FAQ/Walkthrough by Ascard

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Battle Of The Youstrass

* Contents:
*1: Reason for this FAQ
*2: Legal Crap
*3: Episode Tree
*I: Rendezvous
*II: Habein and Seara/Joining
*III: Tienark
*IV: Take off
*V: Unexpected Encounter
*VI: Unfortunate Day
*VII: Miri the Wind
*IIX: Girl beside the window
*IX: Erion the Flame
*X: Resistances
*XI: Whiskreet the Heaven
*XII: Brothers
*XIII: Escape
*XIV: Three Musketeers
*XV: Playboy
*XVI: Where's the Beauty?
*XVII: Riverside Battle
*XIIX: Triangle
*XIX: Felda the Water
*XX: Ryuke's Heart
*XXI: Endless Battle
*XXII: The Fierce Battle
*XXIII: Sisters
*XXIV: To the Forest of Elementals
*XXV: The Reason I Fight
*XXVI: The Forest in Fury
*XXVII: Opening the Seal
*XXVIII: Ascard the Doom
*XXVIV: The Dragon Gained the Power
*XXX: We attack this time!
*XXXI: An Ill Omen
*XXXII: The Mechanical Fighter not a Mechanical Fighter
*XXXIII: Parents
*XXXIV: Outburst
*XXXV: The Meaning of Battle
*XXXVI: Disaster in Kradion
*XXXVII: Vanishing Life
*XXXIX: The Ultimate Power
*XL: To the Kradion
*XLI: Detour
*XLII: Temptation of Power
*XLIII: Dying Candle
*XLIV: We Can Not See the End Yet
*XLV: Endless Battle
*XLVI: With the Name of Heaven
*XLVII: Only With Our Power
*XLVIII: Elemental Fighter of Lord
*XLIX: A beginning of victory
*L: The Value of Sacrifice
*LI: Damos the Earth
*LII: To End This Battle
*LIII: The Crying Dragon
*LIV: Beyond the Grief
*LV: For the People who Vanished
*LVI: The End of a Show
*LVII: The End of a Dream
*4: The Final Battle
*5: Obtaining new characters
*6: Pilot/Unit tactics
*7: FAQ
*8: Credits
1: Reason for this FAQ:
Hi, it's me, your creator of this FAQ/Guide, SliceDawg.
I stumbled upon BOY (battle of the youstrass, I will use BOY for short)
when I was bored one day.  It's an AMAZING game very few people know
about.  I searched for it on GameFAQS, and to my surprise there were no
guides!! GameFAQS has everything, so I was very surprised.  So I
decided to make this FAQ/Guide for all of you who play BOY, and to make
more people start.  E-Mail me at C_Mac755@hotmail.com for any questions
about the guide.

2: Legal Crap:  this guide is ©copyrighted 2004.  If you ask me, you
can put it on your site, or whatever just don't do three things.  1: DO
NOT sell this guide for any money.  That is strictly illegal, though I
doubt anyone would ever pay for this. 2: DO NOT put this FAQ/Guide on
your site without my permission.  I don't really care, but you must
tell me if you put it somewhere.  And 3; DO NOT take credit for my
guide.  If you put it on your site or whatever, make sure you put
SliceDawg Prime(Kyan) in your credits for the creator of the guide, and
first ask me permission.

Version Info:
V: 1.0 – The guide, episode tree, how to obtain the characters and
tactics on Rimstol complete

3: Episode tree.  This is a chart of all the levels, and what levels
you will go to depending on the choices you make on some levels.

              village destoyed /         \village intact
                              /           \
                       Joining       Habein and Seara
                              \           /
                               \         /
                                Take off
                       mountain/        \plain
                              /          \
                  Unexpected Encounter     Unfortunate Day
                          |               /              |
                          |              /               |
                   Miri the Wind   Girl Beside the Window|
                          |              \               |
                          |               \              |
                          |                Erion the Flame
                          |                      |
                          |                      |
                          |                  We are busy!
                           \                /
                            \              /
                          Whiskreet the Heaven
                        Split/           \Don't split
                            /             \
                        Brothers         Escape
                       /                       \
                      /\                       /\
               plains/  \River          Plains/  \River
                    /    \                   /    \
               Playboy  Three Musketeers  Playboy Three Musketeers
                /   |       |             /     |             |
          Trust/    |Ignore |       Trust/      |Ignore       |
Where's the Beauty? |       |Where's the Beauty?|             |
               \    |       |            \      |             |
                \   |       |             \     |             |
               Triangle Riverside Battle  Triangle   Riverside Battle
               |             |    \            |            |    \
               |             |     \           |            |     \
               |             |   Ambush        |            |   Ambush
               |             |     /           |            |     /
               |             |    /            |            |    /
        Ryuke's Heart  Felda the Water  Ryuke's Heart  Felda the Water
                |                |              |                |
                |                |              |                |
   The Fierce Battle  Endless Battle  The Fierce Battle  Endless Battle
    |                     |                  |                 |
    |                     |                  |                 |
    |                  Sisters               |              Sisters
    |                    /                   |                /
    |                   /                    |               /
To the Forest of Elementals               To the Forest of Elementals
             |                                         |
             |                                         |
    The Reason I Fight                        The Reason I fight
        /       |                                 /      |
       /        |                                /       |
 Forest in fury |                         Forest in fury |
       \        |                                \       |
        \       |                                 \      |
   Opening the Seal                         Opening the Seal
          |                                        |
          |                                        |
  Ascard the Doom	                         Ascard the Doom
         |                                        |
         |                                        |
The Dragon Gained the Power                 The Dragon Gained the Power
             |                                       |
             |                                       |
      We Attack This Time                     We Attack This Time
   supply/         \military base    supply Base/        \military base
        /           \                          /          \
An Ill Omen     The M.F. Not a M.F     An Ill Omen  The M.F. Not a M.F.
        \          /                            \          /
         \        /                              \        /
          Parents                                 Parents
             |                                       |
             |                                       |
         Outburst                                Outburst
             |                                       |
             |                                       |
   The Meaning of Battle                   The Meaning of Battle
             |                                       |
             |                                       |
    Disaster in Kradion                     Disaster in Kradion
             |                                       |
             |                                       |
       Vanishing Life                              Sweep
             |                                       |
             |                                       |
     The Ultimate Power                        To the Kradion
     Detour/       \Attack                           |
          /         \                                |
       Detour    Temptation of Power            Dying Candle
         |                    |                      |
         |                    |                      |
We can not see the end yet    Endless Battle    With the Name of Heaven
         |                    |                      |
         |                    |                      |
Only With Our Power           |                      |
          \                   |                      |
           \                  |                      |
         Elemental Fighter of Lord        A Beginning of Victory
                    |                                |
                    |                                |
          The Value of Sacrifice              Damos the Earth
                    |                                |
                    |                                |
           To End This Battle                        |
                    |                                |
                    |                                |
            The Crying Dragon                        |
    otherwise /           \ released power,          |
             /             \I'll fight for others    |
Beyond the Grief   The Thunder Elemental Lord        |
             \             /                         |
              \           /                          |
       For the people who vanished                   |
                    |                                |
                    |                                |
            The End of a Show              The End of a Dream

Things to know: These are some things to know about the game and my
guide.  In my guide, my strategies are the easiest to use.  I use the
defensive tactic, which is much easier.  Some people like to play
offensively, so feel free.  If you get stuck, search the episode with
Control + F and use my defensive tactics.  Also note that if your unit
is 2 or more levels higher than the enemy, it will only gain 10 exp by
killing it.  This keeps your team pretty balanced.  Just make sure you
don't attack enemies that are two levels or more lower, when there are
many other ally units that are weaker and can get exp from the enemy.

