Dan by SDragon

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for the PC / Sega Saturn

Written by Shadow Dragon [shadow_dragon98@usa.net].
Unpublished work Copyright 1999-2000 Shadow Dragon.

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My third attempt at writing an FAQ. :) I know, SFA2 is rather old now, but as I
don't own a Playstation or Saturn, all I can hope is that Capcom will decide to
release a PC version of SF Alpha 3, which is not very likely.

Okay, this FAQ is copyrighted. This file, or any part of it, will not be used
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you have ripped off my work, don't let me find out.. or else.

Dan Hibiki and the Street Fighter series are (c) Capcom of Japan and (c) Capcom
USA. There. I've fulfilled my obligations. On to the FAQ. But beforehand, I
recommend you switch your text to a truetype font -- I suggest Courier New,
size 9 -- for easy viewing.

     * Blocking and Airblocking
     * Throw
     * Tech.Hit
     * Grab Recovery
     * Escape Roll
     * Alpha Counters
     * Custom Combos
     * Start and Winning Poses
     * Quotes
     * Gi Colours
     * Stage Description
     * Ending



Note that although the directions are pre-set and cannot be altered, the
attack buttons can be reconfigured to suit your liking. The main purpose of
this section is that you'll be able to comprehend the instructions later in
this FAQ.

 \  |  /          The standard North American joystick layout. This diagram
B-  N  -F         assumes you're facing right. If you're facing left, reverse
 /  |  \          the back and front controls.

UB = Up-back    (Dan jumps backwards)
U  = Up         (Dan jumps straight up)
UF = Up-front   (Dan jumps forward)
B  = Back       (Dan walks away from his opponent, or blocks any incoming
N  = Neutral    (Dan stands in place, doing nothing)
F  = Forward    (Dan walks towards his opponent)
DB = Down-back  (Dan crouches, or blocks any incoming low attacks)
D  = Down       (Dan crouches down)
DF = Down-front (Dan crouches, like as if you pressed Down)

Refer to the "Universal Moves -- Blocking and Airblocking" for more info on
blocking attacks.

LP / LK = A quick attack that does slight damage
MP / MK = A not-so-quick attack that does average damage
HP / HK = A slow attack that does heavy damage

Refer to the "Basic Attacks" section for more info on these attacks.

SC = Super Combo           c. = Crouching        Lvl. = Level
AC = Alpha Counter         s. = Standing        (air) = This move can be
CC = Custom Combo          j. = Jumping                 done in mid-air

QCF = Quarter Circle Forward; slide the joystick D,DF,F
QCB = Quarter Circle Back; slide the joystick D,DB,B
PPP = Press all 3 Punch buttons
KKK = Press all 3 Kick buttons
PP  = Press any 2 Punch buttons
KK  = Press any 2 Kick buttons

Speaking of which, does anyone wonder why 'abbreviations' is such a long word?



Just a quick, short list of moves for those of you who just want a quick look
at Dan's moves and don't want to waste time browsing through the Special Moves

Block              : B or DB when attacked (air)
Throw              : F / B + MP / HP when close
Tech.Hit           : F + MP / HP / MK / HK when thrown (air)
Grab Recovery      : Tap B,F + MP / HP / MK / HK when grabbed or dizzied
Escape Roll        : B,DB,B + Punch when knocked down
Alpha Counters     : B,DB,B + Punch / Kick when blocking (at Lvl. 1)
Custom Combos      : PP + Kick / KK + Punch (air) (at Lvl. 1)

Gadouken           : QCF + Punch
Dankuu Kyaku       : QCB + Kick
Kouryuuken         : F,D,DF + Punch
Tachi Chouhatsu    : Press Select
Shagami Chouhatsu  : Press Select while crouching
Jump Chouhatsu     : Press Select while jumping
Zenten Chouhatsu   : QCF + Select
Kouten Chouhatsu   : QCB + Select
SHINKUU GADOUKEN   : QCF,QCF + Punch  (LP + LK in Automatic Mode)
KOURYUU REKKA      : QCF,D,DF + Kick  (MP + MK in Automatic Mode)
HISSHOU BURAIKEN   : QCB,QCB + Kick   (HP + HK in Automatic Mode)



Included in the game engine, these moves can be done by every character in the
game, not just Dan. All of these moves have their own special purposes, and it
is advisable to use them all the time.

  [To block high attacks] Press B when attacked by a high attack.
  [To block low attacks ] Press DB when attacked by a low attack.
  [To block in mid-air  ] Press B when attacked in mid-air.

  Dan holds his arms in an 'X' in front of his face and torso.

  When blocking, you receive no damage from basic attacks and reduced damage
  from Special and SC attacks. However, you can't block throws, Special throws
  and Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu SC. It is always favourable to block any and all
  attacks that get thrown in your way. Note that when blocking low, you can be
  hit by Overhead Strikes and jumping attacks; and when blocking high, you
  leave yourself open to crouching attacks, but airblocking can successfully
  protect you from both high and low attacks. As easy as it seems, blocking
  does take some time to learn properly.

  Airblocking is an innovation added since SFA, allowing you to block attacks
  in mid-air. Unfortunately, it only works against certain attacks:

   - Projectiles
   - Jumping Basic attacks
   - Horizontal moves, like Sakura's Shunpuu Kyaku
   - Special uppercut moves, like Ryu's Shouryuuken (sometimes)
   - Special moves that lift your foe off the ground, like Adon's Jaguar Kick
   - Akuma's Tenma Gou Zankuu SC
   - Charlie's Sonic Blade SC (sometimes)

  LP / LK uppercut moves generally cannot be airblocked, as so are SCs. If you
  are given a choice between airblocking or striking back with your own attack
  I recommend counter-attacking, since airblocking isn't that reliable.

  Press F / B + MP / HP when close.

  Dan grabs his opponent and hauls them over his shoulder, performing a basic
  shoulder toss. The direction used (F or B) determines which way Dan throws
  his foe. The B + MP / HP throw is a useful way of switching positions with
  your opponent.

  Throws are an easy way to quickly drain your foe's life away without funky
  joystick motions and button presses. Throws can come in handy in just about
  any situation, such as to escape from corners. Throws also come out fast,
  which makes them good for ending the laggy Dankuu Kyaku or as reversals.

