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           :itG##D;.:,tGKWWWWKEEKKDGDGDDDGjttGEEW##  iK#Wj                     
          :jGGDKWEfjjjDEEKKKWKEEWWEEEEDLjjttiLDDEEL   :i;.                     

           Created by TechDude, unfortunately, the formatting requirements
           killed it. If you want to see what it looked like BEFORE the
           79 10-point character:


           Thanks TD

     ________            ___.                            .___
    /  _____/ __ __  ____\_ |__   ____  __ __  ____    __| _/
   /   \  ___|  |  \/    \| __ \ /  _ \|  |  \/    \  / __ | 
   \    \_\  \  |  /   |  \ \_\ (  <_> )  |  /   |  \/ /_/ | 
    \______  /____/|___|  /___  /\____/|____/|___|  /\____ | 
           \/           \/    \/                  \/      \/   


     Table of Contents
     I ------- About this FAQ
     II ------ How Not To Be A Jerk In Gunbound
     III ----- The Basics
               a - Getting Started
               b - The Zones
               c - The Modes of Play
               d - Controls
               e - Gold and GP
               f - Rankings
               g - In-Game Items
               h - Delay
     IV ------ The Levels
     V ------- The Bots (Nowhere NEAR being close to completion due to laziness)
               a - Armor
               b - Mage
               c - Nak
               d - Trico
               e - Bigfoot
               f - Boomer
               g - Raon
               h - Lightning
               i - JD
               j - Asate
               k - Ice
               l - Turtle
               m - Grub
               n - Aduka
               o - Special Bot: Dragon
               p - Special Bot: Knight
     VI ------ Avatars
               a - Avatar On vs Avatar Off and other info
               b - The Stat Sets
               c - Avatar Planner
     VII ----- Misc Stuff
               a - Fun Stuff (Games other than the traditional GBing)
               b - Guilds
               c - Money-Making
               d - GP Hoaring
               e - Gunbound Terminology
               f - Other Tricks
                   i -- On-Site: Account/Game Info
                   ii - In Game: Appear Offline
     VIII ---- Credits
     IX ------ Contact Me

     =                                                                 =
     =                  Part I - About this FAQ                        =
     =                                                                 =

     Author      : vgamegirl
     Email       : nevertoomuchsoccer@yahoo.com
                   Please read the Section 'Contact Me' before emailing
     Version     : 1.2
     Last Update : August 15th, 2004
     Game        : Gunbound

     Version Updates:
     1.2 -August 15th, 2004
          Added some stuff to 'How Not To Be A Jerk In Gunbound'
          Added a tip to both Cake and Asate
          Corrected some typos

     1.1 -August 12th, 2004
          Added the total and true angle measurements, contributed to
           me by NickBush24
          Made some bot corrections

     1.0 -August 9th, 2004
          Added 'Other Tricks'
          Added the Turtle, Lightning, Knight and Dragon sections
          Added some stuff to How Not To Be A Jerk in Gunbound
          Added some avatar sets
          Made some typo corrections

     0.96-August 1st, 2004
          DemiFrost contributed the Trico section (Thanks Demi)
          Added Raon, Bigfoot, and Armor sections
          Added some stuff to How Not To Be A Jerk In Gunbound
          Added an avatar set

     0.92-July 28th, 2004
          Added an (incomplete) 'Gunbound Terminology' section to
            explain some of the acrnoyms and terms commonly used in 
          Added the Asate section

     0.9 -July 27th, 2004
          Added 'How Not to Be A Jerk In Gunbound'
          Added the Nak section
          Added GP and Money strategies
          Added Cave A and B to the levels

     0.8 -July 26th, 2004
          Added the Cake, Aduka, and Grub sections

     0.7 -July 22nd, 2004
          Added Mobile type and shopt descriptions
          Corrected some grammatical errors

     0.65-July 21st, 2004
          Completed the Boomer section
          Added /loudall command

     0.6 -July 20th, 2004
          Just wanted to get this published, since if it's actually up.
          I may somehow possess motivation to finish the bots section, as
          well as respective strategies for each. Until then, deal with
          my laziness

     Copyright Junk

     This guide was written by vgamegirl, and may not be reproduced, in
     whole or in part, without my specific written consent. I have no 
     problem letting people host my guide, provided that they ASK FIRST.
     If you get permission to repost this, it must be kept exactly as-is, 
     with no advertisements, banners, HTML, etc. Keep it as a text file.
     TO contact me, either to ask permission or you see this guide
     displayed elsewhere, see the Contact Me section. Thanks.

     This guide may be displayed on GameFAQs.com, linked to by
     Gamespot, or found on Supercheats.com. 

     *Newest version will always be at GameFAQs/Gamespot*

          All ASCII art at the beginning of this document is 
          Copyright (C)2004 Nick "TechDude" Green. And may 
          not be used in any way without express permission 
          from Nick "TechDude" Green.

     =                                                                 =
     =            Part II - How Not To Be A Jerk In Gunbound           =
     =                                                                 =

     Well, as most of us know, the Gunbound community as a whole, to 
     put it midly, is, well, horrid and full of jerks/idiots. Please
     don't join their number. A few decent players do exist

     1.) Thou Shalt Not Scam
         Yes, there's a few innocent newbs out there that many fall for
         it, but just don't, please.

     2.) Thou Shalt Not Drown High Rankers in Buddy List Requests
         Please, it's really annoying just ENTERING a channel and 
         getting Buddy list requests JUST because you have a high rank.
         Chances are, if I don't know you, you're not getting added.
         In addition to that, if someone denies your request, trying
         15+ more times won't change their mind.

     3.) Thou Shalt Not Beg
         Look, if you are a complete stranger to me, do you HONESTLY
         think I'm going to give you items? I doubt it. Don't ask for
         "spare" items or whatever. It's annoying. Please just don't.

     4.) Thou Shalt Not Spam
         Yes, if someone hasn't readied in a game, saying their name
         several thousand times a minute will undoubtably make them
         hurry up

     5.) Thou Shalt Not KS
         If someone's spent the whole game shooting at a person, who is
         almost dead, don't go and take the kill, unless it's a time
         where the kill can win the game, or the other person's almost
         dead. If, strategically, it doesn't matter who kills, just
         let the person kill

     6.) Thou Shalt Not KS Whine
         In the event that someone takes your kill, don't whine about 
         it. It's done and over with. If there was a legit reason, like
         you had been killed already and weren't on the map, or were
         about to be killed, or something, it's not a KS. It's 
         strategy. Whatever the reason, going and TKing your partner,
         especially in a larger game, does nothing whatsoever to help
         your team

     7.) Thou Shalt Realize That High Rankers Aren't Aimbots And We
         Do Occasionally Miss and/or Have Bad Days
         Seriously. People assume that just because you're a wand or
         a Battle Axe, you somehow have this inability to miss/get
         killed. We're human, ya know

     8.) Thou Shalt Not DT Whine (Thanks to Hawkeye for the idea)
         Alright, you get double teamed. It's a perfectly legit 
         strategy. It can be a pain sometimes, especially when you 
         only get a turn or two, but please don't be one of the people
         that's like 'NO DT. That's cheating' or whatever. Frankly, if
         someone says 'No DT', I'll go and DT (double team) just to 
         annoy them for thinking that because they said something, 
         the other team will redo their entire strategy just because
         someone told them not to do something. Double teams, triple
         teams, even Quadruple teams happen, get over it and deal
         with it

     9.) Thou Shalt Not Scream Jajajajajaja All The Time (Credit to
         Hawkeye again)
         Yes, I'm well aware that Jaja translates to haha, but that
         doesn't change it from being really annoying

     10.)Thou Shalt Not Feel The Need To Abbreviate Every Word You Say
         (Credit to Hawkeye)
         Pretty self explanatory. I don't mind people saying DT, KS,
         whatever. But please try to keep your messages legible.

     11.)Thou Shalt Not Whine About Being Shot
         (Credit to NickBush24)
         Again, pretty self-explanatory, but there's a lot of people
         who have to say 'Why me?'. You're on the opposing team. Of
         COURSE you're going to get shot

     12.)Thou Shalt Not Scream 'Gay' or Use The Wonderful Tetris 
         Block That Somewhat Resembles A Middle Finger Every Two
         (Credit Efrain Reyes)
         Seriously. Ok, you get hit, whether by a teammate or by an
         opponent, whatever. Or you miss. Big deal. We all mess up.
         And constantly repeating the same 3-4 letter words, or 
         bypasses of them UNDOUBTABLY helps you do better, or your
         team, and they'll look at your character and think 'Wow, 
         this guy's right, throwing Tetris blocks into my messages
         DEFINETLY makes everyone think I'm so mature and cool.

         Yeah, right.

      13.)Thou Shalt Not Whine About Shotgunning
         (Credit to Leafweir)
         It's a perfectly legit shot. If you're on my team, I'd so
         much rather have you Shotgun, or do an easy lob and hit,
         then attempt an Ultra High Angle Shot, and miss.

     =                                                                 =
     =                  Part III - The Basics                          =
     =                                                                 =

     Section A: Getting Started

     Obviously, first you need to go register and download the game.
     Go to www.gunbound.net and download the game, as well as register
     an account. Pretty self-explanatory. The gender option affects
     how you look in-game and what avatars (clothes, hats, eyewear, and
     accessories, discussed more fully in the Avatars section) are 
     available for you to purchase. Female accounts (besides most of 
     them actually being guys) are prone to 'OMG A GIRL ASL', 'WILL
     YOU MARRY ME', 'WANNA CYBER', etc. I've personally experienced all
     of the above. Only good side of that is people occasionally send 
     avatars your way in hopes of befriending you or getting you to send
     something back. The choice is up to you.

     After you've installed it and such, run it, put in your username/
     password, and you can begin.

     In the event you do need to change your password, and you forget 
     what the email address you used to sign up was, go to the site,
     log in and put 


     in the address bar. Look through it, and you can find your email,
     as well as a few other things.

     Section B: The Zones

     At the time of writing this, there are 12 zones:

     *Zones 1 and 2 : Beginner Zone, Avatar Off*
     This is probably the best place to start. You can only get into 
     these zones if your rank is Metal Axe or under. Avatar off 
     indicates that the only avatar stats that matter here are popularity,
     which gets you more money per shot. Since Attack, Defense, Life, etc
     don't come into play here, you're on more even footing with your
     opponents. Be aware that many of the people here are not
     new at all, they just made new accounts to get money from beating
     newbs or something, especially those running around in full money

     *Zones 3 and 4 : Beginner Zone, Avatar On*
     Just like Zones 1 and 2, only people with Metal Axe ranking or 
     under are permitted to enter here. In this zone, the avatar
     you wear does have a bearing on the damage you and your 
     opponents receive, the hole sizes, etc. People frequently make
     new accounts and send avatars from their old accounts to play 
     here. However, if you buy avatars and want to test them out, go

     *Zones 5-9 : Free Zones, Avatar On*
     Ah, the land of the stat hoar suits. You may want to wait until you 
     have a decent avatar before coming here, otherwise, you'll probably
     get destroyed. Team stacking (a bunch of good players, or "pros" 
     all on one team, often with full suits)

     *Zone 10 : Newb-Free Zone, Avatar On*
     No one under the rank of Double Metal Axe is permitted entry here,
     and it's avatar on. I'd really like to have another one of these 
     zones, but as an avatar off one.

     *Zones 11 and 12: Free Zone, Avatar Off*
     Personally, these are my favorite zones. Like the other Av Off
     zones, the only stats that take affect here are the ones that
     increase your money payout, which have no bearing on the game
     itself, just in the avatar shop. Money suits are a fairly common
     sight here; beware of the people who are so desperate for money that
     they always try the hard shots, rarely hitting, and can cost your
     team the game.

     Double click on a zone to enter it. In each zone, there's 8 different
     chat channels, where you can talk to people, and upon entering the 
     zone or leaving the room, you'll be put into one of the first three.
     Other than those, the others one are fairly empty, so you can carry
     along a conversation with friends and such. 

