FAQ/Walkthrough by BMcLean

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Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters PSX Walkthrough v1.1
By Brian McLean - bmclean84@hotmail.com
Last Edited: December 2, 2001

Table of Contents

1. Revision History
2. Basic Information
3. Game Walkthrough
  3.0 Granwich
  3.1 Aztec Era
    3.1.1 Golden City
    3.1.2 Baboon Realm
    3.1.3 Sacred Ride
    3.1.4 Samís Temple
  3.2 Viking Era
    3.2.1 Shore Village
    3.2.2 Moon Valley
    3.2.3 Shield Race
    3.2.4 Elmer's Domain
  3.3 Arabian Era
    3.3.1 Sunset Alleys
    3.3.2 Royal Gardens
    3.3.3 Carpet Chase
    3.3.4 Babba's Cave
  3.4 Transylvanian Era
    3.4.1 Ghost Town
    3.4.2 Zoovania
    3.4.3 Haunted River
    3.4.4 Count's Castle
4. Secrets
5. Contributor Info
6. Copyright

1. Revision History

1.1 Ė Inadvertently left out one of the characters lost in time in Ghost Town.
Heís been added in, as well as a small number of other minor changes.

1.0 - Preliminary FAQ written. Walkthrough complete, 100% gears complete
(minus Haunted River). No known cheats or secrets.

2. Basic Information

Daffy Duck pays a visit to Granny, claiming to be an exterminator. He finds
her Time Regulator machine and dislodges the big gem from the top of it (no
thoughts of avarice in his mind, no, not him!). Time gets all fouled up and
Granny calls on Bugs to help sort things out. She sends Taz along to help
him, though the devil seems more interested in how Bugs would taste than in
being much assistance. So the adventure begins.

Controls are relatively simple. X jumps and square is your basic attack. The
circle button will sneak around if youíre Bugs and hold it down. In midair,
Bugs will use his earcopter instead to slow his descent. Triangle is the
generic action button, but while in midair Bugs will dive (as if into a
rabbit hole) and Taz will spin and drill, also used for rabbit holes. L1 will
summon the character youíre not using at the moment and R1 switches control
between the two. L2 and R2 are your camera controls; hold them both down for
a first-person view. Any extra moves will be explained by Granny later on in
the game.

Each era has 1,500 gears to collect. The first stage is an overworld of sorts
and always has 500 gears in it. The second stage (if you list them as they
are presented on the inventory screen) focuses a bit more on puzzles. The third
is a race or ride of some sort and the fourth is the boss area. There are 5
Acme boxes in every stage and 5 characters out of time in each era. Finding them
all is just as crucial as anything else because they give you 25 and 100-
gears respectively when they are all located. The fourth stage of any era can
only be accessed when you have the three boss tokens from the other areas.
Opening new eras requires that you have a certain number of gears in addition to
beating the boss of the previous era, but if youíre following this guide you
shouldnít have a bit of trouble with the gear requirements. With that, letís
dive in!

3. Game Walkthrough

3.0 Granwich

Gears: 10

This is a fairly simple little tutorial area where you learn all the moves of
the game that youíll have available to you at this point in time. Each
tutorial has a gear associated with it that youíll have to get. Spend a
little time exploring as well, as a couple of them are simply laying about
with no special skill needed to grab them. Once you have all ten, Granny will
open up the Aztec Era and you can begin the journey!

|3.1 Aztec Era|

3.1.1 Golden City

Gears: 500

You start out in a small rock alcove with a gear (1) right next to you. You
can drop down and collect another one laying on the ground (2). You then find
Tweety hanging around right next to the gear. Talk to him and Granny will
teach you how to use a trampoline combo. Have Bugs Jump on Taz's head and hit
X just as you land to get up to the ledge next to you that Granny indicates.
You'll find a 10-gear up on it. (12) With that done, drop back down and head
along the path for a small drop and another gear right in front of you (13).
Head to your left to a small staircase, grabbing the gear to the left of it
(14). Run up the stairs and to your left is a 5-gear (19). Also, you can
break the vase next to it with a kick for some extra carrots. If you continue
down that path you'll go to the Baboon Realm, but let's leave that for now.

Turn to the right from where you walked up the staircase and find another
short set of stairs leading to an Aztec guard. Jump on his head, then kick
him to get rid of him. This is a fairly standard method of getting rid of
enemies, so practice it now. There's a 100-gear hanging in the air in front
of you but you won't be able to get it until you collect all the characters
that are lost in time. Walk to the left instead and find a vase that holds
some carrots and a 10-gear (29), then come back and stand where the 100-gear
is again to open the door in front of you. Enter it to play the Pelota game
at the cost of ten carrots.

The Pelota game is the Aztec version of basketball. It's you versus two
Aztecs and the goal is to throw your ball through the hoop at the end of the
court. Just pick it up by running into it if it's moving and bouncing or by
standing still next to it if it isn't moving. If an opponent gets the ball,
just run over to him and tackle him with square to dizzy him and make him
drop it. Run the ball over to the goal and shoot it from a little behind the
arc drawn on the floor. You should have little trouble defeating the Aztecs
and nabbing a 25-gear as a reward (54).

As you head out of the area, move to the right of the doorway and find an
Acme box, the first of five. Run back down all the stairs and move alongside
that slope, finding two gears along the ground before you hit a patch of
carrots (56). Follow the wall, keeping the big temple in the center of the
area to your right. You'll find an opening in the left wall to walk through
and a structure immediately ahead and to your left that you can walk into.
Enter it and you can play the drums for ten carrots. This is a simple game of
Simon where the drummer comes up with a sequence of buttons and you have to
memorize and repeat that sequence. First Bugs does one with three buttons,
then Taz gets one with 3. Bugs gets one with 4, then Taz gets one with 5. The
final sequence has them playing together on a 6-button sequence. It's
possible to write down the sequence using shorthand if you feel it necessary.
Your reward for finishing this mini-game is another 25-gear (81).

As you walk out the door, jump up on the wall opposite the entrance to the
drum game and walk up it, collecting 2 gears and a 5-gear (88). Drop off the
wall on the right side and call Taz, there's a rabbit hole right there that
needs to be dug. Have Bugs jump in there and dig over to the hexagonal
shapes, jumping beneath them to bump them upwards and create a staircase to
climb. There's a 10-gear waiting to be collected at the top (98). Get both
Taz and Bugs to jump onto the switch that the 10-gear was hovering over to
open up a boss token that was hidden elsewhere. For now, collect the two
gears and 5-gear to the left of the structure after you jump off of it (105).

Walk around to the other side and you'll see the door leading into the
building. Enter and play the Matching Blocks Challenge. Taz has to push the
colored blocks onto the tiles with the same colors in several rooms. The
first one is extremely straightforward and gives you a 5-gear for completing
it (110). Two of the vases in the room each hold a gear for you as well
(112). In the next room, push the blue and yellow blocks onto their tiles
first. After that you can easily push one of the two remaining blocks along
an outer track and onto its tile, then push the other down the center to its
home to finish it off. You get a
10-gear for this room and can find two more gears in the vases in the corners

In the third room, push the blue block into the center cube spinner. Stand on
the spinner itself and have Taz do his spin attack to rotate everything. Two
spins should have you lined up to push that block onto its tile. The yellow
block can now go on its tile without a hitch. Push the green block around the
corner and near the yellow block, then push the red block into the spinner
and rotate 180 degrees. Push the red block onto its tile, then mop up with
the green block. You'll find three gears in the vases and get a 10-gear for
finishing the room (137). The fourth room is your reward; a 5-gear is hidden
in one of the vases and there are four 5-gears lying about as well as a 25-
gear in the center of the room (187). Grab them all and exit to the main

Break the pillars right outside the door and you'll find a single gear (188).
Jump down from the ledge in front of you and find your second Acme box as
well as the boss token in a shallow pit. Follow the path around again and
break the vases in front of the drum mini-game for a 5-gear and another gear
hidden away (194). Keep the drum building to your left as you walk around,
finding another gear laying on the ground as well as a 5-gear in the back
right corner of this alcove (200). There's a single gear in a lowered area in
front of the building you're next to, guarded by an Aztec. Just take him out
and grab it before heading in for the Sneak Peek Challenge (201).

As you head in, walk to the left and right to find a gear in each of the two
vases (203). Trampoline jump on Taz's head to grab onto the pillar in the
center of the room and lower it, raising some of the pillars in the area
ahead. You'll have to use both your sneak and your earcopter moves to cross
without disturbing the pillars. Take an extra try or two if you need to in
order to grab the 5-gear and 10-gear hanging in midair (218). The vases at
the end also hold a 5-gear and 10-gear (233). Call Taz over once you cross
and have him get on the gear set in the floor, the spin several times to
raise it up into the air. Once it is at its highest, jump to get the 25-gear
(258). You can now exit this area and reenter the main level.

Once you get out, head to the right of the building. You'll find one of the
characters lost in time. Kick him and he'll go back to his appropriate place.
Now follow the rock wall until it dead ends into another wall, then climb up
onto it to find the third Acme box and two more gears (260). Drop off the end
of the wall and head to the left, using Taz to destroy the nearby pillars for
a gear and a 5-gear (266). Turn left to keep the Aztec temple on your right,
finding the second lost in time character to your right. Follow the path
around to find the fourth Acme box and two more gears in front of the temple
(268). Make your way all the way up to the top of the temple stairs for the
fifth Acme box and a 25-gear (293). Head back down halfway and circle around
the temple's ledge, destroying all the vases and such for two gears and two
5-gears (305). There's a long staircase opposite the temple wall you climbed,
which is the entrance to the Sacred Ride. Break open the vases there for a
gear and a 10-gear (316). Trampoline jump on Taz for the pillar ahead to get
a single gear, then turn right and break the pillars near where you started
for a gear, a 5-gear, and a 1-up (323). Turn around again and head down the
last unexplored area, the Catch the Monkey Challenge.

