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                      MONKEY ISLAND 2: LECHUCK'S REVENGE

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Version 1.01

This game was produced by LucasArts for the Windows(tm) PC.


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Table of Contents

+ Introduction
+ E-mail Guidelines
+ The Story
+ Game Basics
 + Controls
 + Characters
 + Islands
+ Walkthrough
+ Version History
+ Credits


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E-mail Guidelines

Just the usual token stuff.

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The Story

When we last saw the inept pirate Guybrush Threepwood, he had just 
beaten his nemesis, the Evil Ghost Pirate LeChuck, and saved his love, 
Elaine Marley, from his clutches. Guybrush moved into the Governor's 
Mansion of Melee Island with Elaine, but she eventually tired of his 
telling everyone who would listen all about his "heroic" defeat of 
LeChuck. Eventually she got tired and moved out, to her mansion on 
Booty Island. Guybrush decided he would need to get a whole new 
adventure, and went off in search of the greatest treasure of them 
all...Big Whoop. His search began on Scabb Island, which, as he found 
out the hard way, is not the best place to go unless you enjoy being 

Game Basics


At the bottom of the screen at all times during the game, except 
cutscenes, there will be nine "verbs" - Talk To, Pick Up, Look At, 
Give, Push, Pull, Open, Close, and Use. Click on one of these verbs to 
start a sentence, and then click an object on screen or in the 
inventory to finish it. For example, if you clicked "Pick Up" then 
clicked on a bottle, the sentence would read, "Pick up bottle" and 
Guybrush will pick it up if he can. Some sentences will have more than 
two parts. For example if you clicked "Use", then a key in your 
inventory, then a door, the sentence would read "Use key with door" and 
Guybrush will unlock the door. You will only need two keyboard buttons 
- F5 to save, or Esc to skip a cutscene.


GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD - "Hero" who defeated LeChuck, the terror of the 
Caribbean. He is out looking for treasure (and a new story) to win 
Elaine Marley's hand again. 

ELAINE MARLEY - Governor of the "Marley Triad" of Melee, Booty, and 
Plunder Island. Both Guybrush and LeChuck love her. Neither of these 
are very attractive choices, but there's something about Guybrush's 
ineptitude she finds infectious. 

THE EVIL ZOMBIE GHOST PIRATE LECHUCK - Scourge of all pirates, living 
or dead, LeChuck's ghost was vaporized by Guybrush (all it took was a 
little root beer) and his plans to marry Elaine thwarted. Unfortunately 
for everyone, he is not only a villain, but a perseverant villain, and 
now his corpse has been resurrected and he's back to get revenge on 

LARGO LAGRANDE - This little guy bullies around the people of Scabb 
Island, taking everyone's Pieces o' Eight and never allowing any ships 
to enter or leave. He is also LeChuck's right-hand man, and stupid as 
he is he was able to aid in the reanimation of his master.

THE VOODOO LADY - From the International House of Mojo on Scabb Island. 
An expert on the creation of voodoo dolls, she has helped Guybrush in 
his previous adventure, and will help him again with a voodoo doll and 
a little Ash-2-Life.

WALLY - A little cartographer who can't do anything without his trusty 
monocle. He ends up a hapless victim of the battle between Guybrush and 

CAPTAIN DREAD - Captain (probably Jamaican) of the vessel you must 
charter to get off Scabb Island. Won't sail without his lucky sailing 
necklace. Also tends to take the longest route possible to get where 
he's going.

STAN - Previously the owner of a used ("Previously Owned" as Stan would 
say) ship dealership, he now runs a used coffin store (wonder where he 
gets them) on Booty Island. 

CAPTAIN KATE CAPSIZE - Runs a tour business on Booty Island, she'll 
take you treasure diving anywhere in the Booty-Phatt-Scabb area. Her 
tours are expensive though.

ANTIQUES DEALER - Storekeeper of the only antiques store in the tri-
island area, the Booty Boutique. He has the Map Piece that once 
belonged to Young Lindy and is also a collector of fine art.

