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Medal of Honour: Pacific Assault
PC Walkthrough
By Shaneo632
Version 1.1 - 30th January 2005
E-mail: shaneo632@hotmail.com

The following was all written by me, or submitted by those who intended for it 
to be used in this guide. The following sites are the only sites where it 
should be seen:

If you wish for it to be on your site, please e-mail me first at 
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1 - Walkthrough
1.1 - Tawara: Starting
1.2 - Tawara: Get On That Fifty
2.1 - Bootcamp A: Starting
2.2 - Bootcamp A: Briefing
2.3 - Bootcamp A: Obstacle Course
2.4 - Bootcamp B: Starting
2.5 - Bootcamp B: Heavy Weapons Training
3.1 - Pearl Harbour A: Starting
3.2 - Pearl Harbour A: Docks
3.3 - Pearl Harbour B: Starting
3.4 - Pearl Harbour C: Starting
3.5 - Pearl Harbour C: West Virginia Deck 3
3.6 - Pearl Harbour C: West Virginia Deck 2
3.7 - Pearl Harbour D: Starting
4.1 - Nightmoves A: Starting
4.2 - Nightmoves A: Campfire
4.3 - Nightmoves B: Starting
4.4 - Nightmoves B: AA Gun
4.5 - Nightmoves C: Starting
4.6 - Nightmoves C: Village
4.7 - Nightmoves C: Radio Tower
5.1 - Mandown A: Starting
5.2 - Makin Atoll: Man Down
5.3 - Mandown A: Stealth Jungle
5.4 - Mandown B: Starting
5.5 - Mandown B: Jeep Camp
5.6 - Mandown B: Fuel Depot
5.7 - Mandown C: Starting
5.8 - Mandown C: Tank Camp
5.9 - Mandown C: Pilot Rescue
6.1 - Sitting Ducks: Starting
6.2 - Sitting Ducks: Return To Rafts
6.3 - Sitting Ducks: Nautilus Defense
7.1 - Henderson Field A: Starting
7.2 - Guadalcanal: Henderson Field
7.3 - Henderson Field A: Beach Landing
7.4 - Henderson Field A: The Airfield
7.5 - Henderson Field B: Starting
7.6 - Henderson Field B: Assault
7.7 - Henderson Field B: Supply Depot
7.8 - Henderson Field C: Starting
7.9 - Henderson Field C: River Defense
7.10 - Henderson Field C: Tank Attack
7.11 - Henderson Field C: Dense Jungle
7.12 - Henderson Field D: Starting
7.13 - Henderson Field D: Outpost
7.14 - Henderson Field D: Marine Camp
7.15 - Henderson Field D: Escort Pilots
7.16 - Henderson Field D: Reclaim AA Guns
7.17 - Henderson Field D: Dive Bombers
7.18 - Henderson Field D: Wounded Catalina
8.1 - Bloody Ridge A: Starting
8.2 - Bloody Ridge A: Second Ridge
8.3 - Bloody Ridge B: Starting
8.4 - Bloody Ridge B: Jungle Clearing
8.5 - Bloody Ridge C: Starting
9.1 - Lunga River A: Starting
9.2 - Guadalcanal: Lunga River
9.3 - Lunga River A: River Ambush
9.4 - Lunga River B: Starting
9.5 - Lunga River B: River Camps
10 - Medals
11 - Hidden Objectives/Hero Moments
12 - Frequently Asked Questions
13 - Glitches
14 - Credits

Firstly, a massive apology to anyone who has sent me one of the hundreds of 
e-mails that I recieved regarding this game. I've been stuck on one particular
section myself for a while, and well, with the influx of games out recently
(Half Life 2 being the main one), I just haven't got on with beating this one.
Oh, and it was Christmas, so I spent many a day getting wankered on cheap wine.

On a more game-related note, I've had most e-mails about the FlyBoys mission.
When I can be bothered to try and defeat that damn Jap sniper, I'll try and
get onto FlyBoys and complete that one. Bear with me, as I have college and
all that, but I will complete it, just with time.
Anyway, on with the show:
- Added some questions to the Frequently Asked Questions section
- Added a glitch
- Added some medal information
- Added some hidden objectives

1 - Walkthrough
1.1 - Tawara: Starting
Well, this section is simply a short sequence, followed by you gaining control
visually, where you can look around at your squad mates before you get ready
to fight.

1.2 - Tawara: Get On That Fifty
After the intro sequence, you'll have to basically run up the breach. However,
fear not, as this section is a lot easier than it looks. Bullets'll be flying at
you left and right, very reminiscent of Omaha Beach, I thought. Anyway, run up
the breach, and trust me - don't even bother getting any medipacks if you don't
want to, as you're MEANT to get "killed" in this section. I made it up to the 
top, and then their bayonet-wielding guys got me. Anyway, very easy section, 
requires no skill whatsoever.

