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                          The Secret of Monkey Island
                                       by Spatvark (spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk)

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                    <          [01] Introduction          >
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Avast me hearties! Our hero, the intrepid Guybrush Threepwood... well, what be
in a name? He be out to become the best goddamned pirate he can be, and he'll
cut any scurvy seadogs throat that he has to! ...What, he be all-a-fainting at
the sight of blood? Darr, he just needs to get used to it! Still, he be
willing to spit in their face! Maybe if he has a serious phlegm problem he
might, you say?. He at least can give them a beating, surely? No you say? What
the hell chance has he of becoming a pirate at all then!? Next thing ye know,
ye'll be saying that he won't rape, plunder and steal!


Ye be jesting with me, aye? He does at least drink grog, right? "He'd have to
have a fake ID to get served first"? Arr, this not be boding well for us


The first of a series of four Point-and-Click Adventures starring the wussy
wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood, the Monkey Island games are the epitomy of
all that the genre should be. Except, well, the fourth one, since it's so bad.
With funny storylines, witty repartee, clever puzzles and pirates, the Monkey
Island games bring together a confluence of sheer awesome that no one can not
love. Except for the fourth one. Since it's so bad.

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                    <           [02] Disclaimer           >
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Listen up you mangy lot, this bit is important. You are free to use this FAQ
for personal reference but if you plagiarize any sections, well... I'll have to
come up with something evil to do to you...

The only place allowed to host this FAQ is:

GameFAQS - http://www.gamefaqs.com

If you see it anywhere else, please contact me at: spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk

You can also contact me with any questions that pertain to The Secret of
Monkey Island that AREN'T answered in this FAQ, or any corrections to mistakes
I've made (this does not include typographical errors; I'm not THAT anal
retentive about my work).

Also, do not bother to email me and ask whether you can host this FAQ on your
site, the answer is no. GameFAQs is the only place I particularly feel like
trusting, while sites that have to go soliciting for FAQs strike me as
desperate to get a reputation even a tenth of that GameFAQs has. So don't
bother, I won't even reply to your emails.

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                    <        [03] Version History         >
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v1.10 - Updated the Copyright. [09/01/09]

v1.05 - Slight formatting update, change of email and an edit to the

v1.00 - It's not like there's a whole lot that can be done with a FAQ/
        Walkthrough for this kind of game, and I think I've got it all down

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                    <            [04] Contents            >
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    **>Introduction -------------------------------------- [01]
    **>Disclaimer ---------------------------------------- [02]
    **>Version History ----------------------------------- [03]
    **>Contents ------------------------------------------ [04]
    **>Characters ---------------------------------------- [05]
    **>Walkthrough --------------------------------------- [06]
      ==>Part One: The Three Trials ------------------------- [06a]
        -->Introductions ---------------------------------------- [06a.1]
        -->Thievery --------------------------------------------- [06a.2]
        -->Swordplay -------------------------------------------- [06a.3]
        -->Treasure Hunting ------------------------------------- [06a.4]
        -->Leaving Mle Island --------------------------------- [06a.5]
      ==>Part Two: The Journey ------------------------------ [06b]
      ==>Part Three: Under Monkey Island -------------------- [06c]
        -->Exploring Monkey Island ------------------------------ [06c.1]
        -->Cannibal Run ----------------------------------------- [06c.2]
        -->LeChuck's Ship --------------------------------------- [06c.3]
      ==>Last Part: Guybrush Kicks Butt --------------------- [06d]
    **>FAQ ----------------------------------------------- [07]
    **>Thanks -------------------------------------------- [08]
    **>Legal Stuff --------------------------------------- [09]
    **>Next Version -------------------------------------- [10]
    **>Working On... ------------------------------------- [11]
    **>Goodbye! ------------------------------------------ [12]

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                    <           [05] Characters           >
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Guybrush Threepwood:
    Arr, Guybrush be more useless than a barnacle on a barmaids backside, but
    he be the hero o' the story, so ye must guide him through the obstacles
    that block his path to becoming the greatest pirate there ever was!
    ...Mark my words, ye be screwed me lad, ye be more screwed than a whore on
    Booty Island!

Elaine Marley:
    The lovely Governess o' Mle Island, she be adored by all the pirates
    here, and not jes' because she be good at her job, if ye know what I mean.
    Arr, she surely be a sight for sore eyes, and it not be too long 'til
    Guybrush be making sheeps eyes at her.

Ghost Pirate LeChuck:
    Guybrush not be the only one after the heart of Governor Marley, but also
    the dreaded Ghost Pirate LeChuck! Even after he and his crew met their
    watery fates in Davey Jones's locker in search of the secret of Monkey
    Island, his obsession with our fair governer has brought him back from the
    dead and he be planning to make her his, regardless o' what he has to do!

Fester Shinetop:
    Arr, Fester be a scoundrel o' the worst sorts, a law man! And not jes' any
    law man, he be sheriff of Mle Island! Nobody likes the mean landlubber,
    not even Governor Marley who appointed him, but he be the only man who
    wanted the job after the mysterious death o' the previous sheriff. Many a
    man, me good self included, be thinking that Fester Shinetop had his hand
    in that incident, and be planning some dark deed for the not so distant

Salesman Stan:
    I be warning you young'un, beware Stan's fast talking mouth and flailing
    arms. He may seem like an honest dealer in ships, but be wary lest he dump
    a creaky ol' tub upon ye, making ye think it be the sale o' the century!

Voodoo Lady:
    She be a creepy one, that she is, but her dark magicks be useful, if not a
    bit on the flashy side! But by the beard on me chin, I wouldn't mind a
    quick fumble below decks with her, thar be plenty to hold onto!

Herman Toothrot:
    The lone survivor o' his crews expedition to Monkey Island, Herman be the
    only civilised man there. His mind may be gallivanting off somewhere else,
    but he be sharp to any tricks ye may try to play on him!

