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    Leisure Suit Larry Questions and Answers                                        
    Question                                                A Answer                
    ------------------------------------------------------- - -------------------   
    "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" was recorded by             c Tiny Tim              
    "Where's the..."                                        c beef?!                
    A nehru jacket is                                       b out of date           
    Bourbon Street is in                                    d New Orleans, Louisi   
    Calvin Klein is                                         c a clothing designer   
    Captain Kangaroo's sidekick was                         d Mr. Greenjeans        
    Charlie McArthy and                                     d Edgar Bergen          
    Does a pair of queens beat 3 deuces?                    a Yes, in Blackjack     
    Herb Alpert and the ____ Brass?                         a Tijuana               
    How many molecules are there in a glass of water?       d as many as there ar   
    I find computer games with adult content                b acceptable            
    If a physician were on an island with Bo Derek, he woul d thank God             
    If Bo Derek were here, I'd ask her to                   d stop playing comput 
    It's not nice to fool                                   b mother nature         
    Joe Dimaggio played                                     b Baseball              
    Lee Harvey killed                                       c John F. Kennedy       
    Mohammed Ali is                                         c a professional boxe   
    Peter Piper picked pickled                              c peppers               
    Sergent Pepper was                                      c the leader of the l   
    The largest state is                                    b Alaska                
    The last name of Annette (on the Mickey Mouse Club) was c Funicello             
    The most effective form of birth control is             a abstinence            
    The most likely place to find virgins is                c St. Mary's Girl's S   
    The most populous city in the US is                     c New York              
    The result of Watergate was                             c Richard Nixon quit    
    Utah is full of                                         d none of the above     
    When playing Monopoly you                               b must own 4 houses b   
    Which is non-alcoholic                                  c Perrier               
    Which is not a car?                                     d Toshiba               
    Which is not a cheese?                                  d Reisling              
    Which is not a city in Mexico?                          c San Diego             
    Which is not an American armed force?                   d the national league   
    Which is not in Hawaii?                                 c Fiji                  
    Who has not been US attourney general?                  b Sam Shepard           
    Who is buried in Grants tomb?                           d Mrs. Grant            
    Who was not a famous musician?                          d Tom Garvey            
    Who was not a politician?                               c W.C. Fields           
    Who was not an astronaut?                               a John Milton           
    Who was the leader of Nazi Germany?                     d Adolf Hitler          
    Who wrote "To be or not to be"?                         a Will. Shakespeare     
    -                      Leisure Suit Larry Walkthru/Solve                     -  
    ================================ INTRODUCTION 
     Good evening, Swinging Singles. It's 10 o'clock, and you're without a          
    date, as usual. But here in Lost Wages, you need not be alone...not if          
    you've got plenty of cash, elementary social skills, an good supply of          
    breath spray, and a willingness to try anything once. As LEISURE SUIT           
    LARRY, you've determined to make this the last lonely night of your     
     This walkthru offers only one particular way to play LEISURE SUIT              
    LARRY. There is a great deal of flexibility in the game, however, and           
    the game can be completed with many fewer points than you will earn             
    using this walkthru, although you may miss some very funny and <ahem>           
    unusual experiences.                                                            
     A few necessary conventions. First of all, the game occasionally               
    requires you to perform some basic human functions. For the purposes of         
    this walkthru, we'll say "USE" where another less delicate word will            
    work just as well. Also, for women playing LEISURE SUIT LARRY, you're           
    going to have to learn to think like a man. For the most part, that             
    means forget the subtlety. In this game, outright deviousness and               
    persistence gets the girl.                                                      
     Inventory control is a cinch in LEISURE SUIT LARRY. You can hold               
    everything, and only rarely will the game let you drop or otherwise             
    misuse something before you've used it for the correct purpose. The game        
    designers have also apparently learned where elephants go to die...your         
    mouth. Thus, you have a large (but not bottomless) supply of breath             
    spray. You'll want to USE SPRAY whenever somebody begins to make snide          
    comments regarding your oral hygiene. Never walk out into the middle of         
    the street, despite their seeming desertion. And NEVER linger in a dark         
     Before you start, you'll have to take a little exam to prove your age.         
