Question from jimfromtx

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get in?

Okay, I officially fail at this game. I'm at the first inn, just got Alicia. But for some reason, I can't open the door to my room at the inn, and therefore save/continue the game! How do I stop failing at this game so hard? (in other words, how do I get in my room?)

Additional details - 5 years ago

Yeah...I'm trying to get into the one that my dragon (Shell?) is dice.

Accepted Answer

From: NoxCorporatus 5 years ago

Which room are you trying? Yours is the one furthest down the hallway, topside. Your room is (if I recall correctly) already open. Alicia's isn't, but you can knock on her door if you walk up against it. The others stay closed and won't budge.

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I know the door is SUPPOSED to be open but mine isn't, I downloaded the patch but it still isn't open

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