2.1 - Bootcamp A: Starting
We'll come back from the blackness, and we're now two years later, and we now 
see a long sequence (it's nice to see a plot-driven MOH game on the PC for 
once...). You'll meet your squad mates, and this bit really reminded me of 
Full Metal  Jacket. You'll now have to listen to the DI talk to you and 
well, talk DOWN to you for a bit.

2.2 - Bootcamp A: Briefing
So, you have to follow the rest of the squad, and soon enough, you'll come to an
obstacle course.

2.3 - Bootcamp A: Obstacle Course
This area is again very simple - just jump over the beam, crawl through the 
small tunnel and then go prone through the net of barbed wire and machine gun 
wall. I can't remember where, but somewhere along here, you have to butt the 
ragdoll with your MG, too. Again, very simple stuff.

2.4 - Bootcamp B: Starting
So, you're now at the firing range. Collect the first rifle from the desk and 
get ready to fire at pen #3 (well, that's what one it was for me, it may 
differ). Fire at the target to your slight left, and vary between standing, 
crouched, and prone,like the big bad DI said. Note: do this for all the 
weapons in this training.Once you've shot the targets required, return to the 
desk and pick up the morepowerful rifle. Do the same as before when ordered,
and you and three others nowhave the pleasure of using the MG. So, shoot the
25-or-so targets and voila - you're done for this area.

2.5 - Bootcamp B: Heavy Weapons Training
Now, this is where it gets fun. Run over to where everyone else is, grab the 
C4 from the table, run around, and plant it on the car when ordered. Watch it
burn, and thenmove to the next area, where you have to land a grenade in each
barrel. More challenging than everything so far, but again, not THAT much of
a challenge. Continue to move on, and you'll now get to use the mounted 
machine gun to destroy 25 targets. Move to the final training area, where you
have to learn a few medic skills. A comrade will pretend he's dying, and s
just pick him up and drop him in the white circle, where he will be "healed".
You'll be ordered to do the same, so go prone, and you will be healed. After 
a short speach, that's it for the boot camp. Time for some chillin' and 

MEDALS AVAILABLE: - Complete all 21 primary objectives.
                  - Get at least 50% accuracy on Rifle shooting.
                  - Complete 2/3 hidden objectives.
                  - Complete 3/3 hidden objectives.

3.1 - Pearl Harbour A: Starting
Well, we're long due for some action, and it looks like it's comin' soon. 
After the really nice movie, We begin in a car, so just enjoy the ride. This
is quite a long set piece, so just look around at the nice scenery, and laugh 
at the awfully-synched audio. After a few minutes, the car will stop, and the
Japs will attack. You will get out of your car.

3.2 - Pearl Harbour A: Docks
Get out and follow the guy in white who just drove you. Be sure to avoid enemy
gunfire from the planes above. Basically, this entire set-piece is just 
following him until you get to your escape boat. Very easy stuff, and right up
until the end, I didn't get hit once. You'll approach the end, and your friend
will get blown up. Oh sweet irony, as the escape vessel couldn't be more than 
5 foot away. Get into it, and we fade to black.

3.3 - Pearl Harbour B: Starting
We begin in the escape boat. Basically, this entire mission is just you in a 
boat, shooting at the Japanese planes. It's quite hectic, and you'll be lucky 
to survive it first go. I did, but I only had 6HP left. Anyway, just fire at 
the planes asyou get driven around, and eventually, the boat will stop, and 
you'll be sentinside a burning ship to search for survivors.

3.4 - Pearl Harbour C: Starting
Start by going forward, and through the hole. There will be an explosion, 
killingyour friends, so move through the new hole created. Avoid the steam 
and explosionsas best possible, and walk round, going up the red ladder. Turn
the 2 wheels toturn some of the steam off, and go up, through the passage. Go 
right, and down thestairs. Turn the wheel, move forward, and turn the wheel 
to counter-flood. Go backup the stairs, go forward, and watch the man drown 
in the sealed water door. Goright, and up the two ladders, where a comade is.

3.5 - Pearl Harbour C: West Virginia Deck 3
Follow your comrade through the halls, and you will come to a jammed door. Get
theaxe and hit the glowing canister to blow the door open. Follow through and 
a wallof fire will consume your friend. The medic will tell you to help save 
injuredfriends, so pick up the guy in this room and hand him over the medic.
Allinjured persons appear as an "!" on the radar. Go through the door you 
haven'tbeen in in here, and there will be steam and bodies everywhere. Hit the
redglowing item, and steam will burst out, for some reason I haven't been able
towork out. Anyway, go through into the next room, and rescue the injured man
here.Use the axe on the jammed door, and run through, hitting the US Army 
boxes withyour axe, allowing you to climb up the ladder. A friend will direct
you fromabove to follow the fleeing sailors.