     Channel/In-Game Commands:
     - /m (name) (message)
       /message (name) (message)
       /to (name) (message)

       /m, /message, and /to by themselves tell you how to send a PM
       (Credit NickBush24)

       Allow you to PM someone, provided you know their gunbound ID. If
       they aren't on at the time, they'll see it when they start gunbound

     - /mute (name)
       Pretty self explanatory, you no longer hear the person you muted

     - /loud (name)
       Unmutes the person

     - /loudall
       Unmutes everyone

     - /mutelist
       List of the people you've muted

     - /quit
       Exits gunbound (duh)

     - /kick (name)
       This ONLY works if you are in a room and are the keyholder, before
       the game starts. If there's a person you don't want in your room that
       is, use this command to kick them out (or sometimes referred to as 
       'kice' due to Softnyx's typos). The person will be unable to reenter
       the room until they've logged out, and logged back in. You have 4 
       kicks before the key is randomly given to someone else in the room.

     - /h, /help, /guide
       Lists all commands in Gunbound
     Contributed by Aurora Sky and NickBush24

     - /key
       Lists all key shortcuts
     Contributed by Aurora Sky and NickBush24

     - /go (room number)
      Crashes the game. Obviously, this is bugged, so don't bother

     Section C: The Modes of Play

     The 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 options are pretty obvious; they designate
     how many players to a team. However, there's also a few options to

     Gameplay Modes
     Everyone has a single life. Once you die, the corpses remain. The 
     bodies can still take hits while dead, thus being somewhat effective
     as a shield, and can block shots for both teams. After you die, if you 
     leave the room during the game, you won't be penalized with a gold loss
     for abandoning your team. 

     After you die, you are able to participate in
     the slots. When 3 of the same kind line up, you get to use whatever 
     item it is. Dynamites and hammers can be dropped from the sky four
     turns after you specify where they fall. These falling objects are
     affected by the wind as they fall. The lightning slot will case a
     bolt of lightning to fall and hit the person, and is not affected by 
     wind. These three attacks, while not doing a whole lot of damage, can
     chip away at health, as well as disrupt the angle of the person or
     even bunge them (bunging is causing the player to fall of the land 
     they are on, and if there's none below them, they die). The treasure
     chest can give whatever person gets it after it lands an item to use.
     It can be retrieved by either team, so it's not limited to being for
     the team who dropped it. Finally, you can win either 10, 50, or 100
     gold from the slots. 

     Again, you only have one life, but this time, you have another mobile
     you can switch to. In the room before the game, where you pick the bot,
     you can pick a second bot. The first click you make will be the bot 
     everyone sees you on. The second bot click will be your tag bot, which
     people won't see until you tag (F7 on your turn). The second bot will
     only have half life. After you switch bots during your turn, you can't
     switch back, so you're stuck until your turn again. Slots, like in 
     solo, come into play here, as well as corpses left on the field.

     Your team has some number of lives, depending on the number of players
     (2v2 has 3, 3v3 has 4, 4v4 has 5). After you die, you have a chance to
     respawn somewhere, and you drop 4 turns after you pick your spawn spot.
     Everytime someone dies, your team loses a life. Once you hit zero, the
     game's over. Alternativly, if no one on your team is on the field
     (all of you are waiting to drop), you lose the game. If you drop, but
     fail to land on any land, and fall straight through, it doesn't cost
     the team a life, but it does take you another 4 turns to fall again.
     Slots and corpses obviously don't come into effect here.

     Easily the least played mode. Instead of shooting your opponent, it's
     essentially target practice. You need to shoot the little jewels
     scattered around the stage, worth either -5, 5, 10, or 25 points.
     The more points they're worth, the more damage they need to take
     before you get the points for the kill. First team to 100 wins. If
     you aren't 1v1ing and you're bunged, you have to wait 2 turns to drop.
     First team to 100 wins. Blood (the item) is very useful in this mode, 
     as it has no extra delay, and normally drains you some of your health, 
     which doesn't exist in this mode.

     Sudden Death
     The number of turns until sudden death begins is determined by the
     death option: Death40, Death56, Death72, obviously indicating the 
     number of turns until it begins. Then there's the type of Sudden
     Death. If NoDeath is set, obviously sudden death doesn't occur.
     Items cannot be used during Sudden Death, and except for SS Death,
     the SS Shot can't be used.

     The holes made by the impact of shots hitting the ground are much
     larger, so bunging is much easier to accomplish.

     Double Death:
     Everytime you shoot, instead of only have one shot taken, 2 shots 
     occur, one slightly after the other, but with the same angle and 

     SS Death:
     SS Death is the only Sudden Death where you can use your SS. As
     opposed to during the regular match, where you can use your SS only
     once every 4 of -your- turns, it can be used every turn.

     This has to do with the slots. When on attack, you won't get things
     like winning gold quite as often, if at all. Instead, you'll primarily
     get items you can use to hurt the opposing team, like hammers.

     Section D: The Controls

     Typical Gunbound Screen during gameplay    

    |    |    |                   |                |                  |    |
    | 1  | 2  |        3          |        4       |         5        | 6  |
    |                                                                      |
    |       7                           8                                  |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    |______________                                                        |
    |              |                                                       |
    |              |                                                       |
    |     9        |                                                       |
    |              |                                                       |
    |              |                                                       |
    |              |___                                                    |
    |              | 10| 11                                                |
    |   |   |   |   |                                            |         |
    | 12| 13| 14| 15| 16         17                              |   18    |

    1  The options menu. Can also be acessed by hitting Esc
       Shooting Modes:
          Dragshot - The shot power in the power bar is controlled by the
                     mouse. The longer you take on your shot, the harder
                     it is to control. Some people use it all the time for
                     all their shots. With my junky mouse, I prefer to use
                     it only on full powered shots.
          Slice    - The power increases at a steady rate by holding the
                     space bar. I typically use this shooting style. It's
                     also the easiest to learn, IMO.
          Sniper   - A bugged Slice shot that doesn't really work.

       Mouse Scroll Speed: How fast the screen scrolls when you put your
       mouse to the edge of the screen to scroll left or right. Right
       clicking and using your mouse to scroll is faster to see the other 
       parts of the stage, as well as holding it in place to line up shots
       instead of having the camera follow the shot of whoever's turn it is.

          MP3- MP3 files in general have a higher quality sound than Midis,
          but they also have larger file sizes. Though I can't say it makes a
          notable difference in either sound quality or how much slower your
          computer runs the game, theoretically the MP3 mode would slow your
          game down more than Midi.

          Midi- Lower quality sound, but also would have a smaller file and
          would slow down the game less than MP3 would. Would probably make
          more of a difference on the older, slower computers.
          (Credit to Nucky and ChainChump8 for correcting this)

       Music and Effect Volumes- Controls the volumes for the music and the
          sound effects (duh). 

       3D Effect-Obviously higher graphics levels will slow your computer
          down more, so if you're game lags a bit, it might be helpful to
          turn this down to Medium or Low. It doesn't effect the gameplay
          much, just the visual aspects. Since I usually have a dozen or so
          other programs running at once, I leave it on low, but it depends
          on your computer.

       Background-If it's on, you see the nice backgrounds of the levels
          and such. Personally, I leave it off since it's easier to see 
          whether or not land is the way of your shot (especially on levels
          like Miramo Town where the background and the land are pretty 
          similar in color).

       Quit-Quits your current game and returns you to the lobby. It's not
          always an active button though. Be warned, if you leave a game 
          other than Solo and Tag where you're dead, you give 100 gold to 
          each member of your team in compensation for them having to play
          down a player.

    2  The weather that is currently active
    3  The weather that will occur within the next few turns


       Force- The picture is a sun, onscreen it looks like a sunbeam. The
         longer your shot stays in the force, the more damage you'll do.

       Hurricane- Everyone just calls them tornados, or simply nados. 
         When a shot enters it, depending where it is in its trajectory
         when it reaches the tornado, it'll either be raised higher up
         or be brought lower. The shot sort of wraps around it. No real
         way to explain it.

       Electricity- Adds damage to your shot if it passes through, but 
         also destroys some more of the land where it hits.

       Wind Change - Looks like a meteor thing. It changes the wind speed
         and direction. When there's a wind change on the first turn, it's
         almost always null wind.

       Moon- Supposedly adds energy to the mobiles, but bionic mobiles (the
         creature ones, like Trico, Ice, etc) benefit more than the others.

       **Edit-Novasol told me that the moon phase heals a percentage of
         your life, so machines and shields do benefit, though not quite
         as much as bionics. Since it is a percentage, shield bots, having
         less life since they've got shields instead of a full bar of HP,
         benefit the least. Unconfirmed, but healing items may heal more
         during the moon phase**

       Item Lock- While this is on, you can't use any items, but you can
         still use your SS.

       Thor-More damage done with shots. You need to watch thor's position
         in reference to yourself and your opponent, otherwise, you might
         dual on thor, and have the beams hit you instead. Ouch. Aduka's
         Shot 2 and SS are based off of Thor (talked about in more detail
         later). There's 6 levels of Thor. Initially, Thor's on level one,
         but by doing lots of damage while Thor's active will raise its
         level. Using Aduka's shot 2/ss also powers up Thor. After awhile
         the level will raise, and it'll do more damage (IE- Level 3 Thor
         obviously does more than level 2). Look for the in the sky and
         it's written next to it what level it currently is on.

         (Credit to Kyle Chao for this info)
         Thor level | Damage recorded | Average damage per level
         1          | 0 to 200        | 150+
         2          | 201 to 700      | 175+
         3          | 701 to 1800     | 200+
         4          | 1801 to 3900    | 250+
         5          | 3901 to 6800    | 275+
         6          | 6801 +          | 300+

    4  Your current gold
    5  Your remaining in-game items. F1-F6 can be used as an alternative
       to clicking on them
    6  Skip your turn. Can also be activated by hitting F8 instead of 
    7  The chat area. Just lists what was recently said
    8  Shows the wind amount and direction. The wind affects your shots. For
       example, a wind direction going upwards and with you will carry your
       shot farther than wind going down and against you. Some mobiles have 
       shots more affected by wind than others. According to the website, 
       32 wind is the maximum, but I've never seen or heard of (non-hacked)
       wind above 26.
    9  The turn order. Also lists the amount of delay other players have
       relative to yourself. Dleay is further explained under the delay 
    10 Determines who sees your messages. If on All, anyone that's in the
       game can see them. If on Team, only your teammates can see. F9 or
       clicking on it can toggle between Team and All
    11 Where you type the messages to send out to people
    12 When highlighted, you'll use Shot 1 on your turn
    13 When highlighted, Shot 2 will be used on your turn
    14 When highlighted, you'll use your mobile's SS on your turn

       You can click on the shots to select them, or use Tab to cycle 
    15 Shows your current angle. It doesn't distinguish between left and
       right angles, so using the wrong Angle 89, for example, isn't too
       uncommon. Also useful if you've hit someone already, and they hit you
       and change your angle. Using Up and Down arrow keys adjusts your angle.
    16 Shows which shooting mode is currently being used. This can be switched 
       under options, and the modes are detailed later on in this section
    17 The yellow line shows how much power your previous shot used. The red 
       bar (appears while you're shooting) shows how much power you currently 
       are using. You can click on the bar to mark a shot, in the event you
       need to alter your shot for some reason (help a teammate, a tornado
       appeared, etc)
    18 On solo, nothing's here. In score mode, the current score is displayed.
       Tag shows your other bot and it's HP, while Jewel will display the score

       Left and Right Arrow keys control movement. The amount of movement you
       have is dependent on your bot.

       Angle range is also mobile-dependent.

       Am I missing anything? If so email me. Details are under the Contact Me

     Section E: Gold and GP

     Gold is used to buy avatars in the Avatar Shop (accessed by being in the 
     Channels and clicking the Avatar button). Obviously, some avatars are
     worth more than others, usually depending on their stats or looks. You can
     see the Gold on the top of the screen in the channels.

