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                       Final      "vFinal"      Version

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                     Laser Squad --- FAQ / Strategy Guide


                       System:    PC
                       Game Type: Turn-Based Strategy
                       Created:   1992 Krisalis Software LTD.
                                  Microleague Interactive Software

                       FAQ Created by: Ny0Cloud (Elliot Long)
                       FAQ Hosted by:  http://www.gamefaqs.com
                       E-mail:         e-long1@rogers.com


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                       U P D A T E   H I S T O R Y

version mm/dd/yyyy  synopsis

vFinal  08/27/2002: Why bother having a half-complete FAQ, when you can have
                    a complete FAQ? There's no reason. That's why this first
                    version of this FAQ is also the Final version.


                        T a b l e   O f   C o n t e n t s 

                           1.  Getting Started
                           2.  Basic Controls
                           3.  Heads Up Display (HUD)
                           4.  General Tactics
                           5.  The Missions
                            a. Objectives
                            b. Personnel
                            c. Equipment
                            d. Player 1 Strategies
                            e. Player 2 Strategies
                            f. Other Mission Info
                           6.  Things That Don't Deserve a Section
                           7.  End


Please make sure you can see all the characters and that they line up. The
Upper-Score (Ż) is used during this FAQ. If you cannot view it, please change
your settings.

                                      \    /
                                       |  |
/                                GETTING STARTED                             \
                                       |  |
                                       |  |

   Simply run "Laser.exe" to start the game. You will be prompted to choose a
sound option: Adlib, Sound Blaster, Roland, or No Sound.  If you have the
capability to play with sound, I highly suggest doing so.  It really adds to
the atmosphere.  However!  If you are playing against a friend, he may be able
to hear things such as doors opening, and be hinted as to your whereabouts.

   The Main Menu is very straightforward.  There are five missions displayed,
and each mission has a corresponding Function key beside it: F1 through F5.  
F1 will select the "Assassins" mission.
F2 will select the "Moonbase Assault" mission.
F3 will select the "Mine Rescue" mission.
F4 will select the "Cyber Hordes" mission.
F5 will select the "Paradise Valley" mission.
   There is also a Floppy Disk icon.  Selecting this will load whatever game
you saved last.  There is only 1 save slot, so saving a game will
automatically overwrite the previous saved game, without prompting you.  Be

   Once you select a mission, you are prompted to choose One or Two player,
and the difficulty settings of the Computer Player (if applicable).  Once
that has been done, you are taken to the Equipment Screen.  This is where the
game starts.

                                 ______  ______
                                 \    /  \    /
                                  |  |    |  |
/                                BASIC  CONTROLS                             \
                                  |  |    |  |
                                  |  |    |  |
                                 /____\  /____\

   This ENTIRE game is played with the mouse.  There is absolutely nowhere in
the game where you will need to use a keyboard, besides to go through the
credits that appear when you load up the game. You'll need to press the
spacebar to cycle through them.

   The game is meant to be used with a standard 2-button mouse.  And even with
a single-button mouse, you can play this game.  All the right mouse button
does is turn your Squad Member in the direction the pointer is in.

   The left mouse button is used to move Squad Members (by clicking anywhere
on the map), and to select Icons that will dictate how your Squad Member
takes action.  One thing to be careful about, though.  When you want to select
another Squad Member, always try to use the Icon that cycles through Squad
Members, as opposed to clicking on the Member on the map.  You may
miss-click, and end up moving your currently selected Squad Member, wasting
valuable Action Points.

                             ______  ______  ______
                             \    /  \    /  \    /
                              |  |    |  |    |  |
/                                HEADS UP DISPLAY                            \
                              |  |    |  |    |  |
                              |  |    |  |    |  |
                             /____\  /____\  /____\

   The Heads Up Display (or HUD for short) commands how the entire game works.
Every move you make (except for moving,) is commanded by HUD icons and
commands.  The HUD icons can be somewhat confusing at first, and that's why 
I created this section.

   There are 2 different types of the main HUD that you will see.  One appears
when you select a Squad Member, and the other is when no Squad Members are
highlighted for action.


                                The Basic HUD
| 2                        2                        2 |                 |     |
|   _______________________________________________   |                 |  5  |
|  |                                               |  |                 |_____|
|  |                                               |  |       3         |     |
|  |                                               |  |                 |  6  |
|  |                                               |  |                 |_____|
|  |                                               |  |_________________|     |
|  |                                               |  |                 |  7  |
|  |                                               |  |       4         |     |
|  |                                               |  |_________________|_____|
|  |                                               |  |           |           |
| 2|                       1                       |2 |     8     |    13     |
|  |                                               |  |___________|___________|
|  |                                               |  |           |           |
|  |                                               |  |     9     |    14     |
|  |                                               |  |___________|___________|
|  |                                               |  |           |           |
|  |                                               |  |     10    |    15     |
|  |                                               |  |___________|___________|
|  |                                               |  |           |           |
|  |                                               |  |     11    |    16     |
|  |                                               |  |___________|___________|
|  |_______________________________________________|  |           |           |
| 2                        2                        2 |     12    |    17     |


 1. [Map]
    This is where the game is displayed. Shows all items, people, and terrain.

 2. [Arrows]
    These are the arrows you click to move the Map around.

 3. [Portrait]
    Shows the currently selected Member's portrait.

 4. [Name]
    Shows the currently selected Member's name.

 5. [APs]
    Shows the currently selected Member's AP left.

 6. [AP2]
    Shows the amount of AP that will be left after you move to wherever the
    cursor is on the map. 

*NOTE: When your AP count is the colour red, it means that you have enough AP
for an Op Fire. When it is the colour beige, it means you don't have enough
AP left for an Op Fire*

 7. [Sighted]
    This will flash with a number indicating how many enemies the currently
    selected Member can see.

 8-17. [The Buttons]
       These are the basis for controlling your actions in game. With different
       Squad Members, these buttons will change position. Many of the buttons
       can be easily identified as to what they do by how they look. You can
       also just click on them to find out.

 18. [Information Bar]
     This little bar below the bottom arrow will be the most valuable tool
     you can use. This shows the terrain type (Rough, grass, rock, etc). The
     different terrain types, of course, dictate how many APs must be used to
     walk over it. IE grass takes less APs to walk over than rocks.

                             ______  ___          ___
                             \    /  \  \        /  /
                              |  |    \  \      /  /
/                                GENERAL TACTICS                             \
                              |  |       \  \/  /
                              |  |        \    /
                             /____\        \__/

.....Equipping Phase.....