From where you start, jump up on the ledge to the right and follow it around
for three gears, then jump off at the end to nab a 10-gear in midair (336).
Jump across the river immediately ahead for a 5-gear, then climb the ledges
for three more gears (344). Explore the top ledge here for another 5-gear and
a 10-gear, and note the monkey atop the tree (359). Drop down and find two
more 5-gears next to the temple steps, then follow the river back to find a
single gear (370). Now you can run around and actually catch the monkeys like
you're supposed to! Some of them are in trees and some are on the ground.
Have Taz spin into the ones on the ground, then pick them up and deposit them
on the large switch in front of the temple. For the ones in the trees, have
Bugs climb up there and kick them off, then Taz can carry them back again
(they're too heavy for the rabbit). One of the trees that the monkeys are
hiding in has a 5-gear for you (375). When you get all five, the temple door
will open up and give you a 25-gear (400). Now all that remains is that
crystal gear you couldn't get! That one will have to wait until you've
finished the rest of the era. Head back into the main area and then over to
the Baboon Realm and we'll get started there.

3.1.2 Baboon Realm

Gears: 500

You start with a gear immediately ahead of you (1). Turn left and have Taz
break the huts for the first Acme box, two gears, a 5-gear, and a 10-gear
(18). There's a baboon running around that you'll need to get rid of; guide
him over to a leaf-covered pit in front of where you started and he'll fall
in. There's a curious statue in the middle of this area. Have Taz jump onto
the spin symbol next to it and spin attack three times to turn the statue
into place. Bugs can then grab some food (a rock?) out of the pile next to it
and throw it into the statue's mouth. One of the eyes on the main baboon head
statue will light up.

There's a sign that says 'Do not feed the piranhas' next to a lake with, you
guessed it, piranhas. Kick open the crate with the bomb icon and grab the
bomb inside. A tasty treat for your gilled friends! Throw the bomb in and one
will swallow it, getting killed. Open the crate again for another bomb, then
kill the other fish with it. There are two gears to find, then a 25-gear, two
10-gears, and another 25-gear deep in an underwater passage (90)! Don't cross
all the way over to the other side, there are piranhas you haven't taken care
of yet. You can swim around them, but in large quantities they get more
difficult to deal with. Return to where you jumped in the water and hop out

There are two single gears to grab as you run down the path (92). Take a left
and find another gear and the second Acme box before you run into another
baboon (93). Lead him into another pit and move on, locating two gears, a 5-
gear, and a 10-gear around the giant baboon head (110). Turn around and head
up the rock ledges across from the head, scrambling up to the bridge area.
Grab the gear right in front of you and trick the next baboon into his pit
(111). Have Taz bust through the nearby huts for two gears, a 5-gear, a 10-
gear, and a 25-gear (153). Trampoline jump on Taz for a 5-gear, then call him
up and jump onto the pillar there (158). Use Taz to trampoline jump and call
him after you a few more times to reach the very top, a path with a 25-gear
and one of the characters lost in time (183).

When you come back down, head up the other set of ledges. There's a monkey
throwing things at you, so go up and hit him. He'll run off, leaving you to
grab his 5-gear in peace (188). Continue up the path to find another 5-gear,
a 10-gear, and a 25-gear before it dead-ends (228). Backtrack to the bridge
and head across it, picking up a gear on the bridge itself and then another
gear, a 5-gear, and a 10-gear on the ledge it leads to (245). Walk up the
stairs to the top of the platform and grab the 10-gear there (255). There are
two statues here like the first one you fed. Take care of one as you did
before, but when you do a timer will start on the bottom. Before it runs out,
feed the other statue and the other eye in the baboon head will light up.
Drop down and head across the other bridge leading away from this stone
column, picking up a 5-gear (260). Call Taz in for some hut demolition after
you cross, netting a gear and two 10-gears, as well as your third Acme box
(281). There's a switch that opens the bamboo gate you had to turn away from
before, but for now if you knock over that large pillar it'll make a bridge
over to the far ledge. A 5, 10, and 25-gear wait for you, along with a 1-up
and a baboon that needs to be hit and chased off (321). Crossing back over to
the other side, now turn left and walk across the stone overpass for a 5-gear
(326). Destroying the hut next to it will reveal the second character lost in
time for this level.

Backtrack over to that bamboo gate and go to town with Taz, destroying all
the huts. Two 10-gears and a 5-gear are there to be collected within (351).
At the end of the path you'll find the fourth Acme box and another large
pillar to knock down and create a bridge with. Cross and find three statues
that need to be fed. These are on a timer as well, and when you get them all
the baboon statue's mouth will open. Now grab the 5 and 10-gears, then jump
off and grab the 25-gear on your way into the water (391). Have one character
swim around the circular area to pick up a 10-gear, a 5-gear, and two gears
(408). At the waterfall at the end, grab the 25-gear on your way down (433).
Jump out of the water and grab the single gear, then bomb the piranhas if you
care to (434). If you head into the baboon's mouth, you'll face off against
the baboon king himself. Hop in and take him on.

The king stands out of reach on a pyramid-like structure. He throws large
blocks at you while you run around on the ground, a switch on each side of
the building. You'll want to stand on each switch until he throws a block at
you, then run off and let the block land on the switch instead. After each
hit he'll swing towards you and then drop coconuts where you're standing, so
keep moving until he's back in his spot again. When all four switches are in,
you'll be able to enter the building and grab the boss token. After you do,
grab the torch with Bugs and use the square button to light it in one of the
flames near the doors. Then go back and light the fire in the center, then
have both yourself and Taz jump on the bellows to get the flame steadily
higher. It might take a while, but eventually you'll get the flame up to the
big baboon himself and he'll fly off, giving you a 25-gear (459). You can
drill a rabbit hole in the soft spot of the floor to get back.

Head to the left as you return, finding a pond with more piranhas to bomb.
Take them out, then dive for the 5-gear held in the water, then surface again
and grab the fifth Acme box for the 25-gear (489). A single gear and a 10-
gear lay ahead in plain sight; finish them and you're done with the level
(500)! Head back to the Golden City and walk across, stepping into the Sacred

3.1.3 The Sacred Ride

Gears: 200

This stage is a big ride on a fire-breathing dragon! You'll grab two gears
and the first Acme box just by heading forward and breathing fire, but be
mindful of the unstable bridges (2). The second one will break apart as you
cross the middle, probably killing you the first time you run into it. Just
jump over when it starts to crumble and you'll cross it okay. Grab another
gear, a 5-gear and two 10-gears as you head into the first cavern (28).
Breathe on the Aztec guards to clear a path, then grab another 10-gear and a
5-gear on the bridge heading out (43). The third Acme box is on the next
platform, left of center. Because of the camera it's very easy to not see it
until you pass right by, so be ready for it!

Once you go into the mountain, you'll be able to control the dragon more
directly. Head to the left and grab a 10-gear, but cross quickly or you'll
get dumped in the lava (53)! At least now it only hurt you rather than
killing you outright. Get to the next ledge for a single gear (54). Stay out
of the center; that seems to be where the falling rocks hit most. Backtrack
and head the other way now, using your glide to visit each of the platforms
in turn. The far right platform has some carrots if you're running low on
energy, and if you head down the center and turn left you'll find a 1-up next
to a platform with a 5-gear. Find the other two gears and 5-gear in the room,
then head out of here (65).

Now you're running towards the camera away from a raging river of lava headed
your way! Stick a bit left of center at first, and about 5-7 seconds in
there'll be a 25-gear to grab (90). There's a jump over a falling pillar,
then another 25-gear closer to the right side now (115). Another 25-gear
follows, then the fifth Acme box dead center for yet another 25-gear (165). A
few more jumps leads you to a 10-gear left of a large rock blocking the right
side (175). Along the rest of the way, burn the Aztecs for fun if you want
and make some easy jumps over falling pillars. There's a 25-gear right at the
end in the center, then the third boss token (200). You're given the option
to try again, but there's no need to unless you missed something along the
way. Head out and over to the big temple in the Golden City. With all three
tokens the top of the temple becomes an elevator, taking you down into the
last stage of this area.

3.1.4 Sam's Temple

Gears: 300

You're told at the beginning of the level that you won't be able to call your
friend, so keep them close together at all times unless you need to split up
for some objective. Turn around at the beginning and you'll immediately see a
10-gear (10). Have each character jump on a switch and you'll open the door
in front of you. When you enter, a guy that looks like a security guard will
come out and attack you with a large, top-heavy weapon. Jump out of the way
when you get in his range and he'll miss his attack, unable to pull his
weapon up again for a few moments. Use this opportunity to kick him in the
back! Three hits will dispatch him, lowering a 25-gear into your grasp and
opening the next door (35). Grab two more gears in vases and head on (37). In
the next area, one gear is directly ahead of you and another one is in a vase
(39). Head down the stairs for the first Acme box, two more gears, and a 5-
gear (46).

Climb back up the stairs halfway and have Taz push the wall where the floor
was scraped. The whole thing slides, revealing a room with falling blocks
everywhere and a 25-gear if you turn the wall 180 degrees (71). He can pick
up a block of his own to protect his head, but if it takes too many hits
it'll break and leave him defenseless until he can get back to get another
block. There are two 5-gears and a 10-gear in this room and it'll probably
take you two passes to get them all (91).

Now head down the stairs again and into the next room. The first order of
business is two 5-gears and two gears just lying on the ground (103). Then
grab a torch from the far door, light it in one of the fires, and light the
ends of both ropes with it. A large weight will fall on the switch in the
center of the room, giving you access forward. One gear in plain view and one
gear in a vase await you before you descend some stairs (105).