  Now for the bad news. Although fast, throws have extremely low priority. A
  throw can be beaten by almost every other attack in the game. Dan's throw in
  particular is also very very predictable, which means your foe can Tech.Hit
  out of it easily. Use them at your own discretion. However, a very very nifty
  trick is to time your throw down to the last split-second before executing it
  to throw your opponent out of any moves he/she is pulling off, excluding
  'invincible' moves (such as the Shouryuuken) or SCs. Cool! Thanks to Zero1
  for this info.

  Press F + MP / HP / MK / HK when thrown by your opponent. You can Tech.Hit
  out of all normal throws, but not Special and SC throws. My friends tell me
  it is possible to Tech.Hit out of Zangief's Flying Powerbomb, but I've never
  been able to do it.

  Dan leaps away, taking reduced damage.

  Every time, of course! Unless you fancy landing on the ground where you're
  open to meaty attacks.

 Tap F,B + MP / HP / MK / HK when you are grabbed by your opponent. This move
 works against all normal grabs in the game.

  Dan leaps away, taking reduced damage.

  As with the Tech.Hit, all the time. The only reason I gave this move it's own
  section was because it had a different motion. Also, when you get dizzied, do
  this to shake off the headache faster. As a final sidenote, you can also do
  this as you grab your foe to to more damage. Not that Dan has a grab move,

  Press B,DB,D + Punch as you get knocked down by an attack, or after

  Dan tucks himself into a ball and rolls forward on hitting the ground. The
  Punch buton used determines how far you roll.

  Uhh.. the only purpose I can think of for this move is to evade meaty attacks
  when you are knocked down. However, you can still be whammed by your foe the
  moment you get up on your feet. Great for slipping away from Akuma players
  who like to time the Shun Goku Satsu as meaty attacks. However, if you are
  hit by the Shun Goku Satsu, you cannot perform the Escape Roll.

  Press B,DB,B + Punch / Kick when blocking.  This move requires at least one
  Lvl. of SC Gauge energy.

  Dan interrupts his block stance and does his Tachi Chouhatsu if you press
  Punch, or his c.HK attack if you press Kick. The Punch AC hits high while the
  Kick AC hits low. ACs can knock down your opponent.

  Ordinarily useless with other characters, but this can turn into a lifesaver
  when you play with Dan, since Dan's defences aren't really that good. Still,
  this moves costs you one Lvl. of the SC Gauge, so use it sparingly. Not all
  attacks in the game can be countered by ACs, and you need VERY good timing to
  use ACs properly, or else you'll cancel your block and eat your opponent's
  attack. The move of choice when your opponent is trying to kill you off with
  a Special or SC move's block damage.

  Press PP + K or KK + P. This attack costs one Lvl. of the SC Gauge, and can
  be done in mid-air.

  Dan does a funky stance which looks like Akuma's begin stance while a halo of
  light emanates from his back and dissipates. Dan then slides forwards towards
  his opponent.

  One of the craziest moves ever. When Dan slides forward during a CC, several
  things happen. First, every attack that Dan has in his arsenal comes out with
  lighting speed and has no lag at all, and are all comboable into each other.
  Second, a small timer appears above your SC Gauge, which empties after some
  time. The more SC Gauge energy used, the longer the timer takes to empty. And
  third, Dan will keep sliding forward, no matter what. Even of your opponent
  jumps or teleports behind you, Dan will ignore them and keep sliding.

  As with point no. one, Dan can do awesome combos during CCs. Just pull off
  any moves you like: they will all combo. But that's about all of the good
  news. Seriously, CCs are not worth your SC Gauge energy. First of all, Dan
  keeps sliding forward as if he's in a trance. If your foe gets behind you,
  not only have you wasted precious energy, but are also left wide wide open
  for any and all attacks. Second, you cannot control how much SC Gauge energy
  you want to use for CCs: activating a CC will drain ALL available energy. If
  you kill your foe before the timer has run out, you don't retain the leftover
  energy: your Gauge goes empty on the next round. And third, CCs only last for
  a very brief period. Even at Lvl. 3, the timer lasts for about a few seconds
  before running out, which translates to a big waste of energy.

  I guess I make myself pretty clear here: I _detest_ CCs. Which is why you
  don't see any combos for CCs here. If you want them, look somewhere else.



LP (Jab): Standing or crouching, Dan throws a quick backhand swipe at his foe.
With decent range but excellent speed, this attack outprioritizes most other
attacks in the game. Makes a good anti-air attack and can be used to open them
up for a Gadouken. In mid-air, the LP is a downward punch which makes a good
combo starter. Can be chained into itself.

MP (Strong): Dan swings a fist at his opponent's midsection. Decent speed and
priority. Crouching, this is a standard forward punch with less speed but
better recovery than the MK. If used in the air, the MP has a good duration. In
my opinion, the LP would be a better choice. Can be chained into the LK or LP.

HP (Fierce): Dan performs a downward chop at his opponent. This move has a bad
lag after it, but, being a hard attack, the HP inflicts a considerable amount
of damage. If used when Dan is jumping, the lag is even worse, so hit the
button early. Crouching, it is a standard uppercut, which makes a good anti-air

LK (Short): Standing or jumping, Dan shoves a knee into his opponent's waist.
The crouching version is a low foot strike which Dan puts his whole body into,
and is perfect for opening them up for a Gadouken or a Lvl. 2 or 3 Kouryuu
Rekka. Like the LP, this move has good range, speed and priority. Good for in-
close presure tactics, but I'd recommend the MK. This move is Dan's main weapon
for chain combos.

MK (Forward): Dan brings his foot forward and up in the standing version, which
makes a good anti-air attack. Crouching, it behaves exactly like the c.LK but
with more lag and better damage and range. It turns into a j.HK if used in mid-
air without the lag, and is a good combo starter. Like the LK, the MK is a good
attack for pressuring your opponent. (MK -> MK Dankuu Kyaku, LK Dankuu Kyaku,
land and throw, Kouryuuken if they haven't messed up already.)

HK (Roundhouse): Dan turns and smashes his heel into his opponent's face with
the standing version, which is another of Dan's numerous anti-air attacks. In
the air, Dan sticks out his foot downward after a short lag. Crouching, Dan
performs your standard Shoto-scrub c.HK, swinging his foot in a full circle
which will knock down your foe if it connects. This attack packs the damage of
the HP without the lag, but at the cost of it's inferior range.



  Press QCF + any Punch button. This move only hits once.

  Dan steps forward and thrusts an open palm towards his opponent, throwing
  forth a burst of energy which travels a slight distance before dissipating.
  The Punch button used determines how far the Gadouken goes.

