Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge for DOS/Windows
Copyright 2003 Jeffrey M.
Version: 1.03
Date: 10/28/03
Version 1.01 Date: 10/30/03
Version 1.02 Date: 9/12/05
Version 1.03 Date: 1/18/06

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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is the epitome of point-and-click games.
Hilarious, entertaining, and mind-bendingly difficult. Well, it would be, but
you've got me to help you! So start up a new game and let's show LeChuck he
can't be revived on our watch!

By the way, I'm using the hard version of the game, since I don't have the
easy one. If you aren't able to select your difficulty, you are most likely
using hard mode.

A final note before I go any further. If you haven't already, I HIGHLY suggest
that you play Secret of Monkey Island before this game to better understand
the story and characters.

Table of Contents

1. Version History
2. The Story So Far...
3. Game Basics
  a. Controls
4. Walkthrough
  a. The Large Embargo
  b. Four Map Pieces
  c. LeChuck's Fortress
  d. Dinky Island
5. What's Next?
6. Special Thanks
7. Closing

1. Version History


Added The Story So Far..., Game Basics, Walkthrough, What's Next?, Special 
Thanks, and Closing.


I fixed a few errors. My brother, who had never played this game before, went
through the game in one day with this guide. How's that for a positive
endorsement, eh?


WHOA, AN UPDATE?! Just changing my e-mail and a couple other things. Nothing


Tiny change.

2. The Story So Far...

Guybrush Threepwood began his adventure on Melee Island. There he completed
three quests to become an "official" pirate, as well as meet Elaine Marley,
who he instantly fell in love with.

LeChuck makes his presence know by capturing Elaine. Guybrush assembles a crew
to go save her, which lands him on the mysterious Monkey Island. Herman,
cannibals, three-headed monkey... blah blah blah. Guybrush finds LeChuck's
ghost ship, raids it, and heads back to Melee Island to stop LeChuck's forced
wedding with Elaine. Using quick-thinking and root beer, Guybrush blows
LeChuck away.

But is LeChuck really gone? He was already dead, so it isn't like he can get
much deader. The answer lies in Monkey Island 2, so let's play...

3. Game Basics

a. Controls

NOTE: I am using the CD version of the game. Some of these controls will be
incorrect in other versions. For example, Save is F5 in other versions.

There are nine control buttons you use to interact with things: 

Talk To - Talk to people.
Pick Up - Pick up stuff.
Look At - Look at something.
Give - Give something to someone.
Push - Push something.
Pull - Pull something.
Open - Open something.
Close - Close something.
Use - Use something.

Also, right-clicking on things picks a default option. To see what that option
will be, put the pointer over something and see which button lights up. For
example, right-clicking on a person uses Talk To.

A few more controls:

. (Period) - Skips text. Use this if you've read the text already and are just
waiting for them to shut up.
F1 - Brings up the Save/Load/Exit screen. Hit Play to go back to the game.
Esc - Skips cut scenes.
Space - Pause/Unpause.

There are some more controls, like "T" for Talk To, but they aren't necessary
or particularly useful.

4. Walkthrough

Time to get this adventure started! Each time you enter a new area, I'll start
a new paragraph. This should help you locate your spot quickly. Also, I'm
telling you how to do things in the quickest order, but not necessarily the
story order. For example, you'll already have all the Largo voodoo doll 
components when you are first told about it in the game.

Now remember that Monkey Island games have lots of jokes and surprises that
are off the beaten path or have nothing to do with progressing the story.
Don't be afraid to smell the roses and interact with stuff even if I don't
mention it in the guide. 

a. The Largo Embargo

Guybrush starts out talking to two fellow pirates. Finish the conversation, 
then you'll automatically go to the next area.

Try to pick up the sign. You'll just get the shovel. Walk across the bridge.
About halfway, you'll be stopped by the ever annoying Largo LeGrande who will
steal ALL the money you have, leaving you with nothing but a shovel. Joy. Oh 
well. Turn around and go back the way you came from.

Welcome to the island map! You are currently in Woodtick. Right to the right
of that is the Beach you started in. Go there.

Look for the stick on the ground and pick it up. Walk off the left edge 

Go to Woodtick.

Walk to the left until there is a building above you. Enter it.

This is the Woodsmith's Hut. Talk to him for a bit more info and the priceless
woodchuck joke. Unfortuneately, that is all you can do here. Leave.

Keep walking left until there is another door above you. Enter it.