Be careful and quick as you're running down these stairs as there are falling
blocks and no protection! Grab a gear and a 5-gear on your way own, then two
5-gears and a gear at the bottom of the stairs (122). As you head into the
next room, you'll see more scrapes on the floor. Taz can push this wall. But
first, run down to the bottom of the stairs with Bugs. Two 10-gears and a 5-
gear are suspended in midair. There's a block in the room, but Bugs can reach
them all with a trampoline jump without the block's help (147). Return to the
moving wall and push it 180 degrees (bring Bugs through after the first turn)
and grab the single character out of time, which should be all five for this
era. Head up the stairs to the left and break the vases for a gear and a 5-
gear 153). When you enter the long room ahead, you'll see four red buttons
and a green button on the floor. Jump on the green button, then switch to
your friend and have him jump on the next button that turns green. Switch and
jump on the next button and so on until all five are green. This opens a door
with a 25-gear hidden behind it (178). Break the vases in the room for a 5-
gear and a 10-gear (193).

Walk back down the stairs, then down the other flight of stairs hidden behind
the wall you pushed around. The second Acme box awaits you. As you step
inside a large room with a fountain, break the nearby vases for a 5-gear
(198). Trampoline off of Taz up on the right side to a maze that Bugs will
have to sneak through. There are three guards patrolling long corridors that
you'll need to get past. Just sneak up behind them as they walk by and slip
into the next hallway before they turn around and spot you. As long as you're
not in their hallway or making noise next to them, they shouldn't see you. At
the end of the path you'll find a switch that extends some platforms on the
top of the maze as well as one that turns the fountain in the main room
halfway, plus the third Acme box for the taking. Walk along the top platforms
now and pick up the fourth Acme box, two gears, a 5-gear, and two 10-gears
(225). Now it's Taz's turn.

Have Taz run over to the left side of the fountain room and spin on the swirl
icon. He'll be transported up to the platform high up. There's a single gear
and a 10-gear he'll have to pick up, careful to dodge falling blocks (236).
In the next room, grab a steel block to hold over your head as you run
through the worst storm of falling stone yet. Grab more blocks if you need
them, they're placed along the path for you. Near the end you'll see the
fifth Acme box, break it for the 25-gear bonus (251). Hit the switch at the
very end of the path to turn the fountain again and fill up the pool. If you
drop down to the bottom area before climbing out again, you'll find two
single gears, two 5-gears, and a 10-gear (283). Head back into the fountain
room and cross the pool, grabbing both single gears in midair and the 5 and
10-gears in vases just past (300). Walk through the door for the fight with

There's an amusing cutscene where Daffy bargains for his life with Sam, then
tricks him and runs off. Sam takes off after him and leaves you two alone in
the room. Push the three gray pillars back into their places against the wall
with Taz. Once they're in position, Sam runs back in with a torch. Tire him
out by running around, then knock the torch away from him with and grab it
with Bugs. Position Taz against one of the pillars, then switch to Bugs and
grab the torch. Run over to Taz and trampoline atop the column, lighting the
rope above it. Sam will return with another torch and the process repeats.
Once all three ropes have been lit, Sam gets squashed and Daffy runs off with
the gem. Granny opens the door to the Viking area and you can now exit this

On the way out from the Golden City, don't forget to run over to the 100-gear
for getting all five characters out of time. With that, this era should be
completely done.

|3.2 Viking Era|

3.2.1 Shore Village

Gears: 500

A new era to tear up! Let's go! Tweety's not far from where you start. Talk
to him and Taz will learn how to throw Bugs. Run down the wooden bridge near
you and throw Bugs over to the 10-gear (10). Now throw yourself back over the
water and head up the path, grabbing a 5-gear and two single gears (17). On
the flat area there's an obelisk which Taz can destroy in three parts. Do so
for another 10-gear (27). Grab a 5-gear and a single gear on either side of
the ramp to the platform directly in front of you, then walk up and talk to
Tweety again (33). Granny will come out and teach Taz how to pull a face.
Grab the 5-gear right next to you, then head along the path to the left of
the triangle-marked door for the skating challenge, which you can play for
fifteen carrots (38).

The skating challenge is another Simon-like game, but with the twist that you
have to time your buttons correctly now. The sequences are only 3 and 4
buttons long, but you must hit each button while the ring you are in is lit.
It's only lit for a second or so, so don't dally or you won't do anything at
all and you'll fail. After you finish the 4-button sequences, you'll get a
25-gear as your reward (63).

Step out again and take out the two chests near the green ramp with the
triangle-marked door (actually, it looks more like an up arrow) for a single
gear (64). Finish moving around that green ramp to find the first Acme box as
well. Head into the passage with long logs lining it to find the Saving the
Druid Challenge. The druid's trapped under an elephant, of all things. Head
up the path and grab a 5-gear on your way up (69). Search around the house
and you'll find a 10-gear to go with it as well (79). There's nothing else up
there, so start downhill and grab a 10-gear after you smash all the rocks in
your way at the first bend (89). There's a single gear in a rock next to the
next mousehole on the right (90). Follow the path upward and grab a 5-gear in
the corner of that flat area (95). Drop down from there and nab a single gear
near the next mousehole, then follow the path further into the maze and grab
a 5-gear from another set of rocks at the final bend (101).

You'll find a mouse and a single gear at the end of the course (102). Now you
have to chase this thing all the way back to the beginning of the area. There
are three turnstile rocks in your way on the path back. The first two you can
push beforehand to give the mouse a clear run, but the last one will have to
be handled when you get to it. Use Taz's pull-a-face move to scare the mouse,
making it run in a direct line away from you. Herd it by fear (don't hit it
or it will run away!) until you get to the third turnstile. When the mouse is
in position in front of the rock, run up to the top platform and spin on the
swirl icon. The turnstile will allow access for a short while, which is your
cue to get down there and scare him through. One more hairpin to make and the
mouse finally gets to the elephant, scaring it off of the druid. Temporarily,
anyway. You get a 25-gear for your efforts and get to go back to the main
level (127).

Once you're back, head downward and to the right of the pointing statue.
Trampoline jump off of Taz to get up to that high ledge. Two 5-gears and two
10-gears reside in the well, in barrels and simply lying around, as well as
the second Acme box (157). Head behind the house for the Snowball Fight

Take an immediate left from your starting point and jump onto the seesaw
platform. Have Taz stand at the near end while Bugs jumps over to it and runs
up the raised end, crossing to the next platform. Grab a snowball out of the
mound of snow and wait for the goon on the same platform to lower his shield,
be it to throw, taunt, or whatever. When the moment comes, peg him with a
snowball and he'll be gone. Look around all the high ledges, there are five
goons in total that need to be taken care of. Once Bugs has defeated all of
them, send Taz on a run to collect all the gears in the low areas. You should
find four 5-gears and seven single gears before you even get to the pit you
need to cross (184). Once you have all the gears, have Taz run around and
collect the ice blocks each goon was guarding. Throw them in the pool, where
they become larger-than-life stepping stones. You'll need all five of them to
make it across, then a trampoline jump will get Bugs up to the 25-gear (209).

When you get back out, head across the way to find a house with the Ring 'N
Roll Challenge. You need to be able to roll to even do it, unfortunately, so
that will have to wait a bit. Grab the third Acme box on the right side of
the house, though. There's a barrel just to the right of that at the adjacent
house which you can break for another gear (210). You run across the crystal
gear but as in the last world, you need to find all the characters lost in
time before you'll get that. Take the 5-gear right next to in instead (215).
There's a rabbit hole nearby that Taz will be able to dig out. Bugs can jump
in and tunnel beneath the two nearest statues, raising them up with a jump.
At the very bottom of the hill, there's another rabbit hole Bugs can use to
push up the third statue. Over in the corner away from the path upwards is
Tweety with a new move - the super roll! Grab the gear next to Tweety first,
then roll through the wooden wall and pick up two 5-gears, two 10-gears (some
in barrels and chests), and the first character out of time behind the house

Before you head up the path, go back the way you came and push the three
statues you lifted into the correct position (Point them to match the symbol
on the door, you'll hear a click when they're in the right spot). After you
push the third one, roll into that building and take on the Ring 'N Roll
Challenge. This is a simple game with several rooms, all you have to do is
roll through the gates in the order that they light up. You have to do it in
one roll, but that shouldn't be a problem since you don't have to be precise
at all about rolling ~through~ the gates. Just touch them. You get a 5-gear
for the first room, a 10-gear for the second room, and a 25-gear for the
third room (286). In the third room, you don't get the pattern beforehand,
it's given to you while you make your run. In addition, there are steel
blocks as obstacles in the room. Taz can throw them away before you get
started, giving you a clearer run.

Now you can finally head back to the bottom of the hill and start to climb
the series of platforms heading up the rock face. There is a single gear and
a 5-gear on the way up, as well as two 10-gears in the obelisks at the top
platform with the statue. (312) The entrance next to you is the Shield Race,
so skip that for now and head back down, searching the barrels at the bottom
of the hill for another 5-gear and 10-gear (327). As you head back up the
hill again, this time stick to the right wall and take the first opening for
the Hockey Game. The hockey game is really very similar to the Pelota game
you played back in the Aztec Era. Stick to the center to grab the puck as
soon as it comes out, then skate around the defenders if you can. The goalie
is practically non-existent so you just have to line up a shot and take it. 5
goals before your opponents gets you a 25-gear (352).