RAPP SCALLION - Deceased founder of the Steamin' Weenie restaurant, he 
was once the cook on H.T. Marley's ship.

RUMM ROGERS, JR. - Son of Rumm Rogers, Sr. (obviously). He has one of 
the Big Whoop Map Pieces and lives in a concealed cottage on Phatt 
Island. Likes - drinking contests, his special grog (for said contests 
only). Dislikes - treasure hunters.

GUYBRUSH'S PARENTS - Their names are unknown. Perhaps not the best of 
parents, they abandoned Guybrush when he was a little boy. They appear 
only in a weird dream sequence in which they transform into dancing 

HERMAN TOOTHROT - Making reappearance from the first game, he now lives 
on Dinky Island with his parrot, meditating.


SCABB ISLAND - Where Guybrush starts his adventure. Largo LaGrande has 
been terrorizing it for a long time now. It is also home to the 
International House of Mojo, the cemetery where Marco Largo LaGrande is 
buried, and the town of Woodtick. Woodtick boasts the Bloody Lip, Wally 
the Cartographer's shop, Mad Marty's dry-cleaning service, and the 
hotel where Largo LaGrande stays. 

PHATT ISLAND - Run by Governor Phatt, a blob who has spent his entire 
time as Governor in his bed. This island contains the only library in 
the Booty-Phatt-Scabb area, an extremely biased roulette wheel, and 
Rumm Rogers, Jr.'s cottage.

BOOTY ISLAND - It's one everlasting Mardi Gras party on Booty Island. 
Elaine lives here, along with Stan and Kate Capsize. You can 
participate in a spitting contest, buy antiques, or go to one of the 
governor's Mardi Gras parties (invitation and costume required).

LECHUCK'S FORTRESS - Not really an island, but it is the HQ for the 
dread pirate. If you enjoy being thrown into pits of acid or hanging by 
your wrists, you've come to the right place.

DINKY ISLAND - No-one can get its name right - it's commonly called 
"Drinky Island" and "Inky Island". Not much here except a lotta jungle. 
Oh yeah, and the fabled treasure of Big Whoop as well.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I put your walkthrough on my website/print it out?

A. The most common question asked of any walkthrough author. The answer 
is yes, but first you must ask permission. To print my walkthrough, you 
don't need permission - you just can't sell the printout or anything.



Part One
The Largo Embargo

When you gain control of Guybrush, step onto the bridge leading into 
town. Whoops, maybe you shouldn't have done that... Largo LaGrande will 
now show up and, no matter what lines you pick, he'll take all your 
riches. Walk east onto the path, and then click on the swamp when the 
map appears. Use the coffin, and keep rowing east until you're under 
the I.H.O.M. skull. Once inside, go talk with the Voodoo Lady about 
making a voodoo doll of Largo. She tells you you'll need four things - 
Something of the Head, Something of the Thread, Something of the Body, 
and Something of the Dead. In case you forget you'll get a VOODOO 

Leave the House of Mojo and row back to the shore. Back on the map, 
walk to the northern town (which is called Woodtick). As soon as you 
get there, pick up the sign. You'll get the SHOVEL. Go to the path 
again and head for the Cemetery in the southeast. Walk up on the hill 
and look at the graves until you find one that says, "Marco Largo 
LaGrande/Hell on sea or on sand/The good news is, he's dead/The bad 
news is, he bred". Use the SHOVEL on that one to get the BONE. That's 
Something of the Dead.

Return to Woodtick and cross the bridge. Enter the Wally's shop (it's 
the second one you come to). Pick up a PIECE OF PAPER from the stack, 
and leave the shop. Go into the hatch in the large ship in the south. 
You'll be in the Bloody Lip bar. Talk to the barkeeper and Largo will 
show up, take the barkeeper's money, and spit on the wall. Use the 
PIECE OF PAPER with the SPIT DRIPPING DOWN WALL and you'll get the SPIT 
ON PAPER. That's Something of the Body. 

