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Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Walkthrough
A Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer
Copyright 2011

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Guide
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew: 
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.

If you want to contact me, e-mail 
ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject 
something like "Nancy Drew Ghost Dogs" (or just leave it 
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002-Video Guide

Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading 
about it? I've got a video of me playing and beating this 
game. You can see it at...



Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver, 
and she's about to solve a mystery at Moon Lake, 

Sally McDonald: Sally's house has been attacked by ghost 
dogs, and she needs Nancy to solve the mystery!

Bess Marvin and George Fayne: Nancy's friends, whom she 
can call for help.

Frank and Joe Hardy: Nancy's friends, whom she can call 
for help.

Red Knott: A birdwatcher who lives in the neighborhood. 
He is not very pleasant.

Emily Griffen: Owner of the local store.

Jeff Akers: The ranger at the national park.

Mickey Malone: A gangster who used to own a speakeasy in 
the national park. The speakeasy is connected to the 
basement of Sally's house: 

Vivian Burnett/Whitmore: She was Mickey Malone's 
girlfriend, back when he ran the speakeasy.

Eustacia Andropov: Vivian's friend, who also appeared in 
Nancy Drew: The Final Scene.

Waldo Mathias: A federal agent who was investigating 
Mickey Malone. He eventually arrested the criminal.

Iggy, Lucy, Xander and Vitus: The four dogs belonging to 
Mickey Malone. These are the four ghost dogs.


"Dear Ned

Remember Sally McDonald, the woman who took those photos 
that Dad has up in his office? Well, she just bought a 
house in Moon Lake, Pennsylvania. A gangster named Mickey 
Malone built it back in the '20's as his country getaway 
(we're talking major fixer-upper).

Anyway, last night Sally called and said she desperately 
needed my detective skills. She refused to say why over 
the phone. Naturally, I said I'd drive to Moon Lake 
immediately. But weird things started happening the 
moment I pulled up.

First, this big tree fell down behind my car and has me 
totally blocked in. And then I discovered that Sally's 
gone! She left a note that suggested something terrible 
happens here at night. She's supposed to call me from her 

So, here I sit, writing to you while I wait for the phone 
to ring.

It's nighttime, and although part of me is dying to know 
what frightened Sally away, another part of me is 
starting to feel a little uneasy.

I'll let you know what happens.

Ever yours, 

The game starts off in Sally's house. There are ten items 
of interest in her house, so I'll list all of them out 

1. Go to the phone. Sally calls and you can talk with 
her. She is majorly creeped out by what's happening, but 
the phone conversation is cut off before she can explain 
fully. Apparently, something to do with dogs scares 

2. There's a poem about dogs on the wall. That's 
important to a puzzle later on in the game.

3. The Cuckoo Clock on the wall has to deal with dogs and 
seasons, just like the poem on the wall. This, of course, 
deals with the puzzle later on in the game.

4. There's a shelf above the couch. Open it to see four 
dogs. Spinning the dogs affects the cuckoo clock/poem 
puzzle. You need to move the Iggy statue and notice that 
it's stuck.

5. The floorboards near the side of the stairs are 
rotten. You'll need to find three replacement 

6. Inside the sink are rubber gloves. Pick them up.

7. There's a bottle of water near the cooler. Pick it up.

8. There's a map and a flashlight in the cupboard above 
the sink. Get both of them.

9. There are stairs. You can go up the stairs to switch 
from daytime to nighttime, and vice versa.

10. And near the sink is the note from Sally that Nancy 
mentions in the letter in the opening cutscene. You can 
read it if you feel so inclined.

And of course, the last thing you can do is leave through 
one of the two doors.

Here's a slightly ugly map of the area outside the house:

Woods------   Shed
           |   |
Basement   |   | 
(          )
(   House  )   -----Boat
(          )
(__________) |

On one side of the house is the pump, the entrance to the 
basement, and a blue tarp. From there, you can reach the 

On the corner of the house is the path that leads to the 

On the other side of the house is the path to the boat, 
as well as the path to Red Knott's lookout.

You can't go around the other two sides of the house.

On the first night, you can do some exploring if you 
want. When you head towards the boat, Red Knott shows up. 
He's mad because Nancy scared away an owl.

Red tells you the story of Mickey Malone and the ghost 
dogs. The dogs start howling in the distance, and Red 
tells you to go inside.

Head inside, and the ghost dogs attack the house. Creepy! 
Skip ahead to the next day, using the stairs.

Ah, morning is nice and peaceful. Now that it's nice and 
light out, it's perfect for exploring!