Once you get out, keep heading up that path, veering to the right to enter
another new little area. The rightmost house hides the second character out
of time, finishing that off for this stage. The fourth Acme box is right next
to him as well. From there, check the barrels straight ahead for a 5-gear
(357). Cross over to the other side of the entrance ramp to find a single
gear and a 5-gear in chests next to the nearest house (363). Stick along this
left border, diverting only to grab the single gear in the middle of the area
(364). There's another 5-gear in the next house's barrels. Have Taz bust open
the rabbit hole so Bugs can push up the last statue, then grab another 5-gear
and single gear from the obelisks next to the entrance to the Moon Valley
(375). Over by the entrance to the Elmer Domain, the final Acme box and 25-
gear can be found (400). Push the last statue into place and they'll blow the
door with the symbol apart, giving you access to the boss token. That
completely cleans out this stage aside from the 100-gear that will have to

3.2.2 Moon Valley

Gears: 300

You start this nighttime level at the bottom of a hill, and as you ascend it
you'll run into your first single gear (1). The second one gets picked up by
a bird, but you can get it back by jumping up and hitting triangle for his
midair spin attack (2). Head onto the circular stone structure and pop open
the first Acme box. There's an inscription that reads 'The path will open
when the light strikes' but no light yet. Grab the single gear hidden in the
rock in the far left corner, then head into the cavern in the rock face in
front of you (3).

When you walk in, grab the box on the floor and get the single gear to your
right (4). Carry it to the top, picking up a gear and a 5-gear along the way
(10). Put the box down on the wooden lift, then head back up and get the
second Acme box. Pick up the other steel box and place it on the lift as
well. The gate at the top opens and you can walk through.

The area you walk into is curious, looking fairly similar to the one you just
left. The circular stone structure is there again, this time with a 10-gear
on the bottom (20). The third Acme box is just to the right of where you
emerge. Head near the waterfall and grab the single gear, then jump up the
path and collect two gears, a 5-gear, and a 10-gear (37) Have Taz throw Bugs
over to the top of the circular stone structure where he can collect a 5-gear
and a 25-gear (67). When he jumps on the plate at the top where the light
shines, it turns over and faces the bottom instead, partially releasing the
bridge in the first area. Summon Bugs back to Taz, and on the way down the
path earcopter behind the waterfall to grab a character out of time (jump
from above, you can't be thrown from the same elevation and make it). There's
another area that can be seen from that location but there's no way to get to
it just yet, so head back to the first area.

This time head left and up the path as you exit from above. There's a 5-gear
on the way up as well as two obelisks with a 5-gear and 10-gear in them that
hide a 1-up (87). You'll find two more gears until you reach the top area
which hold another two gears and a 5-gear held by a bird like before (96).
From here you can see the waterfall that you were just at, as well as the
entrance to a cavern.

When you enter, it looks something like the last cavern. There are two lifts
and a single gear in the corner as well as a 5-gear and a 10-gear to your
right (112). In the far right corner is the fourth Acme box as well. Once
you've collected everything, take one steel cube and drop it on the nearby
lift. Once it lowers a bit, grab Bugs and throw him onto the other lift, then
get the other steel cube and weigh it down the rest of the way, putting Bugs
where he needs to be to continue. Bugs will grab a 10-gear before continuing
into the next area (122).

In yet another outdoor area, Taz can destroy the nearby rocks for a single
gear and a 10-gear (133). The fifth Acme box and the 25-gear to go with it is
off to the right as well (158). At the far left back corner, Taz can take out
two obelisks for a 10-gear and the second character out of time in this stage
(168). Grab the single gear at the far cave's entrance and the 5-gear in the
rock nearby it, then head in again (174).

First things first: There are two 10-gears, a 5-gear, and a single gear that
need collected in here before you do anything (200). Have Bugs grab the
hammer in the room and hammer down all four pegs surrounding the central
disc. Then Taz can jump on and use his spin to open up a catapult outside.
Taz can pull the catapult back, and from that switch it is possible to
trampoline Bugs up to the top of the circular stone structure so he can grab
the 25-gear and the 10-gear up there (235).

To use the catapult, have bugs sit down on it with the triangle button. Once
he's seated, hit X and he'll go flying all the way back to the first light
stone, allowing him to collect a 5-gear, a 10-gear, and a 25-gear atop that
area (275). Once all three light stones have been turned over, the bridge to
the Viking ship should drop down fully. Cross over and meet up with a bomb-
throwing guy in the ship. To defeat him, have Taz grab the bomb-resistant
shield on the left side of the ship. The bomb will bounce off of this,
enabling Bugs to pick it up and throw it back at him. You'll have to destroy
all six shields surrounding the ship. Each time you hit a shield, the guy
will climb the mast and try to leap onto you. Dodge this attack and keep up
the same pattern. Eventually he'll jump twice and even three times before
throwing bombs again, but when all the shields are gone the ship will sink,
giving you a boss token. Additionally, you can now grab the hammer next to
you and leap across the ice cubes to hit the guy once last time (he's trapped
in ice). He'll give up a 25-gear and sail himself off into the arctic sea

3.2.3 The Shield Race

Gears: 200

In this game you'll have to ride through all the gates and beat the two
Viking guys in a snow race on shields! Use the directional pad for this race,
I can't stress it enough. It will make your life much easier on this slippery
slope. You'll head straight down and see a line of four single gears; just
follow it and it'll take you through the first gate, which is wide as can be
(4). The first Acme box will show up on the left side. If you approach it
straight on, you'll have to jump to keep the slope from steering you away.
Then you negotiate a second gate and another line of four single gears
heading towards the right (8). The third gate is in the middle of the path,
followed by the second Acme box. Just before you enter the first cavern,
there's a line of single gears on the right side that you'll have to jump to
get, four in total (12). In the cavern itself, take the center line to find
crystals to smash for the third Acme box, three 5-gears, and a 10-gear (37).

Leaving the cavern, run through the fourth gate in the center and head over
to the right to find a line of four single gears on the ground at the
beginning of the big left turn (41). Over on the opposite wall just past that
is a row of three 5-gears, hard to see before you pass them unless you're
hugging the left wall (56). You'll drop down and find yourself in another
patch of crystals, three of which hold 5-gears as well as a 25-gear in the
snow on the right (96). The fifth gate is at the very left of this little
valley. Enter another cavern and stick to the right wall, taking the jump at
the very end for a 10-gear hanging in midair (106). When you drop down you'll
see a line of 6 single gears perpendicular to you which you can grab on a
future run or slow down/turn around and grab them now.

You'll slide down a long slope, through the sixth gate, and onto a sheet of
ice. Head right a bit and grab the fourth Acme box. In the next turn is
another group of three 5-gears right of center, so ride a little high to grab
them (127). The seventh gate is on the left side instead. There's nothing for
a little while as you veer down a double S-curve (with the eighth gate at the
bottom), then suddenly the path splits into two! Take the right path for now,
running through the ninth gate, and grab the line of four gears on the right
(131). You'll enter yet another cavern with a 5-gear hidden in the first
crystal on the right side (136). The fifth Acme box and the 25-gear for it is
dead center, then a 10-gear in a crystal just to the right of that (171). One
more gate awaits you, then the race is over.

The next time you race, take the left path at the fork instead and pick up
the last string of four single gears in the level (175). Now return to the
race again and carefully make your way through all the gates. If you got them
all, the final gate before the race's end will hold a 25-gear for you (200).

For winning the race you get the final boss token! If you missed some items
(and it's very difficult to get them all on the first run), race again and
pick up the remainder of the stuff. Keep in mind that in most parts of the
slope, it's possible to turn around and slowly work your way uphill to grab
stuff you missed. Just swing around in a wide arc and try to ride up. It
defies physics, but it works and saves much frustration having to restart the
race constantly.

3.2.4 Elmer's Domain

Gears: 500

When you start out, a 10-gear is right in front of you (10). Grab it, then
have Taz throw Bugs over to the lone tower on the right. He can bust the
barrels for a single gear, a 5-gear, and a 10-gear (26). Summon Taz and throw
Bugs back over, then continue onward. There's a single gear, then a doorway
on the left (27). In this room is light shining on a mirror, but first grab
the single gear, 5-gear, and 10-gear in the barrels around (43). Use Taz to
spin at the mirror and rotate it twice so that the light shines on the moon
symbol. The gate will lift and let you collect a 25-gear (68).

Head back outside and turn left. There should be a row of three guards
marching in front of you. Wait until the moment they are farthest away from
you, then jump up and grab the 5-gear on your way to their platform (73).
Charge up your roll move and let it rip before they get to you, knocking them
all off into the pits! Jump to the next platform in safety and grab the
single gear and 10-gear there (84). If you look left here, you'll see a door
with a switch right in front of it. Have Taz throw Bugs over there, then call
Taz over since both of you will need to be on the switch to open the door.
Bust open the first Acme box, the barrels and the chest for a 5-gear and a
10-gear (99), then use a trampoline jump to get up on the wooden column in
the center of the room for a 25-gear (124). Exit and continue along the main

The next platform is another group of three guards handled the same way, just
with a longer jump at the beginning. Grab the 5-gear on the way onto the
platform, then the 10-gear at the end (trampoline jump on Taz or jump
backwards from the higher platform to grab it) (139). There's another single
gear, then another doorway to the left for you to enter (140).

There's nothing complex about the next light puzzle, just rotate the bottom
mirror to shine the light up to the next highest one, then rotate that top
mirror to point it back up towards the gate at the very top. Grab the single
gear above the bottom mirror as well as the 5-gear and 10-gear in a box and a
barrel before you walk up, hitting the second Acme box on your way (156). Go
through the now open door and follow the path up to the tower at the end.
Jump from block to block, pulling yourself up and breaking the barrels at the
top for a grand total of two single gears, two 5-gears, two 10-gears, and a
25-gear outside (213).

Head back down the way you came and back onto the main path. The next
platform along the way is yet another set of three guards to be bowled over.
Grab the 5-gear and 25-gear in the air between them after you dispatch the
guards (243). Jump across to the last structure in this row (don't turn right
just yet) and bust the barrels around the door for a 10-gear (253). Walk
around the statue to the right for the third Acme box, then walk around to
the left to find a path up with a 25-gear in the way (278). The fourth Acme
box is in the way as well as you climb up farther, eventually reaching the
top of the giant statue's head. You'll find the last character out of time
for this era, a 1-up, and a 10-gear for your troubles (288). On the right
side of the statue's helmet is a 5-gear if you didn't take that path going
up, so drop down and get it (293). Now you can finally drop down to the
entrance of the structure and walk in.