This is Wally the Cartographer's house. Talk to him for some more info. Now,
what you are about to do is cruel, but necessary. Stand next to the table.
Every once in a while, Wally puts his monocle down. Grab it as soon as he
does. Pick up a piece of paper from the pile of paper, then leave.

Go down the path to the hatch in the ship. It is actually a bar/resturant.
Talk to the bartender, and during your chat, Largo will come in, have a drink,
and rob the place. He also spit a big loogie at the wall. Once you are done
talking to the barkeeper, use the paper with Largo's spit. You'll need that
later. Leave the bar.

Walk to the left side of the bar/ship. See those windows on the side? You can
enter them.

Now you are in the kitchen. Lucky for you, the cook won't notice. Grab the
knife off the table and leave the same way you came.

Walk past Wally's place and up to the ship.

Talk to the Men of Low Moral Fiber (Pirates). After a long conversation,
you'll get one piece of eight to buy some wood polish. Attempt to pick up the
bucket hanging to the left. You'll be stopped by the left pirate. Ask if it is
his bucket. You'll get it. You can talk to Mad Marty (the laundry guy), but
you won't get anything out of it, not even info. Leave.

Go to the Woodsmith's Hut.

Talk to the Woodsmith and buy the Wood Polish. Leave.

Go to the ship with the pirates (from now on referred to as the Northern

Use the polish on his peg leg nineteen times. This gets you 19 pieces of
eight, but you can't get anymore because the pirate has run out of them.
Phooey. Leave.

Go to the ship all the way to the left, or, in other words, the one you 
haven't been to yet.

Use the knife on the rope holding that lizard guy in place. He'll run away,
and the hotel manager will follow. Look in the bowl to find Cheese Squigglies.
Pick them up. Open the door on the left of the screen.

This is Largo's room. You MUST be quick when here, or Largo will arrive and
kick you out. For now, just grab the toupee on the dresser and leave.

Leave the hotel.

Go all the way back to the right and leave to the island map.

Go to the Cemetary in the Southeast corner of the island.

At the top of the screen is a hill with a cluster of graves. Click there to
walk up to them.

Look at the topmost grave, which belongs to Marco Largo LeGrande. Use the
shovel on the grave. You get a bone from the grave. Ick. Leave this area.

Leave to the island map.

Go to the Swamp in the East part of the island.

Use the bucket with the swamp. Laugh at the bucket joke. Leave the Swamp.

Return to Woodtick.

Go to the hotel/ship.

Enter Largo's room.

QUICKLY close the door and use the bucket of mud with the door. Wait for Largo
to come in. Heh heh. You deserved it ya punk. Leave the room.

Leave the hotel.

Go to the Northern Boat.

Watch the cutscene. Leave.

Go to the hotel/ship.

Enter Largo's room.

Close his door. Pick up the laundry claim ticket. Open the door and leave.

Leave the hotel.

Go to the Northern Boat.

Talk to Mad Marty and show him your laundry claim ticket. You'll get
Largo's... PEARLY WHITE BRA?! O...kay. Ummm... let's just move on. Leave.

Go to the island map.

Go to the Swamp.

Use the coffin-esque boat and row to the right until you reach the shack.
Enter it.

On a table to the left and behind you is some skulls and some string. Pick up
the string. Look at the jars on the shelves until you find the one labeled
"Ash-2-Life". Attempt to pick it up. Before you can, you'll be called into
the voodoo priestess's room. Talk to her about the jar, then Largo. She'll
talk about making a voodoo doll of him. You need something of the Thread
(his... bra), something of the Head (his toupee), something of the Body (his
spit), and something of the Dead (his ancestor's bone). If you've been
following this guide, you should have all four, so hand them over. You'll get
a voodoo doll and some pins. Time for some good old fashioned revenge...

Row back to the shore and go to the island map.

Go to Woodtick.

Go to the hotel/boat.

Enter Largo's room.

Largo is inside, so you must use the voodoo doll with the pins before he
forces you out. If you are fast enough, you'll send him running from Scabb
Island. Unfortuneatly, he also gets LeChuck's beard from Guybrush, which will
allow him to revive LeChuck.

The scene automatically changes to the voodoo priestess's shack, where she is
informing Guybrush that LeChuck can be brought back. She also reveals,
however, that Big Whoop isn't just treasure. It is something far greater, and
to defeat LeChuck, Guybrush would need to find it. She gives him a book about
Big Whoop and Guybrush leaves. You can read the book right now, but it doesn't
matter yet. I'll go over it in the section "Four Map Pieces". Leave the shack.

