!          |
| Key                  | 1 | Sam: It's a cheesily-polygonned key.            |
| Portrait             | 1 | Sam: It's a stunning portrait of John Muir,     |
|                      |   |      famous naturalist.                         |

At our new destination, Sam & Max look on in a mixture of awe and horror at
the ostentatious extravagance that is Conroy Bumpus' mansion. You can toss
some Cash into the Well for a few laughs, and then head inside. Head to the
left, and through the doorway with the animal heads around it. Inside, you
find Conroy Bumpus, performing with... Bruno and Trixie!?

Once that god awful song is over, Conroy exits, leaving Bruno and Trixie
behind. Try to walk over to them and you'll set off the alarm, which draws
Lee-Harvey's attention. After he's thrown you out, go back inside, and this
time, go right and through the greenish doorway. Look At the weird helmet
thing hanging from the ceiling, and then Talk To Lee-Harvey. Ask him about the
VR Helmet and he'll explain that it's somehow linked up to the mansion's
security system. Hmm...

Leave the room, and enter the door with the bullhorns above it. Ride the
escalator up to the bed, and Pick Up the Pillow. Move to the left side of the
bed and Look At the large blue book in the book shelf; it's a manual for the
cleaning droid. Use the Golf Ball Retriever to Pick Up the Droid Manual. After
having read the entire thing, when the Droid enters the room, Use it and
access its mainframe. Pull out all of the wires, and then connect up the blue
one. This will send the Droid into the stage room, and through the tripwire,
thus taking Lee-Harvey away from the VR machine. Once he's gone, hurry into
the room he just came from and Use the VR Helmet.

Pick Up the Sword (nearly decapitating Max in the process) and then approach
the Cave. When the Dragon comes out, use the Sword on it (aim for the chest,
inbetween the arms), to slice it wide open, killing it instantly. If you miss
or take too long, you get eaten by the Dragon, and you have to repeat the
entire process from changing the Droid's orders. Once you pull it off, nothing
will be left of the Dragon, except for it's still beating Heart. Pick Up said
Heart and Sam will plunge his fist inside, pulling out a Key. Back in the real
world, Sam pockets the Key (wait, what?) and then removes the VR Helmet.
Lee-Harvey arrives and kicks them out of the room.

Head to the left, to the trophy room. Look At the Portrait on the back wall
for a surreal scene, and then Pick Up the Portrait. Continue on into the stage
room and Use the Key on the Alarm's Keyhole, thus freeing Bruno and Trixie!
While Max wants to haul them both off back to the Kushman Brother's Carnival,
Sam is feeling a little conflicted. The skyscraping pair take this opportunity
to flee, but only after telling Sam & Max the location of the Bigfoot Party:
Evelyn Morrison's Savage Jungle Inn. Guess where we're headed next?

<--[06d] Gate-Crashers------------------------------------------>

  | Items              | # | Description |
| Pamphlets            | 1 | Sam: Hmmm...                                    |
|                      |   | Max: I hate it when you hum, Sam. It sounds     |
|                      |   |      like a high voltage tower.                 |
|                      |   | Sam: These are pamphlets for the Mount Rushmore |
|                      |   |      Dinosaur Tarpit and Bungee Jumping         |
|                      |   |      National Park, in North Dakota, and        |
|                      |   |      someplace called the "Celebrity Vegetable  |
|                      |   |      Museum", in Goatliver, Texas.              |
|                      |   | Max: I think I liked the humming better.        |
|                      |---|-------------------------------------------------|
|                      | 2 | Sam: These are pamphlets for the Mount Rushmore |
|                      |   |      Dinosaur Tarpit and Bungee Jumping         |
|                      |   |      National Park, and someplace called the    |
|                      |   |      "Celebrity Vegetable Museum".              |
| Mammoth Hair         | 1 | Sam: It's more faux woolly mammoth hair than    |
|                      |   |      we'll ever need.                           |
| Tar                  | 1 | Sam: It's a bunch of tar.                       |
| Tar-Covered Costume  | 1 | Sam: It's a stiltwalker's costume covered with  |
|                      |   |      tar.                                       |
| Hairy Costume        | 1 | Sam: It's a stiltwalker's costume covered with  |
|                      |   |      tar and faux woolly mammoth hair.          |
| Bumpus Eggplant      | 1 | Sam: It's an eggplant that looks somewhat like  |
|                      |   |      Conroy Bumpus.                             |
| Toupee               | 1 | Sam: It's Conroy's toupee.                      |
| Bigfoot Costume      | 1 | Sam: It's a stiltwalker's costume covered with  |
|                      |   |      tar, faux woolly mammoth hair, and a       |
|                      |   |      toupee.                                    |

