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                                  YUME NIKKI
                          Game Guide and Walkthrough
                                  by Scutilla
                                 Version 1.00

Table of Contents

-About Yume Nikki
-About this guide

Getting Started
-Downloading and installation
-Main menu options
-Game Menu
-Your room
-The dream world
-Play hints

Effect Descriptions


Other Points of Interest


-Guide version history


About Yume Nikki
Yume Nikki is a weird little adventure game created by a Japanese programmer
named Kikiyama using the RPG Maker 2003 game creation program.  In the game you
explore the dreams of a disturbed little girl named Madotsuki and collect
various "effects" which let you reach new areas and change your appearance.
The game has been described as "Earthbound/Mother meets Silent Hill"- in fact,
there's an area in the game that's a direct homage to Earthbound.

The game is extremely open-ended- in fact, almost the entire dream world is
open to you from the start.  On the other hand, there is no obvious plot and no
clues about where to go, so you pretty much have to learn by exploring.  While
digging through the depths of Madotsuki's psyche you'll undoubtedly come across
some very disturbing things.  Your ultimate goal is to collect all the effects
in the dream world, though the game is much more about just sight-seeing then
working towards the ending.

According to Kikiyama's version history, the first version of the game (0.00)
was released in June 2004.  The current version of the game, 0.10, was released
in October 2007 along with an English translation.

You can find Kikiyama's website for the game (in Japanese) at:


About this guide
One of the major complaints that people have about Yume Nikki is its lack of
direction.  The only way to find things is by exploring, and it's quite easy to
get hopelessly lost.  While there are bits of info floating around on Youtube
and various game forums, there was no consolidated guide for the game.  Hence,
why I decided to write this.

However, my biggest bit of advice regarding this guide would be: don't use it.
The game is infinitely more enjoyable if you discover things for yourself, and
discovering the weird events and effects on your own is more rewarding than
simply following a guide.  Not only that, but a step-by-step walkthrough for
each effect passes by a lot of the more interesting areas in the game.

I would suggest starting out by only reading the Getting Started and Play Hints
sections.  Play through the game by yourself, and only resort to the
Walkthrough section if you've been everywhere and absolutely can't find the
last few you need.  After you beat the game, you can go find the things listed
in the Other Points of Interest section that you missed the first time around.

You play the role of Madotsuki, a young girl who lives alone in an apartment.
She never leaves her room, except to go out on her balcony, and apparently all
she does to entertain herself during the day is play video games.  At night,
she travels the strange and disturbing worlds of her dreamscape, and when she
wakes up she records her dreams in her Dream Diary.

Getting Started

Downloading and installation
The only way to acquire Yume Nikki is to download it online- it was created as
a free game, so it's legal to download.  You can find the newest version of
the installer on Rapidshare at:


There are several different versions of the newest release of the game (0.10)
floating around on the internet.  The older version contains the RPG Maker RTP
and Yume Nikki in two separate install files.  To install it, you must first
set your system's language to Japanese.  More detailed instructions are
contained in the .rar file the game comes in, but it's a fairly painless

The newer version, labeled "Yume Nikki 0.10 English v3", comes as a single
installation package.  You do not have to change your computer's language
settings to install this version of Yume Nikki.

No matter which version you download, you will need an unzipping program to
open the .rar files that the installation applications come in- I recommend
either WinRAR (www.rarlab.com) or 7-Zip (www.7-zip.org).

Main Menu options
Start: Start a new game
Diary: Load a saved game
Quit: Exit Yume Nikki

Arrow keys: Movement
Z: Accept; interact with objects (also Enter, Spacebar)
X: Cancel; open the game menu (also C, V, B, N, Insert)
1: Use an effect's ability
3: Cancel an effect's ability
5: Drop an effect on the ground (only in the Nexus)
9: Pinch yourself to wake up and return to the real world

Game Menu
The game menu lists the number of effects you have (denoted by the letter 'E'),
as well as any money or hearts that you acquire.  There is also a section for
HP and MP, simply because they are hard-coded into RPG Maker.  Your HP
increases as you gain effects, but your MP is always 0.

Selecting Effects from the game menu brings up a list of all the Effects you
own.  Selecting an effect will equip it, changing your character's appearance.
You can only have one effect active at a time.  Selecting an effect you already
have equipped will unequip it.

Selecting Quit from the game menu will return you to the Main Menu screen.
Any unsaved data will be lost.

When you start a new game, a diagram appears showing the flow of the game.  You
start in your room, where you get into bed to enter the dream world.  While in
the dream world, you can press 9 at any time to wake up and return to your
room.  You can then save your game by writing in your Dream Diary on the table.
Simple, no?

Your main goal in the dream world is to search for Effects, which can be found
by interacting with NPCs or objects.  Once you find these effects, you can
equip them from the menu to activate various abilities, which help you reach
new areas in the dream world.

