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This hint sheet was written in house by one of our game
counselors for the other game counselors.  Please excuse any
obnoxious comments or poor attempts at levity.  These are things
that naturally occur aafter spending eight hours a day telling
people th e same thing over and over.  The numbers in the hints
refer to locations as described in the Eye of the Beholder Vol. 1
Hint Booklet from SSI, which can still be found in some software
stores, or ordered directly from Capcom by sending a check rder
for $9.95 US funds to Capcom Customer Service, 475 Oakmead
Parkway, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, along with a note including your
return address and which game book you want.

FAQ's For Eye Of the Beholder

1. "I'm on the Second Level, and I don't know what to do?" 	
	Don't panic.  What you have to do is go through all three
doors with the silver locks in this area.  If you don't have a
key, your thief can pick these locks (these are pretty much t ve
to explore each of the three areas beyond the doors, looking for
the set of rations in each area.  Once all three sets of rations
have been picked up, the player needs to go through the nor ss,"
and turn and look west.  If they actually have all three sets, a
hallway should have magically appeared there, allowing access out
to the rest of level 2.  The rations are actually triggers eady
fed the rations to his characters, he just needs to have picked
them up.

2.  "I'm stuck in a room on Level 2, and I'm going around in

	This is probably the room that has the messages, "Not all
is as it may appear," and, "Orcish runes of passage."  What
happens is, as the player walks into this area past the locked
door facing south, two steps into the hallway, a magical trap
(24 2) spins the player around 90 degrees.  Have the player watch
their compass when this happens, and simply tell them to turn
around to face the correct direction they need to travel in.  The
next problem is the room facing east.  Ask the player if the re
i n a room that is shaped like a figure-eight laying on its side.
 Tell them the reason the room looks like an eight is because
there are two sets of walls that are seemingly blocking the
middle of the room.  The reason the player is walking in circles
i because of the teleport traps that are along the outer
perimeter of the room (30-33, L2).  Tell the player that they
need to walk through the walls marked with the Orc rune of
passage that are in the middle of the room.  Two sections of the
walls are i usio nary.  On the Western wall, the southern, or
lower, step of the wall is false, and on the Eastern wall, the
northern, or upper, step is false.  They need to walk east into
this room, go through the two false walls, walk east down the
hal false wall to the east at the end, then through the false
wall to the north to find the area with the rations (36, L2). 
Tell them they then need to turn around and head out the same way
they came in, through the false walls.  People will tell you th
they walk forward and keep ending up looking at a sewer pipe. 
Remind them that they need to walk through the walls in the
middle of the room, and not to go along the outside, because they
will get caught in a teleport loop.  If they keep arguing with
yo nsist in a louder voice that you are correct, and if they are
so smart, why are they calling a game counselor in the first
place, huh?

3.  "I'm stuck on Level 2; I can't get across the pits and I keep
falling down to the smaller room on Level 3."

	Tell the player that they need to turn off the first pit
(15, L2) by pressing the handle in the alcove (14, L2).  The next
pit (E, L2) can be turned off by looking north across the pit and
tossing a rock or dagger, and it will fly across and land ressure
plate, turning off that pit.  The same thing will work for all
the other pits in that room.  The player needs to pick up the
rations in the corner (17, L2), and go to the other rooms.

4.  "I'm on Level 2, in front of a message that says, 'What on
odd place for a carving,' and I can't get that door open.  What's
that carving for?"

	The way to get the door open is to throw a rock or dagger
through the gate.  It'll go through and land on a pressure plate
on the other side, opening that door.

5.  "How do I open the door on Level 2 where it says, 'Only the
strong shall pass?'"

	You need to point the symbol on the bottom of the door
and keep clicking the button until the door raises up.  It will
take a bunch of tries, so don't give up too soon.

6.  "How do I open the door on Level 1 to get down to Level 2?"

	Put a dagger on the pressure plate on the floor, then hit
the button (19, L1) to the right, and the door will open up.

