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Queen of Heart 2001: Party's Breaker
FAQ version 0.95

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Copyright August 27, 2002
By: Boochi


1. Introduction and Updates
2. Requirements
3. Controls
  3.1 in game manuvers (Not finished)
  3.2 Initiative Dash
4. Menus
5. Comic Party Overview
6. Characters and moves
   Mizuki Takase
   Minami Makimura
   Yu Inagawa
   Eimi Ohba
   Aya Hasebe
   Asahi Sakurai
   Reiko Haga
   Chisa Tusamoto
   Reiko 94
   Suzuka Kazami
   Card Master Peach Mizuki
   Subaru Mikage
7. Secrets
8. Installation
9. Thanks
10. Disclaimer

1. Introduction and Updates

  Hi, thanks for taking time to read ( and hopefully use ) my
Party's Breaker FAQ. This is a great fighting game for windows
98, ME, 2000 and XP. If you see any information that's wrong
or just plain wrong, i'll fix it soon enough or you can e-mail
me. This is my first FAQ, so please take that into consideration.
  These characters are from Comic Party. One of the coolest
animes ever.


   Dec, 19, 2003 - Added Comic Party section, Initiative Dash section, fixed
                   Character descriptions. Added other minor things. Unlocking
                   is still a mystery.

   Mar, 22, 2003 - Fixed minor mistakes.

   Jan, 28, 2003 - What a quickupdate from the previous! I found
		   some new moves for Reiko, and Reiko 94.

   Jan, 26, 2003 - Added Card Master Peach Mizuki Move list and a
                   few minor things.

   Nov, 6, 2002 - Added how to unlock Suzuka, and Suzuka movelist.
                  AND Subaru's Movelist. Plus a few missing combos
                  and moves etc.

   Aug, 31, 2002 - I added Reiko 94 moves, changed the move
                   list directional keys to numbers, added
                   controls 3.1 section, and fixed some small errors.

   Aug, 27, 2002 - Started this FAQ.

2. Requirements

   The games requirements are:

Operating System - Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP are supported
CPU - Pentium II 333 Mhz, but Pentium III 450 Mhz is recommended
RAM - 64 MB, but 128 MB is recommended
Video - Riva TNT or GeForce 256 with 16 megs of VRAM or higher
        Direct X 8 is needed, and the latest Direct 3D drivers

3. Controls

  The game can either use a joypad or keyboard. I prefer keyboard,
because it's easier to excute moves. :) But it get's squishy using
two players one keyboard. You're best way of playing two player is
getting a joypad. But every joypad is different, and I don't know which
are compatible. So, use guess and check and configure it yourself.

  The default keys for player one are:

Directional keys are the arrow keys.
Light Attack - N
Normal Attack - M
Hard Attack - ,
Special (Also known as Button 4 in this FAQ) - .
Extra - /

  The default keys for player two are:

Directional keys
   Up - T
   Down - G
   Left - F
   Right - H
Light Attack - Z
Normal Attack - X
Hard Attack - C
Special - V
Extra - B

In Game:
Esc - Quits to windows
F5 - Pauses the game, press an attack button to see the words pause dance!

3.1 In game Manuvers

Technical Arts - Basicly the power bar, the more Technical Arts bars
                 you have, the more supers you can do.

Initiative Bar - Thanks to Ricky, I now know what this is. It gives you
		 better combos. It starts on READY, but when it fills up
		 to flashing "OK!!" tap forward twice to start your combo.
		 You'll hear (In Ricky's own words) "WOOSH!" then your
		 combos can be longer!

Guard Power Bar - When ever you block, and get hit, your guard bar
                  goes down. When it reaches zero, you cannot block
                  and you get hit.

Counter - When you're blocking, and start flashing blue you can press
          an attack button to counter and hit your opponent.

Jump Back - When falling from the air and you hit the ground, quickly
            tap up twice. You won't slam into the ground, you'll spring
            right back up.