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                    <          [06] Walkthrough           >
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First, here's a table with the control shortcuts on, they'll make your life a
lot easier whilst traversing the world in The Secret of Monkey Island:

  |                      Controls                      |
| O | Open         | W | Walk To      | U | Use          |
| C | Close        | P | Pick Up      | L | Look At      |
| S | Push (Shove) | T | Talk To      | N | Turn On      |
| Y | Pull (Yank)  | G | Give         | F | Turn Off     |

Also, when you're talking to someone, you can have up to six different
possible responses on screen at a time; pressing 1 to 6 on your keyboard will
automatically say the one that corresponds to the numbered position.

With that sorted out, let's get this underway!

<--[06a] Part One: The Three Trials----------------------------->

==[06a.1] Introductions==

  | Items      | Description |
| Hunk of Meat | It's some sort of meat, or meatlike substance... |
| Pot          | Someone cooked a headcheese in this.             |
| Fish         | I think it's a herring.                          |

Walk to the right until you reach a building with a sign above it that has a
smily face upon it. Right click the door to open it and then step inside. Talk
to the pirate just to the right of the door, and he'll refer you to Estefan,
the pirate in black on the table to the bottom-right of the screen. Talk to
him about the incident between LeChuck and Governor Marley and then walk to
the Curtain on the right-hand side of the screen, which will take you to the
second part of the Scumm Bar. Talk to the Important-Looking Pirates and tell
them that you want to become a pirate; they'll inform you that you need to
complete The Three Trials to become one.

Once you've finished talking to them about the trials, try to enter the door
to your right; the cook will shout at you. Move about halfway across the
screen and wait for the chef to leave the kitchen and walk off the screen
before bolting for the kitchen. Inside, grab the Hunk of Meat and the Pot.
Open the door leading to the small pier outside where a seagull is busy
picking at a fish. Step on the bottom-right corner of the plank to send the
bird flying upwards; repeat this until you have enough time to pick up the
Fish. Leave the kitchen and the Scumm Bar entirely.

==[06a.2] Thievery==

  | Items             | Descriptions |
| Minutes             | There sure are a lot of spelling errors.             |
| Breath Mints        | BREATHMASTER -- For the pirate who cares about first |
|                     | impressions.                                         |
| Yellow Petal        | It's a striking yellow colour.                       |
| Meat with Condiment | It's some sort of meat, or meatlike                  |
|                     | substance...                                         |
| Staple Remover      | I bet this will come in handy.                       |
| Manual of Style     | I think it's some kind of religious text.            |
| Wax Lips            | They're Yak-sized and covered in slobber. I'M        |
|                     | certainly not going to chew on them.                 |
| Gopher Repellant    | It says gophers won't come near you with this stuff  |
|                     | on.                                                  |
| Cake                | It's heavy.                                          |
| File                | It's a raspy metal file.                             |
| Fabulous Idol       | It's beautiful                                       |

Walk right to the Archway, and to the next screen of the village. Talk to the
Citizen of Mle and pick the fourth option, and then tell him you don't have
enough money for the map. Talk to the Men of Low Moral Fiber (Pirates) and ask
them about the guy across the street; when they offer you a copy of the
Minutes, offer to take it if they give you two Pieces of Eight. Once you've
finished conversing with them, walk through the Archway underneath the Clock
to the third screen of the village.

A voice "Psssst"s at you from the Alley, so walk into it. A bald guy will
sneak up on you, eventually introducing himself as Sheriff Fester Shinetop.
Leave the Alley, and go into the building on the left. Talk to the cell's
tenant (the big one, not the four-footed one) and Guybrush will refuse to talk
to him on account of the prisoners chronic halitosis. Leave the jail and open
the door to the right before entering. Ask the storekeeper about Breath Mints
and he'll sell you a roll for 1 Piece of Eight. Return to the Jail and Give
the prisoner the Breath Mints.

Once you've exhausted the possibilities of conversation with Otis, leave the
Village and go to the Fork on the island map. Take the right-most path and
Pick Up the Flowers to get a Yellow Petal. Use it on the Hunk of Meat to make
the Meat with Condiment. Back to the village, head past the Jail through the
left-most Archway to find yourself on a trail towards the Governor's Mansion.
Walk to it and then Give the Meat with Condiment to the Deadly Pirahna

Once they're out cold, open the door and enter. Open the door to the right of
the entrance and go through it, and you'll have a sequence with Fester. Once
it's FINALLY over (though, time spent laughing is time spent wisely), leave
the mansion and head back to the Jail. Give Otis the Gopher Repellant and
he'll thank you by giving you the Cake. Open it to get the File. Return to the
Mansion and go through the Gaping Hole. Once your conversations with Fester
and Governor Marley are over, try to leave the Mansion, and the Sheriff will

Trapped underwater, there are plenty of sharp objects about to cut the rope
tying you to the Fabulous Idol with, it's just a shame that you can't actually
reach any of them. So, how do we get out before Guybrush drowns? Easy. Pick up
the Fabulous Idol. After what's probably my favourite scene in any of the
Monkey Island games (Man, now that's what I call an incentive!), you're
finally complete with the first of The Three Trials!

==[06a.3] Swordplay==

  | Items             | Descriptions |
| Sword               | SLASHMASTER -- When you want a sword as sharp as |
|                     | your wit.                                        |
| 100% Cotton T-shirt | It says "I beat the Sword Master"                |

Go into the Scumm Bar and give the Fabulous Idol to the Important-Looking
Pirates, and check up on any details you may want to.

Leave the village and click to go to the Clearing near the middle of the map.
Walk down the hill and enter the Circus Tent, to find the Fettucini Brothers
arguing about which one of them will get into the cannon. After getting their
attention, ask how much they'll pay you if you do it instead, and then agree
to it. When they ask about a helmet, say you have it, and Give the Pot to the
Fettucini Brothers. After the short scene, you leave minus the Pot, but with
478 Pieces of Eight and a mild concussion. Leave the Clearing and head back to
the Village.

Head to the shop and pick up the Sword, and then Use the Bell to call the
storekeeper. Talk to him about the sword and buy it, before leaving. Don't
bother asking him about the Sword Master of Mle Island just yet, you need
some training first.