After displaying the game instructions, the game begins in your room.  (The
instructions can be viewed again by selecting Instructions from the Effects

Your room
While small, Madotsuki's room has a number of interactive objects in it.

Bed: The most important object in the room.  Walk up to it and press Z (or
Enter) to get into bed.  A countdown will display, after which you fall asleep
(you can cancel if you press Z before the countdown finishes).  You will then
begin your journey through the dream world.

Desk: This is where you write in your Dream Diary to save your game.  Note that
you have to interact with it twice- once to sit down, and again to bring up the
save menu.  When you are done saving, face away from the desk and press Z again
to get up.

Game System: Interacting with the game system will bring up a minigame called
NASU.  While amusing, it doesn't really have any relevance to the rest of the
game.  Use the arrow keys the move, and Z to jump and catch the purple things
before they hit the ground.  When you're done playing, hold down Esc to quit

Balcony: Exiting through the south door will bring you to your apartment's
balcony.  Not really much to do here, though you can tell what time of day it
is by the color of the sky.

You can also interact with the door and television, though they have no
practical purpose.

When you're ready, walk up to your bed and press Z to enter the dream world.

The dream world
You always begin your dream on the balcony.  From there you can enter the dream
version of your room.

You should immediately notice two differences between this room and your room
in the real world: your game system is missing, and there is music playing in
the background.

You cannot save your game while in the dream world, nor does getting into bed
again wake you up (though getting into bed does occasionally cause something
different to happen).  When you're ready, leave your apartment through the
front door.

This is the Nexus, the starting point for your dream adventures.  There are
twelve doors arranged in a circle, plus the apartment door you just exited
from.  Entering any of the twelve doors will send you to a different part of
Madotsuki's dream.  From there you can venture further into the dream, or press
9 at any time to wake up and return to the real world.

Play Hints
Go Everywhere: The dream world is a big place, and it's quite easy to get lost.
However, don't let that stop you from jumping right in- you'll never be able to
find your way around if you don't start figuring out where things are.  There
are no enemies that can kill you, so the worst that can happen is you get lost
or stuck and have to wake up to get out of the dream (press 9).

I would recommend first peaking into each of the twelve doors in the Nexus
room, and seeing what you can find just by wandering.  Once you get a feel for
the place, you can do a more thorough sweep of each location.

Search Thoroughly: Some of the dream rooms are very large, and have very few
landmarks to help your searching.  One thing to keep in mind is that most of
the rooms wrap- if you travel long enough in any direction, you'll come back to
your starting point.  Because of this, the best way to start is to travel east
or west until you come back to the door you came from, then do the same on a
north-south path.  After that, try going diagonally, or go back to a noticeable
landmark you encountered and go in a straight line from that.  Make a note of
any doors or other interesting objects you find, and an easy way to find them
again from your starting point.

Take Notes: As silly as it might seem, keeping a notebook handy to jot down
your observations can help a lot.  Make a note of any weird objects or NPCs you
see, so you don't forget how to check them out later.  If you have to choose
between two paths, make a note to backtrack to the other one later on.  For the
maze-like areas, drawing a crude diagram can sometimes help.

Use Your Effects: Some of the Effects you find can make your life much easier.
The Bicycle doubles your movement speed, making exploring a lot less painful.
The Lamp lights up dark areas, and the Knife lets you chop down any monsters in
your way.  Finally, the Stoplight lets you freeze monsters in their tracks,
making it easy to catch or run away from them.

Watch Out For the Toriningen: Tall, weird-looking women with large noses,
they'll chase after you if you get too close.  If they catch you, they'll
teleport you to a part of the dream you can't escape from, forcing you to wake
up and start over.  Though they can't harm you, they're the closest thing this
game has to enemies.

Effect Descriptions

There are 24 effects in the game (not counting the Instructions effect), each
with its own unique appearance.  Some simply change your clothing or hair,
while others turn you into various monsters or objects.  Some are purely
cosmetic, while others have very useful abilities.  Be sure to experiment
whenever you acquire a new effect.

To use an effect's ability, press the 1 key.  Most effects are only active
while you have them equipped, though two (Umbrella and Yuki-onna) cause changes
that continue even after you change effects.  A couple of effects also have an
ability tied to the 3 key.

You can press 5 to drop an effect on the ground in the Nexus, where it turns
into an egg.  The effect disappears from your effects list when it is on the
ground, and you cannot equip it; however, it is not deducted from the number
of effects listed in your stats.  You can pick the effect back up by walking up
to the egg and pressing Z at any time.  Even if you leave the area, the egg
will still be there when you get back.

The effect descriptions are listed in the following manner:

Appearance change: How the effect changes your appearance.
Ability: What happens when you press the 1 and 3 keys (if applicable).
Other effects: Other things you can do while that effect is equipped.

(No effect equipped)
Appearance change: None.  You look just as you do in the real world.
Ability: You sit down on the ground.  If you sit there long enough, you fall
asleep.  Pressing 1 again makes you stand up.
Other effects: If you sit down in a chair while wearing an effect, you
automatically unequip it.

