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  Guide through: FABLES AND FIENDS - BOOK 2 - THE HAND OF FATE                 
  Version: 13.07                                                               
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 *** Introductional stuff ***
    = Introduction ............................................... INT00000001

 *** Walkthrough ***
    = Chapter 1 - Around Zanthia's Lab ........................... HOF00000001
    = Chapter 2 - Morningmist Valley ............................. HOF00000002
    = Chapter 3 - Volcania ....................................... HOF00000003
    = Chapter 4 - Center of the World ............................ HOF00000004
    = Chapter 5 - Petrified Forest ............................... HOF00000005
    = Chapter 6 - Icy world ...................................... HOF00000006
    = Chapter 7 - The Wheels of Fate ............................. HOF00000007

 *** Background stuff ***
    = Inventory Items ............................................ BCK00000001
    = The ways to die ............................................ BCK00000002

 *** Ending Notes ***
    = Copyright and license ...................................... END00000001
    = How do you contact me? ..................................... END00000002
  Hand of Fate is the second episode of the "Fables and Fiends" series, which   
  is more commonly known as the "Kyrandia" series.                             
  This game is the sequal to the original Kyrandia game, though the story has   
  pretty little in common with its predecessor.                                
  The story is like this, Kyrandia is disappearing, and nobody knows why. A    
  mysterious big hand brings up the solution by retreiving and anchor stone    
  from the "center of the world" and the alchemist Zanthia, the youngest       
  member of the Royal Mystics was chosen for this task.                        
  So, in this game you assume the role of Zanthia, and after we had to endure   
  Brandon in the first game, Zanthia is really refreshing, as she really       
  knows how to make the game enjoyable.                                        
  As Zanthia is an alchemist you can expect that the entire game revolves      
  around.... ALCHEMY (surprise, ain't it). For that you have two fixed items,   
  a spellbook (or rather a recipe book) and a cauldron. Most puzzles can be    
  solved by checking your spellbook well and try out if you can mix the right   
  potion. So if you don't want to use this FAQ for everything, check out that   
  This game is a DOS game, it runs perfectly on DOSBOX. Mac users might be     
  interested in trying this game in Boxer (thank you, Al Lowe, for telling me   
  about that program).                                                         
  The game did also run perfectly to me on ScummVM, though ScummVM can have a   
  little trouble with the sound drivers for ALL Westwood productions, so you   
  may have to tweak the configuration a little. Not really hard to do, but     
  when you are really unsure, then use Boxer when you are a Mac User or run    
  it in DOSBox.                                                                
  Now in order to understand this FAQ.                                         
  This game could best be divided in chapters. You won't get "chapter 1" or    
  so onto your screen, I just declare a new chapter when you enter a new area   
  of the game. When reaching chapter three you can't get out until you         
  completed it for most part, but you don't have to worry about dead ends      
  there (unless you do something really really stupid). When you enter the     
  final chapter you can never leave the area where you are and if you didn't   
  take two specific items with you, you can't win the game any more. I'll      
  tell you more in the section about that chapter.                             
  When you have the original diskette version, the chapters 2 and 5 will       
  start with a 'doc-check' copy protection. I cannot help you on this          
  protection, I'm sorry. This protection was removed in the later versions     
  distributed on CD-ROM.                                                       
  I made a link to each chapter in the index of this FAQ (in the txt version,   
  just use the IDX number and the browser's search function (Ctrl-F in         
  Windows and Linux, Apple-F on Mac) to find the section.                      
  Each time you enter a new location I start with "-" and give the name of     
  the area you are in, then I'll mark with "=" each action you gotta take.     