Leave the Village and walk to the House on the lower-right peninsula of the
island. Before you reach the Lights, you'll come across a Bridge, guarded by a
Troll. When you ask him about the toll, he says "I want something that will
attract attention but have no real importance." Give him the Fish, and he'll
exclaim "Ah! A red herring!" and let you pass. Get it =D?

Resume walking to the House and Open the Door. Ask Captain Smirk to train you
and keep nagging until he agrees. Eventually you'll undergo some training, and
he lets you in on the secret to success at sword-fighting: Insults! This is
actually very important, so pay attention to what he says. See, to win a
sword-fight in this game, you need to out-insult your opponent. Each insult
has an appropriate retort that you can use to defeat your opponents insults,
and thus take another step towards defeating them. However, you have to learn
them first!

After leaving Captain Smirk's Big Body Pirate Gym, you'll note that there are
four different types of pirate walking about on the island map: Bloodthirsty
Pirate, Dirty Rotten Pirate, Stinking Pirate and Ugly Pirate. Walk into them
to enter a dialogue with them, and if you so wish, you can start a sword-fight
with them, thus giving you the opportunity to learn all of the Insults and
Retorts. There are 16 combinations in all; after learning 12 of them and
winning your duels, they pirates will say that you're good enough to fight the
Sword Master, but ignore them. I honestly recommend learning all sixteen
combo's. Also, I find the best spot for getting into fights (I wait for them
to come to me, rather than chasing after them) is at the rotated-T junction
just west of the Fork; practically every pirate has to go through there.

The way a swordfight works is as follows:

Guybrush uses an insult, and the Pirate tries to retort.

If the Pirate uses the correct retort, he wins a point.
- The Pirate then uses an insult and you try to retort.

If the Pirate uses the wrong retort, you win a point.
- You then get to use another insult and the Pirate tries to retort.

This repeats until one of you gets three points, winning the duel.

You can only learn an insult by having a Pirate use it on you, and you can
only learn a retort by having a Pirate use it on the right insult.

Below is a table of the insults and retorts:

| Insult | This is the END for you, you gutter-crawling cur!               |
| Retort | And I've got a little TIP for you. Get the POINT?               |
| Insult | Soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish-kabob!             |
| Retort | First you'd better stop waving it around like a feather-duster. |
| Insult | My handkerchief will wipe up your blood!                        |
| Retort | So you got that job as janitor, after all.                      |
| Insult | People fall at my feet when they see me coming.                 |
| Retort | Even BEFORE they smell your breath?                             |
| Insult | I once owned a dog that was smarter than you.                   |
| Retort | He must have taught you everything you know.                    |
| Insult | You make me want to puke.                                       |
| Retort | You make me think somebody already did.                         |
| Insult | Nobody's ever drawn blood from me, and nobody ever will!        |
| Retort | You run THAT fast?                                              |
| Insult | You fight like a dairy farmer.                                  |
| Retort | How appropriate. You fight like a cow.                          |
| Insult | I got this scar on my face during a mighty struggle!            |
| Retort | I hope now you've learned to stop picking your nose.            |
| Insult | Have you stopped wearing diapers yet?                           |
| Retort | Why, did you want to borrow one?                                |
| Insult | I've heard you are a contemptible sneak.                        |
| Retort | Too bad no one's ever heard of YOU at all.                      |
| Insult | You're no match for my brains, you poor fool.                   |
| Retort | I'd be in real trouble if you ever used them.                   |
| Insult | You have the manners of a beggar.                               |
| Retort | I wanted to make sure you'd feel comfortable with me.           |
| Insult | I'm not going to take your insolence sitting down!              |
| Retort | Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh?                      |
| Insult | There are no words for how disgusting you are.                  |
| Retort | Yes there are. You just never learned them.                     |
| Insult | I've spoken with apes more polite than you.                     |
| Retort | I'm glad to hear you attended your family reunion.              |

Once you've learnt them all, go to the Village and return to the Shop. Talk To
the storekeeper and ask him about the Sword Master. When he leaves, follow him
out of the shop and to the Fork on the island map. Inside, just go through
every opening that he does, and eventually you'll arrive at the Sword Master's
house. Once the storekeeper and the sword master finish talking, go and talk
to her yourself; challenge her to a fight.

This duel differs slightly from your training duel; Carla does all of the
insults, and they're all different from the ones you first learnt, BUT they
can be countered with the same retorts. Also, the first to five points wins.

The following table shows her insults and the retorts you need to beat them
(To be honest, you should be able to work the right ones out without it if
you're smart, but hey, it means I get to pad this out!):

| Insult | I've got a long, sharp lesson for you to learn today.     |
| Retort | And I've got a little TIP for you. Get the POINT?         |
| Insult | My tongue is sharper than any sword.                      |
| Retort | First, you'd better stop waving it like a feather-duster. |
| Insult | My name is feared in every dirty corner of this island!   |
| Retort | So you got that job as a janitor, after all.              |
| Insult | My wisest enemies run away at the first sight of me!      |
| Retort | Even BEFORE they smell your breath?                       |
| Insult | Only once have I met such a coward!                       |
| Retort | He must have taught you everything you know.              |
| Insult | If your brother's like you, better to marry a pig.        |
| Retort | You make me think somebody already did.                   |
| Insult | No one will ever catch ME fighting as badly as you do.    |
| Retort | You run THAT fast?"                                       |
| Insult | I will milk every last drop of blood from your body.      |
| Retort | How appropriate, you fight like a cow.                    |
| Insult | My last fight ended with my hands covered with blood.     |
| Retort | I hope now you've learned to stop picking your nose.      |
| Insult | I hope you have a boat ready for a quick escape.          |
| Retort | Why, did you want to borrow one?                          |
| Insult | My sword is famous all over the Caribbean!                |
| Retort | Too bad no one's ever heard of YOU at all.                |
| Insult | I've got the courage and skill of a master swordsman!     |
| Retort | I'd be in real trouble if you ever used them.             |
| Insult | Every word you say to me is stupid.                       |
| Retort | I wanted to make sure you'd feel comfortable with me.     |
| Insult | You are a pain in the backside, sir!                      |
| Retort | Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh?                |
| Insult | There are no clever moves that can help you now.          |
| Retort | Yes there are. You just never learned them.               |
| Insult | Now I know what filth and stupidity really are.           |
| Retort | I'm glad to hear you attended your family reunion.        |

When you defeat her, you'll get the 100% Cotton T-shirt, and you'll have
completed the second of the Three Trials! One more to go!