3.2 Initiative Dash

An Initiative Dash (ID) is performed by quickly tapping 66, just like a normal
forward dash. The only difference is that you perform it in the middle of a
standard ground attack, & usually with very specific timing, cancelling the
attack & dashing in to continue the combo where it normally wouldn't be

By standard I mean using only basic attacks; you cannot cancel a special or
super with ID. To my knowledge, any high or low basic ground attack can be
cancelled with ID.

It's usually best to input the 66 just before the attack you want to cancel
actually hits, so that the dash is buffered & will execute immediately on
contact. The 66 can be input upon contact, & in some cases may be necessary,
but buffering is usually the ideal method.

A simple example of an easy-to-execute ID combo with Eimi is:


As mentioned, you want to input the 66 just before the attack to be cancelled
hits, so the input would be:

L,M,H(1st kick),66,(2nd kick),L,M,H

By tapping 66 just before the 2nd kick of the H, the ID is buffered, or
queued, & Eimi will dash in as soon as it hits, allowing you to continue the

4. Menus

The menus and how to navigate!

Normal Mode: Just fight the other characters you didn't pick, and the
final boss Ikumi!! Total 8 stages, you can also get attacked
by other secret characters.

Vs Mode: Play against a friend or the computer. If you have an update
patch Recording and Replay will appear. To get replay working, you must
add a folder called 'replay' to the place where you installed the game.
   Recording: Choose a file, and play. once the opponent is knocked out
              you can watch a replay of it.
   Replay: Where you chose to record, the fight will appear in a long
           list. Choose it to watch it.

Practice Mode: Just beat the crap out of the computer to practice your
               moves. Recording and replay will also be here if you have
               an update patch.

Option: A list of options, such as...
        Com level - easy to hard. Just press left to right to scroll
                    between them. You can unlock more too.
        Win count - Just how many rounds per fight, 1 to 3. Use left and
                    right to scroll between them.
        BG Mode - Light to full, if your game runs slow, put it on light
                  to reduce background effects.
        Flip wait - I don't know what this is, but you can either have
                    Timer or VSYNC. The game runs faster with VSYNC on.
        Album - A mini section, holding records and what not.

                      Show state - in here press left to right to scroll
                                   through best records, max hits, max
                                   damage, times a character has been
                                   chosen, and another unidentified one.
                      Diagram - see a diagram of your characters and who's
                                played who and how many times they've won.
                      Format - This can delete your save game. When you
                               open it, you have two options. The one on
                               the left is yes, and the other is no.
                      Sound Test - listen to all the music from the game ^_^

        Key Config - config your keys. Very handy if you don't like the
                     default keys. Buttons on the left are player one,
                     and the other side is player 2.

5. Comic Party Overview

   What is Comic Party? Originally, it was an H-Game featuring a guy named
Sendo Kazuki (Seen in Eimi's level 3 super) who gets involved in drawing doujin
mangas. Each girl in QOH2k1:PB is in the game, excluding Azusa. Each girl has
their own special part, Mizuki is the 'friend' who doesn't like doujin, and
think's Kazuki should drop the whole idea. Yu is an already existing artist who
encourages him to pursue doing what he likes, and obviously you have the evil
rivals such as Eimi.
   Along the way, he'll meet other people such as Ikumi, who's a die hard fan
who can't wait for his next work. Aya is a rather quiet artist, who also needs
help at selling her own goods (But he learns a valuble lesson along the way.).
Chisa, who prints and bounds all of Kazuki's work to sell at the conventions...
and finally, Reiko. Reiko is a cosplayer who dresses p as characters from other
animes and mangas, who walks around the doujin conventions showing off her

Other characters not mentioned are, Minami who runs the COmic Party
conventions, Asahi who's a singer of some kind (I'm not exaclty sure) and
Subaru who is not in the anime.
I've never played the original H-Game or the Dreamcast version. I've only seen
the anime, and this is the information which i'm going by.

