FAQ/Strategy Guide by AdventX06

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/29/10 | Printable Version


Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
By: adventx06


Game Version 1.106 (Updated)
FAQ Version 1.3

Changelog (v1.3)

-Added some of the customer %
-Added Crystal Nightmare details
-Added some more items/fusion items

Author's notes:

After a long break, I finally decided to update
this guide a bit. Finished Crystal Nightmare
which is a pain in the behind. REAL PAIN!

Updated game to 1.108 to help reduce required
items during fusion.. :D

Use ctrl+f to look for what you need. :)

001. Intro
002. Characters
003. Adventurers
004. Recettear Shop
005. Dungeons
006. Items & Fusion
007. Ingredient/Monster
008. Additional Notes
009. Acknowledgement

001. Introduction

Recettear is a fairly relaxing and easy to learn game. You run an item shop,
hunt for the stuff you sell, buy low and sell high, unlock new dungeons and
adventurers and all that stuff.

002. Characters

Recette:  Main character of the story. Left with a huge debt by her father
          without her even knowing it. Lives on top of a hill when Tear comes
          and tells her that she may lose her house if the debt isn't paid.

Tear:     Fairy working for Terme Finance to collect Recette's father's loan.
          She will be yout tutor throughout the game. Always shows her strong
          side and acts as a sister to Recette.

Alouette: Daughter of the owner of Big Bash, a big Walmart like chain, and
          claims Recette as her rival. She is assisted by her own fairy, Prime.

Prime:    Alouette's assistant fairy who keeps Alouette in check.

Merchant's guild master: He will be responsible for selling weapons and armors
                         to you. Fusion and expansion are also availed through
Euria:    She who we call the 'combo breaker'. Will occasionally come and sell
          overpriced items just to break your justcombos.

003. Adventurers

Adventurers can be unlocked sometime in the game. Their initial equipments will
be weak and unreliable and the only way to replace them is by selling them the
equipment. Another way is to "lend" them their equipment but this will take
space in your inventory so this is not quite recommended.

At the end of the game, you may acquire an adventurer's "True Card" as a sign
of friendship. The effect of True Cards is that you can use the said adventurer
early on on the next loop of the game. I recommend getting other True Cards
besides Louie since he'll be given at the very start of the game. True Card
selection is based on the number of adventures you had with an adventurer.
The more adventures, the higher chance of getting their True Cards. On an
event that 2 adventurers get the same number of adventures, priority will take

Louie, Charme, Caillou, Tielle, Nagi/Elan/Griff is the priority order.


Louie: Brave but poor adventurer. Uses swords. Throughout the story, you will
       know exactly just how poor he is. -_-;

How to unlock: He's given to you as your first adventurer.

Skills: Spin Slash   - Louie will spin causing damage to enemy units round him.
        Vacuum Blade - Ranged attack. 1 direction only.


Charme: Theif. She's fast and deadly. She can run by double tapping a direction
        and can even run on curves.

How to unlock: Finish Jade Way and after 2 cutscenes on your store (while open),
               she'll give you her guild card.

Skills: Mirror Image - Creates images that cannot be damaged but can damage
        Flame Charge - Charges the enemy with flames. Useful when escaping.
        Shadow Weave - Places a web on the ground rendering enemies trapped for
                       the kill.


Caillou: Mage with an attitude problem. He's quite fun to use especially when
         leveled up.

How to unlock: After getting the merchant skill of advance ordering, he'll
               visit your store and order a slime liver (Slime King), charred
               lizard (Gnolls) and bat wings (Eyeballs). After fulfilling the
               orders, sell some items to him and he'll give you his card
               to unlock him.

Skills: Pyrobomb     - Burst of fire in Caillou's surroundings.
        Ice Mine     - Fires a block of ice that explodes in a short distance.
        Sparkburst   - What I call 'Machinegun'. Fires a volley of arcane
                       missles in front of Caillou
        Gemini Force - Summons spheres that act as shields but can also be
        Warp         - Teleports Caillou in random places within the floor.

Note: Caillou's attacks absorb SP from opponents, so whe you run out, whack the
      heck out of them. Caillou's attack can also be ranged. Hold your attack
      button then you'll see that he'll somewhat charge and release an orange


Tielle: Elven archer who likes sweets. She's pretty fun to use when there are
        crowds of monsters in the floor.

How to unlock: Do her event in the town square where she begs her sister to
               walk slower. Then defeat her at Amber Garden (she's the final
               boss there).

Skills: Flame Arrow    - Fires a flaming arrow in front of Tielle.
        Seeker Arrow   - Homing arrows.
        Starshot Arrow - Tielle fires arrows into the sky and rains down like
                         satellite lasers.
        Cuterage!      - Gives Tielle rage to charge her arrows faster.