-Most games you'll only need 1 extra clip of ammo to finish the game. Save
 credits by only buying 1 gun and 1 clip of ammo for gun-users.
-Always have at least Level 1 armour on everyone. If you have some credits
 left over after buying everyone a weapon, gradually upgrade the Level 1
 armours to the next level until you run out of Credits.
-Don't load up with grenades or knives. Remember, you don't need a CC weapon
 if there's a dead body lying around. And let's face it, by the time you run
 out of ammo, someone HAS to have died. Grenades take too much time to use
 during a battle. You need to equip it, prime it, and throw it. That takes a
 lot of AP to do.

.....Placement Phase.....

-More in-depth placement tips can be found in the Mission Walkthroughs. But
 here are a few general tips
-Don't place your troops beside each other. Keep them a few steps away. This
 avoids a quick-grenade attack killing everyone.
-Place troops behind shielding objects if applicable (ie. plants in Mission 5)

.....Movement Phase.....

-I can't believe I have to point this out, but ALWAYS keep enough AP for an Op
 Fire when you are entering enemy territory. The game can be won or lost in Op
 Fire situations.
-Always have someone covering your back. The last thing you want is an enemy
 sneaking up behind you.
-Unless intentional, don't leave doors open. Take the time to turn around and
 close the door behind you. An observant human enemy will take notice of an
 open door.
-Stone walled? Absolutely no way you can get past a certain spot? Try going
 around. Try other corridors, or even circle around the outside. There's no
 use being stubborn about it unless you are running out of turns.

.....Shooting Phase.....

-Snap Shot or Auto Shot?
 Well, that depends on a few things. Auto Shots are horribly inaccurate and
 will even sometimes miss if your enemy is a few steps away. Therefore, I
 would advise against an Auto Shot if the enemy is more than, say, 7 or 8 
 steps away. UNLESS you want to clear out obstacles around the enemy, then
 some inaccurate wild Auto fire Shots could take out the obstacles.
-Aimed Shot or Snap Shot?
 Check the enemy's vital statistics first. How's his armour doing? What about
 HP? An Aimed Shot at an enemy with full HP/Armour probably won't kill him. 
 However, if you have enough AP for an Aimed Shot, then a Snap Shot, you may
 want to take the gamble. Aimed Shots almost always hit their target. Also, if
 you are using an explosive gun (Rocket Launcher or M5-Auto Cannon), always
 use Aimed Shot.
-Throwing weapons doesn't hurt enemies

                                ___          ___
                                \  \        /  /
                                 \  \      /  /
/                                THE    MISSIONS                             \
                                    \  \/  /
                                     \    /

                       /    M I S S I O N   O N E:    \
                       \________"The Assassins"_______/

          A:  O B J E C T I V E S
   Player 1: A group of 5 Rebel Troops have landed on the planet CX-1. Their
objective is to kill the officer "Sterner Regnix", who is being protected by
6 heavily armed Droids. Regnix is holding Scientists of the MARSEC Corp.
hostage, and is trying to extract data that only they know. Infiltrate the 
MARSEC Corp. building and locate Regnix. Then kill him. You have 20 turns to
kill Regnix.

   Player 2: With the 6 Droids, and Sterner Regnix to assist you, you must
either eliminate all the Rebel Forces, or survive for 20 turns without losing
Sterner Regnix. All other Droids are expendable.

          B:  P E R S O N N E L
   Player 1 Attack Team:  RANK     NAME        INITIAL AP
                          Corporal Jonlan         64
                          Private Anderson        52
                          Private Stone           58
                          Private Harris          60
                          Private Turner          63

   Player 2 Defenders:    NAME                 INITIAL AP

                          Sterner Regnix          64
                          Droid 1                 52
                          Droid 2                 52
                          Droid 3                 52
                          Droid 4                 52
                          Droid 5                 52
                          Droid 6                 52

          C:  E Q U I P M E N T
                          Initial Credits Player 1 (PvP): 175
                          Initial Credits Player 1 (PvC): 200
                          Initial Credits Player 2 (PvP): 60

                          EQUIPMENT NAME      TYPE              COST

                          Heavy Laser         Gun               25
                          Heavy Las Pack      Ammo              5
                          L50 Las Gun         Gun               16
                          L50 Las Pack        Ammo              4
                          MARSEC Auto Gun     Gun               21
                          MARSEC Gun Clip     Ammo              3
                          Sniper Rifle        Gun               9
                          Rifle Clip          Ammo              2
                          AP50 Grenade        Throw             8
                          MARSEC Pistol       Gun               7
                          Pistol Clip         Ammo              1
                          Rocket Launcher     Gun               30
                          Rocket (N/A for P2) Ammo              15
                          Dagger              CC                2
                          M4000 Auto Gun      Gun               15
                          M4000 Gun Clip      Ammo              2

                          ARMOUR #      DEFENCE                 COST

                          Armour 1      10, 8, 6                8
                          Armour 2      20, 16, 12              12
                          Armour 3      30, 22, 18              16
                          Armour 4      38, 30, 26              20

      Player 2 only has the option to Equip Regnix. The 6 Droids are
      automatically equipped with M7000 Blasters and Level 2 Armour.

          D:  PLAYER  1  STRATEGIES
   You can place your men almost anywhere around the outside of the MARSEC
complex. However, there are only 2 entrances to the complex. One on the left,
one on the right. Each entrance is a single doorway, so you'll be heading in
single file.

   There are two basic ways you can play this: You can split into two groups 
and place three people on one side, and two on the other, or you can opt to 
stick together and sweep the complex while covering each other. I prefer to 
split into two groups. That way, you can cover the exits of the complex and
prevent Regnix from fleeing to the outside corridors of the map.

   After you enter the complex, it is VERY important that you close the door
behind you. Remember that your opponent (if it's a human) CAN see the outside
doors, and if they are open or not. You could also play a decoy game, where
you place a single troop on one side, and the rest of your Squad on the other
side of the structure. The big Squad will close the door behind them, while
the decoy Troop opens the other door, and leaves it open. Unless your opponent
is expecting a decoy, he will think that you have one group, and they came
in the side of the decoy. He or She might then try and flee Regnix to the
outside, where he will soon run into you.

   If you are going to split into two groups, make sure you have ample
firepower in each group. You shouldn't have one group equipped with just
Pistols. Have at least one person with a MARSEC Auto or M4000 in each
group. Then, you can either back that up with a Sniper Rifle, a Laser
weapon, or another Automatic firing weapon.

   Of course, as the Assassin team, you have the difficult task of
infiltrating a guarded complex. If you are facing a friend who is semi-good
at this game, chances are he will get many Opportunity Fire chances from
his hiding spots. 