Row back to shore and go to the island map.

Go to Woodtick.

Go to the Northern Boat.

Open the box on the ground. Use the stick with the box. Use the cheese 
squigglies with the box. Use the string with the stick. Stand back. When the 
rat enters the box, pull the string. Open up the box and pick up the rat.

Go to the window that leads to the kitchen.

Use the captured rat with the soup. Leave.

Enter the bar/boat the normal way.

Talk to the bartender. Ask how the stew is tonight. The bartender will go
check, see the rat, and fire the cook. You can now take his job. The
bartender gives you 420 pieces of eight in advance wages and you enter the 

Leave through the window.

Leave to the island map.

See that peninsula in the southwest corner of the island. Go there.

Click on the houseboat in the background. Guybrush will (slowly) make his way

Captain Dread lost his lucky sailing necklace (it was the eyeball of the
shrunken head in Secret of Monkey Island). You can't give him another eyeball,
but you can give him Wally's monocle! Tell him you want to charter his ship.

b. Four Map Pieces

After a short cutscene, Guybrush is found standing on Captain Dread's ship.
Pick up the parrot chow nearby and enter the cabin.

Ask Captain Dread what your choices in islands are, and he'll give you a map.
There is Scabb Island (the one you came from), Booty Island, and Phatt Island.
Click anywhere else on the map for an amusing phrase, then select Booty

Now would be a good time to look at that book the Voodoo Priestess gave you.
It talks about four pirates who found Big Whoop and split up their map into
four pieces to keep it safe. You must find all four to find Big Whoop.

                       ~Rapp Scallion's Map Piece~

The book says that Rapp opened a steaming weenie hut on Scabb Island, so his
map piece is most likely there. You'll need some things first, though. Just to
the left of your current position (if you just entered Booty Island) is a
building. Open the door and go inside.

It seems to be an antique shop. To keep it simple, we won't buy anything we
need for the other map pieces until we get to them, so for now, buy the well-
polished old saw by the door by picking it up. Hey, what's that on the 
counter? A map piece! But the owner won't part with it for less than 6,000,000
pieces of eight... oh well. We'll get it later. It isn't Rapp's map anyway.

Get on Dread's ship.

Go to Scabb Island.

You appear next to the bridge where Largo robbed you. Go to the Northern Boat.

Use the well-polished old saw on the peg leg you worked so hard to polish
before. Oh well. Leave. The pirate will wake up and freak out. Heh heh.

Go to the Woodsmith's Hut.

The Woodsmith is off fixing the pirate's peg leg, so pick up the hammer and
nails. Leave.

Leave for the island map.

Go to Dread's Ship.

Go to Booty Island.

Walk right until you are in front of... uh oh. Stan's Previously Owned
Coffins. This won't end well... Go inside.

Stan immediately begins conversation. You can chat if you want, but to push
things along, tell him you're looking for a good used coffin. Stan will show
you the one on the left side of the room. When he jumps into the coffin, close
it. He'll pop back up to give you a complimentary hankie, then close the door 
again. Use the nails with the coffin. Hey, I was wrong. That did end well!
Grab the key hanging on the back wall marked "Crypts". Leave.

Go back to Dread's Ship.

Go to Phatt Island.

You'll be arrested as soon as you enter the island. Governor Phatt wants to
see you.

The blob that is Governor Phatt will tell you that LeChuck is back and
offering a bounty on your head. Guess Guybrush is going to jail.

Once in your cell, pull the rock hard mattress. Pick up the stick that was
under it. Use the stick with the leg bone (just "bone" in the game) of the
skeleton in the other cell to get it into your cell. Pick it up. Use the bone 
with Walt (the dog). Pick up the small key. Use the small key with the cell
door. Voila! You're out! Pick up the Gorrila Envelope and the Manilla
Envelope on the shelves to the right. Open both of them. The Gorrila Envelope
contains a banana (you'll need it much later) and an organ (which is useless).
Open the Manilla Envelope to get all your stuff back. Leave.

Go down, then right. Go up to the building marked "Library". Go inside.