3.6 - Pearl Harbour C: West Virginia Deck 2
One area will explode, so go through the only entrance you can, and through
the opening. Take the narrow area, and you will see a guy to your left get
crushed by a bunch of those dreaded US Army boxes. Use your axe to destroy 
them,and carry the guy to the medic on your radar. Go back out of this room,
and take the nearby stairs. The debris covering the stairs will drop by a guy
on the other side, and we fade to black.

3.7 - Pearl Harbour D: Starting
Follow your radar to the machine guns, and this isn't particularly difficult.
All you have to do is just shoot at the planes until they go down. Did this
remind anyone else of San Andreas's mission with RC Zero, or was it just me? Oh,
and this HAS to be the bit in the Pearl Harbour film where the black chef blows
the cack out of all the planes. Anyway, moving on, walk over to the mounted AA,
and whilst the amazingly epic music plays, blast the planes to holy hell. If you
shoot down over 60 planes like I did, you have completed a hidden objective.

4.1 - Nightmoves A: Starting
After some cool old movie clips, a sequence will begin, which reveals more
about your teammates. And is it just me, or does the guy with glasses look like
Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump? Anyway, us being in a sub after our driver said in
Hawaii that that's pretty much a death sentence, I'm feeling none too
comfortable. It's not long before we're out, though, and we begin the level in
some sort of dingy. You'll land on the beach head and recieve a talk from the
commanding officer. You'll split into two groups, so stay with your men.
Basically, just follow the leader until you arrive at the campsite.

4.2 - Nightmoves A: Campfire
Follow your leader still, and duck as a plane passes. You'll hear gunfire from
some friends, and the Jap plane will come back and crash in the bushes nearby.
Attack the Japs, and be careful, as they have some nasty bayonets that can
deal some serious damage. Continue through the trees, and kill the half dozen
or so Japs that emerge. Regroup once the killing is over, and you'll be told
via radio that you're on your own. We then fade to black.

4.3 - Nightmoves B: Starting
This is the most annoying section of the game so far. I didn't like it, and I
think it's poorly designed. Anyway, follow your squad, and one idiot will
shoot himself in the foot, only to be topped by the cocky guy getting sniped.
So, follow your team on, and crouch by a rock. You can really let the rest
of yout team do all or the majority of the work here, but it is just so long
and tedious that you have to get involved to speed things up a little. Watch
the new blood addition to PA as you blow the hell out of the Japs. Any time
your health gets in the 30-40 region, I would suggest pressing H (or
whatever key your bound) and let your medic heal you. Bear in mind that there
is a limited number of bandages he has. Keep moving forward and attacking,
and eventually the enemy will attack from above. Get your team to take them
out if you couldn't be arsed with trying to spot them (like me), and
eventually, everything will die down. Follow your squad.

4.4 - Nightmoves B: AA Gun
Another irritating-as-hell section ahead. Follow your squad, and you will
soon enough hear Japanese voices. A guy will translate them on your team
(the young one who everyone hates, I think), and you will all recieve
orders. Follow the guy going near the hut, and when you approach, blast
the Jap in the hut to holy hell. My tactic, which made me lose 0 health
through this entire battle, was to just camp in the hut and use it as
cover. Peep in and out, shooting the silly blind Japs who can't see you
for some odd reason. Shame that the gun you get is so awfully slow, so
feel free to steal the Jap's guns, with their superior technology and all.
If you feel like it, flank the vehicle up ahead and blow it up. Once the
perimeter is clear, hijack the machine gun, and use it to blow any
remaining Japs in the vicinity up. Also, blow the vehicle up if you
haven't already, and don't want to waste precious ammo. Set a charge on
the gun when you're finished and blow it to smithereens. Anyway, more
Japs will emerge, so take them down and there will be a brief period to
regroup. Attack again, and it would appear that it's all over. Follow
your leader and teammates, and the Jap's will rush, so be prepared, as
those bayonets can be quite nasty. It will subside, so walk forward, and
we will fade to black.

4.5 - Nightmoves C: Starting
On the mark of the leader, run over the river and meet with your teammates.
Attack the Japs, remembering to take out the turrets first, as they're
incredibly lethal. Also, remember to make sure you don't get hit by the
spikes sticking out, as they will ensure death, must be tetanis or
something. Anyway, when this surge is killed, move forward, and attack the
next form. Repeat this, and eventually you will come to the other end of
the river. Move up the river, shooting the Japs that emerge, and then go
to the opening. Walk forward, and we will finally fade to black.

