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Table Of Contents
1. Intro
2. Story
3. Controls
4. Copyright
5. Walkthrough
6. Credits/Special Thanks

1. Intro
Once again, this is my second out of the three point and click games by Icom.
Uninvited was my first out of the three and now this one is obviously my
second. If you have the NES game, then you might want to skip this guide,
as most of the DOS and Windows version is like the NES version, it functions
a little differently. Like when you read an adress the game doesn't save it
into your inventory you have to memorize it (or do what I did, save it in
Notepad). I will write down some of the text in the game so you know if you
did something right or wrong. I forgot to mention in my Uninvited guide that
I don't write down text that I don't think is neccessary.

2. Story
You are Ace Harding, but Dr. Brody has injected you with a medicine that
makes you forget who you are. But he was hired to do so. So you might think
that you get your memory back at the end of the game, but no, you get it
back in the middle of the game. You are being accused of a murder, accused of
killing Joey Siegel, owner of Joey's bar, you must prove that you are
innocent and not guilty.

3. Controls
If you've read my walkthrough then you should know everything about controls
but in case you haven't...
Examine: Look at or observe something or someone.
Open: Open a door, cabinet, etc.
Close: Close a door, cabinet, etc.
Speak: Talk to someone (or something if you are just weird. This isn't
Uninvited people!)
Operate: Use or operate an object on someone or something.
Go: Move through a door, window, manhole, etc.
Hit: Attack somebody.
Consume: Eat or drink something.

4. Copyright
Pretty much like my other guides, this guide is  Doommaster1994. If you would
like to post this on your site, its okay with me, just ask my permission.
My e-mail is at the top of this guide: doommaster1994@yahoo.com. If I find
that you have either plagarized my work or that you copied this whole
guide and said you did it yourself or posted this on your site without my
permission, then you will be in some serious trouble. Its easy, all you need
to do is ask...

5. Walkthrough
"Good morning. Welcome to a nightmare come true.

You are waking from a stupor that feels like a chronic hangover after a week in
Vegas. There is a throbbing bump on the back of your head, big enough to make
your hat size look like an Olympic record. You notice your right palm is
covered with dry blood, but you neither see nor feel any open wounds on your
body. On your left forearm you feel a sharp pain under the shirt sleeve. 
Rolling up the sleeve, you discover what looks like a fresh needle mark. "Have
I been injected with something?" you wonder. Then you realize "I? Who am I?"

In front of you is a jacket. Take it and put it into your inventory. Behind
that is a holister with a gun in it, take it and put it into your inventory.
You will now see that the holister is now just a standalone gun. Its a .38
special you got there. Don't get to touchy with it, or else you will be in
trouble from the boys in blue. And no I don't mean the Blues Brothers, I mean
the police. But not only the police but a mugger and hooker. Now OPEN the
bathroom door and go out. You will see a broken mirror. Double click on the
"You see yourself reflected in the mirror. The face stares back at you as
though it belonged to a stranger. You again realize with horror that you can't
remember who you are!"
Now OPEN the door and GO out the door. Now there are two doors. GO out the
one at the end of the hall that says "Bar" on it by double clicking it once
to open the door and double clicking it again to go out. You will find yourself
inside Joey's Bar. On your left is a set of stairs. GO up the stairs by double
clicking on them. There are three portraits on the wall. Double click the one
at the end of the hall on the right and...
"It looks like a poster of you! But then, you can't remember who you are. The
name underneath says, 'Ace'. It doesn't ring a bell."
It is in fact you. Now OPEN the door in front of you and GO through the door.
You will see a desk. OPEN the desk. Inside is an envelope. Open the evelope and
examine the note inside it.
"It is a bill from Dr. Brody's pharmacy. The bill is made out to Joe's Bar. The
items on the bill are as follows:
1 - SYRINGE ............... $10.95
2 - 50cc DIETHANOL TRIMENE . 56.00
2 - 50cc BISODIUMITIS ...... 26.00
10 - 50cc SODIUM PENTATHOL .. 40.00
-------------TOTAL $132.95

There is also an address on the bill for Dr. Brody's Pharmacy:

