Matrix Cubed picks up where SSI's popular Countdown to Doomsday leaves off - and keeps on going! A much bigger universe means much more to explore - including, for the very first time, Jupiter! And, with nearly twice as many new and different monsters, combat is fast, furious, and futuristic!
Role-playing in space has never been this good: Matrix Cubed uses an enhanced version of SSI's award-winning AD&D computer fantasy role-playing game system. That means serious role-playing - your characters gain levels and skills as they explore the vast, complex and dangerous universe of the 25th century.
Transfer characters from Countdown to Doomsday or create new ones. Either way, your team will meet friends and enemies from the last adventure as a new quest unfolds before them.
Aided by higher character levels and better equipment, you and your team must scour the solar system and rescue scientists who can build the Matrix Device. This machine can transform any substance into pure energy, and is the only hope left for the devastated and enslaved Earth!

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