I: Episode 1: Rendezvous: Ok, in this episode there are two ways you
can beat it. In the bad way, the village Rilt is destroyed.  In the
good way, it is not.  Either way, once you beat the Episode you move on
to the episode Habein and Seara or Joining, though they are both very
similar.  But saving the village is much better.  To save the village,
move Huben Drake into attacking position of the assault unit.  Then use
fire blade.  Once he is down, the general, the guy in the red elemental
fighter, should be within attacking range of your fire ball.  DO NOT
USE FIRE BLADE OR ANYTHING ELSE.  The ONLY way to kill this guy is
using fire ball. If you use anything weaker, he will survive, and he
will just dodge/guard fire blade.  So now quick save.  Once you have
chosen fire ball on the general, use your special ability power, which
should be on the side screen.  If he manages to evade it, quick load,
because beating it properly is MUCH better.  Once he is dead, just take
out everyone else with whatever you want, they are pathetic and won't
try to destroy the village.
After the battle, I suggest you keep your items for Tienark when you
get her.  If you don't want to use them all on her, use these on Ryuke.

II: Episode 2: Habein and Seara/Joining: If you saved the village, your
friend Seara will come, and also at the end of the episode Habie will
find a celestial feather.  So it pays off to do the episode correctly.
Anyway, just take out the fighters as normal, use twin sword on the
scouts, or fire ball IF they attack you.  You can use Fire Blade on
pretty much everyone else except the Range Fighters.  Just be careful
of the Officer, because he is slightly stronger.  If you did episode 1
correctly, then Seara will come part-way through the episode.  When you
use Seara, just move to the mountains in the middle (near Ryuke), which
will lure the enemy towards Ryuke.  After the episode, if you saved
Rilt then Habie will show up and find a celestial feather.  If you
didn't save Rilt, Habie and Seara should both just appear now.

III: Episode 3: Tienark: Alright, now that you have Habie and Seara,
things will be a bit easier.  Seara requires skill to raise her will.
Because her short sword has high critical hit ratio, have her attack
snipers with short sword.  They can't fight back, and Seara may get a
critical.  If Seara hits and isn't hit back, she gets +3 if she dodges
then hits, she gets +4 and if she dodges and gets a critical hit, she
gets will +7.  Habie, I don't really like because he is so damn slow.
Anyway, one of two things will happen depending on what you do.  If
Habie or Seara die, then when Tia finds Tienark, Ryuke will stay.  If
both Habie and Seara are alive, then Ryuke will go over to Tia and they
will both teleport.  It's a good strategy to kill Seara on purpose,
because Ryuke is…much better.  Anyway, like I said, after a while, Tia
will find the elemental fighter Tienark and climb in.  So you can
choose whether you beat the level with Ryuke and Habie, or Seara and
Habie. Anyway, just kick some enemy ass.

IV: Episode 4: Take off: Just kill some of the enemies, and after a
while, Tia will come in Tienark.  After a slight argument, Tia will
fight with you from now on.  Just weaken the enemy with your other
characters, but don't kill them.  Just let Tia finish them with
lighting blade, or lightning ball if you have enough will.  After the
battle, Tienark should be around level 7.
Now that you have Tienark, you may want to give her some items, or you
can just give them all to Huben Drake.  It's your choice.  Anyway,
after the battle, you will be given a choice; you can go over the
mountains or through the plain.  If you go over the mountains, you will
get a hell of a lot of items.  If you cross the plain, you won't get
those items till later, but you get a healer, the only one in the game
and she's VERY useful.
V: Episode5: Unexpected Encounter (over the mountains): This battle
shouldn't be too hard.  Habie is COMPLETELY useless, because the whole
terrain is mountain, and since he is already slow, this makes him SUPER
slow.  I would suggest giving Tienark the Celestial Feather, because
since she hovers, giving her a hovering item makes her fly, like Seara,
so terrain has no impact on her movement.  Anyway, after the battle,
you get a hell of a lot of items.
VI: Episode5: Unfortunate Day (across the plains): Nothing much about
this battle.  Just split everyone up into groups and take out different
squads. The only person who may die is Seara, but she's already crap so
it doesn't make much difference.
Ok, now if you chose to follow the Kradions, you end up in the episode
girl beside the window.
VII: Episode 6: Miri the Wind (over the mountains): This is the hardest
fight you'll have had if you went over the mountains.  Miri, is one of
the two devas you can get to join you in the full version.  Anyway, to
win this battle, DO NOT try to kill everything.  You win as soon as
Miri flees, so just get close to her.  Have Seara and Tia fly directly
over the water to Miri.  The others should go around, because it takes
a very long time to get across the water.  Another thing to notice is
the guy named Elvin, who is Seara's uncle.  It is possible to get him
to join you.  To do that, at the beginning Tia must say, "Who's that
shaggy man" he will join you.  Anyway, he's pretty strong, so you can
have him circle the forest too and try to get near Miri.  Anyway, Seara
and Tia will get there first.  Another plan, is to make Tia and Seara
go across the lake, but also let Huben Drake go across the lake as
well, and Habie and Elvin kill the enemies on the outside, keeping them
from reaching your attackers.  Anyway, this battle is a little hard,
but if you're experienced, you should be fine.
IIX: Episode 6: Girl beside the window(follow the Kraidons):  Well,
FOLLOW THEM!! If you don't, you miss this episode and don't get Yuril.
You still go to Erion the flame after.  This battle isn't too hard.
Just try not to get into the swamp, because it's hard to move in it.
Make sure Yuril survives, because she is a healer, so if you train her
a bit she can get awesome healing powers, and sit in a corner and heal
all your units during episodes.

IX: Erion the flame: Like Miri the Wind, except for going over the
plains and not the mountains, this will be your hardest battle yet.
Erion is just like Miri, he will flee if you get him to low health.
Like Miri the Wind, there is lots of water and he is on the other side
of the lake.  So there are the two strategies from Miri the Wind.  Have
Tia and Seara go across the lake and have them attack Erion and have
everyone else go around the lake, or the same thing except having Ryuke
going across the lake with them.
If you got Yuril, weaken your enemies as low as possible, have Yuril
use talent and kill them with her.  I know, she sucks, but she's a
healer not a fighter.  Eventually, when her heal skill is at 3 or 4 (I
give her level 3 in my games) stop training her and just put her in a
corner so she can heal.  This battle may be hard, but Erion can't
always use his good attacks, because he rarely gets his will high
enough to do Burning Slash, which is why I prefer Miri.  But he does
sit around most the episode giving him an advantage.

X: Resistances: You start off as Sir Klais (one of the five royal
knights of Wefrad), and Arba, his lieutenant.  This will take a while
and can be a little boring, but you have to do it.  This level isn't
like all the others.  You lose the mission, when Ryuke, Klais or Arba
dies, not just Ryuke, so be careful.  When Ryuke and the others arrive,
just have every person take a squad (Klais and Arba should both take
one in case they die).  A squad is a group of mechanical fighters that
are around an elemental fighter.  Just kill everything… pretty basic.

XI: Whiskreet the Heaven: Well…this would be impossible.  The
commander, and two devas, a lot of mechanical fighters, and a squad of
series 2 mechanical fighters.  Lucky for you, Whiskreet, the series 2
fighters and Miri/Erion leave.  That leaves Damos.  Just wait for him
to come to you, gain will by waiting, and try to only counter attack.
Don't waste energy on fire blades, thunder balls or other strong
attacks.  Save it for Damos, use your second attacks (fire ball,
thunder blade etc) on the junk.  Quick save often, and make sure Huben
Drake does not attack Damos with fire blade.  Use long range attacks,
then when his health is chipped, have someone attack (other than Huben
Drake) with their strongest attack (close range such as Klais).  The
attacker will most likely die, but Damos will retreat.  Victory.

XII: Brothers: Well, doesn't seem too hard at first…then some fighters
appear the southwest island.  Then, Ascard comes.  Remember him, he
saves your ass several more times in the game.  He blows up all the
enemies on the island, and leaves.  Then Ryuke's brother, Fredd
appears.  Like all units' first episode, he gets a will boost.  USE IT
TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!! Fredd is amazing with high will, but it's hard to
get it up.  So kill all the junk.

XIII: Escape: Same thing as brothers, except you have Klais and Arba,
and Fredd doesn't show up.  The enemies are junk, just kill the
supporters quick.