There is a lighthouse just to the left of the door. Open it and pick up the
lens inside. You'll need this much later. Use the card catalog. Open the "PQR"
file. Find "Recipes, Voodoo" and remember "The Joy of Hex". Leave the card 
catalog and walk to the right. Talk to the librarian. Tell her you're looking 
for a book, then tell her you don't have a library card. Tell her you want 
one. She'll ask some questions like name, address, etc. Pick whatever you 
want. Ask her if she has "The Joy of Hex". She'll get it for you. Go back to
the card catalog and pick any other card in the "PQR" file and remember it.
Ask the librarian for it and she'll get it. Leave the library (finally!).

Walk back past the jail and onto the path to the island map.

Go to the mansion in the south part of the island.

Open the gate and enter the mansion.

Talk to the guard. Say, "You must be confusing me with my cousin Guybrush",
then "I think there's a fire in the kitchen." He'll leave. Walk upstairs.

Use the useless book you got (NOT "The Joy of Hex", the other one) with the
book of Famous Pirate Quotations on Phatt's stomach. You'll switch the two
books. Leave.

Leave the mansion.

Go back to the island map.

Go to Dread's Ship.

Go to Scabb Island.

Turn around and go to the island map.

Go to the Cemetary.

Near the right of the screen are two crypts right next to each other. Use the
crypt key with the lower one. Enter.

Read that book of famous pirate quotations and remember the one from Rapp
Scallion. Look at the coffins to find the one with Rapp's phrase. Open the
coffin. Pick up some of the ashes. Leave.

Leave the Cemetary.

Go to the Swamp.

Row to the Voodoo Priestess's shack.

Remember that jar of Ash-2-Life? Try to pick it up. You'll be called over by
the Voodoo Priestess. Tell her you'll take it. You'll give her the ashes and
the recipe from the "The Joy of Hex" automatically, and recieve Ash-2-Life.

Row to shore and leave.

Go to the Cemetary.

Return to the crypt that contains Rapp Scallion.

Look at his coffin, then use the Ash-2-Life with the ashes. Rapp will
materialize in zombie-esque form. Ick. Chat for a bit, but make sure to tell
him you'll check the gas in the Steamin' Weenie Hut. Leave.

Leave the Cemetary.

Go to the Beach. Walk to the right until you see a shack in the background.
Walk to it. Use the key Rapp gave you in the door. Go inside.

Use, push, or pull the knob on the oven to turn off the gas. Leave.

Leave the Beach.

Go to the Cemetary.

Enter Rapp's crypt.

Look at his coffin, use the Ash-2-Life on the ashes, then tell him the gas was
on. He'll thank you and hand over the first map piece. Leave.

Leave the Cemetary.

Go to Dread's Ship.

                       ~Young Lindy's Map Piece~

Tell Dread you want to go to Phatt Island. Watch the cutscene with Largo and

When you reach Phatt, enter the library. Look at the card catalog under "CD".
Find Disasters, "Great Shipwrecks of Our Century". Remember it. Exit the card
catalog and go talk to the librarian. Tell her you want "Great Shipwreck's of
Our Century". Once you have it, leave the library.

Get on Dread's Ship.

Head to Booty Island.

Go to the Antique Shop.

Behind the parrot is a ship's horn. Pick it up to buy it. Once you have it, 

Get on Dread's Ship again.

Go to Scabb Island.

Walk to the bar/ship.

You'll be fired for skipping work. Don't worry, you get to keep your wages.
Talk to the bartender and ask for some grog. When he asks for ID, tell him
about your temporary library card. You get the choice of three drinks. Order
a Yellow Beard's Baby and a Blue Whale. You'll also get a crazy straw! Anyway,
use the blue drink with the yellow drink to make a green drink. Leave.

Go to the island map.

Go to Dread's Ship.

Go to Booty Island.

Walk to the right past Stan's off the screen.

A spitting competition is being held here. Guybrush is a horrible spitter, but
he can win none the less. Walk over to the "playing field". Use the ship's
horn. The man with the cannon will fire, thinking a ship is coming. The
Spitmaster will leave, and all the competitors will watch him. Quickly pick up
one of the flags. Guybrush will move them all closer to make winning easier.
Now, use that crazy straw with the green drink. Talk to the Spitmaster to
compete. Hooooock, Chwwww, then watch the scarf tied around the waist of woman
watching. When it blows in the wind, hit "Ptooie!" to spit. You'll win easily.
Your prize is a plaque with spit on it. Whee. Leave.

Go to the antique shop.

Give the spit plaque to the antique dealer. Pick the first option for all 
three dialouge choices to get 6000 pieces of eight for it. Excellent... Leave.

