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"Slightly better than the original"

Coktel Vision has done it again! They delivered a gamr called ''Gobliins 2'', the sequel to ''Gobliiins'', which should have been named ''Elllves'' for just one reason. I'll let you figure that out.

In this sequel, we find that a child, known as the Prince Buffoon, is snatched by a demon and then taken to s castle, ruled by the evil Amoniak. The introduction is funny as the wizard who speaks gets interrupted by a fly, and the father of the Buffoon crying.


And so two characters called Fingus and Winkle are selected to rescue the Buffoon. After the introduction, you control these two elves, not three like the last game had.

Together, they have to complete several tasks on their mission. These tasks include objectives such as getting past a giant, getting inside a castle, and shrinking themselves like mice in order to go to the next world. The actions performed are one-way actions. What I mean is, Fingus can do things that Winkle can't, and Wingle can do things that Fingus can't.

Like the last game, instead of just completing tasks, you can do other actions that make one hurt themselves, while the other may (or may not) get a good laugh. It's pretty funny how they hurt themselves.

Not in the first game, however, is the ability to use jokers, a feature that give you hints on what you need to do in the scene. You only have three jokers. Use all of them up, and you are unable to use them. Might as well follow a walkthru to the game.

Also missing from the first, is the ability to exchange objects between characters, a feature that's useful if Fingus or Winkle needs something from the inventory needed for them to perform an action. Coktel has also added to the game a notepad, a font changer, and a date displayer. Personally, I don't know why you would use those.

Score: 7


The graphics are the same as ''Gobliiins'', each scene looks cartoonish. In fact, these graphics are slightly better than the first game. There are more scenes in ''Gobliins 2'', so that means plenty of more cartoonish graphics.

Score: 8


''Gobliiins'' had no music while you playing, ''Gobliins 2'' hss. Some tunes are good, and some of them are annoying, that you want to turn it off.

As for the sound effects, they are sometimes pretty funny. While you control one character, the other starts to do silly things. For instance, if you control Winkle, Fingus will sing a different tune for each scene, or flips up in the air. Both of the characters will sigh when you are not controlling either one of them. I found Fingus' one annoying.

Score: 8


An excellent sequel indeed, full of the same cartoonish graphics that makes you mouth water, and better sound effects over the original. The added music is good. Buy this game from a bargain store, or on eBay.

Score: 9

Year: 1992
Company: Coktel Vision
Genre: Comedy Adventure

* Excellent
* More scenes

* Useless features added

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 09/26/00, Updated 09/26/00

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