     GP is used to rank up. You need certain amounts of GP to reach certain
     ranks. The gaps between ranks get higher as you go up.
     Gold and GP Awards (Taken from the Gunbound site, but I've reworded it a 
     bit since Softnyx's translation is ... not the best)
     Name         Gold   GP  Description
     Shot of God  +500   +4  Kill two opponents in one turn. You can bunge them,
        Bonus                use thor, whatever, as long as 2 die. More commonly
                             referred to as a DK.
     Bunge Shot   +100   +1  Bunge your opponent (cause them to fall out of the 
         Bonus               level through the bottom)

     Ending       +100   +1  Bring an opponent's HP down to zero. Kindly don't 
          Bonus              go out of the way to take a kill that isn't yours,
                             unless the game depends on it or your teammate 
                             tells you to. Doing so is killing stealing, AKA 
                             "KSing" and gets people mad at you.
     Shot Bonus   +10    +0  Do more than 150 total damage during your turn.

     Good Shot    +20    +0  Do more than 250 total damage during your turn

     Excellent    +50    +0  Do more than 500 total damage during your turn
     Shot Bonus

     Hurricane    +20    +0  Have your shot through a tornado and do more than
     Bonus                   50 damage to an opponent

     High Angle   +15    +0  Use an angle 70+ and have the shot fly through the
                             air for at least 2.5 seconds and do over 50 damage

     Ultra High   +30    +0  USe an angle 70+ and have the shot fly for more
       Angle                 than 4 seconds, delivering at least 50 damage

     Boomer Shot  +20    +0  During the course of the shot, the projectile goes
                             on both sides of the opponent. Most commonly 
                             achieved when using grub's shot 2, thus the 
                             origins of 'You the gub makese so mcuh money gold'

     Backshot     +25    +0  When your shot goes out to one side of you, then,
                             due to wind, curves back behind you and hits your
                             opponent. Boomer usually gets this bonus more than
                             any other bot

     1000 Damage  +100   +1  During the game, you deal out over 1K damage to 

     2000 Damage  +100   +2  Deal over 2000 damage to your opponents in one 

     3000 Damage  +100   +4  Deal over 3000 damage to your opponents in a 
                             single game.

     Suicide      -50    -1  Suicide by killing yourself HP wise or self-bunging

     Team Damage  -25    -1  Do over 50 damage to your team or yourself. If you 
                             damage an opponent also, you don't receive this 

     Team Kill    -50    -2  Kill a teammate, either via bunge or depleting all 
                             their HP. Often referred to as 'TK'

     Win Bonus:
       1v1        +100   +3  Win a 1v1
       2v2        +150   +6  Win a 2v2
       3v3        +200   +9  Win a 3v3
       4v4        +300   +12 Win a 4v4 

     Section F: Rankings
     Silver Dragon       - 1 person 
     Red Dragon          - 4 people 
     Blue Dragon         - 16 people 
     Diamond Wand        - 0.1%   
     Red Wand            - 0.2~1% 
     Blue Wand           - 2~3% 
     Purple Wand         - 4~6% 
     Gold Battle Axe+    - 7~10% 
     Gold Battle Axe     - 11~20% 
     Silver Battle Axe+  - 21~30% 
     Silver Battle Axe   - 31~50% 
     Battle Axe+         - 51~70%  
     Battle Axe          - 71~100% (6900)
     Double Gold Axe     - 6000GP 
     Gold Axe            - 5100GP 
     Double Siver Axe    - 4200GP 
     Silver Axe          - 3500GP 
     Double Metal Axe    - 2800GP 
     Metal Axe           - 2300GP 
     Double Stone Hammer - 1800GP 
     Stone Hammer        - 1500GP 
     Double Wood Hammer  - 1200GP 
     Wood Hammer         - 1100GP 
     Chick               - The rest 
     Alright, little more indepth description.

     Dragons: These ranks are given to people with the most GP

     Battle Axes-Wands: This is percentage based and changes daily. The top 
     .01% are the Diamond Wands, etc. Since people are constantly gaining 
     more GP, and more people are hitting 6900+ GP, these GP numbers fluctuate.

     Section G: In-Game Items
     There's items that can be used during your turn in the game, obviously 
     having different effects. You have 6 item slots, but many of them take up 
     two slots

     Dual-Delay 600-2 Slots
     Does two of the same shot. If shot 1's selected, 2 shot ones will be fired.
     If shot 2, 2 of those will be shot. Pretty simple.

     Blood-0 Delay-1 Slot
     8% of your remaining HP is lost in order to give your shot 33% more 
     damage. Best item for jewel, since there's no HP, and it has no delay. You 
     can't kill yourself with one.

     Energy 2 (Medkit)-300 Delay-2 Slots
     Restores 25% of your max energy. Bionic mobiles (the creature ones) get 5% 
     more HP back

     Energy 1 (Bandaid)-100 Delay-1 Slot
     Official description says 'little HP'. Not sure exactly how much that is 
     though. Again, bionics benefit more.
           Credit to NickBush24 for telling me Energy 1 and 2 were backwards
     Edit: Hawkeye wrote in to say it's about 20% HP you gain

     Edit #2: (Applies to both heals, credit to Novasol for telling me):
           Since heals give you back a percentage of your life, they are 
           least beneficial to shield bots, since they have less HP in order
           to have shields. Unconfirmed idea is that heals may be more 
           beneficial during the Moon phase.

     Dual+-250 Delay-2 slots
     If shot one is selected, using this item will do a shot 1 then a shot 2. 
     If 2 is selected, it'll be the other way around. Definitely good for if 
     a regular shot won't kill the person, but a dual would be overkill and you 
     don't want that kind of delay.

     Wind Change-150 Delay-1 Slot
     Highly underrated IMO. When you use it, it'll switch the direction of the 
     wind to the direct opposite (IE-24 wind going southeast becomes 24 wind 
     goign northwest). Can really screw over people's shots, since a lot of 
     times people don't even notice it changed.

     Team Teleport-50 Delay-2 Slots
     You switched spots with the person on your team who has the lowest HP. 
     When used correctly, it can actually be pretty good. However, most people 
     either don't use it, or use it to kill their teammates by jumping off a 
     ledge and using it during the fall

     Shovel-50 Delay-1 Slot
     Makes the holes your shot does when it hits the land 25% bigger. Great for 

     Power up-150 Delay-1 Slot
     Adds 33% more damage to your shot. I can't say I really care for this item.
     there's better things to pack.

     Thunder-200 Delay-2 Slots
     The equivalent of sending your shot through the electricity

     Teleport-100 Delay-2 Slots
     It's simply a teleport. You land where your shot lands. Very helpful if 
     you're about to get bunged or have a bad position. However, if you send 
     your shot out of the side of the level or below the ground, you just stay 
     where you are.

     Section H: Delay
     Delay is a VERY important aspect of the game, that many people are ignorant
     of. It explains why some people get to go twice in a row, or others have 
     to wait a long time for their turn.

     Alright, start by looking at the turn order. I'll use an example:

     Opponent 1   -250
     Teammate 1   -100
     You          750 
     Opponent 2   +840

     Alright, let's start by looking at your own delay. The 760 next to your 
     name means that's how much delay you took on your last shot. Every second 
     you take during your shot adds 10 delay to whatever amount you have.

     If you look next to Opponent 1 and Teammate 1, it shows negative numbers. 
     That's because delay is shown relative to your own amount. The -250 means 
     they have 250 less delay than you do. +840 means they've got 840 more.

     Say your target is Opponent 2. If you played this correctly, you could go 
     twice before they go again. Let's say that your previous shot, using shot 
     1, took 750 delay, and your shot 2 is around 900 delay. Now, instead of 
     just using shot 2
     this turn, which would put you behind Opponent 2, since 900 is larger than 
     840, say you were to use Shot 1. 760 is obviously less than 840, so you 
     would have that turn, then get to go again before your opponent goes.

     When you use an item, the item's delay is added onto the delay of the shot 
     you're using. If you were going to teleport, wouldn't it be better to add 
     that to your Shot 1, since it has less delay than shot 2 and you'd get to 
     go again sooner?

     On things like Dual+, on most bots you should have shot 1 go first, since 
     the delay would be added to that shot. The exceptions are bots like JD, 
     where the second shot isn't a regular shot. JD's shot 2 is like a vaccuum, 
     pulling the person closer to where the shot landed. So if you were to use 
     a shot 2 then shot 1 dual+, they'd be pulled in to where the shot 2 landed,
     then hit with shot 1.

     So what happens when both of you have the same delay? Whoever went first
     in the beginning of the game goes first here too (Credit to yhelothar 
     for posting that)

     =                                                                 =
     =                  Part IV - The Levels                           =
     =                                                                 =

     Metamine A
     The Weather:
        Wind Change-3
        Item Lock-2

     Quick Description: A relatively flat level with a few straightlined
     depressions or hills. Level width is about medium or so. Towards the
     middle of the bottom edge, the land takes a sharp downward slope, 
     so it's much thicker there, making this the level that Raon pits 
     usually are played at (described further under the Misc section)

     Other Comments:
     One of my favorite levels. However, there's a few too many wind changes.
     Metamine B
     The Weather:
        Wind Change-0
        Item Lock-2

     Quick Description: Two alititude levels. The upper level has a
     large land mass on each side, with a few, much smaller ones in the
     middle, strung together by a narrow strip of land. The bottom part
     has 3 landforms which are closer together than the top level ones.
     The bottom ones are also connected by a thin land strip.

     Other Comments:
     This level can be a pain. Since the wind never changes, if you 
     get stuck with high winds against you, as a boomer it can be
     impossible to hit your target. If you start on the upper level, on
     shallow ground with thin land beneath you, a one-turn bunge is quite
     possible to pull off. 

     Miramo Town
     The Weather:
        Wind Change-1
        Item Lock-0

     Quick Description: The level is fairly flat, but is very bumpy (that
     sounds so contradictory). It doesn't have huge mountains, the alititude
     changes are within a small range, but it's a jagged surface. A very
     wide level.

     Other Comments: The level is home of the tunnel wars (again, see the 
     Misc section). Rarely do you get bunged on this level. However, it's
     a very wide level

     Nirvana A
     The Weather:
        Wind Change-2
        Item Lock-1

    Quick Description: Again, a fairly bumpy surface. Unlike Miramo, however
    the surface is much thinner, so getting bunged is a definite possibily.
    The left side has a valley-ish-like depression, while the right side 
    has a mountain-like shape.

    Other Comments:
    Another one of the levels I like. However, for some reason, I have a 
    tendency to miss a lot here. Not sure why... Nothing else to say really.

    Nirvana B
    The Weather:
        Wind Change-1
        Item Lock-0

     Quick Description: A narrow level, composed of a bunch of floating
     islands. The only level composed really of height rather than width

     Other Comments:
     I hate this level. Since this is altitude-based, I think some of the 
     weather effects could be better. Electricity, since it comes from 
     above, is pretty much useless if you're not on one of the top 2
     levels until you get far enoough into the game where there's no 
     land anyways. Thor, since it comes from above, might have to dig
     through land, or it might end up that someone else is in the way
     of Thor, so when you shoot, you might do considerable damage to a 
     teammate also. If you're Lightning or Asate, and lower down, it 
     can make it hard to hit your opponent. With boomer, and all the
     weird shots they use, you might have to dig through a considerable
     amount of land to just hit your opponent. As Aduka, especially at
     the lower levels, it might be impossible to hit with shot 2/ss for
     a few turns. Obviously, if the opponent's in a good position, you 
     can line up your shot with thor to hit them while they have no shot
     on you. But yeah, this level is really annoying

     The Weather:
        Wind Change-1
        Item Lock-1

     Quick Description: There's no place on this level that the land is
     really thick. It's valley shaped, with flattish sections at the
     top edges

     Other Comments: Another level I like. Later in the game you become
     a bit cramped for space though, unless you wanted to get bunged
     fairly soon after you land.

     Sea of Hero
     The Weather:
        Wind Change-1
        Item Lock-0

     Quick Description: A ledge on each side, with a lower island in
     the middle. There's a rock in the middle that acts as a divider,
     so you need to do higher angled shots when shooting to the other
     side of the island thingy.

     Other Comments: Only thing I dislike is when you're trying to shoot 
     over the rock in the middle, but have bad wind (well, I'm a Boomer
     user, so it affects me more than other bots) either too much for or
     against. Other than that, it's an alright level

     *Edit*-Tigrr wrote to me to say that the rock as actually the tip
     of a sword, and the you can see the hilt on the bottom

     *Edit 2*- Hawkeye thought I should add that people still refer to
     it as a rock

     The Weather:
        Wind Change-0
        Item Lock-1

     Quick Description: A pipe that slopes slightly downward from each
     each side to where it meets in the middle.

