• Cheat Codes

    Enable DEBUG MODE by pressing : A + 2 + ENTER, then press the following to activate the respective cheat:

    3000 points and 99 blastersF10 + I
    By holding down the jump button you can fly aound the screenF10 + J
    Current Memory Usage (press enter to exit this mode)F10 + M
    Finish Level/GameF10 + E
    Free Items (99 Blasters, 4 Keys and a Life)T + A + B
    God ModeF10 + G
    Toggle No ClippingF10 + N

    Contributed By: gloBal enemy and Kefka83.

  • Practice Mode Command Line Parameter

    Start the game with /TEDLEVEL ## in the command line, replacing ## with one of the following numbers in order to enter the corresponding level in practice mode. You will play the level at Normal difficulty with infinite lives and no prompt to exit. Completing the level will close out of the game.

    Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket17
    Bloog Aeronautics Space Administration11
    Bloog Control Center15
    Bloogbase Management District14
    Bloogbase Recreational District13
    Bloogfoods, Inc.08
    Blooglab Space Station16
    Bloogton Manufacturing06
    Bloogton Tower07
    Bloogwaters Crossing01
    First Dome of Darkness03
    Guard Post One02
    Guard Post Three12
    Guard Post Two09
    Second Dome of Darkness04

    Contributed By: Pleinair.


  • Fast Elevator Ride

    Try this in a level where theres a really long drop (The elevator section in Bloogton Towers is perfect). Drop from a ledge, and just as you begin to drop, shoot straight down. As the falling Keen reaches the shot, he will suddenly stand on it, like its a ledge or elevator, but you will still be zooming down at the speed of the shot. Now heres the cool bit: when you reach the bottom, the shot will disappear, but you will be standing just above the ground (sort of in mid-air). Dont move, just aim up, shoot....and now youll be doing the opposite thing. Now Keen will be hurtling towards the top at the speed of the shot. Saves you from all that jumping and grabbing ledges.

    Contributed By: Black Funkster.

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