• Cheat Codes

    To unlock these secret characters, just type in the code during the character selection screen. Once you hear a sound that implies a correct code has been registered, select the required character.

    Play as BrowniePress "RB RB RB B B B X" and select Meat Boy (requires an Xbox 360 controller)
    Play as Tofu BoyType "petaphile" and select Meat Boy

    Contributed By: qbicfeet.

  • Play as Goo Ball from World of Goo.

    On the character select screen type in " Ballgoo " than select a character to play as Goo ball.

    Contributed By: ShadowTheHHFan.

  • Play as Tim from Braid

    On the character select screen type "outtatime" choose any character and you will then be playing as Tim. Note: There will be no "push the buttons" sound effect like other secret characters.

    Contributed By: iCURSEDyourSHOE.

  • Save replays in warp zones

    If you press the space bar right after you reach Bandage Girl in a Warp Zone level, you'll see a replay of the level instead of moving onto the next level. From here, you can save replays if you want. This does NOT work with an Xbox 360 controller.

    Contributed By: ZeldaFreak29.


  • Dodge Boss 4's Attacks by Pausing

    Just before the fourth boss does his attack animation, pause and go to the character select screen. A message stating that you can't change your character will pop up. Press A, and you'll still be in the pause screen, but the boss' attack animation will be unpaused and he will continue attacking you. You are invincible whilst pausing, so you can just wait until he finishes his attack. You need to do this every time he does a new attack animation. Repeat this until he dies.

    Contributed By: PrivateNickel.


  • Unlock characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Commander VideoComplete the warp zone in Chapter 1 level 12
    FlywrenchComplete the warp zone in Chapter 4 level 18
    JillComplete the warp zone in Chapter 2 level 8
    OgmoComplete the warp zone in Chapter 3 level 16
    The KidComplete the warp zone in Chapter 5 level 7
    Unlock 4 Bit Meat BoyCollect 60 bandages.
    Unlock 4 Color Meat BoyCollect 80 bandages.
    Unlock 8 Bit Meat BoyCollect 40 bandages.
    Unlock Captain ViridianCollect 90 bandages.
    Unlock GooCollect 10 bandages.
    Unlock JosefCollect 30 bandages.
    Unlock Mr.MinecraftCollect 100 bandages.
    Unlock NaijaCollect 50 bandages.
    Unlock RunmanCollect 70 bandages.
    Unlock the HeadcrabCollect 10 bandages.

    Contributed By: Jadakra.

  • Unlock characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alien HominidCollect 30 bandages.

    Contributed By: GuruGuru214.

  • Unlock Meat Ninja

    Get 100% in the game. This includes Cotton Alley after defeating the game the first time.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Meat NinjaGet 100% in the game. This includes Cotton Alley after defeating the game the first time.

    Contributed By: PIagiarism.


  • Steam Achievements List

    These are the achievements available for the Steam version of the game.

    &*>?1$Complete Level -2
    (=+66&1$Complete Level -3
    *|-0&&{}~5&Complete Level -5
    Accidental ArsonistUnlock Mr. Minecraft (100 bandages)
    Blood Clot BoyComplete the Hospital Dark World without dying
    Brimstone BoyComplete World 4 without dying
    Dead BoyComplete The End without dying
    Demon BoyComplete the Hell Dark World without dying
    Dr.Fetus BoyComplete the End Dark World without dying
    Girl BoyComplete Cotton Alley without dying
    Golden God100% the game
    I Have Crabs!Unlock Head Crab (10 bandages)
    I Smell something Fishy...Unlock Naija (50 bandages)
    Impossible BoyComplete the Cotton Alley Dark World without dying
    Living in the pastComplete 5 retro Warp Zones
    Maggot BoyComplete World 5 without dying
    MediumSpend as little time as possible in The Salt Factory
    Medium RareSpend as little time as possible in The Hospital
    Medium WellSpend as little time as possible in Hell
    Metal HeadUnlock Josef (30 bandages)
    Missile BoyComplete the Salt Factory Dark World without dying
    MS PAINT RULZ!Unlock RunMan (70 bandages)
    N#7*<1!23Complete Level -1
    N&8^2^%$1``Complete Level -6
    Needle BoyComplete World 2 without dying
    NostalgiaComplete 1 retro Warp Zone
    Old SchoolComplete 10 retro Warp Zones
    RareSpend as little time as possible in The Forest
    Retro RampageComplete all 20 retro Warp Zones
    Salt BoyComplete World 3 without dying
    Seneca FallsBeat the dark world Cotton Alley
    Squirrel BoyComplete the Forest Dark World without dying
    SuffragetteBeat the light world Cotton Alley
    The BootlickerUnlock Jill
    The CommanderUnlock Commander Video
    The EndBeat the light world
    The Fly GuyUnlock Flywrench
    The Golden Gift!Complete all levels in "The Kids Xmas" chapter in super meat world IN ONE PLAY SESSION.
    The Jump ManUnlock Ogmo
    The KidUnlock The Kid
    The Kids Xmas!Complete a single level of "The Kids Xmas" chapter in super meat world
    The Real EndBeat the dark world
    Vx6Unlock Captain Viridian (90 bandages)
    Well DoneSpend as little time as possible in The Rapture
    Well look at youUnlock Tofu Boy (via a cheat code)
    Wood BoyComplete World 1 without dying
    Zombie BoyComplete the Rapture Dark World without dying
    ^**5%_=+12Complete Level -4

    Contributed By: qbicfeet and th3l3fty.

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