Appearance change: You have a frog's head.  Ribbit.
Ability: You jump in place.
Other effects: You move at normal speed when in the water.  (Without the Frog
effect you move slower.)

Appearance change: You wear a raincoat and hold a red umbrella as rain pours
Ability: You wiggle your umbrella.
Other effects: It continues to rain even if you equip another effect.  It can
be used to douse the fire in the path leading to the storage room.

Hat and scarf
Appearance change: You wear a winter hat and scarf.
Ability: If it is snowing, you turn into a snowman.  You can still walk around,
though you move slower than normal.  Pressing 1 again changes you back.
Other effects: none

Appearance change: You turn into a snow woman with blue hair and red eyes.
Your presence causes snow to fall.
Ability: none
Other effects: It continues to snow even if you equip another effect.  It can
be used to douse the fire in the path leading to the storage room.

Appearance change: You have a kitchen knife.  Chop chop!
Ability: You pass the knife from one hand to the other.
Other effects: Interacting with other NPCs with this effect equipped causes you
to attack them.  Most NPCs will die outright, though a few are immune.  Make
sure to unequip this when you're around NPCs you want to speak with.  Dead NPCs
respawn if you leave the area and come back.  Some NPCs will run away from you
while you have this equipped.

Appearance change: Your head turns into a giant hand with an eyeball in its
Ability: You warp back to the Nexus.  This is slightly faster than waking up
and going back to sleep, and very useful if you want to get out of an area but
want to keep exploring.
Other effects: none

Appearance change: You're fat.  Sorry, but it's true.
Ability: Your stomach gurgles.  What, you're still hungry?
Other effects: none

Appearance change: You turn into a midget.
Ability: You create a copy of yourself that walks around with you.  You can
have up to seven of yourself at once.  Making copies doesn't seem to have any
in-game effect.  Pressing 3 'pops' one of your clones.
Other effects: This effect is required to enter the underground area on Mars.

Appearance change: You hold a flute in front of you.  Actually, it's more like a
penny-whistle or recorder, but whatever.
Ability: You play a little tune on your flute.  Use it to brighten the mood
when you're traveling through some of the more disturbing dreamscapes.
Other effects: none

Appearance change: You're glowing... that can't be good.
Ability: The screen starts glowing a random color.  Activating the ability
again changes the color.
Other effects: Unlike the rain and snow effects, the color change goes away
when you switch to another effect.

Appearance change: Your face vanishes.
Ability: Your head lifts off your shoulders and spins.
Other effects: none

Severed head
Appearance change: You are a severed head.  But how do you move...?
Ability: none
Other effects: You move extremely slowly in this form.

Appearance change: You become wrapped in a large fluffy towel.
Ability: You sneeze cutely.
Other effects: none

Appearance change: You become a catgirl.
Ability: You meow and wave your hands in the air like a cat.
Other effects: Using your ability draws creatures towards you, even ones like
Uboa who don't normally move on their own.

Appearance change: Your head turns into a lamp.  Stylish, yet functional.
Ability: You turn yourself on or off.
Other effects: The lamp illuminates dark areas like the Dark World and the
Earthbound dungeon.  Obviously, this only works when the lamp is on.

Appearance change: You get on your bicycle.
Ability: You ring your bell.
Other effects: You move twice as fast while this ability is equipped.  This
should be your most frequently used effect, since it makes exploring the game
much quicker.

Long hair
Appearance change: You have long hair.
Ability: Same as default
Other effects: none

Poop hair
Appearance change: Your hairstyle looks suspiciously like a turd.
Ability: A fly starts circling you.  It remains in the location it was spawned
in if you move.
Other effects: Since the flies remain where you drop them, it's a good way to
mark your path when exploring confusing areas.

Blonde hair
Appearance change: You have long blonde hair.
Ability: Same as default
Other effects: none

Triangle kerchief
Appearance change: You wear a triangle kerchief on your head.
Ability: You turn partially invisible (huh?).  Pressing 1 again turns you
back to normal.
Other effects: none

Appearance change: You wear a black robe and pointy hat.
Ability: You get on your broom and start hovering.  Pressing 1 again makes you
get off.
Other effects: You can fly in one area with this effect- see the "Other Points
of Interest" section for details.  The broom doesn't let you go over terrain
you couldn't normally pass.

Appearance change: You are a red-skinned demon, wearing some sort of animal
Ability: If it is raining, you cause a clap of thunder.
Other effects: none

Buyo buyo
Appearance change: You jiggle when you walk, like a bowl of jello.
Ability: You jiggle in place.
Other effects: none

Appearance change: You are a stoplight... with feet.
Ability: Your light toggles between red and green.
Other effects: While your light is red, all NPCs are frozen.  This makes it
easy to catch the NPCs that give the Cat and Midget effects, or to escape from
the Toriningen that teleport you into closed spaces.  Turning your light red
in the presence of Monoko in the White Desert tunnel turns her into the
five-armed girl.