  Remember that although this is a projectile, do not treat it as one because
  it doesn't go anywhere. The Gadouken inflicts decent damage for a projectile,
  but it comes out very fast, making it ideal for ending combos or negating
  enemy projectiles. Other than it, the Gadouken is pretty much useless except
  for a quick slap to the face when your opponent gets within range. However,
  be careful not to use this when you trap your opponent in the corners because
  the Gadouken is easily punishable in that situation. The Gadouken also has
  an interesting quirk: if your opponent is crouching, the Gadouken will pass
  harmlessly over your opponent's head UNLESS you are a step away or two.

  Press QCB + any Kick button. This move hits 1, 2 and 3 times when you use the
  LK, MK and HK version respectively. The Dankuu Kyaku will also knock down any

  Dan does a knee press with the LK version, which can pass over most
  projectiles if timed correctly. Dan follows with one and two flying kicks if
  you use the MK and HK version respectively.

  The Dankuu Kyaku is arguably Dan's best Special move, doing heavy damage and
  doesn't leave Dan open if all hits connect. The LK Dankuu Kyaku can also be
  used as an air counter. This move should be used frequently if your opponent
  leaves himself open for it, but it can be punishable if you get too
  predictable. The LK Dankuu Kyaku is especially good for close-in fighting
  since it can easily pressure your opponent. The MK version achieves the same
  effect, but with more damage. However, use the HK version with caution since
  it has the most lag, but then again you should only be using it in combos
  anyway. Keep in mind that all characters in the game can crouch under the
  Dankuu Kyaku except for the bigger-sized fellows, but this can lead to some
  interesting effects (such as using an LK Dankuu Kyaku to fly across your foe
  and using a throw or Kouryuu Rekka from the other side).

  Press F,D,DF + any Punch button. This move only hits once, and will knock
  your foe down.

  Dan crouches while clenching a fist, then leaps upwards in an uppercut attack
  with his fist pointing at the sky and his arm bent at the elbow. The Punch
  button used determines how high and how far forward Dan leaps.

  The Kouryuuken does excellent damage for a Special move, yet unlike the other
  Shotokan warriors', this move is not invincible at all during the rise. The
  Kouryuuken also comes out relatively fast, making it good for reversals. Yet
  the range is pathetic, which means you'll have a hard time squeezing this
  move into combos. Additionally, if you miss, you will be left wide open to
  attack, especially with the HP version. Good anti-air, but does pathetic
  damage if used for that purpose unless you use the LP version. Take note that
  there is a 12.5% probability that Dan will flash during a Kouryuuken. If this
  happens, Dan is totally invincible for the duration of the flash. No move in
  the game has better priority than a flashing Kouryuuken. This is a nice bonus
  when it happens, for Dan normally isn't invincible during the Kouryuuken.

  Press Select when standing, crouching or jumping. Use the Start button if you
  are playing the Saturn or Arcade version.

  Dan shakes a forearm at his opponent while standing, crouching or jumping.
  Dan also says a different quote for each taunt. Dan can taunt infinitely
  during a match, and can earn SC Gauge energy from his taunts except from the
  Jump Chouhatsu.

  Dubbed the King of Taunts, Dan's secret weapons are his taunts, as useless as
  they might seem. Aside from aggravating your opponent, Dan's taunts earn you
  a substantial chunk of SC Gauge energy, enabling you to charge up Dan's
  intensely damaging SCs quickly. In the game, taunt all the time and you'll
  have plenty of energy to spare. Of course, the only risk is that Dan's a
  sitting duck whe he taunts. For this reason, I only recommend taunting when
  Dan knocks down his foes -- preferably with a c.HK or Dankuu Kyaku -- since
  Dan will recover just before his foe does, allowing you to block whatever
  attacks that get thrown your way.

  Press QCF + Select (Start if you are playing the Saturn or Arcade version).

  Dan tucks himself into a ball, rolls forward for a short distance and does
  his Tachi Chouhatsu. Dan is invincible during the roll, but not during the
  taunt. The Zenten Chouhatsu can also roll under most projectiles.

  Being incredibly slow, doing this move is basically begging for your foe to
  hit you. It only has one real benefit -- it earns Dan the most SC Gauge
  energy. But you might want to keep in mind that it isn't really that much of
  an increase compared to Dan's normal taunts. I'd recommend the Tachi or
  Shagami Chouhatsu, but use this if you need a quick boost to your SC Gauge
  immediately. Doing this move to counter SC projectiles also looks hilarious,
  especially against Akuma's Messatsu Gou Hadou.

  Press QCB + Select (Start if you are playing the Saturn or Arcade version).

  Dan tucks himself into a ball, rolls backwards for a short distance and does
  his Tachi Chouhatsu. Unlike the Zenten Chouhatsu, this taunt is NOT
  invincible at all during the roll.

  Basically, this move is identical to the Zenten Chouhatsu except that Dan
  rolls backwards, and Dan is NOT invincible during the roll, so this cannot be
  used to pass through attacks. It does, however, do a good job of escaping
  from moves with little range, such as Ken's Shinryuuken SC or Ryu's Vacuum
  Hurricane SC.



Super Combos (SCs) are immensely damaging moves. As a tradeoff, they require
the energy from a charged SC Gauge. When your Gauge fills up to at least one
Lvl., the energy can be used for ACs, CCs or, in this case, SCs. The damage
dealt by Dan's SCs depends on how much SC Gauge energy you have available and
how much of it you decide to use. With the exception of the Chouhatsu Densetsu
(which only costs 1 Lvl. of energy) all of Dan's SCs can be used at Lvl. 1, 2
or 3, provided you have enough Gauge energy. To unleash a Lvl. 2 SC, you need
to tap PP or KK, depending on the SC. Similarly, to use a Lvl. 3 SC, PPP or KKK
must be used.

  Press QCF,QCF + any Punch button / PP / PPP. This move hits 3, 4 or 5 times
  when used at Lvl. 1, 2 or 3 respectively.

  Dan does a Gadouken, but this time the burst of energy travels for a good
  distance before dissipating. The distance the Shinkuu Gadouken travels
  depends on what Lvl. it is used at.

