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fChampions of Krynn(PC) FAQ/Walkthrough
version 1.0.0 by Andrew Schultz schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net

This FAQ will refer to and be augmented considerably by the maps I sent to 
GameFAQs. The maps are complete for every area. However, I currently have 
combat and paragraph details to fill in.





    2-1. MOVING




    4-1. OVERVIEW

    4-2. DETAILS

    4-2. OUTLINE


    5-1. HEX EDITING







Champions of Krynn(CoK) is a relatively short and straightforward entry in 
the early AD&D series. It contains some new character classes and races and 
weird enemies, and in general levelling up is not so important here after 
original struggles. Magic items are not either. Money's also not terribly 
important, either.

You have about 15 16x16 grids to work through and an overworld with, in 
general, clearly marked towns and such. Your mission is primarily to recover 
the Dragonlance but also to find who is attacking whom, and what sort of 
dodges the enemy has. The story is well executed although I found the last 
bit a bit silly.

the-underdogs.info has CoK and Project 64 has the rule book and adventurer's 
journal needed to break the copy protection.

Wikipedia has a good overview of the game here:


    2-1. MOVING




Ranger or Knight(the game doesn't last long enough for a ranger to get 
Cleric/Fighter/White Mage < any Elf
Fighter/Red Mage < any Elf
Fighter/Cleric < any Elf
Kender Thief

I didn't worry about deity for the part-clerics. Because you can win with L8 
guys you might as well use multi-classers.

Buy scale for everyone you can, and shields and maces. Except your Kender, 
who gets leather and a hoopak. There's a fight right away outside where you 
can get some gold to complete the collection.

    4-1. OVERVIEW

    4-2. DETAILS

You start out in the commandant's outpost at the NW of the world.
Paragraph 51 at the start. Then 40, 23, 17, 34.

      4-2-1. THROTL

Throtl is the first place to go. Your mission is to find Caramon, and once 
you do that, you have catacombs to work through. Along the way you will see 
baaz terrifying people. Rescue these people to start. Baaz are functionally 
just like goblins or orcs in other games. Throtl is 2N E of the original 
garrison and you can even use the Numkey pad to move diagonally.

The nonhuman enemies are easy for the most part. Go 2N W or 2N E to get a 
taste of it. Yu can go W* N*-1 E for a nice treasure fight. You're probably 
not ready for the big treasure yet behind the secret door(6N 3E S then fight 
clerics, who can paralyze, then 2W 2S,) but you can probably use a bunch of 
bless spells to get to the soldier NPC in the north. He will ask to join, but 
don't let him. He attacks, but you can get plate mail from him.

Go 2W 3S to get a Kender to join your party, then 3S for another guy. They'll 
be useful. Note treasure spots on the map, too. Rest as need be here. You 
need to get to Caramon who is S W S W S 3E S 3E S from the second NPC. Even 
magic missiles are a big help here--just hit the clerics. Use hold person a 
lot, too, on the magic users This is one of the first fights where novice 
mode is nice. Return to the outpost for experience.

Once you get to Caramon a fight is unlocked in the SW study(formerly empty) 
and you can get to the NE area. From the 4 way intersection, E* N and 
ENENENWNWNW and S to fight some minor draconians. S* gets you to the big 
fight which can net experience or return to the outpost again. There are a 
few fights off in the corners of this NE part. Blast through to 9,0 to 

      4-2-2. CATACOMBS

This is a 16x16 maze chopped into strips. Save frequently as fights pop up a 
lot and if you face humans it can drain you. After 2 fights in a row you will 
find treasure in a small room, then plod on for more treasure. It may be long 
but it is one way. One of the treasures is +1 chain which is nice for 

There are a lot of descriptive squares but no forced fights til 3,15. Win 
that, then 2W 2N E 3N E N 2W and chase the fleeing enemies. The eggs get you 
more experience at the outpost.

