Town Walkthrough by volvox

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		   	    The Town of ZZT - Walkthrough


				    by Scott Walker

v0.0	First draft written as the game was played.  March 1999
v1.0	Moved stuff around and played with the layout. March 1999
v1.1	Made sure it was once screen across. Spell checked it. May 7, 1999
Final	Spell checked, formatted to 80 chars wide. will not make any more 

Feel free to distribute this FAQ as long as it remains unchanged, but it may be
translated into other languages.  If you wish to use it or parts of it, do not 
forget to credit me. 

To solve the Town of ZZT, you need to collect five purple keys to unlock the 
doors to the palace. These keys are north, south, east, and west of the start 
with the final key located inside the bank.  You can get these keys in any order

The Start

 	At the start, pick up the torches and gems. You can go into the armory
	and buy more torches and ammo if you want to.

	If you are really short on gems and need more ammo/torches, you can use 
	the stockroom. To get the key, ring the doorbell on the guardian of the 
	key when he is directly above the key. He will push it down on his way 
	to the door and cause it to come outside via the spinners. Use it to 
	open the stockroom.

	Head to the right to the forest.  Collect all the blue gems on your way 
	to the blue key.  Get the blue key and use it to open the blue door. Get 
	the yellow key and the ammo. NOTE: the energizers will make you 
	temporarily invincible.

	This will give you a good supply of ammo and gems to start off with.

North and the Castle of Lot's and Lot's of Evil!

	Head back to the start and go up.  Get the red key by running through 
	the Bars as they move.  Be careful not to get shot, or you will end up 
	at the bottom of the room.

	Once you have the red key, unlock the red door and head up to the 
	castle. Give the troll ten gems and pick up the purple key.  The troll 
	will not let you back across without the scepter of lots n' lots of 
	power.  Guess that means it's into the castle!

  The Castle of Lots and Lots of Evil!

	Once inside the castle, kill everything and take the ammo and torches. 
	Go Into the labyrinth.

  The Labyrinth of Doom!

	Yellow Room - Where you start. Do NOT push the two block in toward the 
	Blue Room - South of the yellow room. Contains three gems and some ammo.
	Green Room - East of the blue room. Contains two torches, some ammo and 
		gems. You will need to go through a transporter to get the ammo 
		and gems.
	Red Room - North of the yellow room and east of the green room. Contains 
		seven gems and three torches. You'll need to fight off hordes 
		of tigers to get them.
	Room of Extreme Annoyance - North of the Green Room. To get the purple 
	        key and gems, go in the right entrance. For the yellow key use 
		the left entrance.
	Dragon's Lair - Lair entrance is east of the Red Room. Transporter part 
	        is north of the Red Room.

	1.  Go south to the blue room and then east to the green room. 
	2.  Go north through the left entrance to the annoying room and get the 
	    yellow key.
	3.  Go south to the green room and north through the right entrance to 
	    the annoying room. Get the purple key and gems.
	4.  Go south to the green room then east to the red room. Go east again 
	    to the lair. Enter with the purple key.
	5.  Kill the dragons by blowing them up. This requires pushing one of 
	    the mars symbols near them. You get a 9 second countdown. Be 
	    careful, the dragons shoot at you for much damage.
	6.  After killing the dragons go east to the yellow room. Follow the 
	    transporters and beware of purple monsters. They are a pain to kill.
	7.  Work you way around and push the block out to the right. 

	Exit the labyrinth and open the door to the throne room.

  The Throne Room

	1.  Collect the ammo and move the walls by pushing on the blue smiley 
	2.  Go around the purple part at the bottom and push the smiley guy from
	    the other side.
	3.  Collect one purple key. Push the walls and open the first purple 
	    door at the bottom. Be careful not to move anything.
	4.  Push the walls and get the second purple key. You'll need to 
	    navigate some invisible walls at the top.
	5.  Push the object near the purple door up until the vertical arrow is 
	    next to the horizontal arrow next to the purple door.
	6.  Open the purple door and step out of the way. The motion should be 
	7.  Move the objects in the bottom purple section right until the square 
	    lines up with the left vertical arrow.
	8.  Go around to and push the left column down until a square sits in 
	    the long row of horizontal arrows.
	9.  Go around to the bottom again and move the short row left until a 
	    square lines up with the vertical arrow in the right column.
	10. Go around top and push the right column down until a square rests in 
	    the row or horizontal arrows.
	11. Shift the walls. The row should move over and block the door to the 
	12. Shift the walls again and get the scepter. Listen to the nifty tune.
	13. Escape up through the red bars. Shoot out a yellow wall at top and 
	    run. Kill the green things and get the key.

	Go outside and the troll will let you back across. Return to the start. 

	Buy some ammo and torches at the supply store. Open the first purple
	door leading to the palace. Go east to the forest.

East and The House of Blues

	Kill all the lions and open the purple door. If you the energizer is
	still by the purple door, save it. Go south.

	Get the ammo and carve a path almost to the purple monsters. They pile 
	up, so to avoid damage go back to the previous forest, get the energizer 
	by the door, then come back here and kill as many purple monsters as you 
	can while invincible.

	Continue to carve a path through the forest and kill the monsters. Note 
	that more will appear from the generators. Enter The House of Blues.

  House of Blues

	Listen to the jazzman and note the tune. You have to play the tune by 
	pressing the notes above him. The order is (top to bottom): 2,4,5,1,3

	The jazzman will move aside. Go through and go east to The Mixer.

  The Mixer

	Go into the mixer and get a blue key. Work you way around to the doors
	and unlock one. Repeat with the other blue keys. Try to shoot the lions 
	when they get near, but it's hard to do.
	HINT:  It's easier to get around the mixer by getting the the edge and 
	going around it. Much easier than going through the middle.