Leave the bar. In the side of the ship with the bar in it you'll see 
three windows. Climb down into the one on the left. In the kitchen, 
pick up the KNIFE, and climb back out. Enter the ship at the western 
end of the bridge and you'll find yourself in the hotel. Use the KNIFE 
on the rope and the alligator will be set loose. When the innkeeper 
chases after him, enter the hotel room, which is Largo's. Pick up the 
TOUPEE on the dresser. That's Something of the Head.

Just Something of the Thread to go. Walk to the ship in the north, the 
one balanced on a rock. Talk to Mad Marty, the laundry guy, and you'll 
discover that you need a claim ticket to pick up laundry. Attempt to 
pick up the BUCKET in front of the Men of Low Moral Fiber and say, 
"Sorry, is this your bucket?" when told to leave it alone. You'll get 
the BUCKET. Leave Woodtick, go to the Swamp, and use the BUCKET with 
the swamp to get a BUCKET O' MUD. Return to Largo's hotel room, close 
the door, put the BUCKET O' MUD on the door, and hide behind the 
dressing screen. After a cutscene, leave the room and go back to the 
laundry stand. Watch the scene, and go back to Largo's room again. Shut 
the door and pick up the CLAIM TICKET on the door. Present it to Mad 
Marty at the laundry stand and he'll give you the PEARLY WHITE BRA. 

Go to the International House of Mojo and give the TOUPEE, the PEARLY 
WHITE BRA, the SPIT ON PAPER (you get to keep the SPIT-ENCRUSTED 
PAPER), and the BONE to the Voodoo Lady. You'll receive the VOODOO DOLL 
and some PINS. Return to the hotel and meet Largo in his room. While he 
threatens you, use the PINS in the VOODOO DOLL and in a cutscene Largo 
will flee, but not before taking the memento of LeChuck you've always 
kept - his still - living beard. You'll automatically go to the 
International House of Mojo. After another talk with the Voodoo Lady 

Back in Woodtick, go to the ship where Mad Marty's is and talk to the 
Men of Low Moral Fiber. Keep talking to them until the one on the right 
asks you to polish his leg. Ask him to give you the money for the 
polish. You'll get ONE PIECE O'EIGHT. Go to the Woodsmith's (it's the 
easternmost shop in Woodtick) and talk to the Woodsmith. For an amusing 
sequence, say, "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck 
could chuck wood," but pay one Piece o' Eight and buy some WOOD POLISH 
when you're done. Return to the Men of Low Moral Fiber and use the WOOD 
POLISH on the one with the peg leg to get ONE PIECE O' EIGHT. You can 
do this over and over if you want, and obtain up to NINETEEN PIECES O' 
EIGHT for your troubles. 

Now go to the map and head for the Beach (it's right next to Woodtick) 
where you started this adventure. Pick up the STICK, then return to the 
hotel in Woodtick and pick up the bowl to get some CHEESE SQUIGGLIES. 
Finally, go to the International House of Mojo and get the STRING (it's 
in the entrance room, not the Voodoo Lady's room). Go back to where Mad 
Marty and the Men of Low Moral Fiber are, and open the box on the 
floor. Use the STICK with the box, the STRING with the STICK, and 
finally use the CHEESE SQUIGGLIES with the box. Wait for the rat to run 
into the box (you'll have to walk away first), then pull the string and 
capture it. Open the box and pick up the RAT. Climb into the window of 
the Bloody Lip to get into the kitchen. Use the RAT with the 
vichyssoise, then climb out and enter the bar proper. Talk to the 
barkeeper and ask about the stew, and after a short scene the cook will 
be fired. Apply for the job, and then climb out the window once you're 
in the kitchen and go down into the bar through the hatch. You'll be 
accused of slacking off and fired. But you'll still have the 420 PIECES 
O' EIGHT you got as an advance salary...