Walk right to the woman standing next to Stan's. Before you talk to her, read
"Great Shipwreck's of Our Century". Write down the location of the Mad Monkey.
For example, it may be located at 33N, 91W. Talk to the woman and ask her for
one of her leaflets. Once you have one, tell her you want to charter a ship.
Pay her the 6000 pieces of eight and tell her you're ready to leave. Find the
location of the Mad Monkey on the map and click there.

You'll be in the ocean on the ship and its owner. Tell her you're going to
dive in. Guybrush sinks to the ocean floor.

If you are in the right location, you'll find the Mad Monkey's remains. Pick
up the monkey head on the figurehead. Walk to the left and use the anchor.
You'll end up back at Booty Island.

Go to the Antique Shop.

Give the monkey head to the antique dealer. He'll trade you Young Lindy's map
piece for it. Two down, two to go! Leave.

Get on Dread's Ship.

                       ~Captain Marley's Map Piece~

Tell Dread you want to go to Phatt Island. Watch another cut scene between
Largo and LeChuck.

When you reach Phatt, enter the alley right to the left of the library.

A roulette style game is taking place here. After the short guy leaves, talk
to the dealer to play. Place a bet, pick a number, and lose. Argh. Wait for a
bit. Eventually, the short guy comes back. Once again, he wins. When he
leaves, follow him.

He'll walk to another alley on the other side of the library. Follow him

He'll knock on the door nearby and decipher some type of code to get the next
winning number for the roulette. When he's gone, try to open the slot on the 
door. You'll knock instead. Tell him you want the next winning number. The
trick is that the correct password is the first amount of fingers he holds up.
If he holds up four fingers, then five, the correct answer is four. Answer
correctly three times in a row to recieve the next number. Write it down.

Return to the first alley.

Make another bet on the number you know will win. You get your choice of three
prizes, but the only one you need is the invitation to Governor Marley's 
party. Get that and leave.

Go to Dread's Ship.

Go to Booty Island.

Enter the Costume shop just to the right.

Give your invitation to the shopkeeper and he'll show you to your costume.
It's a purple dress! Oooooh kaaaay. Pick up the dress, then leave the shop.

Walk to the path to the left of the guy with the cannon.

On the island map, click on the mansion in the northwest corner. You'll be
stopped at the bridge, where Guybrush will freak out at a costume. Once he's
back to normal, tell her you're here for the party. After showing her your
invitation and putting on your costume, you'll be allowed to pass. Walk along
the winding path to the mansion. Walk to the mansion.

Open up the door and enter.

Walk to the different people to hear some amusing conversations. When you've
had enough, pick up the map piece above the fireplace. Leave.

When you try to walk away, the dog sniffs the map piece and you are taken to
Governor Marley. Pick all the sweetest dialouge options to win Elaine back, 
but Guybrush blows it all anyway. She throws the map piece outside. Great, 
just great. 

You'll end up back in the party room. Go outside.

Chase the map until it floats to the cliff side. Walk back to the entrance to
the mansion. 

Enter the mansion.

Walk up to Elaine's room.

Elaine is gone so grab the oar above her bed and leave.

Go outside.

The dog will bark, but the gardener is raking behind the mansion, so he can't
hear it. Pick up the dog. Guybrush will change back into his normal clothes
and take the dog. Walk around the left side of the house.

You're now behind the mansion. There is a door and a trash can here. Push the
trash can to make the cook come out and start chasing you. Run back around the
house the way you came.

Walk around the front of the house to the other side, then go around to the
back again.

Enter the door the cook came out of.

Pick up one of the fish on the table, then leave.

The cook will keep chasing you. You can let him catch you if you want. Either
way, go around to the front of the mansion again.

Leave the mansion.

Go along the winding path that brought you here in the first place to leave.

Once on the island map, go to Dread's Ship.

Go to Phatt Island.

In the background is a fisherman on a pier. Walk to him.

Talk to the fisherman. During your chat, tell him you are the best fisherman
in these islands. He insists that he is. Insult him a few times until he asks
you to make a wager. Accept his offer. As soon as you are out of the
conversation, give the fish you got from the mansion's kitchen to the 
fisherman. He'll hand over his pole like he said he would. You'll leave the 
pier automatically.

Walk to Dread's Ship.

Go to Booty Island.

Walk to the island map.

Go to the Cliff on the south edge of the island.

