The completely updated version treats you to beautifully rendered 256-color VGA graphics. Scintillating animation. A superbly orchestrated musical score and digitized sound effects. Plus game play and feature enhancements -- including the ebility to battle opponents on-line using your modem!
Play the light or dark side, and seek to conquer the ever-changing Archon board. Take turns moving your fantasy pieces such as the Unicorn, Banshee, Phoenix, Dragon, Basilisk and Golem -- each now with two powers instead of one.
Deploy your forces on the crisply animated three-quarter overhead display. When two opposing pieces attempt to occupy the same square, you can slug it out in real-time arcade action -- on one of three new types of battle maps! Or, let the computer resolve combat quickly. You goals: defeat all the enemy pieces or dominate the five magical Power Points on the Archon board.
For one or two players, ARCHON ULTRA is faster, more exciting and even more addicting than its legendary predecessor!

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