First off, we should probably explore those woods. Good 
thing there's a handy dandy map to help us from getting 
lost. Nancy writes down various landmarks on her map, 
which helps.
To the cemetery:

L R R L L R R @ fallen tree, L @ log R L L L @ yellow 
ribbon R L L R R L @ stump R R L

From the cemetery:

R L L R @ stump L L R R L R @ yellow ribbon R L R @ log L 
@ fallen tree L R R L L R

In the cemetery, you should examine the tombstones of 
Mickey Malone's four dogs. You should also check out the 
tombstone for Walter Mathias (more on him later). And 
don't forget to pick up the floorboard that's lying on 
the cemetery path!

There's a second floorboard on the path in between the 
house and the woods. The third floorboard is under the 
blue tarp, near the (locked) entrance to the basement.

When you go to the boat, notice that it's full of water. 
Go to the pump and take the bucket. Use the bucket to 
bail the water out of the boat. At the bottom is a 

Take the screwdriver and the life vest that's in the 
boat. When you try to start the boat engine, nothing 
happens. Open it up to see that the spark plug is 
missing. Also, if you examine the screws, Nancy notes, "I 
gotta have some torque!"

Inside the shed are a bunch of things, but they're mostly 
there to look at. Hidden behind the iron is a key. Use it 
on the trunk in the corner, and it breaks.

Now for some trickery. Use the screwdriver on top of the 
lock to open the trunk. Take out the hammer/nails that 
are inside, as well as the gas mask.

Now that you have a hammer and nails and three 
floorboards, you can replace the broken floorboards 
inside the house. Just go into the house and put the 
floorboards down. Then hammer them down. Tada!

That's all you can do in the morning, so skip to 
nighttime. Head to Red Knott and ask him for a spark 
plug. He'll give it to you, in return for some chores.

The chores? Take pictures of six birds for him. This 
requires going to Em's Emporium and getting his tape 
player first.

He asks if Nancy smokes? Only when she's on fire! Ha ha 

Skip ahead to the next day and go to the boat. Open up 
the engine. There's a diagram on the underside of the lid 
that reads:


This refers to the four screws in the engine. + is up all 
the way, - is down all the way, and 0 is in the middle. 
Use the screwdriver to set the four screws according to 
that chart.

Then put in the spark plug (in that hole above the 
screws). Back up and pull the chord to start the 
speedboat. Now you can examine the rest of Moon Lake! 

You can go to Em's and talk with her. She believes the 
ghost dogs really are ghost dogs.

Pick up Red's tape player like he asked you to. You 
should also try to buy some sandpaper from her to learn 
that Red has her sandpaper. You can't ask about sandpaper 
unless you've examined the statuette of Iggy that's 
inside the cupboard in Sally's house.

You can go to the ranger station and talk to Ranger 
Akers. You can talk to him about a lot of stuff. The 
important thing to do is get a water testing kit from 
him, but there's nothing wrong with talking to him about 
many other things.

The place Ranger Akers is in is the Moon Lake Historical 
Museum. You can learn about history and wildlife and all 
sorts of fun things here! None of it is necessary in 
order to beat the game, but learning things is always 

Go back to Sally's. You need to get the water sample, so 
go to the well. Pour the bottled water (found near the 
cooler in Sally's house) down the well to get it going. 
Then take a sample of the water from the bucket.

You need to do bird searching like Red asked you to. 
Tramp around in the woods, and Nancy finds out that some 
birds fly away instead of posing for pictures. The birds 
are here:

Goldfinch, right hand side, above the log.
Bluejay, above the left log.
Cardinal, directly about the large letter E on the map.
Robin, on the topmost trail of the map.
Tanager, near the trees left of the words "tree stump".

Take the water sample back to Ranger Akers, then skip to 
the nighttime. Talk to Red Knott, and he tells you that 
you need camouflage gear to get pictures of the elusive 
birds. He also gives you sandpaper.

Now that you have sandpaper, you can solve the poem 
statue clock puzzle inside the house. The poem mentions 
four different seasons (and the four dogs' tombstones 
mention four seasons).

When you spin the dog statues, it affects the cuckoo 
clock. Namely, it makes the seasons-pictures appear 
differently. What you want to do is match the four 
seasons on the clock to the four seasons on the dogs' 

To do this, have Iggy face forward, Lucy face right, 
Xander face backwards and Vitus face left.

This opens a secret passageway. Walk across the 
floorboards to the door and head downstairs to the secret 

Grab the picture from the wall because it will come in 
handy. Then open the door to the basement.

You can zoom in on two sections on wall here. One is 
blank, and the other (which is also blank) has squeaking 
mice. You can zoom in on a part of this wall, next to the 
board on the right.

It's a safe. And it's locked. Examine the tiny hole, 
which blocks the lock. We'll find something to put in the 
hole soon enough.

Leave through the exit door. It leads to the area outside 
of the house. Now you can go in and out of the basement 
from the outside of the house!

