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"One of the best dating game!!!"

You got 3 months to graduate from college and to woo a girl (younger or older, it's up to you ^_^).

Graphic (A-)
Decent. Standard DOS game, though it runs well on win98. Good resolution and color, considering this is pretty old game, 1996 or 1995 (not sure when it was released in japan).

Art style (A)
Very good manga style. Some of the pictures/shots are great. You sure want to keep them in your collection. They make some deep impression in me ^_^

Sound (A+)
Great music, very beautiful, though quality wise it's not that great (Hey what do you expect? The game is small so they are probably in MIDI format). Other than that, not much sound effect. There is a theme for every girl, a love theme, ''rejected'' theme and an ending theme. Most of them are really good.

Interface/Gameplay (A)
Pretty good and easy to use. This is an interactive novel, similar to choose-your-own-adventure books, though it allows a lot of freedom and has plenty random events, making it not so linear. You also have stats (passion, appearance, scholarship, fatigue, art skill, etc) that can affect a girl atttitude towards you. So you have to plan your daily schedule carefully to maximize all the stats. There are items and gods (yes it's true, they will come to you and give you some power) who can boost your stats too.

Story (B+)
Yes, this is a H-game with story... it's a good story. There is one plot for each girl. You got to make some important decisions to and that will affect your relationship. Its hard and too complex (and long) to explain here. Just play the game. It has some great surpises too, but I wont spoil them here.... he... he... hehe...

Bonus (B+)
CG gallery and sound selection (jukebox/cd player) for music. CG gallery is basically just the pictures of all the girls and some misc picture of other characters who appear in the game.

Replay value
Though you can win multiple girls at the same time (by saving and loading on the last day and choose different girl), it still has some replay value with 10 girls to choose from. Besides its not so easy to get all the pictures (and you sure want all of them. That's why you play the game right? DUH!)

Closing comment
If you are not offended by uncensored animated nudity and interested in dating game, this game is for you. Compared to most other dating games that I've played this is certainly on of the better games.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/26/02, Updated 03/26/02

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