4.6 - Nightmoves C: Village
But no, there's more of this torture chamber of a level. Move forward, and 
there will be an ambush in all the huts around you. So, obviously, you have 
to clear out all of the huts. Do so, and move forward to where there are
more huts. Finish them off, and move forward to end this section.

4.7 - Nightmoves C: Radio Tower
Run forward and kill the attacking Japs. Some Japs on mounted MGs above you
will fire, so use grenades for a fast kill or two. Run up the side where they
were, and kill any leftover Japs. Plant the bomb on the radio tower and take
cover as it blows up. Now comandeer an MG, and shoot the Japs below you. They
will run up the side, so be vigilant to take them down before they reach you.
Continue this until your leader begins talking, and then we fade to black.

5.1 - Mandown A: Starting
Will it ever end!? After a short sequence, listen to your leader, as he'll
give out some important tips and instructions.

5.2 - Makin Atoll: Man Down
After that rather pointless change of section, it's time to get moving. At
least now we have a nice machine gun magically appear out of nowhere to
take Japs down with. Go forward, and you will see a vehicle. Let it pass,
and then follow the road. Kill the soldiers in the car that drives past,
and follow the radar for a bit. Kill all of the Japs here, and be careful when
approaching the mounted machine gunner, as he can take a lot of health away.
When you're done, move to the left near the vehicles, move up, and continue

5.3 - Mandown A: Stealth Jungle
Use the car as cover if you want, but not for too long, as it will catch fire
from the bullets eventually, and turn you into a flaming pinata if you're not
careful. Move up and kill the Japs here, and sweep through this small area.
Shoot the explosive barrel if you feel like it, and then wind round, where
there are two enemies obscured slightly. Kill them regardless, and continue
winding round. Some Japs will be in the trees up ahead, so be sure to
look out for them. Once they're disposed of, walk up, and we fade to black

5.4 - Mandown B: Starting
The area ahead is blocked, so you're gonna need to take the route behind you,
obviously. Follow your squad, and this section basically entails you running
for a bit, shooting a small area of japs, rinse, and repeat. Basically, just
keep doing this, whilst following the radar to get to the fuel depot. The
final area has three very deadly machine gunners, so be extra careful here.
Once you're heavily into this area, there's a large structure with a guy in,
and he can be eliminated in a rather cool way by shooting the explosive
barrel next to the structure. Fade to black, and we're done for this section.

5.5 - Mandown B: Jeep Camp
This section is very short, and very easy, also. All it involves is you and
what is left of your team (4, conveniently, the same number of seats in the
car :0D) shooting at enemies as one man drives. Self-explanatory really,
and it's practically impossible fail. Just be wary that any health lost
carries over into the next section, so don't get cocky.

5.6 - Mandown B: Fuel Depot
After the jeep crashes, get up ASAP, and run to the left side of the area,
where the MG gunner is. Take him out quickly, and steal the MG he was
gunning with. Shoot as many Japs as you can see, and if you get lucky and
you see a bunch of Japs grouped near the explosive red barrels, fire at
will. Note: did anyone else kill all the enemies, and still hear Japanese
voices? If you did, send me an e-mail, I'm curious. Anywho, locate the
fuel tank with the radar if you can't find it, plant a bomb at the base of
it, and run like hell. It will explode in a very nice (graphically) 
moment, and then regroup, at which point you recieve a radio message.
Apparently an ally has crashed nearby, and we have to find him. Fun.

5.7 - Mandown C: Starting
Follow your radar, and at the side you will see a cliff and Japs below.
Whether you want to or not, you will disturb their little tea party and
have to fight them. Run down the path and attack the Japs who get in your
way. Wind round the path but don't go all the way yet, as there's a very
deadly machine gunner in a sentry tower, not to mention a tank (that
went unnoticed by me for quite a while). Clear the area as best possible,
but don't get too close yet, as that tank can kill you with ease, so
don't worry if some Japs are still left. The next bit is particularly
tricky. And if you've used up all of your heals, you're screwed, as much
as I see it. Anyway, given that you have at least 1 pack left, run to
the right side and into the trees, missing the bombs and fire as much as
possible. Anyway, have your explosives ready, and when you approach the
tank that is pre-occupied destroying your friends, just lob as many
explosives as you can onto it before you're shot to pieces. If you're as
lucky as I was, you will get revived pretty quickly, just in time, too.
From here, go to the offshoot you've yet to enter, and go up. Go prone,
and take the left route, making sure to be careful, as there's a fair
share of MGers around here. This one took me a good couple of tries to
get right, and even then, I lost about 55HP. Continue up.