Note: Tielle's arrows can be charged. There are 5 levels of varying strenght
      and a 6th level when in Cuterage! mode.


Nagi: Eastern lancer with a very very narrow range. She can only attack enemies
      directly in front of her.

How to unlock: Meet her 4 times in random dungeons then when she finally finds
               her way back, sell her items and she'll give you her card

Skills: Flame Charge    - Nagi bathes her lance in flame and charges forth!
        Hundred Thrusts - Nagi thrusts with her spear faster than the eye can
                          see! Ideal for boss battles.
        Spin Slash      - Same as Louie's. Spinning attack.
        Vacuum Spear    - Same as Louie's. Range attack, 1 direction


Elan: Monk in training. Apparently has a long tab at the pub.. Drunk monk. xD

How to unlock: You have to have Charme then do the night event on which the
               pub owner's going to have a verbal fight with Elan. Go to the
               Merchant's Guild the next day and do the event wherein the
               GM will ask you to deliver a box to the orphanage. You'll meet
               Elan. Afterwards, sell items to him to get his card.

Skills: Flame Charge - Something like what those gnolls do. Punch with fire.
                       Not good damage and slow initiation which is only good
                       for escaping.
        Fist Flurry  - One of the best skills of Elan (for me). He will do some
                       wicked fist combo and finishes it with a rocky
                       explosion. Hits more than one target as long as it's in
                       front of Elan.
        Berserk      - He'll have improved damage but won't be able to use items
                       or skills.

Note: Elan's SP isn't that great and all so try not to consume it all at once.


Griff: Demon who trash talks Tear and Recette when they first met.

How to unlock: Defeat him at Obsidian Tower, he'll visit your store and give you
               his card.

Skills: Dark Claw       - Griff will attack in a straight line (One like in boss
                          battle) in an attempt to slice enemies in half.
Demon Soul      - Same as Elan's Berserk. You won't get knocked back
                          hit and have a stronger damage.
        Vampiric Vortex - Griff fires off a black vortex that sucks enemies and
                          damages them while healing you.

Note #1: Griff is a total badass. His range is massive and he has this dash that
         makes him invisible (pass through enemies).
Note #2: You DO NOT have to be on endless mode to unlock Griff. I got him on my
         5th loop (I'm on the 6th.)


Arma: Mech chick that you get as a final prize for finishing Recettear!

How to unlock: Get all characters then finish Lapis Ruins which is a no joke
               100 floors with an imbalanced final boss.

Skills: Vector Cannon - Fires a huge cannon which takes a while to charge.
                        Drains ALL sp upon use. 1 direction with a huge damage.
                        Will not work if sp is not full (w/c won't happen lol,
                        you only got one skill >_>)

Note #1: Her arms consume ammo and gets depleted. This is really annoying as her
         arms need to charge and charging needs time.
Note #2: I have not tried a non-endless Arma so the only way I know is to play
         endless mode. :p

004. Recetter Shop

This is where all the magic happens. You buy and sell items here which is the
purpose of the game.

Lemme get you the basics of the store.

Store atmosphere - There are 4 types of store atmospheres, light, dark, plain
                   and gaudy. This affects adventurers visiting your store.
Light - Elan
Dark  - Griff, Caillou
Plain - Louie, Elan
Gaudy - Charme

Merchant level - additional benefits as you level this up. This can be done by
                 buying and selling things.

Level 01 - Starting level
Level 02 - Customers will sell items to you
Level 03 - Customers will ask you for items they want
Level 04 - Unlocking more items at the guild and market
Level 05 - Fuse rank 1 items at the guild
Level 06 - Change wallpaper of your store, can be bought at the market
Level 07 - Customers can pre-order items to be completed in 2-3 days**
Level 08 - Change flooring of your store, can be bought at the market
Level 09 - Change carpet of your store, can be bought at the market
Level 10 - Rearrange display counters
Level 11 - More items unlocked at the guild and market
Level 12 - You will be able to expand the store [10,000 pix]
Level 13 - Fuse rank 2 items at the guild
Level 14 - Change display counters, can be bought at the market
Level 15 - Enables the use of vending machines
Level 16 - If defeated in a dungeon, you will be able to bring back 2 items
           instead of 1
Level 17 - Your storage capacity in dungeons increased to 25 items
Level 18 - More items unlocked at the guild and market
Level 19 - Fuse rank 3 items at the guild
Level 20 - Expand the store the second time [30,000 pix]
Level 21 - You'll only need to pay the adventurers 1/2 the fee when adventuring
Level 22 - Unlimited vending machines at your store
Level 23 - More items unlocked at the guild and market
Level 24 - Your storage capacity in dungeons increased to 30 items
Level 25 - Fuse rank 4 items at the guild
Level 26 - Expand your store for the third time [100,000 pix]
Level 30 - Fuse rank 5 items at the guild
Level 40 - Your storage capacity in dungeons increased to 35 items
Level 50 - If defeated in a dungeon, you will be able to bring back 3 items
           instead of 2

**Pre-ordered items will be collected by customers ASAP that day. So when you
open at evening, expect all those customers to claim them at evening. When you
open in the morning, expect all those customers to claim them during morning.

