• Debug Mode

    During play, press Alt and D and the version number will be displayed, your X/Y coordinates on the current screen will be shown, and several debug commands will be unlocked. The commands will only be unlocked for the current screen you are on.

    Assign new value to chosen variableset var
    Change your current X/Y coordinates on current screenposition
    Eliminates the wizardbye bye wizard
    Forces the wizard to go to sleepsleep wizard
    Obtain several game items (but not all)gimme gimme
    Prompts you to select an object to obtainget object
    Resets chosen flagreset flag
    Sets chosen flagset flag
    Shows chosen flagshow flag
    Shows chosen variableshow var
    Shows various info on your slavedriverwizard status

    Contributed By: Pleinair.

  • Debug Mode Item Obtaining Codes

    Enter Debug Mode and input the "get object" command. Enter one of the following numbers to get its corresponding item.

    Amber Stone14
    Brass Key38
    Cat Cookie23
    Cat Hair2
    Chicken Feather1
    Cup & Ocean Water26
    Dog Hair3
    Dough in Ears8
    Eagle Feather9
    Empty Cup42
    Empty Jar29
    Empty Lard Jar35
    Empty Pouch19
    Empty Purse47
    Fish Bone Powder5
    Fish Oil22
    Fly Wings10
    Invisibility Ointment36
    Magic Map54
    Magic Rose Essence39
    Magic Stone16
    Magic Wand37
    Mandrake Root21
    Nightshade Juice17
    Poisened Porridge25
    Purse & Gold Coins48
    Rose Essence12
    Sleep Powder20
    Spoonful of Mud27
    Storm Brew30
    Thimble & Dew7
    Three Acorns18
    Toad Spittle31
    Toadstool Powder28
    Treasure Chest53

    Contributed By: Pleinair.


  • Get past the Abominable Snowman without spells

    If, while casting spells in other parts of the game, you run out of Rose Essence to fly by the Snowman easily, all is not lost.

    Before climbing up the waterfall at the end of the cliff path, type the phrase LOOK MAP but don't hit [ENTER]. Follow the path and if a message appears stating the Abominable Snowman's presence, press [ENTER]. Push [F8] to stop looking at the map, and the Snowman will likely disappear. If not, hit [ENTER] then quickly press [F3](redo command) and [F8] until he does.

    Contributed By: ASchultz.

  • Infinite score

    If you attempt to untie Rosella without dealing with the dragon, he'll scorch you both and end your game; however it takes him a few seconds and for some reason you can still enter commands in that time. If you keep repeating ''untie Rosella'', you keep getting points for doing so, up to and past the maximum. Unfortunately as soon as you stop, the dragon will kill you and end your game. :)

    Contributed By: Sashanan.


  • Version number

    Press Alt+V to see the version number.

    Contributed By: nemrod.

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