7.  "I'm on Level 2, and there's a door that won't open with any
of my keys.  How do I open it?"

	That door will only open with the Gold Key.  Tell the
player to go back through the shimmering field (the R.A.T.S.) to
the south (68, L2).  The teleporter will dump them out in the
southwest.  They need to go north from that first RATS (40, L2)
t oom that says "Entry Level" (41, L2).  That room is actually an
elevator that will take the player to two sub-levels of Level 2,
the "Correction Level" and the "Fear Level."  Walk into the room,
close the door behind you, hit the secret button on the w l tw
ice, and you will go down.  On the "Fear," search around to find
the key, then go back to the RATS and open the door.

8.  "Where do I find the dwarven king?" or "What do I do once
I've found the dwarven prince?" or "How do I find the Wand of

	Kiergar can be found on Level 10 (15, L10) west of
Shindia (48, L10).  Once he is found, the player needs to hike
himself back up to the dwarves on Level 5 (27, L5).  Once Kiergar
is found, tell the player to go down to Level 11, and look for
the of Dwarven Healing (39, L11), and bring it back to the
dwarves.  Once you do that, they will give you the Wand of
Silvias, which you need to fight the Beholder down on Level 12.

9.  "I have this wand that says, 'No apparent magical effect,'
when I use it.  What is it?"

	Tell the player that they will have to use the Oracle of
Knowledge to see if that wand is the Wand of Silvias, which is
necessary to defeat the Beholder.

10.  "What is the Wand of Silvias?" or "How do I use it?"

	The Wand is really only useful for fighting the Beholder.
 When you use it, it will push the Beholder back about four
spaces.  The player needs to push the Beholder back down the
hallway, into the room, then maneuver so that he is able to push
th der into the spike trap in the corner (49, L12) which will
kill the Beholder instantly.

11.  "Where is the Stone Jewel?  I've found the portal it uses,
but I can't find it."

	There is no Stone Jewel in the game.  That portal leads
nowhere.  It is only there to mess with your head.

12.  "I have these stone items.  How do I use them?"

	Those are portal keys.  They activate the various portals
in the game.  Tell the player to look at the portal, and notice
that one of the spaces is blank.  If the player has the stone
item that would fit into the one blank space, they need to tak t
of their inventory, hold it over the blank space, and hit the
button.  If this is the right item, it will activate the portal.

13.  "I used the portal key (stone medallion) that the dwarves
gave me.  Now I'm in a room that's locked, and I can't get out of
it.  What do I do?"

	Tell the player that it is too early to start using the
portal keys to pop around.  The portals will only be useful much
later in the game.  Tell the player to teleport back up to the
dwarf level (Level 5), and start looking for the stairs down t 6.
 The doors on 7 will only open with the jeweled key and the ruby
key, which will be found when the player comes down to 7 from 6,
and explores for awhile.

14.  "How do I get down to Level 6 (or the dwarven level) from
Level 5?"

	The player needs to go southeast from the dwarves to find
a lever (40, L5) that will open a door to the south.  Walk down 
the hallway to come into a room that, as you walk forward, pits
open in the floor behind you.  Walk south until you come to cond
hallway that runs east.  Go east down that hallway until you come
to a door.  Open the door, step inside, pick up the set of armor
(48, L5), then walk through the false wall to the east (49 ore
that area until you come across a room full of teleport fields
(73-83, L5).  You need to go through the fields in the correct
sequence and throw three levers to open three doors.  Go through

15.  "What do I do with these 8 levers on Level 11?"

	The two levers one in from each end need to be down; all
the others need to be up (39, L11).  So the sequence should be
u,d,u,u,u,u,d,u.  This will give you a magical wand when the
potion is taken from the alcove. 16.  "What do I do to these
levers next to the message marked 'Thirteen' on Level 10?"

	We don't have the solution to this puzzle in our hint
books for some reason (5, L10).  Mess around with it for awhile
to see if it will do something.

