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Asked: 3 years ago

Conquering a neighbour?

How can you attack another kingdom?

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Do you by any chance know the name of this quest?

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From: katrig2004 3 years ago

You can't directly attack another kingdom but you can "annex" it with a two-step action.First you must make it an ally; click the map icon in the Kingdom mode(not by looking at the tactical map at the throne room) and then select the kingdom you want to make an ally.At the right of the window,where there is the description of that kingdom there is an orange button "Make Ally".You select it and it takes 10 RP to make it happen(except for the Gastrobury and Effernot which takes 5 each).Then,for the last step you will see at your Quest list that a new quest appears, which concerns the kingdom you have alliied.If you beat the Quest the kingdom is yours!

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Oh no,it is not just one Quest but there is a Quest for each kingdom you have allied. For instance the Quest for Effernot demands a political marriage between your monarch and their prince or princess, the Quest for Ticktop calls for the wizard and the blacksmith to make some special armor and go to Ticktop to win over some rebellious golems,etc.You will see at your Quest list that the ones you are looking for have the flag of the kingdom in question.

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