    No help with this one -- you'll have to prove your age on your own. And         
    you won't find the answers in any encyclopedia.                                 
     You begin your evening in the Land of the Lounge Lizards in front of           
    Lefty's, sleazy bar nonpareil. You'll find you've got (in addition to           
    your breath spray) $94 in your wallet, as well as some notes and                
    business cards you won't need, and credit cards (which won't work in            
    this game). You've also got a working Bolex watch. This game spends a           
    lot of time tipping the hat to Infocom, so you've got the requisite             
    lint. OPEN DOOR and go in.                                                      
    ============================= WALKTHRU / SOLVE ===============================  
     What atmosphere! Notice the fine velvet art and the refined clientele.         
    I was in a place like this in Upper Sandusky, Ohio once, but that was           
    decades ago, and it's a long story. SIT on the empty stool at the bar.          
    You can order all the beer and wine you like, but make sure you ORDER           
    WHISKEY. You're wise enough not to drink it, but around here, it's not          
    tough to find somebody who will. The young lady at the bar just isn't           
    very responsive (unless you pinch her), and the only other person               
    talking is the guy with the ancient punchlines. So head through the             
    doorway at the top of your screen.                                              
     Somebody's left a perfectly good rose sitting on the table. Might be a         
    perfect gift for a lady (if you can find one), so pedal over and take           
    it. TALK TO THE DRUNK, but watch where you step: too near his groin and         
    he gets crotchety. Perhaps doing a good deed might get you one in               
    return, so GIVE THE WHISKEY TO THE DRUNK. In boozy, sodden gratitude,           
    he'll give you a remote control. That's all you'll get out of him, so           
    head for the bathroom to the right.                            
     Now, this is quite obviously not the men's room, for a couple reasons,         
    but you wouldn't know it from reading the walls. EXAMINE them enough            
    times and you'll get a cryptic "password." Remember it. And as long as          
    you're there, USE THE TOILET. No doubt some of Larry's best thinking            
    gets done that way. When you're done, don't flush the toilet unless             
    you've saved the game first.                                                    
     EXAMINE THE SINK, too. More evidence that this is the ladies' room (or         
    perhaps it's co-ed). TAKE THE RING, and wash your hands if you like, for        
    all the good it will do you. You'll probably need to WIPE HANDS on              
    something since there's nothing here that's "sanitized for your                 
    protection." Leave the bathroom and head for that lovely red naugahyde          
    door in the bar. KNOCK ON THE DOOR and somebody peers out at you. Give          
    him the password and go on in.                                                  
     Friendly looking fellow. He's guarding the goods upstairs, but he can          
    be distracted. Since you can't turn on the television by hand, you'll           
    need to USE REMOTE CONTROL to turn it on, and if you hunt long enough           
    for a program that appeals to the pimp's intellectual instincts, you'll         
    surely find one. Once a program's caught his eye, you can wend your way         
     Just LOOK at her. She IS a mess, isn't she? Think carefully about this!        
    Remember, it's the Eighties, and going unprotected in this situation can        
    (and is!) deadly. We don't want your first time to be your last, so             
    let's go get some protection. Before leaving, you might want to grab            
    that box that's sitting on the table by the window. It's as easy as             
    taking candy from a bimbo. OPEN THE WINDOW and climb out. You can leave         
    the old-fashioned way, too, but this way's shorter and will net you an          
    important tool.                                                                 
     Once you're on the fire escape, notice that little object in the other         
    window. You won't be able to get it till much later, though, so don't           
    worry about it. Walk to the left end of the fire escape, and you'll find        
    the shortcut to the ground floor. And while you're sitting in that bin,         
    reflect on all the wonderful, useful things non-playing characters tend         
    to throw out in adventure games...rotten cloves of garlic, bones,               
    notebooks, and so on. So EXAMINE GARBAGE and take what you find. EXIT           
    the bin and walk to the cab stand in front of the bar.                          