6. Characters and moves

  After doing the directional keys of a move, you have to use an attack button
to finish the attack. You can use any attack button, but it will do more
damage depending on which one you use. If you have 1 or more technical arts
energy bars and you use the hard attack you will do a super version of
that move.
  Everyone when standing on the ground can dash and jump back. Press 66 to
dash and 44 to jump back.
  All Super Super Attacks require 3 Technical Arts energy bar.
  I don't know the actual names of the attacks so I made my own, when I get
the real names i'll replace them.
   These moves are done from assuming you are on the left, if you're on the
right just change left to right, and right to left. Directions are told from
the numpad arrows numbers on the keyboard. It's easier this way.

Mizuki Takase - She's the token fast character, with low attack power.

               Tennis Ball throw - 236 + Attack  (Can also be done in air)
               Upper Tennis Racket - 22 + Attack
               Elbow rush - 214 + Attack
               Racket Smash - hold 6 and press hard attack
               Look out below - (in air) Hold 2 + Hard attack

               Super Super Attack:
               Peach Mizuki Dragon Summon - 42623 + Hard Attack

Minami Makimura - She's Comic Party's convention coordinator, so she uses her  
                "coordinating tools" to help her! She's mainly comprised of
grabs and throws.

               Double Rod Smash - 263 + Attack
               Quick Grab - 236 + Attack
               Run and grab and Kick - 214 + attack
               Dropping Pylon - 421 + attack
               Large Kick - Hold 6 + Hard attack

               Super Super Attack:
               Everyone this way! - 426 + Hard Attack

               Combo: You need 2 technical arts for this:
               Sky Jump - 214 + Hard, 22 + Hard
               You must do the second part right after Minami's first face.

Yu Inagawa - She's a fellow doujin artist, who uses her pens as projectiles,
and a
large paper fan.

               Rocket Pen - 214 + Attack
               Upper Paper Fan Cut - 22 + Attack
               Rocket Foot - (In air) 22 + Attack
               Running Paper Fan - 66 + Hard Attack

               Super Super Attack:
               Angry Paper Fan - 426 + Hard Attack

               Yu can also do dashes in the air, 66 and 44. You can both in one
               Jump. Very handy.

               This is also a good combo for Yu, 66+Hard,8+Hard, and 6+Hard. But
               when doing it make it quick. If it's done right jewels should fly
               from your opponent, each giving Yu a bit more Technical Arts.

Eimi Ohba - A doujin artist who rivals Yu, thus creating their loving
relationship. She also uses pens to fuel her special moves.

            Flying Pen - 236 + Attack
            Flying Foot - 214 + Attack
            Taste my Foot - 22 + Attack
            Swinging Leg - Hold 6 + Hard Attack
            Swinging Leg Version 2 - 66 + Hard Attack

            Super Super Attack:
            Bloody Roar - 4266 + Hard attack (This attack has animated blood)

            A combo for Eimi is, 66+Hard, 2+Hard, 236+ Hard. When doing the
            last part you MUST cancel it quickly or it won't work. Jewels
            will pop out of your opponent giving Eimi more Technical Arts.

Aya Hasebe - Another doujin artist, she uses pens and her shall as weapons.
She's very similar to Rose from Street Fighter Alpha series.

            Magic Pen Throw - 236 + Attack
            Shall Blade - 214 + Attack (The stronger version has the blade
                          fly off of the shall, the attack also reflects
            Pen Summon - 22 + Attack (Summons 6 pens, each time you attack
                         a pen flys are your opponenent)
            Jump Shall Attack - 421 + Attack
            Shall Point - Hold 6 + Normal attack
            Shall Needle - Hold 6 + Hard Attack

            Super Super Attack:
            Shall of Fury - 41236 + Hard Attack

             Aya can use the air dash too, her's is slower though.

Asahi Sakurai - A singer in the world of Comic Party, and she uses her CD
singles as projectiles.