At Evelyn Morrison's Savage Jungle Inn, talk to the lady herself, asking her
about Conroy Bumpus. Apparently, he beat you there, but was already thrown out
for interfering with the guests. Once you end the conversation with her, Ms.
Morrison gives you the Pamphlets. Look At them to add the Mount Rushmore
Dinosaur Tarpit and Bungee Jumping National Park, and the Celebrity Vegetable
Museum to the map. Try to go through the doorway at the back, and the bigfoot
will turn you away. Huh. We need to find some way to get inside...

Leave the Inn, and out on the Highway, head to Mount Rushmore. Take a Look At
each of the Presidents for a laugh, and then move to the first exhibit, the
T-Rex and Wooly Mammoth. Look At the Wooly Mammoth, and Sam comments on how
the fur strongly resembles Sasquatch Hair. Suddenly, I have a really bad idea.
Use Max on the Wooly Mammoth, to get yourself a bumper crop of Mammoth Hair.
Next, head to the Tarpit, at the back of the Park.

Walk to the right and use the Elevator to ride up to the inside of George
Washington's head. Talk to the Bungee Instructor if you want; she's ever so
slightly creepy, "I'm partial to dog and bunny teams," and then Use the Screen
to change into the safety suit. Fully attired for the situation, use the
Bungee Cord to take a leap over the side. Hey, you can do stuff to the Tarpit!
Try to Pick Up the Tar, and Sam says he can't reach it. Use the Snuckey's Cup
on the Golfball Retriever, and then use it on the Tar for Max to scoop up a
cupful of the stuff.

Back up top, Use the Screen to change back, and then it's time to leave Mount
Rushmore. Return to the Savage Jungle Inn, and go inside; Use the Tar on the
Costume. Use the Mammoth Hair on the Tar-Covered Costume, and then Use the
Hairy Costume, to try it on in the Phone Booth. The bigfoot just laughs though
as he sees our disguise. I guess we're missing something.

This time, let's head to the Celebrity Vegetable Museum. Talk To the Curator
and ask her about Conroy Bumpus; she'll mention the Conroy Bumpus Eggplants
she's been trying to get rid of. Pick Up a Bumpus Eggplant and take our leave
from the Celebrity Vegetable Museum. Return to Bumpusville, and in Conroy's
bedroom, Use the Bumpus Eggplant with the Toupee, for one of the best
cutscenes in the game.

After being ejected from the building by Lee-Harvey, Use the Toupee on the
Hairy Costume. Return to Evelyn Morrison's Savage Jungle Inn, and Use the
Bigfoot Costume once more. This time, the bigfoot bouncer says that he likes
your costume, but since he doesn't like Sam & Max, he won't let them in. Talk
To the bigfoot, and ask him a question; he'll mention how his feet hurt. Give
the Rasp to him, and after the slightly gross scene, Use the Bigfoot Costume
again. This time you're allowed into the party!

<--[06e] Sasquatch Shindig-------------------------------------->

  | Items              | # | Description |
| Wine Bottle          | 1 | Sam: Chateau Sasquatch '92. A very bad year.    |
| Ice Pick             | 1 | Sam: It's an ice pick.                          |
| Twisted Ice Pick     | 1 | Sam: It's an icepick that's been horribly       |
|                      |   |      twisted.                                   |
| Cork                 | 1 | Sam: Cork.                                      |
| Sno Globe            | 1 | Sam: It's an empty sno globe with a cork        |
|                      |   |      stopper.                                   |
| Vortex Globe         | 1 | Sam: It's a sno globe full of swirling          |
|                      |   |      pseudo-mystical energies.                  |
| Dinosaur Tooth       | 1 | Sam: It's a somewhat authentic dinosaur tooth.  |
| John Muir Zucchini   | 1 | Sam: It's a gourd that looks just like John     |
|                      |   |      Muir, naturalist.                          |