Max you can raise is 130% when prices are normal and up to 300%++ when prices
are red (high)

Here are the highest max % I got so far (still trying stuff. :D)
low price    - 70%  (BLUE)
normal price - 130% (WHITE)
high price   - 310% (RED)

Also, when you are able to sell items on the first try (customers don't haggle),
there will be bonuses to exp. Here's a short list of them:

JustCombo - increases as you sell items on the first price you set continuously.
            gets cut if the customer haggles.
NearPin   - your price is near of what the customer thought it would cost
JustPin   - your price is exactly what the customer thought it would cost

There are certain (or often as the game progresses) times that customers will
try just to lower the prices. If the price you gave is 127% below, try to give
the same price again, some will buy the item with no further arguments.

When selling to adventurers, don't raise the price too much especially when
they are trying to buy an equipment that they can wear. You'll know this
because there will be a small box on the upper right corner signifying the
change in their stats. Sell low or even go below 100% so that your adventurer
will be more fit for battle.

Selling too much of 1 kind of item will result to its price CRASHING! Price
crash will result to that item to have a blue (low) price. Remove these items
and replace them with other items. Wait for a few days for the price to recover.

Here are the max lowest % I got so far. (feel free to experiment with these.)

low - (still looking :D)
normal - 40%
high - 90%

Buying also affects JustCombo so if you buy at the first set price, your combo
won't brake. :)

Remember: Capitalism, Ho!

Character Specific %
Finalage mailed me some info for this section as I don't think I have the
patience to watch them all 1 by 1. xD

"The Old Guy"                 - only buys at 116% at first, or lower. When he
                                knows you better, it's 118%

"The Guild Master/That Guy"   - Both of them, that guy who dresses similarly
                                to the old guy and the guild master, buy at
                                around 125~126% to start with, though 125 is
                                safest until you get to know them.
                                After that, I'm none too sure.

"The Woman and "Her Daughter" - I call the girl her daughter for sanities sake.
They both buy around 112% to begin with,
                                while the woman can be pushed later on to 116
                                percent, the girl is stubborn at 114%.
                                Ehh. What can you do?

                              - As for me, the woman can go past 112% to 127% or
                                more. I'll go try to go higher ;) -advent

Louie                         - About 118% Is always safe, save for when you
first meet him, 116% is better then. Liken him
                                the old guy.

Charme                        - Selling items to her at around 105% to 110%
a near pin occasionally, maybe her just is
                                around this level?

Calliou                       - Can never get his name right...12_% is always
                                it seems.

Alouette                      - Feh, 130%? It's safer to say over 135%, she
                                buys without complaint on 138% for me.

Preferences/Item Class
This part shows what customers want/need when they say paricular clues.
I'll try to complete this ASAP as this is often one of the headaches of
playing Recettear shop mode. xD

a home decor    - Treasure

treasure        - Treasure

something warm  - Scarf

some food       - Food (any)

foodstuff       - Food (any)

sweets          - Apple
                  Chocolate Bar
                  Candy Apple
                  Baked Yam
                  Peach Tin
                  Mont Blanc
                  Apple Pie

books           - Books

weapons         - Swords

clothes         - Clothes

accessory       - Bracelets

heavy armor     - Armor Class

precious metals - Gilded sword
                  Crystal Sword
                  Silver Spear
                  Platinum Halberd
                  Silver Gauntlet
                  Pearl Shield
                  Jade Shield
                  Silver Helm
                  Grateful Statue
                  Golden Pedestal
                  Golden Scales
                  Silver Photo Stand
                  Crystals (all)

005. Dungeons

There are several dungeons for you to complete in the game.

Hall of Trials    - First dungeon

Floors: 5
Boss/es:  None

Note: You may want to save before venturing here for the first time. Dying is
not really an option in the first critical week. Save, go to dungeon, try to
familiarize with the controls. If you die, just load your save file and try


Jade Way          - Clear Hall of Trials

Floors: 15
Boss/es:  01-05 - Crowned Slime
          06-10 - Reginald Drisby (Giant Rat)
          11-15 - Charme


Amber Garden      - Clear Jade Way and unlock Charme. View event in town square
                    where Tielle is chasing after her sister. Charme will then
                    come into your store later (drunk and all) and tell of a
                    new dungeon.

