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Maid's Story
Version 1.0

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Guide
3. Thanks
4. Credits

Written By: Daniel Lee Hill
E-mail: id@klis.com


Maid's Story is a hentai game published by Jast in 
1996. In this game, you're a collage graduate who's 
been recently hired to train three women to be maids in 
a mansion in the countryside. It's your job to teach 
them the correct skills, while managing the condition 
and finance of the mansion.


Tatsuaki - This is you.

Alice Tachibana - The secretary of the mansion. She's 
described as a beautiful, intelligent woman. She was 
previously a corporate secretary, and has now been at 
the mansion for 2 years.

Hitomi Matsumoto - Brown hair. (More to come).

Sanae Yuki - Red hair. (More to come).

Azusa Kobayakawa - Black hair. (More to come).


Once all the introductions are complete, the gameplay 
begins. You'll be presented with a complex series of 
menus and buttons. Each girl has their respective file 
with their name and picture identifying them. 

Next to their picture, you'll see a green bar labeled 
Stamina. This is how much physical energy they left; 
it's very important to keep this at an acceptable 
level, otherwise they won't be able to complete their 

Next, you'll also see a sort of dialogue box with 
hearts in them below the stamina bar. This indicates 
how much they like you. The more they like you, the 
more cooperative they'll be. If this is too low, they 
won't perform their assigned duties.

Below those, you'll see a chart showing numbers for 
Washing, Shopping, Cleaning, Cooking, and Service. 
These numbers represent what level that particular 
skill is at. Naturally, the higher the level, the more 
productive they'll be at that task. This can be very 
important when the house gets really dirty.

After that, you'll see a menu labeled Today's Schedule. 
The girls will pick out a schedule on their own, but it 
may be necessary to make some adjustments. Do this by 
clicking on Morning, Noon, or Afternoon on the schedule 
you wish to change, then the desired task from the 
buttons towards the bottom-centre of the screen. 
Clicking Auto will generate a random schedule 
automatically. I'd recommend making your own however, 
since some tasks require more immediate attention. To 
determine this, look in the lower left corner of the 
screen, where it says Kinbikan Information. You will 
see Garbage, Dirt, Laundry, Food, and their 
corresponding status. It's important to keep these in 
check, otherwise your maids will be unhappy. If a maid 
is exhausted, she will need to have Rest in her 
schedule. In the lower right corner, you'll see Today's 
Guest and also the date. If you have a guest that day, 
one of your maids must have Service in their schedule.

Once you've set your schedule, click Confirm. During 
the day, you can pick a girl to patrol; one each in the 
morning, noon, and afternoon. You'll be given the 
opportunity to either encourage or get angry. I believe 
getting angry will cause the girl to work harder, 
sometimes improving her skill at her current task.

At the end of the day, the secretary will report to 
you, followed by the night lessons. This is where the 
hentai part of the game comes in. Select a girl, and 
then off you go. If you didn't patrol a girl during the 
day, you won't be able to choose her for night lessons. 
Once you begin, you will be presented with various 
choices. Don't expect new activities to go smoothly, 
especially if your relationship with the girl isn't 
good, or if their stamina is low. Your progress can be 
seen in the lower left corner, as well as the girl's 
stamina. There isn't really much different in the 
options, except for the images you'll get to see. 
Basically just keep at it and they'll come around. 
Later on, you can purchase toys for use in night 
lessons. Be careful not to overexert the girl, or her 
stamina will be too low for the next day.

That's the basic concept of the gameplay. In the 
future, I hope to update the FAQ with more 

Thanks to.

Jast for publishing this, as well as other hentai 

Alicia Belliveau, for having the patience to teach me 
how to play this game in the first place. ^_^


This guide is c2002 Daniel Lee Hill.
Maid's Story is c1996 Jast and Blitz!