FAQ/Move List by Yunari

Version: 0.80 | Updated: 08/19/02 | Printable Version

The Queen of Heart 2001 Party Breker FAQ V.0.80 2002/08/19
Written by Yunari.

Table of Contents
Topic that marked with * is not compleated yet. Sorry about that too.

1. Disclaimer
2. Update
3. Setting
4. Move                   
   4.1 Basic Move
   4.2 Combo System
   4.3 *Command List
5. *Hidden Character
6. Trouble Shooting
7. Reference
8. Special Thanks

1. Disclaimer
   This FAQ is copyirghted by Yunari. You can use this FAQ freely if that is
non profit use. You can distribute this FAQ if you want but please not edit
this FAQ. Comic Party,To Heart and Majimaru Antique is registered trademark  
of Leaf/Aquaplus. Pia Carrot e Youkoso 2 is registered trademark of 
F&C/Cocktail Soft.

2. Update

   V 0.8  2002/08/19
      - Setting Section finished.
      - Correct Instant Charge to Initiative Dash in abberviete word in
        command section. Probably I coppied list from Eternal Fighter Zero FAQ
        and forgot to correct it.
      - Include some of trouble shooting.
      - Include usage of Initiative Dash

   V 0.7  2002/07/17
      - Prototype Realease. Many section still not compleated.

3. Setting

     - Com Level
       - Easy
       - Normal
       - Hard
       - Nightmare (Clear all character first)
       - Hell (Clear all character in nightmare level without continue)
     - Win Count
       - 1
       - 2
       - 3
     - Bg Mode
       - Full
       - Light
           Reduce some effect that use graphic chip a lot like effect in Yu
     - Flip Wait
       - Timer
           Game use timing to control framerate to 60 FPS
       - VSYNC
           Game use frame rate to exact refresh rate of moniter. It's effect
         in fullscreen mode only. If you can't select this try to update your
         display adapter driver.
     - Album Mode
        See character statistic
     - Key Config
        Config key button 5 and 6 is not used.
     - Return to title

   EX option (Version 1.02 and above only)
       Hold 4 button while enter option will have EX option instead
     - Game speed
         Useful for some card that can't do 60 FPS in normal game like SIS6326
       (This card can play this game in Windows 2000). With rocket speed this
       card can do speed like normal on other. Another usage is use to fast
       forward in replay. Use rocket speed with VSYNC setting improve speed a

4. Command

   List of abberviete word
   Number   Direction according to numpad.
   L        Light   Attack
   M        Medium  Attack
   H        Heavy   Attack
   S        Special Button
   C        Cought
   F        Front
   B        Back
   J        Jump
   TA       Tecnical art
   JC       Jump Cancel
   ID       Initiative Dash  
4.1 Basic Move

    - Tecnical Art
        When your gauge is 1 or above you can use Tecnical Art by use command
      with H. It's driffrent from normal attack that it can excute faster
      than normal and you can cancel another move to tecnical art attack.

    - Jump Cancel
        When your attack hit opponent press up you can jump away or continue
      air combo instant freeze in front of opponent.
        This thing is must mastering it to reduce your vulnerable from counter

    - Throw Escape
        When you get throw by opponent press any attack button will do throw
      escape. This is must do while character that can do during air throw
      doing air combo with you and try to finish with during air throw before
      they can continue with some of deadly attack.

    - Recovery Fall
        When you fallen to ground you can do recovery fall with up lever twice
      when you hit ground. While you get attack in air combo you can do
      recovery fall by use attack button.
        Note for recovery fall in air unless you get air combo with who can
      do during air throw press attack button reapeatedly to recovery fall is
      should not do because you may mistake attack after you do recovery fall
      and you can't guard then get second set of air combo again.
        Another thing when you do fall recovery in air you should either
      counter oppenent back or escape as far as possible since you can't guard
      against cought attack or anti air attack in air.

    - Advancing Guard
        When opponment's attack hit you while you guard press any attack
      button can push opponent away and consume guard gauge 10 percent per use.
        Extreme usefull to prevent opponent to do chain attack to sap your 
      guard gauge and confuse you either you should stand or cought guard 
      which very hard to predict on some character.
        Note don't press button repeatedly too much only two or three is
      enough more than than will become waste your guard gauge.

