DevelopmentMatt Boone
DevelopmentTim Holt
DevelopmentJakob Jungels
DevelopmentJohn Morello II
DevelopmentBrandon Russell
DevelopmentTravis Smith
DevelopmentKelly Thornton
Mapping/Texture ArtistChris Ashton
Mapping/Texture ArtistChris Auty
Mapping/Texture ArtistArjan Bak
Mapping/Texture ArtistMartijn Bak
Mapping/Texture ArtistChad Barnsdale
Mapping/Texture ArtistMatt Carson
Mapping/Texture ArtistEric Dawe
Mapping/Texture ArtistSvante Ekholm
Mapping/Texture ArtistJonathan Fasulo
Mapping/Texture ArtistSean Gautreaux
Mapping/Texture ArtistMichael Gommel
Mapping/Texture ArtistAdam Grebinksy
Mapping/Texture ArtistKris Hauser
Mapping/Texture ArtistMorton Hedegren
Mapping/Texture ArtistScott Jordan
Mapping/Texture ArtistIikka Keranen
Mapping/Texture ArtistMichael Kiscaden
Mapping/Texture ArtistIikka Kotisalo
Mapping/Texture ArtistPatrick Krefting
Mapping/Texture ArtistDaniel Luka
Mapping/Texture ArtistDan Madill
Mapping/Texture ArtistDavid Marsh
Mapping/Texture ArtistJeremy Miller
Mapping/Texture ArtistAdam Munslow
Mapping/Texture ArtistDavide Pernigo
Mapping/Texture ArtistBryan Schurko
Mapping/Texture ArtistChris Scott
Mapping/Texture ArtistWes Shull Jr.
Mapping/Texture ArtistJoel Weech
MusicMichael G. Shapiro
Voice ActorJordan Ashby
Voice ActorMichael Gommel
Voice ActorMatt Thornton


Data and credits for this game contributed by Scottie theNerd and _Genesis.

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