  Like this.                                                                   
  - Hot spring                                                                 
    = Look at the spring                                                       
    = Use your flash to get some water from the spring                         
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Old Hut                                                                    
    = Knock on the door                                                        
    = Talk to the old man who opens the door                                   
  When I say "exit" I mean leave the location you are in, and I name the       
  direction you gotta go to. In case you don't know the wind directions,       
  let's name them once more :)                                                 
       West          East

  Let's get this show on the road.                                             
  Chapter 1 - Around Zanthia's Lab                                             
  - Inside Zanthia's Laboratory                                                
    = Take the blueberry                                                       
    = Exit the lab                                                             
  - Outsie Zanthia's Laboratory                                                
    = Pick up the other Blueberry                                              
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Dock                                                                       
    = Pick up the mushroom                                                     
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Weed Patch                                                                 
    = Search the stump to find your spellbook                                  
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Gnarlwood Tree                                                             
    = Snap a piece of the strange plant and put it into your inventory         
    = Close to the swamp is an onion. Take it                                  
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Ferry                                                                      
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Dark Swamp                                                                 
    = Search the nest to find a feather                                        
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Quicksand Bog                                                              
    = Push the tree                                                            
    = Pick up the key from the skeleton hand                                   
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Lagoon                                                                     
    = Search the treehole to find your cauldron                                
    = Ingore the crocodile for now and exit North-West                         
  - Hot Sulphur Springs                                                        
    = Pick up the block of sulphur                                             
    = Exit South                                                               
  - Lagoon                                                                     
    = Exit East x2                                                             
  - Dark Swamp                                                                 
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Outside Herb's Shack                                                       
    = Enter the house                                                          
  - Inside Herb's Shack                                                        
    = Pick up the empty stool                                                  
    = Take the flask on Herb's desk                                            
    = Take the plant food (your inventory spots may look all full, but you     
      can scroll for more inventory spots) :)                                  
    = Leave                                                                    
  - Outside Herb's Shack                                                       
    = Fill the flask with swamp water                                          
    = Cool down the fireberries with it                                        
    = Pick up the fireberries                                                  
    = Exit South                                                               
  - Dark Swamp                                                                 
    = Exit West x2                                                             
  - Lagoon                                                                     
    = Call the crocodile                                                       
    = Pester it with a feather and it'll cry                                   
    = Scoop the tears up with the flask                                        
    = Exit North-West                                                          
  - Hot Sulphur Springs                                                        
    Time to get potion mixing.                                                 
    = Put the Gnarlybark into the cauldron                                     
    = Put the sulphur into the cauldron                                        
    = Put the onion into the cauldron                                          
    = Put the tears into the cauldron                                          
    = Put the stool into the cauldron                                          
    = Fill the flask with hot water from the spring here and put it into the   
      cauldron (this must always be the last action)                           
    Now your cauldron will contain a green liquid                              
    = Fill a flask with it                                                     
    = Exit South                                                               
  - Lagoon                                                                     
    = Exit East x5                                                             
  - Cave entrance                                                              
    Ignore Marco and the Hand                                                  
    = Just exit South after the talk is over                                   
  - Firefly tree                                                               
    Okay, now you need to take a piece of paper and something that writes,     
    because you'll have to write this down.                                    
    Twice in the game you'll be asked for a color combination and these flies   
    know the combination. Point is that this is different each time you play   
    the game, so WRITE IT DOWN, I REALLY CAN'T TELL.                           
    = Give a blueberry to the flies and write down the combination they show   
      (save before you do this, so you can load the game if it went too quick   
      for ya)                                                                  
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Cave entrance                                                              
    = Enter the cave                                                           
  - Twisty Tunnel                                                              
    = Speak to the rat                                                         
    = Give the green potion to him                                             
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Dark Cavern                                                                
    When it's too dark here, then you missed the fireberries, go get them      
    first if that's the case.                                                  
    Then there is that skull. Each of the teeth represents a color.            