     Other Comments: Fairly easy to get bunged here. In avatar on, with
     full bunge gear, you can be bunged in a single turn. Since I'm a 
     boomer user, obviously I hate that if you get stuck wiht bad wind
     at the beginning, it'll stay that way the whole game.

     The Weather:
        Wind Change-1
        Item Lock-0

     Quick Description: This takes place on a dragon and it's wind, so
     slopes downward along the wings until you hit the head in the 

     Other Comments: Very large level. There's little to disrupt shots;
     only 1 wind change, no item locks and no tornados. Also, lightnings
     and force always appear in the center of the level, near the head

     (Credit Smashnuke and Cano for the last part)

     Cozytower A
     The Weather:
        Wind Change-1
        Item Lock-1

     Quick Description: Slighty curved center platform with two pillars
     increasing in height on each side.

     Other Comments: Nothing else to really say here

     Cozytower B
     The Weather:
        Wind Change-1
        Item Lock-1

      Quick Description: 8 pillars varying in height

      Other Comments: This level can be pretty annoying, since you
      have limited movement and such. Farther into the game, some of
      the pillars can get pretty well destroyed, leaving fewer spaces
      to land.

     Dummy Slopes
     The Weather:
        Wind Change-1
        Item Lock-1

      Quick Description: 4 islands that are, as the name implies, 
      Other Comments: Another level I like. Also pretty good for Grub's
      shot 2. Nothing important to say though.

     The Weather:
        Wind Change-1
        Item Lock-1

     Quick Description: It's a ship with a sort of arch over it. 
     Under the top serface of the ship itself are all these nooks and 
     crevices to fall into.

     Other Comments: Most people don't like this level much, and 
     it can be really annoying for Asates and Lightning with the
     arch there. This level also has a tendency to group people very
     close together, with a few people spaced out (especially in 4v4s)

     Cave A and B
     Cave A Weather:
        Wind Change-2
        Item Lock-1

     Cave B Weather:
        Wind Change-1
        Item Lock-4

     Quick Description: A very small level. It's got one main larger
     "island" in the center, and two smaller ones on the outer sides,
     shaped like dragon heads

     Other Comments: Both caves can only be gotten via Random level,
     but they come up often. Getting Cave is very likely, and people
     have even said that selecting random almost always means cave.
     I personally like melee battles though, so I don't mind. Cave A
     and B are the same level, excpet with different weather.

     =                                                                 =
     =                  Part V - The Bots                              =
     =                                                                 =
     Alright, so now you need to know what the mobiles are that you can
     use are. There's 14 selectable bots plus the random option, and 2
     bots that can be used only by picking random.

     **NOTE**-Many of the bots here are incomplete. My main mobile is
     Boomer, and I don't know that much about the others, so please
     write in with hints, tips.corrections, whatever. Thanks

     Mobile Types:

     Creature (Bionic)
     Most living creatures have high HP, then exceptions being Boomer
     and Dragon. They're strong against Electric Type weapons, but
     weak against Laser types. Bionics also benefit more from the
     healing items (unfortunately, 99% of the games on Gunbound are
     played without heals because they're "cheap" items. Heaven forbid
     we may actually have to contemplate using strategy)

     -Boomer     -Ice
     -Trico      -Turtle
     -Grub       -Dragon

     These mobiles have a special defense system. On the end of their
     health bar, there's a blue section. This blue section represents
     the mobile's shield. The mobile doesn't actually start losing HP 
     until it's shield has been worn down by attacks. Shields also
     regenerate over time. It's not a really quick thing, but they 
     will start regaining their shield. Hit type weapons do the most
     damage to shield types, but they are more resistant to laser 
     attacks. The shield regen stat will make the shields recover more
     HP per turn. Shields benefit the least from the Moon Phase, since
     they have less HP, so the percent recovery is lower.

     -JD          -A.Sate
     -Mage        -Lightning

     These bots have high HP and defense, but are pretty weak to
     Electrical attacks. However, they're strong against Hit types.
     They benefit more than the shields, but less than bionics from
     the Moon Phase

     -Armor        -Nak
     -Bigfoot      -Raon Launcher
     -Aduka        -Knight

     Credit to Novasol for correcting me about Machines and Shields 
     in the Regen/Moon Phase

     Weapon Types:

     This weapon is Impact-based, so you want to hit your opponent
     directly, else you'll deal minimal, if any, damage. Hit type
     weapons are strong against Shield bots

     Hit-type Weaponey: 
     -Armor        -Turtle
     -Boomer       -Ice
     -Dragon       -Nak

     Lasers are particularily strong against Bionics, but not so much
     against Shield types. Usually you can miss slightly, but still 
     do some damage.

     Laser Weapons
     -Mage         -Raon Launcher
     -A.Sate       -Knight
     -Aduka (Shot 2/SS)

     Explosive type weaponry is unique in that there's not bots that
     are weak to it, but also none that defend particularily well
     against it. Usually makes larger holes

     Explosive Weapons:
     -Trico         -Bigfoot
     -Dragon        -Armor

     Uses lightning to damage the enemy. Electrical attacks are 
     pretty forgiving as far as shot placement goes, since they
     have the effect known as 'splash damage'. With splash damage,
     you can pretty much miss, but if you're close enough, you'll
     do at least some damage, usually anywhere up to 70 or so.
     Strong against Machine types, often with lower delay.

     Electrical Weapons:
     -JD             -Grub
     -Lightning      -Aduka (Shot 1)

     **Other Stuff You Should Read**
     Something that many newer people don't understand is what "true angle"
     is. True Angle is the greener/more opaque section of your angle. Some
     bots ONLY have true angle, while others have both true and non-true 
     (false?) angle. Use the true angle whenever possible, since it does
     more damage

     *Credit to NickBush24 for the total and true angle ranges for the mobiles

     Armor Mobile

     4% More Defense to Hit types:

     4% Less Defense against Electric Bots:

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 770
     Total Angle: 45 True Angle: 15
     A small missile. Does a bit of land damage, so it's alright to bunge
     with. Shot 2, however, is the main weapon, and unless you're trying to
     bunge, use this mostly if you don't want the opponent to get two turns
     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 960
     Total Angle: 35 True Angle: 10
     Armor's main shot. It shoots one missile, which has two parts to it, so
     after the first explosion, there's a second part of the missile still
     there, If you hit, both parts will explode into the mobile. Sometimes,
     though, only one part will hit the mobile, the other will keep going 
     past it. This shot has a high delay, so armor is sometimes called 
     'delaymobile'. However, armor has a high defense and does enough damage
     with it to make up for it. 

     Base Delay: 1320
     Total Angle: 45 True Angle: 45
     This is a shot that takes 1.5 seconds before it "activates". Hitting 
     before it activates or whatever you want to call it results in mediocre
     damage. After changing, it does more damage, and missing results in 
     massacring the land, since it does quite a bit of land damage, even
     when it hits directly

     (Credit Smashnuke for correcting me)


     4% More Damage to Bionics:

     4% More Defense against Lasers:

     4% Less Damage to Shields:
     4% Less Defense against Hit types:

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 750
     Total Angle: 35 True Angle: 35
     Does around 150 or so damage, and shot 1 does more land damage than
     shot 2 does. 

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 900
     Total Angle: 35 True Angle: 35
     Mage's shot 2 is comprised of two shot 1s that weave in and out of one
     another. When both hit, you can do a decent amount of damage.

     Base Delay: 1300
     Total Angle: 35 True Angle: 35
     This is what Mage is mostly known for: its SS. Only use it against shield
     bots (ones that have the blue bar at the end of their HP). The Mage SS
     destroys the shield of the bot, and on a direct hit, can do over 500 
     damage. Be warned though, that Mage itself is a shield bot, and standing
     too close to the SS can result in your shield being destroyed also. 


     4% More Damage to Shield Bots:

     4% More Defense against Hit types:

     4% Less Damage to Machines

     4% Less Defense against Electric Bots:

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 770
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 40
     Nak's Shot 1 is a regular (though heavy) shot, that does some land 
     damage. Since long range nak can be annoying to hit with (if it's
     even possible in some cases) with Shot 2, you'll need to resort to
     Shot 1 for long range. It does do a fair amount of land damage, so
     you can bunge with it

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 920
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 40
     Shot 2 is a unique shot in that it goes underground, then sort of
     reverses gravity and curves upward again.

     Junk ASCII version:

            .~`   `~.
         ./`         `\.
        /               \
                          \               /
                           `\.         ./`

     The higher the angle you use to shoot, the deeper Nak's shot 2 will go 
     before curving upwards. However, it won't go as far. With a lower angle,
     it won't go as deep, but goes farther before resurfacing. Shot 2 explodes
     once it reachs the division between land and air after going in ground.
     Long distance shot 2 can be hard to hit with, so you may need to rely on 
     Shot 1 for that. Shot 2 makes fairly large holes, and the fact that it 
     comes from below makes it good for bunging
     Base Delay: 1320
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 40
     Nak's SS is unique in that it bypasses all land and such. It stops upon
     impact with any mobile, whether it's friend or foe, dead or alive. If it
     goes through without hitting anyone, it'll just drop out of the level 
     through the bottom or the side. SS also has some bunge capability when
     it hits someone.


     4% More Defense against Electric Bots:

     4% Less Defense against Lasers:

     **Credit to DemiFrost for writing the following section out of what I
       assume is utter boredom and sending it to me**

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 740
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 20
     Shoots a green, heavy projectile often referred to a cabbage.  Has a 
     large explosion radius and is good for outdelaying and land damage. 
     Should not be a main weapon.

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 890
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 20
     The trademark shot of the Trico.  Shoots the same projectile as in shot 1, 
     but instead has 2 other 'cabbages' revolving around it.  A very hard shot 
     to master, but well worth it for the damage:delay ratio.

     Firing left:  The easiest to do in melee, about 2 mobile lengths.  The shot
     comes out parallel and at the angle of firing.  This makes it easy to line 
     up all 3 in close range.

     A method I use in relatively null wind:
     When the melee just isn't in your range anymore, I revert to what I call 
     a 2 bar method.  Starting at about just a little beyond your melee range, 
     I start at 84-87, 2 bars.  The farther the target is, the lower the angle. 
     Keep in mind that 1-2 angles won't make a totally noticable difference. I 
     think this works until about 35 angle.  When beyond that, I start at 40-70 
     2.5 bars, depending on distance, same for 3.0 bars for longer distances. 
     Farther shouldn't be necessary. Full screen shot is about 79 full.

     Firing right:  The easier to do in mid range.  In close to mid range, I 
     use a 1.5 bar method.  Starting at about 1-2 mobile lengths away, I use 
     84, 1.5 for pretty close, to 81 for 2 mobile lengths away.  Again, 
     lowering the angle will make the distance longer.  Again, note that 1-2 
     angles is minimal in change.  This method goes down to about angle 35.

     In mid range-to full screen ish, I use a 2.25 bars method.  Starting at 
     about 75 going down to 40 ish, you use the fixed powers and angle 
     differences to reach different spots.  Long range, I do 2.5-3.0 fixed bar 
     method, with an angle range of 40-60.  Once you get a feel of null range, 
     you will develop an instinct.

     When you are close shooting right and have no angle available, use a 
     last resort.  Get relatively close to the target and let the cabbages 
     unfold into your target.  Try not to use too little power or you'll get 
     tossed by salad

     Compensating for wind change:

     Use your mind, if you can bear to think in a video game. Examples.  The 
     wind is down and against you.  A 60, 1.5 would hit your target.  Because 
     the wind is against you, it has less airtime and thus less rotation. To 
     adjust, you would raise angle and power so that the required rotation can 
     be fulfilled.

     The wind is down and with you.  A 60, 1.5 would hit your target.  This 
     wind has more give and gives a slight push towards your target. Lowering
     power but raising angle would be logical.

     The wind is directly against you, at high velocity.  Use the same method 
     as 'wind down and against you'.