  The Shinkuu Gadouken is Dan's best SC in terms of range, but not that the
  damage is terrible anyway. In fact, this SC does awesome damage for an SC
  projectile. The Shinkuu Gadouken connects easily, especially if you open them
  up first with a c.LK. THe Lvl. 1 version has excellent juggling ability, and
  will connect with all hits even if your opponent is in the air. But basically
  this move is identical to the Gadouken except that it has more range, damage
  and requires SC Gauge energy. Just a note of caution: DO NOT time this attack
  as a meaty attack unless you're a distance away, or, for some reason, it will
  miss all the time.

  Press QCF,D,DF + any Kick button / KK / KKK. This move hits 4, 5 or 6 times
  at Lvl. 1, 2 or 3 respectively.

  Dan throws an LP Kouryuuken, then doubles back for a HP Kouryuuken. At Lvl. 1
  Dan will do the two Kouryuuken attacks in place, not moving forward at all.
  At Lvl. 2 and 3, Dan will slide forward for a distance during the first
  Kouryuuken before doing the second Kouryuuken in place.

  Rather hard to connect with due to it's pathetic range, but there are certain
  situations where using the Kouryuu Rekka is the best thing you can do. This
  attack excels in speed. In fact, the Kouryuu Rekka is so fast it will cancel
  almost all other attacks in the game, a trait which makes it perfect for
  ending a Dankuu Kyaku, where it makes a more reliable alternative to the
  throw. The Lvl. 1 Kouryuu Rekka has BEAUTIFUL juggling ability, but I don't
  recommend using it for that purpose for you'll miss with the first few hits,
  which do the most damage. The Kouryuu Rekka also tends to push your foe up
  instead of back, leaving them open for a Kouryuuken or even a second Kouryuu
  Rekka on their way down. Finally, this SC does massive amounts of damage,
  chipping off about 45-50% of their Lifebar if all hits connect at Lvl. 3.
  Were it not for it's lack of range at Lvl. 1, this would undoubtedly be Dan's
  best SC move.

  Press QCB,QCB + any Kick button / KK / KKK. This move hits 5, 7 and 11 times
  at Lvl. 1, 2 and 3.

  Dan does his block stance for a split-second, then proceeds to dish out every
  basic attack he's got, some crouching, some standing. He finishes with a HP
  Kouryuuken which hits once at Lvl. 1 and 2, twice at Lvl. 3. This attack also
  has a 'vacuuming' effect that will suck his opponent in if they are hit by
  the first few hits.

  Dan's most powerful SC in terms of damage. A good SC, but nothing special
  about it. This move has better reach than a Lvl. 1 Kouryuu Rekka, but it is
  slow, and has insanely low priority for an SC; I've been beat out of it by
  Sakura's s.MK once. Very hard to time correctly, due to it's pathetic range,
  so use it as reversals or when you've trapped your opponent in the corner.
  Personally, I don't use this SC much, but sometimes I replace the Shinkuu
  Gadouken with this for it hits both high and low, making it more reliable.
  Don't rely too much on the vacuuming effect, because it doesn't work all the
  time. Even if it does, your opponent will be given ample time to block, and
  the Hisshou Buraiken simply does PATHETIC block damage. Also, if you miss,
  you leave yourself open due to the HP Kouryuuken attack. Use this at your own
  discretion, but it still does awesome damage and is a flashy way to kill off
  your opponent.

  Press QCF,QCF + Select (Start if you are playing the Saturn or Arcade

  Dan does his Shagami Chouhatsu, followed by five Zenten Chouhatu taunts, with
  Dan saying a different quote each time. Dan then performs his Jump Chouhatsu,
  lands and does his "Yoyutchi" win pose. The whole SC lasts for about 15-18

  Not at all. Enough said. This move has no use in terms of gameplay. Dan does
  absolutely NO damage at all to his opponent, and leaves himself wide wide
  wide open for any and all attacks (the Shun Goku Satsu comes to mind). On top
  of that, this move blows one whole, hard-earned Lvl. of SC Gauge energy away
  all for nothing. If you're one of those weird guys who play Dan for the fun
  of it, this attack looks pretty hilarious, and is good for showing how
  contemptful you are for those turtling losers or fireball-chucking weenies.
  I've only got away with it once; my opponent had never seen the Chouhatsu
  Densetsu and allowed me to finish it out of curiosity. A funny thing to do is
  to wear down the TimeCounter, then perform the Chouhatsu Densetsu just before
  time runs out. Credits to Zero1 (again) for this trick.



 No code is required to fight Sagat; he is Dan's eighth challenger by default.

 Dan   : Nice eye Sagat! Would you like the other one to match?
 Sagat : The fool who took my eye paid with his life.
 Dan   : That was my father, you murderer!
 Sagat : Tsk! So young to be without a father. Perhaps you should join him.

 Note that if you finish Sagat with a Lvl. 3 Hisshou Buraiken, Dan says "Yatta
 ze!" instead of his usual "Yahooey!"
 To fight Guy, you will need to finish five rounds with any of Dan's SCs and
 pick up three Perfects along the way. When you have done this, Guy will appear
 on the next stage instead of the stage's normal fighter and challenge you.

 Guy : You have some cute moves.
 Dan : What ever!
 Guy : I'm wandering the earth to become stronger.
 Dan : Well Grasshopper you asked for it.

 Yes, I know that there are two spelling mistakes, and they are intentional.
 I'm just typing it the way it appeared on the screen.

 To fight Shin-Gouki, pick Dan's gi colour with a Kick button (see
 "Miscellaneous -- Gi Colours"). Like to fight Guy, pick up five SC wins and
 three perfects. You are not allowed to lose a single round. If you accomplish
 this, Shin-Gouki will teleport into the screen when you reach the final stage,
 kill Sagat with the Shun Goku Satsu SC and challenge you. Prepare for the
 fight of your life. Note that if you defeat Shin-Gouki, you'll still get Dan's
 normal ending (see "Miscellaneous -- Ending"). No special ending here.

 Dan        : Who are you?
 Shin-Gouki : I am power made fleash! Fell how weak you truly are!

 *groan* Capcom screwed up on the spelling again.



This section includes how the CPU plays each warrior to give you an easier
time beating the game. These tactics have been tested against 4-star difficulty
and on harder or easier settings, the CPU may use different tactics.