==[06a.4] Treasure Hunting==

  | Items | Description |
| Shovel  | DIGMASTER -- The only shovel for serious treasure-hunting    |
|         | enthusiasts.                                                 |
| Map     | Looking at the map shows you a picture of the dance steps    |
| T-shirt | "I found the Treasure of Mle Island and all I got was this |
|         | stupid T-shirt!"                                             |

Head back to the Scumm Bar and Give the 100% Cotton T-shirt to the Important-
Looking Pirates; they'll hand it back. Leave and go to the shop; while the
storekeeper is berating you, pick up the Shovel and Talk To him. Buy the
Shovel and leave. Go to the Citizen of Mle and buy the Map; Look At it, and
it'll turn out he's ripped you off! They're dance instructions!

Leave the village and go to the Fork. Look at the map again and follow the
directions it shows: Back means a Path at the back of the screen, Left means a
Path to the left of the screen, and Right means... who'd have thought it? It
means a Path to the right of the screen! Amazing! After following all nine
instructions (I think they're different for every game; I might try to confirm
this later but then again, I might not. My instructions were Back, Left,
Right, Left, Right, Back, Right, Left and Back.) walk to the right and you'll
find an X on the ground. Use the Shovel on the X and eventually you get the
Lost Treasure of Mle Island! Finally, all three of the Three Trials are
done! Once we're confirmed as pirates, it's time for some hot smoochin' action
back at Governor Marley's mansion! Let's head to the Scumm Bar!

==[06a.5] Leaving Mle Island==

  | Items            | Description |
| Note               | "Attention pirates of Mle:                          |
|                    | Your governor is alive and well and she is by my side |
|                    | as she was always meant to be. If you try to find us  |
|                    | you will only meet with horrifying disaster.          |
|                    |                        Yours truly, Captain LeChuck." |
| Hunk of Meat       | It's some sort of meat, or meatlike substance...      |
| Mug                | Looks like a fine pewter tankard.                     |
| Mug o' Grog        | Looks like a fine pewter tankard.                     |
| Melting Mug        | Looks like a fine pewter tankard.                     |
| Mug Near Death     | Looks like a fine pewter tankard.                     |
| Pewter Wad         | I don't think it will hold much now.                  |
| Rubber Chicken     | Hmmm... A rubber chicken with a pulley in the         |
|                    | middle... What possible use could this have?          |
| Business Card      | STAN'S PREVIOUSLY OWNED VESSELS - "I won't shut up    |
|                    | until I've made you a deal!" --Stan                   |
| Magnetic Compass   | "When you set sail for good value, all winds blow     |
|                    | towards Stan's!" (WARNING: Contains strong magnet     |
|                    | which may interfere with other navigational           |
|                    | equipment.                                            |
| Storekeeper's Note | I, the good and honourable storekeeper do hereby take |
|                    | the liability for the debts of the bearer of this     |
|                    | note for any amount up to 5000 pieces of eight.       |
| Pamphlet           | It's called "How to Get a Leg Up in Treasure          |
|                    | Hunting."                                             |
| Leaflet            | It's called "How to Get Ahead in Navigating."         |
| Brochure           | It's called "How to Arm Yourself in Sea Battle."      |

What was that? A ghost ship? Then that means... The lookout catches up to you
and gives you the skinny on what's been going down; LeChuck has kidnapped
Governor Marley! "What about my damn smoochies!?" I hear you cry. Well, you'll
just have to go and get her back, won't you? All the way to Monkey Island,
from which no one has ever returned alive! Read the note and then head for the
Governor's Mansion, to see if we can get some confirmation.

After the funny conversation finishes, leave via the right-hand Archway and
then enter the third door to the right from where you are. You'll wind up in
the Voodoo Lady's store; Pick Up the Rubber Chicken and then go to the right
and talk to her. Ask her about your future and tell her to say everything.
After all teh talking, head to the Scumm Bar. Looking kinda empty here... pick
up all five mugs and then talk to the Cook. Once you've finished talking to
him, go into the kitchen, take the Hunk of Meat and and then use a Mug on the

Go to the Jail as fast as you can; when the Mug o' Grog turns into a Mug Near
Death, Use it on another Mug. When you reach the Jail, use the Mug o' Grog (or
whichever derivative it is) on the Lock to bust Otis outta there! Enthused
with thanks for your good deed, he naturally offers to help if you need it,
and of course, we need a crew to man the ship on our voyage to Monkey Island!
Shame Otis isn't too thrilled by the idea... "LOOK BEHIND YOU! A THREE HEADED
MONKEY!" Once he's gone, leave the Jail and you'll see another cutscene.

When that's over, try to go through the Archway towards the Governor's Mansion
for a funny conversation, and then leave via the right-hand Archway. Enter the
third door to the right from where you are, and you'll wind up in the Voodoo
Lady's store. Pick Up the Rubber Chicken and leave the village. We need to
look into getting a ship, so let's head to the Lights on the island map.

Upon entering, you're assailed by Stan; tell him you want a cheap boat and
that you wanted to get it on credit. He mentions that the storekeeper might be
able to give you credit if you have a job... When you've finished talking to
Stan, head back to the Village and into the shop. Ask the storekeeper about
getting some credit and tell him that you do have a job; when he goes to open
up the safe, keep an eye open to note down the combination he uses to open it.
Answer however you like, you won't get the credit; when he asks if he can do
anything else, tell him you're looking for the Sword Master again. He'll go
out, leaving the shop unsupervised...

To open the safe, Push and Pull the handle; Push moves it clockwise, and Pull
moves it counter-clockwise. Once you've entered the combination and grabbed
the Storekeeper's Note, hightail it outta there! Go to the Sword Master's
House on the island map, and talk to Carla; tell her that the Governor was
kidnapped and she'll join your crew. Next, head to the Used Ship Emporium and
ask Stan to show you the cheap one again; when he asks for payment, tell him
that you have credit from the Storekeeper.

