Charlie by Juraiprince

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this guide may not be duplicated in whole or in part without first getting 
permission to do so. For private use only, copyright 1999. 

You may be wondering why I'm crazy enough to write a guide for quite possibly 
the weakest character in SFA2. Well, it's because he's my favorite character of 
the bunch, and I happen to like the underdogs. So, on we go.

The following will be used as a reference for the motions

  ub   u   uf    f=forward/toward
   b   n   f     u=up
  db   d   df
I don't know about your button settings, but I use the following as the button 
arrangement. Remember, you don't HAVE to have this arrangement, I just find it 
X = Light punch                Circle = Light Kick
Square = Middle Punch          Triangle = Middle Kick
L1 = PUNCH x3                  R1 = KICK x 3
L2 = Fierce Punch              R2 = Fierce Kick
A = Any(reference to either of a punch or kick button)
P = Punch
K = Kick 
H = Hard/Fierce Strength
L = Light Strength
M = Middle/Medium strength
(2 sec.) = Charge for 2 seconds 

(1:) = Standing
(2:) = Crouching

Normal Moves & Explanations
Light Punch(LP)

1:Charlie throws a simple jab, doing meager damage. Nothing extraordinary.
2:Charlie, again, does a jab. This is a good linking move, to either a Sonic 
Boom, or Somersault Shell. 
NOTE: you can link(go from one button to another for a combo) this to an LK.

Medium Punch(MP)

1:Charlie does a short uppercut. Become acquainted with this button, as this is 
one of his best anti-air moves. The other being his Light Somersault Shell. 
2:Charlie does a longer punch. Not recommended as a linking move, or to two-in-
one a combo, just use it if you have to.

Fierce Punch(FP)

1:Charlie tosses his arm forward, creating a slow, but powerful, punch to the 
opponents face. Use this move mainly as a keep away, or, as an interrupting 
move(to some extent).
2:Charlie goes from a squatting positiong, to a very high uppercut. In theory, 
this is a good anti-air, but put into use, it has little priority, thus, you can 
be hit out of it. 

Light Kick(LK)
1:A short kick to the knees. This can be used as a two-in-one, but its rather 
quick end may throw off the timing. 
2:A short-ranged low kick.

Medium Kick(MK)
1:A medium range high kick. The jump-in version allows Charlie to have some 
cross-up ability.
2:This is another of Charlie's good moves. The long range this kick has allows 
for keep aways and can be two-in-oned to a somersault shell. *My main use for 
this button is exactly that!* 

Fierce Kick(FK)
1:A slow, high hitting kick. The awkward angle that the leg is tossed in makes 
it lose any ability to be a good anti-air, anti-jump-in attack. 
2: A normal trip, just has a wider range.

              SPECIAL MOVES & Explanations
Sonic Boom: B(2sec.), F + AP
LP: Slow
MP: Moderate Speed
FP: Fast
Quite possibly the biggest similarity to Guile is this move. A projectile that 
can be very helpful for Charlie users. The light and fierce punch versions are 
effective, but the medium version has nothing very good about it. Use the LP and 
FP versions to trick opponents into jumping early, or too late.

Somersault Shell: D(2 sec.), U + AK
LK: one-hit, slightly off the ground version(excellent anti-air)
MK: 2 hit, higher of the ground(so-so anti-air)
FK: 3 hit, very high(Up to the life bar), so-so anti-air, leaves Charlie WIDE 
open, should it be blocked or misses.
Charlie raises one leg and does a splits movement while airborne, which creates 
a "shell" around his legs, hitting the opponent. The harder the button, the 
bigger the shell size. The LK version is a sure-fire anti-air, and it doesn't 
have that terrible a recovery time!

Spinning Back Knuckle: F + FP
Charlie spins his body and hits the opponent across the head with a strong 
punch. Use this on a would-be jumper, otherwise, this is just a longer-ranged 
Fierce Punch.

Knee Bazooka: F + FK
Charlie lunges forward with a strong kick to the waist. This move has no other 
use(that I can think of) other than a "shock value", of sorts, type of move. 
It's not an overhead, it has a long start-up delay and recovery time, so I don't 
know what else to say.