   As you progress into the complex, make sure you always have at least one
person facing the exits if you can. The best strategy for Regnix is to flee
from the building and take cover in one of the corridors that are outside.
Once there, Regnix can just wait out the 20 turns and win the game.

   There's also a good chance that Regnix will be hiding in a room, possibly
guarded by a couple Droids who will probably have Opportunity Fire ready. To
counter-act this, never stand in front of a door to open it. Always stand to
its diagonal. Once a door is open, you can send in a sacrifice that will
hopefully use up all your enemy's AP, or you can try to throw a grenade into
the room. If you choose to throw a grenade to try and flush out the room, then
make sure you are throwing it in a diagonal line. Grenades can't fly through
walls, but they do have lethal splash damage. A Grenade will pretty much
destroy a small room.

   Almost every big room has 2 entrances, one on each side of the room. If
you are worried about a Droid (or Regnix) hiding up against a wall, waiting
for you to walk through the door, then you'd be wise to place someone at each
entrance. If you want to fully cover the walls, then you'd need two people at
each entrance. Each Squad Member would be beside the door diagonally, creating
a cross-vision view of the room. Demonstration to follow:

                   Y Y
               -----D------   As you can see, there are two enemies (E) that 
              |  \ / \ / E |  are hugging the wall near the doors (D). 
              |   X   X    |  Your Troops (Y) are all positioned to the
              |E / \ / \   |  diagonals of each door. As you open each door,
               -----D------   your Troops each get vision of the walls.
                   Y Y        The Crossing lines are the vision that the
                              Troops have.

   By using this setup, you can see the entire room, and any enemies that
it contains.

   Be advised that this setup takes a few turns to set up, and should only
be used if you are VERY SURE that Regnix is inside the room. Don't even
bother if you know that there are only Droids inside the room. Remember, you
need to kill Regnix, not Droids, and you shouldn't waste valuable turns
setting up a Cross-Vision of a room if there are only Droids inside the room.

   Another thing to remember is to travel in pairs of two or more. If one of
your Troops walks into an enemy's sight (thus resulting in an Opportunity Fire,
AP permitting) and dies, then chances are that the enemy has used up most, if
not all, of his AP. After the Opportunity Fire, if your Trooper is dead, you
can either try and kill whoever shot him, or continue along your way. If the 
enemy is anyone BUT Regnix, I would continue on my way (unless the enemy is
close). See, that's the beautiful thing about this game. If you got killed by
someone down a long hall, then you can get your other Troop to just run by the
hall. The enemy won't be able to catch up to you if you keep moving away from
his traps.

   Whenever one of your groups falls down to one member, always try and run
that member to your other group. There is always power in numbers.

   Another neat thing is that you can look through the windows on the outside
of the complex, and even shoot through them. This lets you look down corridors
and into rooms from the outside of the complex. Having one Squad Member 
peeking through windows outside can provide valuable intelligence, but it will
also reduce your attacking squad on the inside. But, having a Trooper on the
outside will also spot Regnix if he tries to flee to the outside (assuming he
enters your field of vision).

   Remember to look for open doors to give you a clue as to where your enemy 
might be. You can take as long as you want (unless you and a friend are
playing a timed game), so remember to observe your surroundings.

   Good luck killing Regnix.

          E:  PLAYER  2  STRATEGIES
   You have the easier part of this mission by far. You also have two options
of how to go about this mission. If Player 1 leaves one of the complex
entrances unguarded, then you can attempt to flee to the outside and sit 
around the bushes for 20 turns. The alternative is to place Regnix and some
Droids in a small room and defend that room for 20 turns.

  There are many rooms you can hide in, but chances are very high that the
Rebel Squad will find whatever room you are hiding in. If you have decided
to hide in one room for the duration of the game, make sure that Regnix has
some Grenades, and that the Droids have all entrances to the room are covered.

   If your opponent tries to enter a room, it would be a good idea to have
Regnix throw a Grenade to that door in an attempt to kill the Assassin Squad.
If this tactic is done correctly, you can wipe out two or three of your enemy
Troops with one grenade.

   You can also set up a Droid Flank outside where Regnix is hiding. Place
one or two Droids outside the room that Regnix is in, and make sure that they
can't be seen unless they are being looked for. After Player 1 makes his
attack on Regnix, take the Droids that are set up for the Flank and have them
assault the Assassin Squad from behind. Hopefully, your friend doesn't have
any Troops facing the way of the flank.

   If your opponent isn't expecting a flank, you can win the game right then
and there. Attacking from behind, in addition to Regnix throwing a grenade,
can eliminate the entire Assassin squad in one turn.

   Think two or three turns ahead. Anticipate what your opponent is going do,
and how he is going to move and attack. This will give you the edge you need.

   When fleeing Regnix to the outside of the map, make sure that your enemy
doesn't have any scouts on the outside. The best place for Regnix to hide 
is behind the outer wall that runs along the perimeter of the map. There are
some doors that can be opened that allow you access to behind the corridor
structure, but be VERY sure that you close the doors behind you. If you don't,
your friend could see that a door is open on the outside, and attempt to chase
you down.

   If you want to play a game of decoy, then send a Droid outside instead of
Regnix. Have him leave the doors open on purpose. If your friend sees the
doors open and sends his entire Squad out to kill the Droid (thinking it's
Regnix), then you've created a decoy that will waste enough of your enemy's
turns for you to win.

   Good luck keeping Regnix alive.

          F:  O T H E R
   Remember the windows in this level. You can see and shoot through them. Use
them to help set up attacks and flanks, and stay away from them if you are
trying to run away.

                       /    M I S S I O N   T W O:    \
                       \______"Moonbase Assault"______/

          A:  O B J E C T I V E S
   Player 1: Your job is to infiltrate the Moonbase and destroy 100 Victory
Points worth of Computer Terminals (one type looks like a gray fireplace with
a smokestack, and the other type looks like a blue computer facing sideways),
or kill the entire Defending team. However, you only get Victory Points for
destroying Computer Terminals. You have 30 turns to do so.

   Player 2: You must defend as many Computer Terminals as you can by killing
the entire Infiltration team. You win after you kill all 8 of the attacking
team. Hold off the Attackers for 30 turns and you win.