             Single CD throw - 236 + Attack
             Five CD throw - 214 + Attack (Can also be done in air)
             Kicking Jump - 22 + Attack (Can also be done in air)
             Forward Kick - 421 + Attack
             CD Cut - Hold 6 + Hard Attack

             Super Super Attack:
             Hay Girl - 6426 + Hard Attack

Reiko Haga - The cosplayer from Comic Party, she is dressed as Kyo from King
of Fighters. She's slow and strong, just like him ^_^

             Flame Upper - 623 + Attack
             Jump Kick - 421 + Attack
             Fire Punch - 236 + Attack
             Elbow Smash - 66 + Hard Attack
             Head Smash - (in air) Hold 2 + Hard Attack
             Leg Trip - Hold 3 + Hard Attack
	     Hustle Grab - 624 + Attack

             Super Super Attack:
             Fire Fury - 23623 + Hard
             Giant Flame - 2426 + Medium or Hard
             Her super uses either Medium or Hard, Medium gives you one hit
             while Hard gives you three.

Chisa Tuskamoto - She delivers boxes, so those are her primary weapon. She is
mimicing Felicia from Dark Stalkers in some of her attacks and the way she acts.

                  Ball - 236 + Attack (Can be done in air)
                  Box Delivery - 214 + Attack
                  Box Throw - 22 + Attack (stronger the attack the farther the
                              box will go. The super version throws a random
                              amount of boxes)
                  Flaming Thing - Hold 6 + Hard Attack
                  "Stop me!" - 66 + Hard Attack
                  "Catch me!" - (in air) Hold 2 + Hard Attack

                  Super Super Attack:
                  "HELP ME!" - 426 + Hard Attack

                  Chisa can also grab and hold onto the wall, just jump to
                  the side of the screen, and hold the direction you're going
                  and she should cling to the wall.

Reiko Haga 94 - Basicly the same as her original form with a few extra moves, I
have no clue why they added her... unless Watanabe Production people are big
fans of Reiko....

                Flame - 236 + Attack
                Flame Upper - 623 + Attack
                Elbow Smash - 66 + Hard Attack
                Head Smash - (in air) 2 + Hard Attack
                Leg Trip - Hold 3 + Hard Attack
		Hustle Grab - 624 + Attack

                Super Super Attack:
		Fire Fury - 23623 + Hard
                Giant Flame - 2426 + Medium or Hard
                Her super uses either Medium or Hard, Medium gives you one hit
                while Hard gives you three.

Suzuka Kazami - She , from what I can tell, is one of the delivery girls from
Party. She acts like Terry Bogard from King of Fighters (It's like a new fad
with kids!).
I also got these moves from my Game Boy King of Fighters 95 booklet, and they
(Power Geyser is different, I had to experiment)

                Power Wave - 236 + Attack
                Burning Knuckles - 214 + Attack
                Power Dunk - 623 + Attack
                Crack Shot- 2147 + Attack

                Super Super Attack:
                Power Geyser - 2426 + Hard Attack

Card Master Peach Mizuki - Wow! It's Mizuki dressed up as Card Captor Sakura.
Peach Mizuki can do some pretty crazy moves. She's pretty average at speed but
can stay in                         the air for a bit of time, also some of her
moves are like regular                            Mizuki (Obviously, they're
the same person!). Aya also follows around dressed as Tomoyo!

		Fire Card - 236 + Attack
		Sword Card - 22 + Attack
		Mirror Card - 214 (Note-this summons a copy of Peach Mizuki to attack.
			           All three attack buttons do a different attack)
			Light- Kneeling Light Attack, Jumping Hard Attack
			Normal- Ducking Light Attack, Ducking Hard Attack
			Hard- Standing Hard Attack, Ducking Normal Attack
		Twirling Rod - 6 + Normal
                Rod Head Smash - (In air) 2 + Hard

		Super Super Attack:
		Lights from the Sky - 426 + Hard		

Subaru Mikage - She's another girl from Comic Party, but only in the PC version
                sure about Dreamcast). I really don't know much about her...
slow, and
                strong though.