When you enter, search the barrels and chest in the corners for 2 10-gears
and a 25-gear (338). Have one character get on the balance in the middle of
the room, walking over to the end nearest the platform high in the air. The
other character should climb up the platforms on the other side, then jump
off and land on his end of the balance. You'll launch the other up onto the
high platform, opening the gate and giving you access to another 25-gear

Exit the area and backtrack just a bit, taking a left onto a pillar with a
barrel at each corner. Break them all for a single gear, a 5-gear, and a 10-
gear, then jump to the next bridge for another 10-gear (389). When you enter
the large building ahead of you, it traps you inside in a room with three
bulls-eyes and a Viking. He'll charge at you just like a bull, so treat him
like one and lead him into the targets! Just stand right in front of one and
move out of the way as he charges towards you. He'll break open the wall and
fall off a ledge. Two more Vikings will show up, so repeat for the other
walls. Once all the walls have been destroyed, you can grab two 10-gears
before heading onward, taking the path to the right of where you originally
entered (409). The fifth Acme box with the 25-gear is along the way, as is a
single gear, a 5-gear, and another 25-gear (465). When you reach the long
staircase, search the barrels on either side of it for a 10-gear and a 25-
gear (500). At the end you'll run into Elmer Fudd and begin the battle with

Elmer will call down lightning while he stands high out of your reach. In
front of each tower is a set of three symbols which you must push down to
bring Elmer down to your level. The first time you can simply jump on all
three symbols (they're regular switches) to bring him down. Dodge his hammer
swing and hit him, then have Bugs grab his hammer and hit one of the raised
triangles surrounding the time gem. Elmer will call the hammer back to him
and renew his attack from a different tower. Just remember what each button
does and repeat the process until you've hit everything around the Time Gem:

Plain brown: Jump on it.
Darker brown, lowered: Jump in the rabbit hole and hit it from beneath.
Green: Have Taz spin on it.
Blue: Make the lightning hit that spot (stand on it until just before the
lightning hits from Elmerís call, then get out of the way)

Once you hit all five triangles and lower all the towers, the time gem is
freed and Elmer is defeated. Daffy, of course, runs over and grabs the time
gem first, disappearing into another era. You'll exit the level from here,
but don't forget to stop by the crystal gear in the Shore Village to bring
your total there to 500, finishing off this era completely.

|3.3 Arabian Era|

3.3.1 Sunset Alleys

Gears: 500

You start off in a street corner with Tweety calling out to you. Taz learns
his own charge move called the Super Spin. Start this stage by sticking to
the left, running up a staircase with a single gear (1) and the entrance to
the Water Temple immediately in front of you. Enter and learn that the fire
genie is being held in this temple. Break the vases around the room for two
more single gears, then get both characters to stand on the big switch near
the pool to open an underwater gate (3). Jump in the water and lure the
piranhas out into your pool, then give them a few bombs to eat. Swim through
the now clear corridor and surface on the other side, collecting a single
gear and a 10-gear out of the vases in the room (14). Talk to the genie, who
will thank you for freeing him and return to his bottle in the Fire Temple.
Go ahead and exit this building.

Once you leave, walk all around the temple and break open all the vases for
two 5-gears, then collect the first Acme box (24). There's also a strange guy
running around this area who's pretty fast. This is actually a character lost
in time! Have Taz charge up his Super Spin and run him down, sending him back
to his own time. If you continue straight up in the same direction you came
from you'll come to the Carpet Chase level, but leave that for now. Instead,
turn to the right and find the Soccer mini-game. It's the same as the hockey
game and the Pelota game before this, just grab the ball and shoot it in.
Tackle the enemy if they have the ball and grab it from them. You'll get a
25-gear for completing it (49).

When you exit, head back down the way you came and you'll see a door just in
front and to your left. Enter there for the Baladi Lessons mini-game. As
you'd expect, it's another Simon clone. This is probably the best one,
however, since you get to watch Taz's attempts to be a sexy harem dancer! Two
sequences of four buttons, then two sequences of five buttons will get you
your 25-gear (74).

Once you leave, turn to the left and grab the 5-gear on the staircase right
next to you, I know it's been killing you (79). Continue heading up the
stairs, but as the path turns left take a detour onto the rooftop right next
to you for a 5-gear (104). Follow the path until you have to climb up onto a
new ledge, finding the second Acme box. Turn around and follow the stone
bridge right next to the way you came up, dispatching the guard along the
way. You'll drop down into a small area with some vases to break, yielding a
single gear, a 5-gear, and a 10-gear (120). Head back over the bridge and
take the other path now, picking up a 10-gear on the way to another vase area
with a single gear, a 5-gear, and a 10-gear (146). If you look up from this
area, there's a ledge just above you can visit with the 100-gear. Remember
where it is for when you're done with this era. Turn around from the vases
and you'll see a 5-gear in the midst of some carrots, then another set of
vases further on that only yield a single gear (152).

Drop down the right ledge of this vase area and find a single gear on a lower
rooftop, then head back towards the Baladi lesson just a bit (off the right
ledge if you forgot where) (153). There are two single gears next to a fruit
stand to get here (155). Run up the stairs nearest to you and grab the 5-gear
in the little bazaar area, then turn left and head down that corridor (160).
Another 5-gear awaits you along the way, plus two single gears and the third
Acme box lying on the ground in the square area you come to (167). The single
vase next to the entrance to the Royal Gardens holds a 5-gear, but leave that
alone and instead use Taz to Super Spin on the swirl icon to the left of that
door and open up the Taz Mahal Challenge (172).

Basically, this is like the Ring 'N Roll challenge for Bugs. Taz has to hit
all the monkeys that come out of the vases. If you take too long to hit a
monkey, he'll pop back in and come out of a different vase. This makes it a
bit tricky because if he pops back in at the wrong time you may not be able
to stop, and hitting the wrong vase will cost you! The first room only has
four monkeys, however, and gives you a 5-gear upon completion (177). The
second room has five monkeys arranged in a tighter patter, so it won't take
you long to get from vase to vase. Just be careful not to run into the wrong
one! You get a 10-gear for finishing and moving to the next room (187). The
final room has six monkeys in a hexagon. Move quickly but precisely. You'll
get a 25-gear for finishing the final room and get to exit back to the main
stage (212).

When you get back out, head across the square to the Earth Temple to find
that the Wind genie is prisoner here. The vases only hold carrots, but
there's a rabbit hole and a pillar near them. Have Taz drill the hole and
jump on the pillar, then bugs can slip beneath the ground and push the pillar
upward three times, taking Taz to the ledge. You'll jump in another pit, then
have to repeat the process to get up to the top. You can't jump across this
time, however. Once Taz is at the top, have him call Bugs and throw the
rabbit across the gap instead. The vases in the corner hold a 5-gear for you
(217). Drop down into the next pit and call Taz to dig out the rabbit hole.
Bugs can jump in and hit the raised pillar once to bring it back down,
revealing the path into the next room. In this circular room, one of the
vases holds a 10-gear (227). Use the same rabbit hole/pillar trick to get up
to the genie's platform, releasing him. One of the vases next to him has a
single gear (228). On the way back out of this room, you can either
trampoline jump or use the pillar trick to grab a single gear hanging in the
air (229).

Exit the temple and head back down the corridor you originally came from.
Head back to the bazaar area, but instead of walking across it, take a quick
detour down the stairs on the inside curve and back up the other side,
picking up a single gear along the way (230). At the other end of the bazaar,
head down that corridor and you'll find the second character lost in time
running around after you pick up another gear (231). This one wants to jump
between rabbit holes constantly, evading one character's attempts to nab him.
Luckily you're not Elmer Fudd and can cover two points at once! Position one
character at the hole he last used and chase him with the other one. He
should be an easy catch then. Break the nearby vases for a 5-gear and 10-
gear, then learn Bugs' Snipe Mode from Tweety (246). Head to the left of
where you first came in, taking a quick detour into the well in the middle
for another 25-gear (271). Grab the fourth Acme box and enter the Fire

Once inside, you'll have a corridor of lava to cross. Watch out for cracked
floor tiles! You'll have to earcopter across them or you'll take damage when
they break and dump you in the lava. There's a single gear to grab just ahead
of you (272). Take the left path first and grab a 10-gear on the way to the
water genie, freeing him when you reach the end (282). You'll want to grab a
shield either before or after the genie because of the falling rocks near
him! Take the other path back to the beginning, grabbing the 25-gear on the
way back (307). Exit the Fire Temple and move onward. When you leave the door
to the Genie Temple is on your left. Don't go in just yet, but remember its
location. Go straight from the door of the Fire Temple instead and find the
door to Babba's Cave. The fifth Acme box with its 25-gear awaits you as well
as a single gear on the ground (333).

Turn around again and head back to the well, then turn left towards the
bazaar, turn left again at the first set of stairs, following it down for a
single gear to the left (334). The door on the left leads to the Spinning
Plates Challenge - Head in and play it for 20 carrots. This mini-game is one
of the most intense, in my opinion. You have to catch plates as they're
thrown to you, then put them down on one of the nine poles and keep it
spinning by hitting it with the square button periodically. If three plates
drop without being caught by you during any one run or if a plate falls off a
pole at any time, you will lose an attempt and you get three attempts to get
it right. The first time is with three plates, the second is with six, and
the third is with all nine! Luckily, you don't need to keep them spinning
while you're just putting them on the poles. I suggest using a triangular
pattern for the three, a 2x3 rectangle for the six, and for the nine plates
just run in a figure eight pattern around, hitting them all. You don't have
much extra time so keep moving. You'll get a 5, then a 10, then a 25-gear for
each successful run (374).

