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Larry  Vales: Traffic Division

PC 2000


The game controls like the old VGA Sierra adventures (KQ5, LSL V) with the 
mouse cursor controlling the movements of larry, whereas right clicking cycles
through the available commands. Alternatively, you could select the action
from the top menu that appears if you move the mouse there.

Action commands are: Walk (Steps), Look (Eye), Use (Hand), Talk (Mouth). All
action commands in the walkthrough are written in UPPER CASE.

Other options on the menu include Inventory, Save, Load, Quit (C:/>) and Help.

The walkthrough for this game is complete and results in a full score, but
seeing that the scoring is screwed up I won't note how many points and the
overall total. If you spot any errors or have suggestions please feel free to
e-mail me about it. Enjoy!


You will be thrown right into...

                        ACT I: Bladerun Like Hell                           

OPEN the door to get inside. Go right to the next screen and use they key from
your inventory to open the door in the middle. TAKE the plunger, TAKE the TV
wires and TAKE the pillow. Also try to ues the wires on the phone. Leave the
room and go left from the reception area. OPEN the large double doors to
arrive at the pool. GIVE candy from the inventory to the large man blocking
the exit, then USE the candy on the pool instead. USE the exit the man was
blocking to get outside. Use the plunger on the couple and finally TAKE the
grass from the left brown patch of dirt. Return back to your room, use the key
to get access  once again. Use the grass on the smoke detector in the left
wall and light it with the matches. Get back outside past the pool, go further
north and TAKE a key card from the bush in the background. Then USE the wires
on the blue panel in the middle of the door, and use the card on the slot on
the left to get inside.

                        ACT II: Duct Duct Goose

First off, use the nightstick on the area at the top and slightly to the right
of where you are standing, this should turn on the lights. Jam the nightstick 
into the open box on the left. USE the control panel on the right and use the
gum on the blue lightning button. USE the dial. Exit the screen, LOOK at the
android and shoot the toolbox with the gun. TAKE the scissors. USE the dead
janitor twice, and cut him with the scissors. USE the small opening on the
left which should now be open. Give the janitor hair. Use the flashlight on
the right side of the screen to get through. OPEN the double doors on the left
and OPEN your room with the key. TAKE the hairpin from the maid. Exit the room
and go left past the reception area. Use the janitor's key on the middle room
and TAKE the screwdriver and TAKE the drill. Then use the hairpin on the top
drawer to get alcohol. Leave the room and go left through the double doors,
then north all the way. TAKE the door rubble and return to the casino. TALK
to Charlie playing dice, in the new screen use the drill on the dice and fill
them with the door pieces. Talk to the gentleman at the lower table and show
him your ID. TALK to the man on the right and fill his drink with the alcohol
to obtain it. Use the screwdriver on the slot machine to get some money, as
well. Go left past the reception and TALK to the rightmost door. Inside, TOUCH
the surface beneath the cards, not any of the cards themselves. Show the man
your FBI ID to get the cell. At the reception desk, give Sandy the drink and 
then OPEN the door on the left. Use the screwdriver on the fridge magnet, USE
the ladder to get up. Give the bird your money bag, and use the magnet to
obtain the key. Finally, plug the cell phone into the electricity box.

                        ACT III: Justice Uses the Crosswalk

Stay calm and use the magnet from your inventory to reach the torch. Use the
flashlight on the android. TAKE the screwdriver and TAKE the drill. USE the
control panel next to the pole. Insert the key card and use the whistle on
the speaker. Finally, PUSH button four. Exit the screen and use the drill on
the pole.

You're final score should be around 67 / 42 :s

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