 Like his master, Adon is no easy fight. CPU Adon plays very offensively,
 relying on Jaguar Kicks and his basic attacks to wear you down. Beat him out
 of his HK Jaguar Kicks or just block and c.HK him. Gadouken attacks are okay
 here, but don't keep throwing them for no apparent reason for Adon will hit
 back with a Jaguar Strike. If you do use the Kouryuuken or HK Dankuu Kyaku,
 make sure they count or else Adon will counter with a Rising Jaguar, which he
 also uses if he traps you in the corners. If he walks back, expect him to use
 either a HK / LK Jaguar Kick or crouching basic attacks. Watch out for the
 Jaguar Elbow, which he will do every once or so. Adon also likes to throw you
 repeatedly -- especially when he jumps without attacking -- with random F or B
 motions to confuse you. Don't jump too much for Adon enjoys beating you back
 with a Rising Jaguar or his ACs if you overdo it. As for SCs, Adon only uses
 the Variable Jaguar Kick if he's not ACing constantly. If he gets low on life,
 prepare for his Lvl. 1 Jaguar Fury which he will use as a last-ditch effort to
 turn the match around.

 Akuma plays a lot like Ryu except that he has a mid-air projectile and warp
 move. Try to keep him away with Gadouken and MK Dankuu Kyaku attacks, and try
 to use the Kouryuuken to beat him back if he gets close. Use the HK Dankuu
 Kyaku with caution since Akuma will stop you with a Gou Shouryuuken, but use
 it to force your way out of corners for Akuma can literally murder you there.
 For some reason, he rarely blocks the Kouryuu Rekka, so use it all the time
 against him. Akuma throws his projectiles frequently, so counter accordingly.
 Don't get into the habit of blocking all the time for like Adon, Akuma likes
 throws a lot, especially when he walks in (but will also do it sometimes after
 he teleports). Trapping him in the corners is useless, because he will use his
 Hurricane Kick against you or simply teleport away. Speaking of which, if you
 see him teleport, time a Dankuu Kyaku to smack him the moment he stops. Akuma
 likes to use his double-hitting s.MK and Zugai Hassatsu after walking forward.
 Either that, or it's the Shun Goku Satsu, which he also uses after teleporting
 forwards for a short distance. Other than that, the only SC he uses is his
 Messatsu Gou Shouryuu, which he will use after attempting to open you up with
 a c.MK or c.LK or to pass through a Lvl. 2 or 3 Shinkuu Gadouken. Finally,
 never go for an anti-air when Akuma jumps for he has a habit of starting a
 combo with his Zankuu Hadouken.

 To win against Birdie, you'll need to play keep-away or pressure games with
 him. NEVER stay close to Birdie for sooner or later he'll hit you with his
 s.HP or his Bandit Chain. Get in close, smack him with an attack or two and
 clear off immediately. Since Birdie is a Pile Driver character, don't use
 stray HK Dankuu Kyaku attacks against him for if he blocks it, his Bandit
 Chain is 100% inescapable. The same applies to Gadouken attacks. If you're
 not in range, never throw one; Birdie will just jump if you do and counter
 with his Bandit Chain. At close range, Birdie relies primarily on his Bandit
 Chain, c./s.HP and his grab. From far away, he will do tricks with Bullhorns
 and Bullheads, which isn't that hard to counter. Otherwise he'll combo his s.
 LK into either his Choke Chain or Bandit Chain. The CPU throws caution to the
 wind when it comes to swapping hits -- which is to your disadvantage because
 Birdie can deal out more damage and take less than you can -- so if he misses
 a Falling Angel, Choke / Bandit Chain or j.HK, think again before countering.
 Don't stay too close to him after knocking him down for his Choke Chain acts
 as a deadly reversal. Birdie never uses his The Birdie SC, but he will attack
 with the Bandit Revenger SC if you miss a Lvl. 2 or 3 Shinkuu Gadouken. If he
 maxes out his SC Gauge during the first round, Birdie sometimes will nail you
 with a Lvl. 3 Bandit Revenger right at the start of the second round.

 Although Charlie is equipped with only two Special moves, he makes ample use
 of his basic attacks, throws and combos, which means you need to be very good
 at blocking them, ESPECIALLY his crouching kicks. Charlie relies on Sonic
 Booms from far away to whittle your Lifebar away. If you see him crouch for
 about two seconds or jump backward twice, a Sonic Boom is coming your way. You
 need to remember that Charlie has insanely short lag after his Sonic Boom, so
 the old jump-in tactic won't work very well against him. Do not use stray HK
 Dankuu Kyaku attacks for he will simply knock you out of it with his Back Fist
 or Step Kick attacks. As said earlier, Charlie excels in close-in fighting,
 using his basic attacks to pester the heck out of you. Charlie's throw is
 unusually fast that sometimes it will beat your Kouryuuken, so be careful.
 Try to make your Kouryuuken attacks count, or Charlie will counter with his
 Flash Kick, a move he also uses if you try to jump in on him when he is in the
 corners. When Charlie jumps over you in the middle of the screen, it means he
 will combo any two basic attacks into a Lvl. 1 SC, usually his Flash Justice,
 but he will occasionally switch to his Crossfire Blitz or Sonic Barrage. Last
 but not least, keep an eye for his Top Kick which he will use if you crouch
 too much.

 Deadlier than before, Chun-Li can put up a good fight before going down. She
 now relies on her Kikouken more than she previously did. She will precede a
 Kikouken by crouching (if she's in the corners) or jumping backward several
 times, usually twice. She is especially vulnerable to jumping kicks, but tends
 to break through large combos with her ACs. Chun-Li spends most of her time in
 the air, so cut loose with Dan's anti-air attacks. Like Charlie, she likes to
 do multiple c.MK or c.HK attacks. Watch out for that. She doesn't combo very
 much, but will use a series of punches and kicks -- usually ending in a
 Kikouken -- as replacement. It is imperative you escape from the corners for
 Chun-Li can kill you there. Don't stay too near to her for then she will do a
 Flip Kick followed by an Axe Kick and you won't know which way to block. Never
 jump in on her if she's crouching in the corners. Although it's tempting, Chun
 will nail you with her Tenshou Kyaku or Hazan Tenshou Kyaku SC. Strangely
 enough, she will also use her Kikoushou SC as an air-counter, or when you trap
 her in the corners. If she taunts you from half a screen away, back off
 immediately for she will follow with a Lvl. 1 Senretsu Kyaku.

 Nope, no human Dan vs. CPU Dan in this game. Sorry.

