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Laura Bow 2: The Dagger of Amon Ra walkthrough
by Jeff Allred, vervain3@yahoo.com
This document copyright 2001, Jeff Allred

To gain a full and complete understanding of the game's potentially 
confusing storyline, I suggest thoroughly questioning the characters you 
come across.  Question them frequently throughout the game, especially 
after significant events have occurred.  This may seem tedious and time-
consuming, but by doing so, you'll learn revealing, often entertaining 
information vital to solving both the museum burglary and the mysteries 
surrounding it.


After speaking with Crodfoller, question him about all topics contained 
in your notebook.  When you ask him about the flower shop, he'll explain 
that it's just the cover for a speakeasy, and he'll mention Ziggy, the 
local stoolpigeon.  Look at your desk.  Lift the lower right-hand corner 
of the blotter, take the key you find and use it to unlock the desk 
drawer.  Take the press pass from the drawer then exit the desk close-
up.  Rummage through your wastebasket and you'll find a discarded 
baseball.  Outside the Tribune, use the hand icon on the yellow taxi 
sign to hail a cab.  In the cab, show your press pass to Rocco, the 
cabbie.  Choose the police station as your destination.  

At the police station, use the hand icon on the sleeping man.  Enter the 
building and speak to the desk sergeant.  Looks like you'll have to get 
on his good side to get any information from him.  Exit the building, 
pick the newspaper up from the ground and take the coupon you find 
inside.  Back at the Tribune, give the coupon to Luigi and you'll 
receive a sandwich.  Return to the police station and give the sandwich 
to the gruff desk sergeant to improve his mood.  Now he's ready for 
questioning.  When you question him about the speakeasy, he'll tell you 
the password for the door.  Ask him about Detective Ryan O'Riley and 
he'll give you permission to see him.  After you've finished with the 
desk sergeant, go to O'Riley's office to discuss the burglary.  Leave 
the police station and go to Lo Fat's Laundry.  

When you arrive at the laundry, you'll notice three kids playing near 
the entrance.  Give the baseball to Biff, the boy in yellow.  He'll give 
you a magnifying glass in exchange.  Inside the laundry, question Lo 
Fat.  When you mention the museum, he'll add the names of three museum 
employees to your notebook:  Dr. Olympia Myklos, Wolf Heimlich and 
Yvette Delacroix.  Next, make your first trip to the speakeasy.

Knock at the side entrance then use the password you learned earlier to 
get in.  Inside, tell the bartender you're looking for Ziggy and he'll 
point him out for you.  Speak to Ziggy.  When he asks who sent you, tell 
him Crodfoller.  Now he'll cooperate and answer your questions.  When 
you bring up Egyptology, he'll tell you of the museum's accountant, 
Rameses Najeer.  He'll also recite a riddle he learned from Rameses, 
which will be of importance later in the game.  Once you're finished 
with Ziggy, leave the speakeasy and go to the 12th Street docks.

Arriving at the docks, you'll be greeted by Steve Dorian, the dishy 
stevedore.  When questioning Steve, make sure the museum is the last 
topic you cover, because it will end the conversation.  You must speak 
with him about this topic, however, in order to progress to the next 
act.  Ask him about Dr. Archibald Carrington and he'll give you another 
name connected to the museum, Countess Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton.  Now, if 
you like, go back to previously visited locations and question everyone 
about the new topics you've added to your notebook.  When you hail a 
cab, you should get a different driver.  The new cabbie, Bob, will ask 
you if you have a problem with his cab.  Tell him no, you love sitting 
in filth.  Before choosing a destination, use the hand icon to move away 
the litter closest to Laura.  By doing so, you'll uncover a laundry 
claim ticket, which will score you something to wear at the museum 
soiree.  Take the cab to Lo Fat's and exchange the claim ticket for a 
gown.  At the speakeasy, go to the women's lounge.   Take a second to 
question the flapper.  If you're ready to begin the next act, change 
into your gown and leave the speakeasy. 