Now for the hard bit, getting the price down to 5,000 Piece of Eight; ask Stan
about the Extras and then say no to all of them until he starts to go from the
beginning of the list again, and then say you've had enough of the extras. Ask
him what he thinks it's worth and then tell him to forget it. When he tries to
call you back, say that he might be right and then ask him what he thinks it's
worth again. If it's down to 6,300, then make him an offer for 5,000 Pieces of
Eight, and you should be done. If not, repeat the process until it works.

When you've finally bought the Sea Monkey, Stan mentions that you need THREE
crewmates. Well, we've got one so far, Carla, but we need more! Where be that
scurvy lubber Otis hidin', arr? Use a Piece of Eight in the Grog machine, but
nothing comes out. Leave the Used Ship Emporium and head to the one place on
Mle Island that we haven't been to yet; the Island. Climb the Pole and use
the Rubber Chicken on the Cable, before entering the house.

A man with hooks for hands approaches you; tell him that the Governor has been
kidnapped and then suggest you get a crew together and lead a rescue mission.
After all the talking, open the last door, face the fearsome beast inside and
touch it! Or any of the other 11 commands. Once Meathook agrees to join your
crew and you leave the house, head back to the Village, and you'll find Stan
on the docks. After he gives you some nautical-related literature and leaves,
Otis shows up, followed by Carla and Meathook. It's the end of the first part
of The Secret of Monkey Island!

<--[06b] Part Two: The Journey---------------------------------->

  | Items                    | Description |
| Feather Pen                | It's a ballpoint feather pen.                 |
| Ink                        | I don't see anything special about it.        |
| Dusty Book                 | Guybrush reads diary entries from it.         |
| Bookmark                   | It's the top of a cereal box, used as a       |
|                            | bookmark.                                     |
| Jolly Roger                | What a fine looking flag. Shivers me timbers  |
|                            | just looking at it.                           |
| Giant Piece of Rope        | It's a giant piece of rope.                   |
| Piece of Rope              | It's a piece of rope.                         |
| Tiny Piece of Rope         | It's a tiny piece of rope.                    |
| Dinky Little Rope          | It's a dinky little rope.                     |
| Infinitesimally Small Rope | It's an infinitesimally small rope.           |
| Gunpowder                  | Looks explosive.                              |
| Fine Wine                  | I'm no enologist, but judging by the deep red |
|                            | colour ...this is a very fine wine.           |
| Cereal                     | Hmmmm... I loved this stuff when I was a kid. |
|                            | I liked the way it chewed up the roof of your |
|                            | mouth.                                        |
| Prize                      | This is no prize! It's a small key with a     |
|                            | finely engraved monkey on it.                 |
| Small Key                  | It's a small key with a finely engraved       |
|                            | monkey on it.                                 |
| Pot                        | It's about the same size as my head.          |
| Piece of Paper             | Guybrush looks at the "Map to Monkey Island"  |
| Cinnamon Sticks            | I don't see anything special about them.      |
| Flaming Mess               | Yikes!                                        |

Arr, we be sailing in search of booty, Governor Marley's booty to be precise,
and what a pretty sight it is!

Ahem... anyway, the crew have mutineed on our inept hero, so we need to set
about finding Monkey Island by ourselves! Inside the Captain's cabin, take the
Feather Pen and the Ink, and then open the drawer and Look At it to find a
Dusty Book. Look At the Dusty Book to read the Captain's diary entries and
receive the Bookmark.

Leave the Cabin and climb the Rope Ladder to the Crow's Nest. Take the Jolly
Roger and climb back down, before going down the Hatch. Go down the second
Hatch, Pick Up the Giant Piece of Rope, Open the Kegs to the left to get some
Gunpowder, Open the reddish-brown Chest in the bottom-right corner and Look At
it to get some Fine Wine and then go up the ladder.

Walk to the door and enter the kitchen; Open the Cupboard, Pick Up the Cereal,
Open the Cereal and you'll get a Toy Prize. Look At the Toy Prize to discover
it's actually a Small Key. Grab the pot and then head back to the Captain's
cabin. Use the Small Key on the Cabinet to open it, and then Open the Small
Chest. Look At it to find a Piece of Paper and some Cinnamon Sticks. Get back
in the kitchen (Wench!); the following items can be added to the Cooking Pot,
if you want to clear out space in your inventory:

 100% Cotton T-shirt
 Business Card
 Dusty Book
 Feather Pen
 Small Key

HOWEVER, one of the following items MUST NOT go into the pot, you can pick

 Business Card
 Dusty Book
 Feather Pen

Finally, the following items have to go into the Cooking Pot:

 Breath Mints
 Rubber Chicken
 Jolly Roger
 Fine Wine
 Cinnamon Sticks

With the last item added, there's and explosion and Guybrush passes out. When
he comes to, click anywhere to make him get up, and then head up on deck,
where you'll discover that you've arrived at Monkey Island! Use the Giant
Piece of Rope on the Cannon, and then go down the Hatch twice. Open the Kegs
to the left again to get some more gunpowder and go into the Kitchen. Use
either the Business Card, Dusty Book or Feather Pen (whichever one you didn't
add to the Cooking Pot) with the Red Hot Fire, and then get up on deck. Use
the Gunpowder in the Cannon Nozzle, Use the Flaming Mass on the Fuse, Use the
Pot and KABOOM! You're sailing off towards Monkey Island, this time by air!