934 West Sherman
Chicago, Illinois"
Those medicines are the medicines you have been injected with. Also, you now
have your first address, 934 West Sherman. You don't need the note because I
will be telling you the addresses so close the Envelope and Desk window.
Now you will see a door on your left. You try to open it and Oops! Its locked!
OPEN your jacket and inside is a wallet. OPEN the wallet and inside is a key.
OPERATE the key on the door. Now the game will tell you the door is unlocked.
GO through the door and you will be in a room with Joey Siegel's dead body.
He is holding the phone. OPEN him and you will find that he has another key.
These are his car keys. Take the keys and put them into your inventory.
OPEN the desk Joey's dead body is laying on and you will find another set of
keys. Take them and put them into your inventory. There is also a pencil in
the desk. Take the pencil but don't take the paper. Behind Joey's dead body
is a safe. I could give you the combination now but we really should wait.
OPEN the window and GO out the window. You will find yourself on a fire escape.
GO forward to go up another level on the fire escape. Now the only way to do
this is, look in your EXITS box and double click on the door on the top. The
game should tell you that you have a breathtaking view of the alley below.
On your left is another window. OPEN the window and GO through the window.
You will see a torture chair. To the left of it is an elevator and a
wastebasket. OPEN the watebasket to find a syringe (the NES version replaces
the syringe with capsules.) Put the syringe in your inventory. Now OPERATE the
button next to the elevator to open it. GO into the elevator. You will
see three buttons. OPERATE the button that is the third to the bottom button.
After the elevator takes you to your destination, exit the elevator. You will
now be in a casino with nobody around. Before you do anything, save your game.
Now OPEN your jacket and OPERATE one of your coins on the slot machine. Keep
playing until you get the jackpot. If you have to try more than 3 times, then
re-load your game. Now you should have enough money to last you through the
game. Now go back into the elevator. OPERATE the button to open the elevator
button again. GO inside the elevator and OPERATE the third button from the
bottom. Exit the elevator and you will be back in Joey Siegel's office. GO
out the window. Go backward by clicking the bottom door in the EXITS box. You
should now be in the alley. Go forward. If you come across a mugger on the
street, HIT the mugger. If you have mugger more than four times, don't try
again, he will shoot you. Just give him a quarter or re-load your game.
OPRATE the last key you got on the door to Joey's Bar. Now OPERATE the car
keys you got from Joey Siegel's dead body on the car in front of the bar.
OPEN the car door and GO in the car. Now when you are in here DO NOT start the
car. If you do then the car will explode and you will die. Instead, open the
glove compartment. There will be three items: a registration card for Joey
Siegel's car with the address 1212 West End St., a road map and a portrait of
Mrs. Sternwood. EXAMINE the portrait of Mrs. Sternwood.
"It's a snapshot of a woman. You feel as though you should recognize this
broad, and broad she is! About four hundred pounds worth. They must've moved
the camera back about the length of a football field just to fit her into the
frame! But your memory fails to tell you who she is."
Well apparently, the game creators thought it would be a good idea to make fun
of overweight people. Hmph! Take all the items in the glove compartment and put
them into your inventory. Exit the vehicle. Now on your EXITS box, click the
middle-left door. You should be at a news stand. Go left again. Around here,
you will sometimes run into a bum. He will tell you that if you give him $20
he will give you some useful information. All he will tell you is that a
hitman has been hired to kill you and is waiting in your office. Just keep
going left until you get to a taxi. Double click the taxi to enter. You should
have the car registration paper for Joey Siegel's car. It should also have an
address: 1212 West End St. SPEAK to the taxi driver and when the game asks what
you want to say to him, say 1212 West End St. and the driver will take you
there. Make sure you pay the taxi driver the coins before you exit. OPEN your
jacket and drag three coins in the PAY HERE slot. After that you will be good.
Note that you must do this everytime the taxi driver takes you somewhere. Now
exit the taxi and you will be in front of a building. OPEN the doors and enter.
You will be facing an elevator. OPEN your jacket and OPEN your wallet and you
will find a keycard in there. OPERATE the card on the slot next to the elevator
and do the same thing when you GO inside the elevator. When the elevator door
opens, exit the elevator. On top of the fireplace is a photo. Take the photo
and put it into your inventory. EXAMINE the note to find another address:
520 S. Kedzie in Chicago. Don't bother messing with the magazine on the table.
For some reason, you can't open it. I guess there's some kind of magical seal
or something to keep the magazine closed. Anyway, go back into the elevator.
You know how the elevator works. Put the card in the slot and then when the