At the museum entrance, give Wolf your press pass to get into the party 
then go inside.  Questioning everyone is extremely important here.  Even 
if you've previously spoken with a character, they'll have new things to 
say.  When you've finished questioning, take a drinking glass from the 
table in the center area.  Go to the museum gift shop.  Inside, examine 
the souvenir daggers with your magnifying glass.  Toward the left side 
of the display case, you'll find one that isn't stamped with 'Made in 
Pittsburgh.' When you do, Wolf will enter and ask you to leave.  Now 
it's time for some eavesdropping.  Go to the center area and walk behind 
the five party guests gathered there to overhear their conversation.  
Several other discussions will now take place in the three areas of the 
rotunda, but before you finish all 14 conversations, go to the center 
area when there's nobody there to listen in on.  There, you'll meet 
Steve for a romantic interlude.  Here's a list of where the 
conversations take place and whom they include:

1:  Center, Ziggy, Dr. Carter, Yvette, Rameses and Dr. Carrington
2:  Center, Ziggy, Dr. Carter, Rameses and Dr. Carrington
3:  Left, Yvette and Det. O'Riley
4:  Left, Det. O'Riley and Dr. Smith
5:  Center, Rameses and the countess
6:  Center, Ziggy and the countess
7:  Right, Ziggy and Yvette
8:  Right, Yvette and Dr. Carrington
9:  Right, Det. O'Riley and Ziggy
10:  Center, Yvette, Rameses and Dr. Smith
11:  Left, Yvette, Dr. Myklos and the countess
12:  Left, Dr. Carter and Yvette
13:  Left, Dr. Carter and Dr. Smith
14:  Center, Steve and Yvette

Before you listen in on the last conversation, take a minute to question 
Steve.  You're now free to explore the left side of the museum.  Find 
your way to the T-rex room and take the dinosaur bone from the display 
table.  Next, go to the Egyptian exhibit.  In the first area, inspect 
the glass case that held the dagger before it was stolen.  Move to the 
other area of the exhibit.  Look at the first half of the Rosetta stone 
with your magnifying glass to copy the hieroglyphs and their 
translations to your notebook.  Examine the bloody footprint with the 
magnifying glass then take the gold ankh medallion from the pool of 
blood.  Examine the ankh medallion with your magnifying glass and you'll 
see the initials 'P.S.' inscribed on it.  Open the right-hand 
sarcophagus to find Dr. Carter.  Examine him thoroughly, taking the 
notepad you discover in his pocket.  The act ends after Det. O'Riley 
enters and questions you about the murder.


The right side of the museum is now unguarded, so make your way to the 
old masters gallery.  If you touch the paintings there, you'll notice 
they feel curiously damp, as if recently done.  Continue to the 
sculpture gallery.  When you arrive, use the drinking glass on the door 
to Yvette's office to hear her speaking with Dr. Myklos.  With Dr. 
Myklos occupied, now's a good time to snoop around in her office.  
There, remove the cloth from the second half of the Rosetta stone and 
examine it with your magnifying glass to complete your list of 
translated hieroglyphs.  If you decipher the text on the blackboard, 
you'll get the answers to Rameses' two-part riddle, which you'll need to 
know later.  Here's what it says:  


When you try to take the bottle of snake oil from Dr. Myklos' desk, she 
enters and snatches it up herself.  Follow her out of the room to see 
her open the hidden stairway, which leads downstairs.  In Yvette's 
office, retrieve the carbon paper from the wastebasket.  To read the 
carbon paper, hold it in front of the desk lamp.  You'll need the light 
bulb from the lamp, so turn it off to let the bulb cool.  Go next door 
to Dr. Carrington's office.  There, use the glass on the door to 
overhear Yvette and Rameses.  Look in the fireplace and take the 
charcoal you find there.  When you rub the charcoal on Dr. Carter's 
notepad, you'll be able to read a list of his appointments for the 
night.  Look at the intercom unit on Dr. Carrington's desk.  Set the 
intercom to receive mode by pressing the top left button.  Now use the 
bottom row buttons to select which room to receive from.  By doing so, 
you should overhear three conversations.  Return to Yvette's office and 
take the now touchable light bulb from the desk lamp.  

