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"Roger Wilco is back, as funny as usual."

The Space Quest series main attraction is the sense of humor. Those games make a parody of all the science fiction films and TV series we know, like Star Trek, Star Wars, 2001 and so on. If you like to laugh a lot, than Space Quest VI is a good game for you. In this game you play the role of Roger Wilco, the Space Janitor (you see, the jokes started already) trying to stay alive. It's just that there's some conspiration around him, trying to use him, or better, his body, for evil purposes. As a tripulant of one Enterprise-like spaceship, you begin the game being "trasported" to a strange planet for having some fun, unaware of the pans of the evil guys. There, you'll have to beat a Street Fighter (arcade game) parody with the 3 Sooges ("Stooge Figher"), met a relative of T1000 (T2 - Judgement Day) among other hilarious references to the real word. Okay, the rest of the story you got to check out yourself.

A word of warning tough: you may need a very good sense of humor to accept the biggest joke of the game: the stupid side of Adventure games! That means, expect puzzles without any logic at all, where you'll get stuck and then try everything of your inventory into everything you see, and when you finaly "solve" the puzzle, the Narrato wil ask you in a sarcastic tone: "Did you actually think of that?"

Gameplay: 7
Puzzles are hard, as mentioned. The main reason to play this game is the humor anyway.

Graphics: 7
Standard cartoon-like graphics. Nothing exceptional, but does it's job.

Sound: 9
The main theme song is quite amusing, as everything in the game, but music is not constant. The voices are well chosen and funny, just as the dialogues.

Replay value: 2
None at all, I would say. There's not much point into getting the same jokes all over again.

System Requeriments: It'll run in any Pentium, or even in an 486 100 Mhz with 8Mb RAM.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10 | Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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