   green      | Purple    |  xxxx     | Orange
   Cyan       | Red       | Yellow    | Blue

    = Hit the teeth in the combination that the fruitflies showed you before   
    = Open the chest with the skeleton key                                     
    = Click onto the chest to get an alchemist magnet                          
    = Click the chest again to get some cheese                                 
    = Exit West x3                                                             
  - Natural Bridge                                                             
    = Give the cheese to the fishermen                                         
    = Exit West after they leave                                               
  - Ferry                                                                      
    = Exit South x2                                                            
  - Weed Patch                                                                 
    = Give the plant food to the plant to free Marco                           
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Dock                                                                       
    = Grab the anchor (you may turn it to gold, but you don't have to)         
    = Exit South                                                               
  - Outside Zanthia's Laboratory                                               
    = Pick up the letter from the roof                                         
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Dock                                                                       
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Weed Patch                                                                 
    = Exit North x2                                                            
  - Ferry                                                                      
    Well, that's a big bummer....                                              
    = Exit East x2                                                             
  - Cave Entrance                                                              
    = Exit South                                                               
  - Firefly Tree                                                               
    = Pick up the letter                                                       
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Cave Entramce                                                              
    = Exit West x3                                                             
  - Dark Swamp                                                                 
    = Exit South-West                                                          
  - Quicksand Bog                                                              
    = Get the letter from the skeleton hand                                    
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Lagoon                                                                     
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Hot Springs                                                                
    = Pick up the final letter                                                 
    = Go back to the Ferry                                                     
  - Ferry                                                                      
    = Give the four letters to the dragon to end this chapter                  
  Chapter 2 - Morningmist Valley                                               
  You'll be in a new area without any items and a new dress. You're next       
  objective... to get a boat to Volcania                                       
  - Meadow                                                                     
    = Pick up the letter                                                       
    = Search the haystack to find a flask                                      
    = Exit South                                                               
  - Outside Farmhouse                                                          
    = Give the letter to the man (who happens to be farmer Greenberry)         
    = Pick up the bowl of the sleeping dragon. It will cry, but you don't      
      need the tears yet. Don't worry, you can get to that later.              
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Water Wheel                                                                
    = Remove the stick that sticks the device                                  
    = Open the valve                                                           
    = Exit East x2                                                             
  - Garden                                                                     
    = Pick up your alchemist magnet                                            
    = Use the snout to spray water over the land                               
    = Pick up the lettuce and radish                                           
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Outside Farmhouse                                                          
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Meadow                                                                     
    = Capture the ghost with the flask                                         
    = Pick up some grain (some of those are sticking out)                      
    = Exit South                                                               
  - Outside Farmhouse                                                          
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Garden                                                                     
    = Use the bottled ghost on the scarescrow                                  
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Outside Farmhouse                                                          
    Farmer Greenberry will leave the place now... That's good!                 
    = Take the vinegar from the shelf                                          
    = Open the hatch to the cellar                                             
  - Inside cellar                                                              
    = Pick up the horseshoes                                                   
    = Pick up the scissors                                                     
    = Leave                                                                    
  - Outside Farmhouse                                                          
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Meadow                                                                     
    = Use the scissors to get wool from the sheep                              
    = Use the flask on the sheep to get some milk                              
    = Exit South                                                               
  - Outside Farmhouse                                                          
    = Hit the cellar                                                           
  - Inside Cellar                                                              
    = Put the milk into the cheese machine                                     
    = Pull the bar                                                             
    = Pick up the cheese                                                       
    = Leave                                                                    
  - Outside Farmhouse                                                          
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Water wheel                                                                
    = Use one horseshoe on the spark to create a magnet                        
    = Grind the grain and scoop it out with the bowl                           
    = Put it into the cauldron                                                 
    = Grind a raddish and scoop it out with the bowl                           
    = Put vinegar with it                                                      
    = Put the mustard you now created into the cauldron                        
    = Put a piece of lettuce into the cauldron                                 
    = Add cheese too                                                           
    = Fill a flask                                                             
    = Use the flask onto yourself to get a sandwich                            
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Outside Farmhouse                                                          
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Meadow                                                                     
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Outside City Gate                                                          
    = Use the sandwich on the guards                                           
    = Enter the city                                                           
  - Inside City Gate                                                           
    = Remove the stick from the fountain (it looks like a seahorse)            
    = Exit North (not into the house, beside it)                               
  - Alley                                                                      
    Green    Yellow
    Orange    Purple

    = Once more you gotta fill out the fruit flies combination on the pole in   
      order to unlock the door                                                 
    = Open the door and enter the building                                     
  - Inside the Drunk Dragon Inn                                                
    = Pick up the mug from the vacant table                                    
    = Try to leave, but you'll be stopped as it's "Pirate Poetry Night" and    
      you have to recite a poem before leaving. Wait until the pirate has      
      recited his poem.                                                        
    = Now stand behind the desk to recite a poem yourself                      
    = Exit the place.                                                          
  - Alley                                                                      
    LISTEN CLOSELY! I SAY THIS ONLY ONCE!                                      
