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Nancy Drew
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
Senior Detective
                     Copyright 2008

Ok, this is my first FAQs so donít kill me 
if you canít understand it. This is my 
favourite Nancy Drew game so hopefully you 
will like it too. By the way, you donít 
have to follow this walkthrough exactly step 
by step to completethe game. Explore, 
experiment, mess around, have fun!  



Nancy Drew is called out to Moon Lake 
Pennsylvania where her friend Sally 
has bought a little cottage which used 
to be owned by gagster Mickey Malone. 
But the cottage comes with an unexpected 
package, Mickey Maloneís dogsthat have 
come back from the dead to haunt the new 
owner of their beloved house. 



Sally McDonald- Sally McDonald is a friend 
of Nancyís who bought the old Malone place. 
She was frightened off by the dogs and has 
asked Nancy to get to the bottom of it.

Red Knott- Red Knott is a bird watcher who 
has a platform on Sallyís property, but he 
is only ever there at night...suspicious. 

Emily Griffin-Emily Griffin owns a little 
store on the lake that you will have to 
go to and get equipment and such

Jeff Akers- Jeff Akers is the Park Ranger 
at Moon Lake. You will have to go to him 
to get stuff mailed and learn about Moon 
Lakeís history because the office also 
contains a little "museum" shoved off in 
the corner


If you get stuck at any time in the game 
you can phone a friend, (only on junior) 
talk to people, or look in your journal 
that can be found in your items. If you 
are still stuck, thatís when this 
walkthrough comes in. 


When you turn on the game you will be in a 
bookshelf setting with options written on 
the books. Choose the New game option. You 
will then be at another screen where you can 
choose Junior, Senior or Tutorial. Tutorial 
is just a 5 minute lesson on how to use the 
controls and everything. Junior and 
Senior are the difficulty ratings on the 
game. The only difference between them is 
that senior detectiveís puzzles are a bit
harder and you donít get hints from your 
friends. (This FAQs is set on senior 
mode, if you are on junior the story line
is still the same. I can tell you how 
to do the puzzles but you will have to 
figure out the answer by yourself, sorry)

Once you get set up, the game will start 
with an opening letter explaining what is 
going on. When the letter is finished you 
will find yourself in a cottage facing the 
phone awaiting Sallyís call. 

While you are waiting you might as well 
explore. Click right towards the kitchen 
and walk to the sink. Click on it and pick 
up the gloves. To the left of the sink you 
will find the note that was on the door when 
you first arrived. Next open the cupboard 
above the sink and you will find a flashlight 
and a map, grab them both. Back up and click 
on the table to the right, it has a water 
cooler on it. To the left of the cooler you 
will find a water bottle, pick it up. To the 
right of the cooler you will see a note that 
says cut down dead tree. I guess she wonít 
have to worry about that anymore will she. 
Continue to the right and you will see a door 
with a poem beside it look at the poem then 
continue. As you keep going to the right you 
will see a flight of stairs. That is used to 
switch from night to day. Go forward toward 
the second door and you will see a coo coo 
clock beside it. Click on the hands and see 
what happens. When you are finished playing 
with the clock, click to the left and you will 
see a note on the far wall. DONíT GO FORWARD. 
But if you are like me and like to find 
all he possible ways to get killed in this 
game walk forward and see what happens, then 
click second chance on your menu screen 
to resume the game. Keep going right and you 
will be back at the phone, click on the cupboard 
above the couch. Inside you will find four dog 
statues click on all four. The one labelled 
Iggy canít move so some sandpaper will be needed. 
Sometime through out this whole process Sally 
will call. Just answer the phone and continue 
to explore. After she has called youwill start 
to hear a weird sound coming from outside. When 
you are finished in the house go out the door 
by the clock.

Walk forward and you will hear the weird noise 
again, and a man will come by named Red Knott, 
talk to him. When you are finished talking you 
will hear the dogs howl. Go back inside and 
watch the cut scene. When itís done go up stairs 
and change to day. 

Go back down the stairs and out the closest 
door. Go left and click on the blue tarp and 
pick up the plank of wood. Then click on the 
trap door, you will find it locked. Note the 
compass under the door. Go right and go up the 
hill pick up the piece ofwood on the rock and 
continue forwardto the woods follow these 
directions to the cemetery. 


Walk into the cemetery, keep in mind the first 
tombstone on your left, it says Waldo Mathias. 
Walk forward and pick up the piece of wood on 
he ground. Continue forward and click on the 
little building at the end of the path. 
Turn around and look at the four tall tombstones 
beside the path and take note of the birth date.