XIV: Three Musketeers: Well…after an incident, a battle starts.  Due to
this…the girls are temporarily out of service…Just hold off the
enemies.  Plant your strong units on good terrain like objects, wait to
gain will, and just hold your ground until the girls come.  Then, Kal,
Wil, Har, and Fir come.  Remember them.  They are Erion's minions.
Destroy them with strong attacks, maybe potency if anyone has it, and
quick save.

XV: Playboy: Well, first you see Faltigue.  If you have Yuril, you can
get him to join you.  Just have the three girls enter battle with him,
then Ryuke.  He must survive all encounters.  Blow away the twins
quick.  They can heal, so damage them, then choose an attack and target
the damaged one.  If is says dodge, exit, quick save and attack.
Eventually you will hit.  If she guards, exit and attack someone else.

XVI: Where's the Beauty: You go here if you get Faltigue and follow his
advice.  This is like girl beside the window.  Ignoring him does
nothing for you except lose a new fighter and some experience.  When
you enter the battle, have everyone stay where they are, except Tia.
Have her bolt for the forest in the northeast corner.  Once you get
there, keep waiting in different spots of the forest until Tis finds
Anarsis, the beauty elemental fighter.  Now, DESTROY THE JUNK WITH

XVII: Riverside Battle: This is an easy episode.  Just hold your ground
until everyone has good will.  Then DESTROY THEM!!! Give Tia the
Celestial Feather, and have her fly to the bottom of the map where the
supporters are.  Only have her counter attack.  Once she gets to the
supporters, DESTROY THEM!!  The rest of the battle is a breeze.

XIIX: Triangle: You get here as long as you didn't take the river
detour.  Seara is away for this battle.  Just hold your ground until
the squad in front of you is gone.  Then send Tia across the river to
destroy the supports.  While finishing up any enemy units up front, the
enemy will then get reinforcements.  Split your forces in two and take
either side of the river.  Tia should go through the river (she should
have the celestial feather) and destroy the squad at the back.  Your
other two teams can kill each side.

XIX: Felda the Water: This can be a tough battle.  There are snipers
surrounding you.  Take care of them, then start sitting it out.  Just
stand your ground, because most of the map is water, which is hard to
move in.  When Felda gets near, attack with long range attacks, such as
tornado beam.  Chip at his health, then when it gets to Tia's turn,
quick save and use lighting ball.  Use all combat abilities to help hit
and do damage.  He should then flee.

XX: Ryuke's Heart: This is like Felda the Water.  Felda's there.  Just
sit there boosting your will, attacking when they come to you.
Eventually, Felda will come.  If he attacks Ryuke, dodge.  Then, on
Ryuke's turn, quick save, use potency (…he does have it…right?) and
attack with fire blade.  Use as many combat skills necessary.  He
should retreat.  If it messes up, just quick load.

XXI: Endless Battle: You get to this episode if you go through Felda
the Water.  Don't move too much, because all of the powerful troops are
clustered at the back.  Small amounts of enemies will come at a time,
making it easy to boost your will.  Quick save and use the forests to
your advantage.

XXII: The Fierce Battle: You get here if you took the plains.  This
starts out pretty easy.  Just send Seara to take out the two scouts
above you with short sword to gain will.  Everyone else should wait to
boost will.  Only counter attack the hit men that come at you.
Eventually, Kal, Wil, Har and Fir come.  They are pretty strong, so be
careful.  Quick save every time it gets to Huben Drake's or Tienark's
turn once the trio are there.  They should use potency as long as they
have enough will so it won't affect if they can use their strongest
attack, and attack them with thunder ball/fire blade.  If they guard,
use power, and if they dodge, keep quick loading until you hit.

XXIII: Sisters: This is a remake of Playboy with the same scripts and
everything, just a different map and layout.  You can have Faltigue
join you here if you have Yuril.  If you do have Yuril, try and put
here within eight spaces of faltigue and he will shadow blast her.
Have her dodge.  Do the same with all three women.  Try to make him
attack, so he doesn't take damage.  Once he's attacked all three, have
him attack Ryuke, and he will pretend to die and join you.  Killing
Libria and Linia is pretty tough, because they guard, dodge and heal.
So try to have Huben Drake use awakening if one of them have damage.
Quick save.  Fire blade her twice.  If she survives, quick load.  For
the other one, it may be easier if you wait for her turn.  Then, you
know most of your units can attack before her.  Keep chipping at her
health, and once it gets to Ryuke or Tia's turn, quick save and DESTROY

XXIV: To the Forest of Elementals: This is a pretty easy battle.  Have
everyone wait to boost will, and since Seara doesn't get any will boost
from waiting, have her attack the snipers in the forest.  If she uses
short sword, they can't attack back and she has a high critical hit
ratio.  Let the enemies come to you.  Don't move until your units are
high in will, and only attack if you can kill the enemy.

XXV: The Reason I Fight: Well, have you ever wanted a deva?  Well now
is your chance to get one.  Too bad you don't get them right now.  You
just decide if/which one you get.  The first deva Tia attacks (he/she
must survive) will talk with Tia.  When they get low on health (do NOT
kill him/her!) he/she will pretend his/her fighter is acting up and
leave. Well…now the battle.  This is the hard part. If you plan on
getting Erion to join you, then the battle is a bit easier, because
Erion is much harder to kill than Miri (that does NOT mean he is a
better choice).  Just let the hit men and assaulters come to you, so
your will will rise.  If you are fighting Erion, always quick save
before Huben Drake attacks, to see if he's strong enough.  If he
survives, quick load and keep Ryuke away.  If he narrowly survives,
don't attack him, just hit Erion on the counter attack.  Miri is much
easier to beat (remember that does not mean Erion is a better choice)
because her strongest attack is 2-5 range.  So if you bombard her with
close up attacks, she will eventually die.

XXVI: The Forest in Fury: This is an easy episode, though it can be
very annoying.  There is fog everywhere, making hitting hard, and even
harder in forests.  Mad elementals aren't too strong, or smart.  If
they use an ability, say, fortify, you can take advantage of it.  If
they use fortify 2, and you use power 1, the mad elemental will not use
fortify 2.  So, even though he could still have damage -20%, he puts it
off and gets damage +20% or more.  They also don't have Kradion
tactics, like most enemy elemental fighters and officers.  If they are
at low life, they won't dodge or guard.  This makes them much less
annoying than the Kradions who dodge/guard and heal.  Faltigue is very
good in this environment, so use shadow blast on all enemies,
preferably ones on foggy plain, not foggy forest.

XXVII: Opening the Seal: Ok, at the beginning of this episode, you meet
Esrana.  She is the goddess of Elementals.  Right, so she asks Tia if
she wants to release the full power of Tienark.  If you do, Tienark
gets a little stronger, all pink is replaced with blue, all known
techniques will requirements drop by 5, and she learns two new attacks.
Lighting blast and ark thunder.  And she flies on her own now.  Yay.
No more celestial feather required!  It says mass beside ark thunder.
Remember when Ascard came and decimated those guys on the island
without entering battle animation? Well that's what a mass attack is.
Ark thunder is pretty weak though.  If you don't release the seal, all
that happens is she learns lightning blast.  Now, it may seem like
fully released Tienark is better, but her level drops to one, and it
affects the ending if you release or not.  Right.  Onto the battle.  If
you released the seal, this will be a tough battle.  Wait to boost will
until you are attacked.  Use thunder ball.  The enemy should survive.
When it gets to her turn, quick save, use talent and kill that enemy
with the weakest attack possible.  Now she should be level 9.  The rest
of the battle is hard.  When it gets to Tia's turn, if she can kill an
enemy, quick save and use talent.  Otherwise, just attack.  With a bit
of luck, and a lot of talent (AHAHAH get it…0_o) you can finish this
episode.  When  I finish, Tienark is usually around level 30.  If you
didn't release the seal, then this battle will be a cinch.  Tienark
gains the attack lightning blast, but she doesn't get rid of that girly
pink.  Darn.  Well, the enemies are level 30 this time instead of 15
though.  Still, it is easy.  Wait until they attack you.  If they use
fortify, don't use power.  Just wait an extra turn to kill it.  After a
while of easy dodging and killing, you should be able to use thunder
blast.  Just for fun, decimate them with it if there are few left.