<--[06c] Part Three: Under Monkey Island------------------------>

==[06c.1] Exploring Monkey Island==

  | Items              | Description |
| Banana (x3)          | It's yellow.                                        |
| Spyglass             | WARNING: Objects in spyglass may be farther away    |
|                      | than they appear.                                   |
| Rope (Fort)          | Good, strong stuff.                                 |
| Lens                 | My feet look bigger through this.                   |
| Cannon Ball          | It has three holes in it.                           |
| Handful of Gunpowder | Black and explosive, just the way I like it.        |
| Memo (Beach #2)      | Herman--                                            |
|                      | Please return our key to the Monkey Head.           |
|                      |                                     --the Cannibals |
| Memo (River Fork)    | To the Ghost Pirate LeChuck:                        |
|                      | We must ask you once again to curtail your nightly  |
|                      | activities in the Sacred Monkey Head area. Decent   |
|                      | people are trying to sleep! Kindly keep the noise   |
|                      | level down.                                         |
|                      |                      --The Monkey Island Cannibals. |
|                      | P.S.-- We saw you taking that woman with the scarf  |
|                      | down there!                                         |
| Noteworthy Rock      | I'm no geologist, but judging by these conchoidal   |
|                      | fractures, I'd say this is a piece of flint.        |
| Flint                | As I said, it's flint.                              |
| Memo (Towering Rock) | Note to the Monkey Island Cannibals:                |
|                      | Please stop moving this. It is delicately balanced. |
|                      |                                  --Herman Toothrot. |
| Memo (Pond)          | To the Monkey Island Cannibals:                     |
|                      | I don't mind you worshipping in front of the Sacred |
|                      | Monkey Idol that doubles as my home and secret base |
|                      | of operations...                                    |
|                      | ...but could you please refrain from leaving messy  |
|                      | sacrifices on my porch.  Also, please DO NOT ENTER  |
|                      | the Monkey Head.                                    |
|                      |                                     --G.P. LeChuck. |
| Rope (Pond)          | It seems to be a jump rope.                         |
| Memo (Beach #3)      | "To: Herman Toothrot                                |
|                      | From: Yammer, Hem, and Haw, attorneys at law        |
|                      | Re: Suit against cannibal tribe over malicious      |
|                      | tossing of your oars into a chasm.                  |
|                      | I think we have a case here. We can probably soak   |
|                      | them for emotional distress, and possibly punitive  |
|                      | damages as well."                                   |
|                      | Hmm. Sounds like Legalese. I don't think I can      |
|                      | translate the rest.                                 |
| Oars                 | It's a pair of oars.                                |

You'll find Guybrush buried headfirst into the sands of a Beach. We'll call
this Beach #1 from now. When both the monkey and Herman have left, click
anywhere to get up, and then Pick Up the Banana. Read the Piece of Paper and
then walk into the Jungle. Click the north-west corner of the map and when
Guybrush reaches there, it'll scroll further along. Click on the Fort found on
the north side of the extinct volcano, Pick Up the Spyglass and the Rope, Open
the Spyglass to get the Lens, and then Push the Cannon. Tell Herman that a
monkey did it and he'll walk off in a huff. Pick Up the Cannon Ball and the
Gunpowder and then leave.

Go to the Beach (Now known as Beach #2) due south of the Fort and Look At the
Note. Leave and then click on the east edge of the map and then click on the
River Fork, where the Dry River Bed meets the River. Look At the Note under a
Rock; after reading the Memo, Look At the Noteworthy Rock to find it's a piece
of Flint. Walk To the Footholds and Look At the Note, before climbing up the
next set of Footholds. Talk to Herman when he joins you, and then Push the
Rock off the cliff.

...Oh whoops, was that your ship? Oh well. Pick Up the Heap o' Rocks and then
walk onto the precipice to the right.

...Oh whoops, did you just die? Oh well.

Of course, you didn't really, but hah, had you going for a moment! Walk To the
Path Down and then Pull the Primitive Art twice before going back up to the
top. Push the Rock off the cliff again, and then go back down to the River
Fork. Use the Handful of Gunpowder on the Dam, and then use the Flint on the
Cannon Ball, OR use the Lens on the Gunpowder, either one blasting the Dam,
thus filling the Dry River Bed. Walk to the Pond at the end of the River (The
bit you just filled up). Pick Up the Note and the Rope before leaving. Head to
the Beach to the east, which we'll call Beach #3 from now. Pick Up the Bottle
to get another Memo and then go back into the Jungle.

Go to the Crack (Located just north of Beach #1) and use one of the Ropes on
the Sturdy Branch, Walk To the ledge below, use the other Rope on the Sturdy
Stump and Walk To the bottom of the Crack. Pick Up the Oars and then exit.
Go to Beach #1 and pick up the two Bananas and then Use the Rowboat.

==[06c.2] Cannibal Run==

  | Items               | Description |
| Memo (Beach #4)       | Cannibals--                                       |
|                       | I'm not giving you bloodsuckers your key to the   |
|                       | Monkey Head until you return my banana picker.    |
|                       |                                            --H.T. |
| Banana                | It's yellow.                                      |
| Memo (Guest Hut)      | To the ghost pirate LeChuck:                      |
|                       | We must protest your "acquisition" of our voodoo  |
|                       | antiroot. We realise that it provides a hazard    |
|                       | towards you and your crew, but this is thievery!  |
|                       |                     --The Monkey Island Cannibals |
| Skull                 | What a cute little skull.                         |
| Wimpy Little Idol     | What a cheap piece of mass-produced tourist crap. |
|                       | On the bottom it says "Made by Lemonhead."        |
| Banana Picker         | It says "If found, please return to Herman        |
|                       | Toothrot."                                        |
| Monkey Head Key       | Looks like a giant cotton swab.                   |
| Head of the Navigator | Guybrush looks at the Head.                       |

From Beach #1. go north-east, north, and then to the new Beach, Beach #4. Read
the Note and then Walk To the Jungle. Go to the Village and head straight to
the left; pick up the Bananas from the Fruit Bowl and then try to leave, only
to run into the Cannibals. When they ask for an offering, just wait and
they'll assume you have nothing to give them, thus taking you to the Guest
Hut. Read the Note, Pick Up the Skull, Open the Floorboard and Walk To the
Hole to escape.

Go back to Beach #4 and row the boat to Beach #1. Walk To the Jungle and to
the Monkey. Give all five Bananas to the Monkey and then walk to the Clearing
east of Beach #3. Walk to the right and Pull the Nose of the Totem Pole to the
left, and then walk away from it. The Monkey will hang from it, keeping it
pulled down. Walk To the Giant Monkey Head, Pick Up the Wimpy Little Idol,
head back to the Village and Give it to the Cannibals. When they rush off, go
to the Guest Hut and liberate the Banana Picker. Exit and you'll find Herman
talking to himself; Talk To him and tell him you have the Banana Picker; he
trades it for the Monkey Head Key.