Walk to the cliff side. Sure enough, there's the map piece. Use the fishing
pole with the map. Just before it reaches Guybrush, a seagull grabs it and
takes it to a Big Tree. Leave the Cliff.

Go the Big Tree the seagull flew to.

There are holes in the tree's side. Use the oar with the second hole (the
first one already has a plank in it). Use the oar. It snaps, and Guybrush hits
his head and enters a dream sequence. His mom and dad show up to teach him a
strange song as dancing skeletons... Riiiight. Guybrush writes it down on the
paper he got from Wally way back in the beginning. After the strange dream
ends, pick up the broken oar and leave.

Go to Dread's Ship.

Go to Scabb Island.

Go to the Woodsmith's Hut.

Give the woodsmith the broken oar. He'll repair and reinforce it, all for
free! Good deal! Anyway, leave.

Go to the island map.

Go to Dread's Ship.

Go to Booty Island.

Go to the island map.

Go to the Big Tree.

Stick the reinforced oar in the second hole again. Use it. Pick up the plank,
put it in the next hole, then use that one. Pick up the oar, stick it in the
next hole, and Guybrush will get the idea and go the rest of the way on his

You're up in the tree with three huts. First of all, go to the top-left one
and pick up the telescope. Then enter the central hut.

There are a bunch of papers in here, but don't worry. Elaine's dog can sniff
out the map in a jiffy. Use the dog with the pile of papers to secure the
third map piece. Leave the hut.

Walk back down to the ground.

Go to the island map.

Go to Villa de la Booty.

Enter the antique shop.

                       ~Mister Rogers' Map Piece~

To the right of the ship's horn is a sign. Pick it up to buy it for 5 pieces
of eight. Use the bag of parrot chow with the hook that was holding the sign
up. The parrot will go to look at the bag. Buy the mirror. Leave.

Enter Dread's Ship.

Go to Phatt Island. Watch as LeChuck threatens Largo.

Once on Phatt, walk to the wanted poster with Guybrush on it. Use the leaflet
Kate (the woman who's ship you chartered) gave you with the wanted poster.
Walk to Dread's Ship and watch as Kate is arrested.

When asked what island you want to go to, just say Phatt again.

Walk to the left and enter the jail.

Use the small key you have from when you were in jail to let Kate out. She'll
leave in such a rush that she won't pick up her stuff. Grab the vanilla
envelope and open it to get some near-grog. Leave.

Enter Dread's Ship.

Go to Scabb Island.

Go to the bar/ship.

Use the banana (you got it with the gorilla envelope long ago) with the
metronome on the piano. Pick up Jojo the monkey. Leave.

Go to the island map.

Go to Dread's Ship.

Go to Phatt Island.

Walk to the left and onto the path that leads to the island map.

There is a waterfall on the western part of the island. Go there.

Point the mouse/aimer at the top of the waterfall, then move it right until it
says "Walk to path". Like it says, walk to the path.

You'll end up at the top of the waterfall next to a pump. Use Jojo with the
pump to turn off the water. Walk back the way you came.

Enter the "newly discovered gaping hole".

Walk to the door on the left.

Do the same.

Once more...

There is a cottage on the top of the hill here. Walk to it. 

This place is pretty dilapidated. Oh well. Go inside anyway.

This is Rum Rogers Jr., Mister Rogers' son. Eventually, you'll end up saying
"I'm Guybrush Threepwood. Prepare to die." He'll challenge you to a drinking
contest with his special homemade grog. First, he'll bring you your drink.
Quickly use it with the plant to the left. Then, fill the empty mug with the
near-grog you have. Rogers will pass out from his special grog. Use the mirror
with the mirror frame. Leave the same way you came in.

Open the window on the left side of the door. Then use the telescope with the
grotesque statue. The light will shine into the telescope, through the window,
onto the mirror, and land on the brick you must push to reach the map piece.
Make sure you know which brick it is, then go inside again.

Walk to the left side of the room and press the proper brick. The trap door
will open and you'll fall into the room below. Mister Rogers' skeleton is
right here, still holding his map piece. Pick up the map piece, then exit
through the hole to the left.

Walk to the path on the left side of the hill. It takes you to the island map.

Go to Dread's Ship.

Go to Scabb Island. Watch the cutscene on your way there.

Go to Wally's House.

Give Wally the lens you have (from the lighthouse in the Phatt library). Then
give him the map. He'll promise to decipher it if you get him something from
the Voodoo Lady. You'll automatically leave.