Inside, listen to the Chief's speech about the encroaching extinction of the
Yeti people. Afterwards, Talk To any of the three Bigfoots you can in here if
you want, and then Pick Up the Wine Bottle on the large table. There's not
much of anything to be done in this room, so try to head through the doorway
by the female bigfoot (an image I really could have done without seeing...).
She'll stop you, saying that only Yeti elders are allowed through to the pool
area. Take the other doorway instead, on the other side of the stage.

Inside the Kitchen, Pick Up the Ice Pick. Use the Door at the back of the
room, and you're suddenly assailed by Conroy Bumpus and Lee-Harvey. Whoops.
Conroy pulls out a particularly nasty looking cattle prod, while telling his
subordinate to go fetch the net from the Bus. You can try to Talk To Conroy,
but you won't get anything constructive done (though, if you were to only do
"constructive" stuff in this game, you'd miss out on most of the things that
make it fun!). Use the Bigfoot Costume once more, this time removing it, and
Lee-Harvey will return just in time. Our villains grab the disguise, and go
into the Freezer to change. Use Max with the Freezer to get him to shut them
inside, and promptly crank down (heh, funny wording) the temperature.

The Yeti Chief walks in, on the hunt for shrimp balls, and asks Sam & Max who
they are. As the lagomorphic one tells him they just saved the Bigfoots, the
Chief decides he'll make them Honorary Bigfoot Chiefs. After the announcement,
the Yeti Chief then leads our intrepid duo to the pool area, where four Great
Totem Poles stand. Once Bruno arrives, the Yeti Chief explains that the Great
Totem Poles hide the secret of the Sasquatch's Salvation, but none of them
know exactly what they mean.

Once the Yeti Chief leaves, Look At each of the Great Totem Poles, and then
head to the Hot Tub at the back of the screen. The trick to actually getting
there is to click on the patch of grass above Bruno's head. Talk To the Yeti
Chief and ask him about each of the Great Totem Poles; his answers can be
summed up by the following phrases:

1 - Whirlwind
2 - Longevity
3 - Harmony
4 - Rapid Growth

For the first Great Totem Pole, head to the Mystery Vortex. Use the Mini
Vortex, and while inside, Use the Sno Globe. It sucks up the pseudo-mystical
energies of the Mystery Vortex, but without a stopper, it just leaves once
again. We need to find something to plug it with. Go to the World's Largest
Ball of Twine, and head up to the Restaurant. Give the Ice Pick to the Mystic
Mechanic, and he'll twist it up like crazy. Use the Twisted Ice Pick on the
Wine Bottle, to get the Cork from it. Return to the Mystery Vortex and Use the
Cork with the Sno Globe. Use the Mini Vortex once more, and when you use the
Sno Globe this time, Sam seals it with the Cork to trap the pseudo-mystical
energies inside.

The second of the Great Totem Poles showed what looked like Dinosaur
Dentistry, and the only place we've been to with such fearsome lizards is the
Mount Rushmore Dinosaur Tarpit and Bungee Jumping National Park, which is now
our next destination. Head to the Dinosaur Exhibit and Look At the
Tyrannosaurus Rex's Mouth. Note that it's a seperate object, from the rest of
the T-Rex. Use the Mini-Speaker to start the speech, and while it's Mouth is
wide open, perform some other command to stop the Mini-Speaker, and the
Tyrannosaurus Rex's Mouth. Use the Twine on the Mouth to lasso a Dinosaur
Tooth. However, Sam says he hasn't got enough leverage to pull it out... Use
Max on the Twine, and Sam will tie the loose end around the rabbit's neck,
tossing him at their Car up at the top of the hill. With the Twine then tied
around the Car door, Sam shuts it, yanking the tooth clear.