Floors: 25
Boss/es:  01-05 - Eyebat King
          06-10 - The Insect King
          11-15 - The Gauntlet (Kill all enemies)
          16-20 - Volcanicrab
          20-25 - Tielle


Obsidian Tower    - Clear Amber Garden and defeat Tielle. Finish 2 night events
                    with Griff at the town square. Afterwards, he comes into
                    your store to give a warning. Make sure your store is on
                    the 'Dark' atmosphere.

Floors: 50
Boss/es:  01-05 - Samhain
          06-10 - 2 Eyebat Kings
          11-15 - Electrojelly
          16-20 - Terran Golem
          21-25 - The Gauntlet (Kill all enemies)
          26-30 - Griff
          31-35 - The Gauntlet
          36-40 - 2 Insect Kings
          41-45 - The Gauntlet (Knight Boss)
          46-50 - Griff and Archdevil's Arm


Lapis Ruins       - Pay off the debt and unlock every adventurer besides Arma.
                    Arma will come into your store and unlock this dungeon for

Floors: 100
Boss/es: 01-05 - 2 Samhain
         06-10 - Reginald Drisby (HUGE FAN)
         11-15 - 3 Eyebat Kings
         16-20 - 3 Insect Kings
         21-25 - 3 Crownwed Slimes
         26-30 - The Gauntlet (Bombs)
         31-35 - 3 Samhain
         36-40 - Electrojelly
         41-45 - The Gauntlet (Kill all enemies)
         46-50 - Arma
         51-55 - 2 Gauntlet Knight
         56-60 - Reginald Drisby (Fish)
         61-65 - The Gauntlet (Kill all enemies)
         66-70 - Terran Golem
         71-75 - The Gauntlet (Kill all enemies)
         76-80 - Masked Warrior who her daughter is ashamed of
         81-85 - The Gauntlet (Kill all enemies)
         86-90 - Volcanicrab
         91-95 - The Gauntlet (Kill all enemies)
         96-100 - MegaArma

Note: DO NOT attempt to do this dungeon in 1 go. And DO NOT try to go if
      your adventurer's level is low. Luck won't save you. >_>


Crystal Nightmare - Clear Lapis Ruins.

Floors: 30

New rules on this one. Doors will appear every TEN (10) levels. And NO
BOSS in between floors. All bosses appear on Boss Rush.

Boss Rush bosses: Crowned Slime
                  Reginald Drisby (Crowbar)
                  Eyebat King
                  Insect King
                  2 Crowned Slime
                  Electrojelly (Blue)
                  2 Eyebat Kings
                  Terran Golem
                  2 Insect Kings
                  Griff & Archdevil's Arm
                  2 Samhain
                  Reginald Drisby (Giant Fan)
                  3 Eyebat Kings
                  3 Insect Kings
                  3 Crowned Slime
                  3 Samhains
                  2 Gauntlet Bosses
                  Reginald Drisby (Fish)
                  Terran Golem
                  The Geddon Device

Note: This boss rush is SO DAMN HARD. SO DAMN HARD. SO. DAMN. HARD.
      Even my level 60 characters die here. Lots of failures on this one.


Dungeons are enjoyable at start but as the levels go higher, you might start to
get bored. Stuff in ingredients if you're aiming for fusion but if not, go for
healing items. This gets tricky as you start with only 20 slots. Pick those
ingredients with (+) and discard those that don't have (+). Recovery items with
(+) heals more than plain ones.

Also, when out of healing items, try to level up! But be careful as trying too
hard to level up while low on HP/SP might result to death.

It might also be another good point to clear the floor before going to the next
one as it not only gives you loots, but also precious experience points for
easier boss battles.


Also, dungeons have 2 kinds of traps - Treasure and field traps
Treasure Traps are traps activated upon opening a chest whereas field traps
are traps that get activated just by walking around killing monsters.

Trap types:
Bomb          - sets a 5 sec bomb
Warp          - warps you on random location in the floor
Slime         - summons 4 blue Slimes
Winter        - makes the floor slippery (countered by equipping Eskimo Boots)
Paralyze      - completely halts monsters and slows you down
Flying Fish   - 3 fishes whirl through the map.
Falling Rocks - Rocks fall to damage you and monsters

Random bonuses for floors. (Not all floors have bonuses. =])

Floor bonus types (random):
All attack strenght doubled
Adventurer attack strenght doubled
Monster attack strenght doubled

All defensive power doubled
Adventurer defensive power doubled
Monster defensive power doubled

All movement speed doubled
Adventurer movement speed doubled
Monster  movement speed doubled

SP consumption halved
Consumable effects halved
Consumable effects doubled

Revealed map
Double EXP
Near Blind
Reduced Time for Will-O-Wisp**
Will-O-Wisp will appeaer soon**

Lapis Ruins and Crystal Nightmare surprise bonuses:
No mini map
Full of traps
Slick Floors

**I don't get the effect of those Will-O-Wisps, can
someone elaborate? :D

006. Items

I'll post here the items I have gotten so far.