Not an ability per se, selecting this option simply displays the instructions
from the beginning of the game again.  It cannot be equipped or turned into an
egg.  This is the only effect that can be used in the real world.


What follows is step-by-step information for obtaining each of the 24 effects,
as well as what to do with them to complete the game.

Though the effects can be obtained in almost any order (except for the Poop
Hair), they are listed in approximate order of difficulty, with useful effects
such as the Bicycle given priority.

On doors: At the beginning of each entry I will give a door number that you
need to go through.  Each number corresponds to one of the twelve doors in the
Nexus area just outside your apartment.  The one immediately to the right of
your apartment door is Door 1, with the others following clockwise.

    12  1
 11        2

10          3

9           4

 8         5
    7   6

A - Apartment
1 - Numbers world
2 - Neon world
3 - Statue world
4 - Candle world
5 - Eyeball world
6 - Musical Tiles world
7 - Mural world
8 - Snow world
9 - Dark world
10- Puddle world
11- Block world
12- Forest world

Enter Door 6 from the Nexus to the Musical Tiles world.  Head due east until
you see a bicycle surrounded by tiles.  Interact with it to get the effect.

Enter Door 5 from the Nexus to the Eyeball world.  Travel north past a pair of
legs to a pair of hands with eyeballs above them.  Travel west from the hands
and talk to the hand with an eyeball in its palm to get the effect.

Enter Door 10 from the Nexus to the Puddle world.  Travel north, turn east at
the second lamp post, then south at the next lamp post you see.  You should
encounter an umbrella on the ground shortly after.  Interact with it to get the

Enter Door 8 from the Nexus to the Snow world.  Travel northeast until you see
a little blue woman in robes walking around.  Talk to her to get the effect.

Blonde hair
Enter Door 7 from the Nexus to the Mural world.  Travel north, then turn east
at the first blue block.  You should encounter a mouth monster wandering around
by a pool of blood.  Talk to it to get the effect.

Long hair
Enter Door 7 from the Nexus to the Mural world.  Travel north, turn west at the
second blue block, then turn north between the two murals.  Turn west at the
manhole and you should encounter another mouth monster wandering around.  Talk
to it to get the effect.

Follow the instructions above for the Long Hair effect, but enter the manhole.
In the sewer, follow the path west, into the city, further west back into the
sewer, and west one more screen.  Talk to the ghost by the pool to get the

Enter Door 2 from the Nexus to the Neon world.  Travel west until you enter a
room with a monkey design in the center.  Travel north two rooms and talk to
the parrot-like creature to get the effect.

Hat and scarf
Enter Door 11 from the Nexus to the Block world.  Travel east about half a
screen, then north to a large gray block.  Go northeast of it to a pair of
large purple blocks.  Enter the gap between the two purple blocks and interact
with the hat and scarf to get the effect.

Enter Door 12 from the Nexus to the Forest world.  Head west to the pink blob,
north to the purple blob, then west and north again a little.  There should be
a frog hopping around in the trees (he might be hiding behind one of them).
Talk to him to get the effect.

ALTERNATE METHOD: Follow the directions below for the Flute effect.  After
entering the elevator, take the upper of the two sets of stairs, then turn
around and go up the lower set of stairs.  Enter the hole in the next room.  Go
down the path and you'll find another frog.

Enter Door 1 from the Nexus to the Numbers world.  Head southeast until you see
a red door in a room with 0's and 1's covering the floor.  Go through the door
to the Lamppost room.  Head southeast bearing slightly south and you should see
a little lamp walking around.  Talk to it to get the effect.

Enter Door 9 from the Nexus to the Dark world.  Equip the Lamp effect to light
up patterns on the ground in the area.  Travel west to about half a screen
beyond the first large patch of glowing patterns, then head south until you see
a knife between two hand patterns.  Interact with it to get the effect.

Enter Door 10 from the Nexus to the Puddle world.  Travel north, turn east at
the second lamp post, and enter the pink staircase.

Follow the highway east into a dark area.  Keep going until you pass about five
of those purple blob creatures, then turn back west (you should see a
blue-green blob on your way out).  In the new area, travel west and interact
with the dead body to get the effect.

Enter Door 3 from the Nexus to the Statue world.  Travel north to a red and
white statue, then east to a large clump of statues.  The cat NPC should be to
the south.  Freeze it with the Stoplight if you have to, and talk to it to get
the effect.  If you take too long in getting there, the cat may have moved on
by the time you get there- either use the Bicycle to get there quickly, or just
wander the area randomly until you run into it.

Enter Door 4 from the Nexus to the Candle world.  Travel north until you reach
the second set of two candles, travel west to a single candle, then north to
the purple pyramid.  Wait just south of the pyramid until a midget runs by.
Jump in front to intercept him (or freeze him with the Stoplight) and talk to
him to get the effect.