The third Great Totem Pole was Harmony, and showed the naturalist, John Muir,
carved upon it. It so happens that we have a Portrait of the man. Go to the
Celebrity Vegetable Museum and Give the Portrait to the Curator, and she'll
tell you that it'll take a short while for her to create a John Muir Zucchini.
Use the Car, and then immediately go back to the Celebrity Vegetable Museum.
Talk To the Curator, and ask her about the squash; she'll promptly hand over
the John Muir Zucchini!

The fourth and final Great Totem Pole was Rapid Growth, and showed two heads,
one bald, and the other sporting vast locks of hair. However, we already have
the solution to this Great Totem Pole within our inventory, the Soiled Pillow
we snatched from Conroy Bumpus' bedroom, the one with the Miracle Grow Hair
Tonic upon it!

Return to Evelyn Morrison's Savage Jungle Inn, and head for the Hot Tub area.
Give the Vortex Globe, the Dinosaur Tooth, the John Muir Zucchini and the
Soiled Pillow to the Yeti Chief (in any order), and he'll place each into the
Hot Tub, their respective Great Totem Pole disappearing. With all four added
to the mix, the Yeti Chief realises that a living Bigfoot sacrifice must be
included, the fifth and final ingredient. Max though, has a brilliant idea,
and offeres up the frozen Conroy Bumpus and Lee-Harvey, partially dressed in
the Bigfoot Costume. As the spell reaches its zenith, giant Redwood trees
start to sprout all over the western half of the United States, laying waste
to vast tracts of property. Excellent.

With the spell completed and the Yeti people saved, the characters start to go
their own seperate way. Bruno and Trixie head off to Vegas, to get married and
settle down, while the Yeti Chief gives Max his tribal medallion (gold
foil-covered chocolatey goodness!) and then disappears into the forested half
of the United States. Max realises that they haven't been paid, but Sam has a
plan to get around that, giving the Kushman Brothers the frozen Conroy Bumpus
and Lee-Harvey, which they (somehow) mistake for Bruno, in exchange for three
thousand Skee-Ball tickets.

As the credits roll, feel free to black the hell out of the various items on
the conveyor belt!

                      / =============================== \
                    <           [07] Mini-Games           >
                      \ =============================== /

Throughout Sam & Max Hit the Road, there are various mini-games that can be
played. Some are vital for the progression of the story, while others are
included just for fun. All games can be exited by pressing Q.

<--[07a] Hiway Surfin'------------------------------------------>

Located in the South-West of the United States map, Hiway Surfin' is the first
mini-game that you can access in Sam & Max Hit the Road. While its gameplay is
simple, it is fiendishly difficult. Max rides on top of the Car as Sam drives
down the Highway. The pair have to reach the end of each level before time
runs out. Use the Right Mouse Button to switch lanes, and the Left Mouse
Button to make Max jump. Every time he hits a Highway Sign, he loses some
time. You can gain time back by succesfully jumping over or onto the Highway
signs; a jump over nets five points, and a jump onto nets twenty points. If
Max managed to jump on multiple Highway Signs in a row, the score per Highway
Sign increases by twenty (i.e. the second is forty points, the third is sixty,

<--[07b] Wak-A-Rat---------------------------------------------->

Located at the Kushman Brothers Circus, Wak-A-Rat is a lot of fun. Simply
enough, you need to click on the Rats as they pop up to whack them with the
hammer. You need a score of twenty or higher to win; the first prize is a
Flashlight, needed to continue with the game, but successive wins will gain
you nothing, except possible bragging rights. A perfect score is to hit the
Rats on all forty possible occasions.

<--[07c] Gator Golf--------------------------------------------->

Found at the Gator Golf Emporium, in the South-East corner of the United
States map, the Gator Golf is highly simplistic, and fairly boring. You can
play using either the Bucket of Golf Balls, or the Bucket of Fish (from the
World of Fish). To play, use the Left Mouse Button to set a flag where you
want Sam to aim for, and then use the Right Mouse Button to take the shot. The
various features on the driving range all react differently when hit in the
correct spot.

Alternatively, you can use the Bucket of Fish, and aim into the water, drawing
the Alligators that inhabit the driving range hither and thither. This is
necessary the first time to free Max from the "Dunk the Beast!" Booth, but
after that, there is little point.