There's an old newspaper on the stairs that lead outside 
of the basement. It talks about William Akers, Mickey 
Malone's partner.

Skip to the next day and go to Em's. She'll give you 
camouflage gear if you find a dozen little critters for 
her. She's talking about bait.

You should also go to Ranger Akers. Ask about the woman 
in the picture, and he says he'll find her for you. Ask 
him about William Akers.

Nancy upsets Ranger Akers with her (completely true) 
accusations of being related to William Akers. She 
apologizes and agrees to make things up to him by sorting 
some files for him.

Head to the computer in the ranger station. See the 
trunk? Open it and sort the files.


Then read the four or so files that you can take out and 
read. One's about Em, and three are about Mickey Malone. 
It turns out that Waldo Mathias was the person who 
arrested Mickey Malone. I wonder why he's buried in 
Malone's cemetery?

Tell Ranger Akers you sorted the files, and he gives you 
a Junior Park Ranger pin. YAY!

Go to Sally's house. In the basement, use the Junior 
Ranger pin on the tiny hole in the wallsafe. This lets us 
open up the safe.

It seems that William Akers always used "bad days" as his 
combinations, judging from the paper in front of the 
safe. Nancy has notes on her PDA that say Mickey Malone's 
bad day was 012932, so try that.

It works! What a surprise. Take the journal by using the 
gas mask and gloves to avoid problems with the deermice. 
Read it all the way through and get the map at the end. 
This will be important to finding Malone's buried gold 
that gets mentioned in the journal.

It's been long enough; now it's time to get those dozen 
little critters (you could have done this earlier--it 
doesn't matter when). Two are under the compass square 
near the external entrance to the basement.

Now head to the woods. You can find critters under rocks 
and logs. This includes the rock at the cemetery 
entrance. And of course, just to make things trickier, 
some critters only appear at night. So prowl all the 
woods during the day, then do the same thing at night in 
order to find the critters.

Once you find all the critters, go to Em and give them to 
her. She'll give you the camouflage gear.

Now you have to scour the woods AGAIN for birds. I listed 
their locations above, so use that to cut down on random 

Once you have pictures of all five birds, skip to 
nighttime. Then go ask Red about the red-tailed hawk. He 
tells you that they nest in the tree southwest of the 

Skip to the next day, and go to that tree. It's near the 
dock where the boat is. Hey...that's not a tree! That's a 
tree stump!

Wait by it anyway and a hawk appears on the roof of the 
house. Take its picture, and Nancy notices that it's 
standing on something. After that, Nancy is knocked 

Nancy wakes up in the shed. The BURNING shed. OH NO! She 
has to escape!

The way to escape is by kicking things in the proper 

1. Kick over the gnome.
2. Kick over the rake-thing with a rag on top. It leans 
to the left now.
3. Kick the gas tank. This sets fire to the rag on top of 
the rake.
4. Kick the rake-thing back in place. This sets something 
else on fire.
5. Kick the pump the gnome's head is lying on. This sets 
the burning thing a-rolling towards the scythe.

The scythe falls down and Nancy is free! Now you have to 
put out the fire! Head to the pump and fill the bucket 
with water (or fill the bucket with lake water), then run 
to the shed and throw the water at the shed.

Red Knott shows up. He's not very nice about the fire. 
The game cuts to later in the day, when Nancy tells Sally 
about the fire.

Apparently, Ranger Akers ticketed Nancy for improper 
waste disposal. While it's always good to get a lesson on 
recycling wood rather than burning it, this seems like a 
very bad time for it.

Once that's over, you should skip to nighttime to talk to 
Red Knott. Give him his camera back. Then skip to daytime 
and see Ranger Akers. He should have the results of the 
water testing and the photo.

The woman in the photo is still alive. Akers gives you 
her phone number. The water test came back negative--
don't use the well because of arsenic poisoning.

Go back to Sally's place and call the woman from the 
photo--Vivian Burnett. She was Mickey Malone's girlfriend 
back in the day. She tells you about a speakeasy with a 
hidden entrance in the cemetery.


Go to Ranger Akers and have him send the picture to 
Vivian. Go back to Sally's house and skip a few days, 
then go back to Ranger Akers. Vivian sent us the key! 

Head to the cemetery and use the key on Waldo's 
tombstone. Huh? Oh no! It's a puzzle!

Go back to Sally's house and call Vivian. Her friend, 
Eustacia Andropov (of Nancy Drew: The Final Scene fame) 
is there. Ask Vivian about the puzzle, and she tells you 
that the password is "BALDO".

Go back to the cemetery. You need to put the key in the 
tombstone, then rearrange the letters to spell BALDO.

Junior mode:

Get the B in pace. Get the D in place. Get the O in 
place. Get the A in place. Get the L in place.