    - Counter
        When you guard five hit attack repeateadly you can see your character
      is blinking with blue colur enter any command will counter with that
      command and consume whole guard gauge.

    - Initiative Dash
        While chain combo tap forward twice will use this. It need Initiative
      dash gauge to full to use it.
        It has many usage like extend your combo for sap opponent guard gauge. 
      Reduce vanuable after some move like after Reiko's 236+L->624+L->L
        It improve freedom of combo as well like Mizuki dash+H. You may not
      use it since it's can't jump cancel to continue air combo. Infact after
      this move you can use initiative dash and continue some combo while
      opponent is falling down.

4.2 Combo System
    Here is some of step by step and some tip to do combo.

    - Invalid Combo
        While you do combo if you see invalid combo that mean opponent is able
      to evade that combo by recovery fall. Try to fix that combo if that
      happen. If you got attack by that combo you should see where you can
      escape from that combo (last hit that is not show invalis combo) and try
      to evade it. For throw combo like Eimi air throw combo note that you able
      to throw escape even game did not show invalid combo.

    - More hit mean less damage you get
        Heavy attack in first hit take about 800 while 8th hit heavy take 200
      damage or less. So Use light attack as least as possible. Except you
      want to sap opponent gaurd gauge but beware about opponent counter
      attack too.

    - Chain attack
        When you do regular attack (I mean attack like L M H or command with
      one direction with attack button like 6+A) press another button will 
      continue with that attack. For example L->M->H.
        You cannot do same attack twice like L->M->H->L is not possible.
        For L you can use it reapeatedly as much as you want until you change to 
      another attack.
      ie. L reapeatedly->M->H
        For cought attack and stand is consider to different attack and chain
      between these is possible.
        ie. L->M->C+H->H

    - Command cancel
        When you do chain press command and you will attack with that command.
      ie. Mizuki L->M->H->V Attack(214+M)

    - Tecnicel Art Cancel
        While your command attack hit opponent you can excute to another TA
      attack then you can continue with another TA attack until your gauge is
      ie. Mizuki L->M->H->V Attack(3 hit)->TA ロブ落とし (22+H)
    - Basic air combo
        Almost character is not different much these step are.
        Do some ground combo->Lift opponent up->Attack in first jump->
      Attack in second jump->Finish atttack
      - Lift opponent up
          All character can lift opponent up with Cought heavy attack then
        stand heavy attack.
      - Attack in first jump
          Almost character work with H->M
      - Attack in second jump
          As same as first jump
      - Finish attack
            Use some of air command to finish.
          ie. Asahi sakurai C+H->H->JC->H->M->JC->H->M->Idol Summersault(22+M)
                            ->EX Idol Summer Sault
            or use throw and comtinue with some ground combo
          ie. Minami C+H->H->JC->H->M->JC->Throw->Ground combo
            or finish with some attack that flop opponent to ground then
          contihue with ground combo.
          ie. Mizuki C+H->H->JC->H->M->JC->L->Grand Sweep(2+H)->Ground Combo

    - Try to connect between air->ground->air combo
        Like Asahi Jump->H->M->Landed->CD Blade(6+H)->Idol Double Upper(1hit)
                   (6+M)->JC->H->M->JC->H->M->Idol Summerasult->Ex Idol

    - Try to connect between ground and hissatsu
        Like Subaru Jump->H->M->Side kick(6+H)->JC->H->M->Side kick->Landed->
                    L->M->H->Earth Dragon Rising to Sky(4262+H)->Throw->

    - Extend chain combo with Initiative dash
        IE. Subaru L->M->H->ID->L->M->H->214+M->Dash+C+L->C+H->H->214+M->
                   Dash+C+L->C+H->H->214+M (not usable on all character)

      For more advance combo you have either to find it yourself or take
    shortcut by see replay on some of japanese site.

4.3 Command list

    Comment list
    (air)    That command must excute in air
    (air+)   That command able to excute both on ground and in air.
    (close)  You need to close opponent to use this move.
    (number) Number of tecnical art gauge use.