<--[07d] Carbomb------------------------------------------------>

Bought at the North-Eastern Snuckey's, Carbomb is a slightly modified version
of the classic Battleships. You play as Sam, against Max, and can place five
Vehicles, from one square to five squares in length on the board, using the
Right Mouse Button to rotate them. You can also place two Trampolines of one
square each upon the board.

When the game proper starts, you and Max take turns picking a square to drop a
Bomb upon. If either of you land one upon your opponent's Vehicle, they will
call it a "Hit!", otherwise calling it a "Miss!" If a Bomb lands upon a
Trampoline, it is fired back to the otherside, landing on the same square.
There are also two types of Bombs; the normal, default type, and the two Nukes
in the bottom-right corner; these take out a three-by-three square around the
square you click upon.

The game ends when one of you has had all of their Vehicles destroyed.

<--[07e] Sam & Max Dress-Up Book-------------------------------->

Okay, Sam's loincloth is just plain disturbing. Bought at the Western
Snuckey's, it's a simple time-waster. Click on the arrow above either
character to get to their respective Clothing page. Click on however many
items you want, and then use the correct arrow to return to the main page,
showing the character(s) in their new costumes.

On the floppy-disk version of Sam & Max Hit the Road, this was used as a
copy-protection device, forcing the player to create the right costumes to be
able to continue playing the game, hence the various outfits shown throughout
the manual.

<--[07f] Max's Wax Paint-By-Numbers Book------------------------>

The last of the mini-games, this can be bought at the Southern Snuckey's.
There are two different scenes that Max can colour; Sam & Max driving under
the sea, and Sam & Max mixing it up with some snakes and swords. Click the
Crayon Box cursor anywhere, to set it down and open it up. Pick the colour you
want to use and apply it to a section of the page. If you want to move the
Crayon Box, click upon the lower half of the Crayon Box, and it will return to
its cursor form. Clicking on the lid will end the mini-game.

                      / =============================== \
                    <              [08] FAQ               >
                      \ =============================== /

==Q. What are all the messages on the Answering Machine?======================

A. I've managed to get five messages; see below:

   ANS: <beep> Sam, it's your mother calling to wish you a good morning.
   ANS: Be careful honey and try not to get shot today, okay?
   Sam: Doesn't she know I'm old enough to make my own decisions about getting


   ANS: <beep> Hey! You're the one who cut me off on highway 364!
   ANS: You're a jerk!
   ANS: ...Um...
   ANS: ...so there!


   ANS: <beep> Hi, I'm calling about your upcoming auction of confiscated
        automatic weapons.
   ANS: Do you sell to convicted felons?
   Sam: Hey, who are we to discriminate?


   ANS: <beep> Hey! You're the jerk who sideswiped me on the Queensborough
   ANS: Don't think I didn't get a good look at your long fluffy ears!
   ANS: See you in court!
   Sam: We may have to go over there and terrify the righteous indignity out
        of that little fellow.


   ANS: <beep> Hello? Is this the Saint Francis Pie Shop?
   ANS: I'd like to order 200 lemon meringue pies and a small diet cola.
   Sam: I wonder if the pie shop gets calls reporting machete-wielding

   I'm not 100% certain these are all of them, but I've had no luck getting
   any more. If you've gotten some, email me at spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk about

==Q. What the hell does the Mole Man/Alien thing at Frog Rock say?============

A. It goes a little something like this:

   "Erk, yib yib Doug!
   Yib yib, erk, Shuv-Oohl yib!!"

   Yeah, I have no idea either.

==Q. Hey, I want the lyrics to the song Conroy sings in Bumpusville!==========

A. Man, you have no taste in music whatsoever, do you? Well, if you insist:

   "Childhood in Brighton"
   Written and Performed by Conroy Bumpus

   I remember my childhood in Brighton
   When dear ol' dad would bounce me on his knee,
   He'd say, "Son, there ain't nothing as exciting...
   As exposing beasts to inhumanity..."

   Happy being King of the Creatures
   I'm proud to be the Lord of the Odd
   I love collecting things with grotesque features,
   It makes me feel like some Chaldean god

   I trapped my first tiger before I could speak...
   Kilt me a bear when I was three...
   And now with this bigfoot and giraffe-necked freak,
   I finally have a full menagerie.