    CHALLENGE TO GAMBLE. YOU'LL BE RIPPED OFF!                                 
    = Enter the inn again                                                      
  * === You'll have to do this part 3 times === *                              
  - Inside the Drunk Dragon Inn                                                
    The pirates are fighting now.                                              
    = Stand behind the bald fighting pirate                                    
    = Click on him twice and the other pirate will knock a gold tooth out of   
      his mouth                                                                
    = Use the alchemist magnet to turn the tooth to lead                       
    = Pick it up                                                               
    = Leave                                                                    
  - Alley                                                                      
    = Go to the place behind the farm with the watermill and the crusher (on   
      your first go, you'll have a cutscene on the way where Zanthia makes a   
      magic telephone call with Faun).                                         
  - Water Wheel                                                                
    = Crush the tooth                                                          
    = Use your alchemist magnet to turn it to gold                             
    = Go back to the city, go back to the Dragon Inn to repeat this section    
  * === END REPLAY SECTION === *                                               
  You should have 3 gold coins now                                             
  - Inside the Drunk Dragon Inn                                                
    = Fill your mug with beer from the barrel                                  
    = Leave                                                                    
    = Exit South                                                               
  - Inside the city gate                                                       
    = Leave and go to the farm                                                 
  - Outside Farmhouse                                                          
    = Give the bowl back to the dragon only to take it back again (yes, that   
      was pretty mean)                                                         
    = Use the flask to scoop up the tears                                      
    = Put some vinegar into the bowl                                           
    = Add the beer to it and now you have sweet and sour sauce                 
    = Go back to the city                                                      
  - Inside the City Gate                                                       
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Street                                                                     
    = Pick up the piece of paper to the left and put it into your spellbook    
      to gain the Teddy Bear Potion and the Trance potion spells               
    = Pick up the flask (and the rest is junk)                                 
    = Use the magnet on the metal thing in the water to obtain a key           
    = Pick up the magnet again                                                 
    = Northern exit East                                                       
  - Gorge                                                                      
    = Pick up some mud from the tiny pool                                      
    = Use it on the rabbit foot to get it's print                              
    = Put it into your cauldron                                                
    = And put the sweet and sour saunce into the cauldron                      
    = Put a horseshoe with its ends up into the cauldron                       
    = Put the reptile tears into the cauldron                                  
    = Fill both flasks (there will still be some purple stuff left in your     
      cauldron. Leave it there, you'll need more later)                        
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Gorge                                                                      
    = USE YOUR STICK TO GET THE ROPE                                           
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Altar of Doubt                                                             
    = Place both potions on the altar                                          
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Gorge                                                                      
    = Use the stick to get over the gorge                                      
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Gorge                                                                      
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Street                                                                     
    = Use a skeptic potion on the guy in front of the strange building         
    = Enter the building                                                       
  - Jail                                                                       
    = Try to free Marco with you key (you'll end up imprisoned yourself        
      losing your key)                                                         
    = Use the magnet on the key (the sheriff will appear and throw the key     
      out of the window making it getting swallowed by a fish)                 
    = Pick up the thing in the back of your cell and Zanthia will make         
      threads of it and Marco will provide you with a hook                     
    = Use the rig you created on the window and you'll score your key back     
    = Use the key to free yourself                                             
    = Now free Marco                                                           
    = Exit this place                                                          
  - Street                                                                     
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Inside City Gate                                                           
    = Enter the house                                                          
  - Store                                                                      
    = Use the other skeptic potion on the shopkeeper                           
    = Give him your three gold coins to score a voucher                        
    = Fill two flasks with the purple stuff in your cauldron (and that will    
      make it turn back to water again)                                        
    = Exit South                                                               
  - Inside the City Gate                                                       
    Zanthia will give Faun another call                                        
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Street                                                                     
    = Northern exit North                                                      
  - Gorge                                                                      
    = Exit North                                                               
  - = Use the stick to get over the gorge                                      
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Altar of Doubt                                                             
    = Activate both potions on the altar                                       
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Gorge                                                                      
    = Get over with the stick                                                  
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Exit South                                                                 
  - Street                                                                     
    = Southern exit East                                                       
  - Wharf                                                                      
    = Use a skeptic potion on the captain                                      
    = Give him the voucher                                                     
  - Ship                                                                       
    = Put the magnet between the ropes east of the helm                        
  Chapter 3 - Volcania                                                         
  I guess the sailors didn't really forgive your stunt with your compass.      