     There are three marked cab stands in LEISURE SUIT LARRY, but you can           
    call a cab from any screen. The cabby is impatient, so try to position          
    yourself in the center of the screen, right by the curb, when you CALL          
    CAB. ENTER CAB and you're on your way. TALK TO THE CABBY and he'll give         
    you the rundown on Lost Wages hot spots. At the moment, you want to hit         
    the Convenience Store, so tell the cabby. When you arrive, PAY CABBY.           
    For a startling bit of realism, remember to TIP CABBY as well.                  
     Go straight into the store -- don't stop to talk with questionable             
    characters. Besides, you don't have what he wants...yet. In the store,          
    the first thing that'll probably catch your eye is the magazine rack.           
    TAKE a magazine, and be sure to READ it. It's a well-disguised clue.            
    Then wander over to the back aisle of the store, on the left, and LOOK          
    AT THE SHELF. That wine is a worthwhile investment (vintage pending). At        
    last, you may nonchalantly wander over to the counter and discreetly ASK        
    CLERK ABOUT CONDOM. It's like trying to order a burger in some fast food        
    joints you've visited.                                                          
     This clerk is used to shady characters like yourself, so don't try to          
    leave without paying. Once you're back outside, the sailor will accost          
    you again. When he asks you for spare change, type GIVE CHANGE TO BUM           
    and the program will tell you that you don't have any. Wait a second,           
    and he'll hit you up for wine. G'wan, be a sport. Hand over that Mad Dog        
    20/20, and you'll get some advice (and a useful souvenir). Remember that        
    advice; this guy's obviously been around.                                       
     Before you head back to Lefty's, EXAMINE THE PHONE on the sidewalk. Jot        
    down that number. Maybe it'll lead to a meaningful relationship. Call           
    now, before midnight tonight. DIAL PHONE and give it your best shot.            
    Good thing you're used to rejection.                                            
     Just for the heck of it, walk off to the right, to the next screen. The        
    disco looks like a potential "meet market," but you'll find you're not          
    up to their standards. At the moment, anyway. So call a cab -- there's          
    nowhere else around here to go.                                                 
     But after all, the night is still young. Let's drop by that Casino the         
    driver mentioned before going back to Lefty's. When you get out of the          
    cab, there may be a gentleman decked out in a pickle barrel. He may not         
    show up till later, but at any rate, you're well-heeled enough to            
    purchase one of his apples. So do it. Then go on into the Casino.               
     SIT at the Blackjack table or PLAY SLOTS, whichever's your speed.              
    Either way, you're going to want to break the bank here. The odds are           
    much more favorable at the BLACKJACK table, if you know how to play             
    (This is a great time to learn!), but the payoffs are greater at SLOTS.         
    You need to use the SAVE function often here. SAVE the game right before        
    you make your first bet, and name the save after the amount of money you        
     Then keep playing, and SAVE the game each time your total funds                
    exceed the amount you had in the last saved game. For easy reference,           
    keep changing the name of the save to reflect your total cash. The game         
    will end when you hit $250.                     
     Now head "north," to the top of your screen, into the adjoining room.          
    You've got no pride, Larry, you're a desperate man. So dig around in the        
    ashtray. You'll find the all-important Disco Pass. Take it and head into        
    the Cabaret to the right. Sorry, Uncle Lar', no foxes cruising here.            
    Perhaps if you wait a bit. Take a seat at the bottom right-hand table.    
    Sitting on the comic's whoopee cushion's worth a point. The comic may be        
    performing, or perhaps it's the chorus line, but either way, nobody             
    shows up, so don't linger. Leave the casino, call a cab, and head for           
    the Disco.                                                                      
     When the bouncer gets in your way, SHOW PASS to him, and he'll let you         
    through. Once upstairs, you spot her...the woman of your dreams! She's          
    sitting all alone. Stop licking your chops, get over there and sit with         
    her. LOOK at her. What's the gentlemanly thing to do? ASK HER TO DANCE.         