Currently at 71% completion rate. (Still on the process of completing this :D)

Swords:       Worn Sword
              Long sword
              Steel Sword
              Gilded Sword
              Knight's Blads
              Breaker Sword
              Crystal Sword

Daggers:      Rusty Dagger
              Crafter's Knife
              Thief's Knife
              Survaval Knife
              Pure Edge
              The Sculptor
              Tuna Shanker
              Twisted Blade

Staves:       Focus Staff
              Magician's Staff
              Pretty Wand
              Cloth Beater
              Perfume Staff
              Cane's Staff
              Spirit Staff
              Starstone Staff

Bows:         Wooden Bow
              Composite Bow
              Rosewood Bow
              Hurricane Bow
              Cupid's Bow
              Ace's Bow
              Harp Bow
              The Tellbow
              Wyvern Wing
              Crescent Bow
              Succubus Bow

Spears:       Laundry Pole
              Iron Spear
              Practice Lance
              Silver Spear
              Grand Naginata
              Platinum Haldberd
              Holy Trident

Gloves:       Leather Glove
              Sturdy Glove
              Spiked Glove
              Power Glove
              Silver Gauntlet
              Giant's Fist
              White Gauntlet
              Demongod Hand

Claws:        Evil Claw
              Steel Claw
              Rending Claw
              Machine Claw
              "Fall From Grace"
              Awakening Claw
              Soul Eater

Arm Parts:    Punch Unit
              Hammer Arm
              Disc Unit
              Gattling Unit
              Drill Arm

Clothes:      Clothes
              Tough Clothes
              Adventure Clothes
              Silk Clothes
              Battle Sweater
              Hood's Outfit
              Sailor Suit
              Glory Vest
              Perfect Shirt
              Gothic Outfit

Robes:        Raincoat
              Cloth Robe
              Thick Robe
              Warm Robe
              Wizard's Robe
              Fur Robe
              Spirit-beast Robe

Breastplates: Scrap Plate
              Wooden Chestpiece
              Shell Chestpiece
              Chainmail Shirt
              Steel Breastplate
              King-shell Chest
              Sadnwich Plate
              Rainbow Mail
              White Breastplate
              Belenite Plate
              Barrier Plate
              Mythic Beast Plate
              Plate of Grief

Armor:        Leather Armor
              Iron Armor
              Parade Armor
              Knight Armor
              Silver Armor
              Armadillo Armor
              Chobham Armor
              Ancient Armor
              Guardian Armor
              Devil's Will

Bracelets:    Wooden Armband
              Iron Armband
              Spiked Armband
              Maiden's Bracelet
              Strongarm Band
              Power Wrist
              Fairy Bracelet
              Superarm Band
              Sun Armband
              Fairy Misanga

Shields:      Wooden Shield
              Common Shield
              Big Shield
              Paella Pan
              Knight Shield
              Salamander Shield
              Pearl Shield
              Jade Shield
              Runic Defender
              Amber Shield
              Legendary shield

Hats:         Wool Hat
              Cloth Hat
              Warm Hat
              Sam's Hat
              Scale Hat
              Pirate Hat
              Magical Hat
              Angel Hat
              Assassin's Hood

Helms:        Wooden Helm
              Warrior's Helm
              Parade Helm
              Knight's Helm
              Silver Helm
              Bone Helm
              Full Helm
              Ancient Helm
              Holy Knight Helm

Charms:       Souvenir Charm
              Standard Charm
              Popular Charm
              Hallowed Charm
              Sand Charm
              Blazing Charm
              Shell Charm
              Wing Charm
              Miracle Charm

Necklaces:    Treeseed Necklace
              Shell Necklace
              Magnet Necklace
              Azure Necklace
              Violet Necklace
              Rune Necklace
              Spirit Magatama

Capes:        Cloth Cape
              Adventurer's Cape
              Old Cape
              Romantic's Cape
              Druid Mantle
              Holy War Cape

Scarves:      Old Muffler
              Handknit Muffler
              Fleece Muffler
              Plaid Muffler
              Legendary Scarf
              Holy Beast Scarf
              Samael's Mantle

Shoes:        Summer Sandals
              Leather Boots
              Hard Boots
              Mermaid Shoes
              Eskimo Shoes
              Winged Boots
              Battle Boots
              Platform Shoes

Rings:        Broken Ring
              Willpower Ring
              Evoker's Ring
              Purity Ring
              Healing ring
              Meditation Ring
              Graceful Ring
              Thief's Ring
              Mystery Ring