XXVIII: Ascard the Doom: Well, the title sorta gives it away.  First,
this battle would be impossible, and still pretty difficult with Ryuke
and Tia.  Lucky for you, Ascard comes.  Remember him?  That guy I told
you to remember?  Well he's finally back.  Its sorta fun to watch him
decimate every single enemy in a single hit, other than the devas.  It
takes him two turns to decimate them 0_o.  He's invincible basically.
His will stays at 150.  So he can use all his combat abilities without
losing will.  Pretty cool.  Well, try to kill as many of the
reinforcements on the west side as possible for the experience, though
to be safe and to see some more cool attacks, you may want Ascard to
kill them for you.\

XXVIV: The Dragon Gained the Power: This is the first time you battle
series 2 mechanical fighters.  They are much stronger, and this would
be a very hard battle.  Like all times battles would be this tough, you
always get help.  So here comes Ryuke and Tia! New and improved!  If
you found Anarsis (followed Faltigue's advice after the episode playboy
and found it in the forest) then Tis will be in it.  Tis, she is by far
the best pilot in the game.  Anarsis, by far the worst fighter in the
game.  Too bad they get mixed.  If you use her right, and give her
Esrana's bless (you get it after the episode if you got Anarsis) then
she can be trained to fight.  They come part-way through the episode,
so you have to hold your ground until then.  Have fun with their new
attacks.  This battle should be a cinch once they get there.

XXX: We Attack This Time!: This is an easy episode.  It's very annoying
that now Huben Drake if finally upgraded, Whiskreet upgraded his army.
Snipers can now counter attack you even if your right in front of them,
and assaulters can attack from a distance.  And fire blades and thunder
balls don't 1 hit them now.  It takes a dragon strike or thunder blast.
Bummer.  Just stay put until you destroy the first small squad that
attacks you.  Then start moving forward and destroying them.

XXXI: An Ill Omen: This battle is easier than your other alternative,
in numbers.  Kal is much stronger than the twins, and the twins flee,
Kal fights to the bitter end.  Because all of the supports are behind
Kal, it's hard to get to them, and they don't die easily either.  Once
you've taken out a few of the front line enemies, have a few units
enter the forest.  Have them dodge, because of the assaulters' low
accuracy with missiles, it's easy to gain will from dodging them.  Just
wait them out, and the supports may start charging you.  If they get
within attacking range, KILL THEM!! They can be very annoying, so it's
good to use two mid attacks (fire blade, lightning ball etc) because
strong attacks like dragon strike will leave them with a sliver of hp
left, so it's a waste of energy.  Try to kill all enemy units before
Kal, but if he rushes you, destroy him instead.  He's very strong, and
his mechanical fighter has stinger, a very strong attack.  Try to
destroy him with close up attacks to avoid that attack.  His fighter is
mechanical, so elemental attacks will fare better.

XXXII: The Mechanical Fighter Not a Mechanical Fighter: Well, this
episode is slightly difficult as it is.  But then they come.  Wait to
boost will because you will need it.  Do not waste energy and/or will
to make a cool final show to kill the few remaining enemies.  Why?
Because Linia and Lidia come.  With a few mechanical fighters.  So you
need the will from before.  Just wait and only attack on your turn if
you can kill the enemy, to make your will as high as possible for the
twins.  When the twins get close, have Ryuke or Tia use potency.  Quick
save, use dragon strike/lighting blast and use power/aim depending if
they dodge or guard.  If they get low on health, they will flee.  For
fun, make the remaining mechanical fighters cluster together, chip away
at their health with long distance attacks, and have Ryuke kill them
all with a breath of fire.

XXXIII: Parents: Well, no officers, and Ryuke gets a + 30 will boost at
the beginning of the episode.  Wait until all of your units can use
their strongest attacks, then raid them.  A breath of fire is good if
they're clustered together.  Pretty easy.  But at the end Tia finds out
from her friend Robin the Kradions have her parents hostage.  That
leads to…

XXXIV: Outburst: What is an outburst you ask?  Well it's something Tia
has.  At the beginning of the episode, she gets a + 30 will boost.
Just wait.  Then all the scouts should attack you.  Just use your
default attack; the game knows what will kill what enemy.  Once all the
scouts are dead, move forward to the soldiers on the mountains.  They
should attack you.  Again, use your default attacks.  Then attack the
officer.  It doesn't matter what attack you use, just don't waste will
on abilities.  They will talk.  The officer will kill Tia's father.
Then, Tia's hair goes all up and her eyes are weird…spooky.  Right,
then he threatens to kill her mother.  Ryuke and Tia show up, and then
Tia's mother jumps down from the officers fighter and dies.  The
officer then gets reinforcements, and attacks Tia.  He uses stinger.
Yes, his most powerful attack.  And it only does about 6 damage.  Then,
her will shoots through the roof at + 120.  Ryuke and Seara lose
control of their fighters and are useless for the battle.  Then her
hair and eyes get all freaky again.  Now, this episode is mainly just
to introduce you to outbursts.  It's impossible to lose.  It doesn't
matter what you do, you will end up winning.  It's pretty fun.  It's
good to use ark thunder if you released Tienark's seal.  With an
outburst, mass attacks range go way up, so you can hit every enemy with
it.  Then any attack will kill them.  Just wait for them to attack you,
or if you have enough energy, DESTROY THEM!!  After the battle, the
deva you will get (Erion/Miri, whichever one Tia attacked first in the
episode the reason I fight) will notice how stupid the Kradions are.
Then Seara and Ryuke regain control over their fighters.

XXXV: The Meaning of Battle: Well, you don't have Tia in this episode.
Still, not too tough.  Part way though the episode, Robin shows up.
He's in an elemental fighter.  Either Geon, the gravity elemental
fighter if you attacked the supply base, or Wivither, the sky elemental
fighter if you attacked the military base.  Either way, he's fairly
weak, but can be used correctly if you have the right skill, and a
little luck.  Finish off the enemies, and try to give Robin some
experience.  He starts off with talent 3, and after one kill using
talent, he gets some good skills and many levels.  After the episode,
Tia says something.  It seems like it doesn't matter, but it makes a
GREAT difference in the game.  Take it this way, if you think you're a
pro (if I told you what you had to do now, you wouldn't do it) then say
"I'll fight for others again".  You don't have to do the really tough
thing though, it's just something you can try at the end of the game
only few veterans (me included) have done.

XXXVI Disaster in Kradion: Put all of your troops in the west forest.
Have them wait out the attacks.  Try to balance your forces out, so all
weak units you have should get more kills and use talent if they have
it.  Try not to level Habein too much though.  Or Arba…It's…a waste…

XXXVII: Vanishing Life: Have all your units stay put.  They can destroy
the enemies as they come.  Once you've killed all the enemies except
Linia, wait.  Once all of your units (other than Rimstol and Juders,
because they don't gain will by waiting) have 180 will, move out.
Attack her.  Quick save often, use potency and haste is good too.  Once
she is dead, Libria will return without the cargo.  Seeing Linia die,
yes, she outbursts.  This is a very hard battle.  Quick save as soon as
you can, and bombard her with potencied, awakened dragon strikes and
lightning blasts.  If she has a sliver of hp left, a mass attack is
good, because she can't dodge it.  If you can quick save, do so and
keep trying.  If not, use potency and or awakening.  It can still miss,
she just can't use the dodge technique.

XXXVIII: Sweep: This is much easier than vanishing life.  Stay put, and
only attack if they can't attack back, or if your attack will kill
them.  Always quick save if you can before trying to kill an officer.
Try to balance your forces here.  Talent is good.  Haste also works

XXXIX: The Ultimate Power: Remember that guy, Ascard?  Well, he's back.
Level 70 this time.  The kradion army decides to split their forces,
half on you, half on Ascard.  Big mistake.  In no time, Ascard
decimates that half and moves out to help you decimate your half.  Not
much strategy is required for this episode.  Just position all of your
troops in the forest and kill.  And watch Ascard kill too.