Mizuki Takaze  高瀬瑞希

    百裂サーブ                    Hundred Fissure surve 236+A (air+)
    ロブ落とし                                          22+A
    攻撃V                        V Attack              214+A
    サイドスラッシュ              Side Slash            F+H
    グランドスイープ              Grand Sweep           (air) D+H
    リープ@グランドスイープ      Leap@Grand Sweep      22+M press 2+H when
    ホーミングダイナマイト        Homing Dynamite       (air) 2369+H (1)
    オシりスの天空龍              Air Dragon Ojiris     42623+H

Minami Makimura 牧村南

    枠線内は立ち入らないで下さい  Please do not enter   236+A(no EX)
                                  inside of the closing
    立ち止まらないで下さい        Please do not halt    214+A
    立ち止まらないで下さい        Please do not halt    214+H->22+H(1)
    追加攻撃                      extended attack
    スタッフの指示に従って下さい  Please follow to the  623+A
                                  indication of staff
    そこは立入禁止です            There is entry        241+A
    座り込み禁止です              There is stay-down    F+H(air+)
    空中投げ                                            (close)(air)B+M
    最後尾はこちらです            The last tail is      426+H
                                  this way

Yu Inagawa  猪名川由宇

    炎のペン                      Fire Pen              214+A (air+)
    飛翔斬                                              22+A
    流星脚                        Meteor Leg            (air)22+A
    や●ざキック                                        F+M
    エアスラッシュ                Air Slash             Dash+H->(landed)8+H->
    スランティングブロウ          Slunting Blow         6+H
    シャイニングボルト            Shining Bolt
    ラウンドリップセイバー        Round Lip Saber       426+H (3)

    - Able to use air dash
    - Gem that collect from Air Slash-Slunting Blow-Shining Bolt can increase
      TA and Initiative Dash gauge a bit

Eimi Ohba  大庭詠美

    女王のペン                    Queen Pen             236+A
    トルネードミラージュキック    Tornado Mirage Kick   22+A
    クイーントルネード            Queen Tornado         214+A
    空中投げ                      Mid air throw         (air)(close)4+H or 2+H
    クイーンヒール                Queen Heel            (air)2+M
    アッパーキック                Upper Kick            F+H
    投げ1                         Throw 1               (during throw) 8
    投げ2                         Throw 2               (during throw) 2
                                                        2+M(Hold M)->6->4+M
    ラウンドキック-ソニックエッジ Round Kick-Sonic Edge Dash+H->2+H->236+H
    -スピニングエッジ             -Spinning Edge

    こんな手いらない                                    4266+H(3)
    - Queen Tornado Kick can enter L or M up to three time ie. 214+M->214+M->
      214+M and can enter to 5 time by 214+M->214+M->214+L->214+L->214+L
    - Gem that collect from Round Kick-Sonic Edge-Spinning Edge can increase
      TA and Initiative Dash gauge a bit

Aya Hasabe  長谷部彩

    雷(いかずち)のペン          Thunderbolt Pen       236+A
    ソウルリフレクト              Soul Reflect          214+A
    ダンシングペン                Dancing Pen           22+A
    ブラッディーストール          Bloddy Stool          421+A
    ストールフック                Stool Hook            F+M
    ストールジャベリン            Stool Javelin         F+H
    スライディング                Sliding               3+H
    特殊入力1                                           hold down MMM
    特殊入力2                                           After Stool huck 4
    ヴァイパーウィップ            Viper Whip            426+H
    ファイナルアタック            Final Attack          

    - Able to use air dash
    - TA Thunderbolt Pen and Viper Whip Final Attack can hold button.
    - Bloody Stool cannot guard in air.

Asahi Sakurai  桜井あさひ

    CD投げ                      Throw CD              236+A
    アイドルサマー                Idol Summersault      22+H
    ばらまきCD                  Scattered CD          214+A (air+)
    ヒールキックプレス            Heel Kick Press       421+A
    アイドルアッパー              Idol Upper            F+M
    CDブレード                  CD Blade              F+H
    ぶっとべキック                                      H->H
    空中投げ                      Mid air throw         (close)(air)B+H
    本当の私                      Truely of me          6426+H
     - Heel Kick Press can cancel to Scattered Cd or Idol Summersault
     - Idol Upper can jump cancel to air combo in first hit.