Treasures:    Unthankful Statue
              Thankful Statue
              Golden Pedestal
              Golden Statue
              Back Scratcher
              Pot Stand
              Hand Lantern
              Cat Statue
              Picnic Basket
              Starsand Hourglass
              Goldfish Bowl
              Silver Photo Stand
              Very Odd Vase
              Blue Teacup
              Silver Watch
              Messy Scroll
              Skull Candle
              Glass Flower
              Sticky Pottery
              Raccoon Statue
              Pitted Pot
              Dream Censer
              Pharmacist Glasses
              Dream Kaleidoscope
              Teacher's Pole
              The Old Gramophone
              Superfisher DX

Ingredients:  Slime Fluid
              Slime Liver
              Slime Stone
              Fur Ball
              Water Shroom
              Bat Wing
              Insect Trap
              Powerful Antivenom
              Gaseous Grass
              Broken Seal
              Charred Lizard
              Special Inkwell
              Fin Fan
              Shark Fin
              Red Oil
              Eternal Ice
              Ghost Tear
              Herb Seed
              Natural Heater
              Soft Stone
              Flytrap Bulb
              Coffee Beans
              Tough Shell
              Big Screw
              Fire Crystal
              Water Crystal
              Air Crystal
              Earth Crystal
              Poison Crystal
              Void Crystal
              Darkness Crystal
              Medicine Base
              Brave Heart
              Insect King Shell
              Tough Stone
              Wyvern Horn
              Gold Horn

Books:        Les Infortunes
              Le Penseur
              Wings of Eldon
              Wings of Eldon 2
              Wings of Eldon 3
              Wings of Eldon 4
              Vacation of Eldon
              Eldon: Doom/Reborn
              End of Eldon
              200 warriors
              Duex Infortunes
              Booze of the World
              Polite Children
              Jordan's Lament
              I Love Cooking
              Sweet Sweets
              Beautiful Spots
              Tale of Two Sisters
              Alchemy in a Week
              Puresoul Diaries
              Sister's Struggle
              Beastman's Plight
              Just eat it
              Four wings
              A Certain Hero

Cards:        Charme's True Card
              Caillou's True Card
              Tielle's True Card
              Elan's True Card
              Nagi's True Card
              Griff's True Card
              Arma's True Card

Food:         Apple
              Walnut Bread
              Egg Toast
              Nut Mix
              Beef Bowl
              Roast Chicken
              Ham Sandwich
              Kid's Lunch
              Chocolate Bar
              Candy Apple
              Baked Yam
              Peach Tin
              Mango Pudding
              Mont Blanc
              Apple Pie
              Shrimp Doria
              Cutlet Bowl
              Mix Pizza

Medicines:    Feromin
              Feromin G
              Feromin FX
              Feromin R
              Feromin S
              Speedy Concoction
              Strong Concoction
              Solid Concoction
              Secret Mix

Flooring:     Plank Floor
              Tile Floor
              Stone Floor
              Ruins Floor
              Brick Floor
              Bamboo Mat Floor
              Red Floor
              Firmament Floor
              Leaf Floor
              Earthen Floor
              Quality Plank Floor
              Tea-coloured Floor
              Checkered Floor
              Heretical Floor

Wallpapers:   Lacquer Walls
              Plank Walls
              Starry Wallpaper
              Resort Wallpaper
              Brick & Mortar Walls
              Stone Walls
              Fake Stone Walls
              Heretical Wallpaper
              Ruins Wallpaper
              Black & White Walls
              Eastern Wallpaper
              Celebratory Walls
              Checkered Wallpaper

Vendors:      Old vendor
              Vending machine
              Supervend SDXK56

Counters:     Wooden Counter
              Legendary Counter
              School Counter
              Barrel counter
              Draped counter
              Chapel Table
              Heretical Tale
              Fancy Counter

Carpets:      Red Carpet
              Green Carpet
              Checkered Carpet
              Fancy Carpet
              Cute Carpet
              Heretical Carpet

Item fusion one of the most gruelling parts of Recettear. You have to collect
ingredients, fuse them, go back to dungeons and collect again, then fuse and
the cycle goes on.

