• Level Codes

    Level 10Gemini
    Level 100ByeBye
    Level 11Deneb
    Level 12Moon
    Level 13Capella
    Level 14Bansai
    Level 15Procyon
    Level 16Venus
    Level 17Sun
    Level 18Program
    Level 19Logic
    Level 2Planet
    Level 20Chaos
    Level 21Phobos
    Level 22Trauma
    Level 23Tkarus
    Level 24Explorer
    Level 25Titan
    Level 26Rubin
    Level 27Topball
    Level 28Topas
    Level 29Triton
    Level 3Inferno
    Level 30Pluto
    Level 31Comet
    Level 32Centauri
    Level 33Nova
    Level 34Asteroid
    Level 35Apes
    Level 36Photon
    Level 37Fog
    Level 38United
    Level 39Mutant
    Level 4Wind
    Level 40Sojus
    Level 41Neutron
    Level 42Uranus
    Level 43Laser
    Level 44All
    Level 45Basis
    Level 46Stars
    Level 47Giant
    Level 48Drama
    Level 49Nukleus
    Level 5Sandworm
    Level 50Epsilon
    Level 51Vulcano
    Level 52Pegasus
    Level 53Damokles
    Level 54Desaster
    Level 55Computer
    Level 56Galaxy
    Level 57Global
    Level 58Monitor
    Level 59Diamond
    Level 6Dune
    Level 60Nautilus
    Level 61Water
    Level 62Fire
    Level 63Racer
    Level 64Stones
    Level 65Ironman
    Level 66Robots
    Level 67Silver
    Level 68Timehunter
    Level 69Machine
    Level 7Terminus
    Level 70Steel
    Level 71Gold
    Level 72Solaris
    Level 73Starball
    Level 74Fortress
    Level 75Game
    Level 76Crash
    Level 77Balla
    Level 78Option
    Level 79Ship
    Level 8Cyborg
    Level 80Cyball
    Level 81Positron
    Level 82Speedy
    Level 83AI
    Level 84Alien
    Level 85Flash
    Level 86Metallix
    Level 87Universe
    Level 88Shuttle
    Level 89Gagarin
    Level 9Tango
    Level 90Schleuse
    Level 91Luftleer
    Level 92Strahlen
    Level 93Rakete
    Level 94Polaris
    Level 95Urknall
    Level 96Suche
    Level 97Irrfahrt
    Level 98Schwinge
    Level 99Wanderer

    Contributed By: JChamberlin and Lagoona.

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