     The wind is a floater (up and with you, usually at high winds).  This wind 
     is a pain.  You have to lower angle by a sizable sum, and reduce power. 
     This is because it has greatly increased airtime and thus have a lot of 

     Compensating for height difference:

     The target is about a half screen below you.  Therefore, it will get to 
     your target slower.  A 60, 1.5 would hit them.  I would lower angle, but
     lower power as well.

     The target is about a half screen above you.  Odds are you will be using 
     a relatively high angle.  Because they are higher than you, the cabbages 
     will reach them faster than if they were in front of you.  You would raise 
     angle a decent amount and power a pretty sizable amount so that it will 
     reach them.  The best situation is if the shot reaches its peak about a 
     mobile length or two above your target and it is lined up vertically.
     This gives it one more spin which'll line up on your target.

     Overall, you should get a feel by practicing in different situation and 
     uses insight (past experience).  Don't be downed when someone calls you a 
     noob for not hitting.  Appreciate the satisfaction from lining up your 
     shot 2's.  Trico may have below average life and defense, but its power 
     for decent delay makes up for it.  Not to mention the 'omgwtf pro' 

     Base Delay: 1290
     Total Angle: 20 True Angle: 20
     The trico SS causes a series of mini-explosions when it hits. It's best 
     to drop it at the feet of an opponent, so all, or at least most of the
     explosions hit, obviously doing more damage. However, the damage is 
     random. Two SSes hitting the same exact spot can do differing amounts of 
     damage. Since it has a series of explosions, it's also great for bunging,
     as the explosions do a lot of land damage


     4% More Defense to Hit types:

     4% Less Defense against Electric Bots:

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 740
     Total Angle: 22 True Angle: 12
     This shot shoots a series of missiles out, which spread relativly 
     quickly. Bigfoot is often referred to as a newb bot, since the shot
     spreads so much that while it's much easier to hit, it does little
     damage if only a few of the projectiles hit. On the other hand, since
     the shots spread so much, Bigfoot does a LOT of land damage, and is
     great for bunging.

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 890
     Total Angle: 22 True Angle: 12
     It's important to realize that shot 2 is slightly lighter than shot 
     one. It shoots 6 tiny projectiles in two groups of theree that, 
     when they hit the land, form a fanning out shape, in comparison to shot
     1. If you can get all the projectiles to hit your opponent, you can 
     easily break 220 damage or so

     (Credit Smashnuke for correcting me on some points)

     Base Delay: 1290
     Total Angle: 12 True Angle: 12
     Pretty similar to shot 1, except the missiles have a red glow to them,
     and they do more damage to both the oppponent and the land than shot
     1 does.


     4% More Damage to Shield Bots:

     4% More Defense against Electric Bots:

     4% Less Damage to Machines

     4% Less Defense against Lasers:

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 730
     Total Angle: 80 True Angle: 30

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 880
     Total Angle: 80 True Angle: 30

     Base Delay: 1280
     Total Angle: 80 True Angle: 30

     Boomer is the bot with the shots most affected by wind. Unlike most bots,
     where you simply need to adjust a little to deal with wind, and 1 wind 
     won't totally throw your shot off. The shots you can do with Boomer depend
     on what the wind speed and direction is. I'll go on to describe each of
     these shots, excluding the basic lob shot and shot gun.

     This is the shot that naturally happens when the wind is going against 
     you (to clarify, when the wind is going in the opposite direction from you
     that your opponent is. A hookshot angles downward in the air

     Junky ASCII Version of a Hookshot:

                          Wind Meter Thingy
                 <---(some number greater than 2)

                  /   \
                 /     `\.
                /        `\.
             (Boomer)    (Opponent)   

     When possible, I prefer to use the full-power hook shot for two reasons:
     1.) Doing a full powered drag shot takes little, if any, extra time at
         all, so I won't get a few seconds worth of delay added to my shot
     2.) It's a lot easier to miss the correct amount of power on a shot that
         isn't a full powered shot. So, after you've hit, assuming you watch 
         the wind and your angle, it's sort of hard to miss (unless one of you

     So what you do you pick an angle you think might hit (this takes some
     time to learn how to judge), and do a full powered shot against the wind.
     It should hook downward, sort of like in my stunning ASCII picture above.
     The way the shot hooks depends on the wind. If the wind is going up and 
     against you, then it'll be a gentler slope down, and go farther. If the 
     wind is going downward, it's be a sharper, steeper slope. If they're an
     inch away from you, don't try to look all pro and whatnot and try an angle 
     86 hook or something. Just lob it. Hookshots don't make you extra gold
     or anything, so don't try to do a fancy shot when they're right there.
     I myself would rather lob, or, if I happen to be set up in the position
     for it, I'll shotgun them. I'm personally in favor of the 'I'd rather
     hit and win the game than possibly miss and lose it', and chances are, your
     teammates are like that too.

     If your shot isn't a full powered one when you use a higher angle, there's
     the chance it'll curve back behind you, resulting in a backshot, But I'll
     describe backshots later. The closer you are to someone, the more likely 
     it is to hook back (since you're using a higher angle). 10 wind might not
     cause an angle 62 shot to go behind you, but it may cause an angle 82 shot

     If the wind is strong, it might hook back anyway. Don't even bother trying
     to hookshot if the wind is like 21 against you. High winds and angles too
     high for that wind will cause it to go back.

     In the event you're put up against wind that curves back on you when you
     try to shoot, or you know it will, use a lower angle. The higher the wind,
     the lower the angle that you need to use to make sure it doesn't come 
     back and hit you in the face. Generally, angles under 40 don't come back 
     at you (well, don't use like half a cm of power). Doing it this way 
     still gives your shot a slight hook, but now it looks like:

                __---""                ""---___

     as opposed to the steeper sloped ASCII version earlier. If the wind is 
     going pretty much horizontal, it'll usually hook on about 2 wind. If 
     it's going much closer to the down or up arrows than the horizontal ones,
     it may not hook until 5 or so.

     Next up is the backshot. Unlike the Hookshot, the backshot does bring in
     extra gold: the backshot bonus. A backshot with boomer essentially looks
     like this:
                           Wind Meter Thingy
                                10 ->

                  \  `-.
                  (B)   `(Oppoent)

     The wind must be going in the same direction as your opponent is from
     you. (If you look in the stunning diagram above, the person wants to
     shoot right, and the wind is going right).

     First, you need to realize that:

                        YOU CANNOT ALWAYS BACKSHOT

     The wind may simply be not strong enough or the opponent too far 
     away. I absolutely HATE playing on teams with people who can't accept
     that fact. Alright, now that we got that squared away, we can continue.

     What a backshot basically is, as shown in my wonderful diagram, is 
     where you shoot out in front of you, and the wind carries it behind
     you to hit someone. (Remember how wind against you can bring your shot
     behind you if you use a high enough angle and either too little power or
     there's too much wind? That's what a backshot it)

     My personal angle of preference for backshotting is 70. If 70 is just
     outside of my true angle, I don't mind using like 67 or so. Realize
     that if your angle is too low, especially with lower wind, like 2 or 3,
     the shot may just hook out in front of you.

     For most angles, 2 bars of power, or half of the full guage, is the
     maximum shot for backshotting, otherwise, it'll actually go less 

     So what you actually do to backshot is face away from your opponent,
     with the correct type of wind, and take a guess at about how much 
     power you need. Obviously, with more distance, you'll need more power.
     Again, this is something you need to learn to judge. I can't possibly
     type out a chart with all the possible wind variations, directions, and
     distance from your opponent.

     In addition to the amount of wind, the direction is important. Wind 
     that is going downward will bring your shot down faster. Wind going
     more upward will carry it farther.

     The farthest shot for backshotting is the one that is the expection
     to the rule of 'Don't use more than half power'. Angle 69, about
     3 to 3.25 bars of power is the farthest backshot. If that doesn't
     make the distance, just turn around and shoot normally.

     ==========================High Angle Shots================================
     Well, more specifically Ultra High Angle Shots. While High Angling can
     be extremely accurate, please don't overdo it. Unless you're trying to
     use the Boomer SS, please don't be one of the Money Whores that feels
     obligated to high angle even when their opponent is an inch away to get
     their 45 extra gold. I myself never use high angling for angles closer 
     than 86 or so, unless there's a major difference in elevation. That said,
     we can continue.

     Most people refer to 'High Angling' as getting an 'Ultra High Angle' (UHA)
     shot, which normally consists of a full powered shot a pretty high angle.

        |                                                            |
        |                              WM                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                           (|

     Pretend the little "(" is your mobile; you can only see half of it 
     when you measure out angles this way. The little WM is the Wind

     The angles here only apply for null wind, that is, 0-1 wind, and you
     may have to adjust an angle for 2 wind.

     These angles are for full powered shots in null wind on pretty much
     level land. If they're half a screen above you, you'll need to just
     use a lower angle, and vice versa.

     + Angle 81: The full width of your screen
     + Angle 86: About a centimeter out from the closest side of the
       wind meter. In the gorgeous ASCII version of your screen above,
       an Angle 86 shot would land about a cm to the right of the right
       edge of the wind meter
     + Angle 85: About a centimeter to the far side of of the far edge
       of the wind meter. Diagrammed above, it would land about a cm to
       the left side of the left edge of the wind meter

     Everything in between, you have to guess, but that get's fairly 
     easy after some practice. If the person is more than a screen 
     away, look where the screen's width is, and measure from that
     point. So if say you knew that the person you were shooting was
     4 angles away from where your angle 81 is, just do 81-4=77, and
     try using 77.

     Obviously, the person may not always be perfectly in line with
     an angle: you may have to move, hope they move, or just do a little
     less than full power on some shots.

     ==========================Final Words=====================================

     Some of this may be a reitiration of what I've said before, but you'll
     live. Just a few key points:

     - You cannot become a pro boomer user simply by having read this. Reading
       helps, but you need the correct shots to become somewhat of an instinct.
       That's something you can't learn by reading this. Oftentimes, I'll do
       what we call in our GameFAQs games 'STUPID SHOT TIME', where I'll dual,
       dual +, or SS at a shot I haven't even done a test shot for, many times
       over a full screen away. And I hit pretty often. It's instinct; I've
       played Boomer enough that I can guess those pretty accurately. I can't
       teach you that

     - Realize that sometimes the backshot just can't reach. Don't spend 5
       turns trying to backshot someone if they're out of reach. Just turn
       around and lob it

     - Don't be a complete money whore. Believe it or not, you don't HAVE to
       do an UHA shot with Angle 89 if the person's right there, ESPECIALLY
       if you are outside of true angle. If you are using the SS, I can 
       understand. But if you're taking ALL your shots like that, especially
       when you're missing, I get a bit annoyed.

     Raon Launcher

     4% More Damage to Bionics:

     4% More Defense to Hit types:

     4% Less Damage to Shields:

     4% Less Defense against Electrics:

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 750
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 40
     Shot 1 creates a deep hole, and since it does so much land damage,
     it's good for bunging. Damage is nothing special, but sometimes you
     may need to use it when shot 2 won't work well enough

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 900
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 40
     Shot 2 fires 2 mines out, often referred to as 'babies'. After they're
     shot, they'll have either a red or green little glow/circle thingy above
     their head. The green indicates that they are 'inactive', and won't be
     attacking anyone. Red means they're close enough to someone to walk 
     towards them and attack them on another turn. The direction they face 
     when they're red indicates the direction they'll be walking.

     If they're red, after a few turns, they'll walk towards the person 
     they're facing. If the opponent is far enough away, it may take them
     a few "walkings" to get there. Upon imact, they explode, and do some 
     land damage also, directly below the person. While they do the most 
     damage to bionics, the mines are also the least "attarcted" to those
     bots, so you need to be a lot closer for them to walk towards the 

     When you shoot the mines, the angle you shoot with does matter on how
     far apart the two mines are. Use angles closest to 0 or 90 as 
     possible for minimum spread, preferable if you want both to hit the
     same target. The closer to 45 you get, the farther apart the mines
     will land. 84 full power in null wind is half screen, 79 full is a 
     full screen.