Here's the merchant level requirement for fusion:
Level 05 - Fuse rank 1 items
Level 13 - Fuse rank 2 items
Level 19 - Fuse rank 3 items
Level 25 - Fuse rank 4 items
Level 30 - Fuse rank 5 items

There are 3 colors that will appear on your creation list:
Green - You are good to go because you have the complete ingredients
White - You have unlocked all the ingredients but do not have enough
Grey  - You have one or more unknown ingredient for that item

You might also see something like:
Req: (1) Pos: (7)

Req - required number
Pos - items in ownership

Rank 1 items
Gilded Sword       : Longsword 1, Water Crystal 1
Survival Knife     : Crafters Knife 1, Fin Fan 1
Cloth beater       : Magician's Staff 1, Back Ccratcher 1, Bat Wing 5
Rosewood Bow       : Long Bow 1, Herb Seed 1
Silver Spear       : Iron Spear 1, Starsand Hourglass 1
Power Glove        : Sturdy Glove 1, Honey 3
Machine Claw       : Steel Claw 3, Big Screw 1
Flamethrower       : Punch Unit 1, Gunpowder 10, Fire Crystal 1
Adventure clothes  : Tough Clothes 1, Furball 8
Warm Robe          : Warm Hat 1, Furball 3, Natural Heater 1
Chainmail Shirt    : Adventure clothes 1, popular charm 1, chestnut 10
Knight Armor       : Iron Armor 1, Cat Statue 1
Maiden's Bracelet  : Iron Armband 1, Insect Trap 5
Paella Pan         : Potstand 1, Shark Fin 1, Water Shroom 5
Sam's Hat          : Cloth Hat 1, Handknitt Muffler 1, Furball 5
Knight's Helm      : warrior's Helm 1, Thankful Statue 1, Slime Liver 1
Hallowed Charm     : Standard Charm 1, Flytrap Bulb 1, Slime Fluid 10
Azure Necklace     : Shell Necklace 1, Charred Lizard 1
Romantic's Cape    : Cloth Cape 1, Special Inkwell 1
Plaid Muffler      : Handknitt Muffler 2, Toothpicks 10, Red Oil 3
Mermaid Shoes      : Leather Boots 1, Water Crystal 1
Healing Ring       : Broken Ring 3, Powerful Antivenom 3, Nut Mix 3

Rank 2 items
Twisted Blade      : Pure Edge 1, Earth Crystal 3
Spirit Staff       : Cloth Beater 2, Messy Scroll 1, Poison Crystal 2
The Tellbow        : Cupid's Bow 1, Apple 20, Air Crystal 3
Holy Trident       : Flameguard 1, Candlestick 2, Starsand Hourglass 1
Awakening Claw     : Spellclaw 2, Slime Stone 3, Coffee Beans 10
Glory Vest         : Adventure Clothes 3, Brave Heart 1
White Breastplate  : King-shell Chest 1, Tough Shell 5
Rank 2 Armor       : Armadillo Armor 2, Tough Stone 1
Sun Armband        : Power Wrist 1, Fire Crystal 2, Natural Heater 2
Runic Defender     : Salamander Shield 1, Insect King Shell 1
Angel Hat          : Winged Boots 1, Bat Wing 10, Shark Fin 5
Holy Knight Helm   : Knight's Helm 1, Bone Helm 1, Slime Liver 10
Miracle Charm      : Shell Charm 1, Gaseous Grass 5, Eternal Ice 1
Rune Amulet        : Azure Necklace 1, Ghost Tear 3
Holy War Cape      : Druid Mantle 1, 200 Warriors 1, Jellystone 3
Holy Beast Scarf   : Legendary Scarf 1, Tail 1, Honey 10
Platform Shoes     : Battle Boots 1, Brave Heart 1
Mystery Ring       : Broken Ring 10, Gaseous Grass 2

Rank 3 items
Dream Censer       : Perfume Staff 2, Insect Trap 30, Charred Lizard 10
Dream Kaleidoscope : Maiden's Bracelet 1, Goldfish Bowl 5, Jellystone 5
Ultraburger        : Egg Toast 4, Cutlet Bowl 1, Shark Fin 2
Apple Pie          : Paella Pan 1, Honey 5, Red Oil 3
Mix Pizza          : Roast Chicken 5, Flytrap Bulb 3, Herb Seed 1
Rank 3 Food        : Chocolate 5, Coffee Beans 10, Nut Mix 10
Kid's Lunch        : Shrimp Doria 2, Mango Pudding 1, Water Shroom 20
Speedy Concoction  : Medicine Base 1, Air Crystal 1
Strong Concoction  : Medicine Base 1, Fire Crystal 1
Solid Concoction   :  Medicine Base 1, Water Crystal 1
Firmament Floor    : Insect King Shell 1, Flint 2, Earth Crystal 1
School Counter     : Polite Children 1 Big Screw 1
Celebratory Walls  : Lacquer Walls 1, Romantic's Cape 2, Furball 20
Chapel Table       : Focus Staff 30, Polite Children, Back Scratcher 5

Rank 4 items
Rank 4 Dagger      : Atou 1, Air Crystal 10
Crescent Bow       : Causmedia 1, Void Crystal 10
Rank 4 Shirt       : Perfect Shirt 1, Furball 20, Charred Lizard 10
Barrier Breastplate: Bebenite Plate 1, Fin Fan 5, Insect King Shell 1
Amber Shield       : Hevelius 1, Earth Crystal 10

007. Ingredient/Monster

Confused with ingredients? I'll go ahead and post what to kill for that
particular ingredient. Use ctrl+f to look for the ingredient you want.

