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Cant install right... am i doing something wrong?

whenever i try to install this game, i put disc 2 in and a blue bar comes up and just freezes. I see other people say they can play it on vista, am i doing something wrong?

cxzdsaewq321 asked for clarification:

I do not nessaliry need information about instalation. It is installed and working fine. I need the 1.1 patch to play the game. It will not allot me to save and extract. I must have saved it 30 times in differnt files and searched my whole hard drive for any patches. i have tried 1, 2, 3, patches. have tried them all. I have tried running just as many times. Nothing is seeming to work can you help me out? Any information any one can give me of how to get it working would be great. Send me any information you can I will appricated it greatly.


HiPlanesDrifter answered:

Try performing a clean boot procedure to determine whether background programs are interfering with your game installation:

Temporarily disable anti-virus and any 3rd party firewall too(if it's a firewall program other than the standard Windows service pack firewall)

Caution! - disconnect from DSL or cable modem before disabling antivirus and firewall; and don't clean boot without disconnecting either.

Now try installing the game from a clean boot (as instructed in link above).

How do you make sure you're disconnected from your DSL or cable modem server first..? Disable the network connection from within your system folder (Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network Connections [this is the XP path; may be a bit different for VISTA])
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