Senior mode:

Press the second letter twice, then the third letter 
twice, then the fourth letter twice. Simple!

Head inside the open passageway and...uh oh. Nancy's 
flashlight is out of batteries. Turn around and feel for 
the exit in the dark.

Go to Em's. She agrees to give you batteries if you 
arrange a soda display for her. She gives you what the 
sodas should look like. Rearrange the six-packs (which 
involves rotating them at times) to get them to match the 

Once that's done, Em gives you batteries. Go all the way 
BACK to the cemetery. If you want, stop by Sally's house 
and call everyone because at this point, you won't need 
to go into the house before beating the game.

At the cemetery, open the grave just like before. In the 
tunnels, go forward. At the first fork in the road, go 
left. At the second fork in the road, go right. At the 
end of this tunnel is the speakeasy.

The pictures of Malone's dogs are in the speakeasy. 
Examine each one of them. This involves getting as close 
to them as possible. Nancy will make notes on the map 
based on the pictures. For example, Vitus barked at red-
tailed hawks in their trees, so Nancy marks a V on the 
map where the red-tailed hawk tree was.

Sadly, Xander's portrait is ruined, so we need to find a 
duplicate. How, you ask? Why, through another puzzle!

Head to the roulette wheel and open the top of it. 
There's a hidden button. Press it.

Now go around the bar and examine the spigots. William 
Akers mentioned them in his journal. Each spigot has a 
different color, and by CRAZY coincidence, they are the 
colors on the collars of Malone's dogs.

When you press a spigot, a number appears above the red 
button. Press the red button to get the letters to 

Your goal is to get the letters to match the dogs. Red is 
X, Blue is V, Yellow is I and Green is L.

When you press the red button if it's on 1, the letters 
move three times. If it's on 2, it moves four times (or 
something like that). A smart detective will figure out 
the proper sequence in order to get it to land on the 
right letter.

A lazier detective will move the spigot by one, and if it 
doesn't land on the right number, try again. That process 
works just as well.

Getting the spigots correct opens a hidden passageway! 
That is, another secret passageway. I didn't say so 
earlier, but the big doors in the speakeasy lead to 
Malone's basement.

Leave the speakeasy the way you came in, through the wall 
near the bar. Specifically, you go through the picture of 
the dogs on the porch. Go down the tunnel, and the hidden 
passageway is on the right.

Along the walls here are pictures of the dogs and various 
maps. Find Xander's picture to learn he played by the 
pump. Nancy marks this on her map.

Find the map that matches the one from William Akers' 
journal (it's right next to Xander's picture). Click on 
the four dogs' locations that Nancy marked on her map.

I'm not sure if my game messed up, but one time when I 
played, Nancy didn't mark down Lucy's location. Lucy 
stood on the rocks. She's several spaces directly above 
Xander on the map.

This opens up two doors (and locks one--your exit). Go 
through the one in front of you, and it's locked. Darn.

Turn around and go back to the passage. Turn right, and 
take a right when the path forks. The now-open door leads 
to a water area where...did you hear barking?

It's the ghost dogs! Aw...they're so cute when they're 
not trying to kill us!

Explore this area to find out how they were made into 
ghost dogs, through a combination of dental glow and 
high-pitched sound sent through radio receivers.

You can read the culprit's journal about the dogs and 
various other things if you want.

The important thing in the area with the dogs is the key 
that's to the left of the journal. Grab it, then go back 
to the passageway hidden behind the map puzzle. The door 
opens, giving you access to the well room.

The well room has a simple puzzle. Turn around as soon as 
you enter the room to see a wheel.

Pick up the wheel. Now cast your attention to the part of 
the room with two wheels (not the door). Spin both 

Wheel #3 is missing. Put the wheel on. Then zoom up on it 
and secure it in place with the screwdriver. Back up, 
then spin this wheel. That lowers the water level.

Take the wheel off, then go to the door. Spin the big 
wheel on the door, then the smaller wheel to unlock it.

Climb down the ladder. The door is locked with a simple-
ish puzzle. You need to get four numbers for four colors. 
We did this earlier in the game with the spigot puzzle, 
but now you need to use Roman Numerals.

That is, for the spigot puzzle, Red is X. X is 10 in 
Roman Numerals. Blue is V, which is 5. Yellow is I, which 
is 1. Green is L, which is 50.

So flip the numbers around until you get them all in 
place! Simple as that.

Once that's done, put the wheel on the door. Look inside 
and it's...the gold!

Try to leave and the culprit appears. Head to the gold, 
then shut the door behind you.

See the grate in the floor? Open it to sneak up behind 
the culprit. Shut the door behind the culprit and escape. 
Once that happens, the game ends.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2011.  If you 
want to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first 
(instructions under general information).