Severed head
Enter Door 1 from the Nexus to the Numbers world.  Travel west and slightly
south, and enter the red door in the hallway on the west wall.  Follow the path
through the bedrooms until you reach a blood smear on the southeast wall.
Interact with it to be teleported to a new area.

There are multiple enemies here, so either be quick or use the Stoplight.
Travel in any direction until you see a guillotine.  Interact with it to get
the effect.

Poop hair
Before attempting to get this effect, make sure that you have either the
Umbrella or the Yuki-onna.

Getting to the area this effect is in requires you to enter a bed while already
in the dream world.  There are several beds in the dream world- besides the one
in your room, there is a bed in the Snow world, and one in the side area off of
Numbers world.  The bed that teleports you is randomly determined each time.
The easiest thing to do is to keep trying the bed in your room and waking up if
it doesn't work until you get it.

When the bed does teleport you, you will be on a long staircase.  Follow it to
the bottom and go past the elevator to the next screen.  Equip either the
Umbrella or the Yuki-onna to put out the fire, then enter the room it was
originating from.  Talk to the mouth monster on the left side of the room to
get the effect.

Enter Door 6 from the Nexus to the Musical Tiles world.  Travel west into the
next blob of tiles, then travel north and enter the elevator.  (You can also
get there by entering the elevator near where you got the Poop Hair.)

Take the upper of the two sets of stairs down.  Head to the southwest corner of
this area and enter the door in the wall.  Continue into the next room and
interact with the flute on the ground to get the effect.

Enter Door 3 from the Nexus to the Statue world.  Travel east until you see a
teal statue north of you, then travel south until you see a blue and black
doorway.  The next room has an invisible maze; make your way to the top of the
room before going over to the ladder.

In the Earthbound area, enter the house and go down the stairs.  Enter the door
on the right, go down the stairs and enter the door on the left, go down the
stairs ignoring all doors until you see a set of stairs going down to the left.
Go down them and enter the door at the bottom (you can use the Knife on the
mushrooms if they're in your way).  Talk to the demon inside to get the effect.

Enter Door 12 from the Nexus to the Forest world.  Travel northeast and pass
through the two pillars to enter a room.  Talk to the red block in the center
to enter the red maze.

Travel east, south, and east some more until you pass above a giant one-eyed
monster.  At the fork just past him turn north, then east at the top until you
see some stairs.  Go down them.

Follow the pier east to the end, then turn north.  At the four-way intersection
turn east, then north all the way to the end.  Talk to the glowing red man to
get the effect.

Buyo Buyo
Follow the directions above for the Fat effect.  When you reach the four-way
intersection at the pier, go north instead of east.  Follow the path to the end
and talk to the shadowy figure to be teleported to the vine jungle.

Travel north until you reach a fence, then travel east to an opening and enter
the shadow town.  Walk around and speak to the shadows, a randomly-determined
one will teleport you to the Earthbound area.

Exit to the south, then travel southwest to another town.  Loop around to the
back and go down the stairs on the right.  In the underground area, travel
south and east and talk to the eyeball creature to get the effect.

Enter Door 4 from the Nexus to the Candle world.  Travel north until you reach
the second set of two candles, travel west to a single candle, then north to
the purple pyramid.  Travel down the path (avoid the enemy here) and talk to
the red block to enter the red maze.

Travel east through the red maze and take the second south path, turn west and
follow the path south.  At the bottom turn west and take the last north path.
Turn west again, go straight through the intersection, and follow the path
southwest.  Take the third north path, go west, north, and east, and you should
arrive at a gray gate.  Go through it.

Follow the path through the woods (use the lamp if you need to) until you reach
a train car.  Enter it and sit down on a bench for at least eight seconds
before leaving the car.  Exit the car and take the west path.  At the end of a
bridge is a suspicious-looking tree.  Talk to it to get the effect.

Enter Door 9 from the Nexus to the Dark world.  Equip the Lamp effect to light
up patterns on the ground in the area.  Travel north, then turn east shortly
after the first glowing pattern you pass.  Enter the gray gate you encounter.

Travel west through the vines to the next area.  Travel north until you reach
an open area, then turn west at the sole large vine.  Travel about two screens
west, then travel south until you encounter a walking towel.  Talk to it to get
the effect.

Triangle kerchief
Follow the directions above for the Towel effect. When you reach the sole large
vine in the open area, turn west.  Turn north through the path-like arrangement
of vines, go through the opening in the fence, and bear east until you reach
the next area.

Follow the path east past the poles and boxes to a staircase.  Go all the way
up (it's quite a long walk, even if you use the Bicycle) and you'll be in a
park.  Travel east to the next area and enter the brick building.

Go east until you encounter a patch of flowers.  Interact once with one of the
flowers (make sure you only do it once), then exit the building.  In the new
area, travel south and slightly west and talk to the ghost to get the effect.