As you progress, the level, SPEED and strenght of monsters also increase
so be very careful!

Slime (all colors)         - Slime Fluid

     Yellow Slime          - Roast Chicken
     Black Slime           - Slime Stones

Gnoll                      - Chestnut
                           - Charred Lizard
                           - Special Inkwell

Pumpkin                    - Gaseous Grass
                           - Herb Seed

Tenticles (all colors)     - Powerful Antivenom

     Orange Tentacles      - Shark Fin
     Green Tentacles       - Red Oil
     Yellow Tentacles      - Eternal Ice
     Blue Tentacles        - Purity Ring
     White Tentacles       - Mystery Ring

Knight (all colors)        - Toothpicks

     Blue Knight           - Water Crystal
     Gray Knight (big)     - Void Crystal
     Gold Knight           - Earth Crystal
     Green Knight (big)    - Air Crystal
     Red Knight (big)      - Fire Crystal

Stalfos Clone (all colors) - Broken Ring
(skeleton things, 3 lives)

     Stalfos Clone (white) - Poison Crystal
     Stalfos Clone (gold)  - Paralysis Crystal

Evil Statue                - Flint
                           - Soft Stone (rare)

Eyebat (all colors)        - Bat Wing
                           - Fin Fan (rare)

Bombbat (all colors)       - Gunpowder
                           - Natural Heater
     Lapis Ruins and
     Crystal Nightmare
     Variations            - Salamander's Scales

Mushroom (all colors)      - Water Shroom

Bunny                      - Fur Ball
                           - Nut Mix

Bee (all colors)           - Insect Trap
                           - Honey

Wizrobe clone (all colors) - Broken Seal
                           - Ghost Tear

Crowned Slime              - Slime Liver
                           - Slime Stone

Reginald Drisby            - Charred Lizard
                           - Tail
                           - Samael's Mantle

Charme                     - Booze of the World (book)
                           - Handknit Muffler

Eyebat King                - Brave Heart
                           - Coffee Beans
                           - Assassin's Hood
                           - Necronomicon

Armored Beetle             - Tough Shell
                           - Insect King Shell

Volcanicrab                - Tough Shell
                           - Tough Stone
                           - Devil's Will

Tielle                     - Sweet Sweets (book)
                           - Succubus Bow
                           - Ace's Bow

Samhain                    - Medicine Base
                           - Flytrap Bulb

Electrojelly               - Jellystone
                           - Plate of Grief
                           - Seafood Dish
                           - Masterful Sushi

Terran Golem               - Big Screw
                           - Tough Stone
     (Dark)                - Demongod Hand

Griff (both fights)        - Secret Mix
                           - Meditation Ring

Very Big Knight (Gauntlet) - Darkness Crystal
                           - Wyvern Horn
                           - Black Horn
                           - Toothpicks

Arma                       - Gold Horn
                           - Big Screws

MegaArma                   - ?

Note: If the ingredient (may it be weapon or ingredient) needed is neither
in stores or not listed, then it can only be acquired via random treasure
chests on dungeons, fused OR you can buy at 500% from Euria *grin*

Note: All enemies have a random chance of dropping food.

008. Additional Notes

[x] Try to relax when adventuring in dungeons, you don't know what
new enemies will appear and what their attributes are. Don't go
rushing towards enemy, study them for attack patterns. :)

[x] When opening a treasure chest, check out Tear first, when she
gives an (!), DO NOT open the chest, it'll be a trap.

[x] When Alouette buys from your store, do 130%+ ALWAYS! :)

[x] Manage your time. Plan your day ahead, i.e.

Morning+Noon = dungeon
Afternoon    = go around town/sell
Night        = sell/go around town

See to it that you do events as some of them may unlock new characters.

[x] How did I finish Lapis Ruins? I took advice number 1. Relax. Don't
rush. And bring regeneration items just in case.

009. Acknowledgement

Thanks to the makers of the game and especially to the translators! :D

Thanks to Siggy for getting me addicted to this game! :D

Thanks to Alpha for getting me motivated through competition! :D

Thanks to people who actually read up to this part! :D

Big thanks to Sploder for the enemy/loot drop list! :D

Thanks to Tommy for adding in some loots and monsters to kill! :D

Thanks to Kago Masato a.k.a. Finalage for adding a huge amount of data
to this guide! :D

Also thanks to Juliana for pointing out what's missing. ^o^v


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