XL: To the Kradion: This episode isn't too hard.  Move all your units
into the western mountains.  Check the terrain by right clicking, and
try to put as many units as possible in high mountains.  Wait out the
battle, and when most enemy units, or all, are dead, have Ryuke and Tia
attack the officer.  When it gets to one of their turns, quick save and
use their strongest attack.  Then have the other finish the officer off
when it gets to their turn.  The battle should be easy if you're in
high mountains.

XLI: Detour: This episode can be annoying, with the three Kal pals and
three elemental officers.  Position all of your units in the forests,
and have them wait.  Once you have destroyed most of the mechanical
fighters, the officers and Kal pals should charge you.  Only move if
they start sniping at you.  Because they all use tactics, it takes
several units to destroy them when they dodge/guard, because they will
heal once it gets to their turn.

XLII: Temptation of Power: Move all of your units into the southern
mountains.  Once you've destroyed the scouts, wait until your will is
comfortably high.  Then charge the enemy.  They won't attack you, so
you have to attack them.  Try to draw out the hit men by going close to
them without drawing out the other fighters.  Destroy them, then attack
the assaulters.  Units whose strongest attacks are ranged are good,
because assaulter's missiles are weak and inaccurate.  Try to attack
the supports before the officer, so they don't heal him.  Once they're
gone, you can gang up on that officer.  Using the art of quick save and
dual striking, DESTROY HIM!!

XLIII: Dying Candle: This is an easy battle.  At first.  A few
mechanical units and Linia.  So what if there's only three of you,
right?  You have Ryuke and Tia!  Well…No.  Just wait in the mountains
until they attack you.  Then use your strongest attacks and eliminate
them.  Then wait until Ryuke and Tia have max will (180) then attack.
Have Tia attack with lightning blast from the forest and Ryuke charge
her once she's taken a lighting blast.  Just use power if she guards or
aim if she dodges.  You also may want to use awakening and or potency.
Great, now Linia is dead.  Now guess who's back.  And she sees her dear
sister die.  Now, guess who outbursts.  Quick save the first chance you
get, and use all of your combat abilities that will help, such as aim,
dodge, power, potency, haste, awakening and anything else that may
help.  A dragon strike and lightning blast should impale her if you use

XLIV: We can not see the end yet: Pretty Organized battle.  Squads of
three mechanical fighters, and two elemental fighters.  Wait for the
scouts to come to you.  Kill them, then wait for the assaulters to
attack.  When you're finished with them, move to the northern mountains
and attack the hit men from long range.  Then slowly make your way
towards the officers.  Snipe at them from far away, lighting blast is
useful here because it's range is 8.  When one dies, move slowly
forward, not too much so the enemy moves or attacks, just to get in
range.  Next turn use all your far attacks.  Wivither can be useful in
this tactic.  Shadow blast is also effective due to its long range.
Once the front two officers are dead, charge the supports and kill
them.  Damage the rest of the officers on the counter attack, then
finish them off on your turn.

XLV: Endless Battle: Well, if you've been neglecting your team of
experience and giving it all to Ryuke and Tia, it'll come back to bite
you now.  Ryuke and Tia are gone.  This time, Ascard does NOT come to
help you.  You have to kill Kal and pals without them.  This episode is
to see if you've been training your team evenly.  Many people have to
start the game over due to this episode.  Right.  Onto the battle.
There is some high snow to the right of where you start.  Put Faltigue
if you have him there.  With S rank water and +15 conceal, he should be
able to snipe without problems.  On the mountains in front of you
somewhere near the top edge are some high snowy mountains. put Rimstol
on top of those mountains, and then just dodge, or dodge and return
fire with beam if you think you can afford it.  Send Yuril, or another
unit that has heal if you don't have Yuril (that you're not using, so
don't use Rimstol or Faltigue) to the bottom left corner to heal, or
just give the repair unit to Seara and let the others restore
themselves.  The Kal pals will take the fastest route possible, via
snow.  This gives you an advantage, because they have to go up the snow
fields to reach Rimstol in the snowy mountains.  Faltigue takes care of
the lower snipers, the rest go for Seara.  Make her dodge the attacks,
quick save when you can, and by the time Kal pals arrive, she should be
at about 170-180 will.  She can kill the Kal pals from there if you
trained her properly.  If you still can't win, do suicidal attacks with
your troops.  They will gain levels, and if you use talent it will
happen faster.  When you lose it says repeat stage.  Say yes, and you
will still have the experience from the previous battle.  Keep doing
this until your troops are strong enough.  If you don't have Yuril,
give Seara Elvin's repair unit.  She can heal herself without wasting
her will or the healer's will.  If you don't have Yuril and you want
Robin to take part in the fight (he can be very useful if you trained
him properly) give the repair unit to Seara and hope nobody else needs
healing.  If they need desperate healing, have that unit use restore
and or have other units use a bit of will to heal that unit.  Well,
good luck.
XLVI: With the Name of Heaven: Well, Whiskreet looks different.  Now
he's an elemental lord.  You'll learn more about them a bit later.
Right, now first off, this is where you finally get your deva.  Miri or
Erion, depending on which one Tia attacked first in the episode "The
Reason I Fight".  The other deva will leave, leaving Whiskreet.  He
actually isn't too tough; he rarely uses combat abilities.  So if you
attack or he does, you can have potency, power, dodge, aim, anything
you want and most of the time he won't do anything about it, or use any
of his abilities.  Once he would be dead, Ryuke says he is too strong.
Then Arba comes.  And he kamikazes into Whiskreet.  Whiskreet leaves,
giving you a chance to run away.

XLVII: Only With Our Power: This is the version of endless battle you
go to if you took the detour.  It is similar, though there is much less
enemies.  The same strategy from endless battle works a little here.
Move Rimstol into the high mountains in the middle of the map to the
very right, and let her dodge anything.  Only attack back with beam if
you can afford it.  A healer is very important here.  If you don't have
Yuril, give the repair unit to Seara, who will be doing the most amount
of fighting.  If you have a unit with the ability heal (other than
Seara) send them in a bottom corner and let their will drop as low as
necessary healing.

XLVIII: Elemental Fighter of Lord: This episode isn't as hard as it may
seem.  Whiskreet, and three devas are there.  All you need to
concentrate on is Whiskreet.  When he gets near, use fire
blade/lightning ball.  Use all combat abilities that will help you.
Then, when it gets to the other one's turn, use fire blade/lightning
ball.  He should try to dodge.  If you can quick save, do so.  Once his
fighter is destroyed, he releases the true power.  The Heaven Elemental
Lord.  Luckily, right now you don't need to worry about that.
Erion/Miri, depending on which one Tia attacked first in the episode
"the reason I fight" will show up.  They join you, and you retreat.
After the episode, if you got Erion he will give you his gold amulet,
or if you got Miri, she will give you her lightning booster.

XLIX: A Beginning of Victory: Well, you now get to battle with your
shiny new deva.  The enemy wants to lure you to the middle.  Wait them
out, and after a while the trap will happen.  All the enemies are
elemental fighters and advanced fighters, making this a pretty tough
battle, especially with the double encircling net.  Just use the
forests to your advantage, and try not to use too much will.  Quick
save often also.  After a while of fighting, Klais and Seara will come
to help.  Then, once all enemy units are destroyed, Ascard is here!  He
wants to join forces with you.  Lucky you.  He won't deprive your team
of any experience, he doesn't attack.

L: The Value of Sacrifice: Well, Whiskreet is on you.  Just wait in the
forests, and the heaven elemental lord will soon show up behind you.
If you have anarsis, move her right away, preferably at the beginning
of the episode, because if she dies, you fail.  Right.  If this isn't
too hard, just use fire blades, burning slashes, storms, lightning
balls, he will eventually lose.  When he gets to 0 health Ryuke says
he's too powerful.  Great time to say that, huh.  Then Klais and Arba
show up.  Arba…starts going a little crazy.  Then he kamikazes into
Whiskreet.  End of episode.