Ending the game
Once you have all 24 effects (Instructions should have scrolled off the bottom
of the screen), return to the Nexus.  Equip each effect and press 5 to drop it
on the ground as an egg.  Once all 24 effects are on the ground, wake up and go
out to your balcony.  It should be fairly obvious what's different; walk up to
it to watch the ending.

Other Points of Interest

Though it's easy to beat the game just by following the walkthrough and getting
the 24 effects, you miss a lot of stuff that way.  Here's some of other creepy
or bizarre things you can find in Marotsuki's dream world.

This section uses the same door numbering system as the Walkthrough section of
the guide.

Uboa and Poniko
Oh, Uboa.  How we love you.

Start out by entering Door 8, to the Snow world.  Travel northeast to the girl
that you got the Yuki-onnu from, then travel east to an igloo.  Go inside and
examine the pit in the middle to be teleported to the hot springs.

Follow the path until you reach a pink balloon.  Talking to it teleports you to
a blue balloon, in the water.  You might want to switch to the Frog effect
here, since the Bicycle suffers a speed penalty in the water.

Walk north to a green balloon.  Talk to it to be teleported to an island.
Enter the structure in the center of the island.

There's not much to do in this room as it is.  The girl, Poniko, can't be
interacted with in any way (except for killing her, of course).  If you flip
the light switch by the door, most of the time the room will just turn dark.
However, there's a small chance that the Uboa event will happen instead.

Just keep entering, flipping the switch, and leaving until you get it.  I got
it on my second try without even knowing what would happen, but I've heard
other people say it took them dozens of tries.  I've also heard that it won't
happen unless you've killed Poniko at least once.  Don't worry, you'll know it
when you see it *chuckles evilly*

Oh, and the area the event teleports you to is a dead end.  You'll have to
pinch yourself awake to get out.

Monoko the Five-Armed Girl
Before going to see Monoko, you should first acquire the Stoplight.  Got it?

Enter Door 11 to travel to the Block world.  Go northeast of where you got the
hat and scarf, and you should find an invisible person wearing a hat and scarf
walking around.  Talk to it, and you'll be teleported onto a purple block with
a black gate.  There are multiple locations you can be teleported to; if you
get sent to the wrong place just go find and talk to it again.  Go through the
black gate to enter the White Desert.

Go south until you reach a straight road (ignore the road that loops back on
itself that's to your left for now), and follow it east until you reach a
tunnel.  Inside is Monoko.

Equip the Stoplight and press 1 to change the light to red, and she will change
appearance.  You can go up and talk to her if you want to see a close-up of her
true form.

Monoe and the Secret Tunnel
From the tunnel with Monoko, head west until you see a monster wandering on the
south side of the road.  Head north and you'll be back at that road that loops
back on itself.  Equip the knife, kill the monster there, and enter either

If you enter the tunnel on the right, you'll go down a long path with various
weird objects in the background.  At the end is a tunnel; if you go inside you
can see severed heads floating in the sky.  That's all you can do here, really.

If you enter the tunnel on the left, you'll end up in a black space.  Wandering
around here is a young girl named Monoe.  If you talk to her, you'll see a
close-up of her, and then one or both of you will be randomly teleported away.
You can leave this area by entering either tunnel.

Teleport Maze
This area provides an alternate, if much longer, route to the White Desert.
Instead of taking the route through Door 11, follow the directions to get to
the alternate frog via the elevator.  Continue past the frog through the forest
and speak to the jellyfish at the end of the path.  You'll be teleported to a
block platform with two red teleport pads on it.

To get through the maze, step on the pads in the following order: right, right,
bottom, left, right, right, right, right, right, left.  Take the blue teleport
at the end.

From here you can enter a box and climb some stairs to another part of the
Earthbound area.  Exit to the south to the world map and look for a town on the
south end of the continent.

Ignore the talking lizards (the numbers they give are meaningless), instead go
down the stairs in the center.  Activate the lamp if you have it, though it's
possible to get through without it.  Keep going down stairs, at the first fork
take the south stairs.  On the next floor take the stairs in the southwest
corner, followed by the south stairs.  In the next room take the northwest
stairs up to a black and white area.

Go up to the surface and follow the path (there isn't really anything else of
interest here) to a tunnel.  This takes you to the main part of the White
Desert.  It's a one-way trip, so you won't be able to get back to the
Earthbound area from here.

Vine Jungle Secrets
There are a couple secret areas in the jungle where you found the Towel and the
path to the Triangle Kerchief.

Enter the jungle through the gray gate in the Dark world (Door 9).  Take the
path east to the next screen, then northeast to an area with boxes.  Take the
northeast path again (you have to go behind a box to get to it) to the next
screen and look in the box sitting on its side (press Z).

Alternatively, go west from the gray gate to the area where you found the
Towel.  Instead of going north to the plains, go west and slightly north until
you find a path leading to the next area.  You should hear a change in the
music.  Continue on to the next screen.  Unfortunately, vines impede your
movement, and I don't think there's any way to get all the way over there.