          B:  P E R S O N N E L
   Player 1 Attack Team:  RANK     NAME        INITIAL AP
                          Corporal Jonlan         63
                          Corporal Hewie          56
                          Private Anderson        54
                          Private O Hara          66
                          Private Dickson         58
                          Private Stone           60
                          Private Smales          62
                          Android Barker          65

   Player 2 Defenders:    RANK     NAME        INITIAL AP

                          Lieut. Brenner          60
                          Seargent Grissom        60
                          Lieut. Nielson          54
                          Lieut. Blake            54
                          Seargent Brady          52
                          Seargent Sol            55
                          Seargent Hale           60
                          Seargent Derman         48

          C:  E Q U I P M E N T
                          Initial Credits Player 1 (PvP): 235
                          Initial Credits Player 1 (PvC): 250
                          Initial Credits Player 2 (PvP): 235

                          EQUIPMENT NAME      TYPE              COST

                          Heavy Laser         Gun               25
                          Heavy Las Pack      Ammo              5
                          L50 Las Gun         Gun               16
                          L50 Las Pack        Ammo              4
                          MARSEC Auto Gun     Gun               21
                          MARSEC Gun Clip     Ammo              3
                          Sniper Rifle        Gun               9
                          Rifle Clip          Ammo              2
                          AP50 Grenade        Throw             8
                          MARSEC Pistol       Gun               7
                          Pistol Clip         Ammo              1
                          Rocket Launcher     Gun               30
                          Rocket              Ammo              15
                          Dagger              CC                2
                          M4000 Auto Gun      Gun               15
                          M4000 Gun Clip      Ammo              2

                          ARMOUR #      DEFENCE                 COST

                          Armour 1      10, 8, 6                8
                          Armour 2      20, 16, 12              12
                          Armour 3      30, 22, 18              16
                          Armour 4      38, 30, 26              20

          D:  PLAYER  1  STRATEGIES
   There are eight different entrances to the base (but you can only place
units at five of them). So with the ability to place units at 5 different
entrances of the base, you need to plan which type of attack to execute. You
could split your forces into two groups of four, and place them at opposite
ends of the  base and move to the center. You could have one giant group of
all eight squad members. Or, you could put smaller groups at each of the
entrances (although this is not really advised).

   The bulk of Computer Terminals can be found in the middle of the base, with
the occasional Terminal scattered around other parts of the base. The fastest
and most rewarding route to the middle of the complex is through the door 
located at the bottom left of the base. Going through that entrance, and
immediately to the right, will not only get you to the center of the complex
the fastest, but there are also a few rooms with Computer Terminals along the

   Although it's always smart to keep a large squad at all times, this might
be one of the few missions where you should split into two groups. If you do
this, then you will either force Player 2 to run back to the middle and protect
the complex from there, or split himself into two groups.

   As with Mission 1, a decoy would be a very smart move (since you now have
more units to work with, you can spare a couple without it having so much of
an impact). Place your main group on one side of the map, and place a decoy at
an entrance on the other side of the map. Two decoys at entrance points near
each other would also work, and it would look more realistic to Player 2 than a
single entrance decoy. To decoy, you'd need to make absolutely sure that your
main group CLOSES THE ENTRANCE DOOR BEHIND THEM (Even if you aren't playing
with a decoy tactic, it is always good to keep your enemy wondering where you
are). Then, of course, purposely have the decoys keep the entrance doors open.
With any luck, your enemy will move his/her forces to the decoy entrances,
leaving the side of the base that your main squad is in clear.

   If you are splitting up your units into two squads, you should place them
at entrance points that are not near each other. This keeps Player 2 from being
able to defend against both squads from one point.

   If you have been found, then chances are Player 2 will attempt to attack
you from behind. With this in mind, always have both sides of your squad 
covered by someone who has AP enough for an Op Fire.

   There are several small rooms in the center of the building. Remember that
grenades can destroy many Computer Terminals at once without even moving a
squad member inside the room. This can prevent getting shot at by a sentry
with Op Fire inside a small room. However, the enemy can do the same.
If you group your squad too close in the narrow hallways, a single, well-placed
grenade can severely hurt your chances at winning. Try and keep at least two
spaces between squad members.

   There are also some highly explosive gas tanks scattered throughout the
base. Try to stay away from these, as they do not provide good cover as you
might think. The tanks also have a pretty high explosion radius. It's best
if you stay away from these gas tanks all together.

   Remember to cover halls behind you. If you are working with two groups,
try and have each group slowly make their ways to the center of the complex.
Once there, you can merge into one big group again.

   Many of the strategies from Mission 1 can be used here as well.

          E:  PLAYER  2  STRATEGIES
   As Player 2, you have the easier job of defending the Moonbase from the
Rebel assault. Both players are evenly matched with 8 Squad Members each. You
get to place anyone anywhere inside the base, so plan how you are going to
go about defending the base.

   Player 1 cannot win without getting to the middle of the base to destroy 
the Computer Terminals there. There is simple not enough Terminals outside the
middle of the base, so use that to your advantage. You can set up Op Fires in
some of the smaller rooms, plan flank attacks, or just go all out and hope for
the best.

   If you are going to hide units inside smaller rooms that contain Terminals,
make sure you have them right behind the door. That way, you get an Op Fire,
and there's next to no chance you'll miss. The enemy will also get zero chance
to toss any explosives into the room. The one problem with this strategy is
that after enough enemy troops come through the door during one turn, you'll
quickly run out of AP and lose your Op Fire status. Hopefully, by the time you
run out of AP, you'll have killed at least two enemy troops. If you can hold
the 2:1 ratio, you'll have no problem winning.

   There are many entrances to the middle of the base, so only plan a flank 
attack if you know which entrance your enemy will take. Watch which door he 
comes through, and maybe even send a scout to see that it's not a decoy. Each
entrance has, at most, two direct routes to the center. Any other routes take
more turns than are necessary. So, to plan a flank, you need to know which
entrance Player 1 will take. Once you know that, you can send two or three
units to hide in the room before the center room. You can hide on a side of the
room you don't think he will check, or against the wall beside the entrance to
the room. Once Player 1 gets into the center room, you can attack him from both

   Of course, you could throw strategy out the window and just assault the
attackers head on. Just remember to keep enough AP handy for Op Fire. If you
are going all out, there are no real tips I can give you except for that. You
pretty much just have to play it by ear. Using your brain wouldn't hurt 

          F:  O T H E R
   Nothing too much else to say, really. Except remember that the scenery that
looks like Gas Containers explode [with a large radius]. There's nothing else
really out of the ordinary in this level.

                       /   M I S S I O N  T H R E E:  \
                       \______"The Mine Rescue"_______/

          A:  O B J E C T I V E S
   Player 1: A Rebel Mission has gone horribly wrong. Most of the Rebel Troops
have been killed. However, 3 Rebel Troops have been captured and are being
held in a level of the Mine Shaft. They have very important information about
the Mines. You must find, and rescue the Troops.

   Player 2: Your job is to protect the Rebel Prisoners from rescue. You must
kill everyone belonging to the Rebel Attack Team to ensure that the Rebel
Prisoners stay prisoners.

