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Megaman X5 - Custom Soundtrack

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1) Introduction
2) How to Do it.
3) Track List
4) Some Warnings
5) Ideal Replacements
6) What Happened?
7) ! Notice !
8) Music Misc Info
9) Special Thanks
10) Copyright Info

1) Introduction

Gah, the music files for X5 are HUGE! (20 meg . sheesh..)
And for what. surely they could be smaller? More. useful?

Ok, maybe you're fed up of Megaman X5's music, or perhaps you want to
see where those lost tracks go?
(And I gotta admit, they sound bloody brilliant in game!)
Or perhaps you want to listen to the files. and you can't, even though
they are external.

Or can you?
Guess what, you can do both to suit your taste.
Here's how to change the music for the PC version of Megaman X5!

2) How to Do It.

Capcom, the sneaky little gits thought they could fool us by using .dat
filenames, huh? Fear not!
A brilliant idea (which has worked for several games.) I had was to
RENAME the file types of the files.
"Suicide" you say!  Nope, it works totally.. the .dat files are really
wavs in disguise!
Replace the .dat to .wav and you have your self the music files of X5
in wav files. Neat!
Now you can simply replace these wav files with what-ever you want!
Easy as killing a metool.
Make sure you rename the new (or what-ever) wavs back to .dat ,
otherwise X5 will crash! And it don't crash nicely either.
Use the track list below to help you replace that piece you want.

3) Megaman X5 US Track List (PC Version)

bgm00.dat - Megaman X Victory

bgm01.dat - Zero Victory

bgm02.dat - Megaman X Introduction Stage

bgm03.dat - Zero Introduction Stage

bgm04.dat - Grizzly Slash's Stage

bgm05.dat - Duff McWhalen's Stage

bgm06.dat - Squid Adler's Stage

bgm07.dat - Axel the Red's Stage

bgm08.dat - Matt Rex's Stage

bgm09.dat - The Skiver's Stage

bgm10.dat - Dr Izzy Glow's Stage

bgm11.dat - Dark Dizzy's Stage

bgm12.dat - Zero Virus Stage

bgm13.dat - Sigma Virus Stage

bgm14.dat - Maverick Battle

bgm15.dat - Dynamo Battle

bgm16.dat - Sigma Battle

bgm17.dat - Gamma Sigma Battle

bgm18.dat - Hunter vs Hunter - X vs Zero

bgm19.dat - Dr Light Capsule

bgm20.dat - Title Screen

bgm21.dat - Select Your Hero!

bgm22.dat - Maverick Stage Select

bgm23.dat - Sigma Stage Select

bgm24.dat - Maverick Selected

bgm25.dat - Stage Clear

bgm26.dat - Cut Scene

bgm27.dat - Ending

bgm28.dat - Credits

bgm29.dat - Phantom Devil Battle

bgm30.dat - Ranga Banda Mrk 2 Battle

bgm31.dat - Unused Track - "Mizu no Naka"

4) Some Warnings:

The following musics have certain problems ...

Megaman X Victory (bgm00.dat) , Zero Victory (bgm01.dat) and Maverick
Selected (bgm24.dat)don't like having musics longer than the originals
been placed. It produces some odd effects, since there effects are
based on Time rather than music length.

If anything shorter than 4 minutes for the Credits (bgm28.dat) is used,
since it doesn't loop, you'll be watching the credits without music for
half the time.

5) Ideal Replacements:

You know those lost tracks you found
(If you don't have them, big hint, goto Planet Megaman) ?
Here's where you put them, just for easy reference.
Remember, you'll have to change these to wave files first.

Track "Stage Select" - This works best as track bgm23.dat , since its
obiously a Sigma Stage Select theme.

Track "Deap Sea" - This works best as track bgm05.dat , it suits the
level perfectly!

Track "Light Capsule" - This works best as track bgm19.dat , it doesn't
suit perfectly, but who cares.

Track "Mission Report" - This works best as track bgm25.dat , altough
its not a very good piece of music...

Track "Armageddon" - Erm, this doesn't fit anywhere, sorry! (its too
short for the credits.. read above.)

Track "Zero Death" - This works best as track bgm27.dat , its up to u
which remix u prefer.

Track "bgm31.dat" - Fancy a change to jpop? Rename track bgm31.dat to
bgm30.dat, but rename bgm30.dat first!

6) What Happened?

What happened to those lost musics anyway? Heres a few answers...

Piece 1 - Stage Select
Length: 1.12 Minutes
Spooky computerized piece.

I don't know which stage select this appeared on, but it was most
likely the Sigma stage select due to its spookyness, but since its
simply labelled "Stage Select" it could have been the normal one.

This wasn't a particularly good piece for the normal stage select, but
it would have been fine for the Sigma one, considering that's only Virus Stage
music but a bit shortened, which was a bit lazy on
Capcom's part. Odd. It was fine for Sigma Select. Oh well.

Ever Seen Again?:
This piece was completely lost and never re-used.
No fan has ever heard it before it came out on CD. This could have also
been in the Beta version, but since the Beta hasn't been found, no one
knows for sure.

Piece 2 - Deep Sea (Duff McWhalen's Stage)
Length: 2.26 Minutes
Typical aqua stage.