5.8 - Mandown C: Tank Camp
We're now at the tank camp (as described by the save point), and this
is also very tricky to get right. A convoy will soon pull up, so
dispose of them any way you see fit (the explosive is a fun one :0D).
From here, just lie low and where possible, let your comrades do the
dirty work. At this point, my health was a meagre 16HP, and I didn't
have any heals left. Continue this tactic until you reach an area
where you begin going downwards. I had to complete this entire
section on 6HP, and it took about 30-40 minutes of saving gradually
and re-loading. Anyway, once you've killed the dozens of waves of
soldiers that emerge, move on to the next area. You'll see the
downed plane further ahead, so move near it, as a large explosion is
set off.

5.9 - Mandown C: Pilot Rescue
You can breathe a sigh of relief - there's 3 medipaks totalling 75HP
in front of you. I tell you, that's a sight for sore eyes! However,
don't stop - keep running, grab the pilot (and the 4th medipak - oh
yes!), and dump him with the medic. Now you will have to hold off
the reinforcements whilst the medic heals the pilot. This is very
easy - just shoot and Japs that enter the little enclosure that
your team are in. When you're done, a sequence will play, with the
Japs looking very miffed indeed. 

6.1 - Sitting Ducks: Starting
Listen to what the guys have to say, and then quite simply just take
out every enemy in the area. You have to take out 3 mortar crews,
who are just basically 3 very difficult to spot people. One of them
was hiding in the bushes across the area, and another was atop the
cliffs. Not sure about the other though, as my team killed him.
When everyone is dead, you're told that the subs have showed up, so
walk over to a raft.

6.2 - Sitting Ducks: Return To Rafts
Now you must find Willie Gaines. Basically, just follow your radar,
but be wary, as there will be some Japs in your way. Take them down,
and then grab Willie and dump him onto the boat left. You'll get in,
and then we'll start moving. Don't relax yet, though, as some more
Japs have emerged on the beach. This bit's very easy, as they really
cannot hit you, as within a few seconds, you're miles away. However,
two Japanese planes are now circling you, and this bit I found
frustratingly difficult. You're given a heavy MG by a teammate, and
you don't have very long to take them down before you're killed.
After about my 10th attempt, I did it, and the tactic I'd give is
to wait until they're flying towards you, but are leaning to one
side. This is how I did it, and I had 55HP left. Now you'll be
transported to the Nautilus, where you'll have to defend it from
the Japs.

6.3 - Sitting Ducks: Nautilus Defense
Basically, just run to the radar blip, climb the ladder, and man
the MG. This took me a few tries, but isn't too bad. Just shoot
the half dozen or so planes that are there. If you do it quick
enough, then we get treated to a well-deserved sequence,
followed by a movie clip.

7.1 - Henderson Field A: Starting
After that comedy relief sequence, we'll be given orders by the
leader, so listen carefully.

7.2 - Guadalcanal: Henderson Field
I heard people on the GameFAQs forums say that this level is a
bastard to complete, so here goes nothing (:0D)! Anyway, this
"section" if you can even call it that, lasts about 10-15
seconds, and is just you following your teammates.

7.3 - Henderson Field A: Beach Landing
Follow the radar, and then your leader will briefly give out
instructions. Do as he said, and go to the left, whilst some
of your team attempt to rush the front. This is just basically
a firefight, and isn't that difficult. Anyway, just sweep
through this area, killing all of the Japs, following the radar.
Eventually, you'll come to an area fortified with trees - you're
close. Just up ahead is the airfield.

7.4 - Henderson Field A: The Airfield
Again, another very short section. They'll be some brief talk
before explosions riddle the airfield. Get in the truck as your
teammates do and you'll get the hell outta there. However, soon
enough your truck will get flanked and you'll be on the ground
blacking out.

7.5 - Henderson Field B: Starting
Get up from the crash, and in this incredibly brief section,
all you have to do is listen to your leader.

7.6 - Henderson Field B: Assault
Did anyone else have a glitch here where everyone stood still
and you couldn't move? Anyway, after a re-load (if need be),
follow your squad and a little ways away, the leader will stop
you all and talk briefly. Anyway, continue following your
squad (and the radar) and you will come to an enemy area. This
area is annoying, to say the least. There's two machine gunners,
and they're both hard to kill. Basically, use anything you can
find for cover, which basically has to be rocks. What I did was
go to the right first, use the rocks, and kill any Japs that
tried to man the gun after I killed the first go. I had about
45HP left, and then I ran over to the left side, and killed the
left MGer. Then I jumped atop the trench he was in, went over
the other side, and killed any other Japs that tried to man
the gun. Regroup, and move through the trench/tunnel thing you
are probably in by now. Keep moving forward until you're in a
small enclosed area with a large artillery gun. You have to
defend the area from several dozen Japs, which requires a very
keen eye. Anyway, once that's done, you'll get an order to
destroy the artillery gun, so plant the charge, and run away.
Follow your team.