LI: Damos the Earth: Wait most of the enemies out.  Only move and or
attack if you can kill the enemy unit.  Otherwise, wait.  When you have
destroyed all of the elemental fighters, move onto the mechanical
fighters.  A powered dragon strike should be enough to kill them, as
well as lightning blast if Tia has enough will.  Then wait.  Wait until
all of your units have max will and move towards Damos.  Defeating him
isn't too hard, with some potencied, aimed, resistanced, powered dragon
strike.  Then, what next happens is pretty confusing.  You see the
heaven elemental fighter.  Not lord, fighter.  And then guess what you
see? An outbursted Damos inside.  Well, episode over.

LII: To End This Battle: If you were wondering, yes this is the same
map as the episode
The Ultimate Power".  Well, Kradions aren't too good at keeping their
plans secret.  They want you in the middle.  So don't.  Just wait.
Eventually, the so called trap will happen though.  A new whack of
fighters show up in the middle.  Shortly after that, the rest of the
resistance decides to show up, fashionably late.  Move them into the
forest and have them wait while the enemy attacks them.  Then Ryuke,
Tia, Tis if you have Anarsis, and your deva charge downward until all
of the enemy is gone.

LIII: The Crying Dragon: This is an incredibly easy episode.  Just stay
planted and fend off the enemies as they come.  No strategy required.
Once you destroy the final enemy, Whiskreet decides to show.  Then,
Habie who was supposed to be sick decides to show also.  And like Arba,
he kamikazes into Whiskreet.  Then, Ryuke has an outburst.  After
almost destroying Whiskreet, Whiskreet flees.  End of episode.

LIV: Beyond the Grief/The Thunder Elemental Lord:  Well, you're
fighting an outbursted Ryuke.  No problem right?  You have the power of
Huben Dra- oh, yeah…right.  Well, you're screwed.  Well, there are two
variations of this episode.  If you're in the episode "Beyond the
Grief", Ascard shows up. He will be on your team from now on.  If this
happens, let all of your units die.  Then Ryuke will go for Ascard.
Ascard won't move unless Huben Drake is within his attacking range, so
letting your units die is the only way to get Ascard to fight for you.
Just watch as Ascard decimates Ryuke.  If you're in the episode
"Thunder Elemental Lord", then Ascard will not show up.  All you have
to concentrate on is having Tia attack Ryuke.  She will become Tienark
lord!  End of episode.

LV: For the People who Vanished: This mission can be annoying.  But not
if you do it right.  There are three squads of all the gales and an
advanced fighter.  Position all of your flying units in the mountains,
and walking units in the forests.  Wait for them, and killing them
shouldn't be too hard.  You may want Huben Drake to go with the
foresters, so they don't get overwhelmed.

LVI: The End of a Show: This it.  The final episode.  To get here you
must have split your forces after the episode "Whiskreet the Heaven".
There are two variations of this episode.  In one, Ascard is with you.
Otherwise he shows up later.  Anyway, this isn't too hard.  Just
concentrate on eliminating the devas.  A lightning ball/fire blade with
power, and some other combat abilities can kill Miri and Erion, and a
powered lightning blast or dragon strike can kill Damos, and Felda
isn't very strong either.  A thunder ball with power, dragon strike or
lightning blast should all destroy him.  Whiskreet isn't too difficult
either.  At first.  He doesn't use combat abilities often, and he takes
his away often also.  Just use some powered lightning blasts, and
dragon strikes.  If you do one of those, Ascard may kill him if he is
with you.  Otherwise, try to use one, quick save when it gets to the
other's turn, and have him/her use a lightning blast/dragon strike, it
will kill if it hits.  Then…Whiskreet pulls out ANOTHER new fighter.
If you have Geon, meaning you went to the supply base, you fight
Celtacross, the devil elemental lord.  If you got Wivither, so you
attacked the military base, you fight Hekanticle, the mechanical lord.
The mechanical lord can be difficult, use constant strongest attacks;
your units should have enough will, the gain over 10 when you kill the
heaven lord and a lot after every deva death.  You want your attacks to
do about half damage.  Do a bit more, he will heal.  Do quite a bit
more, he will outburst.  Outbursted isn't too impossible, it's much
easier than Ascard.  Celtacross is a bit easier for some people. Just
keep hitting away.  If you use quick save to your advantage, you should
be able to finish him off before it gets to his turn and he heals.
However, if you get him low on health, he will outburst.  This makes
the battle a whole lot harder.  Try to keep his health around half,
because when it gets around 25%, he will outburst.  If he does outburst
and Ascard is on your side, he will release his lord, making him
stronger, but still not an even match for outbursted Whiskreet. You can
try fighting him outbursted if you want a challenge, but it's not
recommended.  Try to kill him in one hit or two as long as one of them
doesn't leave him with low health.  A potencied, powered, aimed and
resistanced attack should do the job.  Well, if you kill the lord, and
you didn't have Ascard, it means you have Tienark Lord.  Now, Ascard,
the lord hunter appears.  You have two options: Tia can destroy
Tienark, and the balance of lords will be even.  However, if you don't
want to give up the power, you can challenge Ascard to a battle.  Well,
please, think before you act.  You're going to want to destroy Tienark,
so you can see the ending.  Destroying Tienark is the true story.
Then, after you've seen it, you can try Ascard.  See more in the
section "The Final Battle"

LVII: At the End of Dream: This is the final episode for you if you
concentrated your forces.  This is a much harder variation of "The End
of a Show".  You don't get giant will boosts when you kill devas or
Whiskreet, you get normal will boosts.  The enemies are the heaven
elemental lord, Kal and pals, Felda and the deva you didn't get.  Try
to kill Whiskreet first off.  Once you've done that, run.  Run into the
mountains.  Ascard will kill any enemies left, and then move onto
Whiskreet.  It's important not to damage Whiskreet, because that way
when Ascard attacks, Whiskreet will get below 25% health and outburst.
Not even Ascard can take an outbursted Whiskreet.

4: The Final Battle:
Alright.  This is it.  If you think you have what it takes to beat
Ascard, this is where you can get your info.  First, you're going to
need Tia, and Ryuke at high levels.  This is how it works.  If you lose
the episode, by Huben Drake or Tienark dying, it says do you want to
restart.  If you do, you restart the battle WITH all experience you
gained the previous battle.  So, Tia having talent levels much faster.
Before the mission, you have to be very careful the right units have
the right items, because they won't have a chance to switch.  Now, a
talented kill on Whiskreet's second lord will boost Tia to a very high
level, around 95.  Keep restarting until Huben Drake and Tienark have
very high levels, when they start getting 10 exp from
Celtacross/Hekanticle.  First, if you made your file just to kill
Ascard, you should have given all stones, crystals and orbs to Tienark.
With all those, Tienark is stronger than Legnus.  It's a bummer that
Ascard is an uber pilot and much better than Tia.  Now, to the battle.
Say "Who will be allowed to exist" to fight him.  He will transport you
to the elemental plane.  He then outbursts.  And he retains himself.
Now Ascard's will stays at 200.  Well, at his first turn he uses the
abyss; his mass attack.  Now that he's a lord now, it's very massive.
It hits everyone on the screen.  Everyone should die, except maybe
Erion if he's a very high level, Tienark and Ryuke.  Ryuke should be at
full health and 180 will, otherwise he may not survive.  Remember this;
Make sure all units are fully healed, and then kill big Whiskreet.
That gives everyone +20 will, so as long as Ryuke has at least 160, it
will go up to 180.  He should survive.  If he gets hit by a critical
hit, quick load and start from where you were.  There are two ways to
kill Ascard.  You can do it with just Tienark, or with a little help
with Huben Drake.  Ascard will start the battle by using sniping, and
shoot beams at you from 20 squares away.  You need to be a little
aggressive here.  If your Tienark has very high will, around 175-180,
and she has all the stones, you can try to have her kill Ascard.  Use
celerity, potency, talent, awakening and sprint if you need to to get
to him.  Don't quick save now if Huben Drake's turn is after.  If it
isn't (show activity to find out) then quick save.  Get 8 squares away
from Ascard, and use lightning blast.  Only use resistance and potency,
otherwise he will use level 5 resistance.  It's Tienark's turn again.
Keep using potency and awakening (awakening if you need another turn to
kill him) and maybe talent if you can afford it.  A lightning blast
should get him around half life with potency and resistance on the
first hit, and the second hit should be easy.  Just use potency and
resistance, and you will have a hit rate of 99.  If Huben Drake's turn
is after Tienark's, you don't need to use awakenings.  Just get him to
low health, and quick save on Huben Drake's turn.  Now do whatever it
takes to get a potencied breath of fire on Ascard that turn.  If you
quick saved, you can keep trying until it hits.  If he's generally at
low health, this should finish him. The easiest way though, is to
double lightning blast him.