Spaceship to Mars
To go to this area, you need to use a bed in the dream world to teleport.  You
also need the Umbrella or Yuki-onna like when you got the Poop Hair.  To fully
explore the area, you'll need the Knife and Midget effects as well.

Once you successfully teleport, go down the stairs and past the elevator.  Put
out the fire and enter the storage room.  Go around and through the entrance
above where you came in.

Pass through the room with the giant eye and you'll be in a large room with a
window and a piano.  This is a point of no return- turning around leads to a
dead end (in other words, you'll have to wake up when you're done here).  The
man at the piano doesn't do anything, though you can play the piano.

In the next room is a bed.  Like before, an event sometimes happens when you
get in the bed.  If the lights don't dim all the way once you get in bed, go
back to the piano room and try again.  You'll have to unequip the Bicycle
before you can get in bed.  Like Ubou's event, this can take quite a few tries
to get to work.

Once the screen goes completely black and the sirens start, press Z to wake up.
Go back in the other room and stab the man by the piano with the knife and
you'll see a short scene.  After that, go to the room on the left and take the
stairs to leave the spaceship.

Follow the path west.  After a few screens you'll reach the top of a hill,
where there's a small steaming hole.  Equip the Midget effect and enter the

At the bottom of the stairs you'll find a dark room.  You can talk to the alien
to make it play music, or stab it with the knife to change its eye color.
That's about it for this place.

Red Sewer Monster
Go to the sewer entrance in Door 7, where you got the Nopperabou effect.  If
you go right from the entrance instead of left, your path will be blocked by a
purple blob that makes a face when you stab it.

In the room before the Nopperabou ghost, there's an entrance to another part of
the sewers.  You can see weird images by looking in the holes in the wall.  At
the end of the tunnel is a red monster that eats you if you step inside his
mouth, teleporting you to another black space.

In this area is a block statue on a red mat that wiggles when you talk to it.
There is also a doorway in a block that is a one-way trip back to the world
behind Door 11.  Alternatively, you can travel south from your starting point
and speak with the invisible man wearing a hat to teleport to a new part of the
pier where you got the Fat effect.  You can find a vending machine here, as
well as stairs back down to the sewers.

Vending Machines
Scattered throughout the dream world are vending machines.  If you walk up to
a vending machine with yen (earned randomly from killing things), the machine
will take yen from you (about 140, seems to be a random amount, maybe varies by
machine?) and display "Window scheme changed".  Doing this adds one to the
number next to the heart in your inventory.  Hearts do not seem to serve any
purpose whatsoever in the game.

There are three vending machines:
1) In the Red Maze
2) Just outside the entrance to the highway, accessible from Door 10
3) On the pier, accessible by being eaten by the red sewer monster and speaking
   to the invisible fisherman

The Killing Fields
If you want to collect yen to purchase hearts, go through Door 1 to the Numbers
world and look for a guarded door on the north wall.  Kill the creature in
front and go inside.  There are a huge number of monsters there for you to
kill, as well as a blue face on the ground that's only visible once you've
cleared the room a little.

At a couple of locations you can find outhouses sitting in the middle of
nowhere.  If you enter it, you hear the sound of a toilet flushing and a faucet
running.  You cannot enter while the Bicycle, Umbrella, or Severed Head effects
are equipped.

There are two bathrooms:
1) In Door 11, north of the black gate to the White Desert
2) In Door 6, south of the entrance

The Red Maze
The red maze is one of the largest areas in the game, and can be the most
frustrating if you don't have directions for where you need to go.  Even though
the area wraps, you can still spend a long time searching for the exact exit
you need.

There are six entrances to the Red Maze:
1) From Door 12, travel northeast and pass between two pillars.  Talk to the
   red block in the center.
2) From Door 4, travel north-northwest and enter the purple pyramid.  Travel
   along the path and talk to the red block at the end.
3) From Door 2, travel north three rooms and east three rooms.  Enter the black
   door on the north wall.  Travel along the path and talk to the red block at
   the end.
4) From Door 5, go west to a pair of eyes.  From about one screen east of the
   eyes, go north past a face to a blue head.  Follow the footprints east and
   south and talk to the read block at the end.
5) Go down the stairs on the pier south of where you get the Fat effect.  You
   cannot get here from the Nexus without passing through the Red Maze.
6) Enter the red gate at the end of the forest east of the train.  You cannot
   get here from the Nexus without passing through the Red Maze.

Other points of interest in the Red Maze include a Toriningen, a vending
machine, and a one-eyed monster who has no function.

Window Scheme Changer
In the room just before where you found the flute, there is a friendly
Toriningen who will change your menu color scheme if you talk to her.  She
randomly changes it between three schemes: the default, a black background with
red text, and a solid background with white text.