Go to the island map.

Go to the Swamp.

Row to the Voodoo Lady's shack.

Walk to the right into the Voodoo Lady's room. Get the love potion. She'll
suddenly tell you she felt a disturbance in the Force, and it sounds like
Wally's in trouble! Leave the shack.

Row back to shore and enter the island map.

Go to Woodtick.

Go to Wally's House.

Wally is gone. All that is left is a hastily written message that says
"LeChuck." Leave.

Return to island map.

Go to the Swamp.

There is a crate here on the shore. If you look at it, you'll see that it is
going to LeChuck. Use it. Guybrush will be taken to LeChuck's Fortress.

c. LeChuck's Fortress

Guybrush will climb out of the crate automatically. Before you do anything
else, open that juju bag you got from the Voodoo Lady. You'll find some
matches and a love bomb. Walk to the right and up the stairs into the next

There are a bunch of signs here. Just to the right of them is a back tunnel.
Enter it. Note: If you keep walking to the right without entering the tunnel,
you'll find Wally's jail cell. You can talk to him, but it isn't necessary.
Funny, though.

Remember your parent's cryptic song? Find the spit encrusted paper in your
inventory and look at it. Here is a sample verse:

"The arm bone is connected to the head bone.
The head bone is connected to the rib bone.
The rib bone is connected to the leg bone."

Now, on the wall, there are ugly bone things. If you were using the verse
above, you'd need to find one with a pair of arms/hands on top, a head in the
middle, and ribs on the bottom. If there isn't one in this room, walk into
the next room to the right and look for it there. Once you find it, push it.
Then you can walk through the bone thing. Repeat this for all four verses.

You'll end up in a room with a huge door. Because of all the locks, you can't
open it, but if you simply push it, you'll discover a hidden door in the huge
door. Neat, eh? Walk through.

You're in LeChuck's throne room now. Behind the throne is a big voodoo key to
a jail cell (Wally's). Pick it up, and... aw crap! LeChuck set a trap! A cage
falls on Guybrush and LeChuck comes in. You're taken to the torture chamber.

There is an incredibly elaborate trap set up here. If you wait long enough,
you will be lowered into the acid. Of course, Elaine will remind you that you
are telling her a story, so you can't possibly be dead, and you'll get
another shot. Therefore, I highly suggest you wait for a while to see this
funny scene at least once. ^_^ Anyway, to actually escape, use the crazy straw
with the green drink. This changes all the command options to "Spit",
"Loogie", "Looch", "Gob", "Squirt", "Hawk", "Emit", "Gleek", and "Spurt". In
other words, you gotta spit. Pick any of these nine options, and spit at the
shield just to the right of Guybrush. Aim for the bottom part of the shield to
make it bounce into the candle. Guybrush and Wally will escape automatically.

You end up in a dark room. Use matches to discover you're surrounded by
dynamite. Guybrush will drop the match, blowing him to Dinky Island.

d. Dinky Island

Click anywhere to make Guybrush get up. Walk to the right to find Herman
Toothrot, who is apperantly teaching philosophy. He'll ask you some tree
question that makes no sense, but if you pick enough colors, you'll find "All
colors", which is the answer. Ooooh kaaaay. That was useless. Pick up the
crowbar just to the right of the still. Use the crowbar with the barrel under
the parrot. You'll get a cracker. Under the still is a martini glass. Pick it
up. Use the martini glass with the ocean. Use the glass o' water with the
still. Pick up the bottle to the left. Use it with the rock to the left of the
still. Give the parrot a cracker. "Go due east from the pond to the dinosaur."
Walk to the left and walk into the jungle.

Go along the left path.

Only one way to go here. Keep walking left.

There is a bag hanging from a tree here. Use the broken bottle with the bag.
A box falls out. Pick up the box. Open the box. Use the glass o' distilled
water with the box of cracker mix. You get two more crackers. Exit through the
same way you came in.

Walk to the right.

Take the right path this time.

Pick up the rope around the nearby box. Use the crowbar with the box. Pick up
the dynamite that is inside. Now, there are three paths leading northeast
(top), east (middle), and southeast (bottom). Since this is the pond area,
take the east (middle) path. 

There are four exits in this area. Take the one in the top-right.

If you picked the right paths, you're in the dinosaur area. If not, go back
until you are out of the jungle, then try again. Give a cracker to the parrot 
that flies into the area. Go north after getting the parrot's clue.