    Hurry out onto the dance floor and do your stuff. John Travolta, eat            
    your heart out (actually, this number seems to owe a bit to the Disco           
    scene in AIRPLANE).                                                             
     Go back to the table when the dance is over and SIT again. LOOK at her         
    again and TALK. Be persistent. Keep TALKing, and eventually you'll find         
    some common ground. Wish it were that easy in real life!                        
     Fawn is a 100% Certified Golddigger, but you found all these nifty             
    presents at Lefty's, so it's not really costing you anything. GIVE her 
    the rose (or the candy, or the ring...the order doesn't matter). Oooh, I        
    just LOVE shallow women! Actually, the hooker's shallow, too, but Fawn          
    is blonde. Give FAWN another present. She still doesn't seem too turned         
    on, so go for broke. Give her the last present.                                 
     Well, it looks like you're going have to do some serious forking over          
    if you want this relationship to work. And you're going to have to make         
    a lifetime commitment. Well, you're only playing a game; and no guts, no        
    glory. Besides, you can afford it. So give Fawn what she wants. Don't           
    worry, she's not going to run off: She really IS going to rent the              
    Honeymoon Suite for the two of you. Leave the Disco and take a cab to           
    the Chapel.                                                                     
     Once you're outside the Chapel, you may notice a quiet, unassuming             
    gentleman lurking by the cab stand. Just for giggles, go over to him.           
    Hmmm. At least he doesn't want to sell you anything. TALK to him for a          
     Now go into the Chapel, and take that last long walk down the aisle.           
    Look around all you like, but they're waiting for you to MARRY FAWN. She        
    likes to build up the anticipation, doesn't she? Too bad you're not             
    carrying around "No Tease." Leave the chapel and head left to the               
     Enter the Casino, go straight back to the Great Glass Elevator. PRESS          
    FOUR. The Honeymoon Suite is the room with the heart on. Knock on the           
    door, and Fawn will let you in. But first, a little mood music. Turn on         
    the radio. Unfortunately, the commercial (remember the phone number)            
    gives Fawn an idea, and you'll have to make a little trip before you            
    consummate the relationship.                                                    
     Go back down to the first floor (PRESS ONE). There's a phone, but              
    somebody's gummed up the works. At this point, check your finances;             
    you're probably down to just a few bucks. You're going to need about $40        
    for the next bit, so stop at the Casino and build up your cash supply to        
    $40 or $50, but don't bother with more than that yet.                           
     There's one phone that works, and that's the one outside the                   
    Convenience Store. So take a cab back there. Be sure to ANSWER THE              
    PHONE. What goes around comes around, right? [Note:  Also call                  
    Sierra On-Line for another five points.]                                        
     Call Ajax Liquors and order WINE. When they ask where you want to have         
    it delivered to, be specific: HONEYMOON SUITE AT THE CASINO HOTEL. If           
    you just say Casino Hotel, it won't get there. And whatever you do,             
    don't even THINK about getting the wine yourself at the Convenience             
    Store. Try it if you like, but save the game first, and get ready for a         
    hairy ride back to the Casino.                                                  
     Head back to the Casino, and go back up to the Honeymoon Suite. Fawn           
    will want you to pour the wine, first...and now comes the big payoff.           
    Get undressed, or kiss her, or whatever you care to.                            
     Sorry, Larry, I guess it's just not your night. The woman of your              
    dreams turned out to be a nightmare. Fortunately, you're not too stuck.         
    You got some great advice from the bum outside the Convenience Store. So        
    USE KNIFE and TAKE ROPE. Then go downstairs, and using the same                 
    technique as before, build your finances back up to at least $45.               
