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What is the PC Game's version in numbers?

HI, it's JadonK9. I checked out a few Move List FAQs here of Fatal Fury 3 with a special code to activate hidden attacks. Later I reveiled that my PC version of FF3 doen't fit the code. Its date is 4.10.1998 and I request to know what version is it worth in numbers (0.XX/1.XX) and if there is a fitable code like the one I found for that version. Thanks.

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When I checked out the Fatal Fury 3 PC Move List FAQs, I found in one of them a code which allows me to use hidden Super Tide Turner attacks. But when I tried to do it, it didn't work and I figured out that my FF3 PC version doesn't fit the code whichj needs version 5.0. What version worth mine if its date is 4.10.1998?

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