Leave Woodtick and go to the Peninsula in the southwest. Get on the 
houseboat and talk to Captain Dread. He'll tell you he can't sail 
without his lucky sailing necklace. So, go back to Wally the 
Cartographer's shop. When Wally puts down his MONOCLE, pick it up and 
go back to the Peninsula. Give the MONOCLE to Captain Dread, and ask 
about chartering a ship. Pay the requisite 20 PIECES O' EIGHT, then 
sail away from Scabb Island!

Part Two
Four Map Pieces

Pick up the PARROT CHOW, and enter the ship. After a short 
conversation, you'll be shown (and receive) CAPTAIN DREAD'S MAP with 
Scabb, Phatt, and Booty Island on it. Select Phatt Island. As soon as 
you land, you'll be arrested. You'll find yourself in jail with none of 
your items except your money. Pick up the mattress of your "bed" then 
pick up the STICK under the mattress. Use it with the bone of the 
skeleton in the next cell, then pick up the BONE. Use the BONE with 
Walt the dog to get the SMALL KEY. Unlock the door of your cell. You'll 
see two envelopes on the desk. Pick up the MANILA ENVELOPE and open it 
to get all your items back. Pick up the GORILLA ENVELOPE and open it to 
get a BANANA and an ORGAN. 

Leave the jail and walk east onto the dock. Enter the alleyway to the 
left of the library. You'll see a man win at roulette. After he leaves, 
leave yourself and follow him into another alleyway. So that's how he 
does it! When he leaves, try to open the slot on the door. You'll have 
to give the password. This is how it works. The password is always the 
number of fingers he held up (not the number he SAID) the first time. 
For example, if he holds up three fingers and says, "If this is 
five..." then holds up four fingers and says "...then what's this?" the 
answer will be three because that was the number of fingers he first 
held up. When you give the password correctly three times, you'll 
receive the next winning number. Go back to where the roulette wheel is 
and play. Pick the number you were given at the Gambler's Club and you 
will win. Select the INVITATION as your prize.

Embark on Capt. Dread's ship again, and sail to Booty Island. Enter the 
Costume Shop and give your invitation to the shopkeeper. You'll be 
shown to your...um...costume. Pick up the DRESS, then exit and go to 
the Booty Island map. Head for the Small Structure on the narrow path. 
When the guard stops you, say, "I'm here for the Governor's party." 
Then say, "I've got my invitation right here," then, "I've got my 
costume right here." You'll be admitted to the grounds of the Marley 
mansion. Cross the log bridge, then walk to the mansion, open the door, 
and go inside.  

Two guests are "enjoying themselves" on the stairs, so you can't get up 
to Elaine's room. But you can pick up H.T. MARLEY'S MAP PIECE, which is 
above the fireplace. When you try to leave with it, however, Little 
Guybrush the Dog sniffs the map piece and you'll be taken to Elaine. 
After an embarrassing scene, you will, as usual, be presented with a 
list of dialogue options. Three of these will be rude and one will be 
soppy. Pick the soppy one and you'll see four more choices. Keep doing 
this and eventually Elaine will fall for you again. Guybrush will then 
make the mistake of saying, "Great! So you'll let me have the map?" 
Elaine will then angrily toss it out the window. Go leave the house, 
but there's nothing you can do - the map piece will blow away in the 
wind. Leave the mansion grounds to get rid of your dress, then go back 
into the mansion. Go up to Elaine's room, pick up the OAR, and leave. 
Now that you have pockets large enough to do so, pick up LITTLE 
GUYBRUSH, then go around the mansion and push the garbage can. The chef 
will come out and chase you. Run around to the front of the house, then 
run around the other side to get to the back again. Before the chef 
returns, enter the kitchen, pick up the FISH, and get out of there!

Go to Phatt Island and walk out onto the dock. Talk to the fisherman 
and eventually you'll have the opportunity to challenge him to a 
fishing contest. Do so, then give him the FISH as soon as you start. 
You'll win and receive the FISHING POLE. Go to the Cliffs in the 
southern part of Booty Island, and use the FISHING POLE. A seagull will 
come and take the map piece away. All that trouble for nothing...