 An easy fight for Dan. Dhalsim is a sucker for jumping and crouching kicks, so
 jump in a lot. However, jump too early and Dhalsim will burn you with a Yoga
 Blast. Dhalsim can be very annoying, since he will use repeated Drills to hit
 you continously. Counter this with a Punch AC or Kouryuu Rekka, or wait until
 Dhalsim does a Slide or Yoga Fire, which will leave him open to c.HK attacks.
 Watch him carefully. If he does any of his long-limbed attacks, he will follow
 with a Yoga Fire. You should stay close to Dhalsim to win, since he seems
 rather sluggish at close combat, but this is very hard to do for he will Drill
 or teleport constantly to keep away from you. An interesting quirk is that he
 seldom blocks after he does a Yoga Teleport or Yoga Escape, so hit him hard
 with Dankuu Kyaku attacks. But if blocks it (or the Kouryuuken), Dhalsim will
 grab or throw you as you land, then time the Yoga Flame as a meaty attack. He
 can time the Yoga Inferno SC flawlessly, so keep your guard up. Dhalsim rarely
 uses the Yoga Strike SC unless you jump over him when he has little life left
 and is trapped in the corners. Defeating Dhalsim requires patience.

 Dangerous: one word sums it all up. Gen is equipped with a multitude of basic
 attacks, and is probably better at using them than Charlie. In Souryuu Style,
 Gen is especially susceptible to jumping attacks, but he will use his Mantis
 Kick which he will use to stop you if you jump too early. Gen is especially
 dangerous in this form for he can use any of his 79 chain combos against you,
 all of which are especially damaging and difficult to block correctly. Also,
 back off when you knock him down for he will often reversal with his Lightning
 Chi Fist as a reversal attack, a move he also uses to punish missed Dankuu
 Kyaku attacks. In this form, watch out for his Zanei and Shitenshu SCs which
 he will use unpredictably, but mostly comboed into his basic attacks.

 In Kiryuu Style, Gen doesn't chain that much, but the main danger is that he
 moves faster and will aim for repeated kicks constantly. Gen also counters
 jumps with the Lauch Kick, a move which he also uses randomly if he gets close
 to you. He rarely takes advantage of the Ouga, but will use the Jyasen as his
 main Special attack. Watch out for random Jyakoha SC attacks in this form. As
 a final sidenote, the Gadouken is pretty much useless against him for he tends
 to evade it easily.

 If you are familiar with Guy's tactics in SF Alpha, you shouldn't have too
 hard a time beating him. Guy moves around a lot using his Bushin Dashes,
 Bushin Suplexes and Wall Leaps. As of such, don't waste your time trying to
 corner him for he can hop out again fairly easily. Jump too much and sometimes
 Guy goes for his Whirlwind Kick, a move which, along with his Turn Punch, he
 will use frequently, so punish him when he misses. Bushin Dashes, if used from
 far away, are usually LK Dashes which he uses to move in and throw you. Close
 Dashes, on the other hand, are HK Dashes. If you are using a move which has
 lots of lag -- such as the Gadouken -- Guy will try to trip you up with a
 Slide or MK Bushin Dash. Avoid blocking low too much, for Guy has a variety of
 unfairly fast overhead hits, which he will use constantly. The Dankuu Kyaku is
 quite useful against Guy for it can counter almost all of his attacks, and
 especially his jumps and Bushin Dashes. If Guy jumps backwards, stay back for
 he will follow with a Bushin Dash, Whirlwind Kick, Turn Punch or Flip Kick. As
 for SCs, Guy sometimes uses the Shadow Barrage to punish missed jump attempts.
 If you're stuck in the corner, be careful for Guy will often beat you out of
 your slower attacks with his Bushin Hassouken SC.

 CPU Ken can be very offensive, due to the fact that Ken is fast and most of
 his moves can hit multiple times. Note that Ken will still do repeated Dragon
 Punches, or pull off the LP Dragon Punch, HP Dragon Punch, Hadouken series,
 which means free hits for you. Ken rarely uses the Hadouken, but he can wage a
 fireball war with you if necessary. Never jump too much, or Ken will counter
 with a Dragon Punch or air throw. He also likes to follow up a Hurricane Kick
 with a second one or switch instantly into his Dragon Punch, so don't try to
 counter unless you are confident of your timing. Ken uses his Shouryuu Reppa
 very unpredictably, but he will ALWAYS use it after Rolls. Also, use crouching
 attacks sparingly for sometimes Ken will use the Shinryuuken SC to suck you

 Another hard fight for Dan, especially against the CPU. Bison likes to Warp
 constantly to evade attacks -- especially projectiles and crouching kicks. If
 you see Bison teleport, go for a throw or SC since, for some reason, Bison
 will always reappear behind you. Bison relies mainly on his Psycho Shot, which
 he will do after crouching for about two seconds. The LK Dankuu Kyaku CANNOT
 pass over this, so watch it. Bison tends to fall to combos easily, and this is
 one of those rare circumstances where CCs become useful. If you knock him down
 keep away from him since he will do either his Double Knee Press or Psycho
 Crusher SC as a reversal attack. Never jump into him for he will use his
 Psycho Crusher SC exclusively as an air counter. Bison will ocasionally go for
 basic attacks and Slides to annoy you. He never uses his Knee Press Nightmare,
 but will charge his Psycho Crusher all the time. When he does this, keep in
 mind that a Gadouken or Shinkuu Gadouken will easily stop the Crusher dead

 A very, very easy fight. Rolento jumps all the time, so cut loose with Dan's
 anti-air attacks. Rolento likes to use the Mekong Delta Air Raid all the time,
 which leaves him open to attacks. Rolento also uses his Super Jump and Mekong
 Delta Escape to evade attacks constantly, which may become annoying since Dan
 is not as fast as Rolento. Although his Patriot Circle is deadly, it is easily
 blocked, made even more so that Rolento only uses it when he's in the middle
 of the screen. The Circle has lots of lag, so hit him with any SC when he
 stops. If you do manage to get close, watch out for repeated Stinger attacks
 which he will use to try to push you away. One thing you don't want to do is
 to trap him in the corners for Rolento can hop out again instantly, making it
 a waste of time, and if you jump too much in the corners, Rolento will use his
 Grenade Sweeper SC as an air counter. Rolento also has an awesome array of
 basic attacks which he will use often, or with the Mekong Delta Escape. If
 Rolento jumps at you with a MK or HK attack, a Chain Killer SC is sure to
 follow, so back off.