  Except for your alchemist magnet all your items are gone.                    
  All locations here are marked as "Beach" so I won't name them.               
  Except from a few rocks and a stick all items here are COMPLETELY USELESS,   
  so don't bother picking them up.                                             
  And don't bother talking to any human being. They only sell crap, which you   
  don't need and none of them will make you any wiser.                         
  - Exit West                                                                  
  - = Pick up the stick                                                        
    = Pick up the rock                                                         
    = Exit West x2                                                             
  - Exit North x2                                                              
  - Exit East                                                                  
  - = Cross the bridge                                                         
    = Exit East x2                                                             
  - = Cross another bridge                                                     
    = Exit East x3                                                             
  - Exit South x2                                                              
  - Exit West                                                                  
    And now you may have discovered I made you walk the long way... Sorry ^_^   
  - = Pick up the flask                                                        
    = Pick up the rock                                                         
    = Go back to the previous location                                         
  - Jump into the vent                                                         
  Chapter 4 - Center of the World                                              
  Once again, you lost all your stuff but your magnet                          
  - Lava Cavern                                                                
    = Pick up a rock                                                           
    = Place it onto the vent                                                   
    = Exit West                                                                
  - = Pick up the rock                                                         
    = Place it onto the vent                                                   
    = Pick up the flask                                                        
    = Exit East                                                                
  - = Cross the bridge                                                         
    = Exit east                                                                
  - = Pick up the stick                                                        
    = Pick up the rock                                                         
    = Exit North                                                               
  - = Pick up the rock                                                         
    = Put it onto the vent                                                     
    = Throw your stick to the dinosaur twice                                   
    = Pick up the lump of lead and turn it to gold with your alchemist magnet   
      (this one is heart shaped as you need a "heart of gold")                 
    = Jump into the vent to score some pebbles                                 
    = Exit South                                                               
  - = Get some fuzz from the palm trees                                        
    = Put the fuzz into the cauldron                                           
    = Put the teddybear eyes into the cauldron                                 
    = Put the heartshaped lump of gold into the cauldron                       
    = Use the flask on yourself to score a teddy bear                          
    = Pick up the flask again                                                  
    = Jump onto the dinosaur's back to score a red scarf                       
  - Exit West                                                                  
  - = When the dinosaur is not facing north, go to another location and go     
    = Use the scarf on it and it'll open the door for you                      
  - Chamber if the Anchor                                                      
    = OPTIONAL: Take an anchor stone if you want but I guess you know by now   
      it's crap.                                                               
    = Put the rock onto the vent                                               
    = Pick up the parchment and put it into your spellbook to score the        
      recipes for: Party Favors Potion, and the (useless Play Room Spell)      
    = Exit this room                                                           
  - Stand into the boiling lava vent                                           
  Chapter 5 - Petrified Forest                                                 
  Now things will get in a bit of a stranger setup.                            
  - Petrified Forest                                                           
    = Pick up the pinecone                                                     
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Bridge                                                                     
    = Pick up the moss from the rock x2                                        
    = You saw a stone rolling, when it stops pick it up                        
    = Pick up the twigs                                                        
    = Click on the snow to score a snowball                                    
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Petrified Forest                                                           
    = Put the twigs onto the flint                                             
    = Use the rolling stone on them to score charcoal                          
    = Put the charcoal, the snowball and some moss into the cauldron           
    = Search the hole you crashed in to get a flask                            
    = Fill it with the cauldron                                                
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Bridge                                                                     
    = Use the snowman potion onto the ghost knight to make him go away         
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Grassy meadow                                                              
    = Turn the statue to gold with the alchemist magnet and a treasure chest   
      will appear                                                              
    = Get a magic drum from it                                                 
    = Get a jack from it                                                       
    = Use the Jack onto the foot to stop it and the two men will explain some   
      very important stuff to you.                                             
    = Pick up the acorn behind the statue                                      
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Bridge                                                                     
    = Search the little tower to score a walnut                                
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Petrified Forest                                                           
    = Put the magic drums onto the stump and the trees will start to dance     
    = You'll automatically exit East                                           
  - Tram station                                                               
    = Try to hit the tram, but the squirrel will stop because it's "long       
      lunch day"                                                               
    = Give the three nuts to him and he'll leave                               
    = Put the rolling stone into the big wheel                                 
    = Hit the tram                                                             
  Chapter 6 - Icy world                                                        
  Another suit and all equipment gone. Annoying, eh?                           