	Go to the purple key via the convoluted path of teleporters. Wait on one 
	side of the teleporter until the centipede on the other side starts to 
	move away.  Then go through and blast the centipede. 

	Grab the purple key and exit the house. Exit the forest and return to 
	the start. You can go into the cave on your way back if you wish.  If 
	you do, go to the upper right corner of the first room and go north. 
	Beware of the brown monsters. In the upper room unlock the purple door 
	and collect the purple key and gems. You can't go any farther since that 
	is a separate game (The Caves of ZZT).  Return to the start.

	Get some more supplies from the armory/stockroom and unlock the next 
	purple door. head south to the bug room.

South and the Prison

	In the bug room, you need to collect the blue keys one at a time and
	open each blue door. Be sure to collect the ammo and blast as many bugs 
	as you can. Go south and enter the prison.


  	You have a time limit so move fast. If time runs out you will take 
	damage and return to the start of the prison.

	Collect the ammo and negotiate the blinking bars. Kill all the brown 
	monsters then shoot the brownish-yellow walls at the top. Get the green 
	key. If you miss it, you can still get it after the row stops moving.

	Push a block and kill enough red monsters so you can move around. Get 
	all the blue keys and open the four blue doors.  Go left and negotiate 
	the guns and water.

	To make it past the next six guns you will need to block them with the 
	blocks. SAVE BEFORE YOU DO THIS IN CASE YOU MESS UP! The easiest way is 
	move all the bottom blocks to the left and use the others to create two 
	rows of three. Make sure you push them up into the guns with a gap
	between the two columns for you to go through.

	Ignore the gems and open the green door. If you have time, let the 
	prisoner out. Exit the prison.  If you want, reenter the prison and 
	collect all the gems.

	Once outside the prison, open the white door and go right.

  The Hard Room

	This room is hard, especially if you have low health. You need to blast
	a path to the key with the bombs, but you'll uncover generators that 
	spit out spinning things that chase you and can't be killed. If you get 
	hit, you will take damage and return to the start of the room.

	Start with the fourth bomb and blast a path angling upward to the key 
	between the first and second generators. You will probably uncover three 
	generators along the way, so be careful. If you get hit after getting 
	the key, that's okay since you'll return to the start of the room.

	Go left past the prison and left to the...

  Sliding Puzzle

	Rows are labeled 1-4 from top to bottom. Columns are labeled 1-4 from
	left to right.

	1.  Push row 2 left one space. Push row 3 left two spaces. Push rows 1 
	    and 4 right one space.
	2.  Push column 4 down until it stops.
	3.  Push rows 1, 2, and 4 left three spaces. Push row 3 right five 
	4.  Push column 3 down until it stops.
	5.  Push row 2 right two spaces. Push row 4 right three spaces. Push row 
	    3 left three spaces.
	6.  Push column 2 down until it stops.
	7.  Push all rows left three spaces.
	8.  Push column 1 down until it stops. Push the blocks at the bottom and 
	    go left.

	Kill the monsters after they destroy the walls. Be careful if you are 
	low on life and/or ammo. The best way to kill the blue monsters (tigers) 
	is to blast through one row of the wall and keep shooting until they 
	die. Get the green key and to right.

	Go right through the green door. Shoot the side of the gate and it will 
	open. Go left, then right again so you are under the prison. Go north 
	through the gate and north out of the bug room to the start. 

	Go right and unlock the next purple door. Beware of the monsters. Return 
	to start.

The Bank of ZZT

	Light a torch and enter the combo 40364. The vault will open and you can 
	load up on gems and get the next purple key. Use it to unlock the next 
	purple door on the way to the palace.

	The combo is located in a secret room behind the middle block of the
	group in the upper left hand corner of the armory. It is made of 
	invisible walls. The prisoner in the prison tells you this location when 
	you free him.

East and the Rube Board
	Go east from the start to the Three Lakes. You'll need to avoid the 
	bullets while moving around the lakes. You can't shoot the oncoming 
	bullets or cross the water. SAVE BEFORE YOU DO THIS! It may take several 
	tries before you can make it across.

	Go south to the...

  Rube Board

	Go down through the first passage. You'll be pushed left. Go down some 
	more and you will be pushed right. Go down to the small subroom below.

	1.  Push the upper up/down arrow one space up.
	2.  Push the top left/right arrow and the bottom one right one space.
	3.  Push the second up/down arrow up one space.
	4.  Push the middle left/right arrow all the way to the right.

	Return to the start of the room. Be careful not to push the green block 
	too far. This will block your way and you'll have to start over.

	Go to the second passage and push one of the green blocks down to the 

	Go around the arrows to the second to last row. Push the row left one 
	space. The column will start to move and the row of long arrows will
	begin to travel to the right. IMMEDATLY after that row starts to move, 
	push the row you are next to another space to the left. This will block 
	the moving column and prevent the other rows from blocking your path.

	Go up to the bomb (you'll need to push a green block out of the way).
	Now get above the bomb and push it all the way down to the wall to be 
	blasted. You will have to push the last green block with the bomb to get 
	down there.

	Get the key and bonus and go to the palace.

The Palace

	Unlock the last door, collect the ammo and torches. Go west and pick up 
	the ampersand for 1000 point bonus. Go east twice and south once. 

	Light a torch and collect the ammo. Push the arrow farthest to the left 
	and get out of the way. The pusher will get rid of the blocks in your
	way. Blast all the tigers from a safe distance. 

	When they are gone, move the second arrow and let the pusher push you 
	past the spinners and into the room. 

	Get the purple key and return to the palace. Open the purple door.

	Talk to the guy and enjoy your victory show. You have now beat the Town 
	of ZZT! Go right to end the game and get your final high score.