     Mine Shotgunning:
     When you shoot mines, they don't explode until they hit a certain
     point on the mobile, located in the center of it. So what happens
     when you shoot mines, and they hit that point upon impact? They
     explode immediately. Note that the mines have to hit the ground first
     in order to explode. Shotgunning through the center of the mobile
     and having them soar way past the target won't help you. It doesn't
     stop until it hits the land. This is easiest when the opponent is on
     a slope the ascends as it's going away from you. If you miss, however,
     and the babies don't explode immediately, the person may be able to 
     teleport, or even just walk away, and the mines may turn on you if
     you're close enough, especially if the opposing player is a bionic.
     It may take a little practice, but it's worth learning to do.

     Base Delay: 1300
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 40
     The SS shots a larger version of the babies, which just walks right
     after shooting. It walks in the direction it's shot in until it hits
     something, or 5-6 seconds expire, whatever happens first. The SS 
     will turn around if it encounters a wall too steep for it to climb.
     When it hits someone, it does do a little land damage, so it's
     possible to bunge this way. The longer the SS 'walks', the less
     damage it'll do, so land it as close as possible


     4% More Damage Against Machines:

     4% More Defense against Lasers:

     4% Less Damage to Bionics:

     4% Less Defense to Hit types:

     It's important to note that lightning's shots stop when they hit
     the ground, not when they hit a mobile

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 750
     Total Angle: 22 True Angle: 22
     Shot 1 fires out a tracer that, upon impact with the land, shots a 
     bolt of lightning vertically downward from the top of the screen.
     In addition to the damage given by a hit, 76 'splash' damage is 
     given to any bots near the shot. Even when you hit, lightning does
     some land damage where it hits, digging your opponent into a narrow
     hole, sometimes giving them no shot.

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 800
     Total Angle: 22 True Angle: 22
     This shot comes in as two lightning bolts at 45 or so degree angles 
     from each side. Shot 2 also gives 76 splash damage. Sometimes, 
     instead of coming in as a 'V', it goes as a 'y, where the o is the

                                   \   /
                                    \ /  _______________
                                    / /
                                   / /
     Base Delay: 1300
     Total Angle: 22 True Angle: 22
     Except for maybe turtle SS in some occasions, this is the widest ranged
     shot. This shoots a large electrical ball, which upon impact, expands to
     become a huge sphere of electricity, which can hit multiple people. If the
     people are grouped close enough together, they'll not only get hit from 
     the intial strike, but the splash damage from the people around them. Good
     for Dks.

     Edit-Lightning SS doesn't damage teammates, unless they take splash
     damage (Credit Smashnuke)


     4% More Damage Against Machines:

     4% More Defense against Lasers:

     4% Less Damage to Bionics:

     4% Less Defense to Hit types:

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 740
     Total Angle: 30 True Angle: 30
     One of the advantages JD/Cake has over many other bots is it has such 
     a low delay, and since Shot 1 is the primary damage shot, they will 
     often get to go twice between your shots at some point. Shot one has
     Splash damage, so even if you don't hit, as long as you're fairly close,
     you'll get at least 60 damage from the splash. Shot 1 makes decent size
     holes, and combined with shot 2, can bunge opponents well.

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 830
     Total Angle: 30 True Angle: 30
     Shot 2 is a unique shot in, not it's damage, but the effect the shot has.
     It acts as a vaccuum, pulling other bots closer to it. However, if the 
     shot lands too far away, it won't have any effect. Since it makes a hole
     AND pulls the mobile toward it, it's great for bunging. However, if you
     aren't going to bunge the person, realize that shot 1 does more damage
     and has less delay that Shot 2

     Base Delay: 1290
     Total Angle: 30 True Angle: 30
     Cake's SS used to be great for bunging; it would be the opposite of Shot 
     2, it'd push people away from itself, ideally off edges. Then, Softnyx
     nerfed it. It no longer can shove people off cliffs, it just does damage.
     However, it does more damage if the person is right up against an edge.
     The shot still pushes people outward though.

     Cake is one of the few bots in which a Dual+, with Shot 2 first, is 
     actually better. Yes, you get more delay, but in a 2-1 dual+, the first
     shot can pull the bot inwards to where the impact was, so they'll be
     sitting right where the second shot will hit.

     Credit to Naps for reminding me about this:
     When you use a 2-1 Dual+ combo, be aware that using low angles and using
     high power, oftentimes much like a shotgun, when the first shot hits
     (Shot 2), with the vaccuum effect of it, it may pull this person
     downward, lowering their elevation. This may cause shot 1 to sail over
     them, as it doesn't account for the mobile movement.

       If you were too lazy to read all that, and just skipped the paragraph
       above, when using a dual+ with shot 2 first, try to lob it with a
       higher angle instead of what's practically a shotgun.


     4% More Damage to Bionics:

     4% More Defense against Lasers:

     4% Less Damage to Shields:
     4% Less Defense against Hit types:

     Asate's shots come from (usually) above, unless you're on Nirvana B
     or something. The position of the satellite that shoots the lasers
     for the shot depends on which shot you use. The fact that the shot
     comes from a different angle can be both helpful and detrimental to
     you. If your foe is above you, you can go below them and shoot. But,
     if you're stuck on a crummy level like Nirvana B, then you may have
     to go through some land both your shot actually makes contact

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 730
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 40
     Doesn't do a whole lot of damage, only 150 or so.  This is the lowest
     position the satellite can be in. This shot fires a single laser at
     the opponent

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 880
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 40
     This shot fires a series of lasers as an attack. Works best at closer
     ranges, since the lasers spread out more at farther distances. On a 
     good hit, you can break 250 damage. However, where you need to place
     the laser depends on which way you're shooting. Shooting left, it's
     not so important. Shooting right, however, your shot needs to land 
     farther away from you (in reference to the opponent) for it to hit.
     Landing it dirctly under them will result in the shot brutally
     murdering the land in front of you, as opposed to your opponent. 

     Long range shot 2, you want to land the tracer slighty in front of the
     person, otherwise, the lasers'll go behind them.

     The satellite height for shot 2 is about double that of shot 1

     Base Delay: 1280
     Total Angle: 30 True Angle: 30
     Again, remember which way you're shooting. On a good direct hit, you'll
     break 500 damage. This shot fires a series of lasers vertically 
     downward onto the opponent. Take note of which direction you shoot, 
     otherwise you may do serious land damage, but your opponent remaining

     Tip (Credit Efrain Reyes): When shooting, if you intend to use the SS
     at some point, try not to use the outer edges of the angle. Since the
     entire Asate angle is true angle, people have a tendency to do that,
     and then when they want to SS, their angle is smaller, possibly losing
     the angle they were using


     4% More Damage to Shield Bots:

     4% More Defense against Electric Bots:

     4% Less Damage to Machines

     4% Less Defense against Lasers:

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 740
     Total Angle: 50 True Angle: 30
     Shot 1, in addition to having a lower delay than shot 2, is good for
     land damage. Usually, it'll do 150 or so damage, but it makes pretty 
     good holes, so you can screw up people's angles with it, as well as
     bunging them. For damage, however, use this as a test shot before
     switching to shot 2

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 890
     Total Angle: 50 True Angle: 30
     Shot 2, in addition to doing decent damage, also reduces the opponents 
     defense by 5%. It'll only affect the defense the first four times you
     hit the person with shot 2

     Base Delay: 1290
     Total Angle: 30 True Angle: 30
     Only does 250 or so damage, but it reduces the defense of the opposing
     mobile by 20%

     Ice has the highest HP in the game, and given that it's also a bionic, it
     benefits well from healing items. Dual+ can also be used in the 2-1 order
     so that you lower their defense, then hit them again. Again, shot 1 makes
     good sized holes, so it can bunge as well


     4% More Damage to Shield Bots:

     4% More Defense against Electric Bots:

     4% Less Damage to Machines

     4% Less Defense against Lasers:

     *Note* - Unlike most mobiles, which have 10 delay extra per second, 
     turtle has 12

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 740
     Total Angle: 25 True Angle: 25
     A single shot with a tail behind it. Damage isn't anything special.

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 890
     Total Angle: 25 True Angle: 25
     Two shot ones the intertwine in and out of each other for the first
     three seconds, and (assuming they're still in the air), after those
     three seconds, go side-by-side to hit the enemy. If you get both to
     hit, it does quite a bit of damage. The way turtle's shot it, you
     need to shotgun to hit, or do a high angle shot, since you need that

     Base Delay: 1290
     Total Angle: 25 True Angle: 25
     Like turtle's shot 2, this takes 3 seconds to 'activate'. Initially, 
     this is a big purple bubble. After three seconds, it splits into 
     numerous smaller ones, which, the longer they stay in the air, the
     farther apart they spread. Ideally, you want it to split right before
     it impacts the enemy. If this goes through a force and splits, it does
     lots of damage


     4% More Damage Against Machines:

     4% More Defense against Electrics:

     4% Less Damage to Bionics:

     4% Less Defense against Lasers:

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 740
     Total Angle: 30 True Angle: 20
     Just a basic shot, nothing really special about it

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 890
     Total Angle: 30 True Angle: 20
     Shot 2 is what most people think of when they think of Grub. Shot 2 
     sends out 4 purple spheres that, unlike other shots in the game, have
     the ability to roll around and bounce of stuff, only for a short amount
     of time though, Using Grub's shot 2 is the easiest was to acheive Boomer
     Shot Bonus, and also is the reason for the infamous (to GFAQs anyway)
     "You the grub makese so much money gold, you know?" Grub's shot 2 is 
     also different in that it can bounce off the sides of the level, in
     which most shots just normally fly out of, as well as against the 
     ceiling/top of the level. However, the drawback is that that impact 
     counts as the beginning of the few seconds you have until the shots
     explode automatically.

     Base Delay: 1290
     Total Angle: 30 True Angle: 30
     If used correctly, the SS can do a decent amount of damage. Ideally, you
     want the target to be in very narrow hole, so you can just drop the SS into
     it. The SS, unlike shot 2, does just explode on contact; it rolls around a
     bit. Every time it rolls on/past someone, it does some damage, so if it's
     in a very narrow hole, it's got now place to go, so it continues to spin
     in the same place, doing lots of damage.


     4% More Damage to Bionics:

     4% More Damage Against Machines:

     4% More Defense to Hit types:

     4% Less Damage to Shields:

     4% Less Damage to Bionics:

     4% Less Defense against Electrics:

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 760
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 40
     Shot 1 isn't anything special. However, it's an electrical attack, so
     it does some splash damage.

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 910
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 40
     Shot 2 is what makes Aduka what it really is. It sends out 3 tracers that,
     upon impact, use beams from Thor to hit the mobile. Since Thor is being
     used pretty often, and not just when Thor is the current weather, it gets
     powered up more quickly. The initial shot 2s, when Thor is on a mere level
     1, don't do a whole lot of damage, Once you the higher levels, you can do
     some of the highest damage in the game, breaking 300 on a single shot.

     You do need to watch where Thor is though, when you're shooting:



     Assume that the 'A' is the Aduka, the O the opponent. If the Aduka was 
     to try to Shot 2 the opponent, the Thor beams would hit the Aduka instead,
     Shot 2 can miss somewhat, and still hit if you're close enough, since the
     beams travel from Thor to the tracer.

     Base Delay: 1310
     Total Angle: 40 True Angle: 40
     Aduka has one of the coolest SSes in the game. Like Nak's SS, it bypasses
     all land, and hits only mobiles. But that's where the similarities end.
     The SS, instead of just stopping when it hits the first person, continues
     to go, until flying/dropping out of the level. Since you can hit multiple
     opponents, it's great for DKs (Double Kills). The amount of damage each
     person takes is based on Thor again. Also, the SS bypasses teammates. so
     they don't get hit, unless they happen to be standing in the same spot an
     opponent is.

     *Aduka's ability to power up Thor has lead to the creation of Aduka Games,
     using only Shot 2 and the SS during the course of the game. With 8 players
     powering up Thor, the level increases quickly. These games usually finish
     rather quickly, and since it's easy to get lots of damage and kills, as
     well as DKs, they're pretty good for GP. Usually only Duals are enabled,
     and by the time level 6 rolls around, people can get killed within a few


     4% More Defense against Electric Bots:

     4% Less Defense against Lasers:

     Dragon and Knight are 'random only' mobiles, meaning you'll only get to
     use them if you select random and get lucky.