Heading straight out from that door, you'll see two single gears in front of
you to collect (376). Take a left at the next intersection and run down some
stairs, collecting another single gear (377). There's a 5-gear hidden in a
vase next to the door of the Wind Temple just ahead (382). Inside, there's
one gear on the top platform and one down by the air streams themselves
(384). Now the problem is getting across to the genie. Those holes all have
swirl symbols by them, so Taz can turn them on and off by spinning near them.
But they don't necessarily control the one that they're next to. They don't
necessarily just control one, either. There are two ways to solve this
problem, but for the ease of explaining let me number these switches. As you
walk in, the board looks like this:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

The first way is the 'correct' way. Create a path from start to finish by
spinning on the right switches. You can spin on 8, 5, and 6 to create a path
along the left side. Now call Taz back and use him to trampoline over to the
air stream above 7. Earcopter at the highest point of your jump and you'll
glide onto the top of it. From there it's fairly trivial to cross to the end.

The other way probably wasn't intended, but still works and is quicker in my
opinion. Have Taz spin on 8, then collect him and bugs down at the air stream
above 0. This works best if Taz is slightly to the left or right of the air
stream, as Bugs has to move a bit in one direction so he'll actually land on
top of the stream rather than coming up from under it. Trampoline jump on
Taz, then just before the height of your jump, move towards the air stream.
As soon as Bugs starts to head downward again, hit Triangle for his dive. If
it's after the apex of his jump, Bugs will gain a little extra height with a
small jump and this will be just enough to land you on top of the air stream.
It's not simple, but it'll get you there.

With all four genies freed, head over to the Genie Temple. Break open the
vases for a single gear, a 5-gear, and a 10-gear (400). The genies will also
give you the boss token for this level. With everything collected that you
can get for now, head over to the Royal Gardens.

3.3.2 Royal Gardens

Gears: 400

When you first start out, you're presented with a magic flute and a locked
gate. Pick up the flute and you'll see a four-button sequence laid out very
obviously on the steps leading up to the gate. Play it, then break the vases
before you head in for a 1-up and some carrots.

The first gear of this level is directly in front of you before the three
lion statues (1). Turn left and head up the shallow steps for a 5-gear, then
break the vases around for another 5-gear and a single gear (12). Move over
to the other side and repeat the procedure, netting a single gear, a 5-gear,
a 10-gear, and the first Acme box (28).

Continue past the lions, grabbing a 5-gear along the way and entering a hedge
maze of sorts (33). Let's clear out the gears first, then complete the area.
Take an immediate left to grab a 10-gear on the ground, then hit the vase
next to it for a 5-gear (48). Some of these vases have snakes in them now, so
be careful that you don't get hit. As you follow the path, nab the two vases
to the right for a 5-gear (53). Continuing on, you'll see a 5-gear to your
right (58). Grab that and follow the side path into the alcove, taking out a
vase for a 10-gear and getting the second Acme box (68). Returning to the
path, hit both vases where the path turns to the right for a single gear as
well as a 10-gear (79). Turn left at the T in the path and grab a 5-gear and
a 25-gear on your exit, putting you back at the lions (109).

Head back through the gate again and take a right this time, getting the 5-
gear sitting on the ground (114). The vase opposite it can be broken for a
single gear (115). Turn left at the fork in the path, then left again to grab
the single gear on the stone floor in the center of the maze area (116). From
there, take the path you came from but jump all the way up to the back area,
finding a vase with a snake for a 10-gear and a 5-gear hanging next to a gate
(131). Return to the path and take a left at the T, taking a quick right to
grab a vase with a 10-gear in it (141). Turn around and head up to the top
area where the last gate is. The nearby vase with the snake holds a 5-gear
and following that path to its end will give you a 25-gear and put you back
at the lions again (171).

Now that all the gears are gone, you're free to investigate what's behind the
gates themselves. The arrows on the buttons tell you which gate will open and
with no enemies, you should have no problems getting there in time. Hit the
red button first and head over to the left gate. When you enter, have Taz
push the big box out of the way to reveal a rabbit hole. Drill it open and
hit the adjacent blocks from underneath, which will reveal the melody you
need to play. Grab the flute and play to make a magic rope slide up the tall
pillar. Climb it and touch the pearl, sending it back to the lions. Jump off
the pillar on the opposite side and earcopter into a 25-gear (196). Grab the
third Acme box and destroy all the vases for a single gear, a 5-gear, and a
10-gear (212).

Head back to the buttons and hit the yellow one this time, running for the
gate in the back right corner. Grab a single gear, two 5-gears, and a 10-gear
lying on the ground to get them out of the way (233). In the back area,
you'll see that the guard has a music box on him. Wait for him to get beneath
the shadow of the anvil in that area (you can speed him up a little by
kicking him whenever he stops), then go into Snipe Mode and take out the
balloon holding the anvil up. The guard gets squished and you learn the
melody you need. Go back and play that melody to raise another magic rope and
send a second pearl back to the lions. Don't forget the 25-gear as you
earcopter down from that ledge (258). Now destroy all the vases in the area
for a single gear, two 5-gears, and a 10-gear (279). I'm sure you've seen the
character out of time in this spot by now, calling out to you and hanging out
atop one of the other pillars. Trampoline up there but he'll disappear; run
Taz over and smack him to send him back where he belongs.

Now hit the blue button and run over to the right gate. Collect a single
gear, a 5-gear, a 10-gear, and a 25-gear atop the structure in the middle
itself, as well as the fourth Acme box on that rooftop (320). Break open the
vases for a 5-gear and a 10-gear, then head into the back and use the same
trick you used on the second character out of time in the Sunset Alleys to
grab the second character out of time here (335).

Enter the building and find four suspended rings above a large pool. Go
around and break open all the vases for three 10-gears, two 5-gears, and the
last Acme box for another 25-gear (400). Now head into the platform in the
center of the pool and throw Bugs through one of the suspended rings. Summon
him back, then repeat for the other three rings. The melody will appear and
you can go play the flute, collecting the last pearl. Collect the boss token
on your way out of the level.

3.3.3 Carpet Chase

Gears: 300

When you start out this level, stick to the right side of the first arch you
fly under to avoid the guy coming the other way at you. Just before the first
banner you'll grab a 10-gear (10). The first Acme box is atop the arch
immediately past that. Veer to the left at the fork in the road for the
second banner and a 5-gear just in front of it (15). When you join up again,
there's a 5-gear hanging out atop the next arch to grab (20). You'll make a
big left turn, then after the next arch drop down closer to the ground to
pick up another 5-gear (25). The second Acme box is atop the next stone arch.
You can also fly beneath this arch for a 10-gear (35). From there,
immediately pull up into the 5-gear above and ahead of you, then sink back
down into another 10-gear (50). Fly beneath the arch and find another 10-gear
in the middle just past it, then a 5-gear also in the middle of the corridor

Fly low as you enter the building ahead of you to pick up a 1-up. You'll fly
into a large room with a banner in the middle and a 5-gear right between them
(70). Fly low after the banner itself to pick up the third Acme box. Stay
near the railing of the right stairs as you fly through the next room,
picking up another 5-gear along the way, as well as a hard to see fourth Acme
box at the top of the stairs (75). Flying through the next hallway, follow
the line up carrots upward to another 5-gear (80). In the final room of the
palace, head straight up towards the light and follow the carrots for a 10-
gear just before you exit (90).

Now in the clouds, fly upward to find another banner and a 5-gear together
(95). Take a slight right turn and get another banner with a 10-gear just
after it (105). Take a left from there to fly towards a 25-gear, but you'll
have to veer hard right and down to make it to the next banner with a 10-gear
at it (140). Simply follow the path straight to the next banner for a 5-gear
and two more 10-gears, as well as one other 5-gear in the nearby area (170).
You'll start your descent back into the city, collecting two more 5-gears, a
10-gear, and a 25-gear before you break the clouds (215). There's a 5-gear
hanging out just before the first stone arch, which you'll want to grab
before you get the fifth Acme box on top of the structure for another 25-gear
(245). Slip down and get the 25-gear at the banner directly afterwards if you
got all the banners at some point, then a 5-gear at the edge of the city
itself (275). The final 25-gear is gotten by restarting the race and taking
the right path at the fork in the road early in the level, finishing this
area completely (300). Of course, if you haven't actually beaten the thief to
the end of the level and gotten the boss token yet, you'll need to do that
before exiting.

3.3.4 Babba's Cave

Gears: 300

As you enter the cave, it takes an immediate left with a 5-gear placed for
you to grab (5). Follow the path until you get to a T, then turn left and
bust open the two chests above where you started for another 5-gear (10).
Turn around and head the other way, picking up the single gear and finding a
guard (11). Lure him into the shadow of the anvil nearby. There's a hallway
to the left with the head of a lion in the wall, and you can bust open the
chests here for a 5-gear and a 10-gear (26). Leave the rest for now,
following the main path up to find another single gear (27). Turn to the
right and head down, opening two chests for a 5-gear before you enter a room
with a challenge (32): Dive to the bottom of the water, hit a switch, and
grab all the rings before time runs out. It may take you a few tries to get
them all because the camera isn't really the most helpful in helping you line
up the rings. If you collect them all, though, you'll get a 25-gear for your
effort (57).