Go to Booty Island's Big Tree. Walk onto the root, then step on the 
plank. Use the OAR with the hole next to the plank. Step on it and...

After a very weird dream sequence (during which Guybrush will write 
some info on the SPIT ENCRUSTED PAPER) pick up the BROKEN OAR and go to 
Scabb Island. Visit the Woodsmith and get the REINFORCED OAR (for 
free!!) then return to the Big Tree. Step on the root, then onto the 
plank. Use the REINFORCED OAR with the hole next to the plank. Step on 
it, pick up the PLANK, and put that in the next hole. Step on the plank 
again, pick up the REINFORCED OAR again, and put it in the next hole. 
Keep going until you get to the top of the tree. Enter the treehouse 
and use LITTLE GUYBRUSH on the huge pile of papers. He'll bring you, 

Exit the treehouse and click on the higher treehouse with the telescope 
in it. Guybrush will walk up to it. Once you're up there, pick up the 
TELESCOPE. Now climb back down to the ground and go to the path. Return 
to Ville de la Booty, and talk to Kate Capsize. Ask for a LEAFLET, and 
you'll receive one. Make an excuse and leave, then get on Dread's ship 
and sail to Phatt Island. Use the LEAFLET with the wanted poster, and 
get on the ship again. Watch the scene and return to Phatt. Go in the 
jail and use the SMALL KEY in the door to let Kate out. Then pick up 
the VANILLA ENVELOPE on the shelf and open it for some NEAR-GROG. 

Voyage to Booty Island. Enter the Antiques Shop right beside the dock, 
and pick up the sign next to the parrot perch. Pay for it to get the 
BEWARE OF PARROT sign. Then use the PARROT CHOW with the nail where it 
was. The parrot will ignore the mirror and look at the parrot chow. 
Since the parrot no longer needs the MIRROR, you can buy it, so do so. 
Then go to Scabb Island and enter the Bloody Lip. Use the BANANA with 
the metronome on the piano. This will paralyze JOJO, so pick him up. Go 
to Phatt Island and walk to the path. Click on the Cottage in the west, 
but you'll have to stop at the waterfall. Climb to the top of the 
waterfall and use JOJO with the pump. Go to the bottom of the falls 
again and enter the newly discovered gaping hole. 

Proceed through the tunnels until you get outside, then climb the hill 
to the cottage and go in. Say, "I'm looking for a map," then, "I'm 
Guybrush Threepwood. Prepare to die." Rumm Rogers, Jr, will say that 
sword fighting is for wimps and challenge you to a drinking contest. 
He'll bring out your grog and leave it on the table then go back to the 
kitchen to get his own. Now's your chance! Pick up the MUG and use it 
with the tree, then use the NEAR-GROG with the MUG. Use the MUG OF 
NEAR-GROG with the table and Rumm Rogers will come back. You will drink 
the near-grog and be fine, but he'll drink the regular grog and pass 
out. Now use the MIRROR with the mirror frame and go outside, and use 
the TELESCOPE with the grotesque statue. The light beam will hit the 
shutters, so open them and try again. This time the beam will go in the 
window, bounce off the mirror, and hit a certain brick on the wall. 
Remember which brick it is then go in and press it. The trapdoor will 
open and Guybrush will fall to the basement. Take MISTER ROGERS'S MAP 
PIECE from the skeleton. Now go through the tunnel to get back out, 
then enter the cave and return through the corridors to the waterfall. 
Head for the map and go to the Wharf.