Vitus- February 8 1924
Xander- August 16 1923
Iggy-November 11 1919
Lucy- April 4 1922

Go back to the house and turn left, click on 
the water pump, then click down you will see 
paw prints. Pick up the bucket and then continue 
towards the front of the house. Go down 
the path to the right of Sallyís house and climb 
the tree at the end of it. You will now be in 
Red Knottís observation platform. Go back towards 
the house and turn right so you are heading towards 
the water. Click on the boat, it is full 
of water. Use the bucket to bail out the boat and grab 
the screwdriver at the bottom of it. Back up 
and click near the motor, pickup the lifejacket 
and open the motor, you will find the sparkplug 
is gone. On the lid of the motor there 
is a diagram that looks like this

 + O
 - +

Click down and see four screws, adjust 
them according to the diagram.

Top left screw at the top notch  
Top right screw at the middle notch 
Bottom left screw at the bottom notch 
Bottom right screw at the top notch 

Walk back up to the house and go down the 
path to the right. Enter the shed. Look on the 
shelf with the gnome on it and grab the key behind 
the iron. Go to the right and try it in the box, 
the key breaks. Time for plan B. Click on top 
of the lock and unscrew the bolts with the 
screwdriver. Open the box and grab the hammer, 
nails and a gas mask (thatís not weird) Go back 
to the house and enter through the front door. 
Turn to the right and place the three planks 
over the rotting floor boards. Hammer them into 
place, you can now walk over to the wall and read 
the note. Go up stairs and switch to night. 

Go downstairs and go outside, walk down the 
path to Redís platform and talk to Red. Ask 
him for a sparkplug. He has one for you but 
in exchange you will have to take 
pictures of birds for him. To know which 
ones to take, you have to listen to bird calls
on a tape that you have to pick up from Emís 
Emporium. Go back down the path and to the house. 
Change it to day.   

Go outside and walk to the boat. Put the
sparkplug in and start it up. Go to Emís 
Emporium and talk to Emily. Ask her for the 
cassette player, sandpaper and to get tree 
removed from your driveway. When youíre done 
talking to her, go to the Rangerís Station 
and talk to Jeff Akers. Ask him for a water 
tester and look around the station. When you 
are finished go back to thehouse to get the 
water sample. Put the bucket down then 
try to pump the water. It wonít work. Use the 
water bottle you picked up from the table and 
pour it into the hole in the top and try again. 
The water will pour out into the bucket. Scoop 
some water from the bucket into the vial. Now it 
is time to start looking for some of the birds. 
Put the tape into the player and listen to 
the calls. Now go into the woods and start looking
for them. You will find that some of the
pictures you can take, but some of the birds 
will just fly away. Go back to the Rangerís 
Station and mail your watersample then go 
back to the house and switch to night time. 

Walk down the path and talk to Red ask him 
for some sandpaper and see what youíre doing 
wrong with the bird watching. He will tell 
you to go get some camouflage gear from Emís
Emporium. Go back to the house and turn to day.

When you first wake up go to the cupboard and 
sand Iggy so he can move. Then go read the 
poem by the door it says. 

Leaves that appear on a fresh spring tree 
Make my birth different then the other three

When swans drift by on shimmering blue
Iím the one who plays in the summer dews

When autumns call brings out the deer 
It is I who howls on mornings clear

And when winter comes and birds take flight
Look to me to sleep through the long grey night 

The Leaves, swans, deer and birds refer to 
the clock, and the season refers to the dogs 
and when they were born. The dogs in the 
cupboard control the images on the clock. 
To do this puzzle you need to figure 
out three things. 

1) What image shows when the dog's turned each way 
2) what symbol goes with each dog 
3) When the dogs were born. 

Iggy- Autumn, deer, faces front
Vitus- Winter, birds, faces left
Xander- Summer, swans, faces back
Lucy- Spring, leaves, faces right

When the dogs are in the correct position a door 
will open up on the wall by the rotten floor 
boards. Go through the door and follow the 
path. It will be dark so you will need your 
flashlight. When you get to the end of the hall, 
turn right. There will be a door with a picture 
hanging on it. Take the picture and go through 
the door. On the left wall there will be a 
compartment that can open. You will find a paper 
that says "MM pinched" at the bottom, Mickey 
Malone maybe... You will also find a safe. On 
the right wall there is a door. Go through the 
door. Pick up the news paper on the stairs and 
read it. It says that Mickey Malone had 
a trusted employee named William Akers, a relative 
of Jeffmaybe? Continue up the stairs and open the 
door you are now outside. Get in your boat 
and go to Emís Emporium, ask Emily for some 
camouflage gear. In exchange you 
will have to collect 12 bugs for her. Also ask her 
about the newspaper article you found in the cellar. 
Leave Emís Emporium and go see Jeff at the 
Rangerís Station. Talk to him and he will tell 
you to sort through thefiles by the computer so 
you can find out more about Moon Lakeís 
history. They go in this order


When youíre finished sorting, look at the 
and MCMXLI.In one of the files you will 
find out that Mickey Malone was arrested 
January 29, 1932. Remember that day. Go 
talk to Jeff and he will give you a Junior 
Park Ranger Pin... Yeah!