5: Obtaining New Characters: You should already know, but if you're not
sure about how to get a character, look them up here.  In order:
Ryuke (Huben Drake) - You start the game as him.

Seara (Rimstol) - She automatically joins part way though the episode
"Habein and Seara", or after the episode "joining".

Habein (Yugel) - Automatically joins you after the episode "Habein and
Seara" or "joining"

Tia (Tienark) - Automatically joins part way through the episode "take

Elvin (Darmd) - Joins you permanently after the episode "Miri the Wind"
if Tia says "Who is that shaggy man?"

Yuril (Yudendile) - Joins you in the episode "Girl Beside the Window"
if she survives.

Klais (Garcia) - You start off as him in the episode "Resistances".

Arba (Juders) - You start off as him in the episode "Resistances".

Fredd (Debiker) - Joins you part way though the episode "Brothers".

Faltigue (Riebenhile) - Joins you in the episode "Playboy" or "Sisters"
if Tia, Seara and Yuril all enter battle with him, and Ryuke after.  He
must survive all encounters.  After Ryuke attacks after the three
ladies, Faltigue will pretend to die and join you in the next battle.

Tis (Anarsis) - If you get Faltigue in the episode "Playboy" and follow
his advice, you go to the episode "Where's the Beauty?" If Tia waits in
the forest on the northeast corner, Tis will find Anarsis, the beauty
elemental fighter.  After Esrana repairs it, she will start riding it
in the episode "The Dragon Gained the Power"

Erion (Flagion) - Erion joins you in the episode "Elemental Fighter of
Lord" or the episode "With the Name of Heaven" if Tia entered battle
with him in the episode "The Reason I Fight" before Miri.

Miri (Pharinx) - Miri joins you in the episode "Elemental Fighter of
Lord" or the episode "With the Name of Heaven" of Tia entered battle
with him in the episode "The Reason I fight" before Erion.

6: Pilot/Unit Tactics: Here are specific tactics to specific units, and
just some general tactics.  These tactics help you to use the unit the
best possible.  I don't have all units here so far, and my friend Kiaz
is helping to make some.  If you would like to submit one, e mail me
and give your name.

Rimstol has slightly higher mobility, than most other units in the
game, making her a little faster, and has flying ability, which means
she can move over any obstacle (excluding other units) with normal
movement. She also gets sprint, which can give her an extra edge in
speed, which may be required. In addition to this, she has the Tornado
Beam attack, a ranged elemental attack which can be used after
movement, unlike most weapons, and is A-grade against mechanical
enemies, and S against Earth elementals, which are commonly slower, and
rarely even hover, let alone fly.
This means that she can generally move a distance of 8, and then attack
a distance of 3, giving a potential total range of 11 (12 or 13 with
various movement boosting equipment), without the loss of any will.
This attack also gains a bonus when used against mechanical opponents,
and ignores all armor values. The attack is also fairly powerful.
On the downside, she is commonly weak in amour, and her flying ability
becomes less special further on in the game, as Tienark has the long
term potential to fly, as does Huben Drake (gains hovering after
acquiring dragon elemental orb, which can be boosted to flying with the
celestial feather. Elvin, and both the Sky and Gravity elementals fly).
Also, Tornado Beam has a will requirement to be met, and she general
starts with below average will.
General Rimstol tactics.
a) Will. She starts with low will, and although her higher power
slightly makes up for this, she still needs it for the Tornado Beam.
Her speed and flying ability make it very easy her to get into the best
position for cover, preferably making her harder to hit. Seara gets her
kicks out of being hard to hit, and hard to get. If you hit them and
they miss Rimstol, it's possible to gain +7 will, or sometimes +4. (I
am unsure of the exact conditions). But by doing this you can gain will
quickly enough. And if things turn nasty, her high activity and flying
mobility should allow a quick escape over any near difficult terrain
such as forests, rocks or mountains. Note: the enemy generally go for
the character that is easiest to hit or kill, so if you but her in
cover and have someone nearby that's in a vulnerable position, its
likely they will just ignore Rimstol. It can be best to make her rush
away from the main party and go find some cover close to the enemy,
further away from your allies. Also, never make her wait unless you
really have to, as she won't gain will form doing so. Sometimes if you
can lure the entire enemy army away, you can make the rest of your
party wait and gain will until Rimstol is destroyed or you feel that
you have enough will to win already.
b) Experience. Having good speed and Tornado Beam, she is quite
effective at running in and dealing the finishing strike to any
powerful low-life enemy within a considerably large radius. This is
preferably combined with talent, and hopefully ends up with her being
in a position where Rimstol is in cover, because by rushing forward she
may become a new target for all enemies. This is best done against
mechanical officers, since they have no barrier and give quite a lot of
experience on a talented kill. There are many units with strong close
combat attacks which can rush in and easily kill an officer or boss,
but most don't have talent, so save it for a talented driver, or the
driver with the lowest level.
c) Distraction. Stand (or fly rather) on a mountain/forest/rock close
to some enemy's position. He will move towards Rimstol if he has no
other closer target. Since walking enemies can only move 3 or 4 places
over rough terrain, while Rimstol can move 8 (or 9 or 10) with no
problem at all. If you stay just out of their move and attack range
you'll be fine, and even if they get a shot, your in cover anyway. (The
best is usually high mountain, with 20% conceal, and an extra 10% for
being A-rank with Air Elementals. 30% total evasion bonus, with +10%
attack for A-grade ground, and +10% attack against mechanical, your in
good conditions to gain some will). This tactic helps to draw fire away
form your main party, giving them better chances to get into position,
or destroy the forces coming at them. Also, most bosses just sit down
and wait, building up will, while you deal with their lesser minions.
If they are engaged in a pointless goose chase with Rimstol, it takes
away their advantage of will form resting. Just an alternative path.
d) Rimstol Assassination: 1 to 1 specific unit type combat. (not always
Snipers-B: get in close combat with short sword attack, and then follow
up with beam attacks. The sniper cannot harm you in this way. If he has
buddies, lure them into a forest and then attack them, as the forest
will help protect you from the other snipers as you cut up the
defenseless one. When its dead go to the next one. Try to get a
position that avoids them using mini-missiles (stay in range of their
closer attack) as these will slowly sap your will.
Snipers-A: see if you can destroy them in one shot with a strong
tornado beam, if not they'll get two chances to missile you and then
you can hit them with a beam or short sword. If the sniper has buddies,
then lure them into cover (such as forest, although the cover makes it
harder to do one shot death), and make sure you stay inside or outside
of their 5-6 range (on the menu, press "next menu", then show activity,
this will make it easier to see this range, just count), as their beam
is more potent than their standard missiles. If you are outside of
their 5-6 range, they will move into 6 range on their next turn (if
possible), so be weary of this.
Hit men-B: Try and get one shot kills with Tornado Beam, if you can't
your best bet is to stand on the edge (preferably a corner) of a forest
or other such terrain and let them come. If they use missile shoot back
with beam, over time the advantage from the forest will let win,
especially with the will boosts gained form doing this. If they sword
attack you, respond with beam fire. Rimstol is on the edge so the first
to do this will probably be in open plains. If you're on a corner then
the second sword attacker will also be in the open. If one stands in
the forest to attack you, leave him till last, and then move back and
use a Tornado Beam. (he should be injured from your return fire as it
Hit-men A: I'll come back to this later. I think the above should
probably work I can't remember the difference between A Type and B
Assault B: Rimstol can't do much. A one shot kill approach doesn't
really work even if you can deal the damage, if you do it in a field
his buddies still get you, in a forest you could stay out of each of
his comrades and get him, but the protection of the forest (or whatever
difficult terrain your using) will make him harder to get. No matter
what terrain you are on, you can't shoot them and not get in Shining
Sword range in his next turn, even on difficult terrain. Either a) Lure
them to your buddies, who have enough ranged power to take him/them out
before they get in close combat, b) sit on the edge of a
forest/mountain and keep dodging until they run out of energy for their
Shining sword attack (you have to dodge about 3), and nail them when
they have nothing but plain vanilla sword to hit you with. No problem
now. Although this is fairly risk in the assumption you dodge all three
attacks. Especially if there is loads of them. c) Give them a grand
tour of the whole stage. If you have a lot on you, just lure them away
and stay just out of their attack range. Bit of a waste for just one or
two them though. d) Just run away and ignore them. They will stop
chasing you once one of your allies is closer than Rimstol is, and they
certainly won't catch up.
Assault-A: Somewhat easier actually. Lure them into difficult terrain,
and calculate it so when they move they will be 2-4 spaces away from at
the end of their movement turn. They will shoot you with a missile,
quite strong but inaccurate especially in cover, and you can return
fire. Next turn, do the same, they will follow, missile again, and get
hit again. You can quick save for more favourable results if you wish,
though I prefer to use this against impossible bosses and safeguard
against freak occurrences (the occasionally 90% to hit misses on a
killing blow, or likewise). After this if they are not dead they will
be pretty easy to kill anyway. Work against large groups of them too.
Scout Fighters-A and B: Since they can move quickly, fly and shoot
after moving, like Rimstol, its hard to have an effective solution.
Fortunately they aren't really much of a threat, in terms of damage,
accuracy or defense. Stand on the edge or in a forest (concealing
terrain) and return fire as they come, you should have about 70-80+
chance to hit and theirs will be between 40 to 60, plus you have the
defense bonus. In your turn just shoot the weakest one, or a greater
threat. If the Scout-A Fighters are out of your range don't worry, just
dodge it and next turn they will move and shoot again, moving towards
you so they will probably be in range.
Heavy Infantry A-B: Lots of life, but not much offensive capability.
Lure them into difficult terrain, and keep whacking them with tornado
beams, (you get 10% bonus against mechanical units, pretty much negates
their conceal bonus from the forest) and when they go into close combat
with mace just dodge it (or return fire, if their accuracy is low
enough), move back and use another Tornado Beam. Repeat until they are
all dead. Quick save can be used if you don't like the risks that they
might hit you in your turn and in their own, but it shouldn't be
necessary unless your fussy about Rimstol's will or life, which could
be a little more justified if she was on the limit of losing or gaining
Tornado Beam.
Mechanical Officer A-B-C: Their attacks are: move and shoot with beam
or short sword, and then use Big Missile or Stinger. The beams aren't
particularly dangerous (only used after moving or out of ammunition),
but the Big Missile has big range and damage, and although the stinger
is short ranged, it's also quite strong, however these weapons cannot
be used after moving. So to avoid these strong attacks, don't initiate
an attack because they will respond with Big Missile or Stinger. Stand
on the edge of a forest (rough terrain or whatever), and let them move
and shoot. Return fire with your own standard beam (or Tornado Beam if
they are close enough) when they attack you. Then, in your turn, move
back our of Big Missile range. They will move forward again to target
you with their beam, and again return fire with your own. Repeat until
they die. If they have Restoration, then do a quick-save, use Talent,
run in and do a finished strike with your Tornado Beam for oodles of
exp. Another effective tactic is to stand at exactly range 7 (or just
out of their longest ranged weapon), and they will run up to you and
use a sword. This will probably hardly even hurt you at all, and you
can return fire with a beam, followed by a Tornado Beam, which may make
the kill, depending on the strength of your enemy.