Back in the sculpture gallery, move the Thinker's head to open the 
hidden stairway.  When you approach stairwell, the light over the stairs 
will burn out.  Replace the burned out bulb with your bulb then head 
downstairs.  In the downstairs hall, use the dinosaur bone to break the 
glass over the emergency alcove.  Take the lantern from inside.  If Wolf 
interrupts and orders you out, try again or come back later.  Once you 
have the lantern, go upstairs to Dr. Myklos' office.  Turn on your 
lantern then pull the horned rhesus' horn to enter a secret passage 
leading downstairs.  In the alcohol preservation lab, use the glass on 
the door to Ernie's office to overhear his conversation with Yvette.  If 
you like, walk in and catch them in the act.  Now go to the mammalogy 
lab, where you'll find Dr. Myklos.  She'll explain that she's looking 
for her ferret then she'll ask you to leave.  Go upstairs and use your 
glass on Yvette's door to overhear her with Det. O'Riley.  Again, if 
you're feeling voyeuristic, you can walk in on them.  If you've done 
everything quickly enough, the time should now be close to 10:15.  Hurry 
to the Egyptian exhibit to wait for Dr. Smith.  He soon enters to meet 
with Dr. Carter, apparently unaware of his murder.  Leave the Egyptian 
exhibit and go to the pterodactyl room to discover that Ziggy has been 
murdered.  After inspecting the corpse, find Ziggy's head hanging in the 
life masks exhibit.

After being grilled again, head downstairs to Wolf's office.  Shortly 
after you enter, you should hear a message on the intercom from Dr. 
Myklos.  Use the dinosaur bone to spring the mousetrap then remove the 
cheese from it.  In the lower left side of the bookcase, look for a 
series of books called "Torture Without Leaving Scars."  Here, you'll 
notice a book that's been turned around to hide the title.  Open the 
book and take the garter from inside.  Examine the garter and the note 
attached to it with your magnifying glass.  Pull the framed medals 
hanging on the right wall to reveal a button.  Turn on your lantern then 
press the button to enter a secret passage leading upstairs.  In Dr. 
Carrington's office, examine the new murder scene carefully.  Of 
particular interest are the letters written on the desk in blood, and 
the time of death indicated by the broken clock.  After exiting the 
close-up, look at the notepad on Dr. Carrington's desk.  Glance over the 
phone list and notice the suspicious-looking listing for 'B. Sayff.'  
The number is actually the combination to the wall safe, which is found 
my pulling the painting hanging over the fireplace.  In the safe, you'll 
find the diary of the museum's previous president, Sterling Waldorf-
Carlton.  Go to the bookcase and take the red book from the right-hand 
side of the center shelf.  Tucked inside the book is a police report on 
con man Watney Little.  Take the file with you.  The time should be 
approaching 1:00, so head to the medieval armor display.  When you pass 
through Yvette's office, notice the bloody blade on the paper cutter.  

When you arrive at the armor display, use the hand icon on the tapestry 
to hide behind it.  After the clock strikes one and the countess shows 
up, move out from behind the tapestry to confront her about the 
suspicious late-night meeting planned between Dr. Carrington, Ziggy and 
her.  Once you're finished with her, inspect the suit of armor in the 
center of the display and you'll see that somebody's attempted to hide 
Dr. Carter's body.  Go to Dr. Carrington's office to overhear Yvette 
speaking to Dr. Smith in her office.  Question Ernie in his office 
downstairs.  If he's not there, come back later.  Dr. Myklos has left 
the mammalogy lab so go there now.  When you walk into the room, you'll 
see Daisy the ferret come out of hiding and sniff the steamer trunk 
located under the shelves.  If you examine the trunk, you'll see that it 
belongs to Dr. Carrington, and was previously aboard the Andrea Doria.  
If you watched the game's intro, you already know what's inside.  
Ernie's office should now be unoccupied, so here's your opportunity to 
do some snooping there.  Soon after you enter, you'll hear a message on 
the intercom from Dr. Myklos.  Evidently, there's a problem with vat 13 
in the alcohol preservation lab.  Grab the snake catcher from under the 
desk.  Next, open Ernie's toolbox and take the wire cutters.  On the 
desk is a listing of the vat contents.  Take a look inside and you'll 
see that warthogs are currently contained in vat 13.  Press the large 
button next to the door to open a secret passage in the mammalogy lab.  
If you don't finish everything before Ernie returns and asks you to 
leave, try again later.  In the preservation lab, find vat 13.  Climb 
the ladder and take a look inside.  