   ...Happy being Feared by the Fauna...
   ...Jazzed just being Czar of the Bizarre...
   ...None of us can leave though we all wanna...
   It's tough to be a country western star.

==Q. Why not throw in the John Muir song too?=================================

A. *sigh*

   There once was a man named Jon Muir...
   ...A naturalist noble and pure...
   ...His love for all beasties...
   ...The most and the leasties...
   ...Has never been equalled...
   Fer sure!

==Q. Are there any sequels to Sam & Max Hit the Road?=========================

A. Yeah there are. Telltale Games, formed by several ex-Lucasarts members,
   teamed up with Sam & Max's creator, Steve Purcell, to make episodic series
   based upon the characters. So far, the first season has been completed, and
   as of the time of writing this, the fourth episode of the second series is
   due to be released in six days (March 13th, 2008).

   However, the Telltale Games sequels are in actual fact the second attempt
   to produce a sequel to Sam & Max Hit the Road. First up came "Sam & Max:
   Freelance Police," which was being produced by Lucasarts. Screenshots and
   a teaser trailer had been released for the game, but on March 3rd, 2004,
   the game was cancelled to the outcry of the fans, as Lucasarts slammed the
   door shut on the chances of them ever creating any more adventure games.

==Q. What else is there that features Sam & Max?==============================

A. Well, there are the comic books that Steve Purcell wrote and drew, starting
   from before Sam & Max Hit the Road came out. Most of them are together in
   "The Collected Sam & Max: Surfin' the Highway," originally released in
   1995, though Telltale Games released an updated version for sale from their
   site recently.

   Telltale Games also hosts a Sam & Max webcomic, again written and drawn by
   Steve Purcell (http://www.telltalegames.com/comics/samandmax), which is
   well worth checking out.

   There is also the animated series, "The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance
   Police," that ran for one season, from October 1997 to April 1998. Sixteen
   of the episodes have been released on VHS, though a DVD collection is to be
   released, again at the time of writing this, in four days (March 11th,
   2008). Also, all but one episode is free to watch online at the Gametap
   site, (http://www.gametap.com).

   And while you're at it, go and check out Max for President

==Q. Help! I own a copy of Sam & Max Hit the Road, but I can't get it to run!=

A. Chances are, your computer is just too good to run Sam & Max Hit the Road.
   However, there is a solution to this; the wonderful folk over at ScummVM
   (http://www.scummvm.org) have created a nifty program to allow many old
   point-and-click games to be run on todays more technologically advanced

==Q. Do you know where I can find a copy of Sam & Max Hit the Road? I can't
     seem to find it in the shops, nor *ahem*online*ahem*=====================

A. All of the Lucasarts Point-and-Click Adventure games are on the IDSA's
   hitlist, so there are very few places online that would pirate the games.
   Add the fact that despite being very old, it's not so long ago that they
   were still being sold, you should be able to get a hold of a copy via eBay.
   It's a shame though, the games are no longer sold by LucasArts, but have
   not been declared as Abandonware.

==Q. What's Abandonware when it's at home?====================================

A. Abandonware is software that has been abandoned. No, really. What it
   actually means is that it is no longer sold or produced, and has been
   released into the public domain.

==Q. Well, what's in it for Lucasarts?========================================

A. Apart from respect from the old-school gamers, nothing really. In the case
   of Sam & Max Hit the Road though, it gets somewhat complicated. The licence
   for the games was sold to Telltale Games, but does that include Sam & Max
   Hit the Road or not? I have absolutely no idea. And really, it doesn't
   matter which one owns it, since with the Season 1 and Season 2 games doing
   so well, Hit the Road can still make money, so it's unlikely it'll ever be
   released as Abandonware.

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This list is gonna be pretty short methinks =P

My Brother   - for getting me into the Lucasarts games in the first place, and
               doing most of the puzzle solving for me (I used to be a hideous
               example of back-seat gaming)
DJellybean   - for clueing me in for the basics of FAQ presentation.
Phoenix 1911 - I stole the copyright stuff from him coz' it sounded all
               professional and stuff XD
GameFAQS     - for hosting this FAQ.

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