      4-2-3. GARGATH

Check who has high charisma to sneak in. You will have to fight your way out 
but you'll have a bit better weapons then. 3N to one fight then S E 2N 2E 4N 
W S for another. The gauntlets are handy. Some races don't get 18(00) 
strength and these gauntlets do the trick and improve AC by 2. Resting in the 
inn may get you attacked after 10 hours but the fights aren't bat.

Hit the draconians at 7,7 and break through to the secret door maze. E, then 
ENW is a nice aside for treasure(but snakes an be lethal) then go N and W 
through two more fights.

      4-2-4. GARGATH KEEP

This is a series of floors that can actually be packed into a 16x16 map. See 
mine on GameFAQs for how, if you are interested. You can bypass most of these 

1: 2N W 2N 2W U

2: 5E S gets info that will toggle another square later. N 3W N E N 2W N for 
p#42, then S E* U.

3: 3S 3W. Nothing on this level.

4: You can just go up but there's a lucrative fight N* E* S* and a dangerous 
one that gets scrolls N W* S*. It is worth it though.

5. Go right up. Nothing here.

6. W 2N through the wall. Get the treasure and rest. Big fight S E N so bring 
the spells. E S. Keep going up from here and if you're too tired, go back 
down to level 6 and rest. Eventually you almost get to Myranti, who runs away.

      4-2-5. SIR DARGAARD'S TOMB

Very easy really. Three trials in one-way maps for the most part. For the 
battle part you can be dishonorable and momentarily switch to novice mode if 
you choose. Well, you're not doing that in the HONOR test, so it's okay.
Honor: N* 2E S E and give everything. E* N* 2W and take the right sword as 
instructed. S E S W* N W and give the sword.

Fear: make sure your knight has 30+ HP for each time he steps in the first 
two pools. 25+ should do but the pools give 30 damage and you risk getting 
near -5/-10 HP and death.

3E S W 3S, yes. E N 4E yes E 2N 3W 3N 2E yes--he is healed!

Battle: W*-1 S 3E 2S, turn the skeletons. 2S E 3S 2W, another easy fight. N 
2W N, save and heal, N and defeat the skeletal dragons, who thankfully do not 

Now go to the south of center, S* E* S (knight answers) W* (knight answers) 
2S 4E and get the treasure. You will fight a batch of Draconians on the way 

I don't know if you can take the other treasure after you're done??

      4-2-6. OGRE BASE

This one is pretty easy. Flee from all patrols.

W S* 6W N. Be friendly. Go to 12,11 and win that fight. That's all I did here 
as a bug in the program thought I had the ogre alliance, but apparently the 
12,11 fight ticks off something to happen later.

      4-2-7. JELEK

Jelek has some nice items. If you've saved enough, get a wand of magic 
missile, or cash in your gems/jewelry. Come back later if you want to, too. 
There's a guy called Shyla who bugs you. When he's gone, enemies attack. 
That's suspicious. To get rid of him, go to his pal's house for a tough fight. 
You may need to fireball your own guys due to the tight quarters, but it is 
worth it. I killed the ally who joined me, but she still gave the password 
RUMOR. That only gets you to a rest area in the NE.

The graveyard, which Shyla says is sacred, has an interesting message(#71) to 
the east and a big fight in the NW that nets more eggs. You can grind out 
experience turning monsters here too but the big fight gets experience at the 

      4-2-8. NERAKA

You can't enter Neraka the right way until you get Maya, and when you do it 
needs to be a one-shot deal. From 15,8 go 2E S*(secret base) E* s(N is a 
tough fight) W* 2S W* S to get to Sir Karl, who is dying from his prison 
escape. (There are other fixed fights, but nothing critical.)

West Neraka is where you go without Maya, and it has a good fight with a 
green dragon and other squares where you run into Draconians every time you 
step on them, which is not fun.

      4-2-9. NERAKA PRISON

Straightforward enough. 4S E* leads to a fight and prison cells. Clue #56 in 
the first on the right. W and S and E and another figh and an ally beyond the 
next door. E* S to a fight, then release the prisoners from each of six cells 
below. The N and NE have prison guards.

The NW is a good place to bump up experience. The fights to rescue prisoners 
are easy. And you get additional experience for doing so.