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 800
     Shoots out a single fireball

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 950
     Shoots out multiple fireballs, which split into two branches, which
     spread out farther the farther they go, and do a LOT of damage. Dualing
     shot 2 to a person right next to you can break 1K damage WITHOUT any
     weather effects

     Base Delay: 1390
     Where the shot lands is the 'center', and little missile-like things


     4% More Damage to Bionics:

     4% More Defense against Hit types:

     4% Less Damage to Shields:

     4% Less Defense to Electrics:

     Dragon and Knight are 'random only' mobiles, meaning you'll only get to
     use them if you select random and get lucky.

     Shot 1:
     Base Delay: 800
     Knight is like asate in that it shots from a floating sword thingy 
     that hovers above it. This shot shoots a single shot from it.

     Shot 2:
     Base Delay: 950
     Like shot 1, except it fires multiple shots out

     Base Delay: 1390
     Much like Asate's SS, but with more power

     =                                                                 =
     =                  Part VI - Avatars                              =
     =                                                                 =

     Section A: Avatar On vs Avatar Off and other Info
     Besides the Newb/Free divisions, the main division is Avatar On
     versus Avatar Off.

     Avatar On- Stats matter. The more money you invest in your avatar,
     the more of an advantage you'll have over your opponents. There's
     several types of "Stat-Whore" suits you see in Avatar On, described
     in the next section, and a few clueless newbies who get killed very 
     quickly because they don't have High-Stat Avatars. I don't advise
     entering the Free Zone Avatar On servers until you have a decent
     set put together.

     Avatar Off-Stats don't matter here. A Chick is on even footing 
     with a wand. Skill is more important here than how much money
     have to spend. Some people actually go for original avatars 
     here instead of just based on stats. However, not all stats are
     off: the popularity stats are still present. So you get a 
     different type of stat-whore here: Money Whores. Some of them
     are alright with the full money suits, however you will 
     undoubtadely meet some of the few that HAVE to get Ultra High
     Angle bonus, even if it's a short shot, they NEED to get money on
     every shot. Except many of them spend the whole time trying to just 
     hit, and don't really do much damage, and you lose the game
     since they need their Ultra High Angle Bonuses. Even though 
     winning makes you more money. I don't understand it, but that's
     the way it is.

     The Avatar Stats:

     Note: Avatar Stats are capped at 50. You can have 56 defense if 
     you want, but it only counts as 50.

     Orange Hourglass-Reduces the delay from the shot you're using
       Edit: 2.5 less delay for each stat (Credit to Aurora Sky)
     Blue Hourglass-Reduces the delay from the items used ingame
       Edit: 2.5 less delay for each stat (Credit to Aurora Sky)
     Popularity (stars)- 1% more gold per stat. 50 stars means that
       instead of getting 100 gold for a kill, you'd get 150. It really
       adds up
     Sword (Attack)- 1% more damage done to your opponent per stat
     Shield (Defense)- 1% less damage taken per stat
     Life (heart) - Increases the amount of HP your bot has
     Shovel- Increases the diameter of the holes your shots make in the
     Shield Regen (Shield in a blue circle thing)- Some bots (like
       Mage and JD have shields, that as time goes by, they gain
       back HP during the match). Using this stat will make them
       gain more health back

     Misc Avatar Info:
     - There's 4 types of avatars: Hats/Hair, Faces, Clothing, and
       Accessories. Accessories are the only ones not gender-defined.
     - Make sure you buy for the right gender. A girl's golden armor
       won't be something you can use on a male character. You cannot
       convert between genders. Guys have some items girls don't, and
     - You can sell an avatar you bought yourself, but you only get back
       60% of what you spent for it (IE, 50K avatar returns 30K, 100K
       returns 60K, etc)
     - You can gift items to people, by clicking on the item then 
       hitting 'Gift'.
     - Gifted items cannot be gifted or sold, only deleted
     - On reaching the rank of Stone Hammer, you're given the Space
       Marine Helmet and Suit, which can be gifted, but not sold
     - You can't have negative points
     - Stats are capped at 50

     Section B: The Stat Suits

     This section is incomplete; I haven't yet incoporated sets with
     the newer avatars. If you know of one not listed here, please
     mail me. Also, if you have ideas towards a 'looks' avatar 
     section which I may decide to add, mail me your ideas also.
     Proper credit will, of course, be given.

     Avatar On: Clone Suits

     Girls/Guys: 820K  Stats:
     -Chief Hair       Shot Delay-6      Money        -6
     -Golden Armor     Attack    -33     Defense      -51
     -Pet-01           Life      -12     Item Delay   -0
     -Robot X          Bunge     -3      Shield Regen -0

     Girls/Guys: 875K  Stats:
     -Golden Helmet    Shot Delay-9      Money        -13
     -Arch Angel       Attack    -18     Defense      -48
     -Pet-02           Life      -27     Item Delay   -0
     -Robot X          Bunge     -0      Shield Regen -0

     Bunge Suit:
     Girls/Guys:       Stats:
     -Rocker Hair      Shot Delay-7      Money        -14
     -Rocker Suit      Attack    -12     Defense      -0
     -Dizzy Glasses    Life      -0      Item Delay   -0
     -Bazooka          Bunge     -44     Shield Regen -0

     Money Suits:

      Standard (Ugly) Sets: 135K/175K           51 Stars
     -Punky Brown
     -Hawaiian Wear
     -Red Nose (20K)/Monkey Mask (60K)
     -Vampire Casket

     -Punky Brown         133K + Missing Item  50 Stars    
     -Hawaiian Wear
     -Panda Stick
     -Any 6-Star+ Item               

     Expensive Sets:      432K                 51 Stars 
     -Bridegroom Hair
     -Moneky Mask

     -Bridegroom Hair     348K + Missing Item  50 Stars
     -Any 6-Star+ Item
     -Panda Stick

      Standard (Ugly) Sets: 175K/205K          51 Stars
     -Flamingo Hair
     -Red Nose (20K)/Money Mask (60K)
     -Vampire Casket

      Other Ugly Set: (Submitted by AuroraSky)
      163K                                     50 Stars
     -Flamingo hair
     -Hawaiian wear
     -Red nose
     -Panda stick

     -Flamingo Hair        163K + Missing Item 50 Stars
     -Any 6-Star+ Item
     -Panda Stick

     Expensive Sets:       298K + Missing Item
     -Picnic Hat           41 Stars + Missing Item
     -Picnic Dress         (I personally use the Heart
     -(Pick a face item)    painting to give myself a 
     -Panda Stick           total of 47 Stars)

     Cheap Attack Set: 45/48 Attack, 185K/205K
     -Pirate Hat
     -Pirate Coat
     -Golden Hammer
     -(Purple/Green Battle Goggles) or Laser Goggles

     Cheap Life/Def Suit (submitted by AuroraSky)
     450K - 41 Life/ 45 Defense
     -Mechanic/Mecca Armor
     -The Castle

     Life Def Suit (submitted by AuroraSky)
     600K - 47 Life/ 44 Defense
     -Arch Angel
     -Metallic Wand

     Submitted by: oharamusashi
         "All the stats have at least 3 points, except for popularity 
          and shield regeneration. the third suit does have a purpose 
          though: it is only used to fight noobs... ;)"

          1. Golden Helmet
             Angel Of Death Body 
             Robot X

             Attack: 38
             Defence: 48
             Popularity: 0
             Life: -4
             Shield Regeneration: 0
             Shot Delay: 9
             Item Delay: 6
             Bunge: 10

          2. Chief Head
             Kendo Uniform
             Robot X

             Attack: 34
             Defence: 44
             Popularity: 0
             Life: 9
             Shield Regeneration: 0
             Shot Delay: 10
             Item Delay: 6
             Bunge: 6

          3. Great Devil Head
             Angel of Death Body

             Attack: 52
             Defence: 18
             Popularity: 5
             Life: -4
             Shield Regeneration: 0
             Shot Delay: 0
             Item Delay: 6
             Bunge: 30

     Submitted by Hawkeye:
     "My pimpy attack suit, waht I use for hoared jewel(not exactly mine,
      I use magician hair instead of indian fighter)"

          -Indian Fighter hair
          -Pirate suit (secksay)
          -Green/Purple Battle Goggles(even though they do nothing)
          -Bazooka (best looking avatar. Ev4r.)

             Attack: 39
             Defence: 0
             Popularity: 4
             Life: 3
             Shield Regenration: 0
             Shot Delay: 6
             Item Delay: 3
             Bunge: 12

     Submitted by Aurora Sky: 840K
     Bunge Defense Suit
             Golden Helmet
             Rocker Suit

             Attack: 15
             Defence: 42
             Popularity: 6
             Life: 0
             Shield Regeneration: 0
             Shot Delay: 3
             Item Delay: 6
             Bunge: 30

     Submitted by Thunder3000
         1: 1010K
            -Great Devil Head
            -Pet AD
            -Golden Armor
            -Robot X

             Attack: 38
             Defence: 45
             Popularity: 13
             Life: 0
             Shield Regeneration: 0
             Shot Delay: 6
             Item Delay: 6
             Bunge: 14

         2: Cheap attack suit - 50 Attack 247K/237K
            -Indian fighter/pirate hat
            -Samurai clothing
            -Laser goggles
            -Golden hammer

         3: Substitute for a Clone Suit - 48 Def/33 Attack - 715K
            -Golden helmet - 350k
            -Golden armor - 250k
            -Laser goggles - 50k
            -Golden hammer - 65k

     Got any other sets, whether it be av off, av on,
     stats or looks? Mail me your ideas.

     Section C: Avatar Planner


     The most useful tool in designing avatars. Since
     Gunbound only allows you to try on one avatar 
     you don't own, it's harder to plan out sets. 
     Avatar planner lets you use any avatar combo
     you want to see the stats and how it all looks
     together. I highly recommend downloading it.

     =                                                                 =
     =                  Part VII - Misc                                =
     =                                                                 =

     Section A: Fun Stuff
     Alright, so occasionally Gunbound in itself gets a bit boring. So
     we'll play something OTHER than traditional GB sometimes.

     Raon Pit:
     You get the most damage done in a 4v4. So first, everyone picks
     Raon and you go to Metamine A. Have everyone Teleport to either side 
     of the small hill in the middle. Someone then does a high-angled
     shot 1 to make a hole in the hill going more or less veritcally 
     downward. If it's not deep enough, sometimes a second shot is
     fired. Everyone gathers around the hole and starts using Raon's
     shot 2 to put the raon babies into the hole. You can have a total
     of 8 out, and each shot fires 2, so you get 4 shots. Don't fire
     in on thor, since Thor kills the raon babies. Just F8 your way past 
     Thor. Once everyone has 8 in, all teleport to the same side, and
     wait for all the Raon babies to move towards that side. Now, they 
     should be all so close to each other that it looks like one raon
     baby. Now the fun part: someone jumps in. If done correctly, they
     should make a nice vertical tunnel down, and fall out the bottom, 
     while having massive amounts of damage done, in the thousands.
     Everyone else just kills each other after that.

     Tunnel Wars:
     Have everyone pick Bigfoot or Raon, and pack only shovels, and
     go to Miramo Town, and Bigbomb Death. Everyone then starts
     digging downward, sometimes pairing up with someone to dig. After
     your hole is fairly deep, jump in, and start tunneling your way 
     to other people, and just try to bunge them. Only real rule is
     that you can't shoot people above ground, you need to wait until
     you're in the tunnels

     Aduka Games:
     Aduka's ability to power up Thor has lead to the creation of Aduka Games,
     using only Shot 2 and the SS during the course of the game. With 8 players
     powering up Thor, the level increases quickly. These games usually finish
     rather quickly, and since it's easy to get lots of damage and kills, as
     well as DKs, they're pretty good for GP. Usually only Duals are enabled,
     and by the time level 6 rolls around, people can get killed within a few

     Section B: Guilds
     Alright, you undoubtadly seen people name's with a blue/purple
     word or just letters and symbols in front of their name, and
     in games, you can see they have a ranking (like, 24/83) or
     something. That means they're part of the guild, and that's
     their rank within the guild.