Back in the mammalogy lab, open the cold storage locker and take the 
rancid meat from inside.  Notice the sack of plaster sitting atop the 
locker.  Take the bottle of snake oil from the shelf.  You'll find the 
key to the steamer trunk upstairs, so turn on your lantern and enter the 
secret passage behind the crates, which you opened from Ernie's office.  
Go to the pterodactyl room and look at the corpse once more.  Use the 
wire cutters on left-hand piece of wire protruding from the pterodactyl.  
In the old masters gallery, you may have noticed a glint on the 
Anonymous Bosch painting.  Examine the glint with your magnifying glass 
to find a skeleton key.  Use the wire cutters to safely remove the key 
from the painting.  Return to the mammalogy lab.  Use the skeleton key 
to open the steamer trunk then quickly drop the slab of meat inside.  
Examine the skeleton in the trunk.  When you use your magnifying glass, 
you'll find a pocket watch, which identifies the remains as Dr. 
Carrington.  Take the watch with you.  Go to Ernie's office to discover 
that he and Yvette are at it again.  Upstairs, in the sculpture gallery, 
use the glass on Yvette's door to hear her arguing with Det. O'Riley.  
The time is approaching 2:00, so head for the armor display to spy on 
Dr. Myklos and Wolf.  Go to the mastodon room now to discover that Ernie 
has been murdered.  Upon closer inspection, you'll notice heavy traces 
of alcohol, as well as animal hairs.  Take the hairs with you.  Find 
Wolf and Det. O'Riley in the old masters gallery to end the act.


In her office, speak with Yvette about Ernie's murder.  When you exit, 
you'll run into Steve.  After Yvette steals him away, use the glass to 
listen at the door.  If you haven't yet had a chance to question Wolf, 
he'll be in his office now.  Go to the preservation lab to find that 
neither party shows up for the meeting planned there at 3:00.  Return to 
Yvette's office to see that there's been a struggle.  Examine the 
evidence, taking the shoe with you.  Go to the old masters gallery and 
use the dinosaur bone on the plaster statue.  Thoroughly examine 
Yvette's corpse, taking the red hairs and bifocals you find.  Next, go 
to the armor display.  Pick up the work boot from the floor and examine 
the blood.  Go to the sculpture gallery to prompt a cut scene.  Enter 
Dr. Myklos' office and use the snake oil on Barney three times.  When 
you've trapped him in the corner, use the snake catcher on him then 
return him to his cage.  Before you look at the countess, check your 
snake oil to make sure that it's one-quarter-full.  If it's not, go 
downstairs to the preservation lab and refill it from the container 
sitting on the workbench.  Now examine the countess.  Inspect her ankle 
to see that she died from a venomous snakebite.  Look at her with the 
magnifying glass to find the smelling salts.  Also take the grapes from 
the floor.  Leave the room to end the act.


In this act, Laura must outrun and outwit the killer, so speed is key.  
First, go next door to the pterodactyl room.  Close the doors then use 
your piece of wire to hold them shut.  Next, run to the armor display, 
where you'll close and bar the door.  Now go to the storage room hall.  
Create a diversion by pushing the chair in front of the door and opening 
the transom.  Run to the Egyptian exhibit and open the sarcophagus on 
the left to hide.  The killer will enter, see that there's nobody there 
then leave to search the storage room.  Hurry to the storage room, which 
is now vacant.  Push the crate toward the door and use the wire cutters 
on the rope to drop the crate, thus blocking the door.  Move the crate 
on the far right to reveal a hidden elevator.  Pull the lever inside the 
elevator to descend to the museum basement.  In the mummy storage room, 
take the mummy from the sarcophagus on the floor.  Close the door and 
prop the mummy up against it.  The sarcophagus closest to you on the 
left has a switch on the headdress.  Use the snake catcher on the snake 
protruding from the headdress to activate the switch.  Open the 
sarcophagus and exit to the temple.  The Amon Ra Sun Worshippers will 
now seize you and offer to spare your life if you can answer their 
riddle.  If you translated the hieroglyphs in Dr. Myklos' office, you 
should already know the answer.  If not, the answers to the two-part 
riddle are 'womb' and 'tomb.'  Use the translated hieroglyphs in your 
notebook to spell them out.  When you get to the furnace room, remove 
the coal concealing Steve's face then use the smelling salts to revive 
him.  Before he gets on his feet, give him his other work boot, which 
you picked up earlier.  Slide away the large carved stone on the wall 
and enter the tunnel.  Once inside the tunnel, turn on the lantern.  Use 
snake oil in the tunnel to drive away the cobras then continue upward.  
To get rid of the rats, throw the cheese through the left opening, which 
leads to the furnace.  Escape through the right opening to the T-rex 
room.  Capture the killer by pressing the T-Rex's button, on the control 
panel to the right.