Hmm, this is certainly from Duff McWhalen's stage, and its great for an
aquatic shipwreck or temple.
It's flipping great for the stage.

Nice piece of music, and it really really suits Duff's stage, but maybe
Capcom just didn't like it,
and after all, the stage is only a very boring boss fight.
What's even stranger, they didn't even re-do the piece, they just used
a remixed Bubble Crab's stage tune, which while nice, kind of missed
the point.

Ever Seen Again?:
This piece was completely lost and never re-used.
No fan has ever heard it before it came out on CD. This could have also
been in the Beta version, but since the Beta hasn't been found, no one
knows for sure.

Piece 3 - Light Capsule
Length: 1.16 Minutes
Christmas happy music.

It's a Dr Light theme music, and a pretty happy one at that.
Think Megaman X3 and you've got a very similar tune.

This piece sounds a little too Christmassy and all.
Probably why it was dropped.
It was replaced by a remix of Light's X1 theme.

Ever Seen Again?:
This piece was completely lost and never re-used.
No fan has ever heard it before it came out on CD. This could have also
been in the Beta version, but since the Beta hasn't been found, no one
knows for sure.

Piece 4 -  Mission Report
Length: 53 Seconds
Think the normal one but worse.

This is almost the same piece of music as the current Mission Report,
but with one difference. It's missing a heck of a lot of the notes!

This tuneless tune really is tuneless.
Capcom wanted a better one, so a better one was made.

Ever Seen Again?:
This is basically the current mission report, but without the main

Piece 5 - Armageddon (Possibly X's ending?)
Length: 1.12 Minutes
Think X1's ending. Guitar track.

I really wish this was kept, it's such a cool piece, but however the
depressing and very boring one and the introduction stage music
replaced it.


I honestly have no idea why this was dropped, it seems like one of the
classic Megaman X endings(X1's more specifically) and was a great
piece. Shame.
Another place it could have been rather than X's good ending was his
bad one, but that possibility is only brought about by the name, and
listening to the music, I quickly got rid of
that idea. It was definitely made for X's Good Ending.

Ever Seen Again?:
Yes, this music was re-used for X6's ending, but remixed and slightly

Piece 6 - Zero's Death
Length: 1.16 Minutes
Almost the same as normal ending.

This is basically the normal ending but with a choir instead of

It's exactly the same as the normal pathetic one, only slightly more
annoying. That's why.
Change the instruments and you get the one X5 currently has.

Ever Seen Again?:
This is basically X5's normal ending, but with instrumental

Piece 7 - Mizu no Naka still in US version!?
Length: 4.10 Minutes
It's the Japanese credits!

Strangely enough, if you own the PC version of the game, goto the music
folder, and rename bgm31.dat to bgm31.wav and there you go...
The Japanese credits music!

Every X game except X6, any J-pop music in the US or European games,
has been replaced.
Keeping with tradition, this piece should have been simply replaced and
deleted, but. it wasn't. just replaced in game with music that
apparently was in the Japanese version anyway.
It's still there in the music folder. Very odd.

Ever Seen Again?:
This was the Japanese Credits music.

That about wraps up my theories on the Megaman X5 lost musics.

 7) ! Notice !

This trick also works for Megaman X4, but I can't help you with a track
list, I don't "officially" own the game!
I've had to guess which track goes were!
It doesn't help that the X4 tracks are ALL OVER THE PLACE.
Now X5's are in a reasonable order...

But X4's order is insane.. first Sigma Stage, then Sigma Battle 1, then
Spider.. ergh.
It gives you a headache just trying to find a order for it.
If anyone actually owns the PC version of Megaman X4, then please give
me a shout!
I need help compiling a track list!

8) Misc Music Info:

Heres a few strange facts about Megaman X5's music:

In the US and Euro versions of the game, the Introduction music is
basically an extended remix of the Japanese Title Screen.
Lazily that was kept. Its a bit weird hearing the same piece of music
twice.  The Japanese version had the music "Monkey" instead.
The music is a remix of Zero's X1 theme, and the MM 3 Get Weapon music.

Speaking of remixed music, Duff McWhalen's theme music is basicly
Bubble Crabs...
And Dr Lights has his theme from Megaman X1..
And the Phanthom Devil has the Fortress Battle Music from Megaman 1...
Also the Ranga Banda has the Fortress Battle Music from Megaman X1...
The stage select music lazily uses a shortened version of the Zero
Virus stage music...
And finally the ending music is a remix of Zero's introduction stage

The Same peices of music is used over and over and over again in the
game for cut scenes.
The most used are Sigma Battle, "Cut Scene Music", Zero's Theme, Zero
Virus Stage, X's Theme...
The list goes on... Boring...

9) Special Thanks:

Planet Megaman - For providing me with MM Mp3s, including the lost
Zessie Chan - For her help with musical notes and stuff. :-)
Megaman Network - For providing me with most of my facts on Megaman.
Capcom - For making Megaman games.
My Mom - For importing me Megaman X5 PC version from the US.

10) Guide Copyright 2003/04 Adrian Nock.
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.
All infomation in this document I have found using my own experiments and
tests with the game Megaman X5, I have not experienced any problems
other than that I have posted above. If any damage is done to you game,
reinstall it. You must of done something wrong then.