Question from LiL_BR3BON

How do I beat (The Evil Emperor Zurg)?

How do i get te pizza token right over e pool on level two i pumped up the duck jumpdfrom the fountain abd everything?

GigaGamer95 asked for clarification:

Is it big?


GigaGamer95 answered:

If it is jump on the platforms and get pizza coln
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harrypotter222 answered:

To get the 'Puzzle' Pizza Planet Token in Andy's Neighborhood, you have to inflate the duck, then jump over on top of the duck from the edge of the pool. Do a stomp (jump + spin), and when the duck goes back up in the air jump to get the token.
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seba204 answered:

You have to run and hold the spin button (SHIFT) When you fill indicator pull of the button and use the spin attack on Zurg.
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