Save Game Editing FAQ by Strider VM

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/23/00 | Printable Version

Heretic Save Game Editing FAQ by Strider VM
Version 1.0

Q. What is Hex Editing ?
A. Hex editing is changing values of a certain file in order
   to cheat in games.

Q. How does it happen?
A. Most games have the option of having able to save the game. And since
   save games lists the level you are on, items, keys, etc. editing
   values would enable you to cheat.

Q. How does this FAQ be able to help me?
A. This is a guide on what values (Or part of the file) to change
   to be able to modify a part of the save game. (Like weapons,
   items, keys, etc.)

Disclaimer :

Since this thing is about modifying files, I am NOT RESPONSIBLE
for any damage this FAQ might cause. (Either your fault or just plain
wrong spelling :) So make sure to backup your files before doing any

Now that thing out of the way, let's get started, shall we.....

What do you need in order to hex edit :

Of course, a hex editing program!

Something like Norton Disk Editor / XE etc.

What to Hex Edit :

Of course a Heretic save game file. (I think it's obvious enough.)

How to Hex Edit:

This is an explanation of how to hack Heretic save game files. First off,
you will need a hacking program. Open it up and open a Heretic Save Game.

Then there are 8 columns of 4 digit numbers (or, to be more exact, 16
columns of 2 digit numbers with spaces after every second set of 2 digit
numbers).  Those are the things you alter.  Ignore the stuff to the right
of that. On the status bar (the bar at the bottom of the hex
editor) you will see a thing which says offset: then an 8 digit number.
That is the place in the code your cursor is located.  My hacking list
is divided into two sections, places in the code and things to put into
places in the code.  If you want to edit the health , it should
read 60, so go to to byte 60 and change the value.


Extra Note :
The modifiers in the inventories, there is one that is not
completed, I think. (04) , don't use it since it might produce
side effects, just try it if you're too curious.

Offsets in SAVEGAME files in hex
 60 - Health                                    -(0-200)
 64 - Armor                                     -(0-200)
 68 - Shield                                    -Numbers= 01
 6C - Icon at Inventory location number #1     -Icons  - 01=Ring
 70 - Number of inventory item #1                       - 02=Mask
 74 - Icon at Inventory location number #2             - 03=Potion
 78 - Number of inventory item #2                       - 04=*** Don't use. **
 7C - Icon at Inventory location number #3             - 05=Book
 80 - Number of inventory item #3                       - 06=Torch
 84 - Icon at Inventory location number #4             - 07=Hour Glass
 88 - Number of inventory item #4                       - 08=Egg
 8C - Icon at Inventory location number #5             - 09=Golden Wings
 90 - Number of inventory item #5
 94 - Icon at Inventory location number #6     -Numbers= 01-63hex (1-99).
 98 - Number of inventory item #6
 9C - Icon at Inventory location number #7
 A0 - Number of inventory item #7
 A4 - Icon at Inventory location number #8
 A8 - Number of inventory item #8

 E4 - Number of Items in inventory              -Numbers= 00-08

10C - Yellow Key                                -Numbers= 01=YES
110 - Green Key
114 - Blue Key
134 - Staff
138 - Wand
13C - Crossbow
140 - Dragon's Claw
150 - Gloves
158 - Wand Ammo                                 -Numbers= 0-03E7 (0-999)
15C - Crossbow Ammo
160 - Dragon's Claw Ammo
174 - Wand Max Ammo
178 - Crossbow Max Ammo
17C - Dragon's Claw Max Ammo
190 - God mode and clipping                    -God=02, Clipping=01, Both=03

 EC - Ring Time  (Low Adress)                  -1 minute = 0834hex
 ED - Ring Time  (High Address)
 F0 - Mask Time  (Low Adress)
 F1 - Mask Time  (High Address)
 F8 - Torch Time (Low Adress)
 F9 - Torch Time (High Address)
 FC - Book Time  (Low Adress)
 FD - Book Time  (High Address)
100 - Wing Time  (Low Adress)
101 - Wing Time  (High Adress)