17.  "What's the solution to 'Combination Lock - Be Quick.'"

	There is no solution to this.  It is simply a trap to
frustrate you and smack you with magic missiles.

18.  "What is the Oracle of Knowledge on Level 4?" or "How do I
identify my magic items so I know what they are?" or "What is the
Oracle of Devouring on Level 9?"

	When you find the Orb of Power down on Level 11, return
to the Oracle on Level 4 (64, L4).  The Oracle will identify all
magic items carried by the party.  The Oracle of Devouring (18,
L9) does the same thing, but eats your Orb of Power, so you l 
Don't use the Devouring one.

19.  "How do I work the 'Round and Round' room on Level 6?" or
"How do I get to Level 7 from Level 6?" or "I've run out of keys
for the 'Round and Round', where are more?"

	Round and Round (25, L6) is a set of three revolving
locks on Level 6.  When all three are opened, the player will
find the stairs down to Level 7.  Players usually can't find
enough keys to get all three open.  Tell them to first go north
from t a to find two pits (23A and 22A, L6), and fall into them. 
There is a key at the bottom of each.  The third key is usually
the hardest to find.  Tell them to go south to the message,
"Silverware rack - Be neat," and to put either darts or daggers
ose alcoves (33, L6).  Two racks in, there is another key.

20.  "What are the Special Quests?"

	See the separate page for Special Quests.  Don't kill
yourself explaining each one, just give them three or four, and
tell the player to figure the rest out themselves.

21.  "I used the Stone Orb on Level 11, and now I'm in this
little room.  Am I close to the end of the game? What do I do?"

	Yes, the player is on Level 12 (1, L12), and so very
close to the end of the game.  Tell them to take their Orb of
Power, or the Stone Orb, and throw it through the middle of the
western wall (3, L12).  It will go through the wall, land on a
pres ate on the other side, and open the door, allowing access to
the rest of Level 12.  You will be able to pick up your orb on
the other side.

22.  "How do I get from Level 10 to Level 11?"

	Tell the player to go basically northwest from the "Nest"
room.  They need to look for a hallway that runs east-west, and
walk down it to find a lever in an alcove to the south (37, L10).
 Pull the lever twice to move a block to the north.  Walk e, pull
the eastern lever twice to open the next entrance to the north. 
In that room will be a pit, a message that says, "Jump," and a
Ring of Feather Fall.  That's the entrance to 11.

23.  "I'm down on the green floor (Level 11), where the messages
say things like, 'Alignment must be true,' and, 'Your fate lies
in the stars.' What's going on?"

	The player is on Level 11, with the Celestial Stars of
Navigation.  They are in the middle of three concentric squares. 
The player needs to push the star buttons.  Every time the button
is pushed, it rotates 90 degrees.  When all three buttons a d up
in the same direction, the door in the opposite direction will
open up.  So if the buttons face north, the south door will open,
etc.  The player needs to explore through each of four areas ail

(59, L11), the Orb of Power (56, L11), and two drow keys (48 and
57, L11).

24 "How do I activate the (grail) portal in the middle of the
Stars on Level 11?  Where does it go?"

	The Stone Grail can be found be going into the room where
there is a message reading "Chwat" on the wall (51, L11).  Go to
the eastern pillar, look on the western face, and you will find a
secret button that will open a passage to the south.  Thi ge will
lead to a series of rooms that contain a drow key and the Stone
Grail .

25.  "How do I get down to Level 12 from Level 11?"

	The player needs the two drow keys and the Stone Orb. 
They need to go through the Southern door, and explore to the end
of that area, until they find a three-by-five room.  Search for a
secret button on the west wall.  That will open a western p that
leads into a seven-by-seven square room with a locked door in the
middle.  Unlock the door and use the Stone Orb to teleport down. 
Give them the info from Answer 21 next, they'll need it.

26.  "Where is the Stone Orb and the Orb of Knowledge?"