Note that this tactic commonly doesn't work against most character
bosses because they can simply just use Sniping, Celerity, Awakening or
numerous other abilities.
Fire Officer: Fire Blast is very powerful, though it cannot shoot
anyone that's adjacent to the Officer but other than that he has no
decent attacks at all, the short sword won't bypass armour and isn't a
real threat. Just get in close and use a short sword, he will short
sword you back but it doesn't matter, he won't move next turn. Because
of this, you will be standing still and you can freely use your beam.
You will kill him faster than he kills you under most circumstances,
unless there is a large level/will difference. An alternative route is
to stand at exactly range 7 form him. He will move up and attack you
with his short sword, and you can return fire with your beam. This
really means that you don't have to take the loss of the first short
sword combat. If your really tactical you can stand on the edge of some
concealing terrain at range 7, and will stand in the open while you
pummel him with beams from your forest or where ever. Of course, just
getting a difference character to run in and start using big close
combat attacks like Fire Blade / Lightning Blade / Brutal Claw /
Blazing Claw etc is a more effective way, but that's how to do it with
Rimstol. Making a finishing blow is difficult, since Tornado Beam is
Grade C against Fire, giving –10% attack (damage and accuracy I
Water Officer: a strong Crystal Pierce attack with limited range, and a
long-range beam attack, but again weak at close range. Pretty good
offensively, but not much in defenses. Lure them to an open field, and
stand at range 8. They will rush in and spear you for no damage pretty
much, and you can return fire with a beam. move away and finish them
off with a Tornado Beam (or something less if you like). If your
Tornado Beam and beam initially can't get him, stay next to him and
keep getting him in close combat. Quick saving will help the finishing
blow, or if you don't like quick save just block / dodge the ice
attack. Quite easy to make a talented kill, go for it if you can afford
the will.
Air Officer: Accurate, powerful, close, medium and long ranged. Near
perfect offensive weapon, but can't be used after moving like most
ranged weapons. They also have fairly low defense to make up for it
though. Standard Drill, Range 8, open field, beam their short sword,
finish with Tornado Beam. Talent if you think you can afford it. If
there isn't an opportunity for open fields (Forest of Elementals for
example), you'll have to get someone else to rush in and kill them,
though to be carried out, either a one-shot kill with power skills or
usage of the dodge skill may have to be applied to avoid taking damage
from the Energy Ball. Using a range 8 attack, followed up by a close
combat attack should also be able to cut it if they hit.
Earth Officer: Take a look at this guys weapons. As he gets closer, his
attacks get much stronger. (if you think the Big Missile is stronger
than the War Hammer, look again. The War Hammer is a non elemental
attack, and it deals pretty good damage too). Also they are pretty
tough guys to kill, as no matter where they stand they usually have A-
grade status, even when in fields, and S on rocks, wilderness, high
mountains, and other places too. They have no move and shoot weapons,
other than his War Hammer, but you don't want to mess with that. So
there is no opportunity to return fire. If you initiate attacks, he can
respond with his Missile or his Big Missile, which can be pretty
deadly. So you don't want to shoot him, but you can't let him get close
because he'll get you with his hammer. Pretty though guys to deal with,
but they still have their weaknesses. Because his ranged attacks are
non elemental, and the Big Missile is D-Grade against Air, with range
3, and your Tornado Beam is Rank S, with range 3. The difference
between your accuracy/damage and his 40%. And that's excluding any
concealment bonus you may have gained from tactical position. Don't
bother letting him come to you, just find a piece of cover, and make
sure he's not on rank S Earth (because it'll give him his +20%) and
give him a Tornado Beam. The difference in accuracies and power should
allow you to prevail. If he survives, he will move in and whack you
with his War Hammer (if he fires a Big Missile at you he's a moron,
Also War Hammer is Rank A versus Air, so take care). After this give
him another Tornado Beam and it should kill him. A better way to do
this is to get someone with range 7-8 to shoot him first, and then rush
in and finish him off with a Tornado Beam.
Note: Since Rimstol has good mobility, speed, and no method of self
healing, the repair unit is a fairly good choice. Using a device for
speeding up will give her an edge over Miri in certain missions though.