          B:  P E R S O N N E L
   Player 1 Attack Team:  RANK     NAME        INITIAL AP
                          Corporal Jonlan         63
                          Private Anderson        56
                          Private Stone           54
                          Private Harris          66
                          Private Turner          58

                          Corporal Hewie*         66
                          Private Adams*          66
                          Android Scott*          66

   Player 2 Defenders:    RANK     NAME        INITIAL AP

                          Private Coogan          60
                          Captain Mylne           60
                          Corporal Riko           54
                          Officer Coen            54
                          Officer Turner          52
                          Officer Marsh           55
                          Trooper Cooke           60

          Squad Members marked with a * signifies that they are the captured
          Squad Member. 

          C:  E Q U I P M E N T
                          Initial Credits Player 1 (PvP): 240
                          Initial Credits Player 1 (PvC): 250
                          Initial Credits Player 2 (PvP): 240

                          EQUIPMENT NAME         TYPE           COST

                          Heavy Laser            Gun            25
                          Heavy Las Pack         Ammo           5
                          L50 Las Gun            Gun            16
                          L50 Las Pack           Ammo           4
                          MARSEC Auto Gun        Gun            21
                          MARSEC Gun Clip        Ammo           3
                          Sniper Rifle           Gun            9
                          Rifle Clip             Ammo           2
                          AP50 Grenade           Throw          8
                          MARSEC Pistol          Gun            7
                          Pistol Clip            Ammo           1
                          Rocket Launcher        Gun            30
                          Rocket                 Ammo           15
                          Dagger                 CC             2
                          Explosive (N/A for P2) Throw          19
                          M4000 Auto Gun         Gun            15
                          M4000 Gun Clip         Ammo           2

                          ARMOUR #      DEFENCE                 COST

                          Armour 1      10, 8, 6                8
                          Armour 2      20, 16, 12              12
                          Armour 3      30, 22, 18              16
                          Armour 4      38, 30, 26              20

          D:  PLAYER  1  STRATEGIES
   BUY AT LEAST THREE EXPLOSIVES, unless you want to resort to killing the
entire defending team.

   To successfully rescue the captive squad members, you need to bring one
of your units that has an explosive to the front of the cell. You'll need to
equip the explosive, prime it, and drop it in front of the cell door. The
blast will make quick work of the cell door. You aren't done yet, however.

   For the unit to count as 'rescued', you'll need to have him or her exit
the level through one of the elevators located at both your starting points.
Move the unit into one of the middle tiles in the elevator door and they will
officially be 'rescued', and you'll get the 34 VP. Get all three squad members
to the elevator and you declare victory.

   This mission is just a giant maze of corridors and shafts with doodads
sprinkled around that serve no purpose at all. All these corridors and shafts
meet at three points: the top left corner, the top right corner, and the
center of the map. Your placement choices are the top corners, while your
enemy gets to dawdle around in the middle of the map.

   So that begs the question: are you going to split up?  -- Well, are ya',
punk? If you do, you'll have a group of two traveling through twisty mine
shaft hallways, making the long trip to a captive squad member. The cells
aren't even remotely close to each other most of the time, so let's hope you can
keep both squads alive.

   What am I trying to say? Splitting up is risky, but it can be rewarding.
You'll get the rescue job done in half the time, that is, if you get the job
done at all. Because of the nature of the level, an attacking group has a
major disadvantage for the simple fact that Player 2 can camp hallways with Op

   So if you're constantly being watching from the other side of the hallway,
things can get a bit dicey. But you know what? That's why they [the enemy] has
to place their personnel in the middle of the level. Unless I missed
something, the enemy can't teleport to a main hallway and watch it with an Op
Fire. Instead, it will take a few turns before they reach their destination.

   Get moving! You absolutely need to get past the large hallways that can be
easily monitored FAST. Take the first turn to plan your route to the center
of the level. In fact, don't even bother equipping a weapon until you get to
your end point. A weapon will just slow you down, and besides, it's useless
right now. You're not going to encounter any enemies in the first two or
three turns. Of course, that's not foolproof. Make your end spot reasonable.
By reasonable, I mean don't make your guys run half way across the level

   Whichever routes you take, there are most likely going to be enemies hidden
in halls where you might not look, or slightly inside the hall so you'd need
to look down the hall to see him/her. So be prepared for a flank attack from 
some moles that've dug their way into tiny halls.

   You may be out-manned, but brains can beat brawn any day. Usually. Blowing
up faux-jail cells (that would be the ones with no one actually in them) could
provide a nice decoy. If you are going to waste an explosive on an empty cell,
you might want to choose a cell that's far away from where you actually want
to be. If the decoy tactic works, you'll have a group of enemies running
around, trying to get to a decoy cell. While they are running around clueless,
you could sneak one or two captive members out in the confusion.

   Remember, you want to avoid conflict as much as possible. You don't have
as many units as Player 2 does.

          E:  PLAYER  2  STRATEGIES
   Once again, Player 2 gets the easier job of defending. Of course, you get
the totally fair center-of-the-map starting point to defend from.

   You get a large clump of space to place your troops. I suppose it doesn't
really matter where you place them, exactly. But of course, you'll obviously
want to place your troops close to wherever you think the captive troops will
get placed.

   Wherever you are, don't clump troops together. Since you're probably going
to be camped out in hallways, the best idea would be to spread yourself thin
while still having each troop able to cover other troops. This'll prevent any
serious explosive damage hurting several of your guys due to the blast radius. 

   Op Fire is your biggest friend in this level. If you can get a few squad
members to observe some of the bigger tunnels with Op Fire you can prevent
Player 1's movements. There are some large vertical-running tunnels near both
entry points, as well as a few horizontal running halls covering the jail

   Without a doubt, this is the hardest level to defend in. As Player 2, you
have absolutely no idea where the captive squad members of Player 1 even are.
You aren't allowed to see that, but instead, you have to guess where they are,
or wait until you see an explosion. Once you see a jail cell door blown to
bits, you have two choices. You can either assume that Player 1 has just began
to rescue a captive teammate, or you can assume it is a decoy.

   Remember that Player 1 doesn't want to fight you. They have less units
that can be expended. Even if you play and end up with a 1:1 death ratio, you
win because Player 1 only gets VP for rescuing people. 

   Guard as many cells as you can without spreading yourself out )too( thin.
You'll probably want two or three units watching hallways near each other. If
you can prevent Player 1 from having free movement through the halls, you can
pull off the victory easily. 

   This is really the most awkward mission to write about because this is such
a limiting level. So to sum it up: watch halls with Op Fire AP. Stay close
together, but not )too( close together. Stay far apart, but not )too( far
apart. Get it? Good, because I'm sick of writing for this level.