Go home and start looking for those 
bugs for Emily. Some of them you can 
find in the day but some of 
them you have to find at night.

2 under compass by trap door
3 under rocks when you first enter woods
1 under the first log
1 under rock by the log, by the stone pillar

1 under rock when you first enter the woods
2 under the first log
2 under rock by cemetery

Go back to the house and change to day, 
then go give bugs the Emily. She will then 
give you the camouflage gear. Next go over 
to the RangerísStation and talk to Jeff. 
He will tell you that the woman in the picture 
is named Vivian Whitmore and she is still alive. 
He will also tell youthat your well is contaminated 
with arsenic and is therefore unsafe todrink. 
Now go back to the woods and start looking 
for birds. If you havefully explored the woods, 
all of their locations should be on the map. 
Notice how you havenít seen any hawks around? 
Once you have taken all the other pictures go 
back to the house and change to night.

Go see Red for some advice about where to 
look for the hawks. He will tell you to 
look around the tree south of the Malone 

Change to morning and go look but there 
is only a stump of a tree left. Walk up to 
it and you will hear a hawkís cry. 
Take the hawkís picture. But wait, look what 
it is standing on..... a speaker. You will 
then hear a clunk and you are knocked out.

After a cut scene you will find yourself 
tied up in the tool shed and itís on 
fire..... lovely. Anyway to get out you 

Hit the shovel
Hit the gas
Hit the shovel again
Hit the gnome
Hit the jack the gnomeís head is on 3 times

Now that youíre out of the shed you have 
to put out the fire. You can do two things 

1) get water from the pump  
2) get the water form the lake. 

When the fire is put out Red Knott appears 
and invites you to talk with him on 
his platform. 

You will automatically talk to Sally,
when your done call Vivian Whitmore.

Talk to her and ask her about the safe in 
the basement she will tell you that the 
combination is an unlucky number, she will a
lso tell you that there is a hidden speakeasy 
and she will send you the key in exchange for 
the picture you have. Go to the Rangerís 
station and send her the picture. Then come 
back to the house and go into the cellar. Walk 
up to the safe, but before you can start moving 
the dials you have to poke a hole with your pen 
or your Junior Park Ranger Pin. Enter the combination 
012932: the day Mickey Malone got arrested. Take the 
diary of William Akers out of the safe, but make 
sure you wear your gloves and gas mask! Read the
diary, it says that Malone stole some gold and 
buried it on his property! Can you say motive? Also 
at the end of the diary you will find a map that 
says "The dogs will lead the way". Go back upstairs 
and turn to night. 

Go talk to Red and he will tell you that the 
tree had fallen down and we didnít have to 
take the picture. He couldnít have 
told us that before we were knocked out and 
nearly killed. Go back towards the house and
you will notice a ladder on the side of the 
house. Climb up it and you will see the speaker 
is GONE! Go into the house and turn to Day.

Go see Jeff about the key that is supposed to 
arrive and sure enough it did. Alsotalk to 
him about William Akers. He will be all touchy 
about the subject but then finally fess up. 
William Akers was his grandfather. Go try the key
out on Waldoístombstone, but when you put the 
key in it doesnít open. Go talk to Vivian and she 
tells you that you have to turn the letters 
to make Waldo spell Baldo. 

Go back to the cemetery and put the key in 
again. To get the letters to spell BALDO 
you must.....

Click the A twice 
Click the N twice 
Click the P twice. 

Enter the passage but after two steps the 
battery goes dead, typical. You are completely 
in the dark. Turn around and walk forward twice, 
turn to the left and click on a lever, 
the door will now open up. 

Once you get back to the house go see Emily 
and ask her for some batteries. In return you 
have to rearrange some packs of Combo Cola to 
make a smiling fish. It is really easy so you 
donít need a hint. Just take the puzzle square 
by square and youíll be fine. 

When you are finished go see Emily and she 
will give you some batteries. Now go all the
way back to the cemetery re-enter the code and 
go into the tunnel. Although Vivian described the 
tunnel as a never ending passageway of tunnels 
and doors it doesnít take a genius to navigate your 
way through, just keep going left. 

When you get to the speakeasy, explore. But the 
main points you must look at are the double 
doors, an easier way from the speakeasy to the
house. The spigots behind the counter. The 
button on the roulette table. And the paintings 
of each of the dogs.

Look at all of the paintings of the dogs. 
You learn two things from these paintings. 
What there favourite place 
to play was and what there collar colour was.