 A relatively easy fight. Still, don't let your guard down too much. Rose uses
 her Soul Spark constantly from far away. You can start a fireball war while
 working your way to her, but keep an eye for her Lvl. 2 Aura Soul Spark if you
 press her too hard. Rose relies heavily on her chain combos from in close,
 usually after jumping in on you or Slides, which you can counter with an LP
 Kouryuuken. Another thing to watch out for is her Soul Throw which she will
 use if you jump when you're too near to her. Sometimes, Rose will do a chain
 combo even if you're a full screen's range away; jump in on her with a combo
 before she's not finished and still vulnerable. If she has a full SC Gauge,
 DON'T throw Shinkuu Gadouken attacks or she will reflect them with her Lvl. 3
 Aura Soul Spark. Dankuu Kyaku attacks don't seem to work too well against her,
 for the tends to block and throw you every time, or counter with her Aura Soul
 Throw if she has a Lvl. 2 SC Gauge or more. Rose only uses her Lvl. 3 Soul
 Illusion only if there's little time left in a last-ditch effort to kill you;
 otherwise the only SCs she'll use is a Lvl. 2 or 3 Aura Soul Spark when she
 jumps behind you without attacking.

 Although Hadouken attacks are Ryu's most used form of attack, it is also his
 major weakness, since you can easily jump over them and start a combo. Watch
 out for his Hadouken. Ryu will throw it every now and then, but if he

 a) walks back into a corner
 b) does a Hurricane Kick in mid-air
 c) does a Fake Surge

 prepare yourself for that bolt of blue light. Don't wage a fireball war with
 him or he will break through with a Shinkuu Hadouken, a move he will also use
 if you trap him in the corners. Don't get too long-winded on combos or Ryu
 will strike back with one of his own. Funnily enough, jumping tends to work
 better than walking although Ryu has a multitude of anti-air attacks. A note
 of caution is to NEVER use the Dankuu Kyaku against Ryu or he will counter
 with an LP Shouryuuken, which he also uses to pass through your Gadouken
 attacks at close range. Ryu prefers the Hurricane Kick than the Shouryuuken
 when it comes to anti-air, which is good news because the Hurricane Kick is
 air-blockable. If you jump forwards too early Ryu will knock you back with his
 j.MP or s.HK every time. If Ryu jumps at you, that means he's going for a 3-
 or 4-hit combo ending in a Hadouken. Watch out for his Shinkuu Hadouken more,
 but he will sometimes buffer his s.MK into a Lvl. 3 Vacuum Hurricane when you
 are in the middle of the screen.

 Sagat's main weapons are his Tiger Shots, which he will use constantly. DO NOT
 match fireballs with him with your Gadouken for you WILL lose. Even in the
 rare case that this doesn't happen, Sagat will break out with his Tiger Cannon
 SC, so stay away from fireball wars. Instead, you should jump and crouch to
 work your way through the barrage of projectiles and engage him in close
 combat. You should never jump in at him for Sagat will destroy you with his
 awesome Tiger Uppercut which deals ridiculous amounts of damage, even more
 than a Lvl. 1 SC. However, once you're in close, Sagat is susceptible to
 almost all attacks, but use Dankuu Kyaku attacks without caution and Sagat
 will reply with a Tiger Uppercut. If Sagat walks up to you, he will almost
 always do a cross-up ending in a Tiger Crush or LP Tiger Uppercut. When he
 does a jump kick, a combo is coming your way. As for SCs, the Tiger Cannon is
 his most-used SC, but will sometimes throw in a Tiger Raid SC as well. Sagat
 rarely touches his Tiger Genocide SC, so that's one less worry.

 Incredibly easy fight, but remember to block her attacks correctly. The Flower
 Kick and Shunpuu Kyaku must be blocked high, while her crouching kicks and
 Haru Ichiban SC must be blocked low. Sakura tends to use her Special moves
 constantly, all of which are very punishable. If Sakura jumps, she will do a
 short combo ending in a Shunpuu Kyaku, so don't confuse your blocks. Anything
 she does, Dan has a counter for. Also, her Shinkuu Hadouken SC is incredibly
 weak, even if you do get hit by it once or twice. If you trap her in the
 corners, prepare for her Midare Sakura SC. She only uses her Haru Ichiban SC
 if she misses a hit when you're in the middle of the screen. Just don't get
 distracted by the sight of her panties, and you should be okay. :)

 Sucker. This is the only Pile Driver character in the game you shouldn't worry
 about. The Butsumetsuu Buster is one of Sodom's favourite attacks, and he will
 jump forward and try to use it every time. A note of caution is not to jump at
 him too much or he will use an LK Jigokuu Scrape or c.HP to push you back. The
 Jigokuu Scrapes are also used by Sodom frequently to pressure you, buffered
 into his combos or after he throws an LK or MK (he does both if he's going for
 a Mega Jigokuu Scrape SC). If it's a HK, watch out for his Daikyou Burning,
 which he will also use if he knocks you down. Don't stay too close to him if
 you hit him down or he will reversal with a Butsumetsuu Buster or Tenchuu
 Satsuu SC. Basically, all you have to do with Sodom is let him take the
 initiative and respond accordingly. Finally, the Dankuu Kyaku attack works
 especially well against Sodom for he cannot crouch under it.