          F:  O T H E R
   Only play this level if you like Closed Quarter combat and walking around
giant hallways. This is probably my least favourite Mission in the entire
game. I really hate levels that have a maze feel to them. I also hate the fact
that this level is so huge. The fact that Player 1's captured members could be
in a cell at the bottom of the level doesn't make it more desirable to play,

                       /    M I S S I O N  F O U R:   \ 
                       \______"The Cyber Hordes"______/

          A:  O B J E C T I V E S
   Player 1: A group of enemy Droids have just been spotted outside your
complex. They are here to destroy your Computer Mainframes. You must
protect your base by eliminating all of the invading Droids.

   Player 2: It is your job to lead the Droids to the destruction of the
enemy Computer Mainframes. They lie in the middle of the installation.
They are tan coloured with little red symbols in the middle. You need
to destroy enough Mainframes to procure 100 Victory Points, or eliminate
all of the Defending force.

          B:  P E R S O N N E L
   Player 1 Defenders:    RANK     NAME        INITIAL AP
                          Corporal Hansen         60
                          Corporal Redfax         56
                          Corporal Goldberg       60
                          Trooper Stein           54
                          Trooper Zephyr          55
                          Trooper Chomski         60
                          Trooper O Donnel        56
                          Trooper Connoly         56

   Player 2 Attack Team:  NAME                INITIAL AP

                          Cyber Droid             54
                          Cyber Droid             54
                          Cyber Droid             54
                          Patrol Droid            74
                          Patrol Droid            74
                          Patrol Droid            74
                          Battle Droid            26

          C:  E Q U I P M E N T
                          Initial Credits Player 1 (PvP): 230
                          Initial Credits Player 1 (PvC): 250
                          Initial Credits Player 2 (PvP): 230

                          EQUIPMENT NAME              TYPE      COST

                          AP75 Grenade  (N/A for P2)  Throw     7
                          AP50 Grenade  (N/A for P2)  Throw     4
                          Auto Pistol                 Gun       8
                          Pistol Clip                 Ammo      1
                          M5-Auto Cannon              Gun       18
                          Cannon Clip                 Ammo      5
                          Light Sabre   (N/A for P2)  CC        4
                          L-80 Laser                  Gun       10
                          L-80 Las Pack               Ammo      2
                          MARSEC Auto Gun             Gun       14
                          MARSEC Gun Clip             Ammo      2
                          Heavy Laser                 Gun       17
                          Heavy Las Pack              Ammo      5
                          MK-1          (N/A for P2)  Gun       22
                          MK-1 Gun Clip (N/A for P2)  Ammo      6
                          Pump Shot Gun               Gun       8
                          Shot Gun Clip               Ammo      1

                          ARMOUR #      DEFENCE                 COST

                          Armour 1      10, 8, 6                8
                          Armour 2      20, 16, 12              12
                          Armour 3      30, 22, 18              16
                          Armour 4      38, 30, 26              20

      Player 2 only has the option to equip the Cyber Droids. The Patrol
      Droids come automatically equipped with Zeekers and Armour with 15
      Defense on all sides. The Battle Droid comes equipped with a Blaster
      and Armour with 100, 80, 45 defenses.

          D:  PLAYER  1  STRATEGIES
   Wow! This level is like Mission 2: Moonbase Assault, only the roles are
reversed and the playing field looks different. And there are different guns.
And you are facing meka-uber-death droids. Well, fine. This mission is only
like Mission 2 in objectives. Like I said before, instead of trying to destroy
computer mainframes, you need to protect them. So, what do these mainframes
look like? Well, scattered throughout the level you're going to find objects
that look sort of like a plain cheese, square pizza, with a little red mark in
the middle. An example is about half-way between the droid entrance and your
defensive starting position. There are two mainframes in a room. The other
mainframes are a purple version of the blue computers found in Mission 2. These
will always have a chair beside them.

   In fact, look around your starting placement area. Everything that looks
important and is not a bed, or lamp, is worth protecting. Something look
mechanical? You better try your best to protect it buddy.

   To start, this base has two parts to it. The entrance side where the droids
will make their grand entrances, and the computer side, where you will make
your grand defense. As you may have guessed from that previous sentence, the
entrance side of the base (the left side for those less-gifted individuals)
is pretty empty. There are only two mainframes remotely near the left side.
You won't need to worry about those... it's pretty hard, not to mention risky,
to try and save them. Instead, you'll need to focus your energies on protecting
the right side of the level.

   All the placement spots are located inside small rooms. There are five
horizontal hallways that lead into the right side of the base, as well as
a few vertical hallways extending from the southern most hallway. You can
easily protect all five halls since you have the full eight-squad members.
Five troops camping at the ends of the halls with Op Fire, and three units
ready to back each of them up. Sounds good, right?

   Since there's no point in placing your units near the back of the level,
go ahead and place them in rooms near the five halls. It'll make the commute
to battle stations less hard on the back.

   Well, that all depends on your accuracy. You see, these droids aren't
exactly the easiest things in the world to kill. Oh no, they have quite
the armor on them, as well as the accuracy to boot. If you can't kill an
incoming droid with an Op Fire, you might need to consider that unit dead.
So obviously a hallway Op Fire defense probably won't work all that great. So
you'll need to rely on Closed Quarters combat where the droid accuracy won't

   You'll need to camp either outside, or inside, the rooms with the 
mainframes in them. Keep every unit backed up with another unit or two. You'll
need to establish a defense that can keep almost all the rooms covered.
This'll involve setting up units in the main 'foyer', I suppose you could call
it, which occupies the area between the entrance halls and the rooms.

   If you find yourself being overwhelmed by the droid approach (and I don't
blame you, these suckers have 230 Credits to equip THREE people), then you
shouldn't tempt fate and fall back. Set up a defense grid at a different
location, or have a bunch of units retreat into different rooms where they
can wait with Op Fire.

   The only problem with a straight-room-stand-in-front-of-the-door-with-Op-
fire defense is if Player 2 brings more than one droid into that room, you're
pretty screwed. It takes a lot of shots, even at close range, to kill a droid
with level 4+ armour (and let's face the facts: any smart Player 2 will have
level 4 armour. I mean, come on. They start out bleedin' rich for pity's
sake). And by the time you finally kill off one of the droids (assuming you
do), the other droid can waltz in and kill you, even if you do have an Op
Fire. You just won't have enough AP to dispose of both droids.

   So now you know your options. Set up a hall Op Fire defense, a main foyer
defense grid, or a unit-stands-behind-door-with-Op-Fire defense. You've heard
the downfalls of each. Unfortunately, there is no sound strategy. In fact,
even with eight units you still need to kill seven highly tough droids. So, I
bid you MUCH good luck in beating this mission.