Overhead Hop Kick: F + MK
Charlie spins his body forward, and performs an overhead kick. Use this on 
crouching opponents. This would have been a great move, had it not had the long 
recovery at the end. it has a a somewhat fast start-up, but it can't two-in-one, 
nor can it recover quickly enough to stop a reversal. Use with caution.

Air Backbreaker: (in air and close to opponent) F + MP/FP
Charlie grabs the foe and slams them down on his knee. Very good priority, but 
slow on the coming down, meaning, tech. hits are more than likely.

                  SUPER COMBO MOVES

Sonic Blade/Blitz/Break: B(2 sec.), F, B, F + P

Lvl 1:(motion + P) Charlie releases one sonic boom upon the command, and another 
when another punch button is pushed.
Lvl 2:(motion + 2P) Charlie releases one sonic boom on command, and another when 
a punch button is pushed, and another when another punch button is pushed.
Lvl 3:(Motion + 3P) Charlie releases one sonic boom on command, another after 
pushing another(or the same) punch button, another after another push, and one 
last one after another push.

This is my favorite super from Charlie's repertoire, aside from his CC's(which 
I'll talk about later). You have a window of about 2 milliseconds after one 
sonic boom is released to push a punch button for another sonic boom to come 
out, otherwise, you've just wasted a super bar, on a single sonic boom. I say 
this is charlie's most useful super because if the first one is jumped over, you 
still have enough time to release another sonic boom. Not only that, but since 
this IS a super move, neither of the sonic booms can be air blocked! Keep in 
mind though, that the Level 3 version should be used only if you're certain it 
will hit. Otherwise, the Level 1 super will do just fine.

Crossfire Barrage: B(2 sec.), F, B, F + K

Lvl. 1:(motion + K) Charlie does a four hit auto-combo. No possibility for a 
juggle, unless the opponent is cornered and falling.
Lvl. 2:(Motion + 2K) Charlie does the same combo, but ends it with a spinning 
back knuckle. Again, you can only juggle if the opponent is in a corner.
Lvl. 3:(Motion + 3K) Charlie does the 5 hit combo from Level 2, but ends it with 
an uppercut utilizing Charlie's "Sonic" power. Again, no juggles unless in a 

I don't find much use for this super, unless I want to chip life bar energy on a 
losing opponent. Because the first hit of the crossfire barrage practically 
knocks the opponents away when caught in the air, there is no possibility for a 
"vacuum" effect, or even a juggle. 

Somersault Justice: DB(2 sec.), F, B, UF + K

*NOTE: I do the motion DB(2 sec.), DF, DB, UB + K, and the move comes out 
perfectly every time. eXpErImEnT!*

Lvl.1:(Motion + K) 2 consecutive somersaults. Can juggle, if opponent is 
directly overhead, or slightly away when caught in the air.
Lvl.2:(Motion + 2K) 2 consecutive somersault shells, only this time, the second 
SSS has a farther range.
Lvl.3:(Motion + 3K) 3 consecutive somersaults. Practically no juggle 
possibility, nor does it do massive damage as one would think.

This move is average at best. The best version of the three is the 2K version, 
as it can juggle if you've only scraped the foe on the first somersault shell. 
Level 3 version is o.k., but if the first hit misses, or it just knocks the 
character down/away, then the other two will miss, and well, you may get a 
reversal, or a pop-up move when you hit the ground. The Level 1 version does 
o.k. damage, but has an incredibly small range, so, use it if you want to. 

  COMBOS, CUSTOM COMBOS, MISC. STUFF AND THE END OF                           
Can you believe it! this guide is almost over! Hope you enjoyed the ride.

Alright, I've done in-depthedness(my word) on all moves, but why no combos? 
Well, if you have to know, it's because I don't use them very much. Call me 
cheap, or whatnot, but I truly don't find Charlie a combo powerhouse. And even 
IF he is able to connect a couple of hits, the "at the moment" effect that works 
for ARK and others doesn't quite work for a charge character. If you haven't 
figured it out, Charlie is a major defensive character. Oh, o.k., I give in, 
I'll show SOME combos that I find useful enough that I use now and then.