elevator doors open, exit the elevator and then exit the building. GO into the
taxi and SPEAK to the taxi driver and say 520 S. Kedzie in Chicago. When you
arrive there, exit the cab. You should be at what the game calls a "dilapidated
bungalow." Try to enter and whoops! you can't because its locked. OPERATE your
gun on the door and you can now enter. When you enter, you will see a table
with a note on top of it. EXAMINE the note. It says 33-24-36 on it. Remember
that safe in Joey Siegel's office? This is the combination. Take the note. Now
OPEN the table. Inside is a key and a diary. Take both items and put them into
your inventory. Now exit the bungalow and go back inside the taxi. Now SPEAK to
the taxi driver and say 934 West Sherman. When you arrive there, make sure you
pay the driver and exit the taxi. Now its time to get your memory back! OPEN
the door to the building and GO inside the building. Now you have to choices:
Go upstairs or go down the hall. Go down the hall. You will now be standing in
front of Dr. Brody's office, the guy who made you forget who you are. OPERATE
the key you got from the bungalow on the door. Now you will be inside the
office. There will be a cabinet full of medicines. Find a bottle of
Bisodiumitis. OPERATE the Bisodiumitis on the syringe you got earlier. Now
OPERATE the syringe on yourself. Then...
"The bisodiumitis takes effect. The first waves of your lost memory start
rolling in. This one seems to be from your childhood ...
It's Mother! She's baked a cake. Maybe it's your birthday. Or maybe it's the
family celebration of your departure for boarding school."
Now find another bottle of Bisodiumitis and put it in the syringe then OPERATE
the syringe on yourself. Now the game tells you that you have one of those
feelings, like you've done this before. There's a world for it, but that's one
thing you can't seem to remember. Now keep clicking around until you get this
"Another memory wave from your childhood comes through ...
It's Taco, your pet dog. Say "WOOF", Taco! That-a-boy! Taco wants to play. Taco
sends you to the hospital for stitches."
Looks like Taco wasn't such a nice dog after all... Now keep clicking on stuff
again until you get this text:
"Another memory wave from your childhood comes through ...
It's Suzy Q, the girl next door. Suzy Q gave you your first kiss. In fact, she
gave all the boys in the neighborhood their first kiss. Suzy Q grew up to be
very popular."
Do the same thing: Keep clicking until the game says this:
"Another memory wave from your childhood comes through ...
It's Father O'Malley from the DeMille Boarding School for Young Followers of
all Ten Commandments (and then some). Father O'Malley is about to teach you a
lesson. You are about to learn it. You will never ever forget it. At the
DeMille school, you learned to talk with your fists."
Now there should be one more bottle of Bisodiumitis. Three vials total of
Bisodiumitis. Take the last one. Now the game doesn't tell you this but
after the Father O'Malley memory, you now know who you are: Ace Harding, 
Private Eye and retired boxer. Now go back to the inside of the building where
you had the choice between the stairs or the hall. Go up the stairs and you
will be standing at the door to your office. If you EXAMINE the window you will
see a person inside. That's what the bum earlier was going to tell you if you
gave him your $20 bill. OPERATE your gun on the window. The game should tell
you that you have show whatever was in the office. OPERATE the key you got
from the bungalow on the door and OPEN the door after that and then GO through
the door. There will be a file cabinet. If you open the desk you will find
ammunition for your gun but its pretty useless so leave the room, go back down
the stairs and exit the building. Now go into the taxi. SPEAK to the taxi
driver and say Peoria and he will take you there. Now you may get this text,
it won't matter if you do or not:
"You remember another detail from the Sternwood kidnapping case. When Mr.
Sternwood showed you the ransom note, you wondered why you were mentioned
specifically in the note to be hired as the bagman. The note said that you
would be recieving further instructions in private, so that these were to be
kept from Mr. Sternwood. But you can't remember how you recieved those, or
what they were."
Now after you arrive at Peoria, pay the driver and exit the taxi. Keep going
right until you are at Joe's bar. GO inside the bar and up the stairs. If you
click on the poster of you it will tell you that you know who you are. Now
go back into the office then into the next room where Joey Siegel's dead body
is. Behind him is the safe. Maybe now too you will get this message, once again
it does not matter if you get it or not:
"You remember another detail from the Sternwood kidnapping case. After talking
to Mr. Sternwood, you took a chance and went to your office to see if you had
anything in your files. Instead, you found a letter from Joey Siegel, the man
you were hiding from, the man you had racked up a serious gambling debt to and
who had subsequently put out a contract on your head. You remember the
surprise, but you can't remember what the letter said."
Anyways when you try and OPERATE the safe, the game will ask you for a
combination. The piece of paper from the bungalow said 33-24-36. The