     Larry, maybe you're better off sticking to a sure thing. After you've          
    got some bucks again, take a cab back to Lefty's. You're going to lose          
    your District Three Virgin's Card if it's the last thing you do. Again,         
    knock on the naugahyde door, give the password (the pimp remains                
    transfixed in front of the television...just look at those glazed eyes),        
    and head upstairs. Go around to the front of the bed and UNDRESS. Now,          
    USE THE CONDOM. SAVE GAME just in case. And now, Larry, you're not going        
    to be the same "Larry" anymore. Find a verb you're comfortable with and         
    go to it. Pick a traditional action, though -- a kinky one may end the          
    game quickly.                                                                   
     A little anti-climactic, eh, Larry? (rim shot) One more thing, before          
    you leave her with that glow of apathy, be sure to REMOVE CONDOM.               
    Otherwise the cops'll getcha for indecent exposure. Why don't they go           
    bother the guy outside the Chapel instead?                                      
     Exit via the window, but don't go to the left yet. You're now equipped         
    to get the pills in the other window, thanks to the hint in "Jugs"              
    magazine. Go to the right end of the fire escape and TIE ROPE TO                
    RAILING. Then TIE ROPE TO ME. GET PILLS. You'll have to open that window        
    somehow. Check your inventory. One of the few unused articles is ideal          
    for breaking and entering. BREAK WINDOW WITH HAMMER. Now GET PILLS.             
    Examine them. That thing after the "F" isn't a one, by the way.                 
     To get down, you'll have to GO TO FIRE ESCAPE and UNTIE ROPE. Now you          
    can take the express to the dumpster and EXIT it again. Go out front.           
     Where haven't we looked for female companionship? Well, the casino             
    hotel's got eight floors. Maybe we can scare up a date there. Take a cab        
    to the casino, get in the elevator, and start knocking on doors.                
     Eventually, you'll find yourself up on the eighth floor, the penthouse.        
    There's a beautiful brunette sitting by herself at the desk. (Aren't            
    there any REDHEADS in this game?) Be sure to check her out carefully, so        
    you know what you're getting into, and turn on the charm. TALK to her           
    (and again, you'll have to be persistent if you want to learn about             
    her). At some point, she'll stop being communicative and the program            
    will urge you to find a medical stimulant.                                      
     By now, you should have figured out that the pills are Spanish Fly.            
    Give them to Faith. Maybe this is what you've been waiting for, Larry.          
    But as it turns out, Faith has incredible will power, so it's not to be.        
    But now that she's gone, check out her desk. Once you've noticed the            
    button, you'll want to do the obvious.                                          
     That means PUSH BUTTON, Larry. Geez, some people....                           
     Go into that elevator. You emerge in the penthouse, tastefully                 
    decorated with Mark Crowe's finest efforts. Before you go hunting for           
    the gurgling sound, go back and to the right around the partition.              
    You'll find yourself in the bedroom. Open the closet door and go inside.        
    The screen won't change, but LOOK while you're in there, and TAKE               
    anything that looks interesting -- that inflatable love doll, for               
     "I'm gonna buy a rubber doll that I can call my own...." EXAMINE it.           
    It's doubtful that you'll find a meaningful relationship with Olga (I'm         
    just guessing that's her name), but you'll never know unless you try.           
    BLOW UP DOLL. And there she is, in all her vinyl splendor. Time once            
    again to explore nature's glorious mysteries, so USE DOLL (or whatever).        
    The machine will balk at the idea, but answer YES to the question.              
     Well, Larry, perhaps you should have been gentler. Follow Olga out to          
    the terrace. And meet the REAL woman of your dreams! Look carefully, and        
    you can find her name (it's on the towel, and it's a clue). TALK to her,        
    and she'll invite you in for a dip. Take her up on it. UNDRESS, and             
    you'll dive right in.   
     LOOK at her. She won't want to talk -- mere words cannot express what          
    she's got in mind for the two of you. Notice the "come hither" look,            
    none of this coy "wink wink nudge nudge" business. She's trying to              
    seduce you, but you need to give her a particular item. Think of her            
    name and look at your inventory.                  
     C'mon, you know what she really wants, don't you? GIVE APPLE TO EVE.           
    Then lie back and enjoy, Larry. You've earned it.                               
                          THE END                                                   

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