Enter the library and talk to the librarian. Pick any line, then say, 
"I'm looking for a book," then, "No, how do I get one?" Give her any 
information you like and you'll receive a LIBRARY CARD. Now look at the 
card catalogue. Look under "R" then find "Recipes, Voodoo - The Joy of 
Hex" and say, "I'll have to remember that." Now look under "D" then 
find "Disasters - Great Shipwrecks of Our Century" and again say, "I'll 
have to remember that." Finally, look in any of the drawers and choose 
a random book. Say for the third time, "I'll have to remember that." 
Talk to the librarian again and say, "I'm looking for a book," then 
tell her the names of all three books you choose. You'll receive THE 
name of book you chose here). Exit the library and go to the path. Go 
to the Mansion, then open the gate, walk up to the door, and go inside. 
Start climbing the stairs. When the guard stops you, say, "You must be 
confusing me with my cousin Guybrush," then pick any line to get rid of 
him. Ascend the stairs to Governor Phatt's room. The bloated pig will 
be asleep, so use your RANDOM BOOK with the book on his bed. You'll get 

Return to Booty Island and enter the Antiques Shop. Pick up the WELL-
POLISHED OLD SAW from the barrel next to the door and buy it. Go to 
Scabb Island and visit the sleeping Men of Low Moral Fiber. Use the 
WELL-POLISHED OLD SAW on the peg leg of the tall one, who will wake up 
and yell for the woodsmith. While the woodsmith's shop is vacant, enter 
it and pick up the HAMMER and the NAILS. Sail to Booty Island and enter 
Stan's Previously Owned Coffins. Say, "I'm looking for a good used 
coffin." Listen to Stan's constant chatter, then close the coffin when 
he gets in. He'll pop back out and give you the CLEAN, WHITE HANKIE. 
Close it again and this time use the NAILS with it. Pick up the CRYPT 
KEY from behind the register and return to your ship.

Go to Scabb Island and head for the Cemetery. Use the CRYPT KEY in the 
crypt, then go inside. Look at FAMOUS PIRATE QUOTATIONS and remember 
which quote is Rapp Scallion's. Then look at all the coffins until you 
find the one with his quote on it. Open it, pick up the ASHES, and 
leave. Go to the International House of Mojo and look at all the jars 
until you find the Ash-2-Life. Pick it up, and the Voodoo Lady will say 
it's just a display model. If you have the ASHES and THE JOY OF HEX, 
you'll get the real ASH-2-LIFE. Go back to the crypt, open Rapp 
Scallion's coffin, and use the ASH-2-LIFE with his ashes. Choose any 
lines you like, and he'll eventually tell you that his soul isn't at 
peace because he's worried that the gas is on at his restaurant. He'll 
give you the KEY. Leave the cemetery and go to the beach. Use the KEY 
with the door of the small building, go in, and use the knob to turn 
off the gas. Go back to the cemetery, and use the ASH-2-LIFE on Rapp 
Scallion's ashes again. Tell him, "You were right. The gas was on," and 
you'll automatically say that you turned it off. To thank you for doing 
him a favor, Rapp will give you RAPP SCALLION'S MAP PIECE.
Now, make your way to the Bloody Lip Bar in Woodtick. Speak to the 
barkeeper and say, "Grog, please." When asked for ID, say, "Will you 
accept a temporary library card?" You'll automatically show him the 
LIBRARY CARD. Say, "Yeah, I could really use it." Order a YELLOWBEARD'S 
BABY. You'll also receive a complimentary CRAZY STRAW Then talk to the 
barkeeper again and say, "Bartender, fetch me a drink." Order a BLUE 
DRINK. Now head over to Booty Island and talk to the man next to the 
cannon. You'll discover that his name is Augustus DeWaat, and he'll 
fire off the cannon if he hears the mail ship horn. Hmmm...that info 
could come in handy...