1: Jump-in FP, immediately hold back on the directional pad/joystick, land, MP, 
push forward on the d-pad and push any punch. 
 It's a sweet three hit combo that ends in a sonic boom, it can push back people 
who are blocking and give you enough time to block any retribution. 
Alternatively, you can substitute an LP-->LK for the MP for an additional two 
hits. However, since the LP is so high, you might miss ducking, or short 

2: Ducking MK(while holding down on the D-pad), then push up and any kick. 2-3 
hits, depending on which kick button was used. simple combo ending in a 
somersault shell.

THAT'S IT! no more combos. Sorry, but if you want combos, try it out on your 
own, and good luck!

Now, so Charlie isn't really a comboing machine, what CAN I do with him? Well, 
start off with his excellent Custom Combos! Because the CC meter(which is 
activated when there is at least one level of power level filled, and pushing 
two punches and a kick, or vice-versay, simultaneously) gives you the "sped up" 
effect, you no longer have to charge down to do a somersault shell!(the same can 
be said about the sonic booms, but they don't do much damage, and can be blocked 
fairly easily, even when in close). So, to start you off, here is the  

At level 1:
D + FK-->D, U + FK---->D, U + LK

At Level 2:
D + FK ---->D, U + FK---->D, U + MK---->D, U + LK

At level 3:
D + fK ---->D, U + MK---->D, U + LK---->D, U + MK---->D, U + FK

All these combos do very good damage. and since, in some cases, you may have a 
little time on the CC meter left over, you can add a couple of medium punches 
and kicks here and there.

Miscellaneous stuff to know:
Alpha Counter: When Blocking an attack
QCD(that's right, down) + P/K
Counters with either a quick spinning back knuckle, or a fast(albeit, blockable) 
trip respectively

Tech. Hit(a.k.a. Throw Softening)
When thrown, press either toward the opposing direction of the throw and either 
a fierce or Medium punch. This will reduce damage by about 1/3.

Air recovery(limited) and Falling recovery.
the motion is the same, but sometimes it won't work in the air. The motion is 
QCF + P. The punch button used will judge the distance. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! 
Because charlie isn't a "combo machine", you may end up right in front of the 
opponent and not have anything to do. Just do the Light version to get back on 
your feet. As for the air recovery, if it works, you'll flip in the air and take 
up where you last left off.

a)Charlie has a somewhat wide throw range.
b)Even small combos do big damage.
c)Sonic boom speed
d)Custom Combo

a)too slow for an average size character
b)no true combo ability from lack of linking
c)somersault super can knock away.

this part I like more. I'll give you some fun stuff like quotes to play around 
End taunts: Hold Select after a match and either of the buttons for the 
corresponding taunts:

LK: Charlie shows his back to the screen and says "Too Easy"

LP: Charlie wipes his glasses, looks at the screen, and makes a "humph!" sound.

MK: Same as LP version.
MP: Charlie fixes his vest, looks at the screen and makes a "humph!" sound.
FK: Same as LP
FP: Charlie takes out a set of glasses, puts them on and says "humph!"
Win 6 matches without losing a round and with at least four super finishes to 
face Rolento!

ROLENTO: Hey, Trooper. What are your orders?
CHARLIE: I'm out to neutralize M. Bison, Sir!
ROLENTO: Over my dead body!
CHARLIE: I hope you brought a body bag.
                  OUTFIT COLORS!
If you happen to use my fantastic-amazing-wonderful-incredible...ahem...button 
arrangement, these colors will be easy to access.

Choose Charlie with either of these buttons for the corresponding colors:

MP = Yellow Vest with Green pants and boots(normal)
LP = Red Vest with Green Pants and Boots.
MP+MK = White vest with green pants and boots(my fav!)
LP+LK = Yellow vest with dark blue pants and boots.

BYE BYE!  I hope you enjoyed my little Charlie guide. 

thank you, the reader, and thanks to Capcom for the great character design for 
charlie(love the glasses), and for making this great game. 

Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye....and bye