     Guilds don't serve any real purpose... you don't get some 
     sort of monetary benefit or anything. However, it is a good
     way to meet other people. At the time of writing, there are
     2 main GameFAQs guilds: GameFAQs, GM is Philip027, and GFAQs402,
     GM is GundamFreak.

     So how do you join a guild?

     Log into www.gunbound.net, then go to Community -> Guild. In
     the search box, either type the name of the GM or of the Guild.
     Click on the result, then the on the Apply for Guild button.
     Fill out the form, and just wait to either be accepted or 
     rejected into the guild.

     Once you reach the rank of Silver Axe, you have the ability to
     create your own guild. It'll cost you 20K to do. Again, go to
     Community -> Guild, and click the Make Guild button.

     Section C: Money Making
     In the long run, buying a Money Suit is worth it if you plan to 
     play for awhile. If you're only saving up for a few (cheaper) 
     items, you don't need to invest in one. I bought my money suit
     (the ugly flamingo one, and later, the Picnic one) early on, and
     since I've played so long, it definitely was worth it for me. So, 
     if you have many items you want to purchase, definitly get a money

     Easily, the most profitable thing you can do is win 1v1 games. 
     They finish fairly quickly, and it's easy to get over 500 in a 
     winning match with a money suit on. 2v2s are alright also, but
     they take longer a little longer too. On the other hand, 2v2ing
     with a friend is more enjoyable, and you don't get as bored as
     easily as you do 1v1ing. 

     The next thing is to get good with a decent bot. Even though "the
     grub makese so much money gold", there's better bots for making 
     money than grub. I can't tell you what to pick, but just learn to
     play a particular bot well. Personally, I love Boomer due to all
     the trick shots and the high damage, but it's not good for 
     beginners. Just pick one that you can use well; it's better to 
     get the win bonus by using a bot you can use than trying to use
     Boomer and high angle all the time and miss, or get Boomer shot
     Bonus with grub, and not do much damage.

     Also, while high angling is nice, please don't overdo it. I'm 
     speaking to the money whores that feel they must high angle every
     damn shot, and take liek 5 tries before they actually hit, at
     which point they're dead. There are obviously exceptions, but 
     I'd personally rather have you hit your person to do damage and
     win, then have you miss all the time, and lose, just because
     you needed your Ultra High Angle Bonus.

     Aduka Games are also fairly profitable. They finish quickly, and
     you can do lots of damage and make many kills pretty easily. DKs
     are fairly common also.

     To sum all this up: learn a bot, and be good with it. Basically,
     just win games. That's all there is to it. 

     Section D: GP Hoaring
     Alright, so you want to advance in GP/rank rather than money in
     this case. Aduka games are alright for this, as it's fairly easy
     to get 16 or so GP per game. However, 1v1 is still the best. 
     More specifically, 1v1 jeweling, though 2v2ing works well too.

     In a 1v1 jewel game, they usually take like 2-3 minutes, and with
     a win, you can get around 8-11 gp or so. 2v2ing works too. I've
     timed some of my GP-Whoring expeditions. Taking about 4 minutes
     to win, load, and have random people ready for the next game is
     well over 100 gp an hour, 150 if you're lucky. Pretty decent 
     hourly rate. The best way to do this is to get a lower numbered
     room in avatar on, wearing an avatar with a decent amount of 
     attack points.

     If you don't care for jewel, just do small sided games and 
     win, obviously.

     Section E: Gunbound Terminology
     Aimbot - A program that can calculate the shot. I do NOT
        reccommend looking for one because:
        -They're illegal in GB
        -You'll probably find a program with a trojan, or something
         that relates your username/password information to someone
        -If you do find one that isn't a trojan or something, it's
         probably outdated
        Also, people have a tendency to yell 'AIMBOT' if you make
        a difficult shot. I myself have been called an aimbot many
        times, because for some reason, people don't seem to believe 
        that a wand who has been using boomer for a long time CAN
        dual+ on first turn across the map. Guess what, people CAN
        be that good. Just because you're losing or get hit doesn't
        mean the other person's cheating. Get over it.

     Babies - Refers to Raon's Shot 2

     Botting - A fast (and illegal) way to quickly gain GP and

     Bunge - When you kill someone by having them fall out the 
         bottom of the level

     Cake - Another name for JD, since it looks like a cake

     Chicken - Another name for the Chick Rank

     De donde eres - (spanish) 'where are you from?'

     DK - Double Kill. Killing 2 opponents with a single shot

     DT/Rape/Gangbang - Double Teaming. When two (or more, sometimes) 
          people aim at a single opponent. This is a perfectly 
          legit strategy, and I hate people who whine about it. If 
          only one more kill is needed, why SHOULDN'T we all shoot 
          at one person so we can win faster?
        (Thanks, Mike, for correcting that typo, though you coulda
         been a bit nicer about it =p)

     GG - Good game

     Jajajaja - Spanish for hahahaha, but really really annoying

     KFC - Another name for the Chick rank

     KS - Kill Stealing. Usually refers to someone doing all the
          damage to an opponent, then someone else taking the kill,
          and thus getting the kill bonus, instead of the person who
          did the damage. However, you also get the people who think
          that just because they took a single shot at someone, it's
          "their" kill now, even if more than one person has been

     La/Lah/Leh/Lar/Siao/Sian - Singlish, which, from my 
          understanding, invloves entering the above randomly into

     Lag - Lag literally means to fail to keep up with. Lag in GB
          means that for one reason or another, someone's computer
          got out of sync with GB, so the game waits for the computer
          to catch up again, so you all sit there waiting

     Lovebot - Another name for lightning, since it makes a heart 
          shaped thingy while doing its animation

     Matalo - Spanish for 'kill it'

     Mierda - Spanish for 'shit'

     Mines - Refers to Raon's Shot 2

     Noob - Can refer to an annoying (often spamming) idiot, or 
          sometimes is used to refer to a 'Newb/Newbie', which is
          a person who's new to something

     NS - Nice shot 

     NT - Nice try

     Pollo - Spanish for 'chicken', so probably refers to the
          chick rank, or a 'newb'

     PBOD - Purple Box of Death. The name is a reference to
          Windows' 'Blue Screen of Death', but what it means in
          terms of gunbound is the purple box that pops up to say
          'Access TIme has expired' or something, and closes

     Ready/Rdy/Rdy Up - It's said to tell people to pick their
          items and bot and hit the ready button so the game
          can start

     Scam - When someone is trying to trick you in order to get
          your account or avatars

     SG/ShotGun - When a person goes and aims directly at an
          opponent, often with high power, so that the shot
          takes a straight line course as opposed to a parabolic
          (curved) trajectory. Many people call shotgunning 
          'noob', but personally, I find nothing wrong with the
          occasional one, provided you do shots OTHER than SG

     Spam - Quickly and repeatedly doing a whole bunch of messages
          one after another. Probably the most common is 
          repeatedly saying someone's name to try to get them to

     TK - Team kill. Obviously, when you kill someone on your own
          team, though people say it even if you just hit your 
          teammate without killign them

     True Angle - Some bots have an angle section that is a lighter
          and less opaque section, and in the middle of the angle, 
          a darker or more opaque color. 'True Angle' refers to that
          middle section. If your shot is done using an angle that
          is a true angle, it does much more damage to the person

     TY - Thank you

     Section F: Other Tricks

     On Site: Account/Game Info:
     Login to gunbound.net, and put 


     in the address bar. You get a whole bunch of text. You can 
     look through it yourself, or use this website to convert it
     into easier-readable data: 


     Tells you some cool things, like how much damage you've done
     TOTAL with that account, and other cool stuff

     In Game: Appear Offline - Submitted by Aurora Sky
     Go to Start > Run > "regedit" > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE >
     SoftNyx > Gunbound. Go to BuddyIP, right-click, Modify. Change 
     buddy.gunbound.net to www.gunbound.net.

     If you want your buddy list loaded back up, change it back to 

     Customize GB Login Screen
     For tutorials, as well as ones to download:


     =                                                                 =
     =                  Part VIII - Credits                            =
     =                                                                 =
     Not necessarily just for this FAQ, but in general too:
     -Major thanks to DemiFrost for writing the Trico section, since
      I am not a Trico user in any way shape or form, and haven't a
      clue how to use is correctly
     -Major thanks to Javs for mobile and shot info
     -All the people who regularly participate in the GFAQs games
     -The people who would sit there and talk to me on AIM so I
      didn't get too incredibly bored doing this, most notably
      yhelothar, wrdazncal, Nucky, Gundam, Javs
     -Nucky for pointing out various errors
     -Philip and Gundam for mantaining the GFAQs guilds
     -yhelothar for the info about who goes first when you've got the
      same delay
     -The posters of the Gunbound Board at GameFAQs (those that are
      cool people, not the beggars, scammers, spammers, and idiots)
     -Softnyx for making the game
     -CJayC, for making GameFAQs
     -http://www.geocities.com/gunbound_canada/index.htm for Shot 
     -RamzaBeoulve259 for noting I missed the /loudall command, as
      well as correcting a typo
     -Credit to Alex for noticing some of my grammatically incorrect
      statements and pointing them out
     -Tigrr for pointing out that the rock on Sea of Hero is actually a
     -xCrAzYDiZz for typos and just talking to me when I'm sitting here
     -oharamusashi for the 3 avatar sets
     -Ominay for noting my typo in my own email address (well, there
      was a comma there)
     -Hawkeye for DT Whining and Jajajaing to be added to 'How Not to
      Be a Jerk in Gunbound', as well as various other corrections
     -Wangtang for suggesting Jajaja and Mierda be added to GB
     -Novasol for information regarding shields and machines during
      the Regen/Moon Phase, as well as information about healing with
      shielded bots
     -AuroraSky for the Buddylist trick, more ingame commands, some
      GB terminology terms, info on customized logins, and avatar info
     -Thunder3000 for some avatar sets
     -NickBush24 for some more shortcuts, as well as a few other 
      corrections, and another thing to add to 'How Not To Be A Jerk
      in Gunbound'
      Also for the angle measurements of both true and total for the
     -Thy1, for correcting a typo
     -Kyle Chao for Thor level and damage info
     -DarkSpirit for pointing out a typo
     -ChainChump8 for correcting info regarding Sound Quality
     -Credit to Elite Raider for correcting a typo
     -Credit to Nucky for correcting me on some stuff, as well as
      just being a cool person =p
     -Smashnuke for thje Armor, Bigfoot, and Lightning corrections, as
      well as the info about force and lightning on dragon
     -Efrain Reyes for an addition to the 'How Not To Be A Jerk in
      Gunbound', a tip for Asate users, and some additions to GB 
     -Leafweir for some typo corrections, as well as an addition to the
      'How Not To Be A Jerk In Gunbound'
     -Naps for a cake tip

     =                                                                 =
     =                  Part IX - Contact Me                           =
     =                                                                 =

     Email: nevertoomuchsoccer@yahoo.com

     If you're going to mail me, PLEASE put Gunbound FAQ or something
     similar to identify your mail in the subject, otherwise I may 
     delete it as junk mail. 

     Feel free to mail me if:
     -You have a correction to make to something I said, whether a 
      grammatical correction, or an informational one
     -You have a contribution to add, whether it be strategies, tips,
      avatar sets, whatever
     -You've got a question that I haven't answered
     -You're going to yell at me for my laziness of having not finished
      the FAQ before I posted it

     Do NOT mail me if:
     -You have a question and it's answered in this FAQ already, but 
      you just haven't looked (yes, I know I'm a hypocrite, telling
      you all not to be lazy and actually look for it)
     -You're going to beg (OMG YOU'RE A WAND SO YOU MUST BE RICH SO
      YOU CAN AFFORD TO GIVE ME FREE ITEMS!111 doesn't work. It
      actually will make me regard you as another idiot who doesn't
      seem to realize that if/when I give stuff away, why should
      some unknown person I don't even know benefit off my hard work?
      If anything, it's going to a friend)
     -You are one of the people that uses 'AOL-Speak" and it renders
      your message utterly incomprehensible. This is an email to a
      person you probably don't know, it won't absolutely kill you
      to spend a few seconds adding the y and the o to 'you'.
     -You're trying to scam me. Saying 'Go to (insert scam site here)
      for free avatars and gold' doesn't work on me, I'm sorry.