combination should work on the safe. Now when the safe is open, OPEN the box
and you will find a key. Put it into your inventory. Now open the folder. It's
the gambling debts you owed Siegel! Put them into your inventory. Now go out
the window and down into the alley. Go forward to find yourself outside of
Joey's Bar. Go to the back of the car. OPERATE the key you just got on the
keyhole in the back to find Mrs. Sternwood. Take the gag off of her. OH NO!
At Dr. Brody's we forgot to get the SODIUM PENTATHOL! No matter, if you have
it and you inject it into her she will tell you to take her to 626 Auburn
Road. You are glad you've got me. Now go back to the taxi.
Once again, you may get this dialouge that doesn't matter whether you get it or
"You remember another detail from the Sternwood kidnapping case. It's about the
letter you found in your office from Siegel. It was in regards to the
kidnaping of Sternwood's wife. Siegel had done it, and sent the ransom note to
Sternwood. So Siegel wanted you to be the middle man and the letter explained
why. The middle man is always the riskiest part of the ransom exchange. Siegel
was offering to take the hit contract off and forget about your gambling debts,
in return for an honest delivery of the ransom. There was more, but you can't
When you return inside the taxi, SPEAK to the taxi driver and say 626 Auburn
Road. Pay the driver and exit the taxi when you arrive. OPEN the mailbox and
OPEN the envelope then put the note inside the evelope in your inventory.
Now GO to the mansion. HIT the door and the butler will come. HIT the butler
to knock him out but do not shoot him or its game over for you. Once again,
another dialouge message:
"You remember another detail from the Sternwod kidnapping case. The Siegel
letter sounded fishy. You thought either it was a trap by Siegel, or a bad
joke. But just maybe, you thought, it was true. And that you had a means of
getting out of the jam you were in. So you decided then and there to take the
job. The rest of Siegel's letter had the ransom delivery instructions laid out,
but you can't remember exactly where it went from there."
When you go up the stairs there will be two doors. OPEN the door on the left
and go inside. You will find a woman sleeping. You can't wake her up. OPEN the
drawer next to her and put the memo pad in the drawer inside your inventory.
Now OPERATE the pencil you got earlier on the memo pad and whoa, there's some
big evidence. Its too long so I'm not going to write it. Now OPEN the door in
front of you and enter. You will now find a man sleeping. Once again you can't
wake him up either. OPEN the drawer. Inside should be an envelope. OPEN the
envelope and take the letter inside and put it in your inventory. Now you are
done in this mansion. Leave the room and go back into the woman's room. Leave
her room then go back down the stairs. Leave the mansion then go back into the
taxi. But wait, there's probably going to be another text:
"You remember another detail from the Sternwood kidnapping case. The
instructions in the Siegel letter told you to pick up the ransom in a briefcase
at the Sternwood mansion. You remember doing this last night. There was a
complicated set of instructions on how to proceed from there. You had the
letter with you all the time, referring to it over and over. You were
instructed to be at the front door of Joe's Bar at exactly 2:45. You didn't
know if you could make it. For most of the way, you had to travel on foot. Your
mind goes blank again."
Now SPEAK to the taxi driver and say Peoria. When you get there, pay the driver
and exit the cab. Keep going to the right until you are in front of Joe's Bar.
On the street should be a manhole. OPEN the manhole and go down the manhole.
GO down the ladder, GO through the sewer hole, then there should be two sewer
holes, GO back and you will see a whirlpool. Put the road map, the picture of
Mrs. Sternwood, your gun, the gambling debt notes. Maybe you will get this
"You remember another detail from the Sternwood kidnapping case. You were
walking on foot to the bar. You got there right on time. The place seemed to be
closed. The door opened, and you walked in. Then, you felt a sharp blow to the
head and the lights went out. That was te last thing you remember before waking
in the stall."
Now exit the sewers: do this from your EXITs box: GO forward, GO through the
right sewer hole, GO up the ladder. You should now once again be in front of
the bar. Go right. You may run into Marsha Vickers. If you do, hit her. Then
go right until you are standing in front of the police station. OPEN the
doors to the police station. If the cops show up in front of the doors, then
you didn't do something right, if you get a newspaper that says "Ace Clears
Name", then you completed the game. I'm not going to spoil a good ending, so
just read the text and watch how you win in the court.
Congratulations! You've officialy completed Deja Vu for DOS or Windows (which
ever one you played.) Give yourself a pat on the back! Go out for ice cream or
something to celebrate.

6. Credits/Special Thanks
Credit/Special Thanked Person - Why They Are Credited/Special Thanked
Me (Doommaster1994) - For Making This Guide
You (Reader) - For Using My Guide
And any game site who uploads this.
Thanks for reading!
Until next time...