Go to the antiques shop and pick up the SHIP'S HORN by the parrot 
perch. Purchase it for 40 PIECES O' EIGHT, and exit. Walk to the right, 
passing Stan's Previously Owned Coffins, and you'll come to a spitting 
contest. Stand next to the flags, then use the SHIP'S HORN. Wait for 
the cannon blast, then use the flags while everyone's looking away and 
Guybrush will move them. Now use the CRAZY STRAW with the GREEN DRINK. 
Talk to the Spitmaster, and choose any name you like. Then Chwwwwk and 
Hoooock. You'll see that the woman at the end of the line of pirates 
has a scarf around her waist. Wait until this scarf starts blowing in 
the wind, then ptooie. Your spit will fly way past the first flag. For 
winning, you'll receive the SPIT PLAQUE. Go the antiques shop and give 
it to the antiques dealer. Say, "What do you mean? It's worth a mint!" 
Then say, "That's not just any lump of pus." Now say, "The spit of the 
person who killed LeChuck is on it." The antique dealer will finally 
take it and you'll get 6,000 PIECES O' EIGHT. Look at GREAT SHIPWRECKS 
OF OUR CENTURY, and remember the latitude and longitude of the Mad 
Monkey's location. Go outside and talk to Kate Capsize about chartering 
a ship. Pay her the 6,000 PIECES O' EIGHT you just earned, and she'll 
ask where you want to go. On the map, find and select the Mad Monkey's 
coordinates. When you get there, say, "I'll dive in and look for the 
sunken galleon." When you reach the bottom, pick up the MONKEY HEAD, 
then pull the anchor rope to get hauled up to the surface. Once you're 
back on Booty Island, go to the antiques store and give the MONKEY HEAD 
to the antiques dealer. In return for such a valuable artifact, he'll 
give you the fourth and final map piece, YOUNG LINDY'S MAP PIECE.

Get on Captain Dread's ship and go to Phatt Island. Enter the library 
and open the model lighthouse by the door. Pick up the MODEL LIGHTHOUSE 
LENS, then go back to the ship. Sail to Scabb Island and go to Wally's 
shop. Give him the MODEL LIGHTHOUSE LENS to use as a monocle, and then 
give him one of the MAP PIECES. Guybrush will automatically give him 
the other three. Wally will ask you to run an errand for him while he 
works on the map. Go down to the International House of Mojo and talk 
to the Voodoo Lady to get the JUJU BAG. She'll suddenly sense that 
Wally has been captured. Go back to his shop and that will be 
confirmed. Now, open the JUJU BAG, which contains MATCHES and a LOVE 
BOMB. Go back to the swamp, open the big crate, and use it to get in.

Part Three
LeChuck's Fortress

Follow the bridge and climb the stairs into the passage. Continue into 
another tunnel (ignore the back tunnel) then enter the door on the 
right. You'll come to the prison. Look at the largest jail cell and 
you'll see Wally. After a conversation with him, leave the prison and 
enter the door on the left. Go into the back tunnel. Now look at the 
SPIT-ENCRUSTED PAPER. The song lyrics are actually directions to 
LeChuck's office. See the ugly bone things on all the walls? That's how 
to interpret the directions. For example, if Verse One says - 

The arm bone is connected to the hip bone,
The hip bone is connected to the rib bone,
The rib bone is connected to the leg bone.

- then you would find an Ugly Bone Thing with arms on top, a hip bone 
in the middle, and a rib cage on the bottom, (because arm, hip, and rib 
were the first three body parts mentioned) push it, and go through. You 
then would find an Ugly Bone Thing that matched Verse Two, and so on. 
After you've gone through four Ugly Bone Things, you'll reach LeChuck's 
office door (if you followed the directions correctly). 

Seems that all the locks, chains, and bolts on the door are pretty 
pointless, as you can just open the door and go on through. Go pick up 
the key and...oops.

After a cutscene, you'll be hanging by your wrists over an acid pit. 
Use the CRAZY STRAW with the GREEN DRINK. I bet you can guess what's 
going to happen next. Spit at the upper part of the shield next to you. 
Keep trying, and once you get it right, the spit will put out the 
candle. In the dark, Guybrush and Wally will escape. When you regain 
control, use the MATCHES. The resulting explosion will propel you all 
the way to Dinky Island.