  - Tram Station                                                               
    = Pick up the duster                                                       
    = Enter the house                                                          
  - Hunter's lodge                                                             
    = Examine the head on the wall to score some musk                          
    = Pick up a cannonball                                                     
    = Turn it to gold                                                          
    = Pick up the flask from the shelf.                                        
    = Leave                                                                    
  - Tram Station                                                               
    = Give the gold cannonball to the mother                                   
    = Steal the lollipop from the baby                                         
    = Get some snow                                                            
    = Now to put into your cauldron: The lollipop, Musk, feather duster and a   
      snowball to score a Abominable Snowman potion                            
    = Fill a flask                                                             
    = Drink the potion                                                         
    = Enter the hut and see what happens                                       
  - Yet's pad                                                                  
    = Pick up the candy                                                        
    = Pick up a flask from the shelf behind the yeti                           
    = Get some feathers from the pillow (hard to see)                          
    = Exit North (on west side)                                                
  - Ice Cavern                                                                 
    = Pick up an icicle                                                        
    = Enter the cave                                                           
  - Yeti's Pad                                                                 
    = Except for your alchemist magic and the flask, put everything you have   
      into your cauldron                                                       
    = Fill a flask                                                             
    = Exit the cave                                                            
  - Ice Cavern                                                                 
    = Pick up two icicles                                                      
    = Use them to climb up (you'll be taken back to the cave)                  
  - Yeti's Pad                                                                 
    = Exit the cave                                                            
  - Ice Cavern                                                                 
    = If the hunters aren't coming, then enter the cave and get back here, if   
      they are coming wait until they came down to you                         
    = Give them the abominable snowman potion                                  
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Small Cabin                                                                
    For the last time Zanthia will make call to Faun                           
    = Drop your icicles (REALLY DO!)                                           
    = Enter the house                                                          
  - Mystic's Cabin                                                             
    This is potion mixing time. The items here are not noted in my inventory   
    list (there are too many)                                                  
    The only item you can take out of this room is your alchemist magnet.      
    You cannot drop any items, but you can dispose them by throwing them into   
    the (bottemless) trashcan.                                                 
    You only need one of each potion, so after you fill a flask, flush it.     
    By using the switches you can find different items you can use for potion   
    Bottle #1 is the most left, and #7 is the most right one                   
    = Pick up a random flask, empty it into the cauldron and flush the thing.   
