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Asked: 6 years ago

why cant i LAN with friends locally?

When one of us tries to host a game it does not appear on the others screen in the local network room... we have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing...

Additional details - 6 years ago

Yes i am on a college network... think they locked up my router...?

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From: return 5 years ago

Turn off your firewalls, firewalls disable your ability to host. It should work after that. If not, just host private games on

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Are you on a college network or something similar?

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Well, This Problem has 2 types :
1. Your WC III version with your friend's is not same
Example : Yours is : 1.21
Your Friend : 1.20e
Solution : Copy the WCIII from one of you(you and your friend) to the other
Note : when do-ing this you should choose to copy the newest version to the another one

2. Your Firewall doesn't turned off so Windows (or MAC) thinks that it's a thing (like hacker) that want to edit some data at you/your friend's computer. The solution for this one is by :
- Turn off The Firewall (dangerous when using IE or Mozzila)
- Make an exception at the Control Panel, what you accept (it means the excepted by
Firewall) with the accepted program (Im not too good at english) is "war3.exe" or the
"Frozen Throne.exe"

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Well if there's only 2 of you you can always get an Ethernet Crossover Cable (Keyword there is crossover..). It's basically an Ethernet cable wired slightly different. It's pretty easy to set up. plug one end into one computer (Ethernet port) and the other one in the other computers Ethernet port. It should just auto setup.
^ This is just what i did. Worked great.

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Download a program called Lancraft and do what it tells you to do. If this still does not work, then stop trying to LAN at College. Are you allowed onto If so, you could just play from there, and if you can't host then download Hamachi which is basically LAN over the internet, which for some reason works where regular LAN does not.

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