Leave the Village and re-enter; tell the Cannibals that you're looking for
LeChuck and Governor Marley, and they'll tell you how to defeat LeChuck. The
problem is, LeChuck's stolen the Voodoo Root they need to make the potion!
They also tell you about how to get to LeChuck's ship within the catacombs,
but they're not willing to give you their last Head of the Navigator. Once the
conversation ends, give them the Leaflet and they'll be delighted, giving you
the Head of the Navigator. I hate that last puzzle, I literally spent months
trying to work out what I needed to do to get the Head, and that godawful pun
just never occured to me XD

==[06c.3] LeChuck's Ship==

  | Items               | Description |
| Necklace on Navigator | It's slimy and goopy.                             |
| Necklace on Guybrush  | It's slimy and goopy and it's around my neck      |
| Key                   | It's a big ghostly-looking key.                   |
| Ghost Feather         | It's a feather.                                   |
| Jug o' Grog           | It's a bottle of ghost grog.                      |
| Glob of Grease        | Yech, it's all over my hands.                     |
| Ghost Tools           | They're glowing ghost tools.                      |
| Voodoo Root           | It's twisted and dried up and not very impressive |
|                       | looking.                                          |
| Magic Seltzer Bottle  | It seems to be filled with some carbonated fluid. |

Head to the Giant Monkey Head and use the Monkey Head Key in the Giant Monkey
Ear, to open up a path inside. Take it and head all the way to the right of
the first screen. On the second one, Use the Head of the Navigator, and
Guybrush will pull it out; the head spins around and then faces the direction
that you should head in - make sure to stop in front of doorways to let it
re-orientate itself.

After taking the correct path enough times, you'll arrive at a high cliff
overlooking LeChuck's ghost ship. Talk To the Head of the Navigator and ask it
for its necklace; keep nagging at it and threatening it with violence until it
yields, and then Pick Up the Necklace on Navigator. Head on down to LeChuck's

Onboard, head to the left and enter the closed door to the south of the Ghost
Dog, to find yourself in the same room as LeChuck! Good thing that necklace
makes you invisible to ghosts, right? Use the Magnetic Compass on the Key to
snatch it without G.P. LeChuck noticing and hightail it outta there. On deck,
head to the right and go down the hatch and through the passageway. Pick up
the Ghost Feather and then go back a room to the bunks. Position yourself so
that you're by his feet (next to the chest) and Use the Ghost Feather twice
upon the Sleeping Ghost Crew to make him drop the Jug o' Grog. Snatch it up
and go back to the Animal Pens. Look At the Glowing Crate to confirm the
location of the Voodoo Antiroot and then use the Key on the Hatch.

Walk To the Cooking Grease, but Guybrush gets scared of the Ghost Rat, so Use
the Jug o' Grog on the Dish and the Rat gets drunk and passes out... or dies.
Whatever. Now you can safely pick up the Cooking Grease. Go back up on deck
and Open the Door to the right side; it'll squeak as you do so and Bob (One of
the Pirate Ghosts) will go over and close it. Use the Glob of Grease on the
Door to stop it squeaking and then Open it and enter. You'll find a sleeping
Ghost guarding the entrance to the Brig, where Bob said that they'd had to put
Governor Marley in earlier. Grab the Ghost Tools, but Guybrush won't use 'em
to knock out the Ghost Guard, without any Voodoo Antiroot mixture backing him

Head back to the Animal Pens and use the Ghost Tools on the Glowing Crate to
bust it open! Look at it to get the Voodoo Root! Head on back to the Cannibals
Village and they'll take the Voodoo Root of your hands. Note what they say,
that they're going to go and ferment it. After your brief conversation with
the three-headed monkey, the Cannibals will return and give you the Magic
Seltzer Bottle, and we're pretty much good to go! Leave the Village and you'll
wind up back at the cliff overlooking LeChuck's ghost shi-- the hell? It's not
there anymore! After Bob spills the beans that LeChuck's off to marry Governor
Marley in the church on Mle Island, Herman turns up and offers Bob a lift to
Mle Island to make it in time for the wedding, so ask for a lift too!

<--[06d] Last Part: Guybrush Kicks Butt------------------------->

  | Items   | Description |
| Root Beer | It seems to be filled with some carbonated fluid. |

Back on the familiar pier of Mle Island, head to the right and Guybrush will
be confronted with a ghost; pick any of the four options to dispatch it with
the Magical Seltzer Bottle, and then continue off to the right. On the next
screen, you have a choice; confront the Grim Spectre or open the door just to
your left to come out by the Archway below the Clock. Go through it and then
enter the middle building on this screen, to interrupt the wedding!

Oh man, and it all goes horribly, hideously, horrifically wrong. But all you
need to know is Guybrush takes a hell of a beating, with LeChuck literally
sending him flying about the island.

When you land in Stan's Used Ship Emporium and go headfirst into the Grog
Machine, and are then pulled out by LeChuck, Pick Up the Root Beer that popped
out of the machine when you hit it, and then Use the Root Beer on LeChuck
before he sends you flying off again.

Hey, you did it, you defeated the dreaded Ghost Pirate LeChuck! Watch the
ridiculously cheesy ending sequence, and then the real star of the show, the

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                    <              [07] FAQ               >
                      \ =============================== /

==Q. Are there any alternate endings to The Secret of Monkey Island?==========

A. The only real difference there can be in the ending is if you don't sink
   the Sea Monkey with the catapault. At the end of the third part, instead of
   Herman showing up, the crew (Carla, Otis and Meathook) show up and you sail
   back to Mle Island on the Sea Monkey, and in the ending, instead of the
   crew in the Cannibals Guest Hut, you see Herman left behind on the island.

==Q. What references are there to other Lucasarts games in The Secret of
     Monkey Island?===========================================================

A. There are three references to Loom: the first is a pirate in the Scumm Bar
   wearing a Loom badge ('tis Cobb, the guy who gets melted), the second is
   the Seagull on the jetty behind the Scumm bar, and the third is the first
   response you can make after being fired into the tent pole at the Circus
   (Bobbin is the main character of Loom).