7.7 - Henderson Field B: Supply Depot
Follow the radar, and some Japs will appear ahead. Be careful,
as they can and will throw grenades if neccessary. Regroup,
and shoot the explosive barrel if you really want to mess the
place up. You can jump onto the roof of a building in this
area if you want a better vantage point of the enemies. Some
enemies may appear at the side of some buildings, so have a
keen eye out for them. Once this area is clear, move up, and
you'll see a runner. Shoot him or not - it doesn't matter, as
he summons a large gang of Japs further ahead. In a
frustratingly long and boring firefight (especially if you
have no more MG bullets left), continue moving up,
attacking the Japs, and repeating this until we fade to black.

7.8 - Henderson Field C: Starting
Just run forward a little bit, and this section is done.

7.9 - Henderson Field C: River Defense
Listen to the talk, and then Japs will come towards you. Man
the MG for as long as possible before it runs out of ammo,
and then use your MG and take the rest down. When you're done,
head over the breach and down the river.

7.10 - Henderson Field C: Tank Attack
Attack the Japs along here, and you will hear a tank in the
distance. Anyway, head to your upper left, and there will be
an MGer. So, run to the left to avoid run, and then run up
behind him and his buddy and kill them. You are more than
likely now in a tunnel/trench, so run down it, and you will
be met with a huge gun/rocket launcher thing. Use it on the
enemies here, and four tanks will show up, so be sure to blow
them all up. The only difficult bit here is taking down the
lurkers who hide in the bushes etc. Once you're done, follow
the radar in taking the left route on your way back to
Henderson Field.

7.11 - Henderson Field C: Dense Jungle
Be careful along here - the Japanese MGers along here (who
incidentally look a lot like VCs) are lethal, so if you
want, let your seemingly invincible teammates do the work.
I suggest going prone a lot of the way along here. On a side
note, the AI was a bit silly, saying "I think that was their
Captain" twice. Two captains, eh? Anyway, continue moving
along, and we will eventually fade to black.

7.12 - Henderson Field D: Starting
Another short section - just walk around the corner,
following the radar, and we're done.

7.13 - Henderson Field D: Outpost
You'll talk to two marines, and then just keep going up into
the marine camp.

7.14 - Henderson Field D: Marine Camp
The place will come under fire immediately. In short, just
murder everyone here, and if you get in trouble, pull back a
bit and let your team finish them off (not too far though, or
your entire team will pull back with you). Continue moving up
and attacking, and eventually you will come across an MGer.
Take him down and move to where he was, as a wave of Japs
will emerge. Shoot a nearby barrel to blow them up if you
have any left. You may get hit by an explosion, so that's a
cue to move your arse ASAP. Forget about the guy in the truck
 - he's done for, in what I thought was a quite a bit of comic
relief (:0D).

7.15 - Henderson Field D: Escort Pilots
You have to make sure the pilots get on their planes.
Basically, just shoot any Japs you see nearing a plane. Run
over to where your team are, and you will now have to get on
the MG and just shoot down as many planes as you can to
ensure the pilot can take off.

7.16 - Henderson Field D: Reclaim AA Guns
When you've completed this objective, follow the radar, and
some Japs will attack to the right. Take them down, and go
through the gap from which they emerged. Continue moving up,
attacking the Japs, but mind the planes, as they do drop
bombs which pretty much mean instant death. Anyway, continue
to fight, and at some point you will find a tunnel/trench
you can crawl through. Kill the Japs through here, and at
the end, there will be about a dozen Japs to kill. Use a
grenade for a fast kill, and then cover this area.

7.17 - Henderson Field D: Dive Bombers
This is the section I've heard so much about, in terms of it
being amazingly difficult. You have to protect 3 hangars
from planes dropping bombs on it, here goes. In fact, it's
not too difficult if you know how. Basically, just mount the
MG in the pit next to the big flak gun and aim at 1:00, as
that's where the packs of 3 Jap planes emerge. From here,
it's very easy. Just shoot at them, and after about 90
seconds, you're done! Thanks to some guys on the GFAQs PA 
forums for making a topic about that section!

7.18 - Henderson Field D: Wounded Catalina
After what we just did, this is a piece of cake. Just shoot
down the 6 Jap planes attacking the Black Cat, and you
breath a short sigh of relief - we've finished the most
difficult and longest level of the game so far! Watch the
well-earned sequence with great pride, too!