	Go through the northern door on Level 11.  The Stone Orb
is in a secret room next to the message "Room of the Key." (46,
L11)  There is a secret button on the west wall.   The Orb of
Power is through the eastern door, past the room with "Chwat." 
wall of one room (55, L11) is a secret button that will open a
passage south.  The Orb is here (56, L11).

27.  "Where is the Throne room with the secret exit that the
dwarves tell me about?"

	They are talking about Level 12, after you defeat the
Beholder, and finish the game.

28.  "What is the message at the end of the Hall of Thieves on
Level 9? Why does it say, 'You forgot something?'"

	The Hall of Thieves (29, L9) is stealing stuff from the
characters.  When you reach the message and it says, "You forgot
something," step on the pressure plate to deactivate the hall,
then walk back and get your items out of the alcoves along the y.
 The message should then read, "Thank You."

29.  "I'm standing next to a bunch of messages on Level 9 that
tell me to donate food, armor, weapon, and missile.  What do I

	Put down one piece of armor, one weapon, one ration, and
either a rock, dart, or an arrow on the missile pad.  The door
should open.  The player will be able to grab his weapons after
the door opens

30.  "What does, 'Only the cunning and agile shall survive,' on
Level 9 mean?"

	The characters need to run down the hallway (54, L9)
without pausing or they will get smacked with a fireball.

31.  "What do I do on Level 6 where it says, 'Store weapons
before proceeding'?"

	Drop two weapons on both pressure pads to open the doors.
 You will be able to take these weapons back after the door is

32.  "What do I do with those levers that say 'In case of
fire...' and 'In case of flood...'?"

	Those are just traps.  Don't pull those, they'll hurt

33.  "I can't open this locked door.  I'm out of keys.  What do I

	There are enough keys in the game for all the locks. 
Take time to explore each level entirely.  If you have used the
keys on your level, go back up one flight and look around there.

35.  "How do I get my characters to use their weapons."

	This person is an idiot.  Explain that the manual for
this game is about fifty pages long, and they need to sit down
and read it very carefully as there is so much information in it.
 If they persist in being an idiot, tell them to pull down the
that shows the character's body, take a sword or weapon out of
their inventory, and place it in the hand box.  Once they have
done this with each character,  they need to go back to the
scree in the box with the weapon and the button is pushed, the
character will use his weapon.

36.  "The manual refers to some tables on pages that don't exist.
 What's going on?"

	Due to size constraints, we had to removes two pages,
because Nintendo has a cap on the number of pages you can have in
a manual.  These tables are unimportant.  If the person is
extremely anal-retentive, tell them if they are really interested
i ables, they can buy Dungeons and Dragons Player's Manual, and
all the experience tables will be there.

37.  "I'm on Level 7, where there are three doors marked
'Weapon,' 'Armor,' and 'Magic.'  Can I go in all the rooms?"  

	No, you can only go into one of the three rooms (73, 76,
79, L9), just like a game show (will you take what's behind door
#1, door #2, or door #3?).  The items are +3 short sword, +3
Eleven Bracers of Defense, and a Ring of Wizardry.

38.  "What does the unrecognized symbol on the first floor

	It doesn't mean anything.  Ignore it.

39.  "What do I do with the Blue and Red Gems on Level 3?"

	The player needs to but the blue gems in the eyes of the
creatures carved in the walls (54, 56, 62, 63, L3).  Once all
four gems are in the eyes, doors will open in two of the gem
alcoves (56, 63, L3), allowing the players to reach the stairs
goi to Level 4.  The red gems are used for the jewel box cases
(23, 32, L3) to open those doors.  If the player has put the blue
gem into the jewel case, they need to start over the game from
the begining, as there aren't any extra gems.

40.  "What do I do with those Kenku eggs?"

	You can eat them for food, save them for the special
quests, or give them to the pair of drow guards on Level 7.

41.  "Where are all the portal keys?"

	Check the manual on page 69.