Head back into the main corridor and turn right, following that path to its
end and finding two more single gears (59). Turn to the right again, then
immediately look to the right for your first Acme box and a 5-gear in one of
the chests (64). Now follow the room until it heads downwards, picking up a
single gear on your way to the end as well as a 5-gear and a 10-gear in two
chests at the end (80). Turn around and head up the stone ledges instead,
grabbing a single gear (81). Turn left before you get to the next gear,
finding a 10-gear in a chest just before the second Acme box (91). Now head
back down, grab the 5-gear you missed and turn left, destroying the lone
chest in the right alcove for another 10-gear (106). Walk into the area with
the next guard, luring him into the anvil and collecting the single gear
lying around and another 5-gear and 10-gear within chests as well as a 1-up

An archway leads into another room with a 10-gear sitting on the ground and
the final character out of time hanging around just ahead (132). Follow the
path around, picking up a 5-gear and ignoring the area with the chests off to
the right that lead to the greenish glow for now (137). Pick up the
character, then bust out all the chests in the area for a 5-gear and a single
gear (143). Head back to the area you skipped and bust open the chests for a
5-gear and 10-gear, then enter the greenish room itself (158). You have a 3x4
grid of tiles with four colors/patterns on them. You must memorize them and
reveal them by jumping on a tile of one color and then revealing the rest of
that color before moving on. The pattern may not be the same each time, but
mine was:


R = Red, Y = Yellow, G = Green, B = Blue

If you fail three times, the lions come out and do minor damage to you, then
you get another chance to look at the pattern before you try again. When you
complete the puzzle, you'll get a 25-gear (183). To the right of that there's
a 10-gear just above a drop into a room with five smaller lion heads mounted
in the wall (193). Get rid of the guards and use Snipe Mode to shoot a carrot
into each lion head, closing it. When they're all shut, one pillar will raise
next to the large head. Head back out of that room and you'll find yourself
at the bottom of the area where you initially entered the puzzle room. Jump
in the rabbit hole and you'll reappear in a room with piranhas all about and
more small lion heads. Grab the third Acme box in the room first, then use
Snipe Mode to shoot carrots at the lions again. This time you'll have to time
it so that the piranhas aren't in the way, as they'll block your shots. The
second pillar raises when you finish and you can exit the room again.

Run up the stone path back up to the top level, then turn left. You'll find
the fourth Acme box just before a room with two more lion heads and flames
spewing out of pits beneath them. Just as before, wait for the flames to die
down so they don't block your shot, then hit the mouth. A third pillar will
raise and you can grab the 5-gear here before continuing on (198). There's a
guard in the next room which can be bothersome if left alone, so use the
anvil in the tight space and remove him. Take a right and find yourself in a
blue room with a rock in the middle. Grab the single gear and have Taz
destroy the rock to reveal an air stream (199). Bugs can jump in the air
stream and earcopter upwards, finding the fifth Acme box and the 25-gear
inside. Farther above is another 25-gear to add to your collection (249).

Turn around and head the other way now, finding a 10-gear in a chest and a
lone lion head (259). Line up your shot and take it, raising another pillar.
Head back down the ramp and find yourself in the main initial corridor that
you were in at the beginning of the level after you pick up another single
gear (260). Turn left, then turn left again immediately to run up the only
untouched ramp, this one with three lion heads. Bust the chests at the door
for a 5-gear and 10-gear, then have Taz spin on one of the swirl symbols
(275). The lion's mouth will open for a short time, giving Bugs a chance to
shoot a carrot in it. Repeat the process for the other two heads, raising the
final pillar when you're done. The big lion's mouth will open. Run back to
that area and cross the pillars, grabbing the 25-gear in the air on the way
through (300).

Babba wants a piece of you, he does! Well, far be it from you not to give him
what he wants. Babba's attack pattern is quite simple, he just chases you
around the room and swings his sword if he gets close enough. Lure him
beneath one of the shadows and a treasure chest will fall on him. Have Bugs
stand on one of the four switches in the room, which will turn one of the
gongs to face the center. Taz can now grab Babba and run him over to the
appropriate corner, throwing him into the gong. Repeat this for all four
switches and Babba's history! Daffy runs off to the Transylvanian Era and you
have to run after him again. Just remember to grab your 100-gear in Sunset
Alleys before you run off to the next era.

|3.4 Transylvanian Era|

3.4.1 Ghost Town

Gears: 500

First, a word on flying with bubble gum: You must rise very slowly! If you
inflate your gum too quickly youíll pop it. Rise just until you slow and
almost stop, then hit X again to inflate your gum. Itíll take a little extra
time but you should reach where youíre going with much less difficulty.

As you start out in this location, look to the left and slightly behind you
for your first Acme box. Head out and turn to the left after you grab the 5-
gear just ahead (5). Turn to the right again and take out the other two
coffins a little farther on, getting a 10-gear from one of them (15). Run up
the big set of stairs and find the crystal gear. Head over to the right to
bust open two coffins for a 10-gear, then locate Tweety right next to them so
Taz can learn how to fly with bubble gum (25). Use the bubble gum to fly up
the wall the bubble gum dispenser is against, heading up to the rooftop.
Youíll locate a 5-gear immediately, then follow the path to the right a bit
and find a narrow walkway to the second Acme box (30). Turn around and drop a
little bit to another rooftop to get a 10-gear (40). Youíll see the first
character out of time flying in the air. Use Bugsí Snipe Mode to shoot him
down, then hit him to send him back. Drop down to the bubble gum dispenser
and walk around the remainder of the central area to pick up another 10-gear,
then yet another in coffin along the wall opposite the bubble gum dispenser
(60). Note the entrance to Zoovania. Also have a look at the monster just
hanging out and eating food in one corner of the area, picking up your third
Acme box as well.

Walk up the stairs next to the gumball machine and grab the 10-gear ahead of
you (70). Walk a little farther forward and you'll find the Brain Transfer
Machine. Head right from that machine and follow the path down to find a red
monster near the far wall. Lead him up the ramps back to the brain transfer
machine, putting him in the circle nearest where you found him. Once he's
there, step in the other circle and you'll be transferred into that monster!
Note that youíll only be able to destroy big boxes of your color and you can
only enter the bell tower of your color as well. Walk over to the bell tower
right next to the transfer machine and bash the door down with a punch, then
walk inside.

You'll have to make your way up to the top of the tower but there are
boulders running down the path. Punch through them if they get in your way,
working your way up level by level. Grab all the gears the FIRST time you
walk through! I came back in a second time and all the gears had disappeared
from the area. A bug, perhaps? At any rate, on the bottom floor is a single
gear in a block beneath the ramp (71). The next floor holds another single
gear in a block, then the third floor has a 5-gear (77). The final level has
a 10-gear at the beginning of it, and after climbing the next ramp youíll be
at the bell (87). Punch it with your fist and the first light will shine
above the boss token. Youíll jump down onto the ground automatically.

While youíre the red monster, you might as well run around and open all the
red boxes. Run around the right side of the bell tower and find the first one
behind it with a 5-gear inside (92). Turn left and run counterclockwise
around the building, finding two more boxes with a 5-gear in each after
another left turn (102). Now run past the brain transfer machine, grabbing a
10-gear lying on the ground and continuing on the right side of the big ramp
leading upward (112). Circle the building now to your right, finding two more
boxes with a 5-gear in each and a 10-gear in the pair of coffins right next
to the last box (132). Return to the brain transfer machine and youíll be
back in Bugs. Run over to that big ramp you passed as the red monster (which
is the entrance to Bloodcountís Castle) and pick up the fourth Acme box in
the corner at the base. Give the nearby yellow monster a kick and lead him to
the brain transfer machine for another switch.

Head back down to the bubble gum dispenser. In the back left corner of this
room youíll find a yellow box with a 25-gear inside (157). Continue
backtracking until you get to the beginning of the level. Walk along that
area, keeping the wall to your left to find the other four yellow boxes, all
of which also have a 25-gear (257)! When you grab the last one, the bell
tower is right next to you. Bust through the door and head in. Itís the same
drill as before and you should find a single gear, a 5-gear, and a 10-gear on
your way up the tower (273). Ring the bell and head back to the brain
transfer machine to release this monster.

Run back to the bubble gum dispenser and kick the blue monster, then lead him
back to the machine and get in his body. Follow the path down to the red
monster again, breaking open the two blue boxes as you go downhill for a
single gear apiece (275). Youíll have to turn around when you get to the red
monster to see the second one. Run around the blue bell tower ahead of you
and get three more gears off of the other blue boxes as well as a 5-gear in
the coffins opposite the door (283). Bust open the door and head into the
third bell tower. Youíll get two single gears, a 5-gear, a 10-gear, and a 25-
gear on the way to the top (325). Ring the final bell and the gate in front
of the boss token will rise, giving you access. Bring the monster back to the
brain transfer machine, youíre done with them all now.

Run down the corridor to the right of the blue bell tower to find a 5-gear in
plain sight and a 10-gear in the coffins next to it (340). Take a left at
that intersection and youíll find the entrance to the Haunted River, as well
as a 10-gear hidden in the pair of coffins and the fifth Acme box and the 25-
gear inside it (375). Run back to the yellow bell tower and look behind it for
the second character out of time. If he's not on the ground, look up; they take
flight pretty quickly. Shoot him down with Bugs and grab him. Now all that
remains gear-wise is the Rugby Game, the entrance to which is behind the brain
transfer machine and to the right (where you found some of the red gear boxes).
Run in and have a game for 25 carrots. This one is harder than all the other
court games simply because the camera makes it a bit difficult to line up your
shot sometimes and even worse, the ball is easily obscured if itís on the side
farthest from you. The ball always pops out away from the camera when it is
served, so use this to your advantage. When you win, you get a 25-gear which
will complete the level aside from that crystal gear (400). Head over to
Zoovania now.

3.4.2 Zoovania

Gears: 500

You start this area in front of a big clock set in the ground at the entrance
to the park. In this circular area you can break open the vases and pick up
the gears on the ground for two 5-gears and two 10-gears (30). Also, the
first character out of time is in the back portion of the area, as well as
the first Acme box. Face the gates to the right and use Snipe Mode to hit the
bell atop them, which will open up the rest of the level.