8.1 - Bloody Ridge A: Starting
After the relaxing sequence, it's time to get to work. You
have to defend the first ridge here. There's not much in
way of strategy except to listen for your leader shouting
in which directing the enemy is - either left, right, or
middle. If you get in trouble, stay back, as the enemy
hardly ever gets past the first ridge. When the objective
is completed after a few mintues, fall back to the second

8.2 - Bloody Ridge A: Second Ridge
It doesn't take a genius to realise that the MG is there to
be used, so do just that, and do as you did in the first
ridge. I also completed a hidden objective, by apparently
saving the fox hole crew from the mortars, although I have
no idea how I actually did it :0D. Strangely, I ran out of
machine gun ammo, ran off, and came back to it and it had been
restocked with 100 machine gun bullets. Strange. Anyway, defend
in the same way as you did before until you're told to fall back.
Fall back and you'll be given ammo and health. Now follow the
radar and we'll fade to black.

"There is also a mortar which you can use in the last pit - very 
effective for close fire which will clear the Japs very quickly."
CREDIT: Gary Skewes (garyskewes@bigpond.com)

HIDDEN OBJECTIVES - Save the fox hole crew from the mortars.

8.3 - Bloody Ridge B: Starting
A very short section, but at least we now have a decent weapon, in
the rifle. You will see a Jap squad walk past up ahead, so don't be
stupid and start shooting them or anything - just let them pass. 
Walk a little ways and you will be attacked by 4 or 5 Japs, so be 
wary. Walk around the corner and continue on. Don't worry if you got
injured, though, as there's a 25HP medipak around here somewhere.
Anyway, continue walking on.

8.4 - Bloody Ridge B: Jungle Clearing
OK, walk through and be ready to get confused, as a bunch of Jap
corpses lie on the floor that you didn't shoot. Anyway, it'll all
become apparent soon enough, as it appears all they were taking was
a short nap. Anyway, put them back to sleep with some bullets. Make
sure to look behind, also, as some Japs will attack from behind. Once
everyone is dead, continue forward and eventually you will be met by
backup. Now you can just sit back and relax, perhaps even laugh as your
comrades finish off the dirty work and take out the trash. When they're
done slaying, climb up onto the ledge with the help of a fellow marine,
and then we're done for this section.

8.5 - Bloody Ridge C: Starting
Now we have to do the same as twice before - just defend the ridge for
about 10 minutes. Once you're done, you get an inspiring sequence, and
I have been recommended for a silver star because of my performance, eh?
All I did was hide in the hut whilst my team did all the work because I
only had 6HP :0P

9.1 - Lunga River A: Starting
This is just an introductory sequence, followed by some instructions
from your leader.

9.2 - Guadalcanal: Lunga River
Follow your comrade to the cliff, and stay down until told so. Pull out
your binoculars when asked, and now that we know there's Japs there, we
need to warn the rest of the strike team. So, follow your teammate and
he'll ask you to try and commandeer the machine gun. Crawl if you want,
but even if you're detected, just reach the MG and kill the 3-4 Japs
in the area. Watch your back, as there's an MG Jap with a bayonet who
can sneak up behind you. Once you've got them all, follow the radar and
you'll be above the team. Go down the rocks and reconvene with the team.

9.3 - Lunga River A: River Ambush
Follow the team up river. Oh, and 550 heavy MG bullets - that's what I
like to see! This is quite a long section, and is basically a repeat
over and over. You just have to proceed along the river, killing the
Japs. Nothing too taxing, especially now that you've got your MG back!
Once you reach a miniature waterfall, you're at the end. Just walk over
the waterfall and we fade to black.

9.4 - Lunga River B: Starting
Now we're in the swamp area, and we have to navigate through it. As the
Japs are wearing brown, and, well, everything around us is pretty much
brown, this area is a little bit difficult, but not really. Just shoot
anything that moves, and you'll be fine. The worst you get here is the
Japs that have Samurai Swords! :0D Jump down the small waterfall as 
before, and you'll be at the foot of a Jap village.

9.5 - Lunga River B: River Camps
Clear out the Jap village, move up, and into the next area. Take the
left route into what I'll describe as an alcove, although it's really
more of an offshoot. Anyway, there's a lethal MGer here, so be careful.
Once he's disposed of, kill the Japs here, making sure to clear out the
huts, too, and then plant the explosive on the fuel tank, and run like
hell. It'll explode, and you can continue moving along. The next bit,
however, is a pain in the arse. Pick up the Sniper Rifle on the floor,
and save immediately. This next bit might take more than a few reloads,
so be prepared. There's a sniper quite high up, so use a fallen log or
whatever you wish as cover, and take him down. At this point, I had
15HP, so it is possible. However, another sniper is still audible at
firing at you, so my advice here would be to just run into the open and
try to see where he killed you from, so that when you reload, you can
hit the ground running and blow him away. You'll have to be fast, or he
will get you.

10 - Medals
For being skilled, you can obtain medals throughout the game. Here is a 

Boot Camp
Complete all 21 primary objectives.
Get at least 50% accuracy on Rifle shooting.
Complete 2/3 hidden objectives.
Complete 3/3 hidden objectives.