 Like Birdie, keep away from Zangief if you intend to win. Slap him back with
 the Gadouken if he gets close, and go for a Kouryuuken if he jumps. Try not to
 jump, because if you manage to dodge that Spinning Lariat, you will be easy
 target for any of Zangief's throw moves once you are near him. If he traps you
 in the corner, forcing you to fight up close, simply push him back with any of
 Dan's moves, preferably the Gadouken or Shinkuu Gadouken. Cross-up attacks are
 not a bad idea against Zangief, but if you miss, you're left an easy target
 for the Final Atomic Buster.. ouch! Like Birdie, Zangief doesn't care if he
 eats one or two moves as long as he can get in close and use his Pile Driver
 moves.. sometimes he'll use the Flying Powerbomb or the Screw Piledriver if he
 misses an attack in the middle of the screen. This hulking wrestler is NOT to
 be underestimated.
 Oh man.. tough fight. Shin-Gouki relies heavily on his fireballs, especially
 his vastly-improved Bolt Zankuu Hadouken. Learn to evade those. Shin-Gouki
 warps and rolls more often than regular Akuma, so smack him with an attack the
 moment he stops. Forget combos here; Shin-Gouki will bust through with a Gou
 Shouryuuken. Stick to basic and Special attacks. A note of caution is to NEVER
 AC, since many of his moves hit more than once; if you AC the first hit, you
 will be a sitting target for the remaining ones. Also, never jump or use the
 Dankuu Kyaku here unless you absolutely, absolutely have to. Shin-Gouki has
 superhuman speed and AI, so try not to use any slow attacks. Also, attack when
 you are certain that you will score a hit or Shin-Gouki will simply stop you
 with a Gou Shouryuuken or, worse, Messatsu Gou Shouryuu. Like regular Akuma,
 Shin-Gouki relies on the Messatsu Gou Shouryuu for the most part, but will
 sometimes punish missed Shinkuu Gadouken attacks with a Tenma Gou Zankuu SC.
 The bad news is that he will use the Shun Goku Satsu constantly when he is
 close to you (I give you permission to get hit by it here). Block Shin-Gouki's
 aggressive attacks constantly, but once he traps you in the corners, stop or
 he will go for the Shun Goku Satsu or throw you then juggle you in mid-air.
 For God's sake LEARN TO BLOCK CROSS-UPS!! Shin-Gouki utilizes them extensively
 in close quarters.



 You can determine which winning pose you want; just hold Select and press the
 following buttons:

 LP: Dan does his Tachi Chouhatsu pose, saying "Huh!"
 MP: Dan takes his gi half-off, revealing his shoulder and does his Tachi
     Chouhatsu pose, his whole arm shaking.
 HP: Dan does his Tachi Chouhatsu pose while crying, saying "Yatta ze! Oyajii!"
     This pose occurs automatically if you defeat Sagat.
 LK: Dan turns towards the screen with his legs placed together. He stretches
     one arm behind him and gives a thumbs-up with the other while saying
     "Yoyutchi!" This pose occurs automatically if you get a Perfect victory.

 Start Pose: Dan does his Zenten Chouhatsu, saying "Roshaa!" as he taunts.

 "My dad could beat you, and he's dead!"
 "Don't even try to get up!"
 "For a loser, you did pretty well."
 "Keep your day job!"

 Heh heh.. my favourite's number 3. Too bad you can't select winning quotes. :(

 Colours are selectable. To choose Dan's colours, highlight him and press the
 following buttons

 LP - Pink (standard)         LK - Mint Green
 MP - Orange                  MK - Yellow
 HP - Dark Pink               HK - Turquoise

 What a wardrobe.

 The background of Dan's stage is that of a night-market which are very popular
 in Hong Kong. There are several stalls selling fruits and various stuff. At
 the right end of the stage there is a man selling t-shirts. See the man with
 the white towel leaning against the stall? Yep, it's Fei Long. Standing next
 to a fruit stall in the middle of the stage is an old man holding a basket.
 He will wince when you attack Dan. If you do an SC or CC, the man will drop
 something from his basket, then bend down to pick it up.

 A close-up shot of Dan crying and doing his taunt is shown.

 Dan      : I've made it... Yahoo! I've finally avenged your death. I'm the
            strongest now, and the best!

 The next picture shows a building with a sign saying "Saikyo-Ryu Karate Dojo".
 There is also a picture of a man doing a flying kick painted on the sign. The
 words "Karate", "Kung-Fu" and "Judo" are written on the left window. A few
 people are walking on the street in front of the dojo.

 Narrator: Back in Hong Kong, Dan opens a school where he can teach his style.
 Dan     : (for you, my father...)
           (People all over the world will soon know my powerful moves!!)

 Dan is standing inside the dojo with his arms crossed and a smile on his face.
 Behind him is a shelf where several trophies are placed, and the words on the
 window appear in reverse. Standing before him are five young men throwing

 Dan     : What's the problem? You must focus to be a Saikyo style warrior!!
 Narrator: With blind ambition, Dan pursues worldwide fame. Is this his



A whole heap of thanks and praise to these people, who have contributed,
however small, to the completion of this FAQ.

- Myself
Rather obvious, huh? After all, I wrote this thing.

- Kao Megura  [kmegura@hotmail.com]
To his MSH vs. SF Dan FAQ, where I borrowed a few text formatting ideas plus
move translations. Also his SFA2 guide where I found info on fighting the
secret fighters.

- Zero1 [wale01@mailcity.com]
For a counter-throw technique, plus bits of information on taunts. Great 'fic
you're writing, Zero, keep it up!

- Capcom [http://www.capcom.com]
Great character design! I especially love the taunts.

- SNK [????]
For ripping off Ryu to incorporate into their own games, infuriating Capcom and
therefore inspiring them to do the same.

- Dan Wells [ladiflyer@aol.com]
For dubbing Dan as a sucky character in his SFA2 guide, piqueing my curiosity
into playing Dan. I shudder to think how close I came to neglecting such a
great character!

- Helios Software Solutions  [http://www.textpad.com]
For creating TextPad, a kickass text editor I wrote this with.

- GameFAQs [http://www.gamefaqs.com] and Fighters.Net [http://www.fighters.net]
For hosting this guide.

Honestly my mind runs blank here. If you are left out, e-mail me and I'll add
you to the list.



- Version 0.0
FAQ first edition created.

- Version 0.1
Added throw and taunt info (thanks, Zero-1) plus "Vs. Strategies -- Shin-Gouki",
"Author's Note" and "Revision History" sections.



Whew.. three months' worth of toiling finally came to fruition. I must admit
I'm rather happy with this third attempt of mine, but what my readers think
remains to be seen. Seriously Dan isn't that bad as many people would like to
think he is.. especially you, Tigeraid. If you've been playing SFA2 to death,
give Dan a try; you'd be surprised how much fun and variety he adds to a match.
Dan does require more skill to play, I'll readily admit that, but that doesn't
mean he sucks. Played properly, Dan can hold his own against those Ryu and Ken
players out there, no joke. I hope this FAQ of mine changed your views on
"Sucky Dan" a bit, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to try him out. Where I
come from, people in the arcade actually cheer for me when I win with Dan! :)
Thanks for the support, guys.

Of course, I wrote this FAQ carefully.. well, at least I think I did. Any and
all feedback would be most appreciated. Want combos? Versus human opponents
strategies? Errors and corrections? Mail me! I'm all ear.. uh, eyes. All
writers appreciate feedback, you know.

Unpublished work Copyright of Shadow Dragon [shadow_dragon98@usa.net].