Vitus- Blue- Barks at hawks
Iggy- Yellow- Laid on porch 
Xander- Red- Picture was ripped :(
Lucy- Green- Rocks in water

When you find the button on the roulette 
table, press it and it will unlock the 
spigots behind the counter. For this 
puzzle you have to change each letter in 
"soda" to the corresponding initial of 
the dog.

The Blue spigot needs to be changed to: V
The Yellow spigot needs to be changed to: I
The Green spigot needs to be changed to: L
The Red spigot needs to be changed to: X

To do this is very simple, when you pull 
the lever on the spigot a number comes up 
above a red button, when you click the red 
button the letters will move. To get 
to the right letter, pull the spigot once and 
press the red button, repeat this process 
2 more times making a total of 3. This 
pattern works for all 4 spigots. 

When the spigots are in the correct place 
a door will open up somewhere in the tunnels 
go up to the black and white picture with 
the dogs by the door and click on it. You are 
now back in the tunnels. You will see a 
light at the end of the tunnel, (in this one 
case it is ok to go towards the light :P), 
go through the door that opened up and you will 
be in a hall with a bunch of mosaics 
on the walls. Look at all the mosaics, but pay 
special attention to two of them. The one of 
Xander, so you can find out his favourite 
place. And the one third from the end that 
looks exactly like the map from William 
Akersí journal. On this mosaic you can punch 
in certain tiles hmm... I wonder which tiles 
we aregoing to punch in.

Warning: If you want to do any more exploring, 
messing around ect. Do it now! You wonít be 
able to get out of the tunnels after 
this step!!

| | | | | | |L| | | | | | Lucy- Played by rocks
| | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | | | |V| | Vitus- Barked at hawks
| | | | | | | | |I| | | | Iggy- Laid on porch 
| | | | | | |X| | | | | | Xander- Played by pump
| | | | | | | | | | | | |

When you punch in the correct tiles 3 
things happen, a door behind the mosaic opens, 
a door at the end of the right hall opens, 
the door you came in through closed. 
Go through the door that opened up in front 
of you and walk to the end of the hall, you will 
find another door. Itís locked, naturally. Go 
back into the hall with all the mosaics and go 
all the way down the right side. A new door 
has opened. Go through the door and you will 
find yourself in a little cavern that can be 
entered from the lake. 

On your left there is a big cage, look inside 
it. Low and behold it is the Ghost Dogs, arenít 
they cute. Continue forward and you will find 
a work bench. Pick up the key that says 
MM on it. There is also a journal read it. 
(If you have been paying attention you should 
be able to figure out who the culprit is at 
this point)Also look at the speakers, the goggles 
and anything else you see. Turn around and look on 
the shelf with food stacked up on it. There are 
two things to make note of here. 1) The glow in 
the dark tooth paste 2) A black device with red 
and green buttons on it. When you press the green 
button you will figure out that this high 
frequency signal has been used to make the 
dogs act vicious on command. 

Leave the cavern and open the mosaic door again. 
Use the key in the door at the end of the secret
hall and you will findyourself in a boiler room 
type thing. Immediately turn around and pick up 
the wheel lying on the ground by the door. Go to 
your left where you see a bunch of pipes. Place 
your wheel on the empty spout and put your 
screwdriver in the hole in the top of the spout. 
First turn the wheel on the far left, then turn 
the wheel on the far right, then turn the wheel 
you just put into place and see the water 
gage drop. 

Grab your screw driver and your wheel and open 
the big tank in the middle of the room. There 
you will see a ladder. Go down it. At the bottom 
of the ladderyou will find another door to 
be opened, great. 

There are four columns 1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow 
and 1 blue. Now where have we seen those colours 
before? And there will be numbers in those 

Hope you havenít forgotten your Roman Numerals!:D

Turn the numbers in each column to the right
Roman numeral. 

Blue-Vitus V-05
Yellow-Iggy I-01
Red-Xander X-10
Green-Lucy L-50

Here is how to do it...

Green-Click on 2: 3 times
Blue-Click on first 4: 1 time    
Yellow-Click on 4: 3 times
Red-Click on 3: 4 times
Blue-Click on 3: 2 times

A pipe will come out of the wall. Place 
the wheel on the pipe and turn it. 
Voila! The door is open.

Walk in the door and you will find 
GOLD!! Lots and lots of gold! Sadly 
we donít get to keep any of it :( 

Now before you turn around, here is your 
last chance to guess who the villain is. 
Think about it...

Now turn around and start heading up 
the ladder. GASP!! The villain is in our
way what do we do? Walk forward, and then 
close the door behind you. You will see 
a grate bellow you, open it and climb in. 
Walk forward and click up, climb out of 
the tunnel. You will now findbottom of the 
tank again, standing behind the villain. 
Close the door, turn around and climb up 
the ladder. Sit back relax and watch the
 cut scene, knowing you just.....

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