Reiko Haka  芳賀玲子

    ボディが甘いわよ〜(毒咬み)->                         236+L->236+L->L
    ボディが甘いわよ〜(毒咬み)->                         236+L->236+L->M
    ボディが甘いわよ〜(毒咬み)->                         236+L->624+L->L
    ボディが甘いわよ〜(毒咬み)->                         236+M->624+M->6+M
    ボディが甘いわよ〜(TA別掲載)                       236+H
    鬼焼き                                              623+A
    RedKick                Red Kick              421+A
    受けてみなよ、このブロー                            624+A
    外式・轟斧 陽                                       F+M
    八拾八式                      Eight system eight    3+H
                                  picking up
    奈落落とし                                          (air)2+H
    大蛇狩り                      Serpent Hunt          2426+M (3)
    大蛇狩り                      Serpent Hunt          2426+H (4)
    無式                                                2626+H (5)

    - To use small jump press lever up and release immediatly.
    - To use high jump press lever down then up.
    - TA ボディが甘いわよ can cancel to M firelist in 1,3 hit and L firelist
      in 2,4 hit. ie. TA Crow Bite(236+H)(4 hit)->Nine Wound(236+L)->Eight
    - TA 受けてみなよ、このブロー and serpent Hunt(4) can hold button.

Reiko Haka'94  芳賀玲子'94

    闇払い                                              236+A
    鬼焼き                                              623+A
    朧車                                                421+A
    琴月                                                624+A
    外式・轟斧 陽                                       F+M
    八拾八式                      Eight system eight    3+H
                                  picking up
    奈落落とし                                          (air)2+H
    大蛇狩り                      Serpent Hunt          2426+M (3)
    大蛇狩り                      Serpent Hunt          2426+H (4)
    無式                                                2626+H (5)

    - To use small jump press lever up and release immediatly.
    - To use high jump press lever down then up.
    - serpent Hunt(4) can hold button.

Chisa Tsukamato  塚本千紗

    壁張り付き                                          Jump against wall
                                                        then press direction
                                                        to wall. Press H to
                                                        use 千紗、回転ですよ〜
    お兄さん、お届けですよ〜      Older brother get     22+A
                                  this report
    にゃぁ、止まらないですよ〜    Nyaa I can't stop it  214+A
    千紗、回転ですよ〜                                  236+A(air+)
    ボディプレス                  Body Press            (air) 2+H
    焼きおにぎり                  Burning Rice Ball     F+H
    (超)プリーズ・ヘルプミー    (super)Please Help Me 426+H

    - TA Older brother get this report amount of pack of paper is random.
    - 千紗、回転ですよ〜 can follow with attack button she will excute 
      uppercut after that.

Suzuka Kazami 風見鈴香

   投げ1                          Throw 1                When throw 8
   パワーウェイブ                 Power Wave             236+A
   バーンナックル                 Burn Knuckle           214+A
   パワーダンク                   Power Dunk             623+A
   クラックシュート               Crack Shoot            2147+A
   当て身投げ                                            426+A
   トリプルゲイザー               Triple Geyser          2426+A

Card Capter Peace Mizuki  ピーチ瑞希

   ??                                                    6+M
   ??                                                    (air) 2+H
   ファイヤリーのカード           Fire Card              236+A
   ソードのカード                 Sword Card             22+A
   ミラーのカード                 Mirror Card            214+A
   ??                                                    426+H (3)

   - Able to use air dash.

Ikumi Tachikawa  立川郁美

   ジャストディフェンス           Just Defence           Guard and release
                                                         lever immedietly
   ??                                                    236+A  
   ??                                                    214+A
   サイコクラッシャー             Phycho Crusher         46+A
   ファイナル・サイコクラッシャー Final Phypho Crusher   (air) 46+H (1)
                                  Summon Bit             22+A
   ??                                                    426+A

   - Bit can summon up to 2 bit and can summon up to 6 bit by TA (summon the
     two of them first).
   - While landing after use TA Phycho Crusher and Final Phycho Crusher can 
     use direction to change where she landing.
   - Able to use air dash.
   - Able to use 3rd jump.