   Oh, before I forget. I wouldn't camp out in rooms with Cores if I was you.
If the enemy somehow hits that Core, it'll explode and you'll be one sad
camper. Instead, camp outside the doors if you can. It's less effective, but
hey, those Cores have a huge blast radius.

          E:  PLAYER  2  STRATEGIES
   I'm going to start by re-telling what you need to destroy:
Look around Player 1's starting placement area. Everything that looks
important and is not a bed, or lamp, is worth destroying. Something look
mechanical? You better try your best to destroy it, buddy. Of course, I re-
worded sections of it. That's just common sense.

   Yea yea, you get two starting positions. The idea of splitting up your
force, at the starting positions anyway, is laughable. Just don't do it. Place
all your droids together. There's no point in splitting up this early.

   As always, remember to close the door behind you. That is, once you get
everyone inside. There's nothing worse than an enemy who knows exactly where
you are. As for the actual placement, I prefer the lower section. Why? It
opens more opportunities for strategy.

   For example: there are two mainframes right near the southern entrance.
Destroying both of these will give you 40 VP. That's 40 VP you won't need to
fight for when you get to the right side of the base. Just a note, however.
Patrol Droids (the ones that can move really really far) can't destroy the
Cores. That's right, only the Battle droid, or a Cyber droid with a good
weapon can destroy Cores. Oh, here's another note: Cores explode with a
H-U-G-E blast radius.

   I'm talking HUGE here. Imagine you have a Patrol droid anywhere in the same
room as a Core that's being destroyed (we're talking about the room near the
entrance). When that Core explodes, your Patrol droid WILL take damage, or even
die. Everyone else in the room will take damage too, but the Patrol droids are
so weak compared to the other droids they'll die first.

   So you have 40 Victory Points under your belt, eh? Well, good for you. Now
you'll need to make your way into the meat of the base. Keep your droids
together, and always keep the Battle droid somewhat near your main pack. The
Battle droid is quite the attacker. He is the equivalent of 60 (that's right,
sixty) Rocket launcher shots. Not to mention he can fire 4+ times if he has
full AP and doesn't move. He also has the armour to back it up.

   He doesn't have the AP to back it up, though. The Battle droid is a slow
mover, unfortunately. This means you'll have to keep it slow while advancing
through the base. Trust me, you'll want this guy on your side when the big
battles start.

   How you enter the right side of the base is up to you. You can enter from
any hallway (but remember how many turns you have before the mission ends) and
blast your way through. You can win by destroying five Cores total, or any mix
of any other mainframes worth VP. The good part about the Cores having such a
blast radius is you can easily wipe out any room-campers from the Defending

   Once you get into the right side of the base, remember to stick together.
There's noting more deadly than sixty shots from a Patrol droid (twenty or
so each, assuming you have full AP) followed by an explosive blast from the
Battle droid. Which reminds me, keep your Battle droid alive. A good defender
will target the Battle droid almost exclusively due to his explosive (haha!)
personality. He is the best asset you have.

   You know, there is another way into the base. If you place your units at
the bottom, you can make a large commute to your right. There is a room with
many explosives and two doors that you can go through. Be warned, though. If
Player 1 catches onto you, he or she could easily just shoot one of the
explosives in that room. One would set off a chain reaction resulting in a
huge explosion.

   Whatever you do, don't get cocky. Remember, Patrol droids weapons aren't
too great. Sure, you can shoot something like, twenty times, but the damage
is still the worst in the game (well, aside from some CC weapons I suppose).

          F:  O T H E R
   Let's see. Remember there's an opening to the base in a room below the
right side. It can be used for sneak attacks, so Player 1 be ready. There are
also tons of things that go boom in this level. Cores, barrels, etc. Remember
to stay a safe distance away from things that explode, especially Cores.
Nothing would suck more than losing a unit or two to an exploding Core.

                       /    M I S S I O N  F I V E:   \
                       \______"Paradise Valley"_______/

          A:  O B J E C T I V E S
   Player 1: Corporal Hansen and a group of Rebels have just stolen some very
important information from an enemy compound. With Corporal Hansen holding the
information in a Security Device, you must make the long trek across the harsh
jungle environment, and get the Security Device to the Western end of the

   Player 2: You are the Aliens that live in the Jungle. You have just
discovered some Humans trespassing. You must prevent the Humans from reaching
the other side of the river by killing each and every one of them.

          B:  P E R S O N N E L
   Player 1 Escapees:     RANK     NAME        INITIAL AP
                          Corporal Redfax         60
                          Corporal Goldberg       56
                          Trooper Stein           60
                          Trooper Zephyr          54
                          Trooper Chomski         55
                          Trooper O Donnel        60
                          Trooper Connoly         56
                          Corporal Hansen         33

   Player 2 Guards:       NAME                 INITIAL AP

                          Sectoid                 70
                          Sectoid                 70
                          Sectoid                 70
                          Water Dweller           50
                          Venemous Splurge        42
                          Venemous Splurge        42
                          Venemous Splurge        42

          C:  E Q U I P M E N T
                          Initial Credits Player 1 (PvP): 190
                          Initial Credits Player 1 (PvC): 250
                          Initial Credits Player 2 (PvP): 190

                          EQUIPMENT NAME              TYPE      COST

                          AP75 Grenade  (N/A for P2)  Throw     7
                          AP50 Grenade  (N/A for P2)  Throw     4
                          Auto Pistol                 Gun       8
                          Pistol Clip                 Ammo      1
                          M5-Auto Cannon              Gun       18
                          Cannon Clip                 Ammo      5
                          Light Sabre   (N/A for P2)  CC        4
                          L-80 Laser                  Gun       10
                          L-80 Las Pack               Ammo      2
                          MARSEC Auto Gun             Gun       14
                          MARSEC Gun Clip             Ammo      2
                          Heavy Laser                 Gun       17
                          Heavy Las Pack              Ammo      5
                          MK-1          (N/A for P2)  Gun       22
                          MK-1 Gun Clip (N/A for P2)  Ammo      6
                          Pump Shot Gun               Gun       8
                          Shot Gun Clip               Ammo      1

                          ARMOUR #      DEFENCE                 COST

                          Armour 1      10, 8, 6                8
                          Armour 2      20, 16, 12              12
                          Armour 3      30, 22, 18              16
                          Armour 4      38, 30, 26              20

      Player 1 can NOT equip Corporal Hansen. Hansen automatically has a
      Light Sabre, Security Device (needed to win), and an MK-1 equipped.