Youíll follow the path down into another circular area with cages surrounding
it. Thereís a 10-gear on the ground as well as two 10-gears and two 5-gears
in vases, plus the second Acme box (70). Once youíve grabbed everything, look
up to the post in the middle and shoot it in Snipe mode so that the arrow
faces the cage to the left of where you entered, the one with the bubble gum
dispenser. Use Taz to fly around and grab the two 5-gears and 10-gears in the
area (youíll probably have to drop after each one and climb back up), then
head to the very end to find a clock switch (90). Jump on it to advance the
clock back at the beginning of the park. Thereís also a cage with a bird, but
that will have to wait.

Shoot the sign in the center area again to point to the next cage, one with a
large pool in the middle. Thereís a switch just before it as you enter. Once
you hit this switch, youíll only have ten seconds to swim to the bottom of
the pool and hit the other switch at the bottom! Hit the switch, then just
walk into the pool. Dive down and head straight, because the second switch is
in the very center of the pool. Once you successfully hit the second switch
before time runs out, youíll get another clock switch to jump on.
Additionally, break the two vases in the area for two 5-gears (100).

In the next area (the monkey cages) youíll see a fountain with three switches
near it. Thereís a 5-gear in the middle of the fountain just waiting for you
to jump up and get it (105). There are two ways to tackle this puzzle, the
easy way youíre supposed to do it and the buggy way. Taz is supposed to push
each of the monkey cages onto a switch, then jump on the middle switch
himself so Bugs can dive into the fountain. What is a little stranger but
also works is having Taz jump onto the very edge of the middle button. The
fountain will go down a level but the button will be up when it comes back to
you. Repeat a few times and the water will be down to its lowest level
permanently. Either way, when the waterís down Bugs can dive into the
fountain. When you jump out of rabbit hole on the other side, break the vases
for a 5-gear and a 10-gear, then hit the clock switch and collect your third
Acme box (120)

Shoot the sign again to open up the final door, then break the vases to the
left and right just past it for a 5-gear and a 10-gear (135). Jump down
between the sets of stairs to find a 5-gear on the ground at the bottom as
well (140). Head to the left into the main area and break the vases around
the bubble gum dispenser to find a total of three 5-gears (155). As you walk
around the remainder of the area youíll find the fourth Acme box and a 5-gear
in a vase on the right side (160). Taz can use the bubble gum to fly up to
the top of the central cage, grabbing two 10-gears there (180). The second
character out of time is flying above here as well, so have Bugs shoot him
down and Taz hit him to send him back.

With that done, go back to the bubble gum dispenser and take another piece,
flying up the wall the machine is against instead. Veer to the right a little
and you see another ledge as you fly up, this one also containing a bubble
gum dispenser. Land there and grab another piece, flying still farther up.
Line yourself up with the crest in the wall so that youíll have no trouble
collecting the 25-gear on your way up to the very top ledge (205). Before
you hit the clock switch here, collect the 5-gear on the ground and the two
5-gears and two 10-gears in all the vases, plus a 25-gear once you destroy
the fifth Acme box here (265). Hit the final clock switch and the zoo changes
to night!

You restart at the beginning of the zoo. Walk down the path to the central
circular area again, only this time the monster monkeys will bend the bars
and get out, trying to attack you! Just avoid them and get in their cages for
a 5-gear and a 10-gear respectively (280). Head into the bird area to find
that the bird has been released from its cage and now man-eating plants are
between you and it! Use Bugs to get up to the edge of the platform and shoot
the bird from across the gap, who will drop an object. Have Taz fly over the
plants and heíll discover it was a 25-gear (305)! Fly back over, then head to
the pool area and use the bomb left there to take out the piranha roaming
around. Jump in and swim around to each of the three oysters, grabbing the
25-gear in each (380). Just be quick about it, theyíll close on you and do
damage if you take too long to get out of the way again! Next head into the
monkey cage and use the anvils to take both of them out, then nab both 25-
gears from their cages (430).

Now head into the final area and grab the two 25-gears from the central
monkey cage that is now open (480). The two cages to the right will also be
opened by the monkeys inside; lure them into anvils and then collect their
prizes (500). All that remains is to fly op to the high ledge as you did
before, finding three large plants blocking the way to the boss token. Each
of the small plants on the ground will offer a shrinking pill when hit. Call
Bugs up and have him kick each plant, grab the pill inside, then toss it at
one of the three large plants. Once the first pill hits you have a limited
time to do the other two, so be quick about it. Once all three have been
shrunk you can safely run in, grab the boss token, and finish the level. Head
back to the Ghost Town and find your way to the Haunted River.

3.4.3 Haunted River

Gears: 300

The final race/ride type level is so intensely linear that Iím not even going
to break down the gear locations for you. It looks like there are a lot of
forks in the river but you will be forced along one main path. None of the
gears are hidden in any fashion, but youíll have to jump and crouch to avoid
spears, stone arches and the like as you move around. In fact, itís a good
idea to stay crouched to avoid bats and swinging arms that may appear with
little warning. At the very end is a large whirlpool. Youíll be sucked into
it, but Bugs and Taz jump off to the last ledge successfully (via cutscene)
and grab the last boss token. Just give it a few tries, youíll have no
problems getting all the Acme boxes and gears once youíve hit both sides of
the river. I promise. You got this far, didnít you?

3.4.4 Countís Castle

Gears: 200

All right, this is it! Start by heading slightly forward and to your right to
the shadow on the floor. Run past it and the chandelier will fall onto the
ground. Jump onto it and ride it back up to the ceiling, then hop off to the
right onto a ledge with a swirl icon. Call Taz (if youíre not him already)
and have him spin on it. This will open a gate on the wall opposite you,
revealing a golden gear. Jump back to the chandelier and grab the 10-gear in
midair, then repeat the process with the left chandelier to grab that 25-gear
on the ledge (35). After you grab the gear, youíll see a switch behind it.
Kick it and the door at the end of this hall will open. Before you run
through, however, head to the right of the staircase and break open the vase
for a 5-gear, collecting the first Acme box as well (40).

In the next room, break open all the vases for two 5-gears and a 10-gear
(60). Thereís a guy in the room carrying the feather, but he seems to be very
slippery if you just chase after him. Instead, position Bugs as close as you
can to him without making him run away, then take control of Taz and run up
to him from the opposite directly. If Bugs is in the guyís escape route heíll
stop and give you a moment to hit him, making him drop his feather. Now
quickly run Taz over to the nearly bursting kettle, jumping atop it. Have
Bugs grab the feather and hop down into the area with the three sleeping
dragons, tickling each of their noses. Theyíll spit fire onto the kettle and
eventually the top will blow, sending Taz upward. Have him jump towards the
entrance of the room to a ledge high up, which can be hard to see. If he
makes it, your reward will be a 25-gear, two switches that will open the next
door when hit, and another switch that puts a bubble gum dispenser in the
room (85). Bugs can grab the second Acme box down with the dragons if he
hasnít yet. Taz can now visit each of the six high alcoves in the room for:
the third Acme box, a 25-gear, a 10-gear, the fourth Acme box, and a 5-gear

As you enter the next room, head to the left of the big staircase and youíll
find the fifth Acme box and its 25-gear waiting to be claimed (150). Run up
into the center area of the room and find another set of chandeliers. Ride
them up and find a 25-gear and a 10-gear hiding up in near the ceiling (185).
When you jump back down, visit each of the lower tiled areas and break all
the vases for a 5-gear and a 10-gear, as well as the final character out of
time (200). Letís tackle the lower area to the left of where you entered
first. There are four skull candles in the area and a picture above a
bookcase which depicts skulls against varying backgrounds (blue, green, red,
yellow in my case, this may or may not be static). The skull candles have
matching bases, so grab a torch and light them in that order. If the hands in
the floor smack you and make you drop your torch, just grab another; the time
limit for this is fairly generous. Once you do it on that side, the bookcase
will turn around and reveal a switch. Hit it and repeat the process on the
other side, hitting that switch as well and opening the final door.

The fight with the count is the most interesting in the game. He makes a good
last boos, for sure. He starts out by popping up at the corners of the room
and throwing floor tiles at you. Stay near the center of the room and charge
the corner when he pops up, jumping onto the tile he holds. If you manage it,
heíll be crushed and fly out one of the windows, breaking it. Change to Taz
and position yourself beneath the window, then trampoline jump to the ledge
above. Youíll find a gargoyle statue there! Call Taz and have him push it
into the room, then towards the middle of the room. The count will fly in
again and begin his aerial attacks. Just dodge him for a while and eventually
heíll stop to laugh at you. Hit him with a normal attack and heíll fly back
out, hitting another window. Trampoline jump up there and push the second
gargoyle down and into the center of the room.

The third attack involves him dropping from the ceiling and trying to hit
you. Stand in the middle of the room and move around a bit, heís sure to drop
nearby. Hit him and heíll fly out yet again, breaking the third window.
Trampoline jump and push the gargoyle into the center of the room. His final
attack is a combination of flying around and tiles dropping from the ceiling.
Just keep dodging on the ground and eventually heíll stop again. Hit him and
heíll fly out the final window, giving you an opportunity to push the last
gargoyle into place. Once itís in, youíve won the game! Enjoy the cutscenes
that follow.

If you donít have all the gears at this point, Granny will implore you to get
all the gears to completely fix all the eras. You get the opportunity to go
back and get anything you missed. Once you collect all the gears, your reward
is nothing more than an extra cutscene. Sorry guys, thatís all there is to
it. But give yourself a pat on the back, collecting all 6,010 gears isnít
that easy!

4. Secrets

There aren't any secrets that I know of for this game. No special codes to
see/do neat things, either. I know that Gameshark codes exist, but those are
readily available on the Net and I won't list them again here. It seems
unlikely that there are any secrets to find beyond the 'true' ending for
getting all the gears. If you have anything to contribute, though, send it

5. Contributor Information

Currently this work all came from my time spent playing the game and writing
down my own experience. If you have something I've left out, e-mail me with
it at bmclean84@hotmail.com and if it's correct and useful or interesting,
I'll post it and give you credit for the information.

6. Copyright

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