Flying as the Witch
In the elevator room, if you choose to take the lower staircase instead of the
upper one (where you got the Flute), you'll end up on the rooftop of a
building.  Equip the Witch effect and press 1 to get on your broom.  Then
simply fly off the right edge of the roof.  You can't go anywhere like this,
but it's still pretty fun.  Press Z to go back to the building, or 1 to get off
your broom in midair, which causes you to fall off your bed and wake up.

Madotsuki in a Closet
Enter Door 1 to the Numbers world, and enter the door to the southeast where
you found the Lamp effect.  Look for a lamp that's about half as tall as the
others (not the one walking around, a lamp post).  Walk up to it and press Z,
and you'll be teleported to an island in the Purple Pyramid.  Walk up to the
closet and press Z.  For best results, equip the Severed Head effect so
Madotsuki's body isn't blocking your view of the closet.

Madotsuki's Ghost
Also in Numbers world, go to the room full of beds where you found the entrance
to the Severed Head area.  Go to the bottom room and open the third closet on
the left.  Like other events, this only works randomly, though I've heard that
it sometimes works if you stab the Toriningen nearby and THEN open it.

Entering the closet teleports you to a new section of the Red Maze, separate
from the places you've been before.  At the crossroads is a transparent version
of Madotsuki that stares in whichever direction you walk in.  You can't
interact with the ghost in any way.

Speaking of the Toriningen in the bed room, stabbing her with the knife doesn't
kill her but makes her go hostile instead.  If she catches you, she sends you
to that enclosed room in the Numbers world you might have seen near the door to
the killing fields.  Stepping on the kanji symbol (does anyone know what it
means?) turns all of the floor panels to display that symbol.  Like other
Toriningen rooms, you'll have to wake up to escape.

Unconfirmed Locations
The following locations are places I have seen on YouTube or elsewhere that I
cannot find for myself.  I don't know whether these are just randomly
determined events or what, but if anyone knows the truth of these areas I would
appreciate it if you could email me the details.

-I have seen a video on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by3hojNV5Nc) of
a location accessible by stabbing a part of the wall in the world behind Door
1.  In the location is a day-glow creature named Kyukyu-kun rubbing a stair
railing and a door with a flashing image behind it.  However, I have not been
able to find it for myself in-game- none of the walls in my game are like the
one that the player in the video stabbed.

-In another Youtube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHHQDGG5niY), there
is a hole by the highway where you get the Stoplight with a tentacle sticking
out of it.  Entering the hole brings you to a secluded area in the White
Desert.  However, when I was there there was no tentacle, and I couldn't enter
the hole.


Chair Speed Boost
As you probably already know, you can ride the chair by your desk in the dream
world.  It doesn't serve any real purpose, and it's horribly slow.  However,
there is a glitch that lets you use the chair to move extremely fast.

In the dream world, walk up to the desk and press Z.  Open the menu and equip
the Bicycle effect.  Face away from the desk and press Z to get off the chair.
You will now move about four times your usual walking speed (twice the bicycle
speed).  The speed boost lasts until you equip another effect.

Turned Head Glitch
I have only encountered this once, and I have not heard of anyone else
encountering it, so I don't know if this is an intended effect of the game or
not.  The fact that it occurs in the real world and prevents you from saving,
however, leads me to believe that it is a glitch.

When I acquired my final effect (the Triangle Kerchief), I pinched myself to
get out of the dream world.  When Madotsuki got out of bed, her head was facing
in a different direction than the rest of her body.  I was also unable to
interact with the desk, making me unable to save.  She appeared normal if I
returned to normal, but it would be back when I woke up again.

I was able to fix it by dropping an effect as an egg in the Nexus before waking
up.  I was then able to save my game, return to the dream world, pick up the
dropped effect, then wake up and save again.


If you would like to contribute to this guide, I am looking for the following
-Any areas of interest that I neglected to mention (I'm sure there are a few),
 as well as confirmation of the areas in the Unconfirmed Areas section.
-If my directions for getting any of the effects are unclear, or there is a
 shorter path than what I have listed, revised directions would be
-Any information or corrections on the history of the game- other than
 Kikiyama's website there is very little official information on it.
-Maps for any of the more complicated areas, especially the Red Maze.
-Official names for any of the NPCs in the game (I have seen several of the
 creatures in the game named in various locations on the internet- Uboa,
 Monoko, Monoe, Poniko, Kyukyu-kun, Toriningen- but I have no idea if these are
 pulled from the game's programming or were just made up by someone).
-Additions to the Play Hints section.

-Kikiyama, for creating Yume Nikki.
-Ian of www.threepanelsoul.com, for making me aware of this game in the first
-LoudMan01 and ToraMaikeru of Youtube, for their many walkthrough videos of the
 game, which both helped me beat the game and showed me a lot of areas
 mentioned in this guide I would have never found on my own.
-miezaru.donmai.us and  Yilx of Youtube, for the names of several of the NPCs
 in the game.
-GameFaqs, for hosting this guide.

Guide Version History
4/27/08	Began guide.
4/29/08	Completed v1.00 of the guide.