"During Boot Camp, you can earn higher metals if you shoot the bullseyes
on more targets. If you get them all you will get the Marksman metal. If
you get 75% bullseyes, you get the Sharpshooter metal. If you get 50%, 
you get the expert metal."
CREDIT: MasterMikey (MasterMikey@comcast.net)

11 - Hidden Objectives/Hero Moments
Bloody Ridge
Save the fox hole crew from the mortars in the section "Bloody 
Ridge A: Second Ridge"

Pearl Harbour
"During Pearl Harbor Docks, if you pick up 3 or more wounded sailors and
drop them at the ambulance/nurse, you will achieve one of the hidden 
CREDIT: MasterMikey (MasterMikey@comcast.net)

"During Pearl Harbor West Virginia Deck 3, one of the doors is jammed.
If you hit it a few times with the axe it will open. You will see the XO
(Executive Officer) on the ground asking for a medic. Pick him up. Take
him to the doctor (red X on your radar). That will achieve a hero moment."
CREDIT: MasterMikey (MasterMikey@comcast.net)

Lunga River A: Second Ridge
"In the second village there is a hut with artillery shells - blow it up 
with a sachel charge to complete a hidden objective."
CREDIT: Gary Skewes (garyskewes@bigpond.com)

Nightmoves B: AA Gun
"For a hero moment, blow the truck before reinforcements unload with the 
CREDIT: egoiste39@hotmail.com

Nightmoves C: Radio Tower
"For a hidden objective, destroy the radio tower before reinforcements are
CREDIT: egoiste39@hotmail.com

Mandown B: Starting
"In the hut, find the Japanese fleet documents for a hidden objective."
CREDIT: egoiste39@hotmail.com

Sitting Ducks: Nautilus Defense
"Defend all Allied raft from enemy aircraft for a hero moment."
CREDIT: egoiste39@hotmail.com

Henderson Field A: Beach Landing
"Find the intelligence map in the hut for another hidden objective."
CREDIT: egoiste39@hotmail.com

Bloody Ridge C: Starting
"Take the ammo to the machine gun crew for a hidden objective."
CREDIT: egoiste39@hotmail.com

"And for a hero moment, save the ammo runner."
CREDIT: egoiste39@hotmail.com

Guadalcanal: Lunga River
"For a hidden objective, sight the Japanese patrol without being detected."
CREDIT: egoiste39@hotmail.com

"And for a hero moment, avoid detection by the munition squad, and acquire
the portable MG from the Japanese canteen."
CREDIT: egoiste39@hotmail.com

12 - Frequently Asked Questions
Here is where all questions I am asked, whether frequently or not,
will be answered. Any questions? Send to shaneo632@hotmail.com.
Also, don't ask me about other games, as I only deal with games I 
have written FAQs for. Thanks.

Q - "I keep dying at the start - why, for the love of God, why!?!?"
A - Calm down, dear, it's only a commercial. Anyway, you're meant
to get killed at the very start of the game. I too thought it was
a bit strange, but that's why I kept playing, and realised that
you wind up in the training area.

Q - "My game fails to load past xxx point. Help!"
A - I've had a lot of e-mails on stuff like this. I'd advise
shutting down and restarting, and if all else fails, reverting to
the latest save you have. Sorry I couldn't be of more help here!

Q - "Is there a way to play as the medic in this game?"
A - Budding medicine students, unfortunately, you cannot play the medic
in Pacific Assault. Shame, as that might be a way to add to the longevity
of these games.

13 - Glitches
Note: if you have any glitches to submit, please e-mail them to me
at shaneo632@hotmail.com. Thanks!

- The first glitch I experienced of mention was in the area "7.6 - 
Henderson Field B: Assault", and as soon as I began, I couldn't
move, and my teammmates just looked around. I had to reload to
get it working.

- A bit of a questionable glitch, but it made me laugh nonetheless:
"Another "glitch" for you onboard the West Virginia. I found if you use the 
cheat for god mode as downloaded from GameCopyWorld.com, you can actually 
"fly" through the stucture of the ship and take a look round the outside of 
the levels. Very surreal, I might say. It crashes the programme here as 
well. The reason I used the cheat was that I'm not so hot a gamer, being 48 
years old. Just thought I'd let you know."
CREDIT: Michael "The Hitman" Holohan (hitmanhooly@hotmail.com)

- As with the first glitch listed, it has been reported that in Lunga River
B, people have experienced the same problems. 
CREDIT: Mart Moover (martmoover@blueyonder.co.uk)

14 - Credits

Thanks to anyone who reads this!

If you have anything to add or have any questions you want answered, please
send to shaneo632@hotmail.com with the subject title "MOH Walkthrough".

This walkthrough is copyrighted 2004, ask for permission to use it on 
your site.