Sakura by LHubbard

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By Lonnie Hubbard <>

Well she's my favorite character in the game and she's awesome to play
with. I thought it only fair to dedicate an FAQ completely to her and
since I couldn't find any on the net I decided to make one myself. This
isn't some super detailed FAQ where it tells her exact birthdate or her
favorite things and so on and so forth (though if you know them I'd
gladly put them on this if you mail them to me) but it's just a medium
sized FAQ you can take with you to the arcade.

Sakura's a 16 year old japanese school girl with lots of strength and
athletic ability for a girl her age. She once saw Ryu fight and was so
impressed with his fighting ability and skill that she immediately decided
that she wanted him to be her master. Since he wasn't her master yet she
decided she would mimic his moves until he would begin teaching her the
art of Shotokan karate. Unfortunately Ryu refuses Sakura in her ending and
she is left with only a picture of him as a momento hoping someday that
they will meet again in the near future.


QCT+punch (3/4 screen distance 1/2 inch wide fireball)
QCT+punch, punch (1/2 screen distance 1 inch wide fireball)
QCT+punch, punch, punch (1/4 screen distance 1 1/2 inch wide fireball)

F,D,DF+punch (Like Ryu's Shoryuken but this is a running multi-hit one)


QCB+kick (Ryu's hurricane kick without out the Tatsumaki. Travels in an arc.)

Overhead kick
F+forward (A simple overhead that can only be blocked by standing opponents.)


Shinkuu Hadoken
QCT,QCT+punch  (A pretty slow super fireball that slowly dissapates as
it travels.)

Level 1: 3-hits
Level 2: 4-hits
Level 3: 5-hits

Breakdance Kick (Does anyone have the actual original name for this???)
QCB,QCB+kick  (Ryu's Hurricane kick SC only this one moves forward, is
on the ground, hits low and ends in a standing RH.)

QCT,QCT+kick  (Ken's SC but it's a little wider, more curved and she
doesn't say anything when she does it.)

9-hit: Jumping RH, ducking jab, short, Shoken (When you tap short
press F+short so you can do the Shoken with just a fireball motion.)

8-hit: Jumping RH, ducking fierce, Shoken or Hadoken(3-hit)

7-hit: Ducking fierce, Shoken or Hadoken(3-hit)

Super Combo Combos
Level 1 8-hit: Jumping Roundhouse, jab, jab, QCT+short, QCT+kick

Level 1 7-hit: Jumping Roundhouse, jab, jab, QCT+short, QCT+punch

Level 1 ?-hit: Jumping Roundhouse, jab, QCB+jab, QCB+kick

Play Tactics
There are many different ways to play Sakura. The main idea is to just
have fun since that's basically what she's meant for. But if you really
want to win and pull off 10-20 win streaks then you got to play very
offensively with her. About 85% of your actions should be offensive. Here
are some tactics that really help me out when I want to really whoop ass
with Sakura.

FIREBALL/UPPERCUTERS- It's quite easy to be offensive with characters who
don't have great anti air priority but against fireball-uppercuters or
just plain uppercuters you have to be very patient. With pure fireballers
you can't always counter with your own since Sakura's are pretty slow. You
also can't counter with Shinkuu Hadokens because they usually dissapate
before they reach your opponent. You have to know when to catch them off
guard which isn't to hard with Sakura's speed. The most reliable way to
move in if you're fairly close is with a RH Sempuukyaku. It's just fast
enough to smack them before they get out of the fireball motion if you
time it right. You can also move in with a jumping RH or forward and then
nail 'em with the nine hitter. It's not always easy though to catch them off
guard but if you don't practice the Shoken combo enough. You might find
yourself being nailed after a blocked Shoken. It's a little safer to go
with the Hadoken combo if you're not that experienced yet.

KNOCKED DOWN OPPONENTS-When people are knocked down you want to be close
and hit them with either a overhead or a ducking RH. But make sure if you
start the overhead you do it just early so you won't be reversaled out of
it. If you don't set a pattern that your opponent can recognize you can
usually hit them at least 2 or 3 times.

OFFENSIVE OPPONENTS-If your opponent's the offensive type then you can
put away jumpers with a simple ducking fierces and if you're skilled
enough a Shoken with strong. It's also nice to fool them with your different
sized Hadokens too. If they move by ground you can keep them from getting
close with a simple RH or if they get to close push them back with ducking
fierce+Hadoken. Even if blocked it usually pushes them about 1/2 a screen

If you want to make any corrections or add comments to this FAQ please
please E-mail. I want to do Sakura justice and I'm more than happy to
recieve E-mail. Thanks.

Dan Wells <>   really helped me out big time with his
				     FAQ and gave me the release version

Lonnie Hubbard <>     I made the damn
						      thing duh!!!