                Pen of Doom - 236 (On super, she throws fours heat seeking pens)
                Beat Down Tackle - 214 (It's different for Light, Medium and
                Side Kick - Hold 6 + Hard
                Crouch - 426 (I really have no clue, but she does a stance for
                              Attack button)

                Super Super Attack:
                Fog of Fury - 4262 + Hard (it does about 4000 damage!)

7. Secrets

There are many secrets in this game, I have only unlocked some.
NOTE: When trying to fight Suzuka or Peach Mizuki in normal mode,
it is completely random on where you encounter them, but for me
it usually happened in Eimi's place.

Reiko Haga 94 - Reiko, in the same clothes. Few different moves.
                Beat the game in normal with 2 rounds as Reiko.

Suzuka Kazami - Beat her 4 times in Normal Mode, I had my game on
                2 rounds, normal. Just keep playing Normal mode
                until you've beaten her 4 times ^_^

Card Master Peach Mizuki - Like Suzuka, but you must defeat her 6
                times in normal mode.

Nightmare Mode - Beat the game in normal with everyone, 2 rounds
                 each. Then nightmare should be in Com Level in
                 the options section. It's just a harder mode.

The Album Song - Beat the game in normal with everyone. Then a
                 song will play when you enter the album.

Fighting Azusa - Once you have nightmare mode, play it and get
                 a complete perfect. Don't get hit, never miss
                 and don't lose! Then Azusa from Pia Carrot
                 should be in Ikumi's place as the 'real' boss.

If I unlock more, i'll add them to this FAQ.

8. Installation

Pop the CD into your CD-Rom drive. You'll need a japanese font in
order to do this. If you manage to start installing, and it stops
at about 90%, It won't work.
You can also do it this way, explore the CD and copy the dat files
and exe from the CD onto your harddrive. Make sure they're in the
same folder. If you have an update patch for Version 1.002 or higher
create the folder 'replay' in the same folder as your dat files,
or the replay options won't work.

Voice Packs
If you have the voice packs, you can put them in your game by
making a folder called 'effect' in your QOH2k1 directory. Just
put all the wavs in that one folder, and don't change the names
and they should work. DON'T ALTER THE FILE NAMES

If you have the subaru1206.exe, just run it and put all the dat
files that come out into your QOH2k1 directory, along with the
EXE (V 1.005). Press the fourth button on Yu to reveal Subaru!!!!
If you want you can also put the CFG in the directory to get all
the characters (Excluding Azusa)
Hold button 4 on the options menu, then press N to get in and it
will be the EX Menu that allows to to set game speed.

Using the Trainer
Doesn't work in windows XP at all! Run at the same time as the game
and it will unlock all characters,Azusa and the survival mode. Press
button 4 on Ikumi to get Azusa, and hold button 4 on  Normal Mode to
get survival.

Windows XP notes: Sometimes when running in XP (It only occured on
a few systems, but not on others) when the announcer says ready and
the game quits itself, all you must do to fix this is go to properties
on your pb2k1.exe, select compatibility and set it to Win98/2000.

9. Thanks

Thanks to Watanabe Seisakosho for making this game.
Everyone who reads and uses this FAQ

y3kman for giving me a combo for Yu and Eimi, and translating
some information.

Sir Plus for giving me the voice packs and creating the Initiative Dash section.

Yunari for giving Sir Plus the voice packs.

Ricky for telling what that darn Initiative bar does.

And the people at the QOH2k1PB Gamefaqs board for answering
some of my questions.

10. Disclaimer

This FAQ is written and copywrited by Boochi, this was made for a
free use and will stay that way. This should only be found at
www.gamefaqs.com or www.geocities.com/meltyparty/

Boochi: mlpicco@hotmail.com