      You need at least one empty flask to get potions from you cauldron       
    = Get Ground Grain, Lettuce, Vinegar, Ground Raddish and Cheese from the   
    = Pix the vinegar with the ground raddish to create mustard                
    = Now use the stuff to create the Sandwich potion, fill a flask and flush   
      the cauldron                                                             
    = Put the potion into bottle #2                                            
    = Dispose of the two bowls                                                 
    = Get from the shelves: Amethyst (purple gem) and a blueberry              
    = Put the two together into the cauldron                                   
    = Fill a flask                                                             
    = Put it into bottle #6                                                    
    = Get from the shelves: Horseshoe with its end up, Taffy Footprint, Sweet   
      and Sour sauce, Reptile Tears                                            
    = Mix it all together and fill a flask                                     
    = Put the potion into bottle #8                                            
    = Flush your cauldron                                                      
    = Dispose of the bowl                                                      
    = Take from the shelf: Icicle or snowball (you don't need both, just one   
      of them), Musk, Lollipop, Feathers                                       
    = Put all that into the cauldron and fill a flask                          
    = Put it into bottle #3                                                    
    = Get from the shelf: Gnarlybark, Furniture (stool), Onion, Reptile        
      Tears, Sulphur                                                           
    = Put it all into the cauldron                                             
    = Now get hot water from the shelves and put it into the cauldron          
    = Fill a flask and put it into bottle #4                                   
    = Flush the cauldron                                                       
    = Get: Leather Folio, Feathers, Hot Air                                    
    = Into the cauldron with all that                                          
    = Fill a flask and use it to fill bottle #1                                
    = Keep one flask and dispose all the others                                
    = Take from the shelf: Fuzz, teddybear eyes and a heart-shaped lump of     
    = Turn the lead to gold                                                    
    = Put it all into the cauldron and fill a flask                            
    = Fill bottle #5                                                           
    = Exit this house                                                          
  - Small Cabin                                                                
    = Pick up your icecles                                                     
    = Use them to climb upon the house                                         
  - Rainbow Bridge                                                             
    = Exit East                                                                
  - Exit South                                                                 
  Chapter 7 - The Wheels of Fate                                               
  The final chapter. Let's find the Hand and teach him a lesson                
  - The Wheels of Fate                                                         
    = Use the alchemist magnet on the dish to stop the lightbeam               
    = Hit the door                                                             
  - Eastern stairs up                                                          
  - The Inverted Towers of Anoi                                                
    A bit like the towers of Hanoi, only slightly different.                   
    Head 1 is left, 2 is middle, 3 is right and now let's move the discs like   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 2 to 3                                                                   
    = 2 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 3                                                                   
    = 2 to 1                                                                   
    = 1 to 3                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    Man, we're getting somewhere                                               
    = 2 to 3                                                                   
    = 2 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 2 to 3                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 3                                                                   
    = 2 to 3                                                                   
    = 2 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 2 to 3                                                                   
    = 2 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    Score a stick....                                                          
    I know you'll hate this, but.... the middle one too                        
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 3                                                                   
    = 2 to 3                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    Blue - Grey                                                                
    = 1 to 3                                                                   
    = 2 to 3                                                                   
    = 2 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 2 to 3                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 3                                                                   
    = 2 to 3                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 2 to 3                                                                   
    = 2 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 3                                                                   
    = 2 to 3                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    = 3 to 1                                                                   
    = 3 to 2                                                                   
    = 1 to 2                                                                   
    Score a gear                                                               
    = exit South                                                               
  - Wheels of Fate                                                             
    = Western Stairs up                                                        
  - The Wheels of Fate                                                         
    = Put the gear on the missing spot                                         
    = SAVE YOUR GAME                                                           
    = Use the stick to get the wheels turning                                  
    DEFEATING THE HAND                                                         
    (Don't try to save your game when the battle has begin. The hand will      
    kill you if you try)                                                       
    = Jump onto the machine with the wheels and the hand will charge and miss   
    = Go straight into the hand                                                
    = And go straight into the hand again                                      
  CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE COMPLETED - HAND OF FATE                             
  Inventory Items                                                              
  Here's a list of the items you can get and where to get them. All items      
  marked as 'Jewel' can be found anywhere on the world at random and can be    
  used in the 'Birthstones' quest. This list is set up in the order that *I*   
  found the items.                                                             
  Please note, you can drop items anywhere (and you'll need to as you can      
  only carry 10 items and you'll get MUCH more than that). I recommend you to   
  find a good spot somewhere to 'store' some items and to remember where you   
  left them.                                                                   
  I apologize at forehand if things are truncated in this list.