Subaru Mikage 御影すばる
   サイドキック                   Side Kick              (air) 6+H
   ペン投げ                                              236+A
   流牙旋風投げ                                          426+A
   大脇差し(影縫い)                                      214+L
   大脇差し(サブミッションですの)                        214+M
   大脇差し                                              214+H
   マウントポジションから         Sub Possition during   During 大脇差し
   サブミッションですの           Mount Positition       (マウントポジション
                                                         ですの) 22+H(1)
   地竜走破                       Earth Dragon Rising to 4262+H (3)

5. Trouble Shooting
   - When I install game when it reach 90% there have error massage and I can't
     installed it.
        that caused by installer program attempted to copy file that have
     Japanese name to hdd and your system can't handle it. You have to manual
     copy game from cd to hdd except those Japanese named file. Then game will
     work fine.
   - When I run game from cd game crash.
        When game initilized game will attempted to write some data to game
     directory (maybe debug.txt) and game can't write to cd-rom then game 
     crash. So you can't play game directy from CD-ROM. You have to copy all
     data to HDD first.
   - When game initilized game have only blank screen then game crash.
        Try to terminate all non neccesary program from windows like anti-
     virus software etc. It may help.
   - When playing game game show up with abnormal image like unfilled texture
     then game crash soon after that happen.
        Try to run game again. If it occur again try to use software render
     instead by click start menu->run->type dxdiag directx diagnostic tool
     will appear choose display and disable all directdraw and direct3d
     acceleration. Then run game again game will run really slow but please 
     test until where you have trouble (mostly character select screen) if
     this can resolve that problem then problem come from your driver. You
     have to update to latest version first if it can't resolve problem try
     to use driver that come with windows if available. It may not as fast as
     reference driver but it work fine on my system.
   - When I run game game randomly crash.
        Did you use motherboard with VIA chipset? If you don't know then go 
     to control panel->system->device manager->system device it will show some
     device that connected to your chipset and it can tell brand of your
     mainboard chipset. If it is VIA chipset did you installed VIA 4 in 1
     driver? You can check form control panel->add/remove program if you
     installed it should show in program list that able to uninstall. If you
     didn't installed it you should installed immedietly since this is 
     critical update. It doen't only fix this problem but it can increase
     system stability too (reduce Blue Screen of Dead, automatically reboot
     BTW). You can found this update from your mainboard CD-ROM but I
     recommended you to download newer version from VIA homepage at
     http://www.via.com.tw if you can't find it from VIA HP (me too -_-) then
     you can find this driver in almost mainboard manafacturate homepage like
     http://www.asus.com.tw http://www.gagabyte.com.tw BTW.
   - When I running game character is very blocky and text is very hard to
        Did you use Voodoo 3 gfx card? That gfx when run with this game image
     will downsample like that. Probably caused by game use texture size that
     exceed Voodoo 3 limit which is 256x256 (I tried with SIS6326 which has
     limit 512x512 and it work fine).
   - There have some glitch on character texture.
      - Is that occur before? If no try to reinstall game may help.
      - Some card like SIS620 and SIS6326 had problem with this game and have
        these glitch.
      - Did you turn on full screen anti alias. As I tested with Geforce 2MX
        it will have glitch in character sprite when turn FSAA on either 2X
        or 4X.

   - When use Subaru's Hissatsu game run really slow.
      - Update your Graphic adapter driver. For Geforce 2MX update driver
        could help
      - Upgrade your Graphic Adapter. In fact it's not needed since almost
        graphic card can play this game fine if you din't have anyone who
        play Subaru (And she is my favourite character ^_^)

6. Hidden Character
     Sorry I forgot almost everything about this. This is only thing I can

     You must set round in game to 2 (3 is unconfirmed) to unlock these
   - Reiko Haka'94  Clear Reiko Haka First.
   - Azusa Hinomori Clear game in level nightmare or hell with 8 perfect she
                    will fight with you instead Ikumi. There have no way to
                    play as her normally only one way to play her is use

7. Reference
   - http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~zanei/pb/pbindex.html for command list.

8. Special Thank
   Farewell   for game and character waveset.
   Whip Lover for information about initiative dash.
   DR.Cid     for trouble shooting about VIA4IN1 update.
   You        for reading it.