We left the Starship Races feeling pretty arrogant. Jurgen's flying (he's a legend in the Scouts) earned a ton of Imperial credits. Now we're pinned down - laser fire everywhere - by someone, or something, here on Cheika, a floating hunk of rock in the Yres system.
Effane's Marine background is coming in handy. She just used her plasma rifle to draw the enemy's fire. I managed to hustle behind a rock formation. We've got to get a med kit to Dennar; his leg looks pretty bad from here. And he's the only one who can program the ship's computers. The closest to him is Verti - but what does a con man and smuggler know about medicine?
All I know is we can't waste time. An army of hit-men is hot on our trail. Their boss wants to start an interstellar war between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate, and we're the only ones with a chance to stop him.

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