Eggs are S*-1 W*-2 N* W from the center. There is a fight with guards and a 
green dragon at 3,15 you will want to rest up for. It's a good test.

Where to rest, NE??

      4-2-10. SOUTHERN OUTPOST

Straightforward instructions but once you disrupt the guards you may have to 
save every 4 steps. Enter and talk to the commandant. On leaving, hook S W N 
and enter the secret door east at 0,9. Rescue some prisoners. W* N* and then 
E to the third house on the left. Win the fight then S W* S to the door and 
3E N. Win, then there is a fight with the green dragon 2N. Everyone is 
friendly now. Yay.

      4-2-11. SANCTION

You need to win one fight to trigger anther. S* 3E S* E 3N and fight the guy. 
Retreat, then (4,7) has a woman screaming. Gn 2N E* S to beat minotaurs(pray 
first and it's easy) then N W* S*-1 3W 2N to visit the woman. Now Huerzyd is 
no longer dead as it was before if you entered from 15,7. As an aside, taking 
the bridge just destroys it after a fight, so don't bother.

Sanction also has training and a tavern, which can be useful.


9E N E is one fight. W S E 4S W 3S 2W N E 2N 2W S for treasure. N W 2S E S 3E 
3N E S 5E 3N W and a fight which allows E N to see a secret door. 2N 2W.

The catacombs are pretty one-way but there are mobat fights, so play save-
and-advance if you want. The 2x2 room to the side lets you rest.


S8 W S and E leads to a fight but is not critical. 5S and W spirals to the 
Dragonlance, which is powerful. Retreat, then S* 4W 3N W* S*. The arch leads 
to the main part. Be healed to fight Skyla as you need to knock out the mages 
n the first room you see(I just go S 3W 2S E.) In the middle of the 4x8, take 
the lower door on the right and S 2E N. This gets you some valuable papers 
that explain what is happening and is an easier fight for the same than the 

Exit left and go down the bottom. L* for dragon eggs. You can exit here?? or 
go N* at the gate. Beat the undeads in the arena, which triggers a fight with 
Sir Lebaum(2S E S.) It's a tough one. Kill him with whatever you have. 
Retreat and kill the messengers.

      4-2-14. FLYING FORTRESS

A few text sequences later you are at the fortress! Go E N through the 
gate(another fight) and 2N 2E. More Draconians. Follow the stairs to the 
east--a bunch of 2x2 rooms. You'll get to the top where you will crash land 
in some ruins. N* 3E 3N 5E 3S 2W to (1) on the map. A few steps west and you 
make it to level 2. S W S E* and surprise the enemies and get their disguises. 
Follow the arch to the next bit. S* W* S* E* 2S W*, again surprising enemies 
when you can. If disguised, order them around. The dragons will fly you to 
the Kernen base.


This is not hard. Just peek in and make friends with everyone, including 
Draconians. Set a fire if they offer drinks. If you're not disguised, you may 
have fights. A crown at 14,7 should be surrendered to the guards to the west. 
Then visit the dragon at 3,11 and he will make the combat at the gate easier. 
Visit the training N 3E S* from there as you probably got another level from 
all this. You can dirty-mack the humans you greeted elsewhere to make the 
fight to get to the inner compound even easier yet, but you don't really need 

Ogres guard you so you can rest up after each fight. Use a fireball per 
fight--two if you're playing honestly.

Once inside, E 3N win, N 2E N S 2E N to make a salve so you can go west. Be 
healed and charged. W* S, win, 2S, win. Save and rest up. You can't enter the 
door N* so you have to use the passage. You fight an aurak and some enemies, 
then three dragons in the next room, then you win.

    4-3. OUTLINE


    5-1. HEX EDITING



End of FAQ Proper



1.0.0 sent to GameFAQs 10/14/2007, complete but rather undetailed


project64.c64.org for the rule book and adventurer's journal
Shay Addams's Quest for Clues for the original walkthrough. I did not quote 
from it, but it helped me. I hope I have been able to fill in details about 
some triggering events that it did not have space for.