Take the north exit here as well.

You're at the big rock pile now. Give a cracker to the parrot for the last
clue. Exit to the east.

If you followed all the directions, you'll be on a Big X. Perfect! This must
be Big Whoop! Use your shovel with the Big X. You'll hit cement. Use a match
with the dynamite, then use the lit dynamite with the hole. BOOM!

You're now inside a big hole created by your dynamite. You're standing on one
pillar while a treasure chest in on the other. Use the crowbar with the rope
to create a crowbar 'n' rope. Use this with the twisted metal rods above you
to swing over to the treasure chest. Of course, Guybrush screws up and is left
hanging until Elaine shows up. As soon as he's done telling her his story,
the rope holding Guybrush up snaps and you plumment into the darkness.

There is a light switch to the right of the middle of the screen. Use it. AHH!
LeChuck! He's made a voodoo doll of Guybrush, and he plans to use it to send
him to the dimension of infinite pain! It fails, of course and Guybrush just
goes to the next room. During this last battle, you must collect the items for
a LeChuck voodoo doll while LeChuck follows you. If he catches you, he'll send
you to another random room in this complex. Here is a rough map to help you:

                              -               -               -              -
                              -               -               -              -
                              -       F       -       G       -       H      -
                              -               -               -              -
                              -               -               -              -
-              -              -               -               -              -
-              -              -               -               -              -
-      A       O      B       O       C       O       D       O       E      -
-              -              -               -               -              -
-              -              -               -               -              -

O = Door


A - This is where you started. Pick up the ticket in the smashed-up treasure

B - There is an elevator here.

C - Has three exits and an arrow that says "ELEVATOR".

D - Has three exits and an arrow that says "FIRST AID".

E - It is the only room with an exit to the left and an exit upward. The top
exit leads to the first aid room.

F - Has a soda machine and a helium tank.

G - Has a lot of boxes.

H - Has the skeletons of Guybrush's/LeChuck's parents and a first aid station.

Now, you need the following things for your voodoo doll:

Something of the Body - Let LeChuck find you. Before he sends you into a
different room, give him the hankie that Stan gave you. He'll blow his nose in

Something of the Head - In room H, open the trash can in the right side of the
room. Pick up the glove in it. Go to room G. One of the boxes contains a 
ballon. Pick it up. Go to room F. Use the two gloves and the balloon with the 
helium tank. If you have Guybrush inhale these, he'll sing songs! Anyway, go 
to room B. Enter the elevator in room B by pressing the button. Once inside, 
get ready to pull the lever. When LeChuck shows up at the elevator, pull the 
lever. You'll get some of his beard. Also, you can take the elevator up for a 
quick flashback to Secret of Monkey Island.

Something of the Thread - In room F, use the soda machine's coin return. A
coin will fall into the room. Wait for LeChuck to come in. When he does, he'll
bend over to pick up the coin. Pick up his underwear. Ick.

Something of the Dead - In room H, pick up your dad's skull.

A Pin - In room H, open the medical drawer in the right side of
the room. Pick up the syringe inside. This will work fine as a pin.

A Doll - In the room G, the bottom box has a bunch of pirate dolls. Pick up
one of them.

Juju Bag - You already have one! Once you have the ingrediants, put them all
in this bag (beard bits, used hankie, dad's skull, underwear, and a pirate
doll). Guybrush will mix them up into a LeChuck voodoo doll!

Wait for LeChuck to find you. When he does, use the syringe with your voodoo
doll. LeChuck will be defeated! Watch the ending and make sure to sit through
the credits for one last joke!

5. What's Next?

Although the game is over, you can play it again to see more jokes. If that
doesn't interest you, the next two Monkey Island games are already out. They
are "The Curse of Monkey Island" and "Escape From Monkey Island". Make sure
to play them too. If you haven't already, you should definitely play the first
game (Secret of Monkey Island) as well.

6. Special Thanks

God - For everything.
CJayC - For creating and maintaining the best gaming site ever.
You - For reading this and hopefully putting it to good use.
Myself - For taking the time to do this.
My Family - For all the support they've given me in everything.
LucasArts - For making this amazing game.

7. Closing

I really enjoyed making this guide and I hope someone gets some use from it.
Drop me a line if you have some feedback!

This guide is copyright property of Jeffrey M., 2003. The only site this
may be posted on is unless I give permission.

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Well... I can't really think of a way to end this...

Hey look! A three-headed monkey! *runs*