      Player 2 only has the option to equip the Sectoids. Water Dwellers come
      with Venemous Spit and armour with 15, 15, 15 defenses. The Venemous
      Splurges come with Venemous Spit and armour with 20, 18, 35 defenses.

          D:  PLAYER  1  STRATEGIES
   You start out on the far left side of the map. Guess where you need to get?
Yes... to the far right of the map. If Corporal Hansen dies, then you must
recover the Security Device from his dead body. Not a fun task, since you will
probably need to backtrack to get to his body. Ironically, Hansen has the least
amount of AP, and therefore, can move the shortest distance in one turn.

   So, you'll want to keep your squad together. This level is very wide open.
This allows you to keep everyone together. As you progress through the vast
jungle, you'll soon encounter some plants blocking your way. You need to shoot
through the plants to continue. A member of your team may also fall down to the
lower levels of the map. If that happens, make a note of where he fell down.
The bottom part of this level is pretty useless, so stay away from it.

   As you push through the jungle, you'll probably find some Treasure Chests.
Don't worry about them. You should focus all your energy on getting to the
other side of the river. I suggest taking the higher route around the various
caves (with sliding doors!). Remember to check behind you to prevent getting
shot in the back. That would really ruin your day.

   Yes, you can walk across the river. In fact, that's the only way across.
Before you cross the river, make sure there are no enemies around to pick you
off as your AP gets drained from walking across the harsh terrain. Yes, walking
across the water [hallelujah] will drain more AP than walking across the
regular jungle floor. Since saving AP for an Op Fire while walking across the
water would limit you to moving less than three steps a turn. Thus, you should
eliminate all the aliens around the river before traveling across. Then, 
just charge every squad member across the river as fast as possible.

   Keep watching behind your main squad as you progress through the jungle. I
cannot stress this enough. This level is big enough to easily allow the aliens
to sneak behind you without you ever knowing it.

   Anyway, you need to get the Security Device to the very last square grid
on the right side of the level. Only then will you claim victory.

          E:  PLAYER  2  STRATEGIES
   Guess what? You don't get to place your men [or rather, aliens]. That's
right. You get a scattered group of aliens to deal with a condensed group of
fully armed soldiers. Sound one-sided yet? And to make things better, one of
your aliens start in the sub-level of the map, and are completely useless.

   So, how do you go about killing the pathetic humans? Well, first you should
get to know the map. Chances are your opponent will just push from left to
right without getting sidetracked with the subterranean level. If you can get
even a single unit scouting where your opponent is then you can attempt to 
set up a flank.

   Flanking the enemy is pretty easy due to the size of the level. It's pretty
easy to get behind Player 1 without being spotted. Position the rest of your
aliens at the river. You should place one alien at the top-right section
of the river, and one alien at the bottom-right section of the river. This
provides you with full view of the left side of the river. If you have set up
a flank, then you should attack when everyone can see the enemy.

   The great thing about setting up some defense at the river is the fact that
you can see further than Player 1 can. You also have much better accuracy, so
you can shoot and kill from longer distances using less shots [and less AP].
So ideally, the river is the best spot to stick your units if you are planning
a massive defense.

   An interesting side note here: The Auto Cannon that you have the option to
buy is actually an explosive weapon. Of course, I would recommend you equip at
least one of your Sectoids with the weapon. Since I don't know which Sectoid
gets placed where, all I can say is hope that your Sectoid with the Auto Cannon
doesn't get placed in the sub-level. So why am I recommending this weapon?
Well, besides the obvious (it's a very strong weapon), your enemy may very well
end up traveling in a small, tightly woven group. A well placed shot from the
Auto Cannon can end all that. Just make sure you make it an Aimed shot so you
don't accidentally miss and blow yourself up.

   Remember that a smart player will use the many bushes and trees to their
advantage. They provide excellent cover, and you can't see through them. A
very powerful tactic is to hide behind an object and wait until the Corporal
starts crossing the river. When it's your turn, pop a few aliens out from
hiding and kill as much as you can. Remember to leave yourself enough AP to
move back into hiding. They won't know what hit them, and they won't know
where to look. And since they are moving across the river, they can either
cross extremely slowly, or just try and cross as fast as possible. The latter
of course means that they have no AP for Op Fires. 

   The river is there for reasons like that. It's there to balance the teams
to a certain extent. The smart player would use the river to their advantage.
If you don't, it makes this mission extremely difficult to win.

          F:  O T H E R
   What else is there to say? You can shoot down the bushes and trees easily,
but it's a waste of ammo unless you absolutely need to.

                          ___          ___   ______
                          \  \        /  /   \    /
                           \  \      /  /     |  |
/                                 MISCELLANEOUS                              \
                              \  \/  /        |  |
                               \    /         |  |
                                \__/         /____\

                                   Some Terms

 CC: Close Combat (Must be beside person to use weapon).
 AP: Action Points.
 MARSEC: An arms company that researches and develops weapons.
 Op Fire: Opportunity Fire. Op Fire is when an enemy leaves himself with
 enough AP to fire (the AP display on the HUD will be red). If you walk into
 his Field of Vision, he will get the opportunity to shoot at you.
 PvP: Person versus Person, aka. 2 Player game.
 PvC: Person versus Computer, aka. 1 Player game.
 HUD: Heads up display (see Section 3).
 HP: Health Points
 VP: Victory Points

                           Where can I get this game?

   Let me first say that downloading this game is 100% legal due to it's
classification as 'Abandonware'. This means that the game is no longer sold in
retail stores. The only place to legally buy this game would be off a classic
game site, or eBay. With that being said, you can legally download this game from
the Underdogs Abandonware web site located at:
A direct link to the game can be found at:

                       ___          ___   ______   ______
                       \  \        /  /   \    /   \    /
                        \  \      /  /     |  |     |  |
/                                 E     N     D                              \
                           \  \/  /        |  |     |  |
                            \    /         |  |     |  |
                             \__/         /____\   /____\

Special Thanks go out to my Step Dad for introducing me to this game so many 
years back, Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for hosting this, among many other (better 
written) FAQs, my Mom for always providing moral support in my FAQ writing 
hobby, my entire family for being there (even if they don't understand me),
and lastly, I'd like to thank you, the reader.

Obligatory Thanks go out to FIGLet authors and programmers, as well as Metapad
authors and programmers. You guys made this easier on me.

Additional Thanks to Microleague and Krisalis Software.

"Laser Squad" and all other terms contained in the preceding document are
Copyright their respective owners and are property of whomever owns them. I
did not make this game, I only wrote about it. Laser Squad is Copyright 1992
Krisalis Software INC. and Microleague Interactive Software.

My e-mail is:
e-long1 (at) rogers (dot) com 

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