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I cant start my game?

When I start Meat Boy all I hear is the audio. At the bottom of the screen I seen a line of the background. How do I fix this problem.


Lawman_316 answered:

One thing that you might want to do is go to and use the form on the right side of the page to send an e-mail to the creators. They should be able to answer your problem.

One other alternative I'd have is to enter the Steam program. In the Games section, right click on Super Meat Boy and choose Properties. From there, go to "Set Launch Options...", and in there, enter into the box "-lowdetail -640x480 -windowed", without the parentheses. entering -lowdetail puts the game into low detail mode, which will help it to run on slower computers, and -640x480 will force the game into 640X480 resolution when you start the game. I've heard that the resolution may sometimes cause problems. Finally, -windowed will just play the game in a window instead of allowing for full screen.

Feel free to try all of those or different combinations to see if anything works. If not, send Team Meat an e-mail. I hope this helps.
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cheatchicken1 answered:

I had this same problem. just go into your steam library, right click on the game and select properties. then you should put all your settings as low as possible (don't worry, the game will still look great on 600x400
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