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/\ /\ /\    '92 - 93               Software by Electronic Arts, Inc.
\\N\ - /     ####   ###    ###     Written by : Rangers3Xs, with the help
 |\H\ |      #     #   #  #   #    of fellow NHL Hockey players in the city 
/  \L\ \     ####  #####  #   #    of Edmonton.
\__ \_\/     #     #   #  #  ##    Address : Rangers3Xs
   \/        #     #   #   ####              
VER 1.0                        #

      You have bought yourself a game worth $50. As you walk out of the 
software store, you say to yourself "I could beat this game in a hour".
You install the game, and after the first time running it, you try an 
exhibition game with the Canadiens and Kings. After the first period, the 
computer is up by 21 points. What can you do?? This FAQ was created to help
those in need of hints, tips, troubleshooting, cheats, and rules of the game.

(1) What is NHL Hockey?
        (1.1) Where can I purchase NHL Hockey?
(2) Problems installing and starting the game        
        (2.1) Problems playing the game
(3) How do I score?
        (3.1) Scoring tips
(4) Rules of the game
(5) Cheats and Updates, where to get them
(6) Credits to...

(1) What is NHL Hockey?
        NHL Hockey is a game of skill, speed, and accuracy. NHL Hockey
was created by Electronic Arts, Inc., along with the National Hockey 
League, and the teams in the league.
        Requirements for NHL Hockey:
386/33 MHz + *
4MB RAM + (needs configuration)
10MB disk space
DOS 3.3 +
KEY: + - or better * - will work, but runs VERY slow

(1.1) Where can I purchase NHL Hockey?
        You can purchase this game in a local computer retail store, or
through a catalog. The game costs around $35 - $60 ($75 - $95 canadien funds), 
depending on where you live, and supply and demand.

(2) Problems installing and starting the game
        Insufficient hard disk space - Delete unnecessary files
        Sound card not detected - Make sure the sound card in on the right
IRQ port, hex, and DMA.
        Insufficient expanded memory xxxxKB required - This is a problem
with 4MB machimes. To get more expanded memory, add this line under the 
himem.sys line in the CONFIG.SYS:
C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE MIN-2990
If a EMM386.EXE line is already there, just add the MIN-2990 after it.
(NOTE - You cannot run Windows in 386 Enhanced mode with this line)

(2.1) Problems playing the game
        Mouse does not work - Make sure there is a mouse driver loaded, 
and MOUSE is selected in PLAYER'S ONE CONTROL.
        Joystick does not work - Make sure the joystick has been connected
properly, and you have calibrated it at the beginning of the program. 
        Keyboard does not work - Press the NUM LOCK key to be sure. If the
light goes out on the upper right corner, there is no problem. If it doesn't,
restart you system.

(3) How do I score?
        You score by getting the puck past the goalie and into the net.
There are numerous ways to do this, explained in the sub-chapter.

(3.1) Scoring tips
        1. Use the PASS button instaed of the SHOOT button. If you're
lucky, in a faceoff, repeatedly press the PASS button. If the puck slides
towards the goalie, you've made a goal.
        2. Fool the goalie on breakaways. Skate towards the left of the 
goalpost, before you reach the goalie's circle, quickly swing to the
right and shoot.
        3. Check the opponent if he has the puck and he is in front of
the goal. The goalie should be next to the player. Do a quick check and
the puck gets knocked into the net.
        4. One - timers usually work if done right. Get a winger to the
right of the goalpost, and a defenseman to the left and a bit up. Pass the
puck to the defenseman, quickly pass it to the winger and shoot. Another goal.
        5. Use the PASS button for this one. On a breakaway, get half an
inch away from the goalie's circle. Shoot, and it bounces back, shoot again
this time a bit to the left. A defenseman or a winger shoud reach the goal 
by then, pass it to him, pass back and shoot.

(4) Rules of the game
        1. Get the puck into the opponent's net. You will score a point, 
unless there is a player from your team in the goalie's circle before the
puck passes the goalie.
        2. Avoid penalties when possible. Though you can't control all the
players at the same time, you can avoid some penalties such as checking from
behind and roughing.   
        3. The key to the game is accuracy. Remember the way your player's 
going is where he will shoot. Passing must be precise for one - timer goals.
        4. Change lines when your players are more than 1/4 exhausted. The
more exhausted your players are, the slower they get and the less accurate 
they are.
        5. Use the strategy you see on the demos during exhibiton games.
They usually work and help alot if you're new to this game.
        6. Winning isn't everything. Actually, the more you lose, the better
you get. Not true if you're one of the hockey gods, like me.
        7. Change goalies after half of the second period or the computer
gets two pucks past you. This keeps a low GAA and keeps net defense at its

(5) Cheats and Updates, where to get them
        1. 93 - 94 player update file - Available on CIS's computer games
forum, AOL's pcgames forum, Internet I don't explore much, Not available
on Prodigy. Delphi and GEnie I don't know.
        2. 93 - 94 team update file - Coming out sometime between mid June
and early July.
        3. NHL Editor - All I know about this file is that it is in AOL's
pcgames forum, somewhere in CIS, and somewhere on the Internet.
        4. NHL Sound Editor - I'm working on it.
        5. NHL Logo Editor - I'm working on it.

(6) Credits to...
Myself, for creating this FAQ, the NHLPA for the scoring tips, the people of 
Edmonton, NHL Hockey players on AOL, and Electronic Arts for the release date  
of the team update file.

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Hockey League.
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