Question from DanteHazuki

Asked: 4 years ago

What Items will the adventurers buy and then equip?

I'm currently working on getting my adventurers well equipped by selling them the items they need, however I am having a hard time figuring out what items they will equip.

1. Does each character have a preference on a certain stat or a certain type when choosing armor?
2. Are the accessory types they use currently the only type they will equip or what?
3. Do adventurers equip hats/helmets? I don't see it in their equipment slots but when i sell them hats it shows existing hats/helmet stats in the top right like other equipment

Accepted Answer

From: fierkraag1 4 years ago

This will probably help when you have an item selected press the button 3 and you will get a stats screen for the item and for equipment you get to see who can equip it. The characters also only have a selection equiped already they can equip other items and all characters can equip up to 5 items. With one being weapon, then a piece of armour for the body, then a hat/helm, then a shield or bracelet andfinally an accessory either a charm, necklace or ring. As far as I am aware every character can equip any type of accessory. Generally whichever gives the best all round stats that they will equip is your best choice. I have noticed that they dont always equip what they buy but they almost always will if when buying you see that stats difference screen

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