Part Four
Dinky Island

As soon as you get up, walk right and pick up three things - the BOTTLE 
from the water, the MARTINI GLASS from beside the still, and the 
CROWBAR from near the martini glass. Use the BOTTLE with the rock to 
get the BROKEN BOTTLE. Use the MARTINI GLASS with the ocean to get a 
GLASS O' WATER, then use the GLASS O' WATER with the still to get the 
GLASS O' DISTILLED WATER. Now go left and enter the jungle. At the 
fork, go left, then continue to follow the path. You'll come to a bag 
hanging from a tree. Use the BROKEN BOTTLE with the bag, then pick up 
the BOX and use the GLASS O' DISTILLED WATER with it to get two 
CRACKERS. Go back to the beach and use the CROWBAR with the barrel near 
the parrot to get a third CRACKER. Now use all three CRACKERS, one 
after the other, with the parrot. Remember the directions it gives and 
go into the jungle. Take the right fork to find yourself at the pond. 
Pick up the ROPE on the box, then use the CROWBAR with the box and pick 
up the DYNAMITE. Now follow the parrot's directions to the X! Use the 
SHOVEL with it, then when you hit concrete, light the DYNAMITE with the 
MATCHES and toss it in. 

After a short scene, use the ROPE with the CROWBAR, then use the ROPE 
N' CROWBAR with the twisted metal rods to swing over to the chest. 
Another cutscene follows. When you regain control, click on "Use" then 
move the cursor around until the sentence says "Use light switch" and 
click. You'll be confronted by LeChuck. Yet another (relatively long) 
cutscene will follow. During this, LeChuck will reveal...that he is 
your brother!! He will reveal that he has a voodoo doll to send you to 
a dimension of infinite pain. However, it doesn't work. You'll need to 
make a voodoo doll of your own...

The way this section works is, you will be exploring the underground 
tunnels and trying to find Something of the Head, Something of the 
Thread, Something of the Body, and Something of the Dead, as you did 
before. The problem is, if you stay in a room too long LeChuck will 
show up and use his voodoo doll to warp you to another room.

To get Something of the Head, keep going right until you get to the end 
of the tunnels. Enter the door there, and open the trash can near the 
desk on the right. Pick up the stuff inside it to get two SURGICAL 
GLOVES. Exit this room and go left until you get to the room with the 
"First Aid" sign on the wall. Enter the door there and open all the 
boxes until you find the one with the BALLOON. Pick it up, then exit 
the room and go left again. You'll come to the room with the "Elevator" 
sign. Enter the door and use both SURGICAL GLOVES and the BALLOON with 
the helium tank. Leave this room and go left again. Push the call 
button and get in the elevator. Wait for LeChuck to come, then pull the 
lever. The door will slam on his beard. Pick up the CRISPY BEARD BITS 
and pull the lever again to return to the tunnels. (If you want you can 
leave first for a nostalgic scene).

To get Something of the Thread, go to the room with the helium tank. 
Use the coin return on the grog machine and a coin will fall out. Wait 
again for LeChuck. When he comes, he'll bend over to get the coin. 
Quickly pull his UNDERPANTS off (ugh!).

To get Something of the Body, wait in any room for LeChuck. When he 
comes, give him the CLEAN, WHITE HANKIE Stan gave you. He'll blow his 
nose on it and give it back.

Something of the Dead is, as usual, the easiest. Go to the room where 
you got the surgical gloves. Look at the skeletons to discover that 
they are your parents' skeletons! Pick up the SKULL from your dad.

Now go to the room where you got the balloon. Look in the boxes until 
you find the box of dolls. Pick up a GENERIC KEWPIE VOODOO DOLL from 
the box.

Go to the room where your parents' skeletons are. Open the medical 
drawer in the desk and pick up the HYPODERMIC SYRINGE. 

VOODOO DOLL. Wait for LeChuck to appear, and use the HYPODERMIC SYRINGE 
in the LECHUCK VOODOO DOLL. Enjoy the ending!!


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