   On Monkey Island, in the grounds of the Giant Monkey Head, there's a Sam
   and Max Idol.

   Also, in many conversations, you can make a comment about selling fine
   jackets, that's a reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Finally,
   when you open the Crate aboard LeChuck's ghost ship, the first few notes of
   the Indiana Jones theme play.

==Q. Can you kill Bob when you meet him under Monkey Island after LeChuck has
     taken the Ghost Ship to Mle Island?====================================

A. Yes, you can, and the following is what you need to say to do so:

    Have a taste of root beer, you evil spirit!
    I think I'll zap you anyway.
    Tell me where the ghost ship is.
    OK, I promise.
    What wedding?
    Where is the wedding?
    I've got to go after them!

   When Guybrush makes to leave, Bob turns around to stare out where the ghost
   ship was, and instead of going, Guybrush turns back, pulling out the Magic
   Seltzer Bottle. As Bob turns his head round, he gets a shot of root beer.

==Q. Is there a way to actually lose in the game?=============================

A. Depending upon the version you're playing, there are two. The first one
   that always works is to leave Guybrush at the bottom of the Mle Village
   pier for ten minutes. He'll turn all sorts of colours and finally drown,
   but you're "apparently" given a chance to retry it. I wasn't when I tried
   it, but that may be down to the version I had, that's all.

   The other method only works on some versions; I've had a fair few copies of
   The Secret of Monkey Island over the years, and once I managed to put the
   Leaflet into the Cooking Pot aboard the Sea Monkey. This meant that I
   couldn't get the Head of the Navigator from the Cannibals, and thus
   couldn't get to LeChuck's ghost ship.

==Q. Is there any other way of completing the game than defeating LeChuck on
     Mle Island?============================================================

A. Press Ctrl + W and press Y when asked if you want to win; it'll take you
   straight to the credits. Though, I guess I wouldn't really call that
   completing the game.

==Q. Are there any more little secrets in the game?===========================

A. Well, you can repeatedly escape from the Guest Hut in the Cannibals Village
   and then get recaptured; each time you do so, they change the door to try
   and prevent you from escaping. Shame that's not how you're doing it, isn't
   it? XD

   Also, the storekeeper has about ten different complaints he starts rattling
   off at you which are pretty funny to read. That's about all I can think of.

==Q. Do the Minutes have any use whatsoever?=================================

A. Not really, but with the 2 Pieces of Eight you get for them, you can buy
   the Breath Mints, and thus complete the Thievery trial, without doing the
   whole Circus scene. But you'll still have to do it to complete either of
   the Swordplay and Treasure Hunting trials. Also, in some versions of The
   Secret of Monkey Island, you can put them in the Cooking Pot aboard the Sea

==Q. Why is the Fabulous Idol called the Idol o' Many Hands when it has no
     hands? It makes no logical sense!========================================

A. That's the point. It's not supposed to make sense, it's non sequitur.

==Q. Help! I own a copy of The Secret of Monkey Island, but I can't get it to

A. Chances are, your computer is just too good to run The Secret of Monkey
   Island. However, there is a solution to this; the wonderful folk over at
   ScummVM (http://www.scummvm.org) have created a nifty program to allow many
   old point-and-click games to be run on todays more technologically advanced

==Q. Do you know where I can find a copy of The Secret of Monkey Island? I
     can't seem to find it in the shops, nor *ahem*online*ahem*===============

A. All of the Lucasarts Point-and-Click Adventure games are on the IDSA's
   hitlist, so there are very few places online that would pirate the games.
   Add the fact that despite being very old, it's not so long ago that they
   were still being sold, you should be able to get a hold of a copy via eBay.
   It's a shame though, the games are no longer sold by LucasArts, but have
   not been declared as Abandonware.

==Q. What's Abandonware when it's at home?====================================

A. Abandonware is software that has been abandoned. No, really. What it
   actually means is that it is no longer sold or produced, and has been
   released into the public domain.

==Q. Well, what's in it for Lucasarts?========================================

A. Apart from respect from the old-school gamers, nothing really. But there's
   only so much flogging of a dead horse that can be done, and the Monkey
   Island games are such classics (except the fourth one, since it's so bad)
   that EVERYONE should be able to play them.

==Q. Will there ever be another Monkey Island game?===========================

A. Lucasarts seem to have squashed that idea, and Ron Gilbert doesn't have
   enough cash to buy the Monkey Island name to make Monkey Island 3a: The
   Secret Revealed or Your Money Back, the third game as it was originally
   planned to be by him. So no, it doesn't seem likely.

==Q. Is there anything else you can pad out this FAQ section with?============

A. Not really. no. I guess I could transcribe the Credits down, but they're
   not as good in this one as they are in Monkey Island II: LeChuck's Revenge.

==Q. So how come you're still writing these stupid questions?=================

A. Padding is the art of making nothing take up space; the actual contents of
   the padding is irrelevant, it's the fact that it IS padding =D? Go ask a
   girl about the padding she puts in her bra, she'll probably explain it far
   clearer than I do. Honest.

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                    <             [08] Thanks             >
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This list is gonna be pretty short methinks =P

My Brother   - for getting me into the Monkey Island games in the first place,
               and doing most of the puzzle solving for me (I used to be a
               hideous example of back-seat gaming)
DJellybean   - for clueing me in for the basics of FAQ presentation.
Phoenix 1911 - I stole the copyright stuff from him coz' it sounded all
               professional and stuff XD
GameFAQS     - for hosting this FAQ.

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This unofficial document is protected by the international Copyright law. All
content within is created and owned by Peter Carter. Absolutely no profit must
be made from this work; it may not be reproduced, in part or in whole, and/or
altered in any way or under any circumstances without the prior consent from
the author, except for personal and private use. All copyrights and trademarks
contained within are owned by their respective holders. No copyright
infringement was intended during the creation of this document.

Copyright 2005-2009 Peter Carter.

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There probably won't be a next version to be honest. What can be added to

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Fallout 1.

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And that's all for now folks!