  In the HTML version of this FAQ you can see all info in full
  Item                Where to get it:                                        
  Blueberry           Zanthia's Lab                                           
  Gnarlybark          Snap of a Gnarltree                                     
  Onion               Find in the forest                                      
  Feather             Bird's Nest                                             
  Skeleton Key        Quicksand                                               
  Sulphur Rock        Sulphur Springs                                         
  Furniture (Stool)   Herb's Shack                                            
  Flask               Several Places                                          
  Plant Food          Herb's Shack                                            
  Swamp Water         Fill a flask                                            
  Everburning fireberrOutside Herb's                                          
  Lizard Tears        Make a reptire cry and scoop it up                      
  Alchemist Magnet    Chest in Dark Cave                                      
  Anchor              Dock                                                    
  Letter              Kyrandia                                                
  Bowl                From Dragon                                             
  Lettuce             Harvest it                                              
  Raddish             Harvest it                                              
  Bottled Ghost       Capture Ghost                                           
  Grain               Meadow                                                  
  Vinegar             Farm                                                    
  Horseshoe           Cellar                                                  
  Shears              Cellar                                                  
  Wool                Sheep                                                   
  Milk                Sheep                                                   
  Cheese              Make it from milk                                       
  Magnet              Make from horseshoe                                     
  Mustard             Mix ground raddish with vinegar                         
  Sandwich            From alchemy potion                                     
  Mug                 Inn                                                     
  Gold/Lead Tooth     Steal from pirate                                       
  Gold/Lead Coin      Make from pirate's teeth                                
  Rootbeer            Inn                                                     
  Sweet and Sour SauceMix Beer with Vinegar                                   
  Key                 Fish out of the sea with a magnet                       
  Skeptic Potion      Alchemy                                                 
  Fishing Rig         Jail                                                    
  Voucher             Store in the city                                       
  Stick               Several places                                          
  Heavy Rock          Volcania                                                
  Lump of Lead/Gold (hCenter of the world                                     
  Teddybear Eyes      Center of the World                                     
  Crystal Fuzz        Center of the World                                     
  Torn Cloth          Center of the World                                     
  Anchor Stone        Center of the World                                     
  Pinecone            Petrified Forest                                        
  Moss                Bridge near Petrified Forest                            
  Rolling Stone       Bridge near Petrified Forest                            
  Snowball            Bridge near Petrified Forest                            
  Charcoal            Burn Twigs                                              
  Snowman Potion      Alchemy                                                 
  Magic Drum          Turn a statue to gold                                   
  Jack                Turn a statue to gold                                   
  Acorn               Behind a statue                                         
  Walnut              Little tower                                            
  Feather Duster      Tram Station Icy World                                  
  Musk                Hunter's Lodge                                          
  Cannonball          Hunter's Lodge                                          
  Lollipop            Steal from baby                                         
  Abominable Snowman PAlchemy                                                 
  Candy               Yeti's Pad                                              
  Cologne             Yeti's Pad                                              
  Icicle              Yeti's place                                            
  Gear                From Inverted Towers of Anoi                            
  The ways to die                                                              
  You can die in this game, and when you die the game is over and you'll have   
  to load a saved game. In other words, be careful.                            
  - Try to cross the quicksand on foot and you'll die                          
  - Try to mess with the crocodile twice and you'll be its next meal           
  - When you don't use a stick to get the rope over the gorge you'll die when   
    you try to get accross                                                     
  - When you stand in the lava too long you'll burn                            
  - Play torero when the bull-dinosaur is not positioned well and it'll kill   
  - Killed by the Hand                                                         
  Copyright and License                                                        
  This FAQ is copyrighted by Jeroen P. Broks.                                  
  It's not officially authorized by the creators of this game or any           
  relations of them.                                                           
  This FAQ is licensed under Tricky's Public FAQ license v1.0                  
  - Definitions:                                                               
    = Copyright Holder - Jeroen P. Broks                                       
    = I, me - Copyright Holder                                                 
    = You - Person who uses this FAQ in any possible way                       
  - You may download, store, read and print this FAQ for personal uses.        
  - You may freely distribute this FAQ in any way you see fit under the        
    condition that:                                                            
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    = You, your site, or any other medium you distrubute this FAQ by may not   
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  - I do allow modifications to this FAQ and even to distribute them under     
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    = The license stays as it is!                                              
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    = If modified versions reach me, I have the right to copy your             
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      and brand them as "official". (I will credit wherever possible, but      
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      I'll try to work it out.                                                 
  - The copyright holder keeps the right to change the terms of use without    
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  Blacklisted sites:                                                           
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  - Mail You know nothing of "Kyrandia / Hand Of Fate"                         
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    INTELLIGENT to say?                                                        
  - Mail Fix your English!                                                     
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  - Mail Not to be rude, but your list doesn't cover even half of what it      
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