The coroner now asks you a series of questions in order to solidify the 
case against the murderer.  If you've paid careful attention to the 
numerous clues available throughout the game, you shouldn't have much 
trouble answering correctly.  If you're unsure, here are the correct 

Who murdered Dr. Pippin Carter?
Detective Ryan Hanrahan O'Riley
Motive:  Financial gain
(O'Riley was ultimately behind the dagger heist.  Killing Dr. Carter 
eliminated the biggest obstacle preventing him from getting away with 
and cashing in on the scheme.   Yvette's bloody footprint and Dr. 
Smith's ankh medallion found at the scene of the crime were merely red 

Who murdered Lawrence 'Ziggy' Ziegfeld?
Detective Ryan Hanrahan O'Riley
Motive:  Cover another crime
(Ziggy was murdered because of his involvement in the art forgery 
scheme.  The bloody paper cutter, which was used to decapitate Ziggy, 
may have pointed the finger at Yvette, but O'Riley was the actual 

Who murdered Ernie Leach?
Detective Ryan Hanrahan O'Riley
Motive:  Cover another crime
(In Act III, Ernie tells Yvette he saw something he wasn't supposed to, 
referring to the dagger theft.  The alcohol and warthog hairs found on 
his body reveal that he was murdered while trying to move the dagger 
from its hiding place so he could later fence it to pay his gambling 

Who murdered Yvette Delacroix?
Detective Ryan Hanrahan O'Riley
Motive:  Jealousy or revenge
(O'Riley found out about Yvette's numerous affairs and killed her in a 
jealous rage.  You can hear them quarreling in Act III.  The red hairs 
and bifocals found with her body belong to O'Riley)

Who murdered Countess Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton?
Detective Ryan Hanrahan O'Riley
Motive:  Cover another crime
(The countess aided Watney Little in smuggling stolen paintings out of 
the museum and replacing them with fakes.  She provides one of the 
biggest clues in the game when she uses her dying breath to tell Dr. 
Myklos who poisoned her.  The grapes found near her body are a favorite 
snack of O'Riley's, as Wolf reveals toward the end of Act III)

Who was the skeleton in the steamer trunk?
Dr. Archibald Carrington III
(The pocket watch found with the skeleton identifies it as Carrington)

Who murdered Dr. Archibald Carrington?
Watney Little
(Little murdered Carrington aboard the Andrea Doria in order to 
impersonate him.  This is shown during the game's intro)

Who impersonated Dr. Archibald Carrington?
Watney Little
(This is evidenced in the police file and book found in Carrington's 
office combined with the discovery of Carrington's remains)

Who murdered Watney Little?
Detective Ryan Hanrahan O'Riley
Motive: Cover another crime
(O'Riley killed Little in order to cover his tracks.  In an effort to 
expose O'Riley, Little offers a valuable clue by writing the letters 
'C.P.' in his own blood before dying.  The letters refer to the book 
Crime and Punishment, in which Little's police file is kept)

Who actually stole the dagger of Amon Ra from the ancient Egypt exhibit?
Watney Little
(Posing as the museum president, Little had no trouble accessing the 
priceless dagger)

Who manipulated Little into stealing the dagger of Amon Ra?
Detective Ryan Hanrahan O'Riley
(O'Riley aided Little in his prison escape in exchange for his help with 
the dagger heist.  Yvette confronts O'Riley about this in Act III)

Who was the woman involved in stealing paintings from the old masters 
gallery?  Countess Waldorf-Carlton
(She confesses to the crime when you catch her red-handed at the 
medieval armor display)

Who was the man involved in stealing paintings from the old masters 
Watney Little
(When confronted, the countess also exposes Carrington, AKA Little, as 
her partner in the forgery scheme)

Who was the middleman who provided forged paintings for the countess and 
sold the real ones for her?
Lawrence 'Ziggy' Ziegfeld
(During the party, Ziggy refers to a 'deal' in his brief conversation 
with the countess.  He was also scheduled to meet with her and Dr. 
Carrington at the armor display)

Who is the high priest of the Amon Ra Sun Worshippers?
Rameses Najeer
(Rameses is easily recognizable while being chased by O'Riley in Act V.  
Yvette also reveals his involvement with the cult during a conversation 
in her office)

Which museum employee runs a fencing operation as a sideline business?
Ernie Leach
(The carbon paper found in Yvette's office points this out)